Oregoons, Veteran’s Day, Markets Open

No, Oregoons is not a misspelling. It’s a collection of sour-grapes three-year olds.

You know, people in Oregon must be really, really stupid.

I mean, you saw the headlines about how there have been demonstrations around the country and how one in Portland turned violent last night?

So let me ask you a simple, very pertinent question here: Do these prone-to-violence, ungraceful dolts really believe they can upset 200-years of due process of law and actually change the election results?

Naw…tell me they ain’t that stupid.

Think about it, and for God’s sake! Think like a management guru instead of thinking like lobotomized sheep, for a change.

You see, in grown up management circles we who have (and do) practice the art of “Making real shit happen always begin with a plan. Understand that (write this down please) “You never begin a task unless there is a clear path and a plan to success.

Yeah – true that. No executive worth their upper income would ever waste even a NY second by starting a task or allocating resources to it, if they were not damn near certain of the outcome.

Consider then the collective IQ of the demonstrators in Portland.

Yes, they have a right to protest, speak their minds – as do people in other parts of the country.

However, these damn fools missed the point that the DAY TO DO THAT WAS TUESDAY for cryin’ out loud.

The election is OVER, the lame Duck in chief is toast in 69-days and then we can get back to being the smartest, bestest, coolest Melting Pot on earth.

Demonstrators in Portland and elsewhere are mostly doing the bidding of the Soros types.

Yes, there really art paid agent provocateurs – people who want to set up a Soviet/Italian style dominance of government and regulate us to death six ways to Sunday.

Don’t stand for it. Not for an instant.

What’s more, if Oregon in general and Portland in particular had the least bit of testosterone left (that hasn’t been P.C.’ed way) they would have already stand up for Law and order and have arrested every one of the two-bit Revolutionaries who hate the idea of an America that works and want to raise the flag of Bolshevism over the remaining American people of Oregon.

Reality check: We’ve suffered eight-years of that and already this morning, the Truth is Leaking out with an admission from Homeland Whatever-you-call-it that “Oh, yeah, we are being over-run at the border after all…”

When you get your HUMUGOUS increase in Obamacare, send it to the two-bit Revolutionaries and ask them to pay it for you.

They can’t, they won’t, because they are out for a riot, not for a future.

They don’t have a Plan. They don’t have a leader (except perhaps George Soros and who know, Slim Whozit from Mexico and a certain “foundation” we expect will be investigated if Mayor Rudy becomes Attorney General).

Near as I figure it, the Lefties are working a period when the still sold-out-lefty-media is trying to cover itself with “important breaking news

This is a BS distraction: We should be finding out how deep the collusion (if any, lol, you can read, right?) between CNN and the traitors in the democratic party really went with question leaks and what-not. The plot to stop Bernie.

What the Protesters should be doing – and which I would actually contribute to – would be a civil action by Bernie Sanders to exact monumental damages from the crooked at the core DNC dealings exposed by WikiLeaks.

Naw, none of it is going to happen. No testosterone over there.

Meantime, outgoing President Useless will do nothing to REALLY heal the mess and division he’s left in his wake. If anything, he will back-channel through BLM and whoever to keep it coming.

Sure Obama talks a good public game, but like a pregnancy test, it’s the results that are meaningful.

Looks to us like the remnants of the Destroy America Movement are still doing their dead-level best to hand the incoming Trump administration as divided a country as possible.

Not often that I will cite Rush Limbaugh, but he made an excellent point in a column over here: The republicans actually won – and the worst thing the Make America Great Again movement can do right now is to coddle up to the Bolsheviks.

I’m Getting Nervous About All These Calls for Trump to Unify with the Losers.”

He is not alone.

It all comes down to money, which the 2-bit Bolshies can’t comprehend.

  • · America is broke.
  • · We need fixing.
  • · We need to make money.

And for the especially dull-witted of Oregon (although we have friends there) we offer two final points.


