Markets Pause, UFO’s, and Double Woo-Woo

“This here is what’cha call a “target rich environment” to kick-off the week.

Early Futures Don’t Tell

The Dow Futures were up 8,, the S&P down 4-1/2 and the NASDAQ down 40.  But with better’n two-hours to the open.  Useless since no consensus there.

This week (Palm Sunday week in Orthodox, Easter Sunday next weekend) all’s semi-quiet on the Eastern Front (Ukraine, if you live under a rock).

The BIG Ukraine story is that 35-years ago, an old-style (going from memory here) graphite reactor lit off and caused horrible pollution and health issues.

Ah, but as we’re fond of reminding you “Everything’s a Business Model.”  Today’s “Chernobyl at 35” example?  “Ukraine International Airlines Operates Chernobyl Sightseeing Flight” reports Simple Flying.

And, north of Ukraine, Belarus didn’t exactly cozy-up with Russia during meetings between Belarus prez Lukashenko and Russian strongman Vlad Putin.  Did Putin “Give him the word” on what was to come?  And has that – in turn – driven “Belarus: Lukashenko seeks to empower son Viktor on succession?

It’s laughable how governments worldwide eagerly toss “due process” when they want.  Simply declare an “Emergency!” are all things are possible.

Speaking of Rads

Elaine being a “downwinder” from the Four Corners area will find this of interest:  “Radioactive Residue From Bomb Tests Decades Ago Are Found in Honey.”

UFO Close Call?

There’s a story in the U.K. Sun which is worth a read:

SPACE SMASH SpaceX starship had ‘near miss with a UFO’ and ‘astronauts were told to prepare for a CRASH’, Nasa reveals.


UFO Whistleblower Luis Elizondo says the Pentagon is gearing up its plans to introduce the public to the “reality of UFOs (UAPs).  And none too soon.

Peoplenomics subscribers have access to some stuff I wouldn’t put on the public web in a paper accessible from the Master Index page.  Who’s There?”  On UAPs and UFOs.  (PDF)          

Back to Moneymaking

Three items to plug into your decision-making on investments.  (Four if you toss in UFOs and precious metals, lol)…

First is the Durable Goods report just out:

“New Orders
New orders for manufactured durable goods in March increased $1.4 billion or 0.5 percent to $256.3
billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today. This increase, up ten of the last eleven months, followed
a 0.9 percent February decrease. Excluding transportation, new orders increased 1.6 percent. Excluding
defense, new orders increased 0.5 percent. Fabricated metal products, up six of the last seven months, led
the increase, $1.2 billion or 3.6 percent to $35.4 billion.

[Explainer:  How this number is “baked?”  This is dangerous knowledge, Citizen.  It’s all measured in Dollars and the Money-printing, data-hiding Fed doesn’t want you to know they have increase money by more than 2% a month.  Ergo, as in any good communist state – which, who knows, may be where the idea came from – we are all “Enjoying robust growth.”  It’s just we seem to have the same bank balances and the same holes in checking account…and – as in latter Soviet days, shortages are emerging in the stores.  Whee!  Ain’t democratic socialism great?]

The second news item to plan on is the Case-Shiller Housing report due out tomorrow.

And the data-hiding (tantamount to lying by omission) about money supply “Federal” (sic) Reserve has a rate meeting this week.  Our money is on “no change” because if they increase rates, the market would collapse.  And if they drop rates, same thing.  For now, they are riding “Ure’s Discontinuity” quite well.

[Explainer:  “Ure’s Discontinuity” involves how – as interest rates approach zero, bonds go to zero and money piles out of bonds and into stocks.  Confirming evidence is seen as crypto-currencies are also going into space while having woefully little (as in no) Utility Value off the Internet out of hype’s way.]

Dressed Up As “News”

If you’re eyeing bug-out ideas?  Try “How Easy Is It To Escape Taxes By Moving Offshore Or To Puerto Rico?.”

Oklahoma justice tales:  How failure to return a video tape almost 22-years ago led to a felony charge (now dropped):  Made the NY Times  “Overdue VHS Tape From 1999 Leads to Warrant for Embezzlement.

“So, What else is New?”  Well, except it’s a civil rights attorney making the call?  “Leo Terrell: Biden, Harris want to ‘destroy America’ for ‘ultimate power.”

Joe fandom:  Kim Kardashian, Cher thank Joe Biden for recognizing the Armenian massacre as genocide.

OTOH: Truth to Power:  “Kentucky AG torches Biden, Dems for polarizing nation, exploding ‘tensions’ of racial injustice.”

