Coping: With an Odd Earthquake Dream


We haven’t touched on the World of Woo-Woo (WoWW) for a while, but, as one reader noted over in the discussion forums this week (long time reader up in Arkansas) “it’s like the veil is getting thinner…

Well, it sure seems that way to me.

First, a word of three about dreaming:  I have predictive dreams and “remote viewing” dreams often enough that I don’t  particularly care for them.

There are dozens I’ve experienced over the course of the past 20-years and the ones that “come true” all have aspects of them which make them quite remarkable. 

Likely, the best documented was the Horizon Offshore oil fire a number of years back – something I wrote up 18-hours before the actual event under the headline “Irwin Allen’s dream” after Hollywood’s “Master of Disaster.”

The dream wasn’t perfect – in that there was supposedly (by the dream) a murder element to things and something to do with a cook/kitchen.  Never saw anything come out about that.

It’s also one of the reasons that I started a project back when called The National Dream Center because enough people have sufficient dream content about the future, that the project seemed more than worthy of at least starting.

Since March of last year, the very serious Chris McCleary has picked up the project, expanded it, and is using some of of code to help sort out word occurrences and such and if you haven’t read the Dream Center outlooks for 2015, they can be found over here.

Lots of foreplay…on to the dream.

First of all, it was in my favorite dream state:  I had been awakened by my alarm clock at exactly 4 AM, but there was something telling me “go back to sleep” which I promptly did and for exactly one hour.  (It means this morning’s column is written in a bit of a rush.)

The first off thing about the dream is was not exactly a commentary, but more a “showing me” something about an area to the east and a bit north of San Francisco.  There were two time references in it:  One was for an approaching weekend.  The other was about April.

First, though, a word about who was giving me the narrative/view of things:  It happened to be an old news colleague with whom I’ve worked in Seattle radio.  From there, he went on to become a famous newscaster in the SF Bay area for something like five years, and then his career took him to Los Angeles and a famous FM morning show there.

What makes this is odd stand-out dream was that I haven’t thought about him in YEARS.  In fact, when he later in life moved back to the Seattle area, he called up and told me he’d bought a home in a really cool area and let’s get together kind of thing.

Turns out, the house he bought was literally across the green belt from the home I’d purchased in 1973 and his was four houses further down the hill.

And in fact, the last time I’d seen him that I could remember, he’d some how come up with a Mason jar of really good moonshine (the real stuff) and a buddy of ours (*then news director of a/the big news station in San Diego) came over and we’d spent the afternoon chit-chatting about news stories.

It was typical stuff – lots of “gallows/newsroom humor” punctuated by moonshine sipping, and so on.

He passed away something like 20 years back and haven’t thought about him in years, so it was odd in this dream that a personality of the news business was present (unseen, soft of off-stage doing the discussion) and that was notable, I think.

As to the earthquake part, there are actually two.  One (and they are possibly a pairs) are in the 5.3 and 5.6 category and they connect with “Thursday” or “Friday” and after this, people who are involved will be going back to the city (this happens east of San Francisco).

One of the returning news crews will be stopping (on the way back to the city) to have something that’s like an apple fritter or apple scone – as a place somewhere in the area that is famous for those.

There were other oddities about the story too:  Lot’s of dog references, a kind of map of a state or national park area (it was shown as a kind of green glass layer under the area.

All of which sounds like a pretty ho-hum news item.  There was some snow on the hills, and a ski area up a ways, and after peaking at the ski area, there’s a small hydro project somewhere on the eastern slopes.

But the single most important takeaway was this:  “The Big Quake is in April and is a 9+”

There were no indications of where the 9+ would be – and not even any indications as to what year it would be.

What I do know, from having lots of this dreams,. is that the ones that “hit” seem to happen less than a week before the actual events, and often only 24-hours, or so. 

As to where, I got the impression it would be just before starting up into the hills, was south of I-80,  but location was fuzzy at best.  The “green area” (with the glass under it) was basically due east of San Francisco, then up toward Reno (and north of there) and then coming back down toward the north end of the Bay.

