Markets Pause and a Woo-Woo Lesson

Early market futures were pointing to a down opening.  But is that really so bad?

Employment Cost Index

Just out:

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.9 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in March 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries increased 1.0 percent and benefit costs increased 0.6 percent from December 2020.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 2.6 percent for the 12-month period ending in March 2021 and increased 2.8 percent in March 2020. Wages and salaries increased 2.7 percent over the year and increased 3.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in March 2020. Benefit costs increased 2.5 percent over the year and increased 2.1 percent for the 12-month period ending
in March 2020.

Compensation costs for private industry workers increased 2.8 percent over the year. In March 2020, the increase was 2.8 percent. Wages and salaries increased 3.0 percent for the 12-month period ending in March 2021 and increased 3.3 percent in March 2020.”

Also of note:  “Compensation costs for state and local government workers increased 2.0 percent for the 12-month
period ending in March 2021, compared with an increase of 2.8 percent in March 2020.” But we suspect a lot of that was comp. reductions in education due to lockdowns.

Personal Income and Outlays

Want to write the Great American Novel?  See how many plot holes you can find in this morning’s income and outgo report:

“Personal income increased $4.21 trillion, or 21.1 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $616.0 billion, or 4.2 percent, in March. Economic impact payments established by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which was enacted on March 11, 2021, were distributed.

After both numbers Dow futures were down more than a hundred.

War Weekend?  Bets?

G.A. Stewart’s got a phenomenal (long, 2 cups worth) of explanation of how risky events become from this (Orthodox Easter) weekend forward.  The piece is called “THE BEAST – I AM FIRE – I AM DEATH – on his site THE AGE OF DESOLATION.  Stellar Nostradamus interpretation.

Couple of related headlines: In the trenches of Ukraine where troops are watching Russia ( and Secretary of State Blinken to visit Ukraine next week ( CBS)

Portable Concepts Dept.

Did you catch the NY Times pieceHow Spending Mistakes Can Be Early Signs of Alzheimer’s?”

Covid economic hangover sighted?Hershey CEO says stay-at-home trends are outlasting the pandemic even as consumers venture out.”

Sending Ag workers to halt an invasion?  ISYN – here it is: “USDA sending 500 volunteers to Mexico border, expected to work 12-hour shifts without training: report.”  AYFKM?

U.S. National Federal Police seems to be the socialist plan as local cops are demeaned and defunded by commies in office.  Way too timidly “Republicans criticize DOJ police probes: ‘dangerous precedent’”  No, it’s how a slow-motion overthrow works.  Are they blind or just stupid in the razor wire coup headquarters?  We know how such pap has worked in Mexico…Venezuela.  I mean WTF?

Re-segregation will fail, we pray.  As Sen. Tim Scott predicts ‘coming backlash to this liberal oppression’ on ‘Hannity’ | Fox News.  And Ted Cruz follows up with: Minorities like Tim Scott who don’t ‘sit down and shut up and obey’ ‘enrage’ the left | Fox.

Ban Trump and lead the lefties drivel-woke…What happened?  Twitter Shares Crushed After Disappointing Quarterly Update.  But, maybe the tide is preparing to change when  we catch CNN running Kelly Osbourne speaks out about ‘cancel culture’.”  Or not.

Analysis:  “Joebama”

Oh, boy…warhammer’s been eyeing this mess, too:

“Happy Friday, George!

Disclaimer:  I was born into a family of blue collar Democrats, raised to see a conspiracy around every corner.  So with that out of the way . . .

Joe Biden to date has been little more than the 3rd term avatar for Mr. Change himself, even peppering his administration with key Obama administration retreads.  Joe Biden has essentially transformed into President ‘Joebama.’ That Obama connection seems the main reason for Joebama’s initial popularity and perceived success.  It probably doesn’t hurt that #44 is still living in D.C., the first ex-prez in 100 years to do so.  Once might ask “why?’ Trump was why. Obstructing him.  Discrediting him. Impeaching him.

