Business Plan:

Today we unveil a new business plan – on a project near and dear – and a bit of analysis on what the Fed has been up to.  With both the H.6 money stocks report and trying to put a “foot in the crypto camp.”  Some look-ahead on both is definitely in order.

Then there’s the usual rundown of the overnight news plus a few remarks about why China may elect to simply cancel the Winter Olympics.

Which then, in turn, fits into our 2 Wars or 3? framework.

Certainly not as warm and fuzzy as the feel-good, news groupie sites.  But, have you ever considered their track record of prediction?  And if you have, what are you thinking?

On to real news – the kind to navigate Life with…Tons of fresh and breaking data, so let’s hop to it..

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40 thoughts on “Business Plan:”

  1. George,
    I ran across this while making my list for Santa and thought of your light crown project:
    They want $3k for the thing! That’s a lot for a cap full of LEDs.
    Heck, with a couple of tweaks, you and Lady E could be rolling in the dough.
    Hey, what if you make it run on 220? That way, you could fry a burger or a couple of weenies during the six-minute daily wear.
    No charge for the idea. Just my contribution to the Progress of Man/Woman or whatever.
    Always look on the sunny side of life….

  2. when we can not describe how something works with our current technology knowledge, we call it magic. Houdini is the thought that jumps to mind, communicate with the departed. Biology is a temporal condition, I AM AWARENESS, attached to a carbon based filter/lens. That is just Darrell’s belief. Observation affects or creates the outcome?

    On another note, light helmet vs a light vest with a hood. Put the proper colored lights in hood on top of the crown down along the back to the tail bone, ala’chakra. I wonder if it could light US up spiritually and medically, hum’ or oommmm

  3. Alrighty then Gpops, Ure asking for it, looking for it..

    DVD movie – The Crop Circle Diaries – Patty Greer , there are answers to Ure questions provided in this documentary film.Warning – “the more you know, the more you know you Dont know”.

    Also contains 15 secs of video of “Lefties”(dr bill levengood) Charge Density Plasma Machine -hinthinthint = food/survival.
    I know you will find Ms Penny Kelly and her workx to be of great interest, as well as Levengoods. You seem to be “scratching” at door/doorway/gate, the above DVD contains the stuff you U bee needing 4 exceeding Ure Human constraints that are clouding out and distorting our shared reality.. As the great WHO guitarist likes to sing..”Let my Love Open the Door”

    *update “same bad coin chronicles” – kyle rittenhouse/david hogg
    The illusions are real- people being injured/killed, the crisis actors – not so much. These guys cannot ever seem to remember their lines – how many times did they practice ? Thinking here of starting a new business/agency – Crisis R Us Personnel and Staffing. Either “they” need better Actors, or need to goose the budget a little and pay up for a “liquidation of asset after completion”

    ** satan/satam is a title, not a creature. D. Rockafella was competing for the throne.Wrapped the twin towers in aluminium -3 pronged “tuning forks” (why thick outer walls were left hollow=resonance).

    – so his 110 story instrument would play the song of 2,996 people being SACRIFICED on on live TV.

    You can bet D Rockfella jr is One Swell Guy – jus like his daddy..

  4. Maybe the Olympics will be mothballed for a few centuries or in the case of nuclear war, all together in this run.

    There may be more to those 4th Turning shoplifting stunts than meets the eye.

    To curb the mall smash and grabs police are justifying use of surveillance drones over malls. I tried to grab a supporting link but Google hides the links from me right now.

    Once the surveillance drones are in the air they’ll be upgraded with facial recognition software. Now if the drone operators are say,in China. Would that make the U.S. an occupied country? The drone will have authority to send a harassment robot/police officer. Sorta like an E-version of 1940’s France.

    Austria lock downs and the Australian quarantine camps is starting to make it look like the West is occupied.

  5. Chris High predicated that the “Sun Disease” would go around the world 3 times and then disappear. That would make Christmas the last high of Covid. Let’s hope he was correct. That was more than 20 years ago. I wonder what other predictive linguistic targets will come true.. I wish I had saved those old ALTA reports.