And he’s not alone: Lindsey Graham slams Biden as ‘a very destabilizing president’ who wants to ‘regulate America out of business’.”

Another Novel Plot?  As we read the NPR story about how the “Indonesian Military Locates Wreckage Of Missing Submarine” a great novel plot appeared.  In it, a certain large manufacturing and island-making country whose name begins with a “C” just had to test out their newest underwater drones to make sure they could clean the Pacific of subs – at will – for when they go taking Taiwan….  Just a novel, of course.

Much Personal Woo-Woo

As mentioned last week, the Dream Realms are getting a lot more active.  Last night was no exception.

First major dream involved me being in a shopping center of some sort.  Two-story high glass windows in a lobby or entry type area.  There was violent weather outside, too.  A strong message was telling me to “Go to your parents place…in the hills” which were 10-15 miles distant.

As I watched the weather deteriorate outside, I called the parent’s house.  “Snowing up here, actually…”  And I made a decision to make a run for the car in the parking lot outside when the weather broke.

As I watched, what had been a few skiffs a snow gradually got bigger and bigger until it was hail.  Size of a baseball.  I yelled at people near the windows to get back and seek cover…

Next thing I knew, I was awake.  Wondering what the hell that was all about?

A check of the news streams got me wondering if “baseball sized hail” was showing anywhere.  Besides the story “New storm brings fire danger, strong winds, snow and possible tornadoes” I was more interested in seeing “what’s out there” since it had the feel of a “what-is-not-yet” event.

Large hail, damaging wind, floods, tornadoes possible in Tuesday forecast for Kansas” is one area to keep an eye on.  Another was “Severe weather forecast for Southeast” that popped up on MSN.

I remained aware enough in the dream to focus on location but it wasn’t clear.  Judging by the look of the landscape?  I’d put it in (eastern) Utah or Colorado.  New Mexico?.  But the main heads-up from “Elsewhere” was to avoid the “trains of baseball sized hail” that look like the screen in the Neo film.

By the way, the glass didn’t break – but there were worries about the roof giving way and some interesting takeaways personally on hiding out in parking garages with post-and-tension construction which could fend off hardball-sized hail.

Since we had 82-degrees and only got down to 57 overnight, wasn’t here, for sure.

Border Woo-Woo, Too

The second dream – which involved (whoever’s consciousness I’d ‘jumped into’) – involved a military incursion into Mexico.  Involved a Chrysler limo of some kind (a few years old) and people doing “drive-by” shootings over drugs and non-payment to coyotes.

Apparently, a U.S. military team.  The limo had taken a few shots at apartments and homes with a paintball rifle (bright yellow) which was a kind of “last chance” before you get killed to pay up.

Naturally, I went looking for paintball stories and was rewarded with this one out of El Paso last week.  Though the Dream Realms don’t usually offer history, so much as glances ahead.  We’ll be doing scans for this, too.

Woo-Woo in Velour

Universe did have the courtesy to warn us some strange things would be ahead this weekend.  Because as Elaine made the bed Friday morning, the velour had “arranged itself into a picture.”  Have a look:

To me, it was immediately apparent:  Some big EYES were going to be downloading to a sleeping figure.  Here’s another angle on it:

Elaine said her jaw dropped when she noticed it.  (She also saw a serpent on the top of the head, too.)

Let me know what you think.  Curious what people make of it.  I assure you, however, this was not something created by anything other than chance of “the covers” and it was placed between us.  Elaine had unusual dreams, too.

Wild, huh?

Write when normal shows up,

54 thoughts on “Markets Pause, UFO’s, and Double Woo-Woo”

  1. RE: Velour visions – shamans of use external natural media (sand, tossed twigs, clouds, smoke, water eddies) to discern the future. Prophecy adherents theorize that the ‘vision’ is already resident in the subconscious. The conscious patterns viewed are the keys to unlocking them. Dreams, naturally, are another, more mysterious key.

    RE: Sunk sub – could be drones, but my money would be on smart naval mines that tether to specific locations and wait for specified targets to come into range. Targeting is done via acoustic and electronic signature matching. See:

    • “Prophecy adherents theorize that the ‘vision’ is already resident in the subconscious.”

