How “Durable Goods?” Digital Uprising, Virus Plagues Net

Hard choice this morning, trying to “call it right” in terms of what will impact people’s lives most. 

We remain on the cusp of economic Depression, the main driver of this – the virus – is still rolling with some areas reporting upticks now.

As a consequence, the food situation is getting dicey – with meat, including pork and some poultry production coming off-line.  And that will evolve over coming months into supply chain collapses and a general reset of lifestyles at a much lower-than-recent levels.

With all this going on, the dialog over treatment has gone from stupid to stupendously absurd.  There’s something akin to a “Digital Uprising” a-brewing and it reminds us of the reason our outlook for the future includes the Internet morphing to mandatory licensing by government within a couple of years.  Genie needs to be stuffed back in the bottle, just as the “genie of Radio” was stuffed in the last Depression with the Communications Act of 1934.  Good luck stuffing social in.

But before the gory details, additional useful context is in order.

Clowns on a Trike  – a Paradigm

Imagine for a moment you have wandered into a huge circus tent.

There, in the center ring, are clowns – maybe 30-40 of them in all.  Each on a tricycle, each pedaling like mad in circles.  After watching this obviously insane behavior for an hour, it occurs to you to offer help.  So you yell “Hey!  Why are you clowns pedaling pointlessly in circles, out there?”“Because, it’s what we do!.”  ( I mean they are clowns, right?)

Another half-hour drags by as you actually begin to feel badly for these sorry ass-h*les.  What kind of life is this?  Being good-natured, you offer an idea:  “Hey – let me give you each a cell phone…then you can communicate and coordinate on social media….how cool would that  be?”

Having three-dozen burner phones in your backpack (being a drug dealer and seller of hopium) you hand out phones.  After a few minutes of instruction, all the clowns are on social media. Whee!

Almost instantly, what had been individual clowns pedaling in circles, evolves to groups of clowns. They form-up – clustering.

The biggest group of followers trail behind one particular orange-headed clown.  But, there’s a nearly-equal number of  clowns following another fellow called “old big ears”…  A couple of shorter “parades” with Keystone Cops-looking clowns have broken off and seem to be doing their own thing…some look like sheriffs, but we can’t be sure…

You sit back, rather enjoying your “new & improved show” – which is exhibiting graceful patterns not seen since the Ice Capades and the old Seattle Aqua Follies.  Retro cool, dude.Suddenly,  your Guru materializes – he’d been matgerializing rose petals and muffed it.  Bi-located himself to the seat next to yours…

You want to impress him. He’s a Guru, after all.  “Hey…look out there — see how cool the clowns are – their performance has evolved into elegant patterns since I gave them all burner phones.  God, those are cool patterns.  Do you see that?”

Guru’s don’t impress easily.  “What I see is a collection of sorry ass-h*les clowns still pedaling pointlessly. Social media turns singular idiots to groups of idiots.  So, you want to explain how that’s progress?”

Embarrassed, you slump in your seat.  But, your Guru comes to the rescue.  “ Let’s go meet the clowns…”

The Orange-Headed  Clown

The Guru prompts you, by pointing to a headline:  “Trump Suggests Injecting Disinfectant, Shining UV Light Inside Patients to Kill Coronavirus in Bizarre, Rambling Tangent.”

“Wow…is that crazy, or what?” – you’re shocked anyone would follow such craziness.

But, your Guru holds up his hand, indicating its time for silence from the embedded voice in your  head.

Not-so-fast, Bubba.  It’s actually a good idea. Damn good, in fact. Since anyone with a keen mind and access to PubMed already knows that viruses are killed by certain kinds of far-ultraviolet light.  What the Orange clown missed – and most CEO’s fail at this part, too, because they skip-over the  [insert magic here] parts of life.  The fact is that the virus-killing ultraviolet spectrum runs from 207 nm to 222 nm.  The highest-frequency UV off the shelf at (your Guru’s favorite mad-science emporium) is way up at 335 nm…”

“Explain to me again: How does a Guru get so deep into science? “

“You remember my book Dimensions Next Door?  2017 I was explaining all this light-stuff and building Light Crowns…how else could I transition to immortal?  Thing is the anti-aging and healing energy is much lower in frequency – down around 660-nm all the way down to far-infrared lower than 1,000 nm.  I’ve possibly come up with an idea how to get the UV into the body…but all I will say publicly is the secret probably  lies in heterodyning…  With maybe one more hint:  Complex modulation.”

“So the orange-hair clown is maybe partly right?  You know, of course no one will see that, nor will they bother with the ACTUAL SCIENCE.  Especially after Drudge puts the  Clorox picture up…which sure looks and smells like crooked, lowest-common-denominator media, again, huh?   What about  the other Clowns, though?”

Old Big Ears

“This headline ought to explain this next clown posse: “Barack Obama launches another veiled attack on Donald Trump over coronavirus, praising Massachusetts for what it is doing ‘while we wait for a coherent national plan’. All these clowns lwant to do is bash the orange clown while failing to “desk a deal” that really works.”

You mean because he doesn’t offer a solid plan himself and he is bitching because the Orange head clown actually is thinking outside the box, while trying to lead?”

“Yeah, something like that.  Talk is cheap.  Especially when the media’s crooked. Did you see what the Lady Clown did?”

Tell me…Who???”

“OK…The Lady Clown also answers to the name Nancy Pelosi.   “House creates new select coronavirus oversight committee over GOP objections.

Why do you call her a clown?

“Because on both the right AND left – left being where the Lady Clown plays – there’s clear evidence of muddled thinking.

Back up:  COVID-19 is what?  A MEDICAL PROBLEM which means solutions must be MEDICAL in nature.   Not political.  Remember our clowns in the bit top?   You don’t fix a breathing problem by doing your nails,  right?  Nails are a distraction.  So is left-wing oversight.

The other side of the political aisle is just as fubar, though.

For example, One of the right-wing’s favorite radio commentators is all over the “back to work to recover the economy” movement.  Yet, how can one  listen to medical problem advice from a fellow with lung cancer who touted his own cigar smoking for years? In the face of Surgeon General warnings? If he can’t get stogie dangers right, why would I trust him to do so on CV-19? Don’t misunderstand: I really enjoy the politics of this fellow and the ethics of this great commentator.  His receipt of the Medal of Freedom was well-deserved and he’s in my prayers in his current battle.

Back to point, though:  Do you remember my “Life Loops” discussion?  About how people tend to repeat certain patterns over their lifetimes?  And how you need to measure people’s quality of thought over time?   Orange clown wants magic, software clown wants, if I read it right, nano-chipping, big ears whines at no plans, but  offers none, and the Lady Clown’s plan to to create bureacracy.  You gotta wonder is this is how the Black Death worked out…”

That worked out, in the end, though, right?

“Depends what you mean... Peaked in 1351 and arguably set the stage for the Renaissance that followed…really more like continued on.  Including one our favorite events: ‘At the end of the 15th century Luca Pacioli published the first work on bookkeeping, making him the founder of accounting…'”

“So How About  that Econ Data”

Yes, speaking of numbers.  Enough clowning around for the morning…down to the serious stuff:   Durable Goods orders have collapsed – clearing the way to move deeper into Depression 2.0:

durable goods collapse in March
Durable Goods Report Plain Sucks

New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in March decreased $36.0 billion or 14.4 percent to $213.2 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This decrease, down following three consecutive monthly increases, followed a 1.1 percent February increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders decreased 0.2 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders decreased 15.8 percent.  Transportation equipment, down two of the last three months, led the decrease, $35.6 billion or 41.0 percent to $51.2 billion. ”

In trading, Europe was generally down about 1 percent earlier.  The U.S. following-suit would be about the least surprising thing since the attacks on Trump.