    George, the problem with talking to the dead is that you don’t really know who or what you are communicating with. Good luck with this new project

    • jives with what I heard from 90 yr old doc (world renowned surgeon) last week. Science guys in the know think this thing dies off=weakens this year. We are already seeing Influenza return this season, after being “crowded out” by the sundisease this past year. So seems on the ground, this badboy is already fizzling out. Yea!

      • Ah, ECU, the flu is spread by the flu shots…they REAL-EASE the Flu shots, and then there are more flu cases, and then more people get the flu shots cause the media hypes up the flu cases, and before you know it, there is a HOTBED of flu cases, and just like that; media feeding flu frenzy, cause there just ain’t one good daggone reason for the flu to take a backseat to the covid, like an on cue stage actor, and then rear its ugly head once again, come on down THE FLU, stage right, cross center, and stand in the MAIN SPOTLIGHT once again.

        The nice thing about this FLU DISCOVERY on the tail end of the CRAP-19 is everyone by now should know that Vitamin D3 over 55 ngl is a VIRUS REPLICATOR STOPPER.

      • Always interested !! Any time Mr. High speaks, please put a link in a reply to me when I comment … in case I miss it. Much appreciated !!

      • “collapse”

        The expectations of collapse should be managed better.

        “Why not rob the mall, it’s all collapsing anyway. The mall isn’t even going to be there next year.”

        All this shared reality.

        From a higher level view when the Qanon Shaman popped back in January, he thought the group was ushering in “Ragnarök” Grown men running around the capitol wearing animal horns yelling, “this is Ragnarök”. Shaman wanted an on screen role in collapse. He got 41 months behind the scenes.

        Too much shared reality and that’s why FB has to virtualize it.

        Speaking of virtulaized reality. There’s a new movie out with an interesting concept. Basically an algo becomes aware.

        Free Guy.

        A bank teller discovers that he’s actually an NPC inside a brutal, open world video game.

        “When a bank teller discovers he’s actually a background player in an open-world video game, he decides to become the hero of his own story — one that he can rewrite himself. In a world where there’s no limits, he’s determined to save the day his way before it’s too late, and maybe find a little romance with the coder who conceived him.”

        Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios

      • I wrote Cliff. Spell check must have taken it. So sorry.

        Just found out my 94 year old mother has Covid and went to the hospital last night. No visitors. Probably the end for her.

    • Yes, Cliff High! loved these reports 20 years ago when you all were just starting out. New you were all on to something. Can we still access the old Urban Survival Half Past Human posts?

