In Case You Missed It

And we did in the first run this morning…

Click over and read Biden’s Bounty On Your Life: Hospitals Incentive Payments For COVID-19 – Arizona Daily Independent.

Essentially, the report reiterates what we have long-held:  That CV-19 is more business model stuffing than legit practice of medicine.

Caveat emptor!

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  1. This article explains a lot! This is not the country I was raised in. Ed May never be able to get back to the real USofA

    • George,

      I have commented on here before titling my comment, “Your Money or Your Life.”

      Not surprised by this article, and as all corrupt articles go, they leave out a LOT OF THE GOOD STUFF that would make even more sense than just the little wittle facts they state.

      West Texas Horse Sense, where are you?

      You wrote a wonderful piece in the comment section about 3 months ago telling everyone this and more; you actually stated what they were PAID to diagnose Covid, to use a Ventilator, if they put Covid as the reason for death on the death certificate, etc., you even listed the medical codes.

      I am guessing: $9,000 for a covid diagnosis, $36,000 for using a ventilator, from memory.


      Thank you.

  2. That’s why many of us have called bullshit on this whole thing. I’m willing to bet north of 95% of those ‘covid’ deaths were due to other causes…like medical malpractice.

    So, now let’s see those vaccine injury/death numbers!

  3. Keep in mind that the SARS-cov-2 virus has yet to be isolated in any laboratory around the world.

    There are seven different causes for “COVID like” symptoms, treat them improperly with treatments that kill them, label everything in sight as a COVID death, promote a worthless test that will give arbitrary positives, and guess what, you have what you see today.

    As my friend remarked at lunch yesterday, once you understand the global genocide agenda, everything makes sense. Deny it, and nothing makes sense.

  4. Hi George and forum:

    Despite being (not a vaccine) jabbed, I suffered a breakthrough case. Shortly, the whole family is sick. (All jabbed cause we are older) Now at day ten, for us it has been the flu. A nasty, coughing hacking, exhausting, feel like crap, flu.

    As I previously mentioned here, after getting 100’s of injections from .mil, there’s no telling what it is or does. Something between tap water and nanobots? LOL. Did the jab help? No idea. Your mileage may vary. We got the flu. Fully. Freaking. Vaxxed.

    Thanksgiving is cancelled at our house if you don’t live here already. Even if it’s just the flu, I don’t wanna give it to others. Back to work next Monday to freak out the co-workers!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all !

  5. Yeah it’s a sick world alright . Ahh well george was right we would have that pre turkey rally . I sincerely have never seen economies or markets so rigged and bad . Stay safe all good people . As they say all things must pass

  6. interesting. hmmmmmm…. so saturday night i didnt see the new renditions of the Yin and the Yang. Then this morning i had messages from the original yin and yang. the yin (blonde) says, aka, dorthy is saying she is done with oklahoma (her ex actually lives in oklahoma) and cant find anyone who relates to her. wants to move to the Emerald City (Seattle) and the original Yang ( not to be confused by the yang that works security for me a Chinese lady, the one born on hell raiser day) sent me a note out of the blue saying she is doing some invesitagion into her mothers death, because it looks suspect and not covid related. one has to ponder IF she reads the Arizona independent as well. since I have two very seductive women viaing for the title of New Babylon… the plot thickens.

    funny i had asked THE DUDE on sunday, Yo God! Should I start Dating again and go get a girlfriend? 2 seconds later I got a message from a girl on Facebook asking for donations to get an attorney. Hmmmmmmm. I have a strong policy of not dating a girl asking for money and nor anyone who is lawyering up before the first date. She is now banished to the equivalent of my office hedge.

