How “Real” is the Market’s “Trump Rally?”

This morning we have to look at a pile of data, including more of the historical analogs between the presidency of Herbert Hoover and the election this past week of Donald Trump.

So bean up (or light up) and into the data, if you please.

We have two date ranges for the all-time market high in 2017 to discuss.

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14 thoughts on “How “Real” is the Market’s “Trump Rally?””

  1. Hi George,

    Please correct the date in the last line of your report. It must be a decaf day. I know that 2014 is wrong, but I can only guess what you really meant to say.

  2. George- I am not being critical of you here,but only ask because of all the fascist/Hitlerian (potential) claims against Trump…in your history ryhmes comparisons, you have stuck to the “American” comparison using Hoover. Is there any value or comparison to be made by looking to the similar time frame, but different continent?

    • Topic for the Wed Peoplenomics coming up. Here’s a hint: What is our Reichstag Fire is the Electoral\College being bought off?
      Dec 19 on that

      • That’s what Im wondering. Will those casting the electoral votes on Dec 19, change the winner to Hillary by casting their vote for her in a majority sense of way? Its not impossible but would be unprecedented. From what I read, they will be fined a small amount and they can vote for the opposition candidate, Hillary.

  3. For Pete’s sake Kerry hiding in Antartica as the designated survivor? Is Obumnuts that stupid? Never mind dumb question.

    Also am I the only one wondering why Hildebeast isn’t shouting her guts out about the election being hijacked by the Russians? Weren’t we all getting sick of her making that excuse for everything from the wikileaks to Huma’s emails on ex spouse weenies laptop during the last month or so?

  4. One of the best articles I’ve had the pleasure to read in a very long time, but we all need to remember, constitutionally Trump isn’t really President Elect, until the Electoral College officially votes December 19th.

    Hillary could still be made our next president.

    Thou the Electoral College has never voted against the will of the people (to my knowledge), they do have the option.

    What better way to push the Globalist agenda then start a civil war?

    • Nobody won by a landslide. 47 percent of Americans voted for nobody, far outweighing the votes cast for Trump (25.5 percent) and Hillary (25.6 percent) by eligible voters.

      • When the fraud is Removed from the election process, those who had accurate polls said the trump lead was at least 2-1, and may have been as high as 5-1.

        Yes America, your election process is actually that corrupted.

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