Ambling the Asylum: Powell, Covid, and War

Our focus is [nominally] long wave economics in nature.  Unlike many people, who get hooked in the money trap (collecting piles of ultimately meaningless paper) we like to focus on larger issues.  Like using brainpower to get “off planet” and plan ahead for the “life after death.”

Therefore, any more money other than what’s necessary to fund the REAL issues we all face (like dying, deep spiritual work, etc.) is a waste of personal resources.  Money and time.

HOWEVER, money does matter and this is a most auspicious day as we wander the halls of the asylum trying to understand the inmates…

Powell Survives

Whether the reappointment of Jerome Powell to head the Federal Reserve was really what advocates of Modern Monetary Theory (let’s make up money) in the Buy’ed ’em administration wanted is doubtful.  Powell, in our view, got lucky.

The conventional wisdom goes to the idea that Biden Was Right to Pick Powell to Chair the Federal Reserve.

Our view is different:  We think Biden has simply run out of political capital and doesn’t want to spend any more than he has to. A socialist/communist MMT stooge can be installed later.  Bank on it. Biden’s rankings are already in the toilet and things are swirling.  He couldn’t pull it off.  But he’s still got a communist-trained head of the office of the comptroller of the currency in process…

Control the money and you control the people.

Powell’s Problems Persist (PPP)

While most economists understand PPP means “purchasing power parity” – a currency-removed effort to compare economies – it really means Powell’s Problems Persist.

The first one comes this afternoon. Because that’s when we expect the latest confessional from the Fed which has been expanding the nation’s monetary base by HUGE amounts (+31% year-on-year). Watch the H.6 money stocks report page here later today.  “These data are released on the fourth Tuesday of every month, generally at 1:00 p.m.”

While it’s true that US futures drop as bond yields jump after Jerome Powell gets second term as Fed chair, it’s also true that bad news often leaks no matter what.

H.6 is leaking all over the asylum floor.

Powell’s triple lucky streak, if you’re counting, now includes:

  • The sycophant media hasn’t called bullshit on dropping M1 and M2 weekly reporting.  So, like Greenspan completely hiding M3 from the public, Powell has gotten away with making H.6 nearly useless.
  • He also got lucky with his reappointment because Biden has no political capital left, to speak of.
  • And he’s been lucky that the retarded financial media hasn’t figured out that creating shortages drives up prices, and that’s an off-balance-sheet way to force price inflation into the economy.

Although shortages are still in the news (see Why Glass Is So Hard to Find Right Now–and How to Deal With the Shortage | and The chip shortage is boosting US manufacturing: What you need to know – CNET for scaling your thinking) most people are oblivious to the deliberate California policy changes that have resulted in Port of Los Angeles container traffic dropping nearly 8% compared with the same period a year ago.

That said, Ports of LA and Long Beach put container dwell fee on hold for another week.  Even though there may be a smidgeon of progress, from the dock to the local store shelves can be 60-90 days.  Democrats still have a rail stranglehold.

Covid: Reality and Hype

The ‘rona is, as we explained more than a year ago, a bioweapon.  And yes, Fauci lied to Congress.  Why Rand Paul hasn’t pursued this, astounds us.

But you’ll need to ensure again that your personal bullshit filters are snugly fitted.  Because fake news is drawn to Covid.

One example – currently making the rounds – is the assertion that a German doctor plunged to his death because he didn’t want to “be part of the genocide.”  Antivaxxers have been sharing this all over the place.  All for a global dictatorship, goes the meme.

But when we go back upstream a bit? Watch out for this supposed anti-vaccination farewell letter from a German doctor – suggests the Teller Report.  Could be a case of creative “fake news.”

On the other hand, extremely credible is the case of Dr. Paul Marik, who is suing a hospital for banning him prescribing treatments that work for patients.  There was a press release on it recently and a court hearing last week.  We expect the decision will come out this week.

Refer to our post Monday on how the health-scare bureaucracy is handing out money to hype covid cases reported, too.

War Planned to Solve It All

We know Joe Biden has enough pull to get a prosecutor in Ukraine fired.  And we know Ukraine is buddying-up to anyone with military hardware… But  things become more serious as Ukraine is working the money crowd.  As in  Shmyhal on IMF tranche: We have confirmed Ukraine’s status as reliable partner (

Russia meanwhile continues to pour forces into the region: Russian-controlled forces in Donbass raise combat readiness – Ukraine | Reuters.  But, as one would expect, Russia goes into denial while working up logistics. Russia dismisses claims of Ukraine invasion plans (

On the other hand, Vlad Putin likely sees Warmonger Joe’s latest move as a direct challenge: US considering providing ex-Afghan Mi-17 helicopters for Ukraine (  Logistics!

