The Blue Ox and the Dying Sun Problem

Raise your hand, quick, if you know where the most famous statue of legendary wood-cutter Paul Bunyon and his Blue Ox Babe are located.

(Hmmm…no hands going up…)

Well, this is one of the reasons why Ham Radio is such a cool hobby during times when the End of the World (EotW) is in sight.

I  learned, talking to a fellow ham up in Minnesota, of two other important facts not previously filed correctly by my onboard wet-ware memory:

First is that the movie Fargo is not all set in Fargo, ND so much as elsewhere (Brainerd, MN) (repeat after me:  marketing, marketing, marketing) because no one would go to a movie with the name of an obscure name like Brainerd.

But, more importantly, a major snow storm is likely up there on Thursday…and that’s really the whole point.  Not a big national news story yet (doesn’t fit the “climate change hysteria” and “gimme a grant” pattern)  but if you happened to catch Minnesota Public Radio (rather than cruising the grown-up end of the 20-meter ham band), you’d have heard about the pending “April lion: Near-blizzard conditions likely Thursday.

Much later than “normal” but we haven’t seen normal since the 8080 processor was invented by Intel back in April of “ought-seventy-four.

(I’ve secretly got a new pet theory that the unchaining of Satan/Azazel was really Biblical metaphor for marketing of silicon brain replacing chips…but we’ll save that for another morning.)

The point (there is one around here somewhere…) is that, oh yes, the Sun is going out.

Not Big Time since we won’t blink out nova for between one and five billion years…

But in the shorter “waves” of actinic energy  (see: actinism), no revision to the “quiet Sun” forecasts that extend the forecast duration of this solar minimum out past 2023.  Here’s the latest Sunspot/Solar Cycle Progression chart from NOAA:

[Spreadsheet jock extra credit: Table of Predicted Values With Expected Ranges.  Give me line and stacked bar graphs…)

All of which is pretty interesting because while “climate deniers” peddle false conclusions (based on “adjusted data”) we’re much more interested in how this will set up mass global starvation during what’s shaping up like a new Maunder Minimum:  Which, if you Wiki it…turns up this:

“The Maunder Minimum, also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum”, is the name used for the period around 1645 to 1715 during which sunspots became exceedingly rare, as was then noted by solar observers.

The Maunder Minimum roughly coincided with the middle part of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America experienced colder than average temperatures. Whether there is a causal relationship, however, is still under evaluation.[13] Research at the Technical University of Denmark and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has linked large solar eruptions to changes in the Earth’s cloud cover and clouds are known to affect global temperatures.[14] The current best hypothesis for the cause of the Little Ice Age is that it was the result of volcanic action.”

You tracking on this?

Now let’s get down to some really simple science.  Everyone knows Einstein’s E=mc-squared equation:  Energy equals mass times the constant speed of light squared.  What most people don’t want to address head-on it that we also know how a Sun “grows planets” (under Ure’s Crackpot Theory #361):

The formula rearranges to what?  E/c-squared equals mass.  So?  Not proven, but sitting there right in front of us in the idea that energy condenses to mass.  And that’s probably why some planets are Big (old) and others are Small (young).  But hey!  This is nominally an economics class so back to point.

The association between long-term Sunspot tracks and human behavior is also in there, if you go looking for it.  Other than Martin Armstrong and a few other clear-thinkers, however, no one seems to get it.

OK, there’s a ton in the literature, but most people won’t read a book like Watts Wacker’s classic “The 500-Year Delta: What Happens After What Comes Next” and connect any dots.

But let me help:  The 500-year cycles are “soft” – in lay terms, it’s like a widely-dispersed Gaussian distribution.  Or, in ham radio terms, it’s like an IF passband with one megahertz between 6-db points.

The idea is that if we take 1645 *(and maybe earlier, because people had little interest in counting sunspots accurately then – back in the time before climate study grants) and add 400-years then we get “due to pull into the station shortly.”

And that’s why when we toss in the secular news flow, we get very worried about what could be ahead.  Although my wild-man son (George II) who likes to solo snow-camp in the high Cascades, may be ahead of us all on survival skills acquisition.

