“Bidenhood” Impact: Rent-Your-Life Grows

The Second Depression started, near as we can figure, in March of 2020.  That’s when the markets tanked and the Fed became the biggest inflator of paper assets – ever.

In fact, the tip-off that the U.S. Economy is still on a ventilator may be clearly seen by anyone with half a brain.  Though even these are now in short supply:

“The Committee decided to keep the target range for the federal funds rate at 0 to 1/4 percent and expects it will be appropriate to maintain this target range until labor market conditions have reached levels consistent with the Committee’s assessments of maximum employment and inflation has risen to 2 percent and is on track to moderately exceed 2 percent for some time.

In addition, the Federal Reserve will continue to increase its holdings of Treasury securities by at least $80 billion per month and of agency mortgage-backed securities by at least $40 billion per month until substantial further progress has been made toward the Committee’s maximum employment and price stability goals.”

Buying a stairway to heaven?

Calculators ready?

$120 billion per month = $ 1.44 trillion per year.

Since the present National Debt is $28.132 trillion, we sort of figure the debt will climb to $29.572 trillion next year PLUS whatever wild spending the Bidenhood gang can slam through.

Since we found on the web that “Of the $3.46 trillion in receipts taken in by the U.S. Treasury during fiscal 2019, nearly half came from the $1.72 trillion in individual income taxes collected….” We can easily see how whatever Bidenhood gets through (increasing the deficit by perhaps $3 to 4 trillion will bake-in an inflation rate of (worst case):

  • $4 trillion in new spending
  • (less $1.72 trillion in tax revenue)
  • Plus the Fed’s planned $29.572 trillion…
  • Bottom lines to $31.852 trillion.

Which, divided by this morning’s Public Debt to the Penny infers for us a baked-in inflation rate of (31.852/28.132) ABOUT 13.2%.  Then back out Real Growth (6%) and you can still see 7% inflation ahead.

Offsets and Velocity

The Bidenhood spending plan (which we already assume will benefit blue cities and states more than red) will enjoy some offsets.  Not the least of which is that someone is likely to rein it in a bit in the Senate.

And sure, there will be increased tax revenues, but whether they will take effect during the present tax year – or 2022 – is another political debate in the wings.

Still, even with a much lower spending level – and with the Fed already keeping a weather-eye on inflation – what’s the deal?

Velocity at M2 has been stuck at Depression-like levels.

As you can see, Velocity (defined as GDP by M2) is basically the “turnover of money.”  As the turnover slows, so does the economy.  Dark pools of  capital pile up.

The good news – such as it is – is that a high enough rate of inflation (which stealthily steals purchasing power of “stored money”) will FORCE the use of money to become more efficient.

Saturation Still Matters

What’s harder to judge is how hard the American consumer will be spending – which will drive demand – which in turn will “entice” some slow money off the sidelines.

Problem most of us have is our typing and talking speeds haven’t increased much – so who needs a newer phone or new PC?  With our house littered with 55-65″ UHDs, is there some real payback from upscaling to an 8K TV this early?

And cars?  Already, things are so slow that “pay as you go” plans are being trial ballooned.

Big Ticket Item? Rent It!

This is all symptomatic of the major change – just a tad now, but more to come – of what we call the “Rent Your Life” Business Model.  (How long have I been telling you this is in the works?)

Did you see where Tesla is looking at Subscriptions?  Heads up move if you read about their full self-driving subscription model here.

Already, software companies like Microsoft and Adobe are working consumers over to the rent-to-use model for their product lines.  Recurring revenues.

The basic formula for coming products (personal robotics, self-driving cars, and such) will be:  If you can’t write a check for it, you can still rent it.  And get a superior product.

The reason self-driving is so important is that the development costs are huge (along with product liability, lol) so who except a few well-heeled readers can afford to have $150-thousand catching rain in the driveway?

Nope.  Renting works because just like aircraft, the secret to financial success is increasing utilization.

When I was an airline VP (KX) we went from 7.3-7.5 hours of flight time per day (losing money) to 12.5-13.5 hours of flight time per day.  Made m0ney, why?  Because the fixed costs were spread over almost twice the time.