We will estimate that before the end of December, Vlad Putin will call up Russian reservists and begin moving them forward.  At which time, the war drums will be heard on Wall Street.

Laughably, EU border agency: ‘Illegal border crossings’ on the rise | AP News.  Seems the media is incapable of reminding us of the Biden border disaster, but if in Europe?  Everyone wring hands!

The Future Darkly

What most will miss is what’s firming up:  a triple-shot of bad ju-ju.

Land war on the EU’s prize real estate, China “re-unifying”, and a major spike in Covid hype to control the US pop and double-fund Big Pharma.  Which in turn will support dems in the 2022 election cycle.  It’s just how the circular money and favors game works.

Somewhere in there, and check G.A. Stewart’s site for additional clues, a “city trade” nuke exchange in 2022 could set off the whole “false peace” which we KNOW will be confirmed when ex-president Obama comes out of retirement to attempt to broker a (short-lived) peace before the bigger war light-offs in 2023-2025.

While you’re at it, do realize Stu is one of the critical people who has been keeping the “tip of America’s spear” sharp for 20+ years.  He’s in a potentially career-ending battle right now with his (cowardly) employer.  The employer is demanding he jab-up.  He has no intention of doing so.  The employer is illegally practicing medicine without a license.

The way I figure it, a huge wrongful discharge line of lawsuits is likely.  As egotistical employers rid themselves of more expensive workers (and pocket pension savings?) despite the OSHA enforcement being on hold.

Yet this gets me to the whole point – in making the rounds of the Asylum today:  The reason fake news (it’s a genocide and globalist takeover) resonates is that the lies are at every turn.  Paying for Covid “cures that don’t” and the whole ball of wax.

CDC and the FDA have likely cleverly manipulated their data to give a false impression.  You literally can’t die of vaccine side effects until you’ve had the vax onboard long enough to pass the highest risk window for adverse reactions.

Notwithstanding official claims otherwise, online interest in the search term “died suddenly” is still climbing in Google Trends:

Statistically challenged (remember, math is racist?) people don’t question “experts.”

It’s all sadly reminiscent of Hitler’s rise to power.  And so, just as we have been papering over an economic Depression with massive printing of scrip, so too, the present round of cyclical human behaviors will end most certainly in a flashy display of ‘shrooms.

We continue to recommend the core UrbanSurvival philosophy:  Don’t live for maximum gains, live for minimal losses.  2022 promises only a few losses. But they will be harbingers of worse to come.

Short Takes?

OK, what would you expect him to say? Dogecoin is not good for the crypto market, Ripple CEO says.  (Feign shocked expression…)

Environmentalists to go nuts, begin attacking infrastructure? Pipelines may be ‘blown up’ if no action taken – environmentalist guru Suzuki…  Luddites, every century has ’em…

Speaking of nuts:  Chief: No evidence parade-crash suspect knew anyone on route | AP News.

Did AOC get a chance to vote in this?  Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro’s ruling party sweeps regional vote | DW

And follow the evolution of something we call MobRob:  California looters target mall, take over jewelry store  ( which comes on the heels of After Nordstrom robbery in California, will other retailers be next? Experts say yes. (  Think we’re seeing the answer.

Yet another reason why too much computing is bad for you.


More tomorrow on our subscriber pages.  Including the business plan for

Half-assed and hung-over column likely Thursday, a tryptophan snoozer’s worth Friday and God knows what else as the holiday rolls through and I get some time to play in the shop.

My kids who knows where Thursday and  Elaine’s boys – scattered to the winds – probably means seconds for Zeus-the-Cat. And a cordial or two with neighbors.

Speaking of which, better take the bird’s temp. Bet you didn’t know their living temp runs from 105-107F, didja?

Write when you get rich,

61 thoughts on “Ambling the Asylum: Powell, Covid, and War”

  1. If it comes down to an attack I don’t believe Vlad will merely drive an incursion into the Ukraine that will have to eventually escalate – I think he’ll take the whole banana at once with hypersonic limited nukes to the entirety of Europe and yes the US as well ……… and if we get uppity China will take Australia and a disarmed citizenry …….

    • Nukes are messy – like peeing in the bathtub. Radiation from the nukes would drift over Russian territory and bring severe retribution from the U.S. led NATO. Not a very good strategy. Vlad is one wily KGB trained comrade – my best guess scenario goes something like this: he’s likely been deftly inserting special forces/Spetsnaz types deep into Ukraine and the Belarus border areas of Poland too, from the time of his first term as President starting in 1999 (coincidentally 666 upside down!) When these planted forces get their signal, they’ll start the flames of coordinated violent civil unrest in earnest. When domestic crackdowns commence against the planted insurgents, I can easily picture them pleading for help. I’m Putin my money that Vlad rides in (shirtless, no doubt) on his white horse to valiantly ‘rescue’ the oppressed. Both he and Xi want to assimilate historical territories without resorting to expensive wars, if possible. But war is certainly a viable last resort if coercion, deceit and civil unrest ultimately fail.