      • No, sorry. Clif requested I don’t make them available and I have no disagreement with him on this.
        The use of (first) forum spidering and then (later) social media scouring for linguistic shifts was his baby.
        My involvement with his work was minimal (occasionally on interp side of things) and then I went off (with Grady and Mike, a Msft MVP) and worked on the language through WFA (word frequency analysis).
        Although Clif and I have over time disagreed on some things (how widespread future-telling technology should be, for example) I think we also have mutual respect on many points.
        See, it’s hard to put the use of futuring technologies into words, but it’s a field fraught with moral hazard. If an aware person is serious about inferring the future, then there are many excellent sources of “key sights” out there including Clif’s work.
        Studying the future is very much (big math, big data here) like walking into a crooked casino. Because the future changes (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot) when you INTEND and look at it. So, for example, on the long end of the futuring spectrum there are sites like Stu’s That’s for the Nostradamus look-ahead fitting. Also on the look-ahead side, there is Gerald Celente’s great work in Trends Journal. His work lays out trends clearly enough so you can apply basic technical analysis such as trend channels, cycles studies, and make very good inferences.
        Then we come to the present-day viewing of future. Clif’s work remains superb when applying computational horsepower to social media (now that forums have declined). My own minor nibbles at future are another path (I don’t share much of this publicly. But markets are always “perfectly priced” and so we can make inferences not only about the general direction of things (Last Thanksgiving II), but we can also set some timing parms because even though loose, cyclical economics is semi-predictable.
        Finally, as you continue along the very oldest to very newest, you begin to get into very short-term leaks of mass consciousness which has appeared to some of us as VERY precisely correct dreams about future events. This is the branch I started back in 2008 with the National Dream Center project which my friend Chirs McCleary (lt.col.rtd, 4 or 5 masters degrees and I think he bagged the PhD (*ED) as well has been evolving.
        Thing, then leads us along the predictive spectrum a good distance in the direction of religious prophesy and contemporaries in this such as Manfred Zimmel’s great work at
        Continuing work in this area, as was laid out in Peoplenomics on Wednesday, there’s the coming technology to evolve people approaching death into (think of it as) transmitters and then work on ourselves as being improved “receivers” of information from those who have gone to work in other Realms.
        This is the basis of the concept behind my idea for Business plan for that was in the subscriber report Wednesday.
        I hope this helps with your quest for better “aware living.”
        For each of us in the development of these approaches, it’s a difficult task. Not unlike fishing.
        Once you have “touched future” (as Clif has) or future has shown itself in a dream (as it has for me many times) it somehow changes you. Makes it difficult to live an “ordinary life.”
        Which I think you’ll see if you consider the personalities of biblical prophets, then contemporaries (Nosty and Stu’s work) then trends after Celente’s work, Clif’s ongoing in social shifts and mine in markets, then off to the right you have direct dreams and precog events then to Zimmel and people touching future that way.
        Hope this helps you “get a grip.”

      • ALSO, Chris, consider that every person who knows the future, even if it’s only an infinitesimally small slice, CHANGES the future, whether they intend to, or not. Clif offered the WebBot technology he used to generate the Alta Reports to the U.S. (DOD or CIA — can’t remember – insufficient coffee) for free. They turned him down.

        Information is power. The government NEVER turns down or abandons a technology which could give them more information — unless they already have a like technology which works better. This is also my contention as to why the CIA abandoned their remote viewing project (after 26 years.) RVing didn’t become less useful. It became less-useful than a technology which came along later (probably as a result of the RVing Project.)

        ‘Point is, our government has a technology similar to Clif’s [web-crawler + analysis tool] but better, and has been jacking with all our futures, intentionally or otherwise, since the early 1990s. My only questions (and likely none of George’s readers will ever reach a pay-grade sufficient to answer it) are: “Are they doing so deliberately?” and “Who’s running the show…?”

  6. Also, never forget that “Scientology” was merely a container, into which Dianetics was placed, to shield it from certain of the vagaries and attacks wrought by modern society…

  7. Happy (day before) Thanksgiving George, family & all at US. Came across this design and thought of G2 & wanted to share:
    “The Human MANET Portable Radio (HaMPR) is a human-carried portable Amateur Radio Emergency Digital Network (AREDN) wireless Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) access device that encompasses both a MANET radio and an End User Device (EUD).”

    Learned of GoTenna from you G, thank you – now we are looking at rolling our own with cots for a parallel track for comms.

    Hope you all enjoy the holiday & recognize what you are grateful for.
    From NJ With Love

  8. In my constant state of elevated awareness being a Jedi last night I had the most beautiful dream . I was with the new prime minister of Australia Clive Palmer . A mutual friend who was with us but has passed drove us around in a big party atmosphere. Call the election in oz yah piece of sheet happy clappy Kok breath

  9. Comrades,

    Exciting news from Winston at the Records Department: going forward a newly created team of staff wearing vests with “Mask Compliance” emblazoned on the backs shall be patrolling the aisles and corridors to assist captive audiences within the Canada Life Centre. Patrons over the age of 5 years of age not displaying the proper decorum of covered mouth and nose when not actively eating or drinking will find themselves approached by Team Members, and where necessary evicted from the premises with attending police officers as required.