    found a couple new totems. haven’t got a clue what the hell they mean. Thought again about the visit from the 3 Wize Women. Birds of a feather flocking together at the beach the other day at 3am? mayhaps they could be men not women. idk do birds of pray have nads? it doesn’t exactly say if the 3 wise men who visited Jesus when he was born were actually human. they could have been owls following the stars. cant say for certain. I’m definently not Jesus. im andy. i may have brought them too me becasuse of a ritual i did 4 days before. I relize now that there was a dollar on 4 corners of me. one was a silve one with a candle burnig.. and they all showed up 4 days later in postion the same as the (i didnt know there was owels on dollar bills) the 4 days prior. maybe should have asked them a question or something.

    pretty interesting that both originals messaged me in my inbox at the exact same time. 11:11pm last night tho. especially because they both represent Babylon to me and the yin and the yang, the sun and the moon and they both are itallian and have the same middle names. Vallentine. meaning chrismasss. and…. didnt you mention something about beards and cdls? Santa’s yesterday? blue pill or red pill. brunette or blonde, yin and yang, moon and sun. Christmas in the middle, 3 wise men and or wise women, birds of prayer no less, uhem prey, Alice and Dorthy… all relating to the place of Abrahams birth. Abraham the father of 3 of the top world religions. Hebrews, Christians (Isaac line… ) and Muslims (Ishmael line… ) and the belt of orion with 3 stars. Abraham being an idol maker in Babylon…. who set out to start his own business. makes sense he fathered 3 world religions. dontcha think?

    12/22 resurection number 10 for me and number 1 for the matrix series.

    and i am just trying to do something different. you know win the lottery jackpot. something like that. in my blue sued shoes..

    busy week. had to rescudule my trip to idaho. going to be a very busy weekend around here. cant take the time away for a trip to Mr Potato’s homeland. oh the phone is ringing in my office now and the caller DI says Valentine as i write this.

    Covid eh? The crown? Virus. the little crown that screams blasphemies and stops worship. hmmm maybe it was diadums? ya its not just an economic play George. News Flash. Covid is a false idol. all the houses of worship, shut down for it. atleast for a little while. that has never happended in my life time.

    one things for sure. its all coming together. no doubt about that. people tell me stuff all the time around me.. then i find out its in the news. just like the yang told me last night at 11;11 what you cited today.

    later dude.

  7. The article says hospital executives were meeting. Trickle down corruption.

    Hospital executives who conspire to agree on lowering standards must be open to other unconventional income streams/cost reductions.

    I don’t want to say anyone is bad but a doctor with a few dings on their record might protect what’s left of insurability by swabbing a customer “who was going to die anyway” with COVID or MRSA. Put the customer under a GM vent for a few days to pad income for the hospital executives. The rest of the support staff get Christmas bonuses so nobody looks too closely.

    Like robo-signing.

    The 5 star rating is that important. Who goes to the one star hospital?

  8. I still don’t buy the ‘covid has never been isolated’ conspiracy argument. People are getting sick from SOMETHING, and evidence is that it is an airborne virus. Do the research on prevention and early treatments at home, with emphasis on viral sickness. Keep Ivermectin on hand to use. Zinc alone will not do the job. You need an ‘ionophore’ such as Quercetin to usher the zinc thru cell walls where it will attack viral infections. Selenium also helps, and enough selenium in vivo will prevent viral spike proteins from attaching. Vitamin D, C. I take Olive leaf extract, which is an antiviral. I have several ‘travel nebulizers’ for inhaling glutathione saturated solution (antiOxidant lung protection) and Dr. Frank Shallenberger of the ‘Second Opinion’ newsletter also recommends dilute hydrogen peroxide nebulized to kill virus in the lungs. The formula is to take standard 3% peroxide and dilute it to 95% ‘normal saline’ with 5% peroxide in the nebulizer. I also have a pulse oximeter and oxygen concentrator to use at home, if needed. And where ever possible, I avoid other people and their ‘breathing space’. This is not medical advice. This is what I do to take care of myself.