      • I have been wondering about my vision of 2009; I do believe that Russia and China will unite, but not because they are so smart and so great, but that the ‘sellers of the USA’ have put the laws, funds, and machinations in place to make it so.

        An Agenda of long-lasting trust-fund babies working together to make the world into their image.

        So, they will hop, skip, and jump as their handlers tell them to, and gladly so, as our world-reserve currency is dropped, our trading partners dropping us like hot potatoes, and leave us to settle to our lowest common denominator like the Titanic to the bottom of the myriad country sea.

        They have sowed all the once Christian countries with enemies, they have sowed discord, disharmony, distrust, delinquency, destruction, dependency, diabolical dictates, and disgust.

        All under the guise of being our esteemed hand-picked leaders, leading the sheep to their useless eating slaughterhouse.

        They have spoken; It is so, it is thus, and that’s all there is to it.

      • I don’t honestly think Vlad has designs on Poland. Although many-times conquered, the majority of Poland is not historically Russian. Despite being incorporated behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Belarus, and Romania aren’t either — However, Ukraine is.

        I believe Vlad would have no problem nuking Western Europe (since the drift would peter out before it got to Russia.) I don’t think he would do so because vaporizing Paris or Barcelona would bring it full-on from Britain and France, as well as us. OTOH Ukraine was Russian turf for 400 years before the dissolution of the Soviet Union caused it to be spun-off.

        Still, I’d be willing to bet money that Vlad has read Sun Tzu and if he DOES have designs on Ukraine, he’ll try to take it without a shot or, even better, arrange for the Ukrainians to beg Russia to take them back…

      • “I don’t honestly think Vlad has designs on Poland.”

        You know Ray.. I visit with a family in poland … they aren’t afraid of the Russians.. the russian army has the image of being their protectors. The NATO troops on the other hand scares the hell out of them..seems the NATO troops have a reputation of being very cruel and violent.

  2. The reason fake news resonates is because it appeals to the lizard brain and in doing so, suspends the rational part of the brain.
    The purveyors are cynically playing us to grab eyeballs and ad revenue. As a wise man said “Everything’s a business model”, and a show to keep you stupid.
    D.C. is a company town. The families inter-marry, attend the same schools, go to the same social events, etc. Other than the occasional sacrifice of someone who has fallen out of favor or to satisfy the blood-sport urge, there is no desire to rock the societal boat by calling one’s friends and neighbors to task.
    Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.

  3. Re: German doctor suicide.
    So are you saying, George, the video link I posted last night is NOT one the doctor made himself saying the vaxxx program is leading to a World-wide dictatorship? There are no comments to the contrary after the article. Matter of fact none at all. There was no mention of a suicide note in the article either.

    Re: glass shortage.
    We wouldn’t have a shortage if the recyclers had not shut down in our town about 5 or 6 years ago due to transportation costs to East Texas and other points. Every time we clean out a corner of some storage area we come up with old Coke and other soft drink bottles. I’d be willing to bet this is a common “find” in many other people’s garages and such all over.

  4. Seems Europe is having some issues with Covid … I don’t believe these recommendations are because you might catch the virus there …

    But rather, you might see what’s going on over there …

    You know, like how we’re told to believe the covid virus causes all those nasty things that are actually caused by hospital treatment protocol and patient neglect.

    Yep, two sides to every story and, one side is often a lie.

    Changes the definition.

  5. No need for Vlad to move troops into Ukraine. Large troop movements via ‘armor columns’ are very WWII. Iskander missiles (perhaps tactical nuked tips) and Russian airstrikes will take out Ukrainian infrastructure and any ‘NATO’ forces that enter into Ukraine in large numbers.

    The Russians are also very adept at electronic warfare, so don’t expect a large response from our ‘allies’ in Ukraine. Like the covid ‘vaccine’, things can get only get far, far worse if Biden tangles with the Russians. The US military is not the competent and motivated military of WWII that people believe we have. Those men died off with my Father’s generation.

    What we are seeing in front of our own eyes is absolutely epic! Global genocide and the march toward World War – far worse than Pol Pot in Cambodia, the Japanese bayoneting the peoples of China and the Philippines, or WWII in Europe. No, this is a global genocide and few people are even acknowledging the millions of people murdered by the vaxx – in fact, some doctors are just dismissing it. To say I am shocked is the understatement of the century – I guess this is how certain Germans must have felt as Germany walked to its destruction in 1939 – 1941.