    It really does bring into perspective that the behaviors historically seen in pre-occupation Afghanistan, perhaps returned now with the taliban, of curbside burca and beard compliance checks were and are in fact simply demonstration of normal activity. Anything else would clearly be anti-social human behavior most at odds with a smoothly running and beloved Party.

    Enjoy the show!

    • Did Winston mention that this get up is a good cover up from the spy drones ??? You know facial and iris recognition?

      I’m thinking of buying a burka!

      I’ll take mine in sky drone invisible blue with a black trim.

      • Yeah…no!

        FR tech does not have the same limitations as human vision. The FR camera “sees” right through a burqa, ski mask, scarf, Halloween mask, etc., like it isn’t even there. A real FR mask is a bit of technological kit. AFAIK the only place a body can get one is from a certain clothier in Brazil, which caters to covert players, but sells (or at least sold) to the public.

    • Local shity goverment/municipality has mask mandate in place for all large indoor public gatherings in the shity. I am a season ticket holder for the Flyguyz in black and orange. Team mgt. has “held” my funds for over a year while covert19 plandemic was “injected” around the country – no Interest payed on the account during that time. NHL is back playing in front of the fans, and I am now forced to Sell my tickets for each game..usually at a loss. Shities demoncratic mayor, like every other demonrat in office, is drunk as shit on POWER. *keeping in mind The ___________ only helps those that Help Themselves.

  10. Black Friday sales !!! You blokes should have a look at your own sheethole . Sales !!! Yeah !!! Get a hammer smash in and take what you want !!! That’s a real bargain. Play with your own heads fools

    • If it’s “legal” to steal from the stores, it’s certainly legal to steal from the thieves! For a lark, you can steal the stuff back from the thieves and donate it to the original victim(the store). The thieves will get tired of their game when they start losing.

      I want to be able to do business next year too. Rampant theft will simply put all the providers out of business. Outside major cities, theft is viewed as a crime.

  11. Yeah yada yada yada . Talk talk talk . Pathetic do nothing . Look to America!!! Yeah right . Get old glory from ft McHenry and get a bit more red for China in it and a hammer and sickle somewhere for Russia !! Do it on thanksgiving get the dope to bless it

  12. “In which case, a modest global war, collapsed economy and civil disorder would be just the “crap sandwich” to hand incoming republicans in 2024.”

    ?????? IF… you were a Republican Politician.. Would you want to take over the job.. I wouldn’t.. The way I seen it.. we were at the teetering point.. When Trump took office.. he did give me the thought that maybe he could turn the whole mess around.. He was fought tooth and nail.. for four years.. Now the Democrats have the job and the answer.. instead of FIXing the situation and bringing jobs back.. their answer is PRINT.. well you may have a box full of checks but if the money in the bank isn’t there.. you cannot write those checks.. it is all going out on plastic.. printing money on tomorrows income.. and at this point even if they got the taxes for the trillions being hidden overseas.. it isn’t enough.. China knows this.. they have us by the short hairs.. and they know it. another three years of human trafficking illegal’s into this country by the thousands a day and printing more to keep it going…that is a nighmare that will unfold.. a republican wanting the job after the country has been decimated without any way to dig this mess out other than a total reset.. is just fooling himself.
    On Top of it.. we have politicians that the only thing they can see is the gifts that they are given to further the agenda of those wanting more.. those wanting more are smart to live in other countries and just shovel it here.. when it lights up.. they will go after us.. not the ones behind the situation..
    It is not a pretty sight from my point of view.. and then to see the things that they have done in the name of give me .. oh my..

    • First of all, 13 months.

      Barring a level of fraud that I’m not sure is even possible, the Republicans are going to landslide Congress, probably gaining the largest majority in the House in the past hundred years. At that time, it won’t matter how much All Out Crazy screeches. There will be NO FUNDING for any of the spending that’s been proposed to put our children into communist bondage and our grandchildren into brownstone hovels. With a 60-40 majority in the Senate, Presidential overrides will be likely as Dems in contested States realize there’s only 2 years remaining of their political careers if they don’t fall in with the majority of their constituents, and the Republican majority.

