Holiday Madness – So Rally?

Signs of holiday madness are all around us.

Like the crazy events up in cheese land where 20 injured when SUV plows into spectators at parade in Wisconsin.  Or, overseas where our late winter war jitters for as early as late January are firming up:  Ukraine Expects Russian Assault | National Review,  “War’s coming” takes a little while to soak into people’s thinking.

While we have been snoozing, China’s arms race has overtaken us:  China’s hypersonic nuke ‘fired a SECOND missile mid-flight’ leaving Pentagon reeling as experts say it ‘defies science.”  We think that’s a lot of hyperbole, BUT likely a good bit of truth leaks in U.S. ‘not as advanced’ as China and Russia on hypersonic tech, Space Force general warns.   Awe come on, fellers!  It’s just a faster MIRV…not like it takes a genius to follow the in-flight separation concept…sheesh!

Still, when defense stories begin showing up on Politico, we take that as a sign that America – while not quite waking up to winter war – is at least tossing and turning a bit.

Then there’s the Economy

If you didn’t get the memo, the deliberate shortages America is suffering right now are very likely a governmental move to keep prices from collapsing.  Because scarcity drives prices up.  And made-up shortages are a lot cheaper than blowing out the rest of the Fed’s bloated balance sheet.

You’ll see the notion of “managed shortages” being widespread in stories like Semiconductor shortage projected to disrupt car-buying well into 2022. At the same time all those ships were stacked up off Los Angeles, inbound port traffic was down 7.76% last month. Socialist embeds in California government are screwing the heartland.

Why, this is just barely America, anymore.  Logic, honesty, and merit doesn’t live here.  Been kicked out by digital subversion.  Neither does accountability or a federal grand jury (or two) which should be investigating “shortages.”

Shortages do what? Drive up prices.  That prevents the breakdown of the Covid Depression into a worst-case deflationary spiral. Bails out Big Pharma, too.  Whee!  They’re teaching us to roll-up our sleeves and stand in lines.  Fine rhyme off the old Soviet Union, ain’t it?

On the other hand, people are leaving the workforce.  Data says more people held jobs in 2018 than present times. Biden’s corporate propagandists don’t mention that, however.  The Covid Depression lingers.  Hidden by monetary inflation.

Don’t worry.  All fires on wooden ships are self-extinguishing at sea, given enough time.  Similarly, crooked money and communism sinks countries, given enough time, too.  Even the Russians couldn’t make it work.  And the rabble in Venezuela will hit a similar wall.

Right now, in fact, reading Chavez collectives kill one, injure two outside polling station in Venezuela – The Manomet Current, we see polling place violence likely being prototyped for our 2022 fiascos.

Job hunting?  If you have a beard – or a commercial driver’s license – working could be more profitable than usual.  Beard ownership refers to this Santa shortage going into Christmas season.  And the reference to a CDL?  Flatbed carrier institutes 5 cpm ‘Driver Shortage Surcharge’ | reports the Commercial Carrier Journal (

Facts are available which may explain why markets are going up at the same time national prospects are dimming.  Not the least of which is the increasing monetary base, which all by itself accounts for more than 2.2 percent per month in market “gains” remains unchecked.


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator just out:

“Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +0.76 in October from –0.18 in September. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in October, and all four categories improved from September. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, ticked down to +0.21 in October from +0.22 in September.”

Stock futures after the data still looked to run up 40-80 points at the open. Let’s see:  1/10th of one percent daily to account for monetary inflation points to a 36 point per day upward bias in the Dow.

Brian Deese is Dopey

Who is Brian Deese?  Head of Buyed ’em’s National Economic Council.  So, you’d think (if Brandon had any brains left, at all – a questionable wager for sure) that the head of the Economic Council would have at least a PhD in economics and preferably, a Nobel nomination, or two, in hand.

Unfortunately, we checked his resume and discovered he’s just another lawyer which – along with also being an Obama insider – is tantamount to being a professional liar:

“Deese was born in Belmont, Massachusetts. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in international politics and economics from Middlebury College in 2000 and a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School in 2009.[4] In 2002, Deese was named a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship, though he was not ultimately selected.”

