Hard choice this morning, trying to “call it right” in terms of what will impact people’s lives most. 

We remain on the cusp of economic Depression, the main driver of this – the virus – is still rolling with some areas reporting upticks now.

As a consequence, the food situation is getting dicey – with meat, including pork and some poultry production coming off-line.  And that will evolve over coming months into supply chain collapses and a general reset of lifestyles at a much lower-than-recent levels.

With all this going on, the dialog over treatment has gone from stupid to stupendously absurd.  There’s something akin to a “Digital Uprising” a-brewing and it reminds us of the reason our outlook for the future includes the Internet morphing to mandatory licensing by government within a couple of years.  Genie needs to be stuffed back in the bottle, just as the “genie of Radio” was stuffed in the last Depression with the Communications Act of 1934.  Good luck stuffing social in.

But before the gory details, additional useful context is in order.

Clowns on a Trike  – a Paradigm

Imagine for a moment you have wandered into a huge circus tent.

There, in the center ring, are clowns – maybe 30-40 of them in all.  Each on a tricycle, each pedaling like mad in circles.  After watching this obviously insane behavior for an hour, it occurs to you to offer help.  So you yell “Hey!  Why are you clowns pedaling pointlessly in circles, out there?”“Because, it’s what we do!.”  ( I mean they are clowns, right?)

Another half-hour drags by as you actually begin to feel badly for these sorry ass-h*les.  What kind of life is this?  Being good-natured, you offer an idea:  “Hey – let me give you each a cell phone…then you can communicate and coordinate on social media….how cool would that  be?”

Having three-dozen burner phones in your backpack (being a drug dealer and seller of hopium) you hand out phones.  After a few minutes of instruction, all the clowns are on social media. Whee!

Almost instantly, what had been individual clowns pedaling in circles, evolves to groups of clowns. They form-up – clustering.

The biggest group of followers trail behind one particular orange-headed clown.  But, there’s a nearly-equal number of  clowns following another fellow called “old big ears”…  A couple of shorter “parades” with Keystone Cops-looking clowns have broken off and seem to be doing their own thing…some look like sheriffs, but we can’t be sure…

You sit back, rather enjoying your “new & improved show” – which is exhibiting graceful patterns not seen since the Ice Capades and the old Seattle Aqua Follies.  Retro cool, dude.Suddenly,  your Guru materializes – he’d been matgerializing rose petals and muffed it.  Bi-located himself to the seat next to yours…

You want to impress him. He’s a Guru, after all.  “Hey…look out there — see how cool the clowns are – their performance has evolved into elegant patterns since I gave them all burner phones.  God, those are cool patterns.  Do you see that?”

Guru’s don’t impress easily.  “What I see is a collection of sorry ass-h*les clowns still pedaling pointlessly. Social media turns singular idiots to groups of idiots.  So, you want to explain how that’s progress?”

Embarrassed, you slump in your seat.  But, your Guru comes to the rescue.  “ Let’s go meet the clowns…”

The Orange-Headed  Clown

The Guru prompts you, by pointing to a headline:  “Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant, Shining UV Light Inside Patients to Kill Coronavirus in Bizarre, Rambling Tangent.”

“Wow…is that crazy, or what?” – you’re shocked anyone would follow such craziness.

But, your Guru holds up his hand, indicating its time for silence from the embedded voice in your  head.

Not-so-fast, Bubba.  It’s actually a good idea. Damn good, in fact. Since anyone with a keen mind and access to PubMed already knows that viruses are killed by certain kinds of far-ultraviolet light.  What the Orange clown missed – and most CEO’s fail at this part, too, because they skip-over the  [insert magic here] parts of life.  The fact is that the virus-killing ultraviolet spectrum runs from 207 nm to 222 nm.  The highest-frequency UV off the shelf at Mouser.com (your Guru’s favorite mad-science emporium) is way up at 335 nm…”

“Explain to me again: How does a Guru get so deep into science? “

“You remember my book Dimensions Next Door?  2017 I was explaining all this light-stuff and building Light Crowns…how else could I transition to immortal?  Thing is the anti-aging and healing energy is much lower in frequency – down around 660-nm all the way down to far-infrared lower than 1,000 nm.  I’ve possibly come up with an idea how to get the UV into the body…but all I will say publicly is the secret probably  lies in heterodyning…  With maybe one more hint:  Complex modulation.”