After the data, stock futures were up 160 on the Dow – even though Durables were 2-1/2 percent below consensus.  Pass the crack pipe around, wouldja?

The happy talk is all about oil rebounding.  Which is really all about the changes in rules at the Chicago commodities coliseum…

We continue to believe holding long over a weekend in uncertain times is more than an indication of mental instability.  Committable proof, is more like it.

Now, back to materializing rose petals from….  Say:  You gonna ride that trike today, or you gonna think?

(write when you ascend)

73 thoughts on “How “Durable Goods?” Digital Uprising, Virus Plagues Net”

  1. COVID-19: is it a Giant Hoax, or is it a Bioweapon that kills 20% of the people it tags? The answer, strangely enough, is both! The dilemma for most people is that they can’t get their heads wrapped around that concept, simply because they don’t recognize how they are getting played. As a result they are confused and angry.

    It is easy to understand once you unravel the paradigm, especially the unique signature in ALL such events that points towards the existence of a Deep State. The hard part is explaining it in a short response that doesn’t drown out George’s column space.

    For those of you who’ve been around long enough, go back to the JFK assassination in 1963. As with all false flags and “Deep State” operations, there are multiple scenarios with tons of forensic evidence to support each theory. That’s because they are all mostly true. Just like the Corona Virus and every False Flag in between, such as 9-11 and the Las Vegas Shooting. What you are NOT seeing so clearly, is the Deep State entity that is directing operations, and setting multiple events stacked on top of each other.

    In the case of the JFK assassination, there were 4 completely independent hit teams, sponsored by different governments and agencies. Consequently, you’ll get four completely different lines of witness testimony and forensic evidence, which serves as a built-in smokescreen. Unless you take the time to separate the independent sets of forensic evidence and put them on their respective timelines, you’ll never see or understand the Truth. Ditto for 911, Las Vegas, COVID-19, etc.

    The Las Vegas shooting worked the same way as all Deep State Operations. There was a three letter intelligence agency running an assassination plot on the top floors (Four Seasons) of the Mandalay Bay. It was all about certain key people in Saudi Arabia that someone wanted removed. Just below those floors in the Mandalay Bay, a three letter law enforcement agency was conducting a weapons sale (Paddock) while yet another agency was running a sting operation. And of course the Deep State mastermind had orchestrated an active shooter event for the concert below. Brilliant operation – all of them . But the evidence runs wild with conflicting stories, such as people getting evacuated off the roof by helicopter (intelligence assets) while others grabbed weapons and shot up about a dozen casinos as they made an exit (sting), and yet others were shooting into the concert, and so on.

    The same sort of multiple scenarios unfolded with 911, and many more operations like it. One of the Deep State signatures is to have a government agency running a national security type drill, and suddenly the drill goes “live.” The military or law enforcement agencies running the drill are as clueless and confused as anybody. LoL – and they’ll do everything they can to cover their ass afterwards! That of course helps with the smokescreen of multiple independent operations in play. Likewise, you have to notice how time after time these operations are brilliantly executed with a stunning level of confusion, chaos, and deception built in. But yet every time you see the head of a government agency or member of congress get up to talk about it on a press conference, you can’t help but notice how stupid and bumbling they come across, like today’s clown descriptions. There’s just no way the self aggrandizing politicians can dream up these operations!

    The ever so famous Pompeo expression about “We are in a live exercise,” was exactly that. Consequently, President Trump has that same confused & dazed look on his face that George Bush had during 911. To get to the top levels of government, you HAVE to go through a series of rituals to embed yourself with the Deep State. Which is to say you answer to them above all other loyalties, priorities, and oaths. In other words, you KNOW who they are and how they roll with their Global Governance plans, psyops, wars, and false flag operations. When the Deep State sets a “Live Exercise” in motion, then the President and Politicians and Government Agencies (etc) become LARPs (Live Action Role Players). After observing a few dozen of these, you can easily recognize one in real time.

    With COVID-19, there IS a Bioweapon in play to destroy the global economy and supply chains, and will probably lead to a war going “hot” in a few months. There are also versions of the Virus that connect to 5G and Nano-particles, that will generate its own trail of forensice evidence, particularly in areas where 5G is fully operational. There is another virus event track with Testing Kits laced with the actual virus to get a certain number of health care professionals sick/killed in order to promote fear and PPE shortages, which has a built in smokescreen of (CDC admitted) test kits that are tainted & unreliable. And, there is a version of the virus loose in the wild that has very little effect on the average human (Hollywood Elite). Compile all those statistics in a single metric for a decision maker to set policy? No way!

    Knowing how much (forced & scripted) hatred exists between the left and right politicians, and how bumbling and self serving they are with respect to their office or position, the accompanying media circus it generates is of course part of the smokescreen. But it also provides a bit of comedy theater, yes? NEVER forget the L/R politicians work for the same Deep State!

    The Deep State Agenda is to orchestrate a global collapse through a series of moves. COVID-19 is simply the opening round. Famine and war come next, along with civil unrest, rebellion, and maybe civil war as they let the LARPs try to install a mandatory vaccine program, reopen the country, set policies, and deal with the various independent Corona Virus “Event Lines” – but as a misunderstood single event. Note the President and other LARPs will essentially have free play to decide whatever they want to set in motion, and the Deep State will simply monitor and throw in additional events from time to time. Very much like the movie Hunger Games. Sigh… think carefully, and realize it is not just the politicians that are LARPs!

    • RBI,

      I appreciate the time you invested in writing all of that. It’s definitely not lost on me. I haven’t been 100% privy to all of the technical details of the various operations you listed above and I’d be interested in learning more to fill in some gaps, but as a whole you are highly precise and accurate.

    • Thanks, RBI. Excellent analysis. Is there any way I can get the PDF you compiled a couple of weeks ago? I’ve had first hand experience with ultra violet blood irradiation, intravenous vitamin C as well as intravenous hydrogen peroxide. All with very positive results. That was about 30 years ago and would appreciate learning more up-to-date information.

      • Lou, George has the two PDFs that went out to a small handful of people that requested them. He’s got blanket approval to send ’em to anyone. (George, let me know if you need the PDFs again…)

        UVBI was and is an outstanding therapy! It was replaced (sort of) by a machine that is approximately 100x more powerful, called UVLrx.

        UVLrx came on strong in 2014-2015, until they accidentally discovered it could cure Ebola and a few other diseases like Corona Virus, Cancer, Leukemia, etc. Then it was IMMEDIATELY stomped on and annihilated by the FDA and big pharma (et al).

        While it was in existence, I had a couple of dozen rides on the machine and it was everything it was cracked up to be. And a lot more. Unbelievable cure rates of just about any pathogen or blood disorder. Nobody would say or publish anything official, but at the clinic in Tampa where I was getting “sports injury” treatments, other patients would tell me they spontaneously cured from things like Stage IV cancer. Shhhh….

        While a patient was hooked up to the UVLrx, you would normally get a Myers Cocktail (Vitamin C by IV) after the 60 minute UVL therapy. However, you had a choice of about a half dozen other menu options such as a Blood Oxidation, which was the food grade hydrogen peroxide that you spoke of. My personal favorite was a Myers Cocktail with a Glutathione “Push” (injection) at the end.

        I suspect President Trump was trying to express the idea of how well UVLrx (or UVBI) treatments work with respect to bioweapons and Corona Viruses. LoL – something got lost in the translation, but it isn’t that hard to figure out he was referring to alternative ways to solve the problem that don’t require prescription drugs or vaccines.