Dems gotta do better.  (Why, even Slick Willy Clinton was a Rhodes dude.)

I could write all day how back-asswards Deese’s thinking is. But this being Monday (and me being lazy), just go read this revealing piece in the Chicago Trib: “Op-ed: ‘Experts’ say big spending bill will help tame inflation. Wrong.

If spending more than you make actually worked?  We wouldn’t have bankruptcy courts or homeless would we?  I know…can’t expect a Yalie to remember all those bothersome details.

Smart on paper. Stupid on street.  It’s why Russia and China will see us implode.  To them, street smarts matter.  Instead, we roll with correctness, revisionism, and lies.  See how they’ve stacked the deck?

On the Horizon

Holiday weather outlooks about normal.  Weather: Travel week starts off with rain, wind; temperatures then swing.

Reality Versus Normalcy will be sorted out in January.  Not just the war(s). But because while stories abound (like Holiday Retail Sales Predicted to be Highest Ever Recorded), the reality is that there’s 31% more money sloshing around America.

Printed up by the digital truckload by Nanny State bankers.  Ostensibly to save us, you gotta understand.  To comprehend America’s economic future, the first thing you have to embrace is that “Our money is dishonest and being watered down daily…”

For your reading list:  China is still buying America out from under us.  As explained in U.S. Housing as a Global Safe Asset: Evidence from China Shocks (  Seems estimates of Chinese ownership here are understated a good bit.

ATR: Leftovers Monday

One of my better prime ribs came out of the oven at 5:32 Sunday evening.  It was a six-pounder.  Preheated the oven to 500F and when well-warmed, in went the roast for 5-minutes a pound.  (Six-pounds meant 30-minutes if the coffee hasn’t hit home, yet.)

Then came the hard part:  How do you not eat with the smell of a roasting prime rib permeating the house?  Answer:  Drink!  (Oh sure, dear, a little more Paisano – can’t overdo resveratrol, can we?)

Today, we still have several pounds of pre-holiday foody week leftovers.  Best use I have come up with?  Leftover Prime Rib Beef Stroganoff {Prime Stroganoff} | Bake It with Love.  Fresh mushrooms, sour cream, and some wide egg noodles ought to do the trick.  A few grinds of nutmeg and...oh yeah

Like Pappy used to say “Your stomach doesn’t know you’re not rich…”

Speaking of which:  Good pre-Turkey Day read from the Life Extension website: Stop That Holiday Bloating.  Our small contribution is using oat flower instead of wheat to thicken gravies…

Also, if you’re looking for brain food, try Personal Growth Magazine’s Chain Around the Brain for some perspective.

Write when you get full rich,

55 thoughts on “Holiday Madness – So Rally?”

  1. Yep big yada yada today . As usual kick the can down the road on everything. Yep peoplenomics socioeconomics who cares all collected in the same barnyard hay . And don’t forget the big One !!!! War stories !! Or the pedo retardista in the off White House

  2. yep the only decent bloke who aint a patriotised ABC 123 wave spinner is rick ackerman on his sunday wrap . this week i think i wrote it for him . humbley great stuff i must say . deflation , massive collapse , banks not opening , debt disasters . no prikter academy mumbo jumbo there . just straight truth . yep you got it . short the guts of everything .

  3. old yellow dog . yep its telling the truth . full on bulla bulla woop woop times . now dont mention CNBBCCC USSA or the good folks who ramp there

  4. “China is still buying America out from under us.”

    The American parents demand it @ $300.00 per month per child. Think of the poor (American) children. They wouldn’t eat if not for the nice pawn shop out East. Some of their parents work for the BAG. The inter-generational dole cycle will not be broken. Free is free.

    Even though most people don’t understand what’s happening it registers in the subconscious as the 6th sense. Did you see the looters out West? No different than what Eddie did to Sears. Sticking us with their pension plan like that. Take whatever someone else will pay.

  5. Morning George;

    “They’re teaching us to roll-up our sleeves and stand in lines.” … and have been for a long time time. Quite blatantly through the covid thing.