(BTW the Oregon Ducks suck too, as long as we’re trashing the wisdom of Oregoonians. 1 in 5 in the Pac12 North division. 3 in 6 overall.)

Unfair? So how smart are the Oregoonians?

Petition wants Oregon, other states to secede and form their own country.”

  • No, log rafts are not a Navy.
  • Demonstrators are not an Army.
  • And big, serious airplanes aren’t made in Oregon, so no Air Force.

Ask the Bolshies how badly they want to become a province of China for me, would you?

China wants our resources, our elbow room and that hydro capacity of the PNW. Sadly, most Oregonians are simple folks who believe – like Camelot – in the “potential of Cascadia.” A kind of left-wing Wonderland.

I don’t think so.

Call me when you can speak Mandarin.

“Not My President” say some of the signs.

Yes, and thank God for that.

Back on the Money Front:

Banks are closed, markets are opening per usual.

Dow futures are down about 50, but the tech sector looks more like a 150-point give-back today.

An update on the longer-term strategic outlook with more Hoover-Trump date-math for subscribers tomorrow over on the ($40/year) Peoplenomics side of the house…

On to the Coping Section? You have time, it’s Friday…go for it.

61 thoughts on “Oregoons, Veteran’s Day, Markets Open”

  1. The stupid three-year olds are stooges that answered an ad in Craigslist hiring people to protest. It’s all a set up courtesy of George Soros.

  2. I’m not sure they’re looking to overturn the results. Maybe they’re hoping to pressure the new POTUS and the republican congress to consider issues that are important to them. If you want to look for riots that truly overturned democracy you may remember the Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000? When “paid agent provocateurs” rioted to stop the votes from being counted.

  3. George – your constant references to President Useless seem a bit emotional rather than a development of critical thought.

    I always look to see if the country is better off now then eight years ago. By any critical or quantitative measure we are. I say this as someone who didn’t vote for Obama either time. I didn’t vote for McCain or Romney either though.

    You must remember the sheer and very real abyss that the world economy was teetering on during 08-09. We really were facing total economic collapse.

    • Let’s see: jobs are ujp become of zillions of P/T times instead of full time work.
      The market and economy are only alive because the Fed is printing 10% more money each year…
      And only AFTER the election does DHS nbegin to admit to f/u’ed immigration data?

      • George, one thing I can always count on, having a declining old age memory, is when the facts are needed, you will find them. Bravo!, and

  4. I read a a story today that the Shadow Govt is trying to steal the electoral college votes from the 3 states that even now, despite 100% of votes being in, are not “certified final” and who went for Trump. I believe they are AZ, Michigan, and NH.
    Which reminds me: I need to verify that Soros truly has an ad on Craigslist for protestors at $16/hour. It sounds plausible, because someone whose radio show I listen to, was making hotel reservations in order to cover a protest. The reservationist was apparently multitasking, because she’d mistaken him for one of Soros’ goons and he was able to find out that he rented multiple floors for his hired protestors. So he made reservations but cancelled them due to perceived danger.

  5. Outstanding column today. I’m having my own challenges with Sr Management types who seem to have no clue whatsoever as to how a set of Strategic Goals are determined, how a Strategic Plan is then formulated, and how to set Metrics to gauge success or failure as the plan is implemented and executed. One of them cam in Wednesday morning extremely depressed about the election results. Critical thinking skills permeate the mindset for their entire existence, which is to say they are are at least as useless (and detrimental) in their personal lives as they are here at work.