      You know.. that was a question I had had all through my youth.. and whenever I would ask a pastor or religious leader.. ( even buddhist couldn’t answer) then one day a young missionary.. and I were talking and I asked him the question.. how do people that have no learning no education in the middle of knowhere that has never had any exposure to anyone.. know what is right or wrong.. or what gods rules are..
      In the bible and once you read it you can find it in all the various religious texts everywhere.. there is one small section that basically says.. the creator wrote his rules and knowledge on the hearts of mankind.. we were programed to know his rules.. that little voice in your mind that says.. hey that is wrong.. and with our free choice we can choose to not follow his will by making up our own choice on what direction we would take..

  2. Dude – looks like a Heart – with Love spelled inside and image of Ure Lyrian home planet..

    • Yes, it does. IT also looks like a baby’s head inside the heart, and saying LOOK. Maybe someone in your family is having a baby OR you, two, are incubating something new!!! (I mean newer than what you already know.)

  3. “Elaine being a “downwinder” from the Four Corners area will find this of interest: “Radioactive Residue From Bomb Tests Decades Ago Are Found in Honey.”

    When I first got sick.. they had suspected possible damage from when I worked day labor for a few days scooping hot dirt.. but since there seemed to be a family issue with similar problems.. my one sister her team of doctors were doing studies on the fall out from the white sands testing and drinking farm fresh milk.. it seemed to land where we live and was in the Milk.. and there seemed to be a spike of similar issues with people that drank milk off of the farm.. ( well that was our family.. ) I never did read the report or have access to their findings.. but with fukishima.. and the radio active waste hitting the PNW.. sure caught my interest.. those reports are also locked up and those that worked on the project are not allowed to talk about what they found.. so who knows.. the last one I read before they vanished was dealing with the curiosity on how long it would take in the PNW before there was a spike in cancers.. In turn I won’t eat wild caught salmon or seafood from the PNW region and even though I have family that lives there.. I won’t travel to visit either.. They don’t care about what I read and everything seems fine.. so if it looks normal it must be normal….

  4. “First major dream involved me being in a shopping center of some sort. Two-story high glass windows in a lobby or entry type area. There was violent weather outside, too. ”

    I have a similar dream from time to time.. but in mine there is a young blonde woman that takes me to the lobby area stairs going up to the second level and points at the violent storm rolling in from the NW….
    Usually after that point I find myself on a city street with men in bedraggled suits looking confused and futile the streets are litered with trash and the buildings are crumbling.. the people some in rags and people standing around trash cans with fire in them trying to keep warm burning money… then to a highway with thousands and thousands of people all looking sick and sores all over their exposed flesh walking in a daze towards who knows where.. but then it is just a dream .. Usually I am building something.. I build it and take it apart in my sleep..

    • lootb, Ure dream sounds like a mashup of The Walking Dead and Genesis 41, which recounts Joseph interpreting Pharaoh’s prophetic dream of ‘7 years of plenty, 7 years of drought.’

      “Deep into the darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

      • Yeah its funny.. I’ve had that same dream from time to time for years and years..
        What’s funny is it’s the same blonde in the dream and sometimes the dream has me visiting different places.. theres been quite a few dejavu events where I’ve walked into a building and knew where everything was at. What was behind doors and in drawers.. those times usually freak me out..

  5. When it comes to UFOs there’s a long history of the intel agencies running all kinds of operations against investigators and the public in general for any number of reasons. I’ve spent many years interested in and investigating this issue. I was even a member of MUFON at one time (that’s another story). I know many of the personalities involved and I’m very familiar with the whole mess.

    Many of you may not have heard of ‘The Disclosure Project’, but it was an effort to bring forth military/government witnesses to give public testimony on their experiences. It was held at the National Press Club on April 25th, 2001. The video and the book of testimony is quite impressive. I suggest that you look it up.

    One particular witness was Dr. Carol Rosin. Testimony here:

    She was an aide to Wernher Von Braun in the 1970’s. According to her, Von Braun told her that there was a long term plan in place to build an enormous space based weapons platform and that a long litany of fabricated threats were going to be used to justify it.

    Keep in mind this was told to her in the 1970’s and her testimony was pre-9/11.

    The threats in chronological order were to be:
    1. The Commies (Soviets)
    2. Rogue Nations
    3. Terrorists
    4. Asteroids
    5. Aliens

    So, it appears that we’ve progressed past 1-3 and are somewhere in 4-5. Maybe they need to speed things up and are skipping the asteroids. Who knows? The main point that Von Braun stressed was that all of it is a lie. Every one of these ‘threats’ are fictional. So, when I first started to hear about this latest ‘Pentagon UFO’ group I immediately thought of Dr. Rosin’s testimony. Then when I saw that the NYT and other big name MSM players were running the Pentagon’s stories as serious pieces I immediately detected the stench of the same old rat.