For Everyone Else?  Indo-Pak NukeWar

Yeah, When stories like “India and Pakistan Trade Barbs; Violence Escalates in Libya“” run up on Foreign Policy’s website, we pay attention.  Ditto with demands like India demanding to know if U.S. teams were at Pakistan military bases during the recent aerial dog-fighting.  Looks like we have already gotten sucked into things, after all.

Fortunately, our favorite war-gamer (from the AF2025 period) (“warhammer“) keeps us on the intellectual straight and narrow:


An Indo-Pak has been on the war gaming-table for almost 30 years.  Back in 1990, the Naval War College’s Global War games examined the regional and global ramifications of a sizeable exchange between the two ideologically and theologically opposed nations.  Grim is a mild word for nuke war after effects, even with a ‘limited’ one between India and Pakistan.

More recently, Scientific American put out a report (2009) postulating that any Indo-Pak war would not necessarily be a short one.  Hostilities would continue for months or even years.  Once nukes were let loose, up to 2 million souls could be lost due to the lingering radioactive after effects, let alone being vaporized in the initial attack.  Competition for fresh water in the war zone and fallout areas could precipitate additional armed conflicts.

Communications of all types would suffer due to the EMP with dust and radioactivity in the atmosphere impairing radio signals.  Next, smoke from the ensuing infernos would dim the sun globally for somewhere around 10 years, resulting in widespread crop shortages, hunger and starvation.   Regionally, radioactive clouds swirling around the Himalayas.  Depending upon the time of year, some would push west toward Africa and S. Europe, or some would blow into S. Russia and sizeable amounts could end up hitting the jet stream over the Pacific, eventually manifesting global effects and jeopardizing N. America and the Caribbean.  Killer frosts in the summer, a global cooling average of 2.3F, a 10% reduction in participation worldwide with up to 40% reductions in the monsoon regions.  Then there’s health issues due to radioactive fallout, which will ramp up cancers and birth deformities in all species for decades.

Regarding Ure prime interest in financial markets, we’d endure a global turbulence unseen since the 1929 Crash.  Many fortunes would vanish.

This article has IMO one of the more informative summaries of an Indo-Pak nuke bash.”

Seems to us, the only point they don’t really dwell on is the potential for a quick chill from an Indo-Pak exchange serving as a lead-in to what we’ve penciled in as the coming MaundURE Minimum.

What bothers us?  (And here’s the whole thinking-point of 1200 words so far, lol):

“The time ahead may being a bigger economic calamity that even the Great Depression. Maybe by a couple of orders of magnitude with a billion or two dead or dying and the heat going off, return of massive ice sheets and all that.   What’s a bitch is there may not be any effective ways left to spend on those delicious profits.”

So on that cheery note, we’ll now return to research for an upcoming Peoplenomics article:  “Best People-Killers:  War, Weather, or Worship?”

Bonus Thinking Point

Remember the dates of the Renaissance?  Back side (bottom) of  a 500-year (nominal cycle).  14th through 17th centuries.

Wouldn’t it be some graceful-shit if we’re in the same “flowering” of human advance on our own cycle’s backside?

Remember, as the Sun cools, the color temperature will change (lower) and this may provide for a bit of “global healing” (see Richter & Tan, 2014).  This as the IR/NIR component of sunlight changes up.  Which then gets into another light crown discussion which we’ve been nattering-on about since 2016 both on the Peoplenomics side as well as in my book Dimensions Next Door.

Whew!  Back to the economics, then, shall we?  Just remember, Thursday the Blue ox gores Gore.

The War With Mexico

OK, we’ve been through all this in models years ago.  What’s coming to pass is very-much “in bounds” in terms of escalation path and such.

The current footwork is well-described in the AP story about how the shakeup at Homeland Security involves more than just Kirstjen Neilsen being asked to show herself out…

In one model, the growth of illegals gets so overwhelming that US forces will open fire to staunch the flow and then wer=’re into the re-run of the Mexican-American war, but it would be more like a (*Spanish-speaking) Balkanization of several states (SoCal and parts of west Texas) and the U.S. would be demonized and that will dash any chance of a Trump second presidency.

Modeling, though, is squishy and anything can happen.  Especially when the mainstream keeps people dumbed-down and insists it’s not a war.