  6. Fake news filter: always disregard the “rogue doctor” stories. The ones where some doctor or group of doctors write a letter. That’s not how doctors get stuff done. It’s never real.

    Compare that to the other doctor story you mention, filing lawsuits. Lawsuits are real, corny letters are fake.

    On another topic, please speculate where these drive up and rob stories are leading. I think these are or will be false flags. Designed to incur lockdowns and phone control. What else could it lead to? More cameras? No, not passive means. We had a couple decades of passive security infrastructure building, this is more about taking action. How do you stop an organized, mobile, armed, mob? That’s the question we are being asked today.

    Remember all the WOT talk of “soft targets” in the US? Fast forward to the biggest problem ever – domestic terrorists. You all thought that meant “patriots”. LOL. No silly, that means they are chumming the waters for reasons to create more lockdown security measures using these urban idiots. Try to think at least 2.5 dimensionally.

  7. Stu is in a fight for his financial future with his company over the vax. Good luck Stu. We can help him by supporting his website. The fight is going on and is real. I’m in trucking and cannot believe the problems for parts. I move bulk liquid for agriculture we are covered up with loads, thank you lord. But we are still in catch up from the storms in the gulf and Texas along with the covad.
    And don’t forget George also. Spend the $40 per year.

      • Mr. Stewart,
        Archbishop Vigano? When he says “Christians”, he means “Roman Catholics”. He’s on record opposing the Vatican II reforms that encouraged respect and cooperation among the various Christian denominations.
        Alex Jones? This guy wouldn’t even try to defend himself in defamation lawsuits. Why? Because he has no defense for his outrageous claims.
        Nostradamus? Bunk. A better book would list the thousands of times his “prophecies” have been applied to current events and found wanting.
        I don’t care for vaccine mandates, either. But your website’s association with these and other charlatans undermines your sincerity and credibility, and paints the anti-mandate movement as just another bunch of crackpot conspiracy wackos.
        Guys, is THIS the best we can do?

      • Yes George, thanks. I have just added a comment to the USAWATCHDOG site, regarding your mention of G. A. STEWART, to spread the word. Let’s hope Greg Hunter posts it.

  8. Back to bio-weapon.

    (let’s make up money)

    Why not? $300.00 per month per child is being made up as we type. Look out the window. See a child? Think of them as an old fashioned gas station pump bell. Now every day you see the child ding the bell $10.00. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding… per child for the rest our lives.

    No country without children. Gotta have ’em. Like the GM vents.

    • Steve the 300 per month is the only thing keeping the economy from tanking..
      I think they great point now where They will have to extend that now to those on set incomes to keep the noodle moving..

  9. Strategy and Tactics – Play the Game:
    Just north of Darwin an aging Malaysian oil tanker suddenly explodes and sink., within minutes China informs Singapore that no oil tankers will be allowed to travel to Australia.
    The shipping world gets the message – all oil deliveries for Australia suddenly stops.
    ‘In Sydney alone there are 25,000 truck trips a week that do our food supply. If you turn that supply off, it’s not a matter of having to import some product, your way of life stops. It’s fundamental, it’s like air. Without fuel, we don’t survive.’ Vice-Marshal John Blackburn. – Australia’s Fuel Security, commissioned by the NRMA last year, found that Australia imports 91 per cent of its fuel.
    Within two weeks Australia is in total economic collapse and is back to the horse and buggy. Probably even faster as the government moves to requisition as much gas and diesel as they can find – for the now crippled military.
    With the loss of 20 sailors and one rusted oil tanker, China has brought Australia to it’s knees. Within a month half of the country will be starving., all from one torpedo.

    • I believe our host here said something like: “Everything is a business model.”
      If you look at any problem., or idea as a “Business Model” you will find a “weak link”. Exploit that weakness and viola, that business collapses. In this case it’s oil for Australia. So easily eliminated from the World Stage., and specifically the South Pacific.

      • “If you look at any problem., or idea as a “Business Model” you will find a “weak link”. Exploit that weakness and viola, that business collapses.”

        So true D.
        Unfortunately we have 3 years and 3 months left.. if the country can survive the next three years and three months.. I am afraid the consequences of the actions of this administration will be felt for decades to come..the correction was coming before it’s just expedited by the actions of dimwit and company along with the corruptive nature of those with the abilities needed that could have made the necessary changes..

    • Considering the police actions against anti-vaxxers and other draconian demands by the Aussie government, a Chinese takeover may only be a small step down.

      Regardless, it’s probably past time to start drilling.

      • “Regardless, it’s probably past time to start drilling.”