    One thing that has really surprised me in all of this is that my friends who are active investigators and/or authors that write many of stories on this subject that you’re reading in the press right now can’t see an intel op happening in real time. It blows my mind.

    SO, my point in all of this is DO NOT take any of this at face value. Not only are there many players and agendas involved, whatever is behind the UFOs does not want to be discovered. It doesn’t want to be solved and there’s nothing we can do about that. That’s why I no longer participate in any of it. It’s a waste of time.

    • To MAJ13….

      This post repeats one I made here in February:

      Indy UFO 1950s

      Mom and dad were both in Washington DC in WWII. Dad served in the Navy in the Bureau of Aeronautics. He had been a flight trainer for cargo planes for Curtis Wright prior to WWII. Mom was a civilian secretary for a high ranking officer (his name escapes me at the moment). Dad was a Lieutenant Commander and served with Laurence Rockefeller. In dad’s files is a letter of recommendation written for my dad by Laurence after the war when dad was trying to find a job.

      Dad knew Forrestall — I remember him telling about helping get a very drunk Forrestall home from a bar one night.

      My parents married in Washington, DC, and moved after the war to an 80 acre farm east of Indianapolis that dad had inherited. One evening as they took a stroll around the farm they had a strange encounter. “A pinky-orange light the size of a house dove at them out of the twilight sky. They ran. The next thing they knew they were inside the house. The did not remember running into the house.”

      They told me that story several times. Very oddly they could not tell me what year or day it was. A pleasant evening in Indiana probably means spring or fall. I’m guessing it was around the time, or within a couple of years, of the Washington DC UFO flap.

      As I grew older, and read more of the UFO literature, I began to have a suspicion that the UFO that chased my parents was not extraterrestrial, but was a prank on my father by former associates.

      You see, my dad was highly intelligent, and highly vocal, especially after a couple of drinks. If he had a crappy opinion of someone, then everyone knew it. Also, mom was much younger than dad and very beautiful. It may have pissed off some fellow that the old guy got the hot girl. And the pissed off fellow had access to a “UFO” with which to scare bejeezus out of dad.

      The “UFO” not only scared him badly, his ranting about it led to the destruction of his reputation. He sold the farm and moved the family to the Deep South.

      • “As I grew older, and read more of the UFO literature, I began to have a suspicion,”

        Good point. What’s real and what isn’t…
        I personally believed the stories that I was told by someone that I trusted completely..
        Just like the USA landing on the moon and fake photos.
        I knew one of the main scientists that planned the apollo space missions..we would discuss many bv topics and I can tell you.. he wasn’t lying to me..
        But were there asked photo’s.. my guess is yup..faked s bunch to prove our superiority..
        The same with UFOs.. theres probably just as many bogus stories as there are real..
        With reports over thousands of years not all are fake.
        My curiosity on the other hand has been met..

      • Thanks, CH. I remember this post. I suspect that you’re idea about the origin of the UFO that accosted your parents is not far off the mark.

        It’s also a good window into the mentality of the people in control of some of this issue.

      • “Okay, LOOB; did we or did we not Land On The Moon?”

        Well.. from what I was told.. and he sure believed we did.. I believe we did..
        Did they fake photos.. my guess is yup.. in the national archives is a faked areal photo of an island with a stormy ocean around it.. classified TS … I took the photo as a joke and as a kid a bunch of us filed it away.. beautiful photo.. realistic as ever.. if I didn’t know what it was of I would believe it was an island.. lol it’s the rust spot on a dipsey dumpster taken on a rainy day.. lol lol.
        Do did someone come up with the idea to show superiority by faking a few photos on some sound stage.. theres absolutely a great possibility that we did. But do I think we were there.. the gent I knew believed it..and I believed him..

    • Can you humor me and take this a little further. What is the purpose of this space-based weapons platform? As you mentioned, there are so many players, and some appear to be at odds, yet work together. So, who will benefit from this space-based weapons platform, and what is its ultimate goal/agenda?

      From the 40’s….was space really reachable? Where, if we have been treated now to over 60+ years of the 1-3 threats, WHERE is the results of ALL of this MONEY that has been raised, printed, spent on this weapons program gone to?

      Are space beings real/fabricated/worked with, what? With all of your experience is there an answer to that?

      Again, I profess ignorance of vision; please help. Thank you.