Joebama.  Sounds almost tropical and full of fun.  Joebama is whatever you want Joebama to be.  He stands for whatever his predecessor tells him to stand for. But despite the Obama connection, something seems off, not quite right.  Joebama cannot talk coherently in public without a script, which his recycled Obama-ites are more than happy to provide for him.  His public appearances are by invitation only and usually quite small.  Even his hyped prime time address to Congress was sparsely attended (approx. 200 out of 1,600 seats usually available, counting the gallery), reportedly due to Covid and security measures put into place, because that’s what the Democrats do – socially distance and mask by example, Covid shots or no Covid shots.

As innocuous and underplayed (by the media) all of the above may seem (many former presidents seek the counsel of their predecessors), the potential exists for a dystopian future playing out which neither the Founders nor few scholars since had fully anticipated.  The presidency is by design a publicly visible, in your face ‘commander-in-chief’ position, the face of a nation, a natural born leader.  Joebama to date hasn’t fit that model.  He seems harmless, innocuous.  I do not fear him.  Putin and Xi do not fear him.  I so fear who (or whatever) is behind the curtain pulling Joebama’s strings.

The progressive media reveled at exposing any and all alleged issues and improprieties in the Trump administration.  Not so much for Joebama.  A collective failure by the mainstream media (MSM) to wield its 1st Amendment protected power can have long-lasting, deleterious effects on the nation’s many hard fought liberties.  So to the MSM, all I have to say is “Come on, man!”

Warhammer is a retired brother of the oak leaf cluster sort. Who besides riding BUFFs is also a cyber-threat expert.


Speaking of military:  My life-long pal “the Major” has a son  back stateside teaching supersonic jet drivers.  He bagged an Air Force Commendation medal for his work over in the sandbox.  Wow.  And thank you for your Service.  Well done, Majors.

Repackaged Inflation

Dandy new Chris Tyreman video in the Step-by-Step Millionaire series is now posted. “Food Manufacturer’s Think You’re Stupid?”

“Shrinkflation” in the food department.

A Woo-Woo Lesson

Earlier this week, this is exactly what I wrote in the Monday column:

“As mentioned last week, the Dream Realms are getting a lot more active.  Last night was no exception.

First major dream involved me being in a shopping center of some sort.  Two-story high glass windows in a lobby or entry type area.  There was violent weather outside, too.  A strong message was telling me to “Go to your parents place…in the hills” which were 10-15 miles distant.

As I watched the weather deteriorate outside, I called the parent’s house.  “Snowing up here, actually…”  And I made a decision to make a run for the car in the parking lot outside when the weather broke.

As I watched, what had been a few skiffs a snow gradually got bigger and bigger until it was hail.  Size of a baseball.  I yelled at people near the windows to get back and seek cover…

Next thing I knew, I was awake.  Wondering what the hell that was all about?”

Well, guess we know, now, don’t we?  It was another one of my glimpses of “what-is-not-yet.”

Story is all over the place.  On Yahoo for example, “Damages from hailstorms in Texas, Oklahoma estimated to total $3.5B.

Story made it into the foreign press with the Daily Mail running “Baseball-sized hailstones destroy cars, injure people and smash windows of businesses as tornadoes wreak havoc across the southern US.”

“Seeing” the Future Softly

Lots of ways to approach this:  Some like “remote viewing” while others (like me) just take a nap.  A lot of others will use “science” to “see future” but they get it wrong a very high percentage – even compared with “sleepy seers.”

I think there’s a reason for that.  It has to do with “sharp edges” versus the “soft view” of reality.  And understanding your own archetype imaging meanings.

My view – Monday – was that big hail was imminent.  Here we are Friday at $3.5 billion in damage later, and there’s the facts.  Snow?  Yes, a late spring snow dump on Flagstaff, Arizona, this week, too.

Thing is, in our “waking states,” vision is inflexible and “hard.”  In Dream Realms, where potential futures can wander through your awareness, things are ALL soft.  There’s a reason for this:  Waking state is a hard-edged place.  32-feet-per-second-per-second.  Measurable.