Elaine and I have a 16-year old Lexus – which has been babied through 120-thousand miles.  Now driven less than 4-thousand miles a year.  Having been paid for – long ago – no big deal.

But, aged now in our 70’s, does it make sense to get a “latest and greatest self-driver” and let it rust as we age?  Hint:  I’m thinking “Not so much…

What mainstream economists haven’t figured out is that the rent-to-own model is a dandy way to bridge the divide between capitalism and socialism.  We’ll be covering more of this in future Peoplenomics reports, but for God’s sake, open Ure eyes and see the changes ahead.

Massive technological changes come our way and most will be taken by surprise.  But the numbers can be made to work.

OK, Numbers?

Weekly Unemployment Filings:  Predictions were that new filings would fall to 540,000 on a crooked (seasonally adjusted) basis.  We always go by the non-adjusted numbers which are highlighted in yellow:  (a bit lighter than hypecasts)

GDP A Touch Light

Bureau of Economic Analysis reports:

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021, reflecting the continued economic recovery, reopening of establishments, and continued government response related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first quarter, government assistance payments, such as direct economic impact payments, expanded unemployment benefits, and Paycheck Protection Program loans, were distributed to households and businesses through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act and the American Rescue Plan Act. In the fourth quarter of 2020, real GDP increased 4.3 percent.”

The GDP growth numbers when discussed in percentages are terribly misleading.  Because what matters are units, not dollars.  And ESPECIALLY NOT DOLLARS when the Fed is making those up on the fly.

The REALITY is that GDP (as a number, not a percentage) and PCE (personal consumption expenditures) are as follows compared with 2020 data:

As you can see, after Covid initial impacts the real gains in GDP have been 4-10th’s of one percent.  Grow of personal expenditures is up 1.6%.  Whoo-hoo!

Dow futures up 150 something and S&P up nearly 30.

In the Shorts

Clear thinking: Border Patrol chief tells CBP he won’t endorse language policy that stops use of ‘illegal alien’.”

Chips are still down in the auto biz:  “Ford Crashes After Slashing Full Year Outlook As Chip Shortage Decimates Production Plan.”

Buying government policies? Pelosi’s PACs flooded with over $1M in cash from teachers’ unions as debate raged over school reopenings.”  Best house speaker money can buy…

Blood Pressure tip:  My buddy Gaye has a new article out: Using Essential Oils to Manage Blood Pressure | Strategic Living (strategiclivingblog.com).

And seriously?  No one could make this one upSeriously: Hunter Biden Will Help Teach a “Fake News” Course at Tulane University This Fall – Big League Politics.  (Hat tip to reader Ray for the catch!).

Off to toil…sweat…and dream of someday retiring…

Write when you get rich,


67 thoughts on ““Bidenhood” Impact: Rent-Your-Life Grows”

  1. WooWoo for the Ure Tribe

    It looks like my guides are attempting to make a point about getting information across from the dream state to the waking world. I thought I would share it.

    Awoke at 1:50 am with my heart pounding so hard for several minutes that my chest hurt.

    I had just fought off a young, male lion — small ruff around neck — about the size of an adult female. A very lucid and very physical dream. The attack occurred in a large yard similar to that of my childhood home. I was making enough noise and flailing my arms about that the lion never made a direct lunge — he did not quite know what to do with me. He did grab my clothes once or twice.

    Finally I made it to the back porch of the house where I grabbed a big mallet and drove the lion away.

    At that point I saw that the lion had injured or killed 3 dogs. All 3 looked like a small black and white ShiTzu mix I currently own.

    Then I woke breathing hard and heart pounding.

    Nothing immediately comes to mind as a correlation to my current life.


    A couple of hours later I awoke from a much more ordinary dream — and yet I wonder if it is somehow related to the lion dream.

    In the second dream I was in a class much like one I had taken with a businessman many years ago. There were voluminous notes and handouts.