In case you are not good at remembering so far back:

verb: war; 3rd person present: wars; past tense: warred; past participle: warred; gerund or present participle: warring
1. engage in a war.
“small states warred against each other”

As I explained yesterday, the Balkanization (i.e. divide (a region or body) into smaller mutually hostile states or groups.
“ambitious neighbors would snatch pieces of territory, Balkanizing the country“)  arises from the fact that we have at least a half-dozen parties to the conflict including multiple national governments, cartels, drug consumers, Sanctuary promoters and a certain eastern European socialist who has been supporting reconquista groups.

Big money, though for said billionaire.  And it will be the short of a lifetime as it becomes apparent.

In the Now

Trump just turned up the global trade war by tweeting:

“The World Trade Organization finds that the European Union subsidies to Airbus has adversely impacted the United States, which will now put Tariffs on $11 Billion of EU products! The EU has taken advantage of the U.S. on trade for many years. It will soon stop!

Dow futures are only down 14 – perhaps people aren’t past the morn ing hangovers yet on the Street?

National Federation of Independent Business outlook just posted this morning:

Unfilled Job Openings Ties Record High; Owners Retaining Workers at Record Levels

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Apr. 9, 2019) — The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index increased 0.1 points to 101.8 in March, a historically strong level and an indication that small businesses continue to power the economy after being briefly shaken by January’s government shutdown. Overall, the Index anticipates solid growth, keeping the economy at “full employment” with no signs of a recession in the near term. The Uncertainty Index dropped six points to 79, returning to a more normal level for recent years.

Which is why we don’t expect the world to end today.  But eventually, sure.

OK, off to a drive-by hamburger after dryer hose shopping spree at the local hardware emporium.  Zoom client conference at 1 PM and gotta get my veggies planted.  Busy times but moron the morrow..

Extra Credit:Send a link to this page to everyone you know with a cover note:  “No matter how shitty today turns out, this is still “the good old days.”

30 thoughts on “The Blue Ox and the Dying Sun Problem”

  1. Boy everyone is sure obsessed with a nuclear war,will we have one will a nuclear war break out,not just no but hell no the sane countries around Pakistan and India will mediate a solution (Russia,Iran and of course China) meanwhile the press and media cry nuclear war.

    Now with all the b.s. on a tight labor market (and it is b.s.) and Trumps BOOMING ECONOMY I see he just kicked the Feds chair in the arse and told him to cut rates and restart the QE’S,seems pumping the economy has run out of steam, while we boost the defense budget and go another trillion in debt,lol probably all Russia fault.Guess the American people really weren’t listening(do they ever) when Reagan said we don’t need manufacturing for we will become the financial center of the world, not a dollar will turn but what we will get a slice of it,meaning of course that we now have financial capitalism, instead of capitalism based on the selling of goods, no wonder they went into a panic in 2008-2009 when the market was heading south bailing out banks all over the world,lol welcome to the brave new world where the Russian Bear is again the boggy man.!!

    • Robert: Interest rates were going up too fast. The brakes needed to be applied. Remember when Mark mentioned how the higher rates were negatively affecting his real estate business in SF. Most likely business is much better for Mark now, & maybe he will thank PT …Instead of slamming him. Remember PT is a real estate Guru & knows what needs to be done to succeed.

      • Interest rates going up my foot,the little small interest rates the FED installed have had NO effect on wall street or any place else,when he tells the Fed chair to cut interest rates AND commence QE’S it means the market is getting ready to take a dump one, that they can’t control,as far as the orange clown knowing what has to be done, I think I will check with his shrink on that one, for somewhere in all those lies he spews out he lost me.!!!

  2. I’ve been wondering what had happened to the Expanding Planet theory. Haven’t heard anything about it in a few years but I always thought it would be a good explanation as to why World land fauna achieved such huge proportions in ages past.

  3. Mr. Ure, here I go again repeating a part of what I said earlier commenting on the Indo-Pak war. It is being promoted to create hysteria and wring votes in favor of current admin, which is seen as a more belligerent party, willing to confront Pakistan. Basically, ready to war. As to your 72 year cycle, this is not likely to apply here, since that would imply a lull, ebbs and flows in between, a kind of thaw in the relationship, but that has never been the case, the 2 countries have been at war right through, directly & indirectly. Imagine having constant shelling from either side on the Medico-US border, spanning California to Texas, what would you consider it as? On analysis, though if the current admin stays in office, there is likelihood of more cross border infiltrations, it still will not result in an all out war. India is more likely headed for uncivil times, as in civil war, due to a growing population (bloated as it is) not having access to sufficient food and water, in time.