        We don’t have to!
        A few years ago a friend of mine was delivering supplies to the oil wells in ND.. he commented to one of the engineers about the oil shortage.. what the engineer did was show him a jar of oil that my friend said looked like a jar of honey.. then said that there was enough oil in those wells that would supply the USA for about 300 years..but was forced to cap them.. we use petroleum from other countries to draw down their supplies..
        Then consider our trash..we toss out enough energy daily.. of course they aren’t building oil reclamation plants.. but easily could. Then theres the oil sands of canada..again the way they get the oil separated is cost prohibitive and thats ok that’s how they want to do it..
        But to think theres an energy problem is just an illusion

      • LOOB, I was actually thinking of Australia needing to drill.

        In the USA, we have recently been energy independence and could relatively easily return to that status. Unfortunately, the current PTB intentions are otherwise. They seem to want us back in the 19th century, if that. I had a similar experience to yours back in the 90’s when I sat next to a woman on a plane. She was apparently high up in the oil industry and we had a long conversation about depletion and shortages. I asked about the future, and just after we landed and were preparing to leave the plane, she quietly whispered that “we’re swimming in oil”. I don’t quite know what to think, but I’m certain that supply is restricted by design. In my life, I’ve never seen a puppet “president” like Biden doing so many things to destroy our way of life. I despised Obama for the same reason, but Obama was much more careful about exposing his real agenda.

      • “Obama was much more careful about exposing his real agenda.”

        Not really.

        Obama told the American people what we wanted to hear, then went ahead and did whatever he damn’ well pleased, flat-out ignoring the Constitution whenever it got in his way. It was under Obama that the last vestiges of a mainstream news media went away, as they bent over backwards to cover his ass, or simply not report on things of which the People should have been informed. Most Americans don’t know about our arrangement to supply Mexican drug cartels with guns, the IRS being weaponized and used against conservative non-profits, or even the role Obama played in weaponizing the EOP and DOJ against police, and laying the foundation for BLM to add tens of thousands of useful idiots to its support base.

        Remember, now…?

        The same puppeteers who were pulling Obama’s strings are pulling Biden’s. Because the mainstream media and George Soros’ 450+ private media organizations have had another 5 years to work on the sheeple’s heads, they no longer believe it necessary to employ, even the little bit of tact Mr. Obama displayed. We’ve made it plainly obvious the vast majority of the American people are clueless, and those who’re not have neither the ability, nor the audience to educate the ignorant masses…

  10. Taylor, TX ? how far from Tyler,TX..175mi as the crow flies to new jobs, new construction, new FAB plant – from the people that brought you the VH -5150 alblum
    Sam sung on that alblum.
    Texas bee attracting alot of like minded new business to Ure state..dont think it has anything to do with being fiscally and philosophically Conservative – why perish the thought SJW’s and your festering cancel culture. Language warning-discretion advised.

    Build back bankrupt = indentured servatude. You wanted MOAR free scheisse – now someoine is going to have to pay for it all that largesse -YOUSE!
    Watch as they begin to roll out new Tax scemes – conditioning the masses to pay dem MOAR, setting the table/turning up the heat on the pot of water.
    We are about to “froggered” to death with new Taxes – hence the rallying cry of US citizens across the land today…”BOHICA!”

  11. I was told by a doctor that every doctor must be fully vaccinated for covid, meaning 3 shots, or won’t be paid for his/her Medicare patient visits.

    There is a “cold”/ upper respiratory infection going around in my part of south Oklahoma. Even with steroids and antibiotics it is painful to breath, more painful to breathe deeply, and awful to cough. It tests negative to covid and flu. It’s definitely not a quick recovery and can easily turn unti bronchitis and pneumonia. It’s interesting that we haven’t seen any colds for 2 years and now everyone seems to have one. This one is especially nasty.

    • Eleanor- In two years we’ll find out it’s rev 1 of the newest bioengineered contagion circulating undetected, circa 4th quarter 2019.

    • Vitamin D for the win! 10K IU/day should maintain health against serious viral attacks, along with a proper diet and other supplements. The doctors can and probably should drop the medicare patients, but let them pay cash at a fair rate. I do believe that we’ll be reverting to times where good MD’s will practice as they did back in the 19th century, perhaps even making house calls and charging only what people can afford. Unlicensed medics may do the same, with connections to get their scripts filled, or perhaps reverting to herbs and other country medicine.

      I do wish more people could think for themselves. I have close friends that can’t even imagine a world other than what’s covered by CNN.