  6. Re: Oregon-I read that the New Balance CEO supported Trump and came out publicly with support after election results and people were burning their NB shoes in protest. I needed a new pair of running shoes so this morning, I ordered a pair from the New Balance website. So, uh….there

  7. So now that you have spewed forth the built up rage against everything counter to ” My Way or the Highway” model of Americanism (EastTexacan Style), do you feel better for it?
    Apparently, all those years you spent in the PNW(maybe including the Morons of Oregon), really was just a wasted experience in suffering the subpar IQ’s of the Liberal Traitors!
    Now that you have only a very few days left to lambast and defile the present Elected POTUS, I some how pick up on the notion that your New object of ” Witchhuntingness” could well be G.S.
    Good luck partner, with Ure new endeavor to create that which makes Ure life fulfilled–Waaaay back in them there back woods of Uretopia! Those paid protesters all around the country, will surely be much more dangerous to you and Ure’s than the Thousands of Militia types that stood ready to start the ” Revolution” they determined to be there Right and Duty– had Hillary been elected!
    And one last observation.. Ure throwing in with the likes of Limberger, is the last 1/4 mile needed to complete your journey to the “Dark Side” of Ure duty to save All us “Non-Patriotic Soon to be Chinese/Arab/Russkie/Bangladeshi speaking Scum” from what only you and your compadres so eloquently quote from the hated media links!!!
    Adios and may all Ure blogs be filled with the return of such Love and Gratitude that you put forth!

      • dave: your short, crude, and self descrbing sentence structures used in your posts-consist of made-up words, and promises of imminent destructive violence against your sworn enemies.

        You apparent feeling of alienation from, and “self-“literary” course of action against-those opposing your manifesto- is to promise a very unpleasant end to their opposition of your “righteousness of shared enlightenment”??

        Just for the sake of throwing a single ear of corn to the attacking feral hogs, with the hope that act could perhaps stave off just one of the brutes, as the rest procede to rip your guts from your still breathing body-I give you an image to contemplate the next time you emerge from that “gun range”, or back to the road from your “wooded combat practice area”.
        See all those folks driving by that didn’t make the decision to pull off those hundreds of rounds or practice those deadly body strikes? Those folks, and the millions more-are the same folks who will back local and Federal law enforcement and Military types who will provide a rude awakinging to the folly of your righteousness and self-proclaimed enlightenment!

  8. The cosseted millenials are having such a hard time dealing with the loss that colleges are bringing in counselors to help them deal with it….maybe they should have been allowed to lose their soccer games in grade school. Maybe they should meditate in front of your “participation” trophy and pray for enlightenment.

  9. > “You never begin a task unless there is a clear path and a plan to success.”

    Or, as a dear friend of mine once said:
    “Never start a vast project with half-vast plans.”

    Makes more sense if you say it fast.

    Refresh my failing memory – did we see the flyover states riot when BO won in ’08?

    Maybe folks in the flyover states were just raised better.


    • Well, they work hard for a living general, they ain’t got da time to riot! Plus, yep, they were raised better.

  10. I live in Portland. We’ve always had a rebellious sector. GHWB has referred to our city as Little Beirut. I don’t support these protesters and in particular, the front group, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, Portland and its predecessor, Black Lives Matter.

    They built Hands Up on the false narrative about Michael Brown of Ferguson fame. If Black Lives Matter was about all the violence coming out of the black gangs and the neighborhoods they are destroying and trying to stop it, I’d have no problem supporting their mission, but its not. Its once again about projecting all the ills in the black community on everybody else, particularly white people, instead of the cycle of poverty that young black females living in the projects create by creating more young black children for the welfare $$ it brings in, rather than creating a child they make an investment in with their own dollars, thus making the upbringing a bigger personal investment.

    There are many people in the black community who don’t fit this model so I don’t want to paint with a broad brush, its the ones that do, that see welfare as an income and making babies as a raise, that Im referring to.

    I voted for Obama twice, for the record.

  11. It’s not a protest unless there is a legitimate grievance to be addressed. this is just “people behaving badly.”

    It’s what happens when everyone gets a participation trophy: they don’t know how to lose.

  12. As soon as there is violence or destruction of property (with the possible exception of very isolated instances)they are no longer protests.

  13. I believe the right to protest is protected by the US Constitution. The Oregoons have every right to protest the new Fascist in Chief.

    • No argument on protests. Disturbing the peace? Arson? Inciting to R/IOT? No, bullshit is not a protected act.