        My understanding from multiple sources is that UVLrx still exists as a company and is available outside the USA. If any of the readers happen to be in other nations, they can update us. (please!)

      • Lou, George has the two PDFs that went out to a small handful of people that requested them. He’s got blanket approval to send ’em to anyone. (George, let me know if you need the PDFs again…)

        UVBI was and is an outstanding therapy! It was replaced (sort of) by a machine that is approximately 100x more powerful, called UVLrx.

        UVLrx came on strong in 2014-2015, until they accidentally discovered it could cure Ebola and a few other diseases like Corona Virus, Cancer, Leukemia, etc. Then it was IMMEDIATELY stomped on and annihilated by the FDA and big pharma (et al).

        While it was in existence, I had a couple of dozen rides on the machine and it was everything it was cracked up to be. And a lot more. Unbelievable cure rates of just about any pathogen or blood disorder. Nobody would say or publish anything official, but at the clinic in Tampa where I was getting “sports injury” treatments, other patients would tell me they spontaneously cured from things like Stage IV cancer. Shhhh….

        While a patient was hooked up to the UVLrx, you would normally get a Myers Cocktail (Vitamin C by IV) after the 60 minute UVL therapy. However, you had a choice of about a half dozen other menu options such as a Blood Oxidation, which was the food grade hydrogen peroxide that you spoke of. My personal favorite was a Myers Cocktail with a Glutathione “Push” (injection) at the end.

        I suspect President Trump was trying to express the idea of how well UVLrx (or UVBI) treatments work with respect to bioweapons and Corona Viruses. LoL – something got lost in the translation, but it isn’t that hard to figure out he was referring to alternative ways to solve the problem that don’t require prescription drugs or vaccines.

        My understanding from multiple sources is that UVLrx still exists as a company and is available outside the USA. If any of the readers happen to be in other nations, they can update us. (please!)

    • Well said, i would only add a single element:

      It is that all Politicians have Doppelgangers.

      A doppelganger, is a paid actor that looks identical to the Politician that stands up there and reads the script off the tele-prompter. That is why they Pre-qualify the questions asked by the press durring a press confrense. when a question is asked that doesnt follow the script, the president or other politician doppelganger says, “that’s all and walks off the stage.”

      In the event a real assignation attempt is made, (since Kennedy, I have suspected) the actor will take the result and not the actual Political Figure.

      Even the Kennedy assasination could have been staged, with a doppelganger. That of course is above my pay grade.

      I have suspected that for a long time. Sometimes it seems that in one Press conference Trump is 30 lbs heavier physically and the next week 30 lbs lighter. That is quite a bit of difference in weight gain/loss.

      Thank you! Brilliant summery and spectacular speculation. Food for thought.

      Ok,that is enough out of me.

    • RBI, I think you might be on to something. Our reality seems more & more like the “Hunger Games” on a daily basis, what with all the “special people” congregating in D.C. and H-wood.

    • >RBI< I would so much more enjoy reading the daily comments to
      "G.U.s" daily missives should they be as relevant and thought
      provoking as yours was today. As the others above have said
      "Well Done". Look forward to future comments of yours.

    • Vegas was an inside job by the casino owners in a last ditch attempt to keep their sports betting monopoly.It was The First Monday In October and NJ’s challenge to that monopoly was going to be one of the first cases heard.A phone call or two may have been placed to the judges before the hit.

      • I was just remmeber John Titor, how he said that after our civil war, there was a short nuclear exchange with China and that Russia was our Allies. not that i put alot of stock in TimeTraverlor_0 from the Art Bell show in 2001.

        I just was studying the history of WWIII yesterday and thinking about the day before. Most when they think about WWII, they think about Hitler, and perhaps harbor.

        They dont remember that Japan almost wiped China off the map and the Russians didnt care at all. Because they had their eyes on Hitler.

        Japan’s leader at the time, was considered “God incarnate” by many of the people of Japan. Also, extremely right winged.

        And all that was less than 100 years ago. Only 2 generations ago. Great grandpas generation or (set) of humans.

        It’s really hard to think that people less than a hundred years ago would consider their leader “God in-carnation”

        But it is true, according to Hystory.

    • @RBI

      and us ‘sheeple’ just have to stand by and watch all this happen….Do YOU have any remedies that can be injected into those that would want us to become ‘non-existent’….OR must we use the proven method of ‘lead poisoning’……that also brings on many dire results….as THIS lockdown shows many of us…..local police have been COMPROMISED so much …that NOW they are the ‘point of the spear’….and this is totally disgusting…..BUT I for 1 will never be vaccinated….and MY red line will be my exit from this planet….Semper Fi

      • D, very historically accurate words you wrote: “The proven method of lead poisoning.” Most of the failed and failing empires in the past 6,000 years have headed down that path. “Proven Method” has a nice echo to it yes?

        I share your sentiments about not being vaccinated. Ever. There are some intermediate steps and strategies to consider. First of course is to side-step the Deep State. It seems like most everyone is either going full Sheeple or full Rambo. I think there is a wise strategy in the middle ground of just not engaging. At least not until it is TIME, and then do so on your terms. Like your red line suggests.

        Second, a problem well defined is a problem half solved. Studying the enemy leads to a well thought out plan on how to defeat your adversaries. Even the sharpest spear can be thwarted by a well made shield. Likewise, the time tested strategies of out-maneuvering and out-smarting your enemy will always work.

        Third, realize one of the Deep State’s biggest weaknesses is their arrogance and corruption. However, those characteristics are mostly clustered at the top of the hierarchy, which is to say there are people embedded throughout the government with tremendous backbone and integrity. Choose your allies wisely, yes?

        Fourth, don’t give up on the Higher Realms. It is very well defined in Ephesians Chapter 6 on the identity of the enemy we face. Consequently, your greatest weapons and ability to defeat the enemy will come from the higher levels of consciousness. Spiritual Warfare is a shorter way to say it.

        Ke?in… Ride with the wind.

        If that’s not esoteric enough for you , there’s quite a bit more information to dig for. Some of it directly relates to G. A. Stewart’s comments with George on Heterodyning (below), and Bryce’s LPG comments about healing by changing light frequencies to sound frequencies. Apparently, we are all tinkering with some of the same technology.

        Briefly, what I’ve found:

        Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM), a similar use of dual frequencies to promote healing. Sort of a button pushing dual frequency Rife box until you discover an unadvertised secret. The frequency interference pattern creates a scalar wave that precisely matches and hence communicates with DNA. So you can “normalize” your DNA back to your Spiritual Blueprint. Then FSM becomes an entirely new branch of medicine with astounding healing abilities. Terrel Owens was the beneficiary of this DNA healing magic about 5-6 years ago.

        Then there is much more powerful technology called BioAcoustics. Think of FSM as a tone or syllable, like a single word. BioAcoustics is the entire symphony, so orders of magnitude more powerful than FSM. If you want to go “Full Christ Consciousness” then spend about 10 years studying this discipline and another 2-3 treating yourself. You’ll have a unique perch to observe from and create with.

        The reason I’m wandering through this rabbit hole conversation is because it directly relates to the Corona Virus and economic destruction we are going through now. Stay with me, I haven’t gone off my rocker. Yet! Just doing some rather deep left-brained engineering research that ….. connects to things I did when I worked in Nevada a while back.

        The BioAcoustic technology has been weaponized and is fully deployed as of the middle of last year. From observation and a bit of research, I think the Corona Virus campaign is simply to cover the tracks of using the BioAcoustic weapon for the first time on a global scale. You can make people sick, you can make ’em hate orange clowns, you can make them die with very confusing pathology. Heck, you can even make people run out and buy toilet paper!