    • So where is the Isolated Virus ? – meaning every spike protein (>3) that exists on the viri molecule. Never happen in our lifetimes – would show-prove genetic manipulation to attach/include..a protien spike for MERS, a protien spike for SARs, a protien spike for AIDS.
      Omission of Truth is still still morally repugnant – so lets see the Isolated Virus – What have they/You got to hide ?

      • Oh for cripes sake! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Start with an open mind. Then look for an early analysis done independently in INDIA, that was later buried. (And there are others.) Don’t be victimized by the ‘cover-up’ authorities.

  9. things are getting curiouser and curiouser. that is fore sure.

    i spoke to the owner at my house and i well… notice everything. can help myself. i see everything around me. i just drink in and breath in my environment. i dont know why. i just do.. i dont say everything i see. but i did notice the owner of my houses passe code to his phone is the partially the mark of the beast. but i didnt say anything to him. i could feel his “oh shit” hope he didnt see that energy after he punched it in. i can feel stuff like that and when people are scared around me. get nervous..

    you know, how many talents King Solomon had. and the 73 jin and all the keys or “Seals” as they relate to the planets and the sun. where if you know the lesser and the higher? You can rule them all. but if you dont know, then the ones you missed rule you. and nobody likes being ruled by a gene. even yoga one. aka the yin and the new bablyon etc. etc. ya see how all this is piecing together. i do. i know which is the lesser and which is the greater. studied them a long time. reality being mobius and all. 20,000 years ago the swastika meant infinite love all the around the planet now it means something well. mobius… and nastraldomus. uhem nastracodus? soemething like that.

    im just not sure if this is all something i created.. which keeps coming up alot lately . “the Ascended Masters and Angels are working hard on your behalf to create a postive change in your life” seems to be the message or is it something THE DUDE is creating and im just trying to navigate it like some small minded simpleton in a canoe in the middle of an ocean of creativity and potential.

    lots of puzzel pieces and sometimes… i dont want to make sense of any of it. just enjoy it. kinda liked the new renditions. hope they show up tonight.

    I am truly Fortunate and Highly Sexcessful!

    Cue: ~ A Change will do you good ~

    Sheryl Crow

    I have raised hell about the medical/pharmacutical/gov,FDA,CDC,NIH,ETC/complex
    “we will keep a light on”,,, George has solar panels, :)
    naysayers, can’t ya see?

    Now watch how the lame stream media ignores the G Maxwell case, as much as possible.
    [Guardians of the Paedophiles] “these people are sick” I look to Racheal Chandler to flip to be a state witness, I could be wrong, we’ll see.
    who can stop an avalanche? Voter Fraud was MASSIVE,,, CAN’T YA C, WHAT THEM CHEATERS, HAVE DONE TO ME

  11. today being 11/22. since we have all masters numbers present. 11, 22 added together 33 and the presence of 20 and 21 or 7+7+7 and the 21st prime being 73. genies and wishes.. aka jin. your not supposed to talk about them or they come to you. blah blah blah. maybe wishes do come true.

    20 being five, 4’s.. fore’s and or 4 fives. wize (owls) as a serpent and innocent as a clove in some manuscripts. others say dove. dove and clove, pretty close except the gap. me thinks cloves are more innocent.

    and i liked the wrong song, not on purpose. could be the right one, just meant a different song. all mistakes lead me to where i am now. and here, I am. 11/22/2021. 3 ones and 4 twos in todays date. which adds up to the first digit. 11. interesting to note.

    it is funny how people look at you different after someone tells them you road in an elevator with one of the richest men in the world. mr musk. and then I ponder. what if its the other way around? What if I am one of the richest men in the world? I mean i could be, spiritually vastly more wealthy than Mr. M.

    really good stuff yesterday George. much to consider. well break time is over. i have work to attend to. an empire to build.. i think

    yada yada yada yada

    love yuh too

  12. Ohhh shit, I just realized that Sheryl Crow is the chick in my old vision board, where you cut out the pictures from magazines and then create a collage of images to manifest stuff. LMFAO!