    • Well, Eleanor, it’s reach extends down to Western Texas as well. Our granddaughter caught strep last weekend but we had some leftover antibiotic so it was knocked out in about 24 hours. However, what was left behind was a cough that came from her toenails on up and was still with her when she went to be with her dad. AFAIK she’s pretty much over it after a week but it jumped to my wife who’s got the cough and sinus pressure with runny nose now. Tried the ol’ Ivermectin last night and that didn’t touch it so it’s back to the OTC Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan to wait it out.

      Heck, it’s the Winter. People get more bugs in the Winter so we just roll with it. I’m just surprised the grandkids’ school hasn’t had a sick-out at least once already.

    • “I was told by a doctor that every doctor must be fully vaccinated for covid,”

      My doctor told me yesterday that they were told to promote getting the shot but it was a personal choice..
      None of those doctors working at the clinic I go to are getting them. The VA medical center is only giving the shot to patients and telling the staff that they should get it . But get it somewhere else..
      It’s a personal choice..

  12. really on the nose yada yada site . with all the rigging and corruption of the market on a dsi of 95 and a vix of 10 you talk ramble bsheet like you always do, ahh go and insert a wave or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 . sinmaster or is that rigmaster

  13. And what about the bloke I used to write to in jail . Martin Armstrong. Asked him about 5 years ago about the evil called world economy . He’s out now joined dark side . He said from where the caterpillar dies the butterfly flies . Bit george . . His recent interview probably 3000 points ago . Said only little crash then we go again . Bit of a reset facist gofer . Yeah right . Should have thrown the key away

    • “Said only little crash then we go again .”

      Lol I know you don’t believe in cycles or graphs.. the K-wave etc. But anyone and everyone can see we are on the edge of a cliff and being won’t be a little crash that we are facing..

  14. George,

    This is a little long winded, but thank you for saying that. I have seen the U.S. military from just about from every angle.

    My father was an army paratrooper and DI severely wounded at the Battle of Yongyu during the Korean War. There is a lesson in the history of that battle.

    If you read about it, you will see that my father and every US paratrooper on that battlefield was saved by an Australian Lieutenant Colonel disobeying orders and pressing his attack. “His decision to move quickly through Yongyu and to attack off the line of march proved decisive.”

    The 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment still recognizes this.

    The world being a small place with many connected souls, one day I was making my way through the chow hall on the base where I work, and there was an elderly gentleman sitting at a table wearing 187th Rakkasans’ ballcap. I recognized it immediately and stopped to introduce myself.

    It turned out that he was an Australian who had been on that same battlefield that day and knew my father from a reunion that he had been invited to on the other side of the state.

    His advancing tank was mistaken for North Korean armor and had been hit by a US paratrooper bazooka, but suffered no damage.

    My father was not that lucky; he left that battlefield missing five-inches of his left arm. And up close killing isn’t like the movies, it leaves its scars right up until your last breath.

    PTSD takes its toll, and the old man and I duked it out when I was 18; I lost and joined the Navy… And then it all kicked off in the Persian Gulf during my enlistment, and that is a very strange irony, considering where I am today.

    I started my current job in the last century, and so I have been able to watch the evolution of this “New Military”, and it is not good. My first boss was an old SAC pilot, and so 23-years later it is a new breed.

    As a Drill Instructor, and from depression era Red Hook Brooklyn, I doubt if my father would accept a “Stress Card” from a young recruit in boot camp.

    The military’s main purpose is to kill and destroy an enemy. This is a very different generation, and I speak ONLY of leadership. You still have the same sharp young men and women at the operational levels, but it is all squandered talent.

    Saying “F**k, no”, needs to be a phrase leadership needs to hear more often, just like that Australian Lieutenant Colonel basically said on that Korean battlefield.

    I used it when I was in and only a few years ago. Leadership takes it where they want. As we saw with Marine Lieutenant Colonel Scheller.

    If that Australian Lieutenant Colonel didn’t do that, I would not exist!

    In the last 20-years, I have seen these men and women deploy over and over again; you see and know when the KOAs come home. You see this corporate and political meat grinding machine that these billionaire bastards have setup for themselves, and you ask yourself, “Where is the leadership?”

    I have sat in that VA Hospital Emergency Room more than a few times with my late father. After 21-years of warfare, we owe these vets for the aimless, cowardly leadership that General Mark Milley displayed so beautifully in Afghanistan.

    It makes my point valid; everyone can see for themselves now that the NATO Emperor is naked.

    Besides the superficial criticism that the military receives about political correctness, the REAL issue is military leadership being held accountable for equipment that does not work as advertised. They need to stay on top of Defense Contractors and whip them like the dogs they are instead of taking up cushy jobs upon retirement.

    My big fear off the coast of Iran was aluminum ships and exocet missiles. Seven-years later that would be Iraq and the USS Stark. Today, it is aluminum ships and hyper-sonic missiles. Where is the forward thinking leadership? Where is that long-range vision?