    At the grocery store, the PA voice instructed us on store policy to protect everyone … Vaccinated are required to wear a mask … store associates are required to wear a mask … and Unvaccinated folk are also required to wear a mask while shopping. The associates, of course had their masks on and maybe 3 shoppers, out of about 40 who didn’t.

    Then we got to the Self Check Out. The automated voice there tells ya what to do, step by step … and bitches if you’re not going fast enough … “Put the item in the bag in the holding area and scan the next item!!” (It repeats and repeats while we’re trying to get all the cheese so we can put it all in one bag.) And of course, the PA is still repeating the mask memo. – all the while, the nice lady stands there smiling under her mask, ready to help you if you have any problems. Then you get your total and that really pisses ya off. Then on your last nerve, the automated voice says, “Don’t forget to take your receipt.” Omg. Are people really that stupid they need all that direction? … yep. Obviously.

    What they really need instead of that nice lady standing there is, a punching bag so you can beat the shit out of it to release some anxiety before you leave the store. I’m sure many would appreciate that.

    Then I come home, check the news and find there’s a Bounty.

    Someone posted last week about a Texas embalmer who described the condition of the covid bodies, from ICU and Nursing Homes. What was described was not from covid. People don’t just swell up beyond recognition from the virus. And bed soars infected with gangrene on peoples cheeks under the tape holding the ventilator mask in place, isn’t from covid. Those 2 things are from hospital protocol and neglect. Medications causing a Cytokine Storm and that tape is to be changed regularly and skin treated for any potential irritation. Elastic head bands are an alternative.

    We’ve gone from living the dream to living in a nightmare.

    I’ll just sit over here, put on some “monk quartet” meditate and pray. World needs all the prayers it can get.


    • “Are people really that stupid they need all that direction?”

      Could it be the coders for the self-checkout machines get paid by the line or, otherwise, volume of programming code? At the very least they’re coding for the lowest common denominator of shoppers … that speak English. Any other languages add to the paycheck for sure.

    • I just moo at the Lady standing there to help you check out. It pisses them off! If your going to treat me like cattle then I’L act like cattle. I really do this if I’m in a raunchy mood. I have been told to shut up. At 72+ I have a right to be grumpy when I want too!!

      • “Lol. I prefer baa’ing like a sheep.”

        LOL LOL LOL so do i pam

        Funny story.. I took a friend the the VA hospital..god they were busy.. must have been a thousand people all running around…. we had to wait in the waiting room for a few minutes.. it was a quarter after three.. at three thirty.. we got the script.. no one in the pharmacy except one person.. down the halls.. no body it was dead in there.. LOL my friend said.. did you hear that.. what.. theres a cricket down the hall LOL LOL LOL everyone had to have ran out of the building.. the parking lot empty.. except for a handfull of cars.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
        we had the building to ourselves.. LOL..
        It was like that at the post office to.. went in to mail a letter.. there was a long line and I had to run out to the car right out the door.. and came back.. it wasn’t even time for them to close yet and the doors locked everyone was gone and the line was told to leave LOL LOL LOL

    • Considering the obvious abdication of the precautionary principle(First, do no harm) by the medical industry and especially the hospitals, I think a great article would outline methods you can use to prevent any well meaning(or other) relative, friend, EMS worker, police, or other from being able to transport you to a hospital, other than with signed(by you), fully informed consent. In my experience, I’ve always done better by avoiding hospitals. Once, after a particularly nasty motorcycle crash, my company insisted that I get checked out, so I reluctantly went to a hospital with a friend. When I found out what they intended to do, I immediately left on my own two feet. The hospital and the company were both concerned, but too bad – I never wanted to be there at all. The company nurse butterflied and bandaged my head and I went back to work. No big deal. This was about 50 years ago.

      When it comes to making a real difference, situational awareness in your own life along with smart choices will have far more beneficial effects on both your life and finances than allowing “society” to lead you to “approved” processes and solutions.

    • Medical and retirement facilities in rural areas aren’t set up to handle bio-warfare containment that even the best urban hospitals struggle to handle. That the horror stories are surfacing shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • That all depends on if they’ve been captured by the CDC or not. My physician in the small rural county medical center to the South has no qualms getting whatever meds that work to you. I’ve related before his personal use of Ivermectin preparations he uses on himself and his kids that come from the feed store.