      • Throwing crates of tea into the harbor. The Whiskey Rebellion.

        Sometimes opinion is formed on whose ox is getting gored.

  14. I’m sick. I’m scared. I was reading about the people Trump is putting in his cabinet, and his new advisers. War mongers! And if you notice, no women. And how fascinated he is with the drone program, and the powers of the CIA! It’s just a matter of time til he starts a war. That was one thing about a woman president, we wouldn’t have no stinking war. I’m sad too.

    • So how is that any different than the current president? He is fascinated with drones and uses the CIA to do his bartering every chance he gets. Do you seriously think that Clinton would not have escalated the proxy war in Syria and gone straight for Putin’s neck? I mean just look what she said about Asange and the use of a drone on him. Just because the American military is not receiving money doesn’t mean that the current administration has not supported the Industrial Military Complex, why do you think they gave all that money to Iran? Do you think Iraq can pay for the current assault on Mosul, who do you think is paying to put US Fighter Jets in the air every day over Syria? Hillary would have just progressed Obama’s agenda.

    • And you don’t think Russia and ISIS and whoever the F other foreign player out there who is a little tipped to one side, would have tried and tested a WOMAN president to the brink?? Remember, lest you forget, wars can be started from any side. We are not the only ones who can. What a blind perspective!

  15. Those protesters waving Mexican flags and yelling “not my President” are right. To find their President, they need to face South, and walk about 1000 miles. There they can find their President. His name is Nieto.

    As to the ever sh#t-stirring George Soros, it is time to prosecute him under the Patriot Act for proving material support to domestic terrorists, stating with the riots in Ferguson, MO . Wherever this guy goes, he causes problems on a massive scale. Either prosecute him in the US, or let the Russians have him. He’s not too populat there either…

  16. Portland now is merely a collection of recent arrivals from places like California, and east coast cities.

    They brought their values with them.

    • F-O mike. Now its our turn to shove it down your throat. Hope you enjoy the taste. You libtards need to go back in the closet you came from. You are like cancer. Must be stomped out.

  17. BTW, look for $8 trillion more on the national debt in next 4 years. Conservatives are only fiscally conservative when they are out of power. Mike.

  18. Sir,love your site.this is the first time I write and must say I agree with what you say.l am a veteran and live in California in the foot hills.we here to would like to leave the dem coast of cali,we are sick of being ruled and dictated over by the socialists county’s along the coast.look at how the county’s voted. Thanks.

  19. George: Unfortunately there ARE too many stupid people here in Oregon and they outnumber the normal ones. Look at the election map and geographically most of the state is red…even the southern I-5 corridor by artsy Ashland went Trump. Most of the state would gladly go with Ripley as far as the upper Willamette Valley is concerned…”I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  20. George you mentioned Mr. Soros. A name mention is a form of advertising. Send him a bill for that advertising. He might pay it.

  21. @Oilman2: So, if we have photos of the busses why can’t we find out who paid for them. Follow the money :)

  22. I live in Eugene and have for 10 years. Truly blows me away with the shallowness of liberal thinking but one cannot escape it here. I ignore it and them as much as possible. Once out of Portland/Salem/Eugene, the rest of the state is bright red and enjoyable. No helping hipster Portland. I refuse to go there because of the traffic alone. Thank god the clintons are done. Now let’s squash Chelsea before she has another bad idea

    • I have family in Portland, but refuse to go there any more because of the traffic. It was actually a pretty nice place before the Kalifornians invaded. They did the same to Seattle, Tacoma area and Denver.
      They shouldn’t name their new state Cascadia…the subduction fault wouldn’t like that very much. No telling what it might do.

