For a country that was once able to wage war on two fronts (Japan and Europe in WW II) our present inability to think straight and execute treasonably is nothing short of breath-taking.


After literally saving Australia’s butt in the War back when, the Australian prime minister didn’t have the respect to tell our president-elect about yet-another crooked immigration deal hatched by the outgoing White House Occupier.

It is not the number of refugees, although it all 1,700 involved moved in next door, you’d have a reason to be pissed, I suppose.

It is that the Obamanation has put the new administration on-the-hook for another bunch of people on “humanitarian grounds.”

This may around a bit harsh, but many of the people coming to the U.S. are coming to a land of free milk and honey, with no particular inclination or incentive to “jump into the melting pot” and assimilate into American culture.  Why should they?  Here comes free ESL for all.  Next thing you know we will finish the job of tearing the melting pot apart by going totally multi-lingual.

Don’t laugh, it’s a hell of a business model.  Babel was a money-maker, right?

So answer me this: Where are the bleeding-heart liberals when Australia has the common sense to defend its borders? Why aren’t they trashing all things Oz and holding protests and sit-ins?

Fact:  U.S. population density is 84.255 people per square mile.

Australia has a population of 7.789 people to square mile.  So WTF?  They can’t find space?

Because Australia is still a Nation, that’s why.

As I have explained many times, the Obama/Clinton Kool-Aid consisted of following the Europe Business Model of Immigration Monetization.

Here’s how it works: Assume you have a region that has become uncompetitive, lazy, takes too much vacation time, and elects mostly liberals, and these in turn surrender national rights including border control to a central cast of clowns which we will call the Ure-a-peein’ Union.

Now, other than try to hornswoggle other globalist liberals, like the U.S. into crooked trade deals, and seed wars to join the E.U. in places like Ukraine, what else to they do to “stimulate” the economy?

Simple: Light off the second Muslim Invasion of Europe. Wikipedia describes the first invasion inflection point this way:

“The Battle of Tours (10 October 732)[17] — also called the Battle of Poitiers and, by Arab sources, the Battle of the Palace of the Martyrs (Arabic: translit. Ma’arakat Bal?? ash-Shuhad?’?  was fought in an area between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, in north-central France, near the village of Moussais-la-Bataille, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of Poitiers. The location of the battle was close to the border between the Frankish realm and then-independent Aquitaine. The battle pitted Frankish and Burgundian[21][22] forces under Charles Martel against an army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by ‘Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus.”

Clearly the leaders of the E.U. were not students of history. While it’s true that refugees do happen in the world, the real solution is to keep them all bottled up, equalize power between the refugees and the people they’re fighting, and let them all work out their differences, on their territory.

Instead, what is the West doing in Europe? Importing problems.

No, I would never be so stupid as to claim all refugees are bad or evil. But it was in 2005, wasn’t it, when the riots in France put the world on notice that there are now really two governments in France – the elected on and the imported theological group.

In a sort of “Read Trump’s Book on Deal-Making” way, the cast of clowns in Europe can be seen as serial “bad deal” makers. First negotiating away their national identities to the Belgium Bozo Bureaucrats, and now, as is going on in slow-motion in France (and elsewhere) negotiating an theology into power.

It’s the same meal-ticket Obama/Clinton were tracking.

Well, you didn’t come here for a discussion of politics versus theocracies, but the point I was circling around to for you involves how REFUGEES ARE A BUSINESS MODEL.

In the Obama model of economics, the more poor the merrier. And I am still not putting it past the Obama/Clinton “machine” to attempt a kind of Reichstag election when the Electoral College meets in a month.

Should that swing things? Hell no.

But the MainStreamMedia is desperately trying to reposition itself on the side of the Core America.

Just this weekend, I was reading how the “New Yorks Times publisher vows to ‘rededicate’ paper to reporting honestly.”

I don’t know about you, but to me this is tantamount to an admission that well, maybe they weren’t exactly that was in election coverage.

Gee, where have I read that before?