        Ya gotta shop around…

      • What we were told.. at our facility.. is in the event of a national catastrophe.. we were to lock our doors LOL… because we weren’t set up .. and when covid first came out.. that is exactly what they did.. no one in.. even at the VA hospital.. if you answer any of the questions they ask.. you leave the building..

    • “What was described was not from covid. People don’t just swell up beyond recognition from the virus. ”

      Hmm.. well.. a few years ago.. since we’ve taken care of quite a few people with rare diseases. And yes they just sell up..
      Anyway we were asked if we would be willing to let a person with CRE stay with us.. neither of us had taken care of someone with that.. it was new.. so after reading a few thousand pages of research on it..visiting with the dr. That discovered it and one of the top dogs at the WHO ..a few people that took care of them.. and G2.. who basically said.. DO NOT LET SOMEONE IN YOUR HOME WITH THIS.. 50 % die right away 20 % linger and 30% don’t know they have it.. it was handles as a class4 contagion overseas and a class3 here.. one of the indicators is the body bleats as it rots from the inside out..similar to other diseases used as bioligical weapons..
      The money was tempting . But I took G2’s advice and ran from it..
      At that time the virus was only in 6 or 7 states.. it’s now in all of them..

  6. (I am a poor chess player. Just so that’s said…)

    When I was taught chess in high school, my chess-mentor told me the key skill in the game is to always ask yourself, “What comes next?” (If you make a certain move, what will the opponent do?)

    AND — most importantly — “What comes after that?”

    And extend this process as far down the line as you can. Champion players can think many moves ahead, losers don’t go much past the current lay.

    This a GREAT piece of life wisdom, and applies to anything.

    “What comes next? …and what comes after that?”
    (Not always an entirely obvious think.)

    The societal pendulum swings. When conditions are extreme, the swings — the backlash — is extreme in response.

    However you view The Current Big Mess, and whoever you are, and whichever “side” you’re on, consider what comes next.

    The vast bulk of people aren’t socio-politically active during normal times. They are mostly content. As long as their gas tanks and bellies are full. The stadium is full, but the combatants are few down on the field.

    James Carvillle, that great Clintonista, famously said, “You must always remember, America is mostly a Center-Right nation.”

    I think he’s correct.

    Now, in my opinion, here’s what comes next:
    Backlash. Very Big Backlash. Very Bad Backlash.

    America is in Koyannisquatski mode right now, and Progressive-Liberal forces are Running Things. (Single-party rule is SUCH a bad idea…)

    Think of the most savage, pissed-off, reactionary, hard-ass, nasty, take-no-quarter right wing maniac you can think of. (He probably has a nice smile to beguile.)

    When the pendulum swings back, THAT’S who will be large and in-charge.

    That may not be what you want — but that’s what you’re gonna get.

    Unless Sweet Reason should suddenly break out all over.

    (Not bloody likely…)

    * Koyannisquatski: A great film, especially if one is stoned when viewed. Freely translated it means life out of balance, or crazy-life, or life that begs for renewal. Also, life on the brink of massive imminent change.


    • I think you just described undamped political oscillation! I think it probably started between Bush Jr. and Obama, and has been getting steadily worse. It reminds me of the video of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse:

      Of course, this shows (poor) engineering, but resonance is a universal principle.

    • Glad you explained – Koyannisquatski . Now is this just a little more outlandish way of saying ‘Mad Max’ or am I not getting the subtle difference??

  7. “Think of the most savage, pissed-off, reactionary, hard-ass, nasty, take-no-quarter right wing maniac you can think of. (He probably has a nice smile to beguile.)”


    My wife has asked me for a long time. “How long are rational thinking, honest, hard working people going to put up with this daily new level of crazy?” I have replied to her in similar words to yours but you take the cake with this one William

    To quote Gerald Celente “When people lose everything, they lose it!”

    I value this site so I can read and communicate with like minded thinkers. By the way, Pathfinder Bob nailed it this morning with

    “What they really need instead of that nice lady standing there is, a punching bag so you can beat the shit out of it to release some anxiety before you leave the store. I’m sure many would appreciate that.”