“So the orange-hair clown is maybe partly right?  You know, of course no one will see that, nor will they bother with the ACTUAL SCIENCE.  Especially after Drudge puts the  Clorox picture up…which sure looks and smells like crooked, lowest-common-denominator media, again, huh?   What about  the other Clowns, though?”

Old Big Ears

“This headline ought to explain this next clown posse: “Barack Obama launches another veiled attack on Donald Trump over coronavirus, praising Massachusetts for what it is doing ‘while we wait for a coherent national plan’. All these clowns lwant to do is bash the orange clown while failing to “desk a deal” that really works.”

You mean because he doesn’t offer a solid plan himself and he is bitching because the Orange head clown actually is thinking outside the box, while trying to lead?”

“Yeah, something like that.  Talk is cheap.  Especially when the media’s crooked. Did you see what the Lady Clown did?”

Tell me…Who???”

“OK…The Lady Clown also answers to the name Nancy Pelosi.   “House creates new select coronavirus oversight committee over GOP objections.

Why do you call her a clown?

“Because on both the right AND left – left being where the Lady Clown plays – there’s clear evidence of muddled thinking.

Back up:  COVID-19 is what?  A MEDICAL PROBLEM which means solutions must be MEDICAL in nature.   Not political.  Remember our clowns in the bit top?   You don’t fix a breathing problem by doing your nails,  right?  Nails are a distraction.  So is left-wing oversight.

The other side of the political aisle is just as fubar, though.

For example, One of the right-wing’s favorite radio commentators is all over the “back to work to recover the economy” movement.  Yet, how can one  listen to medical problem advice from a fellow with lung cancer who touted his own cigar smoking for years? In the face of Surgeon General warnings? If he can’t get stogie dangers right, why would I trust him to do so on CV-19? Don’t misunderstand: I really enjoy the politics of this fellow and the ethics of this great commentator.  His receipt of the Medal of Freedom was well-deserved and he’s in my prayers in his current battle.

Back to point, though:  Do you remember my “Life Loops” discussion?  About how people tend to repeat certain patterns over their lifetimes?  And how you need to measure people’s quality of thought over time?   Orange clown wants magic, software clown wants, if I read it right, nano-chipping, big ears whines at no plans, but  offers none, and the Lady Clown’s plan to to create bureacracy.  You gotta wonder is this is how the Black Death worked out…”

That worked out, in the end, though, right?

“Depends what you mean... Peaked in 1351 and arguably set the stage for the Renaissance that followed…really more like continued on.  Including one our favorite events: ‘At the end of the 15th century Luca Pacioli published the first work on bookkeeping, making him the founder of accounting…'”

“So How About  that Econ Data”

Yes, speaking of numbers.  Enough clowning around for the morning…down to the serious stuff:   Durable Goods orders have collapsed – clearing the way to move deeper into Depression 2.0:

durable goods collapse in March

Durable Goods Report Plain Sucks

New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in March decreased $36.0 billion or 14.4 percent to $213.2 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This decrease, down following three consecutive monthly increases, followed a 1.1 percent February increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders decreased 0.2 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders decreased 15.8 percent.  Transportation equipment, down two of the last three months, led the decrease, $35.6 billion or 41.0 percent to $51.2 billion. ”

In trading, Europe was generally down about 1 percent earlier.  The U.S. following-suit would be about the least surprising thing since the attacks on Trump.

After the data, stock futures were up 160 on the Dow – even though Durables were 2-1/2 percent below consensus.  Pass the crack pipe around, wouldja?

The happy talk is all about oil rebounding.  Which is really all about the changes in rules at the Chicago commodities coliseum…

We continue to believe holding long over a weekend in uncertain times is more than an indication of mental instability.  Committable proof, is more like it.

Now, back to materializing rose petals from….  Say:  You gonna ride that trike today, or you gonna think?

(write when you ascend)