      • Sounds like a disease that is spreading. If any of these people had had a WW2 experience like my moms family did with the Nazis and the Communists ( they were originally from Yugoslavia, only half of them made it here) they would really feel blessed and appreciative of such a country as the USA is, despite all its faults. And maybe it stays strong because of its faults, because someone is always trying to correct them ( or at least has THE OPPORTUNITY). These crybabys better hitch up their drawers and behave. Canada does not want them, and soon the US won’t either…

  23. Hey George,
    Would you re-publish or send me the link for the fancy dialing diopter glasses? 87 yr old mother-in-law doesn’t enjoy reading her newspaper anymore, and husband had detached retina several yrs ago, and really needs help reading also. Even tho I didn”t send encouragement, during your eye probs, I still was thinking good thoughts for you! Thanks!

      • “Adlens” appears to be quite revolutionary in that the amount of optic correction can be adjusted.

        I just finished ordering a pair from Amazon.

        If nothing else they will make a good backup for other eye glasses in the event something breaks or needs repair.

        I’m interested to see how they work while sitting at my electronics workbench looking at all of those resistor color bands and tiny print on other components.

        Thanks for the tip George!

  24. The left vs. right paradigm is so last century. Trump is a giant middle finger aimed at the elites, from all the people they have stepped on for the last 30 years.

  25. “Build a WALL”, hmmmm
    I have an idea.
    How about building a WALL around the Killary compound the likes of Assange in his embassy and place her under house arrest until SOMEONE comes to their senses and investigates, arraigns/indicts her for so many other crimes (do I hear RICO) she and the ‘family’ have committed.
    throw in Soros, the goons who incited the tufts at the Trump lines during the campaign and voted for dead people, a Podesta or two, a few pedophiles on the Lolita Express, and anyone else that has ‘sinned’.
    Yup the WALL should stretch probably around Manhattan Island and beyond as the list grows.
    as Stephen Colbert said (paraphrase) in his monologue election night:
    How about not casting any stone let alone the first one as we are all sinners in the crowd. Lets get back to normalcy for whoever takes the White House has to clean up the SH*T.

    • “…the WALL should stretch probably around Manhattan Island and beyond…”
      There a movie about this:
      Escape From New York
      John Carpenter, Kirk Russell
      Great concept as many cities now fit the mold.

  26. Surprise George, YES they are that stupid. consider 2 things , our educational system, and they did vote for Hillary (possibly more than once). But lets look beyond that. Who is the puppet master. Right now it would be Sorros. He is funding Move On.org?? right? Now if any violence , looting, arson occurs during these demonstration, is there a case for conspiracy to commit _______?? on the part of George Sorros??
    My gut feeling is that Sorros is now (4 years and 2 months before the next election) to make sure that Trump is ineffective and a failure. I believe Sorros is starting the 2020 presidential campaign now. I would hope that INS, and IRS, take a long look at Sorros and his “charities” and other organizations as well as his immigration / citizenship documents to make sure they are absolutely in compliance.

  27. While the protesters in Oregon and elsewhere are doing their thing, it’s all being professionally managed by people who HAVE a PLAN and are betting on achieving their desired results, otherwise why “invest” the money? So it seems to me that Soros etal ARE good business managers, it’s just that their business happens to be is sowing discord and division and social unrest for the greater glory of the NWO.

  28. Just as depressions reveal the TRUE state of the economy, current riots reveal the divisiveness which MSM had created. They fed everyone an imagined reality that was vaporized by Trump’s election. How can you have a country where a segment of society screams “He is not my President!”

  29. George,
    on a different slant IF you use your comment section as a guide to the REAL and or correct voting numbers then Hillary only got a bout 25% of the votes the rest were false numbers! and so Trump won the popular vote in a landslide as well! Also what you said is SPOT ON!! we need to change the libtards way of screwed up thinking!! maybe they have been drinking the flouride water, of which IF you look at where the Hillary numbers are located, they are mostly where the city waters ARE flourinated !!!! HMMMMMM?????

  30. good ideas that Donald Trump has he willhave a tough time getting any of the.passed.
    Congress is still controlled by the lobbyists and their free money giveaways.
    Will congress come back to work. As you always say it’s a business model follow the cash.

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