      • “Space-based weapons” are designed so we can shoot the Russian and Chinese ICBMs, and any low-thrust warheads they may choose to platform in space, to make pre-detonation detection difficult. We may also park low-thrust warheads in space for the aforementioned reason. Russian and Chinese space-based weapons would have a similar design and purpose. We’re not puttin’ floating rafts in Earth orbit to shoot little green men…

    • Thanks MAJ 13 I have been trying to tell friends and some family sents the 1970 this is a long con operation of some kind. I thought it was military but just never thought of a space biased weapons platform. I was thinking a long the line of scram jet technology.

  6. See a heart with LOLO, the rest resembles a sonogram image of what may be a skull(?).
    Is somebody pregnant?

      • Re: 2nd pic I also see what Jim & CTM see but also @ the base of the heart under the 1st L I see another heart shape face w/slant(?) shape eyes & a big smile & on the left side of pic. I see a clothed teddy bear w/a cigar in his mouth. Wow! Thx for sharing George.

    • I’m definitely seeing an ET head/skull on the right, no squinting needed. Notice it’s different than human head in size and appearance. Seems pretty clear, almost like something I’ve seen in a movie or old pix or such.

  7. Had a dream Saturday night/Sunday morning that was significant only because it was a double dream which I can’t remember happening in any recent memory. Had the first dream and woke up for the usual 1 or 2 o’clock run then went back to sleep and had the same dream over again. Perry Stone in his dream interpretation videos on YT says such duplicated dreams are telling about things that are “done deals” written in stone that they’re going to happen.

    I was in a big city, possibly NY, and all the usual things were going on – lights flashing, people running about, tall impressive buildings. Went into one sky scraper and up to what looked like a penthouse. Sunken floor with circular couches looking out floor to ceiling windows on the city. Lot of weird, typical “big city” stuff going on in the room – drugs and the usual debauchery. A cousin was there also but we didn’t talk, we simply looked at each other. (He’s the George Ure of the family) The idea I had was I was to sell some silver for what I thought was cash so into the bag I put a bar and a half of silver – 150 ounces. What I got wasn’t what I wanted, though. I wound up with exactly 200 shares of interest in … something. Don’t really know what but I wasn’t happy about it. It was basically a “like it or lump it” proposition and both dreams ended that way.

    Like I said it was the fact the dream happened twice that got me. We’d worked livestock that day and we were pretty beat which is another characteristic that Perry Stone says as to when significant dreams occur. You have to be really out of it for God to get a word in edgewise and have all the usual voices shut up.

  8. George
    I would like to pull back the curtain of secrets a bit.

    I am sorry I cannot give you URL’s as my main computer died and I am working from my phone. You will need to search for the info using the title but it will be worth it.

    Look up: Lewis Cass Payseur 1850 – 1939.
    Start at pages 20 to 26.
    This dude owned most of the businesses in the United States!

    Now listen to the YouTube:
    Charlie Ward 4/23/21 the storm has come now exclusive update today

    Start at the 6 minute point where Mel begins to talk about the Payseur family history and the real US history.

    Switching to Woo Woo.
    Go to YouTube and find:
    Joe Rohan experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Cornell

    This is the best Lazar interview ever done!

    Now search YouTube for:
    Does body language prove Bob Lazar actually worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51

    This is an analysis of the Joe Rohan video. Very well done!

    It take a little effort to find this info but you will be rewarded with a greater understanding of what really is going on in our world.


  9. ‘near miss with a UFO’

    Space traffic is so bad rocket ships must avoid UFOs like the Earthbound Uber drivers avoid hitting deer or armadillo out on the highway.

  10. The little furball, Lindsey Graham. Relax and float back in time 10 months:

    A new ad from the group Republican Voters Against Trump features the conservative senator dissing the president along the campaign trail in 2016, as well as discussing his admiration for former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

    It starts with Mr Graham saying “I want to talk to the Trump supporters for a minute”, before he asks: “What is Donald Trump’s campaign about?”

    “He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot,” the senator says. “You know how you make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

    The ad then cuts to glowing praise of Mr Biden from the Republican senator, who says: “If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person then there’s probably — you’ve got a problem.”

    – Monday 15 June 2020

  11. George, regarding the velour, the dude with the big eyes looks like Homer Simpson & I see Elaine’s snake head just below and to the right. You DO know rumor has it the Reptilians are the breed of aliens running things; could explain how f-ed up things seem (#OscarsSoBlack).
    I had two lucid dreams last night, one was me going after some dude who was bothering my grand kid and I was ready to kick his ass before I woke up; 2nd dream was in a multi-story apartment complex and I was going after a guy trying to steal my stuff just before he got on the elevator. I had just apprehended him when I awakened.