    I realized that there is no way to get that type of verbal/diagrammatic content out of the dream state into the waking world — at least not in an accurate manner. I might retrieve chunks – but how much is colored by stuff I have heard from someone else.

    Now contrast this with the lion dream — I am going to remember the specifics of that one for a long time.

    • Interesting dream. Perry Stone has a 4 part video series that talks about dream interpretation and the third video has animal characters’ usual meanings in it here –
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zftzK2qMxBw. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a believer we’re wired in certain ways and our brains play things back accordingly. (Which makes me wonder about Matrix theories) Basically some outside force or authority has set itself against you in one of what you’d consider a safe zone until you found some way to fend it off. The killed or injured dogs seem to be the damage done to things you value by this force. Whether or not you have any immediate correlation to the dream in your life may require some deeper thought in the matter or it is a precognition of things to come. Any vulnerable areas in your life that outside forces could attack you legitimately or through criminal activity?

      • Thanks for the Perry Stone video. He had multiple meanings for a lion. I’m not sure any fit my dream.

        I had already taken his advice to write it down.

        I feel like these dreams are either precognitive, or have a wider meaning beyond my life, or both. I shared them in case of that wider meaning.

      • Perry Stone is a prophet of God. He can “see” (perceive) what is happening, unlike fake prophets who foretell what people want to hear.

      • Rev. Stone is one of the few ministers who certainly feels authentic. It’s not been too long ago that I found him, I guess, due to the YT algorithm that sent him my way.

        Stone’s animal meanings come from his traditional Biblical references but I didn’t have any idea as to what your collection of personal references might be. Any attacking lion in a dream is going to mean something along those lines, though. He ain’t friendly.

    • Wrestling with a person with ego and power. Could be you or someone you know. Dogs, are symbolic of loyalty. 2= 2 individuals. Black and white are matter of fact colors, when together, and dark/light or right and wrong.
      Class means learning or it could relate to (business)

      Hope that helps.

    • ‘A struggle with a lion that does not lead to one’s death in a dream means observing a long lasting diet caused by an illness.’

      ‘If one fights with a lion and eats or snatches off a piece of his flesh, bones or hair in a dream, it means that he will attain success, leadership, wealth, or conquer his enemy’ pg 255, Ibn Seerin’s dictionary of dreams


    • I’ll consider that. Right now he is in great shape.

      I just have a feeling there is a wider meaning to the dream.

  2. George – is it real or is it Memorex ?

    gee – still wondering where lil barkies “plethora of new higher paying jobs” are ?? – service jobs?! oh wait – tons of low paying service jobs available in hotel industry down the border on the LAIF (latin american invasion front)

    “100000% in favor of”
    public shaming – mask wearing outside/in public – fundamental clear straight line thought – I can breath , I can smell that “mark” you just let rip – virus molecules are so small as to pass thru ALL masks – ALL of them, just watch out virus molecules U see floating around with measuring tapes in hand – cause they are the ones that know exactly where the 3 foot mark starts, as well as knowing exactly where 6 ft starts and stops.
    Hows the mask wearing working for U geniuses, how long does Corona virus survive on surfaces ?- Smarter, Safer and Rashier everyday hahahahaahahahaha

    Its ALL fake G – everything, including the Alien threat soon to be “felt” by the masses..doubtful ?

    El Pretendente Bribem, the Sub- Human rutabega – all BULLSHIT – right barkie ?

    Splain this scheizzse geniuses..https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/conspiracy/is-anything-real-in-the-biden-administration/

    Still think its real ? – reach in Ure pocket and pull out a 1 dollar bill and look it. its a piece of linen paper with green inks – thats it – and yet they try to judge U by how much U have.. choosing not to join/play – and that is why I trade worthless green paper (USD) for precious metals & BTC’s – much more enjoyable “game play..”

    • “Still think its real ?”