Dream Realms (“states”) are inherently soft.  Every concept dissolves into every other concept.  The “Seeing State” is a result of how humans are caught in a dualistic paradox.

That is, when we are in our biological state (waking) we are hard-edged and locked perceptually into dualism.  Up cannot exist without down, left is nothing without right, hate is impossible without love.

Yet, in our spirit states (dreams, rv’ing, astral work) we touch – however briefly – the unified state.  Which is to say where the discrete counterpoints of duality fade and the whole of the fabric becomes “touchable.”

The Hard Work?  Easy

Let me give you some ideas to try – they help me a lot.

Staring at the ceiling while leaned back in your chair is a good one.  Convince yourself that the ceiling is not up, but instead is down.  When you get powerful enough, you can “float down” to the ceiling.

Many other reported “miracles” can be understood by just remembering that the bonds of Reality are (in waking state) and in other “states”  have no power.

Doing It

  1. Clean your mind before sleep.  The waking state loads us up with “junk” that “preloads our spirit state with trash.  In order to sense future, you need to un-attach from desire for outcomes.  In this way, you are unlocking from duality.
  2. Blank the Mind.  There are two aspects of mind to manage going into realms.  The first is the “one of mind and memory” while the other is the residual (after-burn) of the day seen when you close your eyes but deliberately keep seeing that fine-sand textured (optical noise) place with your vision track.
  3. Give Yourself Permission:  Tell yourself (and believe) that it’s OK to dream and remember those dreams clearly.  Write them down.  As I explain in my book Psychocartography, we all have an “inner world” (in a kind of 1914 Edgar Rice Burroughs sort of way.  His novel “At the Earth’s Core” was the basis of later spins like “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”
  4. When You Wake:  Don’t jump out of bed. Relax.  Give yourself permission to remember even one detail.  Then more as you progress.  Keep a journal and write down notes and draw pictures.  Or, hold them so firming in your waking state that they can never be taken from you.

Realize that we are all dual-state emoji’s. We are each a bit of “spirit being” that has, through sexual congress of parents, been trapped in a kind of biological spiderweb. Which, in the waking state we call Life.

Eventually, we’re all freed (the biological breaks down, aging follows, and then the Return).

This is all simple stuff.  Whole religions have been founded on such knowledge, tariffs and tithing set up to fund waking organizations, but few deliver the goods.

Our whole task – while living – is to record with our mind’s eye so that our Life Review Experience (LRE) just ahead at the return too spiritual existence is worthwhile.

This is far from an “assumption” – it’s slowly coming into psychology in such landmark papers as “The life review experience: Qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

So is the Near Death Experience.  Some mind-bending ideas pop out of recent literature.  Like spiritual skills run in families The near-death experience (NDE) as an inherited predisposition: Possible genetic, epigenetic, neural and symbolic mechanisms – PubMed (

There are also people who have NDEs in their childhood that “forecast their lives” Project MUSE – Childhood NDE—Life Experiences Shown for the Next 50 Years! (

To be sure, the home dreamer doesn’t need to die to do useful personal work.  But in the literature?  NearDeath Experience as a Probe to Explore (Disconnected) Consciousness is a dandy read, as is a 2011 paper “Near-death experiences: the experience of the self as real and not as an illusion – PubMed (

Sure, it’s fun to wake up and “get back on the waking-state train” as we do most mornings around here.

But the unavoidable most important work in life is “packing between the ears” for whatever comes next.

When you’re on the “right path” there will be an occasional acknowledgement that your work is appropriately aligned

When it is?

You may get a heads-up in advance about “baseball-size hail” being along shortly.

Timing Matters

Best time for this kind of work – when the physical body seems to be OK with touching future – is when you have had a good, long sleep.  8-10 hours worth.  Or, in one of my experiences, when you get up and do 3-hours of work, have a meal (with coffee) and then go back to bed for a nap.

Some people like to use chemical assistance (like Claridream PRO: Lucid Dreaming Pills for Clear, Colorful and Vivid Dreams. 60 Capsules. $50 or Dream Leaf Pro – Premium Lucid Dreaming Supplement – 60 Capsules (29)).  I’ve got on my list to try “Galantamine – Lucid Dreaming & Nootropic Supplement – 4 Mg – 60 Tablets ($35).