    Fifth generation fighters that work sometimes, and tankers and reconnaissance aircraft that are as old as me and also ready for social security. That is plainly ass backwards. Where is the leadership?

    My guess is that the first “military incident” will involve one of those old recon planes or a ship in the Black Sea. (More than likely, it has already happened with that U.S. submarine “collision” in the South China Sea.)

    Every U.S. and NATO ship in the Black Sea will find themselves in a crossfire of hyper-sonic missiles.

    In my books, I have always seen the real battle in the Aegean Sea, as the Russians push out their fleet from what is essentially the Black Sea lake.

    According to Nostradamus, that naval battle will see the use of nuclear weapons and maybe a Status 6/Poseidon torpedo.

    I see Nostradamus’ “False Peace” as 3.5 years, just like the Book of Revelation. If it kicks off in in late 2021 or 2022, that means the big show is in 2025, just as you wrote.

    As a primer, expect rear high-profile targets to be hit in both Part I and Part II of World War III. That could mean even in the continental US or Alaska and Hawaii.

    It will happen so fast that there will be no reaction time. Freighters with box cars carrying a version of Kalibr/Club missile will be close enough to continental coasts to go virtually undetected.

    Part I will most likely involve conventional warheads. Russia and China do not need to use nuclear weapons; but my guess is that they will use a few to make their point to stupid NATO Generals and Admirals.

    I see the False Peace basically as a NATO surrender document without actually saying so. And that happens when Russia moves on Hungary.

    In my shop, my technicians know where to go and what to do when it kicks off. My guess is, there are not many people on that base thinking like I do. It is after all a MILITARY BASE, but hey, Golf anyone?

    • Ukeys will bail . Ruled by the viciously greedy oligarchs or Mother Russia & BIGheadSimeon – “the brainy don” ?
      Dont need nukes, torpedoes – Russias’ silent, quick and devastating Electronic Warfare capabilities are second to none = BadAss and US still does not have adequate counter measures-still.
      Will just wait for another crew on USS Whatever get their shit shut down cold, and listing aimlessly & watch as Mig45’s Auroras make run after run on the ship & “cake eaters” on the bridge/CIC. “bashnya zapros oformleniye dlya oblets” ? “uh thats a negatory Ivan, NEGATORY!”

  15. Anyone that doesn’t believe that Evil Incarnate exists, needs to look at the low life, bottom feeding scum bag that ran his vehicle through the Santa Clause parade in Wisconsin destroying the lives of hundreds of innocent children and adults. With a rap sheet half a mile long, a continual stain on decent humanity all around him and a bail system that is a total joke, we are all guilty for allowing this to continue. This sub human deserves the gallows in the civic square.

    Surely, if there is any hope of bringing the majority of the our civil population together in solidarity against this cancer that is permeating society, this should be it.

    God help us.

      • LOOB. I was very upset when I wrote this yesterday having just seen the families of those killed and injured expressing their grief. My hope is that the system can bring this to justice. I still believe the court (judge/jury) system is the best we have for righting wrongs (which is why I live here and not in China, Russia, N. Korea…..) and pray that justice will be served this time. I just hope that the bail release system itself will be on trial so that changes can be made to keep individuals like this off the streets.

        We are truly at war with evil.

      • I sure do understand how you feel Bob, I share your feelings on all of it.. Everything that has happened in the past nine months disgusts and shocks me more than you can possibly imagine.. The minute I think.. how much worse can it possibly get.. then the news comes out..
        I hope they bring this Azzhole to justice that ran through the parade.. Unfortunately He has a black ethnic background.. And we have all seen how that plays out recently. They will probably cut the money for the police there instead.. I can’t even tell you how much I wish I could move to Canada. I am sure there are questionable actions there to.. but nothing like what is going on in America with the politicians here… I fear there are some really scary times ahead of us..

      • Milwaukee County District Attorney is a radical Leftist:

        “Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm is open about his radical ideas on the criminal justice system and closely associates himself with radical, George Soros-backed prosecutors across the country.”

        Eventually, someone is going to figure out the function of the penal system is to mete out punishment and the prosecutorial function of the criminal justice system is to allow it to do so. Despite the Biblical and wonderful-sounding poison the Quaker church has been injecting into this issue for the past 200 years, remediation and rehabilitation are not the job of the criminal justice system. They are the job of churches and community outreach programs. One does not go to prison to improve one’s life, they go there as punishment for a crime committed against society. Being in prison needs to be undesirable enough that persons who’ve committed crimes and ended up behind bars, have less incentive to return than they do to learn how to function in society.