      ???? when did we ever think it was all real in the first place?????.. remember the ole put downs.. your as honest as a politician..
      Or the description a politician is someone whos skill it is to deceive for personal gain..
      the only difference between forty years ago and now is.. after the supreme court made their rullings on gifts and donations.. that all the dealings aren’t under the table anymore.. They don’t have to hide anything.. and with a 98 percent odds of walking right back into the same office election after election.. we the people are basically saying .. Hey I know how they are but similar to acting the same way an abused person acts .. they stay with the abuser because they are afraid of what they could have instead..so we vote them in election after election.. and since deregulation we are on the move constantly.. one job after another no time off .. so the only news we get is the snippet of news on the car radio.. or television..

      politician (?p?l??t???n)
      1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person actively engaged in politics, esp a full-time professional member of a deliberative assembly
      2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who is experienced or skilled in the art or science of politics, government, or administration; statesman
      3. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) derogatory chiefly US a person who engages in politics out of a wish for personal gain, as realized by holding a public office

  3. Ahh, hunter.
    “What we know about the investigation into Rudy Giuliani
    Agents searched the home and office of Trump’s personal attorney on Wednesday.”

    russians and rudy have been peddling russian agitprop according to the DNI. they appreciate your assistance in amplifying it.
    “Mr Derkach, Konstanin Kilimnik and their associates “met with and provided materials to Trump administration-linked” officials to pursue formal investigations into Mr Biden, hired a firm to petition US officials, and “attempted to make contact with several senior US officials” and established media figures, according to the report.”

  4. George

    Self driving cars scare me!

    As someone with many years of automation systems design and programming in my resume’ I do not see how the self driver systems can perform the “look Ahead For Trouble” like a human driver can.
    A human can scan the road many car lengths ahead and quickly determine how the flow of traffic will affect his cars path.
    I do not believe the current state of computer and sensor technology can or ever will equal a human in that ability.
    There are too many subtle things going on in the driving space that a human picks up on that a machine cannot.
    I would prefer an automobile that has more systems to alert the driver that his vehicle is in a particular situation. For example the vehicle has wandered across a lane divider.
    The human should always be in control of the vehicle not a machine.

      • “I do that for Elaine – she simply says “shut up.”
        My wife says the same thing to me lol…
        If musk was really smart he would design the auto pilot to resemble harry mudds wife on star trek.. that would be hilarious..


    • I do that for Elaine. She glares back.

      Then I turn off “Husband-assist mode” and close my eyes in silent prayer…
      Husband-Assist has been around since the 1920s.

      • ROF! The notes say that clip is from “Trial and Error”. I’ll have to look that show up sometime.
        Do I dare show this to my wife?? If I never post again you’ll know what happened. We both claim that right hand seat in any car we’re in is going to be the source of trouble no matter which of us is in it. The “Oh Shit” handle on the windshield pillar has divots in it.

      • Self-driving cars aren’t needed. What’s really needed are EJECT buttons for back-seat drivers.

    • Rocket Mike

      Thanks for the opinion on automation. I tend to keep a lot of distance between mine and other cars and drive defensively. I had an instance of driving sense/precognition that saved the lives of myself and 3 passengers on I-85 in Atlanta.

      I caught the flash of a car coming up fast behind me in the rear view mirror. I reflexively took my foot off the gas. That small move to slow my car was enough to keep me out of a Hollywood style tumble of cars as the speeding one hit the car in front of me, went airborne, and both rolled.

      I don’t believe an automated system would have performed as well as my senses/precognition.

      • One more thing I want to mention about avoiding that accident. My peripheral vision played a HUGE role.

        Ever since I keep my hair out of peripheral vision and make sure any glasses or sunglasses have narrow temples.

    • As long as I’m responsible for the actions of the car, I’d better be able to really drive it and assert control over it. My 24 year old car with 360K miles performs admirably, only needing to check tires and oil before a long trip. Early this week I was driving home over the mountains and had to avoid deer on the highway three separate times. Since deer are not equipped with transponders and are unpredictable, how on earth will the current state of AI deal with them? How about drivers on meth? What about bears? Elk? Objects on the road?

      When I can get a car that is truly self-driving and not need a license to operate it, I’ll consider it. Until then, I still get 40mpg and very few repairs. Even those are dirt cheap, as is the insurance.