Drugs (as in hemp and such) do NOT seem to help, though.  If I take delta-8 CBD for example, clouds my dreaming for 3 to 5 days after.  This may be one of those “body is a temple” areas where real work must be done au naturel.

OK…off to see how the market open goes.  Have a wonderful weekend and drop by for ShopTalk Sunday and Peoplenomics tomorrow morning.

Write when you’re enriched,

66 thoughts on “Markets Pause and a Woo-Woo Lesson”

  1. George: You speak of clearing the mind before sleep…….This method was taught to me by my Bodhisattva. In your minds eye see a wall, cover it with your thoughts like graffiti on a wall, own the thoughts and exhale. Now see yourself with a large bucket of paint and a large roller painting over the “wall of thought”. When the wall is covered in paint and no thoughts come through. Sleep. Been doing this since my early 20’s. Now to a point that I am asleep before the paint is dry.

    • This is challenging. When I try to see a wall in my “mind’s eye”, I see nothing at all other than the same darkness I see when I close my eyes. The same is true for any other concept, idea, landscape or person. For some reason, I’ve been successful without this ability for a lifetime, yet I often just know something without the visuals. Conceptualization need not be visualization, though most people seem to use that modality. The only visuals I see other than through my eyes are in altered states such as extreme tiredness or just before or after sleep. Even those are quite rare. When I have time to “spare”, I may try dream enhancement nootropics, but not while I have other distractions.

  2. George,

    I don’t want to step on Hal Turner’s breaking story from yesterday, which was for subscribers, but insiders tell him beware of the June/July period. As you might recall, my original timeline had something coming during the Summer Olympics, which I suspect may be Nostradamus’ Games of Slaughter. All things consider, we might see a ramping up from this point forward. Many thanks!

    The following stories have war written all over them.

    Russian FM Lavrov: US Relations Now Worse Than Cold War

    European Parliament Approves Resolution On Far-Reaching Sanctions For ‘Russian Aggression’

  3. G.A.Stewart says,
    “Donald J. Trump did not get kicked out of office as I had written, but after two Impeachments, the storming of the Capitol, and The Deep State’s hand in the election fraud, I was correct in predicting Trump’s first election win and then his downfall. Trump will be blamed for everything that goes wrong now, and his supporters will be the targets of wrath as the global economic system collapses and war comes.”

    BUT Trump won the election of the people, and was cheated out of office by a crooked, rigged selection by the deep state. I would give G.A. the point of being correct. he just assumed kicked meant impeached. He was removed by the same dark force that tried to remove him via impeachment. Just my view point from the el-cheapo seats. Now back to the Maricopa County AZ vote audit. This could be the start of an avalanche GA, PA, MI, WI. Creatures of darkness fear the light

  4. yo g –

    time to cowboy up – pardner..while the getting is still fair to middlyn..

    plannedemic – jabroni – weaken immune systems& install operating system
    – solar min
    – global cooling
    – increased volcanology
    – more particulate suspended in atmosphere
    – more cooling
    – gates& soreass spraying Sun blocking chemies to..wait for it..block Sunlight = more cooler
    – less crops.. oh my

    – U just cant make this shit up.

    “They” Want U DEAD .

    Russkies are not going to WAR – they will defend Mother Russia to the last man or women standing.

    Why its a pending Noocracy after all – as they are owning the Noosphere..

    – Vladd gets IT, like no ones business, specially western intel/traitors/spooks..
    “they should be spooked, treason/paybacks are a muthafkr” ticktickticktick..
    -U never know when – why they are alwayz “spooked’ aint that right “ayatollah mike’ thought he was iron mike, turns out he was “dancing boy mike” U know how those young Afghani bachi boyz “grew” tails..

    As a self proclaimedl Space cowboy
    from personal experiences – THC is very effective clouding/dulling/softening agent for dreaming – I use specially for ensuring I dont recall nightly activities . Lot less aches and pain in AM. On the waking side – different, but easier to control than micro dosing LSD..