        There have been very intelligent observations and questions all over these comment sections for the past few weeks, but nobody seems to be able to connect the dots on how ALL these pandemic and economic and political events connect. That’s what I’m trying to do here, is shine a spotlight on something that we need to look at. REALLY need to look at and perhaps collaborate on some engineering features.

        Why? Well, if you can go “Full Christ Consciousness” with BioAcoustics, then the opposite polarity is unfortunately true. Tragically, it has already been done, and we are experiencing the Negative version of these energies being expressed. 5G seems to be the primary carrier wave, which might explain both the fanatical urgency to get it deployed as well as the extreme risk we seem to be taking to bitchslap China on 5G “Surpremacy.”

        Did I mentioned anywhere in the past few weeks that I think the Paradigm has changed, and that we are playing with a new set of rules? Just an observation, but it certainly matches the news and events across the planet.

        What would you do if you were the Deep State, and had a new planet smashing toy to play with?

        By the way, the UVLrx technology I sent in my answer to Lou in this column (above) also relates to the toys and technology we are talking about. I think the UVLrx was simply too powerful to put on the street, so the FDA had to smash it. Back to my answer to D, this is yet another one of the tools we could use to not only cure COVID-19, but deploy it in the campaign to remain vertical and on the planet.

        There are more tools under development that appear to be even more powerful than BioAcoustics, but I don’t expect to see them for at least a year or two. Others are working on them, and I’m just begging for technology crumbs .

        I sat for a couple of hours on this one, as I suspect I’ve probably said way too much. Tomorrow (26th) is one of those pivot point days, so I’ll go ahead and hit the “Submit” button. Just once this time .

        George, any chance you could change the name of the button to “Send Comments?” That word “Submit” has a bit of a stink to it!

      • I spent some a few days yesterday thinking about history. Time such as these seem to be either the molds for great leaders such as Ghandi, MLK as well as Extreme Political Dictators such as Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin. All extreme right wing fellas who start out doing vast homeland projects, appearing as saviors of their people.

        while secretly building huge harmys and navy’s. Its interesting to note that Japan had almost completely conquered China and Russia did nothing to aide them less 100 years ago.

        Italy under Mussolini had secretly created a larger Navy than Great Britain and France combined.

        You know George, it was 1929 financial crisis that gave a provisional footing for Hitler to rise to power. The 1929 crash actually is credited for the Weimar destruction. The 1929 crash cpincidently happend 4 months after Hitlers release from a 9 month stint in Prison from a failed coop attempt.

        From my study’s it’s a 90/10 ratio that all these types of men who rise to power have that commonality. Extreme right wing. Anyway, that is enough out of me.

      • RBI,

        Would you provide more info on the scalar wave that sets DNA back to its spiritual blueprint? I’ve been trying to do this with a non-technology method, but perhaps what you mentioned is easier.

        Your idea that bioacoustics has been weaponized is a great explanation for the divisive insanity occurring in the U.S. I hadn’t heard of bioacoustics, but it seems to me that something is being beamed to the populace, most likely through TV. I thought it very fishy several years ago when the gov basically subsidized the allegedly private TV industry by providing cheap adaptors for people who couldn’t afford to buy the new HDTV sets. It appeared they wanted HDTV for something other than entertainment. Could weaponized bioacoustics be a very advanced form of the subliminal programming used at movie theaters several decades ago? 5G might not be the only carrier wave. Is the work of Sharry Edwards a good introduction to bioacoustics?

        “I suspect I’ve probably said way too much. ” NO! Please say more!

      • You know of course everything foreign addopt into thought and the words we speak also alters our DNA.

        Environmental conditions also alter our DNA. Just changing how you think can alter your DNA. Its proven.

        Also see how words can alter the shape of water when its Frozen. Speak I’ll to a bowl of water and its pattern when frozen fractured and chaotic, speak love and good thoughts symmetrical shape form when its frozen.

        We are made mostly of water and complex patterns of minerals and trace minerals.

      • Tumbleweed:

        FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) is the technology with an unadvertised special about the scalar wave. I’m working with about a dozen old geezers (MD, PhD, DDS, JD, etc) on some research that dives into energy, healing, and esoteric things once in a while. Two of the docs in the group are wizards with scalar energies, and they tinker with some of the Tom Bearden material. I’m mostly a button pusher that plays with the frequencies on this project. I’ve never found any mention of the scalar side effects in the FSM textbooks or literature, but am quite certain the geezers know what they are doing. The frequency pairs they’ve programmed work quite well!

        I think your mind & mood control (“insanity”) stuff coming through HDTV is from a technology called “Silent Sound Spread Spectrum,” sometimes called Quad-S or SSSS. It is one of the offshoot Remote Neural Monitoring programs that evolved from the 70’s. I’ve read that the carrier wave mostly transmits Despair and Surrender type of mood control frequencies.

        Going from memory, it was deployed in about 1998-99, and is the reason the government required a shift to HDTV from the analog UHF/VHF signals.

        The BioAcoustic Weapons technology stems from a major discovery about 5-7 years ago (during Obama’s 2nd term), and was quickly weaponized. I think it is at least 3 orders of magnitude more powerful than SSSS, maybe 4 or 5. My research thus far connects it to 5G, and is a large part of the race to get 5G deployed around the world regardless of the health & safety issues.

        Sharry Edwards is the pioneer that discovered and developed the non-weapon version of BioAcoustics, and has done some amazing things for human health. I saw on one of her videos that she can run resonant frequency diagnostics on Corona Virus, and consequently was able to identify it as a man-made weapon back in January. She also has a protocol to “deactivate” the spike protein’s envelope protection in about 8 minutes with sound tones, and your body’s immune system takes over from there and squashes the bug. All of that is available for free on her site, along with some healing music provided by her business associate Jill Mattson.

        I think an Israeli start up company stole Sharry’s technology, and they are marketing a product identical to hers, but not from inside the USA.

        Sharry’s BioAcoustics health technology interests me greatly, so I will put a lot more time and energy into the research, and compare the results with BEMER mats, FSM, IVC, HBOT, Stem Cells, GcMAF, C60, and some of the other emerging and promising health products.

  2. George,
    seems neither Mouser or Digi-Key offers UV LEDs that deep. Quick search doesn’t show any suppilers for below about 230 nm.

    Wonder what the virus’ tolerance is to 260nm?

    • The light show Trump is hinting to is changing surface healing light frequencies to sound frequencies having the ability to travel through the body and kill any specific viruses or Heal any cells. Trump has always knew about these Technologies from his uncle. Trump can only hint where the agenda should go and if others don’t pick up on the hint then they are the opposition

  3. Good morning. I talked to Ray yesterday the Iching and Him said the same thing. I spent about 90% of my day ears wide open.

    A few things occurred to me. As the Baby Boomer generation is set for the passing into the next great adventure.

    Will the Quarenteen Generation eexceed its size and quality of innovation and industry??

    In 9 months we are about to witness a generation of babies that will rival the largest ever produced in the world. That much is certain.

    These are some of the things, that I have been missing in my understanding as I run the yapper all day and not listen to what is really happening.

    I’m having coffee with a friend I met on the green yesterday. He owns a golf course and country club out here. I texted Mark this morning to get some advice.

    I am going to return to listening because we are being told so much and I cant hear it when I am yammering.

    • I wonder if it will be called Generation Q?

      That cycle of souls back to the planet will be epic on top of those already fighting for a chance to get here.

