No, Oregoons is not a misspelling. It’s a collection of sour-grapes three-year olds.

You know, people in Oregon must be really, really stupid.

I mean, you saw the headlines about how there have been demonstrations around the country and how one in Portland turned violent last night?

So let me ask you a simple, very pertinent question here: Do these prone-to-violence, ungraceful dolts really believe they can upset 200-years of due process of law and actually change the election results?

Naw…tell me they ain’t that stupid.

Think about it, and for God’s sake! Think like a management guru instead of thinking like lobotomized sheep, for a change.

You see, in grown up management circles we who have (and do) practice the art of “Making real shit happen always begin with a plan. Understand that (write this down please) “You never begin a task unless there is a clear path and a plan to success.

Yeah – true that. No executive worth their upper income would ever waste even a NY second by starting a task or allocating resources to it, if they were not damn near certain of the outcome.

Consider then the collective IQ of the demonstrators in Portland.

Yes, they have a right to protest, speak their minds – as do people in other parts of the country.

However, these damn fools missed the point that the DAY TO DO THAT WAS TUESDAY for cryin’ out loud.

The election is OVER, the lame Duck in chief is toast in 69-days and then we can get back to being the smartest, bestest, coolest Melting Pot on earth.

Demonstrators in Portland and elsewhere are mostly doing the bidding of the Soros types.

Yes, there really art paid agent provocateurs – people who want to set up a Soviet/Italian style dominance of government and regulate us to death six ways to Sunday.

Don’t stand for it. Not for an instant.

What’s more, if Oregon in general and Portland in particular had the least bit of testosterone left (that hasn’t been P.C.’ed way) they would have already stand up for Law and order and have arrested every one of the two-bit Revolutionaries who hate the idea of an America that works and want to raise the flag of Bolshevism over the remaining American people of Oregon.

Reality check: We’ve suffered eight-years of that and already this morning, the Truth is Leaking out with an admission from Homeland Whatever-you-call-it that “Oh, yeah, we are being over-run at the border after all…”

When you get your HUMUGOUS increase in Obamacare, send it to the two-bit Revolutionaries and ask them to pay it for you.

They can’t, they won’t, because they are out for a riot, not for a future.

They don’t have a Plan. They don’t have a leader (except perhaps George Soros and who know, Slim Whozit from Mexico and a certain “foundation” we expect will be investigated if Mayor Rudy becomes Attorney General).

Near as I figure it, the Lefties are working a period when the still sold-out-lefty-media is trying to cover itself with “important breaking news

This is a BS distraction: We should be finding out how deep the collusion (if any, lol, you can read, right?) between CNN and the traitors in the democratic party really went with question leaks and what-not. The plot to stop Bernie.

What the Protesters should be doing – and which I would actually contribute to – would be a civil action by Bernie Sanders to exact monumental damages from the crooked at the core DNC dealings exposed by WikiLeaks.

Naw, none of it is going to happen. No testosterone over there.

Meantime, outgoing President Useless will do nothing to REALLY heal the mess and division he’s left in his wake. If anything, he will back-channel through BLM and whoever to keep it coming.

Sure Obama talks a good public game, but like a pregnancy test, it’s the results that are meaningful.

Looks to us like the remnants of the Destroy America Movement are still doing their dead-level best to hand the incoming Trump administration as divided a country as possible.

Not often that I will cite Rush Limbaugh, but he made an excellent point in a column over here: The republicans actually won – and the worst thing the Make America Great Again movement can do right now is to coddle up to the Bolsheviks.

I’m Getting Nervous About All These Calls for Trump to Unify with the Losers.”

He is not alone.

It all comes down to money, which the 2-bit Bolshies can’t comprehend.

  • · America is broke.
  • · We need fixing.
  • · We need to make money.

And for the especially dull-witted of Oregon (although we have friends there) we offer two final points.


(BTW the Oregon Ducks suck too, as long as we’re trashing the wisdom of Oregoonians. 1 in 5 in the Pac12 North division. 3 in 6 overall.)

Unfair? So how smart are the Oregoonians?

Petition wants Oregon, other states to secede and form their own country.”

  • No, log rafts are not a Navy.
  • Demonstrators are not an Army.
  • And big, serious airplanes aren’t made in Oregon, so no Air Force.

Ask the Bolshies how badly they want to become a province of China for me, would you?

China wants our resources, our elbow room and that hydro capacity of the PNW. Sadly, most Oregonians are simple folks who believe – like Camelot – in the “potential of Cascadia.” A kind of left-wing Wonderland.

I don’t think so.

Call me when you can speak Mandarin.

“Not My President” say some of the signs.

Yes, and thank God for that.

Back on the Money Front:

Banks are closed, markets are opening per usual.

Dow futures are down about 50, but the tech sector looks more like a 150-point give-back today.

An update on the longer-term strategic outlook with more Hoover-Trump date-math for subscribers tomorrow over on the ($40/year) Peoplenomics side of the house…

On to the Coping Section? You have time, it’s Friday…go for it.