I’d be willing to bet that most Americans have no clue what the Johnson-Reed Act was.  Passed in 1924, and in 1929 setting an annual immigration quota of 150,000, the act was a continuation of restrictive immigration laws that were enacted before 1900.  As the Office of the Historian at the U.S. State Department site sums up:

When the congressional debate over immigration began in 1924, the quota system was so well-established that no one questioned whether to maintain it, but rather discussed how to adjust it. Though there were advocates for raising quotas and allowing more people to enter, the champions of restriction triumphed. They created a plan that lowered the existing quota from three to two percent of the foreign-born population. They also pushed back the year on which quota calculations were based from 1910 to 1890.

To put that into “modern terms” we look at the U.S. population and note it was 123.1 million.  So 150,000 would be total immigration of 1.2 percent.

Fast-forward to present times, and given a population of (roughly) 326-million, that would 391-thousand.

We’re so ridiculously over that it’s incomprehensible to a rational person.  According to the website immigrationpolicy.org “Between 2016 and 2017, the foreign-born population increased by about 787,000, or almost 2 percent—a rate higher than the 1 percent growth experienced between 2015 and 2016, but lower than the 3 percent increase between 2013 and 2014.”

We anticipate, because the government has essentially lost control of the Mexico border, that this year (which we won’t know with statistical certainty for several years) will top the 3% number.

And that’s why president Trump Sunday removed his head of the Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Neilsen, and while being polite in his announcement Tweet (thanking Neilsen for her service), Trump then posted:

…I am pleased to announce that Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, will become Acting Secretary for . I have confidence that Kevin will do a great job!.”

Who?  Wiki it and you’ll find:

“McAleenan’s previous nomination was supported by officials from both the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, a number of whom signed a letter to Congress expressing “enthusiastic support” for the “supremely qualified” McAleenan.[5] President Trump officially submitted the nomination to the Senate on May 22.”

While some sites headline things like “‘HOMELAND’ SEC OUT AFTER BORDER BOTCH” the data offers a different take:  The job of controlling the US-Mexico border is nearly-impossible and we will not be the least-bit surprised if additional military forces are sent to the border in the immediate future.

We are in a low-level war with Mexico (see low-intensity conflict for a deeper sense of it).  What makes it messy is that there are at least four major parties to the conflict (in addition to the countries of the U.S. and Mexico):  You have MS-13 which is expanding in major urban areas, you have foreign countries of Asia bringing in fentanyl by way of the back door.  Then you have immigration proponents selling  a historical rhyme based on reconquista, (essentially wanting to change the outcome of the Mexican-American War), and then we have the U.S. population which has a nearly insatiable hunger for everything from “Mexican dirt weed” to black tar heroin.  Oh, and toss in corporations who still hire undocumented (illegal aliens).

Cheerleading on one side is by liberalistas and Sanctuary advocates while on the other, people who can read statistics and realize that the 85-percent Anglo America is down to the lower 60’s now enroute to an Anglo minority b y 2045.

If you haven’t read this Brookings Institution summary.  While you’re at it, add Willian Frey’s book “Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America” to your reading list.

There’s more to come.

Do notice how the radical left is trying to blacklist anyone who has worked for Trump.  See Trump aides targeted in corporate blacklist effort by immigration, civil rights groups for details.  Ooops!  Wasn’t it the Left bitching about blacklists in the McCarthy era?

Why, it sure was.  Ain’t no new things under the Sun, huh?  Roles just shift.  Dang.  Run over by the wheels of history.

Licensing the Internet

The Internet is quickly lurching toward what I predicted in my 2012 book (Broken Web).  The process is pick up speed, too, as the Uninformed Kingdom (UK).

UK to keep social networks in check with internet safety regulator.”  It’s also “soft-soaped: in stories like “Websites to be fined or blocked for ‘online harms’ under new proposals.”

Unfortunately, here’s the problem:  While a “regulator” sounds (superficially) like a “good thing”, in the long run given a chance to judge people for social crimes, governments will expand power over people without limit.  Read up on how “social scoring” will either make – or break – your life in China, for example.

And, can someone tell me what “hate speech” is?  Near as I can figure it, anyone citing a different data set than the one governments (or despots) declare as official dogma are “hating.” Which is just plain ridiculous.

Speaking of hate and pandering, I forgot to mention the latest bad idea from Pocahontas.  Senator (and desperately seeking the presidency) Liz Warren wants to fine major corporations (over $1-billion in revenue) and jail CEO’s if they are deemed “negligent” in big data breaches.

You go Liz...punish the victims, not the perps – because that’s how screwed up today’s world has become.  Warren seems certain to play well to the lefties at the digital barricades.

Oh, and remember our prediction about Digital Mob Rule (the DMR)?  Here we go… Flash mobs spreading awareness among voters

I forgot to mention last month’s  DMR uprising in Germany.  But check CNN coverage of “Police stoned at flash mob in Frankfurt.”

Digilantism and digital lynching is the new norm among the button pressing phone-apes…bananas and data plans, yo?

Oh, and speaking of yo, can’t miss 24 people being shot in 30-hours as the warmest weekend in Chicago has seen a re-light of urban warfare.  The mainstream media isn’t calling it that yet, but give ’em time and enough bodies…they’ll figure it out sooner or later.

The Indo-Pak Mess

Fortunately, the world seems destined to flame-out in spectacular fashion with the pending India-Pakistan war, late summer to early fall time-frame.

But, just in time for Hitler’s birthdate (April 20) we may get a taste of “pre-war” as Pakistan says it has credible intel for around that date claiming India is planning an attack.

Say, you don’t suppose anything had anything to do with the “Fire reported at Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s office” do you?  No?  Of course not.  Coincidence of course….


Lemme see:  Pinterest IPO is aimed for 75-million shares in the $156-$17 range. That’s a shade under the latest private valuation, says the NY Times.

Dow futures were down ahead of the open (-75, or so).

Our aggregate work offers hope of another few hundred high before it’s time to “hit the silk” but that’s not advice in any way, shape, or form.

In the Shorts

University to offer ‘Angry White Male Studies‘ class this fall got our attention.  We’re wondering, in the interest of equality and all, whether the University of Kansas will also be offering “Angry White Female Studies” in keeping with Title IX?  Who would have taken Kansas to become the little Berkeley of the Midwest?

Or is sexism OK for one sex only?

Lookie here, now:  As long as we’re “ejacatin the ejacators”  “Yale Law School policy may discriminate against Christian groups, Sen. Ted Cruz says.”  Again, same question…any reverse discrimination is still discrimination.

Passings: Bill Isles, co-founder of chart-topping The O’Jays, dead at 78.

Mick Jagger is still doing fine

With that we begin Monday rounds and promise moron the ‘morrow