    • There should be a clear tipping point. We know humans are far from perfect in driving. So the standard should be, is automation as good or better then a typical human driver. We certainly can calculate something like this from accidents per mile driven. Certainly we will reach that point. Will AI be as good or better then the best most alert human? Probably not for at least another generation of sensors and processing, but we just need to be better and keep improving. If we make the target perfect we could never release any tech. Imagine if early on we had the rule, we can not have airplanes if there is any risk of a fiery death.

    • Cars and trucks will drive like trains on rails guided by unseen sensors.

      Imagine the first tractors.

      One farmer arguing his draft animals are in the barn Vs waiting around for “special water” to power the mechanical steer in the other barn.

      Today tractors are driverless. Guided by GPS to maximize the field.

      It’d be like explaining a 3D printer to the carpenter making yokes for the farmer’s draft animals. Or explaining a rail gun to a 1700’s blacksmith cranking out Musket barrels. “Steel ships as large as this town?”

  5. A great big Death Star that’s what the markets are . Run by evil lords towering over the good . No way to expose any thruth . Robots are running constant bull algorithms

  6. George,

    Rent-your-life sounds an awful lot like “you’ll own nothing and be happy.” No thanks.

    In regards to the those $120K rain catchers sitting in the driveway, I’ve been stewing on that for a while and I guess today is the day that I say something out loud about it.

    I have no problem with people who have the means spending whatever they want to spend on expensive stuff. I get it. What I have a problem with is, especially for Teslas, is people buying them and then lying about why they bought them. The standard lie is that the reason they bought the Tesla is that they care about the environment, it’s doing the ‘right’ thing, etc.


    We all know the real reason that they bought said car is to satisfy their vanity, to virtue signal to their peer group of equally pretentious a$$holes and show the unwashed heathens what ‘right’ looks like.

    If they REALLY cared about the environment and doing what’s ‘right’ or if they even believed half of the pretentious nonsense that comes out their mouths, they’d walk, ride a bicycle, hitchhike, car pool or take public transportation….or just stay home.

    They should just be honest. Until that happens, I’m calling bullsh$t on the whole damned thing.

    • Being almost 20 years as a carbon sequestering tree farmer, about the cleanest thing out there is a pair of shoes and then a Honda Insight…

      • You got that right!

        I was tempted to suggest that those that are really, really worried about their carbon footprint should take measures to permanently cease outgassing CO2, but that would just be mean…

    • MAJ13: Basically agree with you about electric car owner vanity and arrogance, however a case can be made for Tesla and its competitors in some places. In Idaho, Oregon, and Washington up to 3/4 of the electricity is generated by hydroelectric dams with wind generating a noticeable part of the remainder. Nearby Wyoming generates 84% of its electricity from coal. I’m guessing that in Wyoming a Tesla’s net pollution would be right up there with a diesel pickup. (https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/10/28/climate/how-electricity-generation-changed-in-your-state-election.html )

      In Norway, 54% of the new cars sold are electric. (https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/norways-ev-sales-rise-record-54-market-share). In Norway 93.4% of the electricity is hydro generated. (https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/norways-ev-sales-rise-record-54-market-share). I very much doubt that most electric buyers in the USA have studied the big picture.

      When I bought my last new car in 2019 I ran the numbers and couldn’t see a clear advantage for electrics in Florida.

      • Diesel pickups can be incredibly clean per ton-mile! Many are not, and maintenance is required to meet that goal. The beauty of an old (mechanical) diesel is that it has very little to go wrong, and will keep on chugging for a very long time.

      • NM Mike: Slander unintended. I have no data on diesel pickup emissions, only the experience of being “slimed” by a few of them and seeing a few episodes of “Diesel Brothers.” I did read somewhere that about 1/3 of the pickups on the road have their emission controls circumvented; not sure whether that was gas, diesel, or both.