      My new friend is very cool. I did most of the listing. I’m not very good with accepting compliments. He just messaged me and said, u awake? I said of course. I wake up at 330am daily, no alarm needed. He said it’s been a while since I hung out with a real man. I said you may have the wrong number. Lol he said I been in big buisness for 50 years and I read people for a living. Let me guess, 186, IQ, dont care about money and cant be bought. Brunettes over blonds, athletic over velumptiouse, extrmelyy intuitive, self educated, out of the box thinker, integrity, quality of character over reputation and an alcoholic. I said you got all that from my slice into the trees? He said no, I noticed when you step to the side about 10 seconds before that drunk guy almost ran ya over with golf cart and you didnt even look behind ya and nobody noticed. Then I paid attention. I said oh. I didn’t think anyone saw that. He said come on over, I will make ya breakfast and we will have a smoke. Lol really nice guy.

      Yeah says, you very much intrigue me. I said, thanks. He said I cant believe you are hot sitting on a pile of money right now. I said I guess I never really tried to get a pile. I been driving in circles the last 10 years. He said I can see that too. So. I listened for the rest of the time.

      Anyway. I’m off to meditate and listen for the rest of the day. I was gonna leave, perhaps I shall stay and listen a while longer. an open mouth means closed ears. Ears are how we feed the mind and the soul. I’m all ears. Please teach me what you know.


      I dont know. It’s a good place to be. :)

  4. George – you wrote: “back to work to recover the economy” movement. Is there another way to recover here or at least some semblance of an economy other than fully opening up the economy? Ultimately, labor brings value to a currency – not gold, not oil, not pixie dust. Ultimately, No Labor = No USD value. If there is another way out of this other then fully opening up the economy again, please enlighten us. Admittedly, opening the economy will initially be at a very reduced level of demand.

    Onward. The economy was on a pretty bad footing to begin with before so called ‘Covid-19’ hit. So, To the magicians in the crowd that are not looking at the ‘virus hand’, but looking at the hand where the real action is taking place, namely, the economic reset hand, we see the real action.

    I ask my fellow magicians to consider: Why would an entire economy be shutdown for a virus? After all, we have had lots of viruses over the centuries. Why would oil go negative? In what universe did that happen before. Why would the stock market climb on days when millions of new people file for unemployment? Why would we have a sudden and massive loss of demand, especially for energy consumption?

    Oh, there is a virus out there, but the magicians know the virus ain’t the real deal. Another agenda here is active on the other hand while people rip each other up about ‘a virus’ that would have been buried on page 2 in the rags of the 60’s. Btw, the other hand of the magician is active with lots of agendas: economic reset, green new deal, population control. Take your pick. You could make a good case for any of these and many more.

    This magician is not buying the ‘Covid 19’ cover.

    • “Why would oil go negative?”

      You know stephen..I have asked that very same question.

      The dollar is commonly referred to as the Petro dollar as oil being what the dollar is valued on.

      WHAT IF….
      All of this was started to just break the dollar as the world’s currency.

      • Quite possibly! If someone wanted to break the petrodollar, the US military dominance, and bring in the ‘Green New Deal’ on a global scale, well, all the events in the past two months would definitely go a long way to get you there!!

        There is much we don’t know, but what we can agree on: This ain’t just about a virus!

  5. What the Sam Hill?! – no 100% False, Fabricated, BS Covert-19 statistics chart to keep the FEAR pumping strong into weekend?

    When stats contain “Deaths” that were CO-Morbitity (8 out of 10 Cases), and recorded as Covert-19 well then that just makes Ure FAKE NEWs U see.

    CDC is “salting” the numbers with Billing codes sent out at very beginning of crisis to “bribe” Docs and Hospitals to Code EVERY Death as Covert-19.Real question is how did they have the Codes ready so soon..

    In fact if U were to Overlay a (CDC sourced) Map of Tuberculosis Cases with the Covert-19 map they would be almost Identical hot spots..

    The other FAKE NEWS item is Ure quip regards Stogies and Lung Cancer – really ?! an ALL Natural Product – No Chemicals, causes cancer? Got Research back up for that whopper?

    As time seems to be addling/fogging&clouding Ure brains, let me shed some light thru there for you and recall the other George – George Burns, U remember George and Gracie??

    George Burns smoked like 10 El Productos cigars A – Day – No Lung Cancer – whatwhatwhat?

    Luv the smell of FEAR in the morning, smells like … Lamestream.

    • You wrote: ‘CDC is “salting” the numbers with Billing codes sent out at very beginning of crisis to “bribe” Docs and Hospitals to Code EVERY Death as Covert-19. Real question is how did they have the Codes ready so soon.’

      Thank you for posting this. Yes, little by little, we are deconstructing this Covid 19 ‘story’. I will say one thing. In the era of the internet, people cheating and lying are being caught right and left. The American public still has a lot of catching up to do, but they are slowly coming to the realization that they have been totally played!!

      • They had the codes so soon the same way they had the Patriot Act so soon. All they had to do was take them off the shelf and dust them off.

  6. Not to ‘Rush’ into the pandemic solution hokey-pokery, but the French have started slapping nicotine patches on front-line workers.

    “ One study in China, where the pandemic began, showed only 6.5 per cent of COVID-19 patients were smokers, compared to 26.6 per cent of the population.”

    “Another study, by the Centers for Disease Control in the US, found just 1.3 per cent of hospitalised patients were smokers – compared to 14 per cent of America.”

    Seems smokers are one of the least infected groups. Nicotine seems the likely reason. A nicotine patch (low dose for non-smoker) is strongly suggested over lighting-up.

      • Also Mr. Ure…one doesn’t inhale premium cigars. They impact the olfactory gland, which is close to the area of your brain where memories are stored. This is why your sense of smell has the strongest ties to your memories and a smell will take you back to a place and time quicker than any other of your senses. This is why people have cigars during celebrations, etc. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, more than 80 percent of all men and women smoked tobacco. Inhaling is believed to have started during the civil war by soldiers who discovered the rush by inhaling, but tobacco is alkaline and your lungs don’t like it much. Cigarettes didn’t hit the scene until the 1920s with someone who invented a machine roller. They made the tobacco more acidic so lungs were more accepting, and the they got marketed by the movies of course. Now cigarettes have very little actual tobacco, they are simply addiction devices, but premium cigars are the same as they’ve always been…all natural, not inhaled and not very habit forming actually.

      • I smoked a $600 pre-revolution cigar from Cuba some years back.
        Still tasted like shit. No better than the White Owl Optima’s my day kept me supplied with (along with Passport scotch) in high school.
        Never got into trouble…how do you beat a free life with cigars and scotch, right? By stealing beer and joyriding? Pass…

      • “Inhaling is believed to have started during the civil war”

        Tell that to the Indians.

        “Cigarettes didn’t hit the scene until the 1920s”

        …And tell this to the Bull Durham Company.

        The difference between Bull Durham or Bugler and pre-rolled cigs was the myriad of trace chemicals, introduced during the “casing” and “aging” processes. I’ve long-held that cigarettes were carcinogenic, principally because of the saltpeter used in the casing process — not used in pipe or cigar tobacco, BTW. “Lung cancer” was extremely rare, until the advent of pre-rolled cigarettes, and was usually the result of living in a high-radon environment.

      • Apparently France’s record-holding centenarian, Jeanne Calment 122 years of age, was a daily smoker to her passing. It’s in the…genes?