    I had the experience yesterday of running 16 items through the scanner, placing them on the out tray and then bagging them before placing my credit card in. It made me start over. Never really yelled at a machine before.

    Maybe we all need to become like Andy. Live a spiritual life and just ignore the craziness all around.

    • “How long are rational thinking, honest, hard working people going to put up with this daily new level of crazy?”

      Pretty sad isn’t it.. the level that we have sunk to .. I thought it was bad before.. now the last nine months.. phew.. who would have thought we would go that deep down the rabbit hole..
      there was a poll last week.. and I think not much longer is the answer to that LOL.. I know I am baffled by the Bull shizt that they are shoveling out to everyone and even more dazzled that everyone thinks it is OK for that level of disrespectful activities to even begin to comprehend that they are doing it and getting away with it…. the only thing keeping it together is the monthly check going into keep the economy going.. I look at what has become acceptable and what has transpired in the last nine months and I think my god…. If Donald had tried even a fraction of what they have been doing and asking everyone to accept it as the new normal.. phew. Could you imagine the screaming and hateful comments if little donald had tried any of the BS that the kid has.. my god they had a horrific fit when they told people that they would give a discount to politicians staying in their resorts in Russia LOL LOL .

    • “I had the experience yesterday of running 16 items through the scanner, placing them on the out tray and then bagging them before placing my credit card in. It made me start over. ”

      LOL on the news the other day.. they had a story on about the Snatch and Grab going on in SanFran.. they passed a law that just says go take it as long as it is under nine hundred dollars LOL LOL LOL LOL.. Its almost worth renting a truck and making a road trip to SanFran.. LOL

      I was making light of the situation.. but I can see why they made that law.. after you defund the police and don’t have adequate protection.. you have to draw a line someplace on what they can deal with and what they can’t..

      • Stupid fix for stupid law:

        Add $1000 to the price of every item in the store — Issue a $1000 instant rebate for every item purchased.

        How many punks would steal ANYTHING, if stealing that gumball is now a felony?

  8. The Chinese are being set up like the Japanese were in the 80s-2000s. Over and over the Japanese lost their asses in US real estate. They were gonna “take over” LOL, we cut their hair over and over. The fact is China has a real estate gambling problem, and Americans will take advantage of the strung out gambler, every, single, time.

    I do not put any stock or credence into hand-wringing propaganda about foreigners buying our property.

  9. Someone posted a link to government approved medicine for covid believe it was NIH Site???

    Please re-posit information link

    Thank you

    • It was a feint. Comernity – or whatever the approved crap is – ain’t available. Just the test jab EUA shit so far. Not sure how many pages long the disclaimers on any packaging will be. More than a dozen if in 12 point font

  10. War baby War – Lets Go !

    wahooo – moar death and destruction to mankind!
    Kill em all – who cares? god/allah ? bwahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha! There is a time to plant/sow, a time to grow, and time to harvest..we be in the harvest season, which of course is the reason for the “squeezing”
    War rolls : 1) US v Chynah over some up on the seers hit list.
    2) Simultaneously or soon thereafter Nato-Redshield does some thing stoopid, even for them – forcing Motha Russia to engage in War over Ukraine. Not going to be pretty, never is when Russkies finally get forced into action.
    3) above perfect distractions for ME actors to “act out” v US ally
    Therefore –
    this market is going higher, War is big business, and rebuilding all the broke shit afterwards provides rich opportunities for aspiring young contractor-buider types – more jobs, more jabs, lot less people, lower for longer rates.
    – this market aint never going down – Lenny bout BROKE – at this point in the Short – as shorting the guts out of everything has been a terribly UN-Profitable strategy, terrible.

    * I read the new head of brandons econ teams name as Brain Disease- had to reread several times, still cant shake the effect..fits perfectly with obumma 2.0 SOP -install mental midget incompetents in key positions. He HATES America and HATES Americans..its his Islamic ie reptilian plan/philosopy.
    Anyone know how to build a lightening stick ? still got to decapitate em to kill em, like the outlander..cause the TPTB regenerate parts,limbs ect

      • Panels ?!?! What chu gonna do after the Volcano blows ? You know crackatoe-a – tambora style rainer, yellowstone, whats the name of the volcano in Austin TX area spewing all that bad gas- or is that smell coming from SF ?