    I dont know why…. i never noticed that before. i made that vision board before i went on this adventure for the last few years. only 3 things have not manifested yet. even the car I’m driving manifested. it all manifested in some form… down to the golf t’s. it was made a year before it manifested the car im driving now. i just made a new one in a journal. well, kinda a small one… only 3 small pages. got the glue stick out and made a “Vision” board. LOL like when you were a kid. used my imagination and whalah!

    huh…… i cant believe i never noticed that before until i watched that last video. i mean chicken fried steak! Sheryl Crow is sexy as F! i cant believe i never noticed she was on my vision board. wow, that trips me the F out!


  13. i mean, i kinda swore off marriage after the stripper bounced and got arrested in taco bell drive tru in the middle of my wedding for a DUI, saved by the bell.. GOD and his mysteries.. but well, i think i would maybe give it nother go for cheryl crow. I mean chicken chow main coon!!!! She is hot. I just cant believe i never realized she was on my vision board until now. id buy her a sunflower ring out of the vending machine IN front of the store with my $0.75. you betcha I would.

    how could I not realize that until today. Sooo weird. I cant believe i missed that until today. WOW!

  14. um .. that was a really bad japanese candlestick day george for everything .. i understand them 2 !!! but nothing works against the steam roller of satan run by mr pedo and the boys on the street . but hell im gunna short and short till there is nothing left . in respect and remembrance of the great cage rattler from 20 years ago ! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. short em cowboy

  15. Many of us here have been saying this in one form or another on this comments section since last year. Ever since it was known that the hospitals were being paid for Covid diagnoses and even more for Covid deaths they’ve been packing them in to the hospitals any way they can and excluding people who are in need of other treatments.

  16. Comrades,

    Top of fold news here this morning was the revelation that a member of the federal party in opposition had tested positive for the ‘rona. The initial four paragraphs of the story lamented on about the unknown number of his fellow party mp’s who remained unvaccinated by way of “medical exemption” and the inferred peril to those around them. The fifth paragraph of the story was a single sentence explaining that the covid-positive mp was double vaccinated.

    Today is the first day that local children 5 to 12 years are being administered the so far sole child-approved vaccine, Pfizer. Covid hospital admissions for the overall population spectrum remains steady at 50% fully vaccinated. Granted of those the vaccinated are unlikely to be icu patients, but even to be admitted into hospital in the first place in these constrained times, one has to be quite ill. So the vaccine isn’t perhaps the magic bullet. Then again…

    True Believers feat. The Cult

  17. I’m sure that ol’ George has plenty of room for your BOV’s so when the SHTF, come on down!
    Don’t expect any place else to welcome you. Ya see, we here in the hills don’t care for outsiders bringing in their big city baggage. And no, we DON’T HAVE CELL SERVICE OR A STARBUCKS.
    Forget all that other shit, here’s something to be REALLY bummed about: this is Squidbillies final season (although they did finally get Willie to do the theme song).
    Don’t touch the trim!

  18. …But wait, there’s more ???

    This evening the leader of the provincial opposition party announced through his Twitter account that he has tested positive for covid and is now isolating. He is double vaccinated.

    His message included a reminder for all to get vaccinated including the just-now-eligible 5 to 12 years old demographic.

    Okaaaay, back to Ure DJ spinning some back to the future vibes with

    “There’s a War Going On”

    feat. Brian Jones town Massacre

  19. Ya know. Someone asked me. Why you have so many lotto tickets. A they winners? I said I don’t rightly know. I check them event you Leed. I sit on them for a while to practice self control and patience and other stuff. But that is not why I buy them. They said you don’t buy them to win? I said yes and no.