        That led me to a “Washington Post” report by Ariana Eunjung Cha from a couple of days ago about unusual blood clotting in covid-19 patients both deceased and “recovered” which brings to mind “Andromeda Strain”. One of the site commenters elsewhere mentioned the movie as a stand-alone-item thread. I thought they were joking at the time…

    • It’s been known for a long time that nicotine has several useful effects, including increasing the sensitivity of dopamine receptors and mitigating/eliminating the onset of cytokine storming. I have some patches here just for those purposes. Nicotine can be deadly in excess, especially for those not used to it. Low dose is best. The manufacturers of the patch warn against cutting high dose patches into smaller ones – but I do think that’s just to get paid more for using the lower dose ones. The patches don’t contain any MAO inhibitors, which(along with the quick cycle rate from smoking) is instrumental in the addictive quality of cigarettes in susceptible individuals. Be especially careful if you use an MAOI. Use(or not) at your own risk and do your own research. Some people will not like the effects of the patch. You may note that most of those with Parkinson’s are non-smokers, even after adjusting for smoking rates/population. I don’t recommend smoking at all. Just info to do with as you wish.

    • Would be nice to see some actual research around this scenario. Perhaps it is more basic, the smokers maintain more social distance because of the rancid smell and not being someone you want to be close to? Maybe even a result of smoke making uptake in the lungs more difficult and not so much specific to the type of smoke. Any data on pot smoking and effects? Though by its current nature, folks are a bit more isolated with pot smoking vs tobacco.

      I would like to see that compared to simply wearing a mask. What percent of infected people were all the time wearing a mask properly when in public and using common sense with distancing and washing hands. Might be a much simpler preventative step then messing with nicotine. We should be careful using random data and start making lifestyle changes especially with something as potent as nicotine. I would think there would be some actual studies within the next few weeks.

      Our local hospital is giving their front line workers low doses of Cloroquine as a preventative step. There have been a number of studies that indicates use early after reduces symptoms of an infection (China, Brazil, Costa Rica), the data is less clear when given late in the symptom progression.

      I live in Georgia and the governor has now removed most quarantines, but they are not promoting masks for everyone all the time in public. I think we will soon see how the progression is affected. Maybe 1 week to 10 days from now to note a change ?

      • “smokers maintain more social distance because of the rancid smell”

        Since when? You’ve never been in a smoke-filled bar?

        “Any data on pot smoking and effects?”

        The one study I perused said “cigarettes good, pot bad,” but I didn’t read the article. I made mention of it last week, but don’t remember if I supplied a link or not…

  7. George

    “You remember my book”

    Royal Raymond Rife had a version of your concept. He even had a long list of characteristic frequencies for pathogens. At the time Big Pharma was just getting started and didn’t want any competition so they got the government to shut him down. There was recently a Ted Talk about using radio energy to do what Rife researched and grab the credit. Eventually Rife’s research will be the norm as antibiotics start failing en mass.

    Rife machines are available on the net and their is a manufacturer of the type of antenna vacuum tube Rife used. If i were to set up a Rife machine I would put it in a Faraday cage to avoid Imperial entanglements!

    All of the above is just for your information as I neither encourage or not encourage it’s use.

  8. Pass the rock pipe Bunky – dont be a bogart!

    As long a we be bugging on the rocks – might as well take a look at all the Dollars/Babylonian Magic Squares being brought into Existence in the last 2 months or so.

    The US Dollar only Lost 20 % of its buying power = Value in 2019
    or more recently, stated another way..

    Jan 1, 2020 dollar was roughly 96.50 and today is around 100.5 versus that other currency U luv sooo much Bitcoin started the year at around 4500 and today is around 7500.

    Dollar looks from here to be the best of a sick lot, and the Whole lot, including dollar is getting “sicker” by the minute – sir dick branson needs a bailout – hurry print some moar!

    Babylonian Magic Squares/USD – “old busted joint”

    Bitcoin – “New Hotness”

    ..tiptoe the “tulips” with me – NOT! No Bitcoin 4 U!

  9. Apparently, Raymond Rife used light wave heterodyning in his microscopes.

    Physicians in the Middle Ages put red curtains on the windows when royalty caught small pox.

    I’m playing with some of your ideas right now, George. Much appreciate the info on low-level light therapy that you have provided. It really caught my attention.

    I remember years ago reading some of Tom Bearden’s research, and he was citing several researchers regarding cellular communication with IR photons.

    I have (2) 606 nm lasers, and a red and IR LED lamp set up. I also have Dr. Robert Becker’s pulser (The Body Electric).

    I’m going to work on this idea and claim the patent: what if instead of using his 3.9 Hz square wave pulser over the major arteries in your left wrist, you could make some kind of epidermal UV light pad.

    The skin might attenuate the photons, but the arteries may be close enough to the surface that the UV photons can penetrate. UV and skin damage would be minimal if applied properly.

    • The problem with the epidermal pad is lack of penetration – which is why you need to “piggyback” or use the blood in the body as a kind of “liquid crystal detector” for two carriers.

      • Dear Mr. Ure,

        I think an item that parallels your line of thought is the Beck plant growth stimulator. The circuit board layout and parts list was published by the late Wayne Green in the May 1996, and May 1997 issues of “73 Amateur Radio”. There may have been a pertinent subsequent mention of it in a later issue but I don’t have that at my fingertips. The articles’ author ceased production of the devices ages ago so experimenters are on their own. I understand that Internet Archive may have the issues.

  10. Hi, George,

    I apologize for this not directly relating to your content here, but I wanted to recommend something about your new roof selection. NM Mike is absolutely correct in his assessment of metal roofs versus shingles. Shingles were on the roof of my home for around fifteen years. Many of the shingles had to be replaced every summer and fall because of the intensity of the sun on the southwestern exposure. At 7,000 feet elevation in New Mexico, the sun is intense enough to melt the glue that holds shingles down. Many of my neighbors have a metal roof on their homes. Metal roofs come in several colors, however, white is the most recommended for where I live. The color of the first metal roof I had installed was blue, and it was very hot in the summertime. Every so often, I would hose water down on that blue metal roof to cool the house. Ten years ago, the blue metal roof was replaced with a white one during the last major construction project, white being much cooler. Metal roofs also protect against hail damage. Thanks.

  11. It seems like this thing is either going to seal the deal here in the USA – we either get micro-chipped, injected with vaccines that Gates the Sterilizer cum Murderer has produced and millions stay on the dole. I would elaborate, but literally hundreds of scifi books have been written about this. OR….this busts the balls of the globalists via the long awaited second depression in tandem with the 4th turning.

    Your clowns above are all Boomers George. Boomers are in the direct path of this virus as it has expanded, as the majority of folks are just unaffected or mildly affected. The media frenzy is deafening and spouting all the same mantras. The usual corrupt talking heads are out there lying or obfuscating. Everyone sees it unless they are already in the state of waiting for gubmint to tell them to get in the railcars to be taken to a safe zone.

    I am hoping that this entire shitshow will let people realize the false politics of left vs right, but it seems most are drinking traditional left or right koolaid, with mainstream media cheerleading them on both sides. The truth is our centralized government is broken – so broken that Trump refused to try and control things from his big chair. Instead he told the governors to handle their own shit – a thing no president in living memory has done in a national crisis. What was the intent of that, exactly?

    Since price discovery has been subverted in every market, they will all fail eventually due to lack of growth – the belt on the eternal growth treadmill has broken, but most people don’t see this. This fish in the face has hammered consumerism hard – people are just not spending unless they have to – so buying geegaws and the bi-annual purchases of newest cars is also dying a rapid death. Consumers are not going to refloat the boat this time.

    We may get a reprieve, but it is likely to be short lived, because the growth model has now been crippled and the fiat fuel has no storage stabilizer. The printing presses have been running at full throttle (neg interest rates?) for years already.

