Coping: Earthquake Tireds, Remodeling Madness

For the attention deficit, we will start with the graphics first.

I told several people that I would have to call them back Monday because Elaine and I are in the middle of a large remodeling project of the guest quarters.


Elaine does the design part:  “Here take this old sionk and vanity and turn it into something that is all the same height and such…I want toilet paper shelf and towel space on the right and cover that water heater on the left.

“Uh…yes ‘’mam…”  She’ll get the tile set, grouting done, and will paint it all in a pearl white iridescent…Marine varnish trim for the back-splash.  She will make the wainscot look disappear from the old vanity.

clip_image001Remember last week when I told you about how “clever” I was, what sneaking in a tile saw to the project budget? Now I ask you, does this fellow fit the definition of “Clever?”  (Notice the muddy shirt?)

imageAnd yes, since that little tile saw I recommended to you last week (SKIL 3540-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw ) is a water-cooled diamond blade saw, what the instructions don’t mention is “Don’t over-fill the water reservoir” thinking it is a good idea.

Take it from me, after cutting the tile for the bathroom make-over, it was time for a shower.

In East Texas there is an odd sport. People take four-by-four trucks, jack them up three to six feet, diddle with the drivetrain, and put massive jacks and lifters in, special shocks and anything else you can think of. The money people here in red-neck land save by drinking beer is handed over in no-time to someone who promises a better “mud run.”  They should sell tile saws.

Think of Louis Litt (from Suits) but without the style.

In the end, the cabinets and the tile came out passably good.  But we’re both pleased. Best of all, it doesn’t cost as much as a spendy vacation, makes the old homestead more of a destination (rather than decimation) for the family. And we’re around to feed the cat.

Those cheapy $9 goggles I told you about do the trick for keeping sawdust out of your eyes if you wear contacts, to BTW.

Monday Woo-Woo: Friday Earthquake Tireds

We have had this discussion several times before – how I get very tired – to the point where all I want to do is sleep and it comes in the window 18 to 72 hours before a major earthquake.

I hasd that in spades Friday afternoon, central time.

I had at first chalked it up to working my tail off and losing 10 pounds in the process. Why, the lack of cholesterol and liver solvents maybe was just taking its toll, I figured.

But then I woke up at 1:04 AM Saturday morning with one hell of a dream. It was so odd that I woke Elaine up and told her about it.

After the fact, but still and interesting damn dream.

In the dream – I will skip the fancy party, hanging around with rich folks in a mansion that was being remodeled – but I was some kind of (what else?) sales guru for this software company.

What made the dream fascinating was the financial condition of the company and where it was located.

The financial part first: Apparently the company, which was English-speaking, had developed some new software package that literally people has “bet the company on” and it was not going as it should have. The sales were poor, there was little chance of meeting projections, and the sales guru (me in the dream) was about to get canned. It wasn’t sacary, or anything like that. It was just a great product but not targeted right and it wasn’t hitting lift-off.

OK: Second part – location.

The location of the software company was odd. It was in an old three or four story wood and brick building that was up against the side of a hill. Between the building and the hill was a railroad right-of-way and it was at about the same level as the second (or third) floor of the building.

There was something like a dock/deck structure that came about level from the train right-of-way and a cargo or handling area, and it was about level into this second/third floor area.

Now it get’s weird.

While I was sitting at my desk, there was an earthquake, but it wasn’t the quake aspect that got my attention, but the fact that I was sensing a landslide and the landslide was coming down the hill over the tracks, and I went outside (going to the ground floor) and I saw this wall of debris coming down the hill from over by the train. I looked up and could see the debris hanging over me as I ran from pile to pile in the parking lot (which was and to the side of the decking that was collapsing.

I don’t know if I made it….because suddenly, off in the distance, I could hear a train. I knew it was coming, I didn’t know if they would see the landslide in time and I was worried there would be a terrible accident because the train was a high-speed passenger run.

Oh, also, up the hill/mountain from where the landslide came, there was a logging operation going on. I remember thinking that might have contributed to the landslide.