        Those ‘rebels’ in El-Salvador are doing the drill hole in the side of a volcano, run some pipes down and force some water down there thing for “juice”.
        – Water will come back changed – blisteringly hot – driving those steam turbines – generating juice to run the bbbbbbBitcoin Mining Rigs. Does that not sound like a genius plan ? Why its almost as genius as an American President who ;
        1) Abolished the Oil Depletion Allowance (tried to) costing elites gazillions in Taxes owed
        2) Circumvented the NOT federal reserve petro banking cartel wit Silver Certs in $1,$2,$5,$10, $20 demoninations via Treasury direct.
        3)REFUSED to invade Cuba
        4) Shit canned head of christians in action – Von Dulles
        5) Allied with the Ruskies on alien threat (s) – “yeah right”, and Sold them Wheat on Credit.
        At same time his brother was ripping the cosa nostra a few new arseholes. cosa nostra = cristiansinaction mercs.

        November 22, 1963 – when the cristians in action Coup TOOK OVER the USA and all her sheeples. World has been paying outrageous, horrible “price” ever since.

        No YOU have not had Enough yet, grab Ure ankles and stand by..

        11/22/1963 The anniversary of CIA’s daylight assignation of PRESIDENT of United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy – its BOHICA Time !

        3 teams out of saigon, loaded on oil co(zappata) chopper for exfil.- on way out to oil platform, johnson family built helo mysterously goes up in smoke mid flight contract money, and “contractors” go up in smoke.Hear I thought El Salvador was a 3 rd world country..

      • “What chu gonna do after the Volcano blows ? You know crackatoe-a – tambora style rainer, yellowstone”

        Lol well BN it wouldn’t make any difference if a super volcano erupted…

  11. Americans focus so much on the causes of things, instead of contemplating what effect current events will have on their future.

    This fetish with causes (makes the ego feel good, I KNOW something!) is about as useful as wondering why that dog lifted his leg to this post and not that one.

    For the last five years, I have assumed every newly arrived American to Ecuador is mentally I’ll until proven otherwise. That has served me well. I play a game called 12 questions, and before I am done, everyone observing has to pick up their jaw from the floor, once they realize what this American believes, what they don’t know, and what kind of sh*t they tolerate as normal.

    I mean, celebrating when a just verdict is achieved in a trial!!!!

    Reading news and never questioning why this person/event was even worth mentioning?

  12. Personally, I’ve always been a bit leary of “Rhodes dudes”: “1888 In his third will, Rhodes leaves everything to ‘Lord Rothschild’, referring to ‘the matter discussed between us’. Several of Rhodes’ wills refer to secret societies, and to Lord Rothschild, but the final will sets out the terms for the Rhodes scholarships, administered by Rothschild. (The scholarships were intended to develop future leaders in the Rhodes mould)

    1891 Cecil Rhodes, William Stead and Lords Esher, Rothschild, Salisbury, Rosebery and Milner drew up a plan for a secret society (the “Round Table”) that aims to bring all habitable portions of the world under their influence and control. (See New World Order: The Founding Fathers). The very next year,

    1892 Baron Alphonse de Rothschild flies to New York for secret talks at the headquarters of Standard Oil, owned by John D Rockefeller (described here).

    Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table led to the founding in 1921 of both the US-based Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Chatham House in London, Bilderberg founded in 1954, the Club of Rome (1968) and the Trilateral Commission (1973). All of these organisations are dedicated to global governance, and there is extensive overlap in terms of the principle players. The same forces created the United Nations.”

  13. EE,
    I’ll bet these days, you only need two questions max to find out if someone’s nuts. It’s like they wear it on their foreheads.
    Once they invoke the Rothschilds, the New World Order and the Bilderbergs, they’ve scored a trifecta. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit. Your rational mind may be used as a flotation device.
    I understand that Jesus has thrown in the towel and may be headed your way. I’ll vouch for him. He’s a good guy, won’t need a surf board and he has this really cool water-into-wine trick. The working girls dig it, if you know what I mean.
    BTW, how ’bout leaving the light on. You know, just in case.

