Current Research

Too many subjects and not enough time at Old Man Labs.  But, some of it is just damn useful so we will wade through a nicely sized helping this morning.

Talking trees, light crown construction,  and free energy are all on the agenda.

After the usual headlines, charts and half-caf.

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25 thoughts on “Current Research”

  1. Instead of chasing trades & driving youself nuts, all you had to do to make substantial gains was buy TQQQ & sit back until the trend reverses. You are missing the 75% of the time upside market profits. Idle cash like idle people don’t prosper.

  2. Off topic, but I was just thinking. All of these people entering our Country. How many of them are Doctors or Lawers or Dentists or Contractors or skilled tradesmen, how many? Another thing, is it really true that the vast majority of those crossing into the US cannot read or write their native language ( Spanish ) ? Just thinkin.

  3. Cheese… and solar water heater..

    Boy am I pumped.. a friend just asked me if I would make some cheese for his family.. absolutely.. that means I get to make cheese for our family.. LOL..

    I do 2 1/2 gallons at a time.. love making cheese.. I made my own culture incubator..

    Then I get a call.. years and Years and YEARS ago.. I had made a design and submitted it to the DOE I had been asked what kind of building I would make..and this was something that I wanted to make for myself LOL….. I get a call from someone that came across it as they were tossing crap out .. LOL.. that is cool.. so I get to make one this summer they are planning on sending me some stuff to make it with…. or a small one.. if it works the way I want.. it should be able to be more efficient than vacuum tubes easier to make and reproduce..

    first my garden.. I have to get out there and start working on it.. just so damned wet again..

  4. Hay GU, do you have any links for those nir light strips? Searched on amazone but no go, at least this AM. Thanks.

  5. Yo G! Did you know you can buy a used Tank for under $100k??? I was just looking at a M47 Patton tank and it comes with 10 projectiles for $85,000 just have to have a FFL, to be able to “use” the projectiles. Apparently you can own them without an FFL.

    That would be super fun! They even have a class to teach ya to drive it. Free shipping too.

  6. Its easier to buy a Tank, (they even have “fairly new” Russian ones for sale in the US) than it is to buy a Used Hum V from Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Super trippy! And you can legally own ten 125 Millimeter rounds.

    Put that at the front gate at the ranch. Ha ha ha no more deer poachers. ha ha ha

    I can hear myself now, so this guy you are seeing has a suped up Toyota 4X4 and a shot gun? And he took ya out stump jumping under the moon light last weekend?

    Hmmmm say hello to my little friend! ROTFLMFAO!

    Fricken Kewl!

    • Yup…

      DOD designated the M998 HMMWV public sales as “for scrap only” (ya has to scrap, then prove the deed was done, to satisfy the paperwork and binding affidavits you’re compelled to sign, before you’re allowed to participate in the auction.) Rumor has it that one block of 1000 M998s assigned to the USMC “escaped” this designation, through some kind of bookkeeping error (and Aahnold’s HMMWV was allegedly one of this lot.) DOD has since made Humvees available for tactical and public service sales (PDs and fire departments, mostly.) Any of THOSE which eventually hit the public sales or surplus markets are fair game for civilian ownership, because the title and registration BS will have been done by the public service agency which purchased them. Civvy HMMWVs (and tanks, trucks, AAVs, etc.) are occasionally available as streetable vehicles, from Oshkosh, Memphis Equipment, Eastern Surplus, Norcatec, and smaller places like C&C Equipment. Mileage is rarely 5-digits, even on a 30yo vehicle, and prices are comparable to a used F250 or 2500HD…

  7. My “Current Research” tells me that we are living in a

    LUNATIC ASYLUM. I needed to get rid of this thought

    before the ‘Grim Reaper’ knocks on my door. Sorry!

    • ROTFLMFAO! Like that anonymous person said Bruno, put some popcorn in your pocket, if it starts popping, scram! Gtfo of there! Like scooby doo style!

      Everyone know the Grim Reaper is actually a hot sauce made by Bayou Pierre down in Lousiana. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      • Lol lol that the one that you have to sign a release in the even you die. Or in the hospital lol…

      • Al.b I grew some of those.. I was going to grind them into pepper and make pepper balls.