    Above ditty from Mr Stevey Guitar Miller, written in 70’s – yet somehow applies perfectly today..

    “I see the showdowns, slowdowns, lost and found, turnarounds
    the boys in the military shirts
    I keep my eyes on the prize, on the long fallen skies
    and dont let my friends get hurt
    All you backroom schemers, small trip dreamers
    better find something new to say
    cause Ure the same old story
    Its the Same old crime
    and You got some heavy bills to pay”

    Music is slowly spinning down – when it finally stops playing – will you have an unoccupied “chair” to sit in ?

  5. “Seeing” the Future Softly”

    ?????.. nostradamus just like many others throughout history that have forecasted future events..
    By changing our ways can delay or eliminate the forecasted events..

    If I have a dream of a deer jumping in front of the car..then I tell the one it was about the dream… usually they avoid a collision…
    Could The events forseen be avoided.

  6. George. I am not an anti-vaxer, anti-masker and have had my COVID vaccinations to at the very least protect those around me who live with compromised immune systems. I do however, believe in looking at the science of this pandemic and where it stacks up in the list of previous and ongoing pandemics. It is incredible how the COVID-19 pandemic seems much more political based than science based. This article shines a really good light on it.

  7. “There are also people who have NDEs in their childhood that “forecast their lives” Project MUSE”

    Everyone.. that does patient care.. in a hospital or long term care, hospice etc. Has a few hundred NDE stories.. my favorite one was a patient that had passed on. The normal routine for the patient was get up at 4 watch the morning news have coffee and toast.. they had this thing for being fussy about their bed..
    Well the patient had gotten up bed made then sat in their chair and died.. the young woman came to me on another wing and let me know that I was needed.. when I got to the room everyone was around the patient and the charge asked me if I would take over. The young girl had never dealt with a death. It was customary for us to gather the clothes bath the body before the undertaker arrived. I said my farewell prayers and went about my business of gathering the towels clothes warm water etc.. laid out the bath blanket and picked the patient up from the chair and laid the body on the bed…instantly the patient jumps up saying what do you think your doing.. you messed up my bed.
    I seen it all.. I said getting ready to bath seen it all.. yes I was up in the corner with the angel and seen you mess up my bed. Now makemy bed and get my coffee.. so I went azz nd hot the coffee and toast and was walking by the nurses station as the funeral home was just checking out the body..everyone was stunned and asked me.. what are you doing.. oh they said they aren’t going to go anywhere until they have their coffee and toast.. they lived three more years. I in the meantime said if you ever see me take a nap like that. Get some change have a break and come back an hour later..

    • At my age I still wonder: Do we follow a script or is it “free will.” Thy will be done — perhaps there’s something to it??

      • “Do we follow a script or is it “free will.”

        Unfortunately I think we are all following a script. If the same narrative is repeated constantly people eventually begin to believe what is being said. Hate trump every o th her sentence biden is the savior of the american dream.he cured covid in a week dropped BLM and Antifa in one day..
        His kid is innocent and all the data was faked..

  8. false way to clear your mind is to stop,quoting the trash that comes from Fox News. You reference two Fox News reports in today’s column… This is the same Fox that is out there promoting pants on fire lies about Biden wanting to ban meat. This story is 100% false…Those words never came out of Biden’s mouth…the story originated when after Biden talked about clean energy as a general topic…a few days later a Daily Mail article referenced a University of Michigan and Tulane University study that had nothing to do with the Biden plan whatsoever…nor was not commissioned by any democrat that hypothetically suggested that one of the ways to cut greenhouse emissions is to cut production of red meat. Of course, Fox ran with it in a way that would make Putin proud and tied that random study to Biden. Does Fox think Americans are stupid? Well….Fox listeners are stupid…so there’s that…but most conservatives I know think Fox is a joke. It’s the National Enquirer of TV news. Then there the brainless carnival barkers like Larry Kudlow who says that liberals are going to make you drink plant base beer with your plant base meat. What does the former director of the National Economic Council think beer is made of? Meat?