    • DAG – Jesuit guess hear – “you will know them by their workx/wordz”

      The knows nose, Darkly, rather unmistakable..

    • “I’ll bet these days, you only need two questions max to find out if someone’s nuts”

      Like do you approve of the present a administration’s past actions..
      Are you a supporter of the democratic party


  14. Comrades,

    Well. As touched upon the other day, the Canadian federal government had shut down the 300,000 b/d Transmountain crude oil pipeline which it owns from Alberta to Lower B.C. out of an abundance of caution. Pipeline workers have still not reached some hard hit areas to inspect for rain and flood damage. Already B.C. drivers are having to contend with gasoline rationing (30 liters, 7.9 US gallons?) until at least December 1st.

    Sunday, Calgary’s Enbridge (controlled by ExxonMobil?) natural gas pipeline through the Rockies had its flow reduced by about 25% or 400 million cubic feet per day.

    Kick back, brew a slo joe, standby for spillover effects in Washington State sooner than later?

    Woo, woo Winter! Brrrring it on!

  15. “1892 Baron Alphonse de Rothschild flies to New York for secret talks at the headquarters of Standard Oil, owned by John D Rockefeller (described here).”

    So Alphonse made the first solo transatlantic flight? That must’ve been quite an accomplishment in 1892.

  16. I noticed the local supercenter has mass consumer beef jerky, Jack Link’s on sale for $9.99 per 8 oz package. Jack Link’s uses 100% top round steak. That’s $20.00 a lb for a processed steak.

    In the other aisle ask on raw Angus round roast/steak is $6.99/lb. Angus N.Y. is $8.99/lb.

    At first glance it looks like there’s money in snack jerky.

    • Make Ure own jerky. 10 lbs rump on sale @ 4.99/Can.$. Slice and spice(soya sauce, pepper, salts of variety) let marinate, lay out on drying racks (no access for dogs please) and when done their thing you are lucky to have 1.5 lbs. dried product.
      Someone please help me with the math.

      • $10 box fan made right here in USA – Chest Wester, PA ! Couple cheap air filters for the furnace/heatpump. Lay marinated meat strips across filter, stack and repeat. Bungie the filters& strips to front of box fan and let er rip for 2-3 days..until completely dry! Used to make bags of the stuff for the kids College dorm room “snax pax” – couldn’t keep up with demand some weekends. Filters reusable, even after staining from the marinades – YUM!

      • 85% before handling and packaging.

        At 85% shrinkage even low grade scrap off the floor @ $1.00/LB after delivery would make for thin margins in the snack meat market.

        Have you seen the precooked rotisserie chickens at the supercenters? Ask is usually around $4 0r $5.99.

        From acceptance of the egg to placing under heat lamp the chicken chain is working with less than a nickle per day – not including shipping or cooking.

  17. Comrades,

    Here we stand at the gateway of inter-dimensional transfer with a melding of the human-ai experience courtesy of Japan’s Gatebox.

    Presently, Hikari only appears to communicate in Japanese. If one reads on into part 2 of the neuroscientist interview, a point of the character creation exercise appears to be creating a god-like entity promoting sacrifice of the self for the group?

    We now return to a movie already in progress…

    …Dr. Chandra, will I dream? ….

  18. Rhodes was a relative of mine. A little research will show that he would throw “pennies” to his workers to watch them scramble. He called them monkeys. He did not follow the current social dictates, being gay. I have heard that he donated his money out of guilt. I never believed that. This is the first time I heard that he had a plan that would outlive him . Thank you.

    • All “those guys are/were gay. Old very rich, white guy thing – see Bohemian Grove..teddy bear picnic song, cremation of care ritual – thru the looking glass, darkly…

      -See Bettyboop in BIMBO”S INITIATION – it is ALL there in the SYMBOLISM shown in this, “SICK Flick”, cartoon. The ending scene is accurate portrayal of the “elites” ritual Parties.. and Now you know why grown Men (leaders) like Trudy Guilliani – love dressing up as Women.
      DAG spin coming-3,2,1..

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