  12. “Write when normal shows up,”

    LOL! My friends, when confronted with someone outrageous, would say “Thank God I’m normal!”
    To which the standard reply was: “Why be normal?”
    Whereupon I would question, “Define ‘Normal’?”

    We’re all here because we’re not all there.

  13. Thank you for being my friend. Calling me on my bull shit. I recieved my confirmation. as I laid in bed this morning. I have really sophisticated lock on my bedroom door. The door unlocked and opened. So I will continue. Thanks you for reminding me who I am Goerge. And my favorite person in the world said, Daddy! These people need you. Nobody can do what you do how you do it and you are a good man. You are my hero.”

    I dont feel like an hero.
    Thanks for reminding me about Dr Steve. I miss him. He always made me smile. He Always called me the “reluctant messiah’. Hahahaha

    As if! Hahaha
    I’m just Andy. Lol. I’m ok with that. I like being me.

    Will read later. I need a double portion of woohoo. Hahahaha

    Moving forward now.

    New podcast with supporting data is available for those who wish.

    Infinitely NOW!

  14. As I don’t believe we are the only sentient beings in the whole of universe, I can get on board with the idea of alien life. However, I don’t think they’re here periodically checking in to see how we’re getting along. My two thoughts about ufo’s is that we have the technology, not by reverse engineering, but by brilliant minds who’ve harnessed magnetic properties and energy. I believe it was even theorized a long time ago (maybe mid-19th century), and perhaps our tech just had to catch up for it to be real. Secondly, the military (of any government that has figured it out) weaponizes it, as they like to do. So if anything weird really does happen, I kinda think we humans are behind it, not some unknown entity doing a fly-by.

  15. Can the atmosphere on mars support any flight . Helicopter , drone. The veges have really gone to mush . This sheethole Australia is telling us to prepare for war with China . I listen to music 24/7


    It is all dependent on what your willing to believe.. why if there is hasn’t there been a disclosure… probably because there are reasons beyond our comprehension. Religion, purpose,.security..
    If there are and they aren’t a violent race like humans then.. I would love to hear their stories about their history.. goals etc. And if they had books dam that would be heavenly lol. As Paul harvey always said.. and that’s the rest of the story..

  17. yep . dark side is strong . what a fing bombardment of psyops and wack jobs 24/7 . be brave , be strong jedi , the force be with you . short the k****s at the line for their federali bullsheet . the car salesman , jerome the jerk selling it all again . did moriarty get rushed to hospital ?

  18. they got another one to join the dark side as well . rick ackerman . nobody left . everybody on the same side of the boat

  19. About half way through your .pdf file George. Thanks for posting that. Truly fun to read and what memories you and The Major have! That’s going to be one heckuva Life Review when y’all cross over! I wonder if there’s a retired alien out there telling stories over a mug of bubbling, oozing grog about the hairless monkeys he scared the crap out of on his missions?

    Not that it apparently matters but do you remember if the Moon was up when you experienced your LDE?

    Now I’m going to have to go dig out my copy of “Haunted Mesa” and finish it this time.

    • No, only a quarter moon that night but we didn’t know that until later. It was much bigger than the moon and enough light to read under it.

  20. Question to all the great sages that post herein – Monkey’s at it again with another tidbit of information on Bribem’s comings and goings. Can anyone tell me why a Park Police helo would shadow Marine 1 from The White House to Bribem’s home in Delaware and back again? I can imagine Apache helos or other armed guards going with him but Monkey thought this to be very curious indeed. Could it be a medical helo in disguise? Getting closer and closer to the changeover between him and KDD so it could be any day now.

  21. Looks like you received an intergalactic postcard from the Velourians. Translated, it says, “We are large alien Toucans and we have come to eat your ugly carved Halloween pumpkins”.

  22. My first impression of the photo: Dino the Dinosaur with odd ears.

    The close-up revealed that there was a baby in-utero in his nose.

    That’s all I got.

  23. Yeah right ! Here comes the juice !! Forget your little trivia distractions . Here we go again facist imperialist strong . Strong dark side global all in

  24. The bottom figure looks like an alien or alien skull to me, with the face on the lower left of the design. There is also a heart around that and what seems to 1010 above the alien. Outside the heart across from the alien, it does look like a snake.

    Fascinating how 3D the design is.

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