        After my daughters husband tried to kill her she has been so terrified to even open her door. Not liking guns I thought she should carry a pepperball gun so I grew a batch.


    On February 11, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to launch the American AI Initiative.

    The order asks federal agencies to prioritize AI research and training.

    They will “develop and implement an action plan to protect the advantage of the United States in AI … against strategy competitors and foreign adversaries,” says the White House’s press release.

    The federal government already has plans to spend billions of dollars on AI in the coming years. And a lot of that money will be going to tech companies across the country.

    America’s New Agenda

    Last year, the Department of Defense created the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

    The JAIC researches AI and works on projects for the military. It also offers AI expertise for the Pentagon and all branches of the military.

    The JAIC’s projected budget for 2019 is $89 million. But it’s expected to balloon to $414 million in 2020. That’s a 365% increase in just one year.

    In addition, the American AI Initiative has five main agendas:
    1. Increase spending: “Prioritize federal AI spending on cutting-edge ideas that can directly benefit the American people.”
    2. Preserve safety: “Maintaining the safety, security, civil liberties, privacy and confidentiality protections we all expect.”
    3. Promote trust: “Foster public trust in AI systems by establishing guidance for AI development.”
    4. Create training: “Prioritize fellowship and training programs to help American workers gain AI-relevant skills.”
    5. Ensure American values: “Ensuring that the technology is developed in a manner consistent with our nation’s values and interests.”
    Items 2, 3 and 5 seem to indirectly reference ethical concerns over combat drones.

    Last year, thousands of employees at Google signed a letter protesting the company’s involvement in developing AI for drone strikes. Google employees’s I guess forgetting it could save thousands of soldiers lives (must be from CA), but I guess they prefer the less tech flamethrower.

    One recent report shows that American tech companies have openings for more than 10,000 AI-related jobs. And as AI continues to advance, its uses will grow outside of military applications. It will transform every aspect of work, home and society.

    • I have a bad feeling about this!

      It may be inevitable, and we might as well hop on the gravy train; but we already have enough problems with human “intelligence”.

    • This is such BS. Trump is taking credit for a hybrid research effort and philanthropic fund that has been in the works since 2017 at MIT and Harvard. There is also a similar initiatives in California. By the way, AI is already responsible for over 18 million jobs and growing…and they certainly don’t need any Swiss cheese initiative on AI created by a brainless boob to .further the development. AI is responsible for about 65% of the hires here in the Silicon Valley. They think Trumps initiative is a joke. Trump talking technology is similar to someone’s square dad trying to rap.

  9. The LED strips are an interesting idea, and simple to configure. I presume that they are just a parallel array of series resistors and diodes to limit the current at 12VDC. Obviously, if they are run on a battery there will be only DC, but using a power adapter may induce significant ripple at either 60 or 120 Hz, depending on the design. Most power adapters are cheap and not that clean. Ideally, a strong, narrow pulse would be strobed at 40 hz from a stable signal generator and a clean DC source. The idea of a narrow pulse is that it would penetrate deeper(to the hippocampus) if it was driven more intensely without excessively heating the diode(s) or scalp. Perhaps 24-48V with the same nominal RMS power that the strip was designed for. Of course, the diodes may be a limiting factor here, but probably not if they have individual series resistors. If I actually had some of that “spare time” stuff, I’d want to try it myself. Perhaps in six months or so if then…..

    These conjectures may not all be valid if the strip uses a different method of driving the diodes. Regardless, the 40hz research is very interesting and deserves further exploration.

    • LOL I ordered some REAL MAGNETS from them once for an old man project.. got the package..
      there was a nice hole in the side where the box had been ripped open.. LOL LOL no magnets inside LOL LOL LOL LOL… someplace.. between there and here.. there is this chunk of magnet sticking to a conveyor … LOL LOL LOL.. they have a great service department to..

  10. I am seeing more articles about “How to fix Your tax Witholding for 2019”. As with most tax reform, the middle class has been screwed once again with the false promise of lower taxes. As Joe Biden would say, “I Don’t Get It, Man” But the good side is the economy is strong so work within the system to prosper. There is always an opportunity out there for you in our country. That is why our dollar is desired & the best & brightest want to come here.

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