That’s about all I  can tell you, except that the dog part somehow involved the UN or UN something having to do with dogs and that the damage from the precursor quake’s would be minimal.  B-roll kind of news story.

Normally, I’m not sure I’d even mention this except that when I got up and started to look at the USGS quake reports from overnight, there’s a whole slug of them continuing in the area just into California from the Oregon side east of Klamath Falls and Lakeview, Oregon.

imageAlthough this is extrapolation from here forward, if you go to the area where the quake swarm is happening now up in NorCal, and then draw a line to the next 5.3-5.6 quake that happens in the state sometimes (at least in the dream) before this weekend, then wherever that line goes when it extends out toward the coast/San Andreas, is where the bigger quake, coming in April may be.

All kinds of disclaimers follow here:  Odds of the small quakes (the 5’s) are small.

Odds of getting April massive quake, even smaller.

But there has been a tendency of big quakes to happen in that spring equinox window:  quakes like Fukushima and the Alaska Good Friday quake, come to mind.

So I thought I’d share as it’s one of the strangest damn dreams in a while.

One other personal note:  It seems like this kind of dream shows up when I have taken myself off flour / gluten products for a day, or two.  Maybe (and this is an odd thought) maybe dreams with precognitive content depend on a person’s body and “field” being relatively pure.  No alcohol last night, either.  Hmmm…

If that’s the case, the idea of periodic fasting and low inflammation foods and all that “purification of body” before performing real magical stuff may not be all BS after all.

Remind me to pick up another pound of salt to put in a circle, next time I go to town.  Ever wonder if demons are more repulsed by sea salt or iodized?

Remember, all this dream stuff may, or may not work.  And as to the April part, perhaps it’s just my mind going to what’s next after the big March in Paris.  April would follow March, right?

UPDATE:  This quake near Portola would fit except it needs to be much bigger…so another one (or two) larger to follow?

Something Else Going On?

Meantime, from out trusty news analyst up in Winnipeg:

Dear Mr. Ure,

You may wish to put in a kind nod to the gods towards month-end once there is a successful launch of the DSCOVR satellite for maintenance and enhancements to space weather information. The views of Earth should be stunning also. Interestingly the presentation that re-ignited an Administration’s project interest does not appear to be in the public domain.

As with HFTs plugging in closer to the mainframe, prescient early forecasting may require rsvp? (…..) How close will the common man be to the one hour maximum lead-time when minutes count?



The world is a curiously timed place, or with ultimate complexity, there’s always a correlation to something going on…

OK, shorter than usual column column this morning… feeling a new to eat some gluten/wheat products to turn off that “other receiver” we all have yet few try to dial things in with it…

Write when you break-even.


12 thoughts on “Coping: With an Odd Earthquake Dream”

  1. Good Morning George,

    I’m in CT and regarding the earthquake story, there have been something like seven small quakes since last Thursday in the eastern/southeastern section of the state near the Rhode Island border. We do not usually hear about so many quakes in such a short period time. What do you think?

  2. I must be confused..In my opinion How could anyone compare Obama to Hitler when the the politicians on both sides have been playing with Adolph’s Playbook ( ZweitesBuch ) for years now. The other thing is.. at the Paris march of leaders..If you have all the major worlds leaders in one spot at one time in space how easy would that have been for some radical religious group to take out the heads of all states leaving the world in a state of chaos. I agree with his reasoning on not attending. I also think we should just quit the wars. First off we have been in some war for years and years not one of the countries or the people there wants our presence and there is absolutely no way we can win a war based on religion. Our middle class. ( the wealthy have ways of moving their money so they don’t have to finance any of it)cannot afford to keep funding a battle that won’t benefit anyone and the only ones that will profit are Oil and Mining companies.I think we should be diverting that money we are spending on wars by putting it into our own economy,Creating jobs and doing things that would benefit our people. spend the money at home tax heavily incoming goods and services and give tax breaks to manufacturing companies that hire american citizens..Open the mexican border to honest non criminal families that want to work and raise their kids in our country. ( we to were immigrants at one time) but charge them a non resident tax anyone with a criminal history is prosecuted by their home country. make sure those living here also have to pay social security and income tax ( they aren’t now ) and not be eligible for any of the benefits from them till they become citizens. Ok that is my opinion. spending money on another country sure isn’t going to repair roads and bridges here.