    In my business, you must either be a local expert living within your means (think Oilman1) or a big fish that can swim the seas to find new prospects. So as Oilman2 has been in the oilfield services or consulting side of things, he has no local wells under ownership. This is the state of most of the oil companies – local has to shrink to fit the new price structure whenever that settles out.

    To get growth, you always have to do it very slowly or have a cash infusion to do it rapidly. It’s the money guys (people, firms, banks) that make the loans that are next in line. Their stock exposure is huge, and the prices for them have zero basis in reality and are all over-leveraged via some really cute financial mechanisms. Those cute financial thingies are busily imploding all across the planet due to no growth. They are dying like a cancer in the face of the right gene therapy, IMO. Petrodollar has to go for gold to come back along with real money to replace our current monopoly money. <—intentional label friend G…

    Oilman1 did the right thing – he has always been a local and never aspired to "be a player". He stays within his means.

    At my age, this either gets back to a semblance of normal in 6 months or so, or the oil patch is going to sink to a new normal. If it does sink, then that is the setup for the next wave of demand destruction from oil spiking to new levels. Your readers need to think in years and not months to get this.

    Oil has never been this dramatically hammered, and this is intentional and likely sanctioned by our own government (we can twist Saudi arms quite easily, but haven't done so this time). This is new turf for growth prospects to be nil in the oilpatch – we are VERY resourceful guys, but if there is no demand for your product, you are facing an enemy you cannot wrestle with.

    The only reason I can see this being allowed to proceed is other things developing behind the scenes playing out in media. People need to go back and review things Trump has said in the past, well before he was a TV persona. There may be some clues there, because Trump is NOT a dullard, nor was his father. His preferred pick of Judy Shelton is a weighty hint, IMO.

    If the independent oil companies in North America are crippled, it is going to set up a huge oil spike down the road. Because WE have become the new swing producer due to depletion in Mexico and other areas that has gone unreported. We made up the difference that was trying to drive prices to over $100/bbl a few years back. If we get crippled, then those same forces of depletion come into play again.

    Nothing happens fast in the oilpatch except collapse, and we have gotten very good at rapidly pulling our horns in over the last 25 years. Go to Baker Hughes and look at the rig count over the last 90 days, then look at it over the last 5 years.

    Expansion was fueled this time by free money, and banks actively seeking huge ROI. The bankers are trying to unload independent oil positions because of what is happening, as are the vencap outfits.The only buyers are corps with big war chests, and they have all built their empires on buy low and sell high and "more lipstick on this pig". The potential buyers are all getting crushed by implosions all over the financial sector, which we read about every day. Not all at once, until it IS all at once.

    We haven't been here before George. The last time it was this bad was when Saudi shut off the tap, and we were not positioned with enough production. This time, the tap is wide open and we ARE positioned with enough to float ourselves. So uncharted territory and rest assured that this is being allowed to happen, but the reason is not anything obvious.

    It would take pages to try and corral this into something coherent, but I think my current diatribe is reflective on the state of the oilpatch – incoherent and baffled because the usual way out is now blocked. We are as trapped in USA and Canada by the same thing – demand is gone and prices very low.

    Growth model needs to be dropped and something else brought into play. Growth is getting destroyed across the planet, which is what the entire petrodollar system was designed to fuel and suck blood from. Every skim and scam out there relies on growth – correct me if I am wrong? Is there anything in our current world that is not financialized into a business model? For God sake – even mouse clicks have been turned into money…

    Interesting times the saying goes…understatement en extremis!

    • Oilman2,
      Does the world want to long term…cycle out of oil? The virus has changed everything.

      Over 44% of oil demand is from road transport. We are not traveling now…and the smart money is betting that this will continue for at least another year. The Bay Area already had a big role in telecommuting and now that Video conferencing is mainstream generationally, look for home offices to become ubiquitous post SIP. I for one like it. Zoom calls are great…Even when SIP is lifted, I will re-assess my cost/benefit of a physical office and am pretty sure that my team will opt for home offices. I have repurposed my home to allow for a dedicated office/work space. Cancelling our office rent will save us an additional 5%. That’s significant based on our revenue. This doesn’t even factor in the commute/auto/wear and tear etc on our modes of transportation.

      As far as cars, presently, I walk the shoreline around my neighborhood, and only get in the car to go to the grocery store or to my company office to print something out that I can’t do on my home office printer. Therefore, I haven’t had to charge my car in over three weeks and it gets 320 miles per charge. Those that have gas powered cars haven’t had to gas up and they get about the same mileage per fill up. Highway 101, one of the busiest highways in America is only occupied by transport trailers and service workers…so it is “empty” in comparison to previous times. If I wanted to…I could travel at 75 mph from San Francisco to San Jose without any slow down..That has never been attainable…ever…except in the wee hours of the morning.

      So…about oil …When you take 44% out of any bottom line…there will be problems. Look at this article…it is very helpful in understanding the problems..

    • Excellent analysis from a trustworthy source. Thank you Oilman2.

      As a side note, I had a conversation with my youngest daughter this morning. She lives 100 miles away with 2 teenage daughters who I miss terribly.

      I asked my daughter how she was managing and she said “Dad, when this is over, all we will remember is how we treated each other during the pandemic.”

      Be good to each other.

      Bob in Canada

      • @ Mark –

        I have no issue with your logic, but maybe you should look a little deeper into how far oil reaches into our lives. From plastics to pharma to power generation to armed services – electricity, wind and solar are N-E-V-E-R going to be able to replace oil simply due to two primary advantages it offers. One is power density (energy output versus mass/weight) and the other is portability.

        I like to use my farm as an example. In order to get 65 horsepower and 3 days of working time in the tractor, I need 20 gallons of diesel, which weighs around140 lbs. The same energy in batteries would require multiple battery packs all fully charged, each about the footprint of a 4-door long bed truck. So, since I have to lug these batteries around, it can’t be in a trailer or the tractor is useless. I need multiple packs so one can charge during the day (provided it isn’t story) while I use the other. My battery expense is likely as much as the cost of the tractor.

        18-wheelers suffer the same way in going to batteries, the same limitations. What about construction and road equipment?

        We also need to look closely at the prevalence of composites and plastics and rubber in our world – all derived from oil. Even the artificial cartilage in my artificial hip is from oil.

        So IF we go the way the article you posted indicates, I would suggest you think about how that unrolls into each life. A good starting point might be Jim Kunstler – he’s pretty much mapped a lot of the issues over the last couple of decades.

        Short answer? If we go there, then things will be even shakier and likely to induce more points of failure in all our systems – not to mention lifestyle dialed back to about 1925…

  12. George: Kudos to you for your excellent clown report. It’s so clear [to me] that vacating common sense and reason is currently epidemic in our society… and is growing faster than all the communicable diseases collectively on our planet. Your clear-thinking and common sense reporting is truly appreciated. Thanks.

  13. George;
    Read the Accidential Superpower,Absent Superpower and Disunited Nations by
    Peter Zeihan (pronounced Zion).. Much good info and context of where we/the world is going..
    Oilman 2, read this stuff too.. deep insights and understanding of how where and why this is.

    • I believe this OP is related to the CONUS cartel eradication and the “kids in cages” thing in NYC and LA, neither of which is in the news cycle, anywhere, right now.

      Mr. Trump is doing a whole bunch of good stuff while everyone is watching his right hand at the daily CV-19 show…

  14. George, tens of thousands of lives and trillions of dollars more later, and a Dog Breeder in charge of the USA’s actual response to COVID-19, and you want to cheerlead Trump (because it might be okay to drink bleach) and bash Pelosi and Obama? Really? WTF? Best, Mike.