    • There are a large number of people that want a BEV simply for the enjoying the car. They are normally much quicker, they need less maintenance, they are cheaper to run and if you have home charging, they can be very convenient. Most of the reviews I see barley mention green anything. Studies I have seen say a BEV powered by coal still releases less carbon the an ICE. Simply because emissions can be controlled at the production source. Are they perfect, of course not. I am not convinced we yet have a good road map for used batteries or fully understand the batteries lifespan. I don’t like another foreign power to hold important raw materials over our heads. I would rather we not subsidize these and let the market dictate and find the best answer for how people want to live their lives. In your mind though there is no reason to want to reduce your personal carbon footprint? If you cannot be perfect just do nothing and shut up? It makes sense to me lighten our touch, but convince people, not with more laws from our regulator overseers.

      • The amount of fossil fuels required to produce any kind of electric vehicle and bring it to market will never be offset by the fuel economy or the efficiency of the vehicle. This isn’t even taking into account the child slave labor required to mine the rare earth elements for the batteries.

        You’re a carbon based life form. Reducing your carbon footprint is meaningless pseudo-scientific nonsense. It’s a modern day superstition that has zero effect on anything other than your wallet. The idea has been sold to people that there’s a climate emergency of some type and that by reducing how much fossil fuels you use you’re helping stave off some imminent disaster. The reality is that there’s nothing to help. Humans and have a negligible effect on the earth’s climate no matter what the television says.

        If you want to believe all that, again, walk or ride a bike. ‘Green’ energy is an unworkable feel good solution to a problem we don’t have.

        If you know all of the above and still want an electric vehicle then go for it, but just know that you’re not helping anything no matter how much you want to believe it.

      • Joe Dish: Despite being somewhat skeptical about climate change dogma, reducing my C02 output is part of my personal agenda. Seems to me that estimates of environmental benefits (or costs) for BEV are kind of a crap shoot. I’ve seen battery production studies, electricity generationCO2/transmission loss studies, studies that factor in transportation costs of raw materials, etc. ad infinitum. I haven’t seen anything that attempts to look at and integrate life cycle costs from materials mining through operating and maintaining all the way to reclaiming materials in the junkyard. One is reduced to making educated guesses. And the technologies for producing batteries are changing quickly, so something published in 2019 is no longer “good info.” For me, the most salient point you made was about foreign supply chain.

        My next car is still some years away (I hope) but should it happen to be a BEV, I won’t be snooty about being “greener than thou” unless I have a solar array on my roof to charge it. And maybe not even then.

      • What really matters to many end users is cost per mile amortized over the life of ownership, including all fees, energy, and maintenance, along with high reliability and easy maintainability.

  7. “What’s harder to judge is how hard the American consumer will be spending – which will drive demand –”

    How I see it.. the economy was similar to a calming pool of water..cash hlow like a gentle breeze. ..keeping the water movement. Back and forth.. as people saved or didnt spend such as those at the top that little bit fell over the edge of the table..
    The sd stimulus is like dropping a stone int the puddle. The waves move quickly and the economy sees a fast movement.. the problem with shifting flow is it either drops off and is out of flow or it dries up.. if you dont keep the flow going the other issue is the what goes up must come down..and it will come back with just as much ferocity as it did flowing out..the growth from perspective is a false movement. Prices will have to increase. I already see an increase in grocery. I cant spend what I dont have..costs and wages have to be on an even keel or it all tips over..right now it’s all one sided

  8. I was told long ago “if it floats, f*cks, or flies, rent it” I guess you could add “or f*cking drives itself”

    The market is currently up a little. So Biden spells out trillions of spending and pork, and trillions of new taxes, and the market is up. Uncertainty about tax rates, great for stocks. Billions of deficit dollars, even more so.

    Good to know, strangling the golden goose is good for my 401k.

  9. There’s another reason NOT to “rent” a new car.
    The viddy-o based controls are confusing, small,
    and complex enough to make you Krazy

    I have a Dodge Caravan. 77,000 happy miles,
    and running well. It’s a 2007. I toyed with it’s
    replacement — the Pacifica. The 11-inch screen
    in mid-dash is complex, non-obvious in function,
    and VERY distracting.

    I won’t have it. Simple is good.