  4. Second Guessers vs. First Guessers: Congress is a 2nd guesser…2nd guess ever thing PT does & get nothing done. PT is a 1st guesser…look to better the future & get things done. Washing DC will no allow such thinking…It needs controversy. Amen.

    I am working on linking the Polititions of today to Biblical characters.

  5. Apropos the global cooling coming. You might find it interesting to view Randall Carlson’s theory. Joe Rogan has interviewed him several times. According to Carlson, we are within the longest stretch of warming that has ever occurred according to evidence found in the ice cores taken that reached down two miles.
    IIRC, you once said you don’t recommend links, but should you or anyone else be curious as to what Carlson’s theory is, you might check out Rogan’s #606. Makes sense to me.
    I’m keeping my woolies and wishing for a yuuuge greenhouse.

  6. Question for Warhammer: Do either India or Pakistan have High Altitude EMP (HEMP) super-EMP weapons in their arsenals?

    • HEMP is not a superweapon. The best EMP-causing weapon ever made is not some state-of-the-art hydrogen/plutonium bomb, but the plain ol’ Nagasaki-style U-235 atom bomb everybody built so’s they could comprehend the esoterica required to move up to megaton H-bombs. 80Kt is probably enough, but the prevailing thought is for 120-220 kiloton bomb space-bursts @ 100-225 miles above the ground. HEMP is line of sight, so if you can see the flash, plan for your unprotected equipment to be instantly transformed into paperweights.

      So, “yes.” The U.S., Russia, China, the UK, France, Israel, NK, India, and Pakistan ALL have EMP devices in their arsenals…

      BTW, if’fn yer ever worried about your HT getting fried in a solar flare or HEMP burst, virtually every Western household already has a handy-dandy Faraday cage at their disposal — We’uns call ’em “microwave ovens.” As long as your home wiring is code, you have a proper ground stake, and the microwave has a grounded 3rd wire, anything chucked in it before flash-goggle time, will survive the pulse…

      • The issue connected with the HEMP weapons is escalation of a regional refugee crisis and reduction of ability of the target nation(s) to recover and support the surviving population.
        Outside the areas of complete destruction and heavy fallout in a regional nuclear exchange, there will remain areas of where sanitation, communication and electrical services which remain more or less functional and can support refugees and rebuilding. The HEMP weapons change this by attacking the communication, electrical, and control system infrastructures over vast stretches of the landscape. This damages not only communication and power infrastructure, but sanitation, transportation, food distribution, agriculture and any industry with automated controls in areas otherwise relatively unaffected by the blast and radiation effects.
        The HEMP weapons also cause damage to infrastructure in neighboring countries, reducing their ability to absorb refugees or lend humanitarian assistance.
        In a regional conflict where a limited number of nuclear weapons are in play, the HEMP weapons make the aftermath much more severe, and potentially spread what started as a spat between neighbors to engulf an entire continent.
        And Ray, are you really promoting microwave ovens for shielded storage? I bet I can identify your house on the street by the smoke pouring out the kitchen window. Get a popcorn can or small metal trash can with tight-fitting lid, some cardboard, and some aluminized mylar storage bags and follow the directions on the web for putting together EMP storage assemblies.
        Last, a 220 kiloton weapon is going to be a “super”, which is what they once called the thermonuclear weapons. Most of what you read about EMP weapons in the open literature is based on conjecture, so I won’t comment on design issues.

      • n_____, if the magnetron tube is not activated and the shield is grounded, the oven will protect contents from an EMP, just as they protect users from the radiation generated by the magnetron when the oven is in use.

        Personally, I have an actual (tuned) Faraday cage, where I store backup COMMS and some really delicate photographic equipment.

        …And I got my information from DoD and a number of EEs, many years ago.

      • I’m not disputing the shielding value of a microwave oven. Kids have a way of punching buttons at the worst possible moment, like when the microwave is stuffed with data devices & electronics.