    • You just can’t seem to read. Get your eyes checked. If they’re ok, book some couch time with a shrink.
      The voice in your head is making up shit, again. Read what is written, not was is meme’ed you sucker…

      • I’m curious as to why you bother to respond to Mike. All he ever does is yank your chains, so I presume he’s either a genuine idiot who will never understand what you say or he’s having great chuckles at eliciting your outrage.

  15. Michigan extended lock-downs to May 15th about 1/2 hour ago. 1:23PM. I liked the 1:23 touch.

  16. Digital Mobs –

    Now that Detroit will be getting home computers and broadband for their students, choosing the curriculum will be interesting.

    Being online, will everyone have a choice?

    Which version of 1492 will be taught? March 5, 1770 was the Boston Massacre, that has two sides. Civil War also has two sides. All of history has two sides.

    Good thought exercise, digital mobs.

  17. OM2: Remember, on the campaign trail, Trump said once (and only once, then it was buried), in reply to a question regarding what to do about the U.S. debt:

    “There are only two ways to fix this. We will have to either have repudiation, or inflation followed by revaluation into a new standard. ”

    I put quotes around it, but that is not an exact quote. I can’t remember the quote verbatim, and it has vanished from etherspace more-completely than Bezos’ drunken frat pix…

    I’m going to go forth, here in the next few days, and attempt to explain to a bunch of Bernie Bros why we can’t have UBI and free-everything. I will attempt to make them realize the money Ms. Pelosi is spending is money their children and grandchildren will have to pay back — one way or another — probably with blood…

    • @ Ray –

      I do remember that, and it is reflected in his announced preference for Judy Shelton to helm the Fed.

      At this point, Ray, you are best doing other things. I live with a complete blue dawg Dem, and she has been tossing BS at me all day about “OrangeMan said people should drink bleach!”

      The only thing that would open their eyes to all of these things are perp walks of these unAmerican traitors in .gov and congress. Unfortunately, that would also ignite CWII, so if there are perp walks they are unlikely to be televised. Myself, I think they will be allowed to exit without jail time due to their many years of ‘service’.

      I think the best we can expect is government continuing to fail until people just begin to ignore the whole lot of them.

      If the dollar takes a powder, unless there is repudiation, then everyone stays on the hook for debt. So realistically, it’s got to be repudiation no matter the international consequences. Kinda gets one to thinking about China again, as carriers of a lot of our financed debt.

      Horse trading is already starting up in the rural areas – but let’s see if it can even begin in cities with the local parasites wanting their pound of flesh…

      • “At this point, Ray, you are best doing other things. I live with a complete blue dawg Dem, and she has been tossing BS at me all day about “OrangeMan said people should drink bleach!””

        I know…

        I try not to preach politics at all with such a group, but just deposit a few irrefutable facts, then leave them alone to chew on them. It’s like talking to GW religious zealots. There is no convincing them because they are both spiritually and emotionally invested, so I drop a few examples of previous heat cycles, and opt for the fact our atmosphere is carbon-deficient, rather than trying to convince them CO2 is not a pollutant. Then I leave.

        “Unfortunately, that would also ignite CWII”

        Considering the number of outdoorsmen, current and ex-MIL, farmers, truckers, and preppers, the vast preponderance of whom are politically conservative and proficient in the use of force-multipliers, I should think this unwise. With that said, the loose confederation of groups who’d go apoplectic over a bunch of high-profile arrests by the Trump Administration, aren’t especially known for either common sense or intelligence-utilization…

    • I once met a man in a Costco parking lot in San Antonio. He trained military police dogs. An interesting conversation ensued. He lived on the road with his dogs shuttleling between bases (sold them and acquired new stock). He showed me his maps of all the cemeteries along the way. “Can’t beat them for quiet and police don’t patrol them, rarely the occasional partiers show but then leave if they spot you”. He always parked in the most inconspicuous spots , usually in the far back.
      Sure, he was former military, everything dialed in,
      all the essentials in place and his aire of confidence and purpose was subtle not overbearing. He blended in with his surroundings.
      The topic shifted to the siege of Waco Branch Davidians. In my view I had concluded it may have been a UN sanctioned exercise gone wrong,after having read 2 books on the subject. In his view “the Constitution was outdated and should be replaced by something more suited to our times”. I was taken so aback that all I could do was thank him for his time and wish him a safe journey. His statement still haunts me and gives me cause for concern.
      Appears a flood of asymmetrical scenarios is now unfolding.
      Thanks to you kind, fellow posters for sharing your insight, and to George for the platform. Superlative guidance.

      • That there is some scary tale — It adds a little credence to the 29 Palms conspiracy theory, which is not a good thing…

  18. George, Talked with an MD friend who uses this Tx. The orange clown may not be to far off on his UV suggestion. I suggest you look up UVBI as a treatment modality. This consists of removal of a small amount of blood,(50-80cc) mix with NS and send through a device that uses UV light on the blood and then re inject.
    Another consideration, don’t know if it has been tried yet for this virus, would be hyperbaric Tx. (Same MD uses this.)
    As to the headlines today screaming that a patient has died from the use of chloroquine?? Lets remember Almost ALL medications have some side effect /contraindications / adverse effects / drug to drug interactions and can have disastrous results if not given in the right amount by the correct route to the right patient who has no allergy to it
    As to that perticular headline I am curious if Gilead had a hand in writing it. I’m curious what the complication rate from Gilead’s drug Remdesivire will be?? ALSO remember while Chloroquine is relatively inexpensive Remdesivire runs between $700 and $900 a Tx.
    Should I buy stock in Gilead now??

    • Jay, see my discussion earlier about UVLrx vs UVBI.

      UVBI works, but it only gets to filter about 5% (or so) of the blood after an hour of pushing & pulling & filtering & putting back. The UVLrx filters 100% of your blood many timers over via a fiber optic catheter that is inserted just like starting an IV. Then you also get an Infusion of Vitamin C, or a Chelation, or whatever else you feel like the hour following your UVLrx treatment. I used both systems, and thought UVLrx was two orders of magnitude more effective in getting results.

      Actually, I think there are UVLrx practitioners still in business, at least in the SE USA. The company was trashed but the program lingers on as long as there is wiggle room or time left on their FDA Trial.

      The fully credentialed medical doctors that add these services to their practice have to watch out for the ever so enthusiastic jackboots that come attempt to eradicate health threats – to big pharma .

      Notice what the Joint Task Force raid team is wearing in the linked video to raid a doctors office and seize all their Vitamin C. I’m surprised they aren’t required to keep Vitamin C in a BSL-4 lab!

      This isn’t an isolated event either. My doctor’s office was raided in New Mexico over the same Vitamin C by IV issue, and the doctor spent 2 years in the slammer. Apparently the doctor had admitted in a private conversation that the IVC treatment had cured one of his patients from Lyme Disease, and the conversation was overheard by a 3rd party who dutifully reported him to the authorities.

      The Donna Anna County DA called me several times and offered me a cash incentive if I would testify that I was being treated for Lyme Disease. I wasn’t and I didn’t, but the practice was of course completely closed.

  19. Maybe it,s time for a humerus interlude?? I would recommend Monty Pythons “bring out your dead” . Pay special attention to the last scene as the “king” (who looks vaguely like Nan Pelosie) rides through .

    Total cases: 601 (5 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 69
    Honolulu County: 392
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 113
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 67
    Hawaii deaths: 13†
    Released from Isolation: 463
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 24, 2020

    Three new cases in Honolulu, One on Maui, One here on Hawaii County. One new death.

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