    Gotta keep this one running till the SWAT
    team comes to take it away by force.

    (And, one day, they will.)

    • I’m still looking for a manual transmissioned 6.0L F-350 crew cab in the 2005 to 2007 year range. They’re mostly well used utility vehicles. Nothing helps merge driver and machine like the old stick shift!

      And nothing Elon puts out is going to haul my loaded 20 foot gooseneck to market unless he wants to hook up a team of his engineers to harness and holler “Heee yaah! Git up there!” with a crack of the whip.

      • Why a 6.0? They had a terrible maintenance record! The truck is great, but the powerplant is entirely too complex for my taste. I’d rather have a 7.3 if I had to have a Powerstroke. A stick shift is great for those who know how to use one, and after driving it a bit, it becomes automatic.

      • Mike, the foibles of the 6.0 can all be fixed, and the fixes are permanent. However, unless you’re a diesel wrench, you will have to pay, and my local diesel shop wanted ~$8500 to turn a 6L into a million-mile truck (after figuring that into the cost, I didn’t purchase…)

  10. George ;
    You are retired and loving every minute of it. What you are doing now is exactly what you wanted..

  11. “Somewhere there is a two-year-old girl whose mother is a stripper, and whose father is a crackhead, and whose grandfather is President of the United States. Fact check THIS!”
    –found on another anonymous blog

  12. “Which, divided by this morning’s Public Debt to the Penny infers for us a baked-in inflation rate of (31.852/28.132) ABOUT 13.2%. Then back out Real Growth (6%) and you can still see 7% inflation ahead.”

    See: IRS Data Book fy 2019 – https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p55b.pdf

    I would want to see the IRS Data Book for fy 2020 (not available until 10/21) and fy 2021 (available 10/21, or never, depending on whether the government wants to hide these numbers, too) before projecting anything.

    When the 2019 Data Book came out, COVID was a non-sequitur, the economy flush, with 7mln more jobs than people to fill them, and between Trump’s tax cuts and regulation-elimination policies, Federal revenue was at its highest, ever. From 3/1/20-4/30/20, we went from a 7mln jobs surplus to an 18mln jobs deficit.

    While I don’t consider a huge jobs surplus to be normal, I also don’t consider a YTY comparison to be valid because one would have to retrace the historical data to a point where jobs/income/tax data were at a relative stasis-point before they could locate a “normality-point” from which to chart Biden’s projections (and the Trump, Obama, and Bush43 economies FTM) to glean any sort of valid numbers.

    It’s the “same game” as “Black Friday” numbers (and a hundred other “fun with numbers” and “fun with statistics” exercises), which go up YTY based on dollars spent, but don’t consider purchasing power erosion of the dollar and the fact the early Christmas shoppers spend more to buy less, than in each previous year.

    The “real growth” figure is misleading, because it is based on people going back to work, as well as new jobs creation. Without a numerical breakdown between the two, it is impossible to tell whether there is any actual growth, whatsoever, so the actual “baked-in” inflation rate could be as high as your 13.2%…

  13. “And sure, there will be increased tax revenues…”

    Not necessarily. Trump boosted revenue by eliminating red tape, lowering both the personal and the corporate tax rate, and making the U.S. a friendlier place to park money than the Caymens. Biden’s plan is to first reverse these Trump policies, then double-down on punitive taxes for “high-income” individuals. CBO (and others’) projections are based on the taxing and investment climate established by Mr. Trump. Once the Biden Administration begins to jack with these revenue streams, they’re going to diminish rapidly and significantly, thereby invalidating any projections anyone has made, and seriously skewing the projected outcomes.

    Rich people who earn their money (like Mr. Buffett) ain’t stupid. They will write policy for da Prez if they can (like Buffett and Soros both did under Obama), but if they can’t, and things get hairy, they’ll take their ball & bat and go to another playground. Because they have a lot of money, when they run out of playgrounds, they will eventually build their own…

    One thing everyone is overlooking, is that the combined total GDP of all nations on Earth is about $60tln. This perspective makes it a little easier to visualize the utter depth of our obvious ~$28tln hole (and our hidden ~$240tln hole, which nobody mentions any more…) Our debt has gone from 15% of world GDP to 48% of world GDP in the last 15 years.