  3. WoWW’ed out and as they used to say in the seventies, trippin’ !! Before I woke this morning I had a vivid dream about people being trapped in a subway tunnel and the car filling with smoke. It was really quite distressing. I grab my coffee this morning and read the news about the incident with the DC subway tunnel. Some of the photos looked like scenes from my dream. Last week I had a dream about fires falling from the sky and people burning. Here’s to hoping that one doesn’t come about….

  4. Little known fact: the largest block fault in the WORLD is just North of Lakeview, Oregon, called Abert Rim – people hang glide off of it’s edge which is a ONE HALF MILE above the “floor” below.

  5. Hey, the Lakeview and Portola earthquakes line up to Hollister, Earthquake Capital of the World! The last big one,Loma Prieta knocked our(1890’s era) house off its foundation. Maybe this next one will get me the kitchen/bath redo! Or perhaps a cabin in the Sierras?

  6. I don’t dream much, that I am aware of anyway, but a few months back I did have a strange one. I was pulling up to the farm and found that there were cars parked all over the place. My oldest son was with me and I was telling him that these people need to move all these cars. About that time I noticed a commotion a ways off while a car with a an older couple was pulling up. The guy driving asked who was going to come pick them up so they could go hear the Pastor while the big woman with him was complaining how hot it was and the owners should turn up the AC for them. I had this feeling of dread about how I was going to have to get rid of these people. Tried the Dream Center by the way.

    Weird huh…

  7. Sent this dream to the National Dream site but for some reason, it didn’t go through. Time frame – dreamt about six months ago. Background – don’t often remember dreams but the ones that I do are seldom and vivid.

    Was wandering around corridors and rooms and lots of doors etc. Everything was grey – floors, walls, ceilings etc. Eventually realized that I was in a navy ship and everything was metal.
    I’ve forgotten some things in six months but in the dream, I realised that this was a nuclear powered vessel and that the engine/ power system was about to blow up. Can’t remember if I thought it was sabotage or whether it was accidental but I remember talking to some of the naval officers.

    Then I ran for cover. I shut myself into a big building and discovered that it was an old people’s home. What a fabulous place to sit out the nuclear accident. There were lots of spa baths filled with water and plenty of food and it was totally secure and locked.

    Hilarious dream right? Here’s the funny bit. About two months later, my husband unexpectedly walked out from his long term job on gas rigs and after a couple of months, landed a job as an aged care nurse.

    So have fun with that one……

  8. Hi George,

    As they say “the devil is in the details”. Dreams should be journaled/written out to the fullest detail. Seems like you could share much more yet, than what you have so far. The smallest details can have huge mythological meaning. Also your friends name? I always take the names of characters who show up in dreams and do a thorough wiktionary word etymology exploration.

    I’m curious about the dog-gone stuff in your dream. As perhaps relating to my own dreams (& other folks) of: Anu/ Anubis/ Xolotl/ Reaper/ “Angel of Death”/ & the dog as psychopomp in the crossing over of souls.

    I (just did this week) often have crazy/frustrating dreams as a waiter/food-server before events of mass causality, which are about “food of immortality”/ (hindu: AnnaPurna, when Kali destroys, she gives you some cake, .. or perhaps a “Blue Apple” fritter) . So maybe that’s some insight on your old dream of kitchen cook murder.

    Cheers ~Matteo~

    • Fair enough: The bio of my pal is here:
      The other fellow mentioned, but not in the dream ran news at KFWB for years
      As to the dogs, there was this really hard to put into words link between dogs and UN and that’s about all I could pull out of it.

  9. Well, as we progress further into this police state, your true colors begin to shine thru. I’ve been watching ure columns and reading you for several years, and suspected you were a shill, and really were a fascist in sheepskin clothing. No longer any doubt. Punk ass traitor.

    • Well, no one asked “you” to read Ure’s columns. FYI – the internet is like the tellie, you can turn it off.

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