    The other lie making the rounds on Fox is that VP Harris is including her book and profiting off of sales of her book in welcome packets to migrants. No…false. One book was donated to a library down there. A New York Post writer resigned because she said she was forced to write that story, knowing very well it was a big lie.

    Every day…the lies continue…made up out of thin air…to keep America divided. War hammer, your post was sort of feeding into this lie too. You have no proof that Biden is taking orders from Obama. Give me a break. And give Biden some credit…He is a lot more savvy than you think. It’s so refreshing to see a President that is selfless, has decorum, brains and empathy after 4 years of narcissism, idiocy and vitriol.

  9. One more thing. Can we stop these idiotic posts on the con man Nostradamus? Any weirdo can pen a bunch of mumbo jumbo phrases into a so-called anthology of “predictions” with made up time quatrains…which don’t exist in real life…And guess what? In the same vain that a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a awhile, a specific event can be nicely fit into a very broad prediction. Live your lives folks. Nothing is happening on the Orthodox Easter, except the gorgeous weather, a new month and another fake Fox News lie. You can bank on that

    • How many deaths do you think Obama is responsible for after attacking Libya and blowing up the Middle East with the Arab Spring, and then moving on to Ukraine in 2014?

      Anyone that can ignore reality, like the Hunter Biden laptop story complete with pictures is part of the problem.

      You’ve got some tough days ahead of you for being so brainwashed. In fact, people like yourself are why this country is in big trouble.

      • GA Stew,
        Hahahahah. My brain is impenetrable pal. Yours seems to be mush to believe this stuff.

      • Whoa whoa whoa – slow Ure horses down kemosabe..

        who brought clinton foundation into mynymar ? seen the destruction since the globo’s came in ? how many lives lost..

        who brought same diabolical foundation into Hati, how many villages worth of children did hitlery steal – who got red handed with kidnapped kids, later to get let off by same globo controlled cutouts/- do innocent Hatian childrens live count for anything?

        just getting started – never mind the sun light blockers uhn I mean the Nano Smart Dust..magnetic? cpu properties? – psychotronic technology – hived behaviors -“flashed” to insta Rage? frm cia/DoD contract aircraft – central hive colo ?
        obuma = death
        obamaistas = death eaters..arry potter.

      • Instead of covering up your jealousy of Biden and Obama with blatent lies, smears and innuendos , (both took/taking us out of economic crisis, and also giving us ‘Obamacare’, which the Republicans wanted to dismantle, but couldn’t find a better replacement!) ,
        You might want to educate yourself with some facts, GA, like Russia was the one involved with the ‘hundreds of thousands of Arab Spring deaths’ in Syria, not Obama:

    • “Can we stop these idiotic posts on the con man Nostradamus?”

      Con man…hmm. I don’t see how his Quatrains could be a con..
      Many of the worlds prophets made their predictions during the tone when prophetic claims was punishable by death. The same for physicians who were claimed as witches and killed by horrific means.. nostradamus didn’t make his predictions to become famous. Similar to great artists he didn’t really become famous until after wards..when his predictions started to.make sense and come true.

    • Mark – Do you really watch MSM news? If Fox News lies, then it just makes ’em a member of MSM in good standing.

      The deterioration in diplomatic climate between the US, Russia and proxy states is disturbing, but a spring weekend with pretty weather is to be enjoyed.

      • Walking Buzzard said it all when he said his mind was impenetrable. He’s been demonstrating that from the beginning.

      • Don’t kid yourselves.

        Mark is a faithful FOXNews watcher.

        He would have to be, to be so fixated on them…

  10. Conrats to the Major’s son on his Commendation award. And teaching fighter jet jockies is no easy task, so I wish him good luck and God’s speed!

    We had a fighter jock joke in the bomber community that I’d like to share:

    Two fighter pilots visiting another base decided to tour the nearby city’s world renowned zoo.

    As they walked thru the facility, they came to a natural area where Siberian wolves were contained. One of the male wolves within view was on its side, intently licking its magnificently exposed private parts.