      • The mean FAMILY income in Central American and northern South American countries is around $3150USD per year. The average cost for a “run to the border” of the U.S. is around $2950USD per person (2015 numbers.)

        There are not that many coyotes. Who bought the “Joe Biden” t-shirts…?

      • They can’t. The AR numbers are always the best possible, the AP numbers are always impossibly and unrealistically low.

        ex: Bernie’s “We can have free college for all if we just add a one cent tax to all Wall Street transactions.”

        There are a daily average of 1.1bln DJ transactions. 1.1bln x .01 = $11mln per day, $55mln per week, or roughly the amount of money it costs to maintain the grounds crews on the college campuses in Connecticut.

        Yet millions of kolleje kidz and degreed mental midgets who’re allegedly teaching them something of value, ran with Bernie’s blather. I damn’ near got my butt beat on more than one occasion, by mentioning the reality disconnect between Sanders’ mouth and simple arithmetic, while I was on college campuses.

  14. “And seriously? No one could make this one up: Seriously: Hunter Biden Will Help Teach a “Fake News” Course at Tulane University This Fall – Big League Politics. (Hat tip to reader Ray for the catch!).”

    Ah, so you DID get the links…

    I hope you saved the sites. Aside from The India Times and Mac Slavo’s, most of them are relatively new to me…

  15. So, if “rent your life” is great, then “lease your Republic” to foreign despots oughta be f’n sublime, huh? I prefer my life and governance on a cash basis. The rental deal only lasts as long as the cash flow persists, and then the fallback position is hands-on-ankles beg, borrow, and steal, at least until creditors figure you out. Then, tent living becomes the life for thee (sung to the refrain of the Green Acres theme song). But what happens when an entire leased Republic defaults?

    Cash flow comes easier when you are 25 and will live forever. I have cash flow right now, but cash flow, like bravado, has a way of running down the pants leg in a credit-deflation depression economy. For those of you who have assets, but rent too much of your life, now is the time for you to start sorting out your “downsizing to a cash basis” options. How do you pick up up your cash assets, and walk, run or drive away clean?

    Staying off the radar sounds easy, but it isn’t, especially if your “rent your life” lifestyle has put every facet of your personal information under the microscope of debt collectors and other horses rears. Ever stopped to think about all that info you give to doctors and hospitals? That info is a major factor in why 1/3 or more of all personal bankruptcies are medically related. Medical administrators are all holy in a courtroom. Same for landlords and mortgage holders. Oh, and then there are stalker former co-workers and employers with access to personnel records. It’s always something. Wait, is this an idea for a sitcom?

    Make it a “rent your life” dweeb who spirals down the tubes courtesy of wokie debt slavers using him (or her) as entertainment. It would be sort of like the Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin without the Rise part, and maybe a younger and less bright Reginald (or Regina). I would watch it, with buttered popcorn paid for with cash at the ready. It’s the little comforts that make life worthwhile. Try popping popcorn in a tent pitched on a crowded sidewalk, when you are dead broke, and waiting on your next relief check from a defaulted Republic relief agency. Wait, that sounds like a plot for the first episode of season twenty-two.

    Of course, none of this is really very funny, but sometimes the only way to get someone to understand a subject close to home is to have them realize half way through their chuckle that they are laughing at themselves and their nation.

  16. LOL. The best thing about the self driving car is: if you miss a payment, it drives itself back to the manufacturer… seriously though, we can’t allow you to own your own self driving vehicle, why having it drive people around for fares while you are not needing to drive it would be competing with the ride share guys.

  17. “And seriously? No one could make this one up: Seriously: Hunter Biden Will Help Teach a “Fake News”

    OTFLMAO. I am now curious what extra credit curriculum will be required for a young woman to do for an easy A. lol lol lol..
    Dam where are my wading boots..
    At least they didnt give him a job as the head of a national daycare..

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