      The Communists and NAZIS are painfully aware of that 57 week deadline. This is why they’re pushing so hard to destroy the U.S. If they don’t make irrevocable, irreversible changes to our population and our society in the next 57 weeks, it is entirely possible that voters will revolt so completely against the Leftist mob that’s running the show, that the socialists’ chance to take the U.S. down will be gone for centuries…

      • “Barring a level of fraud that I’m not sure is even possible, the Republicans are going to landslide Congress, probably gaining the largest majority in the House in the past hundred years.”

        Fraud.. with this administration.. OTFLMAO… He has already been accused of that and it is only one of the minor things he has been accused of..
        we are living in a whole new world of ethics violations that has shocked the planet.. and a Congress that has given their whole support to an administration that adores them..
        I personally think that if only a fraction of what the family has been accused of is true could go down as potentially being one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of the USA and that is IF only a fraction of what they have been accused of is true..
        The world has published so much incriminating photos and videos.. While his own kids have posted and bragged.. that I certainly feel stunned about it all

    • BTW, the idea that the Feds can NOT pick up every illegal in CONUS is only a Leftist talking point. It would take them several years, but they could nab every single illegal alien. They wouldn’t have to, though. They could nab a few thousand in a high-profile manner, and millions would simply leave.

      The trick is to pass a law, providing that any illegal alien discovered on (in, under, above) U.S. Territory would be captured and deported, with no chance of ever being allowed in again,

      passing an Amendment which fixes the loophole in the 14th, that communist lawyers have exploited to create the concept of “anchor babies,”

      then firing every Federal bureaucrat who’s above a GS-10, and every General and Fleet officer who has not demonstrated an ability to levelheadedly command a battle, and an unswerving support for the Constitution.

      Whether Mr. Trump runs in 2024 or not, you can bet he has a private think tank busily at work, solving (in theory) every one of our actual social maladies, and all the ones they can game, that Creepy Joe might get us into. If Trump doesn’t run, his work will probably go to Ron DeSantis. If he runs, he’ll win, and likely won’t have a McCain, Collins, or Murkowski to have to fight along with the Establishment players of both parties. Folks like Rand Paul need to start looking now, for a suitable replacement in their States, because McConnell and his pinko ilk will get primaried at the earliest opportunity…

  13. OK. Is your first inter-[redacted] device in development going to be a set-top [redacted], a [redacted], or a [redacted]? What kind of [redacted] and [redacted] specs are required? Will you simply be able to reprogram existing [redacted], or, will novel circuitry be required? An open discussion of your technical stuff [not redacted] will certainly be of interest to your readers. What kind of shows do they have over there?

  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I’m so very grateful and humbled to be among such brilliant and wonderful people who consistently inspire me to be the best me I can be!

    On another note, I pushed out the other rival company today and now I own the Apple Cup! All my people and only my people. BOOM! Crushed it out of the park. What a wonderful day! THE DUDE is so good to me!

    Having dinner with the bunny tonight. Follow the white rabbit. LOL

    I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope! You are as well!

    • Ohhhhhassshiiit! The Bunny changed her looks and looks like Sheyl Crow now. . Same hair etc etc. Looks just like her. Except the new set of Bolt ons. Triple D

      Manifesting 101, Note #108,974,362
      Subsection WTFO,

      When creating a vision board don’t let your eggpant pick your future mate. Use the other head!

      seven three! Seven three! Is this damn thing on???? Very funny DUDE!


    • ” I pushed out the other rival company today and now I own the Apple Cup! All my people and only my people. BOOM! Crushed it out of the park. What a wonderful day! THE DUDE is so good to me! ”

      Some DUDE, indeed, who needs to punish others to make you feel good about yourself. Ha,ha,ha,ha ;-)

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