  7. Indo/PAK – is a diversion, dont look now but Iran just declared US forces Terrorists – meaning officially can go after US forces in Anti- Terror ops. The orange Golum of greatness was told to do likewise with Iranian forces being declared Terrorists – it is on like donkey kong – guess Bibi needs a War, any War will do for our blood thirsty Masters in Jerusalem. Light,light LIGHT EM UP!

    Got Marshmellows?

  8. Paul Bunyon and his Blue Ox Babe are located in the Paul Bunyon Cook Shanty in The Dells Wisconsin. All you can eat breakfast. Sugar donuts. Walleye and chicken for dinner. Lumberjack show. I was taken there in 1962 by my uncle and continued taking my children and nephews. Not to be missed.

    • The best food I ever had was in China entered through an old woman’s living room into the dining room.. Big picnic benches and an old wood stove with a wok on it. No menu.. She just started hauling out food..

      The second best place had quite a bit of similarity. West Virginia. I was in a caving grotto and we went into a restaurant..coal miners everyone sitting at a long picnic table .. One price family style everything you could want.a bacon ham hash that was to die for good.
      The third best place was a by accident place.. We were traveling..I was bring a smart ads and someone was asking where should we eat. There was this small rusty sign with bullet holes through it saying the cat fish house.. I of course said hey we should eat there.. The longest 12 miles I’ve ever been down..we pulled in to the Disney land of fine was awesome..everything you could possibly want and more.

  9. Raise your hand, quick, if you know where the most famous statue of legendary wood-cutter Paul Bunyon and his Blue Ox Babe are located.

    Quick.. same question.. but this time its the famous statue of the Jolly Green Giant… that stands at the farm.. LOL the first time I seen it was a foggy fall morning and I was riding with my dad in his delivery truck..

    I love the blue ox the best

  10. George

    “sitting there right in front of us in the idea that energy condenses to mass.”

    There used to be a video on youtube that showed the earth with time reversed in a high speed fashion. As time regressed the earth shrank in size and eventually all the continents sans water fit together rather snuggly.

    If true that as planets spin and gather energy which turns into mass then the above could have happened.

    If so then gravity was much less in the past. That might explain how the huge sauropods could have such long necks and pump blood to their heads.

    The scientist Bruce DePalma, (brother of the film director), did a lot of research into spinning bodies. One of his experiments was to spin a ball up to about 20,000 rpm. That ball side by side with an identical non spinning ball were launched at a 45 degree angle using a catapult device. The spinning ball traveled much further!


    One theory is that spinning masses suck in energy from their surroundings via a process called Frame Dragging.

    Modern science doesn’t like to talk about this.

    You might also check out Lt. Col. Tom Bearden at for info on similar topics.

    Now if there was a leak in the Space-Time wall of a now adjacent universe and some spinning energy was expelled maybe this started our universe. But it’s early here and another cup of coffee is needed!!!

  11. re: “The War With Mexico” wouldn’t mining a strip of border (with adequate warning signs!) solve most of what we’re discussing about unwanted immigration? Why doesn’t anyone suggest this most cost-effective solution to a problem? It sounds old fashioned, but?

    • Schzizophrenia rules supreme, because it’s ‘alright’ to talk about muclear war, but handgranates and/or mining our borders (with warning signs!) are not kosher to discuss, perhaps?!

      “Damn the torpedos full speed ahead,” who said that?

    • No. You don’t comprehend the animals whom media affectionately calls “coyotes,” nor the impact of a good, bloody vidclip.

      Were we to build a minefield, Soros or Steyer would buy the people-runners a camera. The people-runners would then turn the camera on, point it at the border, and start chucking small children and babies into the mine field. If they didn’t get a “hit,” they’d have a map through the minefield, but if they DID, every Marxist propaganda outlet (the things we used to call “news” channels) in the world would have the video within 10 minutes.

  12. My problem with the fed and interest rates is that we are still at ’emergency low levels’ in the best economy ever. One has to assume that the ’emergency’ has passed by now and if we can’t normalize rates (a measly 5%) in this economy, when will they ever be able to? The damage the fed has done -long-term- to the economy by keeping the rates so low for so long is unfathomable. They have encouraged malinvestment on a draconian level and they have prompted companies to borrow low in order to repurchase their own shares at record prices in order to make the company look solvent. The money isn’t going into R & D or product development, as it should be. What a mess

    • Big G: Stock buybacks are an investment in yourself because the company sees a bright future & a benefit to stockholders. R & D spending is on the increase to stay competitive, remain the tech leader, & develop new super weapons to keep the rest of the world in line. With all the wars the US is fighting, we need a strong economy & low interest rates to pay for it. One day a recession will stop buy to remind us of our evil ways. It always does.