        There are times Christians annoy me. When they believe they can replace God, with their own “good intentions” is one glaring time. Then again, I’m also one of those folks who believe Jesus’ “Render unto Caesar…” is both a statement and a parable, that it doesn’t just refer to taxes, but to working within a government system whenever possible to “fix stuff,” rather than to try to work outside it and have to work through both the problem and the “wrath of Caesar…” It’s much easier, fighting a one-front battle…

  16. Maybe even sites and gurus are put together by the dark side to work on the last remaining few . Well good luck fellas cause I ain’t goin nowhere or buying nothin. Spin somewhere else

  17. BTFD !

    Oh my goodness – what the hell are Youse waiting for? Lower entry price, higher entry point? As Foreigner used to sing.. “So urgent, so oh oh urgent, just wait and see, how urgent my Bitcoin can be, It’s urgent.”
    Regulations are being formulated in DC as I type. A regulated market -hmmm

    Save youse Luddites the embarrassment of speaking out yo arse… “Bitcoin created out of Nothing/thin air” could only be parroted by a someone/ignoramus who does Understand Blockchain, nor do they understand what – Proof of Work. Once you wrap your head around these two concepts – you will be on path of Learned – Digital gold – it’s what’s for Future.

  18. how did the dow be green today after the candle the day before . a gravestone candle .. this is sick sick sick evil evil evil .. but you gotta wait and kick the can down the road

  19. “Half-assed and hung-over column likely Thursday,”

    I hate drinking to the point that my mind is muddled.. SO… saturday my grand daughter came by and we started to bottle.. the grape wine was finished a few weeks ago..then after bottling it it took off fermenting again… so back in the carboy it went.. I didnt have a reading so I’m not quite sure what the new alcohol content is.. it was at 13 -14 before the second fermenting.. I sit DC own to have a cup.. dam tastey… had a second small cup..wham .. lol lol …. its got a kick like a mule.. went to bed and woke up with a small hangover.. first one in forty years lol… son in law came buy last night.. a big glass.. filled it.. I warned him.. it’s got a mule kick . Goes down smooth then wham..toasted …

  20. Comrades,

    Another day and another provincial politician here has announced testing positive for covid19 and was previously double vaxxed. Apparently the individual has no symptoms and only sought out testing after learning that a close contact had tested positive. One wonders how widespread in actuality it is that the vaccinated while arguably more protected against the worst of covid themselves still remain community transmitting reservoirs of the virus.


    Around 2017 or so a synthesized horsepox virus, “a cousin of smallpox”(?), was developed in a level 2 lab at The University of Alberta in Edmonton. The partner was a New York headquartered pharmaceutical company, Tonix Pharmaceuticals. Presently their covid-19 vaccine TNX-1800 with proprietary horsepox components is said to have shown positive benefits in first quarter 2021 animal studies according to a company statement.

    As well they state that their related horsepox formulation, TNX-801, “is in development to protect against smallpox and monkeypox”.

    This is not investment advice. As we all know, smallpox was wiped out 40 years ago…

    “War prosperity is like the prosperity that an earthquake or a plague brings.” Ludwig von Mises

    • Just a thought,

      One imagines smallpox inoculations of the mature crowd from decades past still remain valid. Of course young people are no longer vaccinated against it as it’s deemed unnecessary. Apparently there is a small supply of some few millions of doses of vaccine…

  21. While your sleeping veges the dark side from the prikter academy is getting you all set for your trading day onCNBCCUSSA . All those good guys and gals George won’t let yah name !!!yeeeeehhhhhaaaa plenty $$$$$$$$

  22. George;;
    Russia is OLD and past its prime.Their army is smaller.They havE NO NAVY.. They can rattle things in Black Sea,bosphorus maybe, Maybe peak into the Med.
    Their population is not replacing itself..Russia is dying.
    In 10 years there may be No Russia.. Maybe a combined Russia/Germany?Similar interests in Europe. The Russians are togh bt they have been invaded by the Germans,Polish, Sweden,Finland in history Vikings 1200 years ago. They are securing their borders..
    CHINA is past its peak. It is getting smaller too. Shrinking populaton. many China Soldiers are Only Child from heir one child policy.. Don’t want to fight. Ask India who has had fights with China 2 times since 2019. They Kicked Butt.. China is Falling. 80% of its food and Fuel poer generatin is imported.USA can sit in Mid Pacific and stop ALL FOOD and GAS /OIL FROM REACHING CHINA.CHINA HAS NO BLUE WATER NAVY.. NONE CHINA NEEDS USA AND THE AMERICAN PEACE OR BY 2025 OR 2030 NO CHINA.Instead 6 or 7 different countries replacing CHINA as it breaks up..
    Most of our fears will not be realized. Thats OK. BE PREPARED ANYWAY..

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