    Ya see there is two sides to every lottery ticket. One side has the winning jackpot numbers. Yay! Whoohoo! On the other side is a series of numbers too. Most of the world ignores. That is my primary purpose for buying them. The other numbers they said. I said ya. There is a sequence of serial numbers on the back side. When I buy a lotto ticket such as PowerBoll or MegaMilons. It has a serial number on the back. They said that is dumb. Why would you buy a lotto ticket for the serial number on the back??? Everyone buys a ticket to won! Who cares about some number on the back?

    I said I do! Because that seriel number is a sequence and it tells me alot about the nature of the environment I’m in and it tells me the nature of many things. Especially when I see a seriel number that says something like 9683193333.

    Ya see I learned something a while back on an mostly unknown forum that is called glp. Everyone gets an ID number when you post on there that reflects your Mac address and IP address. Which has a GPS location on it. Those ID numbers. Tell ya alot about the person posting. Even more so than just the obvious. Same with the serial numbers on the back of lotto tickets.

    Tells me what spirits are present in the area aka angels and what demons and well, a host of other things that I figured out in the ethereal relms around that area at the time I pull that ticket out.

    Might not make sense to the rest of the world. But it’s pretty dang accurate. Just gives me a numerical read on the environment around me, present tense and past and future. So to speak.

    And If I did everything like everyone else. Well, I’d be just like them. And I rather be uncommon amongst common people.

    So ya. The win. But that is not the only reason I buy them. May seem like a gambling problem to some people. But not really. I go months without checking to see if I actually won anything sometimes. It’s more of a “metaphysical or Spirital/energy Barometer/thermometer “. All for a small price that most nobody notices or sees. Because they are looking at the other side. And only getting half the info on a ticket.

    Pretty inexpensive read of the world around you. IMHO.

    Had one the other day that printed out with 515035555. 5150 is a police signal for someone who is crazy. 3 days later I drove by the store again and saw a batshit crazy guy trying to fight the cops out front of the same store. Everyone looked on super intently, was all excited, agitated and surprised. I thought, yep. And kept on driving.

    And who knows. Maybe I will win one.

    Super busy. Just got off work. Woowee 16 hour day. If I don’t come around before turkey day? Gobble gobble gobble!

    ……. wait for it. Wait for it.. .. here it is. “And that’s what she said!”

    *rim shot!


    And owls sang!

    Cue: ~ Who are you ~

    The Who


  20. I mean you haven’t figured out from.back when you did punch card on the IBM mainframes old dudes,, Lotto ticket machines are modern version of Zoltan, who prints fortunes down at yee old curiosity shop in Seattle. Just the modern Verizon. LOL

    • Last series was a group of seriel numbers leading to a series ending in 333. Purchased at an AmPm. Now Ampn has the map in it. And ampm is a full 24 hour cycle. So the sequence is progressing on the map to a series of 333 within a cycle of 24 hours. Serial sequence ending on a “hit five” ticket. That speaks volumes to me. And most people scratch their ass while posting funny cat memes for likes ok Facebook. Nothing wrong with that. But it’s gets you likes on Facebook. LOL!

      I mean it could be a winner. It really could. But that isn’t the primary purpose for purchasing of them.

      If you are going to read the language of creation? Or “the matrix” Your going to have to look at the stuff nobody else looks at. Your going to have to look at all the information presented. Especially the stuff nobody else is paying attention to.

      And that is why I don’t say everything I see. Everyone is so condition to ignoring some of the most obvious stuff. Makes me wonder what I’m not seeing. LOL because I’m paying attention and am always listing to the world around me. And the more I do. The more I realized how conditioned I was, just like Everyone else.

  21. I knew a man, now deceased, who suffered with an addictive personality, and the people closest to him suffered with him, and not really voluntarily. Only the people who were around him constantly understood the depth and breadth of his problem. He would rotate his addictions, with gambling, alcohol, and all manner of substances taking a turn, but not long enough for the drinking, drugging, and gambling buddies to catch on how seriously messed up he was. He woke up dead one morning in a physical rehab facility.

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