While we don’t expect global war this weekend, there’s plenty of reason to be concerned with the balance of the year.  We ponder the global rise of “strongman socialism” and where we might be by year’s end.

A deep look at our Aggregate Index charts, as well.  Since charts often do hold predictive content – if you look at them in a particular light.

Double the bean, we’re on the scene.

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10 thoughts on “May-Day!”

  1. I bought another Wyze Cam v3 Indoor/Outdoor on 3/13 (Big Orange). These things are great for the low-cost. NASA should send these cams to Mars. For less than $40.00 they see stars through light pollution. Add another $20.00 for a 100′ extension cord.

    The cams are weather proof with exception to the USB/AC adapter. My adapter got water in it and fried. I had to buy a replacement and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Good to go.

    Last night I had the camera in Nightvision mode and caught a shooting star. I snipped the video but haven’t found anyplace to upload it yet. All video hosting require sign-ins and I’m not going to bother.

    Of course there isn’t going to be any war this weekend. You did get the hail right.

    Nostradamus predicted a man made Zombie Apocalypse. We see the people lining up for State sponsored vaccines. We now wait for them all to die, but not all the way dead.

    “Few young people: half?dead to give a start. Dead through spite, he will cause the others to shine, And in an exalted place some great evils to occur: Sad concepts will come to harm each one, Temporal dignified, the Mass to succeed. Fathers and mothers dead of infinite sorrows, Women in mourning, the pestilent she?monster: The Great One to be no more, all the world to end.”

    – Nostradamus

      • The other brother Darrel

        The Pfizer web site tells that the MRNA does not alter DNA. But what it doesn’t mention is the effect It has in the body caused by the synthetic spike protein, does. Which was mentioned in the NIH publication last September that I previously posted and was to to “Whoa” by another reader. So, I whoa-ed.

        Interestingly, women complaining of mensural issues after being near the vaccinated. Odd that women who work in close proximity during that time, are well known for sync-ing their time together. And during that time, are not allowed to be near any food canning going on in the kitchen because the canned food, no matter how by the book they do it, will spoil. That’s not just an old wives tale.

        Thank for the video. Wife is a nurse and she found a lot of validation.


    • The risk of a major clash between armored divisions in the vicinity of Ukraine will remain high this summer.

      Stu is a true believer. I try to reserve judgement in matters of personal faith.

      That aside, Stu recognized the seriousness of that situation long before the MSM picked up on it. You can make use of his research without a conversion. Perceptions and actions domestic can have a giant butterfly effect half way around the globe. Gaffs by American Presidents can and have started wars abroad large and small. All of you need to think through your plans b & c for the coming season. Of course, “What me worry?” is a valid plan for the independently wealthy. The rest of us need to be more frugal in our contingency analysis.

  2. “we would lump stories like?
    “One Year After George Floyd, Minneapolis Is “Murderapolis” Again.””

    It’s just the was hard to find officers willing to patrol the high crime areas before..
    As the violence escalates and the crime rate increases will be an opening to get marshal law put in place.
    Why are the UN troops running around the USA having training exercises..

  3. Lots of social media stories predicting a gas shortage … starting with North Dakota soon. Reason given, shortage of qualified Truck Drivers. Honorable mention of Opec Gas Embargo of the 70’s who Opec flexed their muscle and muscle cars that ate gas … but fail to mention Hurricane Sandy which did considerable damage to the Oil Industry. Interesting reads …

    So, I go cruising through the net and find that, US oil imports plunge to 1973 level.

    I’m like, wow … look at that. Hmm … stop the EX Pipeline, trucker shortage, build infrastructure, get people off the roads (cuz we can’t afford to be on them and ain’t enough gas anyway) so they can release the Driverless Trucks …. once they get enough people away from the roads and laying down up on the hill. Don’t wanna run over nobody … might kill’em. Oops.

    In the meantime, I guess we can enjoy the weight loss we will experience and play Yahtzee until we fall off our chair and sleep …. for a long time. Life is exhausting, and breathing alone exhales carbon dioxide. Can’t have that, they want Zero Emissions.

    Stay safe everyone. Enjoy your day, everyday. And buy a locking gas cap.


  4. “Lots of social media stories predicting a gas shortage … starting with North Dakota soon. Reason given, shortage of qualified Truck Drivers. Honorable mention of Opec Gas Embargo”

    They will eventually blame Trump, but not until they figure out how to spin people’s heads away from the fact Trump made us energy-independent for the first time since John D was alive.

    I expect gas/diesel prices to go up by a factor of 1.5 ($7-$7.50/gal for regular gas) and food prices to double, before the midterm election — this, more due to purchasing power erosion than Creepy Joe’s policies. His “green” policies may make it considerably more extreme. Since John Q Dumbass will see the user price but not understand the economics behind it, the spin doctors will place blame, rather than explaining the issue, because they are too stupid to understand them, and will assume John and Jane Q are also as mentally-challenged as they…

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