Then everything went black – in the dream. Just like someone had turned off the TV and the room was black.

After a few seconds, though, there was a flash – a jump cut in film making, if you know the term.

I was viewing the back of a passenger train – and as woman was being hauled out of the very last car.

I can’t remember precisely what she said, but it was something like this: “The train hit the brakes, but it was too late. The cars in front – we could see because it was a corner (to the left) we could see them coming off the tracks. The noise it made was terrible and it was coming back toward our cars. And then we went over part-way. (The last car was leaning at about a 30-45 degree angle, left side down as she came out.)

Her final words just before I awoke Saturday morning were “The noise…the noise, it was just terrible. And when it stopped there was just a terrible silence…deadly silence. Like Death.”


Well, I didn’t want to post it, but if you follow the news out of New Zealand and the 7.8 quake, this dream might fit some company or other. But not right in an urban area; got the sense it was more remote than that.

Set me thinking Sunday while I was doing construction work here: I’m beginning to understand the link between “lunacy” and “earthquake tireds” much more clearly.

As you know (or should) people are a little more crazy around the time of the full moon.

My supposition is this is not coincidental. Rather, it may be a Super Moon survival skill bread into some people’s DNA. Sort of like a natural immunity some people have to diseases. No, I have no idea why I get this stuff, but it seems to happen in an almost predictable way. Spring and Fall are the strongest periods for me.

Remember back when the Offshore Horizon spill took place in the Gulf of Mexico? I wrote about that in a column titled “Irwin Allen’s Dreams” and posted 18-hours before the events in the GOM.

I’ve mentioned this before – see this from January 2015 or this from December 2014.

Although the reality of some of the vivid dreams I have is startling, the vexing thing is there doesn’t seem to be anything I can actually DO about events seen. Maybe that’s why a good bit of vodka (which tones down the dreams a good bit) makes sense.

Still, the Offshore Horizon happened April 20, 2010. The moon the night of the dream was just past the first quarter. Friday of this odd dream it was about 2/3rd’s full.

Whether there is a correlation between full moons in general, and Super Moons in particular” is something well accepted among Paramedics, EMTs, Docs and Nurses working ER and Trauma, and psychiatrists.

Since we are just about at the first of three-in-a-row Super Moons, seems to me that people will be experiencing a lot of odd stuff in dreams – and more quakes too – over the next 90 days or so.

Might want to journal it.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Have to recalibration these darts. Size is right but timing and tempo (place and date) was not accurate. Still the 22cnd is yet to be here.


    • Sher is an artist with sheetrock mud – also Dap Alex caulking –top that with kilz and good to go.

  2. 30 years ago my son’s preschool teacher always made note of the full moons. Said she could tell it was coming because of the way the kids acted out.

    Didn’t there used to be a reader of Urban/Peoplenomics who posted earthquake predictions related to planetary movements — and especially full moons?

  3. I always look forward to Sunday evening at 7:30pm to check in on Dales Swap N Shop net on 2 meters. KC MO/KS area. Dale is just one of those super nice older guys everybody loves. A couple weeks back in the middle of Dales preamble he veers off in the same breath and says i’m having an earthquake. Some thought he meant something else but then he repeated there it goes again. I’m about 25 miles from him sitting downstairs but I didn’t notice anything. Shortly the wife comes down and asks if I felt that and I said no. She wouldn’t stop hounding me until I got out with a flashlitght and checked the house. It’s OK though the neighbors all think I’m a wacko anyway. Found the next morning it was a 5. something or other around NW Olklahoma. Damn frackers I guess.

  4. “the reality of some of the vivid dreams I have is startling”

    Me too–beautiful dreams, like another ‘real’ life, so to speak. However, seconds to minutes after awakening it all vanishes to my regret, because I would have liked to rehash them in real time. ;-(

  5. I bet your vivid dreams are partially from the Huperzine A supplement. Since I started taking half of one before bed, my dreaming has totally changed from the past 57 years, super vivid/strange.

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