  13. “The War With Mexico”

    This will be an interesting war. If it goes hot general citizens will be able to defend the Motherland border.

    “Support the Troops” can be taken to the next level.

  14. The earths core is made of plasma. The Aether is plasma in its non liquid and non solid state.

    Just like our physical bodies are made up of plasma.

    The Sun is made of liquid plasma. It sends non liquid plasma or Aether to the planets which charges their cores and causes them to spin.

    Liquid iron wont hold a magnetic charge or maintain a magnetic field. However, liquid plasma will.

    As the sun cools and releases less Aether, it causes the planet to cool.

    That is my theory based on my research of Einstein and Teslas work.

    The problem is not only the sun is going through a cooling phase, the earth is measurably moving further away from the sun. As this happens, “friction” between the electromagnetic fields of the earth and the fields of other planets, including the sun creates a displacement in the the aether causing heat at the poles.

    Remember. As the sun cools, its magnetic field is reduced.

    So we see the melting at the ice caps and the cooling in the center of the planet and strange weather occurrences as a result.

    See teslas explination on gravity here.

    • Also please see Dr. Bhat’s work about the spiral eliptial patterns.

      All the planets move up and down in a spiral fashion just the sun does with regards to the centet of our Galaxy.

      It moves in the Krystal spiral patern not the Fibernaci spiral pattern

    • Pop quiz: You’re at a cocktail party. Inevitably, the conversation turns to electric cars. An attractive member of the opposite sex leans over to you, sizes you up as someone who knows their amps from their volts, focuses a pair of bedroom blue eyes in your direction that burn a hole through you like a laser beam, and in a soft, suggestive voice says, “Hey, what’s up with Tesla Motors using a 3-phase 4-pole AC induction motor to power their cars? Why did they go that route?”

      The shortest possible answer to the question of why Tesla Motors uses a 3-phase 4-pole AC induction motor to power all its cars is of course “because.” If this works, fine. Move to the dance floor. If a further response is required, a slightly more elaborate because is that the prototype EV that Tesla Motors licensed the technology to was already using an AC motor. Furthermore, it’s been pointed out that if a DC motor had been used, then Tesla Motors couldn’t be called Tesla Motors, given that Nikola Tesla was into AC, not DC.

      • Ha ha ha! E.C.S. thats funny!!!

        You know what i would say to this attractive woman with lazer blue eyes?

        Well i have this Theory… about Binary Electricity, BC current and a vortex propulsion drive to create hyper jump and travel faster than the speed of light. I would draw a picture of the the Yin/Yang sybol and explain that this mystical symbol is actually the blueprint for a engine that
        using Binary Electricity you could create twin torus fields between two poles if the engine. One using dark matter and then other plasma.

        I would draw the Yin/yang symbol on piece of paper and shape a piece of paper into a sphere. I see its not a flat object at all. Its a 3D motor.

        BC electricity could be estabished in this motor by combining the massive magnetic force in dark matter and equally opposite magnetic force of plasma to create twin vortex’s.

        one pulling at the point of destination using the dark matter magnetic attraction and one at the point of origin by creating a vortex using plasma magnetic force to pushing. The motor itself would be the link between the two. Once both Binary torus fields were generated a binary electric field would encompass the vessle and hyper jump to the destination in less than the blink of an eye.

        In theory, Electric Binary Current has yet to be invented. Elon isnt an inventor or science dude, he is an opportunist. Buisness man. Making money of of other peoples ideas. Just like Henry Ford did. Nothing wrong with that, Everything is a buisness model, then id laugh.

        Tesla was a wizzard and an scientific outlaw.

        Then i would say the theory came to me line dancing one night with a woman. Lol. In line dancing the woman pushes agains the guy and the guy pulls against the woman.

        Then id Smile, and say you wanna get out of here? Lets head to this spot i know and check out the stars. Have to go through the truck wash first though. :)

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