Similarly, we see the partisan USA Today – which as much as called Trump unfit to hold office, still trying to whip up the lefty rebellion with storys like “Sanders back Trump protests, questions Electoral College.”

Sanders, of all people, should be embracing Trump’s win because a Trump Justice Department might actually investigate and so something not only about the bias and subversion within the DNC, but they might also go after left-wing meddlers like George Soros who keep throwing financial gasoline on the fires of dissent. Slow learners, these college age types, and if I could get a job for $16 an hour as a protester, I guess that would beat pumping gas at the quicky-mart.

A few places, like this article over on Politico, admit that yes, the Economy could soar under Trump. But they also reach part-way to the obvious conclusion we have shared (with more date detail) with our readers; namely that after the big run-up, Trump will get a Crash.

And by then, if they can work it, the democrats will come on scene with their modern analog to FDR – if they can find them. But it’s not a Clinton (and of ‘em including Chelsea) for sure.

Trump, for all his hard work (and Main Street voter support) is – as I have told you numerous times – almost certain to be left “holding the financial bag” as the market runs up to its runaway top in early 2017.

What’s facing Trump – the unseen enemy and 900-pound gorilla in the room that no one is talking about – is the massive shift of money from bonds to stocks.

We know from watching the 10-year bond last week that there is growing belief that the Fed might actually do something in the way of a rate hike at their imminent December meeting.

Problem is that as bonds go up in yield (and down in price to bondholders) it sets up a massive flight to yield and the only place left to find that is in equities.

You won’t find it in real estate: The Internet and Processor revolution is still nibbling away at the bricks and mortar boxes formerly called “office space.” Trump, of all people, knows the nature of work – and real estate – is changing.

You won’t find it in technology, either. Cell phones are already at saturation and other than making them more powerful, sketchy out 5G networks and throwing in a coffee-maker, what else (*besides a popcorn machine) could you throw into a phone?

Think about the popcorn machine possibilities deeply: Do we not already have phones that burst into flames? We’re an inventive (if economically stupid) country, so how hard is that design?

So we see the Hysteria in the MSM-pimped (and FB promoted) anti-Trump “movement” (which it’s not). And we see the pullback.

After enough bond money comes out and chases stocks up, then we will crash, just sure as hell.

And then will come the FDR II figurehead, the democrats will be back in power, and the circle is unbroken.

Which leaves us with only one or two data points to fill in this week to set the stage for a modest pullback by late this week, or into next for there are two “axiomatic events” we are looking over the shoulder for.

The first is we have lots of gap opens (See Nov. 4, for example) that should be filled at some point.

Moreover, another axiomatic event is the Santa Claus rally, which comes around…well, you figure it out. You should have enough bean onboard by now to stumble your way to the grindstone.

So let’s click through the highlights of the week, shall we?

There is essentially nothing going on today except a bunch of Fed Heads speaking and bonds settling. You should be able to go back to bed today.

Tomorrow Retail Sales come out along with Import and Export Prices and the NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing report. All of which will be interesting, but the Retail numbers is the key data point to watch.

Wednesday Producer Prices and the Fed Industrial Production figures.

Thursday is the biggest day, simply because Consumer Prices will be out and this is the time of year people pay particular attention to them.

Friday things calm down again with leading economic indicators and such, but little to keep things exciting.

Which brings us down to the recap.

The Left is hysterical as evidenced by stories like “A White Nationalist Is The New White House Chief Strategist.”   Hmm…can someone explain how black nationalism is OK, and so is Islamic nationalist,  but white nationalism isn’t?  I get confused on such details. I thought equality was, you know, EQUAL.

And on the other two points, the Times of India’sFive factors that will chart market direction during the coming holiday-truncated week” sums up the short term pressures nicely.

An hour before the open, the Dow was up 40-ish, the NASDAQ was down 10-ish, and the S&P was playing teetertotter.

It’s a fine morning for some additional non-destructive pillow-testing. The world can work its karma out without my help and de-stressing from election madness is taking longer than I thought.

Might take another 3-4 years at this rate.