    The one fighter pilot said to the other “gee, I wish I could do that!”
    His comrade, still laser focused upon the sight before them, calmly replied “don’t you think you outta pet him first?”

    • Hahaha! I love that one….that reminds me of an old Airborne joke about a troop that didn’t want to jump…

    • Ha!
      Here are a couple more:
      How does a fighter pilot change a light bulb?
      He just holds it up and waits for the world to revolve around him.

      What do you get when you cross a fighter pilot and a pig?
      Hey, there are just some things a pig won’t do.

      Fighter pilots make movies; Bomber pilots make history.

    • Lol lol lol.. I love that joke. The first time I heard it was about two business men walking past a pet shop

      • Lol lol lol… a wife up all night witha sick kid gets ragged on by her boss because daycare won’t let go to daycare.. she makes supper.. does the dishes .. kid finally settles into slumber.. and she as worn.out and tired sits down to relax.. the Hubby comes home hes feeling a little frisky. Good meal.. says to the wife..sweetie how about you do that one thing I enjoy so much.. without missing as beat she says.. I hear they are teaching yoga and gymnastics at the Y you should take the classes…yoga… why would I want to take yoga..
        WELL…. if you enjoy that special little thing I do that you enjoy so much.. your gonna hage to learn how to do it yourself..
        Now leave me alone..

    • … and that’s why you volunteer — don’t worry, in my youth I had volunteered for “dumber things” than fighter pilot.

      • “in my youth I had volunteered for “dumber things” than fighter pilot.”

        Heck Choices.. I STILL DO from time to time… LOL LOL LOL….

  11. Less than 48 hours before the nukes fly…. Or the Nostradamus crowd discredits themselves again, like the Q-anon crowd discredited themselves then in a crescendo lashing out at the Capitol.

    Think about what you would talk about @ the 2021 4th of July BBQ with a Q-head who was convinced there was a Q at the 2020 4th of July BBQ.

    “Patty [as Linus is writing to the Great Pumpkin]: “You’re wasting your time; the Great Pumpkin is a fake!”

    Linus [writing]: “Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you. P.S.: if you really are a fake, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.”

    • “Or the Nostradamus crowd discredits themselves again, ”

      The thing OOWS .. is.. the future is moldable… The way I see it is.. your driving a car.. and start to drift off towards the ditch.. you can jerk the car and possibly go out of control.. go in the ditch and possibly hit a culvert or roll the car.. or you can steer the car gently without jerking movements back into place..
      Nostradamus gave us his predictions.. and hundreds of his predictions have come true..
      the arrow of time is constant.. but our journey forward can be changed by our actions.. heeding past mistakes.. Nostradamus from what I have read had the belief that the future could be changed or delayed by our actions.. So.. what are my plans.. I am going to have a bar b que sit out on the veranda and have a cold adult beverage some baked beans in the smoker and coleslaw potato salad…. and make the garden better play some batche ball and lawn darts..or my favorite.. horse shoes…. if it happens.. it happens.. I sure can’t change it and if it is as bad as predicted then we can’t hide from it.. so why worry about it..what I will do is make sure I have my pantry full so if there is a break in distribution we will have food.. which I would do anyway because I have experienced those situations in my life..Hopefully those that are in charge will realize that the only winning move is to .. NOT PLAY THE GAME especially if it is just so some ding dong can have more of what he feels he needs..

  12. Re: Chris’ Shrinkflation video –
    They’ve also played with the traditional recipes on things like Butter Fingers. I don’t know WHAT it is that they substituted for peanut butter in what used to be my favorite candy but it’s gone from delicious to door mat flavored. It’s WORSE than “New Coke” ever was. Wish they had some of those Canadian bars down here in Texas. They don’t look familiar.

    The truth is beginning to come out about the lies promulgated by TPTB and their propaganda outlets in the North East, namely NY. Exposé by a Florida nurse about the people murdered by the state and the medical facilities for money and promotion of the lies about Covid – You did a good job forecasting the spread of the whatever-it-is on your site here George and for GII up North but the mishandling of this event by the government will turn out to be the true danger of it all.

    Also, Clif (sorry George) has moved to BitChute and a person who says he’s a doctor (I’ll take his word for it) who goes by the name “dragonfishy” in the comments to Clif’s latest video posted the link to an article on Scribd entitled “Covid19 Rna Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease 1503” – Too much to re-post here.

    People, they’re after us in so many ways there’s no telling how many of us won’t be here in a year down the road because of this Covid F-A-R-C-E. I just hope there’ll be enough people healthy enough to go after the scum that have foisted it all on us. But the most heart breaking thing I’ve heard was a reply I received from a Canadian about the state of affairs up there: “…Now I must say that among my neighbours and friends many are pro-liberals and agree with the actual policing measures. (This is in regard to the police interrupting various church services – Bill) In some “letters to the editor” of the local newspapers, you can read people are asking for internment and conviction of people who are against mass vaccination and mask wearing. Canada is full of snitches and the neighbourhood watch members would be the first collaborators for denunciation.” The comment speaks for itself. If people don’t have a clue then they don’t deserve even false freedom.

  13. Ya gotta swoon over Amy Coney Barrett. Recall the screeching monkies. If anyone challenged Trump’s Amy pick it was due to “TDS”.

    Supreme Court Sides with Illegal Alien Fighting Deportation

    In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant who challenged his deportation.

    “Six justices sided with the illegal migrant as Clarence Thomas, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, lena Kagan, and Amy Coney Barrett joined Gorsuch in the majority decision.”

  14. Warhammer:Thanks ,thats great, I and Wife got a good hearty laugh..
    Nice to see Mark is still out there being a propaganda mouth for the Democon/socialist/communists.
    At age 8 or 9 I became aware of my own Mortality. Some nights I could not sleep. I read a lot of fiction,Sci Fi. and in several books they talked of meditation,centering and how to do that,Just concentrate on breath in , breath out, nothing else.
    I usually fell asleep in 5 to10 minutes or less. I am nearing 71
    still works for me. Worked in Vietnam as well as Granada, Sinai Honduras. Works now whie I worry about a patient with serios health problems..
    I was an E-5, Warrant officer and retired out as a Major.
    Hope its a boring weekend,but whatever I am ready..

  15. I, for one, personally have to perform a “defrag” of sorts. One day I will explane the fullness of how I see what I see. I have a 9 layer topology system of how I do it. Today for two, I will post a podcast for those who purchased edition I. To my knowledge only one person has the IN Sight, to a structure THE DUDE told me to include and what it means.

    I remember when I was living in Florida and we had a massive hail storm. All the new cars at the dealerships had dents all over them. Little golf ball size dents. you could buy a brand new car for 10% of dealer cost because of all the body damage. Still a brand new car, just ugly. Lol. My buddy bought a brand new Lincoln for $1100. It was ugly as shit. Still smelled brand new inside and drove like a brand new car. Mechanically sound. No warranty tho. Had to put a new windshield in it tho. Still one helluva deal compared to at the time $28,000 price. He said, he bought a 2 gallon bucket of bonds and got rid of all the dents himself and had mako put a $1000 spray job on it. Brand new car for $2500(including bondo) and some sweat equity.

    All the dealerships got paid from insurance.

    It’s an important note for those who purchased the report. They will know what I’m talking about without me saying much.

    Then I’m going to the gym and going catching.

    Have a good day!

    • Andy, you refer often to the “dude” and my question is: Why would the “dude” need intermediaries like Moses, as well as his SON to get messages across (while being ALMIGHTY)?

      This has bothered me for close to a century. ;-((

      • Doesn’t “need” them but people are hard headed and easily manipulated. Unfortunately by people claiming to speak for the almighty. The most important message Jesus had was that everyone has a direct connection and do not need “priests” or religious authorities.

      • If you have one pet cat, then you micro-herd it at your leisure. When you have 6 billion pet cats, then micro-herding all of ’em would become rather tedious, don’t you think? The same would go for paramecium, only more so.

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