Welcome to the Weimar

A simple snip from the (not so) Federal Reserve on what we’ve been telling you was Making Up Money (MUM) policy.    See 3-months M1…and think about buying a wheelbarrow…

Fed H^ Making Up Monday

All of which exposes the key economic question:

If the stock market was to drop 30%, but you threw in an offsetting amount of cash – like 29.2% annualized – would there be a drop in markets?  Or, can we “print across the divide?”

Go ponder that – oh and remember – it will come to groceries.  Ripple-through is how us “pee-on’s” get trickled-down.

BTC and gold are going up why?


Read up on how stock dilution works for guidance.


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Weimar”

  1. As the ‘shortage ‘ of Toilet Paper expands…the Fed comes to the rescue…and PRINTS US Dollars as a means to replace the ‘butt paper shortage’…..Problem solved…..and at the same time another ‘problem is created….who is going to ACCEPT….toilet paper for goods and services….back to the drawing boards……as the ‘criminals’ ponder …what next…

    • Haven’t I been saying this… it should have been printed on nice expanded double ply.. then just like a lot of different publications.. it would have some value..

  2. George, you seem a little “blue” lately, like the side bar background. maybe ya need a little tartan background to liven it up, being the Scotchman Ure R


    sorry I forgot St George’s day yesterday, but Sec Pompeo remembered


    I really like that guy (trust Kansas) and AG Barr plays a mean bag pipe, he makes me smile
    now go get some sunshine,,,,next up George Harrison,,Here Comes the Sun,,video music


    sunshine kills the blues and china virus,,Be Happy

  3. Okay, I need to dump some linkage for y’all, to get it off my confuser, so here goes.

    First, the stale links:

    California Not Close to Easing Measures; L.A. Deaths Hit Record

    Mike Pompeo demands truth from Beijing as US investigates

    Retaliation? China Suddenly Toughens Export Rules, Freezing Critical Medical Goods Destined For US


    Facebook is banning ‘conspiracy theories’ about the virus, as determined by someone who worked in the Wuhan bio-lab

  4. My sentiments exactly George! I had been lecturing my wife and son on this very topic just last evening.
    Speaking of the Scots, I’m almost done reading” Born Fighting,” author Jim Webb, An honorable US Senator from the great state of Virginia.
    Seems he and I have a lot in common. And it brought me to tears many times.
    Also it clarified why my New England family had such a connection with the Confederacy.
    Seems this book has a message for this generation at this particular point in history.
    Scots-Irish,President Andrew Jackson outlawed Central Banking, a testament, for one who was orphaned at the age of 14.
    I lay claim to the Moore clan.
    Me thinks most people that reside in the US have been assimilated by marriage into the Scots-Irish Clans.
    Fact: no modern military in the world has ever accomplished what the Confederate army had or suffered such greater losses.
    Never have WE had more to lose, the battle is for our minds. The War is for our souls and our very health freedom.
    What say ye?

  5. …Now the fresh ones, replete with my sterling commentary:

    Pandemic Deepens Catholic Church’s Financial Crunch, From Vatican to Parishes

    “The principal problem for the Catholic Church is that it is asset rich but liquidity poor,” said the Rev. Anthony Stoeppel, who teaches church finance at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University in Menlo Park, California.


    50 years ago, the Church was sitting on $60bln in gold bullion @ $233/oz. Gold is a little more expensive than that, now
    — Not very sympathetic…

    Kim Jong Un evacuated from Pyongyang, reports say
    Kim Jong Un may have left Pyongyang and could be sheltering in an undisclosed location on North Korea’s eastern coast, according to multiple press reports.


    ‘Don’t know, don’t care, except if he kicks off and Yo-jong beats out Pyoug-il for the job, she’ll make the young-Un’s hammy hands look like cotton candy, by comparison.

    Biden predicts Trump will try to postpone US election
    Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has predicted that US President Donald Trump will try to postpone the country’s November election in an attempt to win.
    “Mark my words, I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” Biden said during an online fundraiser Thursday.


    Creepy Joe is obviously another lifelong bureaucRAT who’s never read the document he many times took an oath to defend.


    It doesn’t matter if we have an Election or not. The term of the President and Vice President END ON JANUARY 20th, PERIOD.

    If no new President has been elected, Congress chooses a Prez pro tempore to serve until one is elected:

    20th Amendment (abridged, but not edited) – 1: The terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January, and the terms of Senators and Representatives at noon on the 3d day of January, of the years in which such terms would have ended if this article had not been ratified; and the terms of their successors shall then begin.

    Man Who Died Ingesting Fish Tank Cleaner Remembered as Intelligent, Levelheaded Engineer


    …I’d take exception to his acquaintances’ “rememberance.” He was obviously not a ChemE, and if he were either levelheaded or intelligent, would have read the damn’ label and run a simple search. Drinking chloroquine phosphate because the label says “chloroquine” is akin to drinking superglue because the label says “acrylate” (like my plastic spoons) or drinking methanol because the label says “alcohol.”

    The article is a fake news hatchet piece against Trump, which is surprising from the Free Beacon, so I assume it’s a c/p from a wire service or liberal rag. However, it DOES emphasize the fact that, no matter how stupid or inane Mr. Trump feels the “reporters” and their “daily questions” are, he shouldn’t exercise irony or sarcasm, or even make jokes, because somewhere, there’s a stupid SOB that’ll take his words literally (hence the 18 pages of product safety warnings on the 20 page “manual” for that new, retro, hand-crank can opener.) After all, everybody knows there’s chlorine in salt, so bleach must be safe for consumption, right? {smh}

  6. Hi George. I am a long time subscriber and “lurker” ie non-commenter. I respect your ability to extract the “hidden sauce” from data – hence I personally don’t trade the market.

    Just found this press conference from 2 doctors in California. Very, very strong scientific examination of their own data and they are confirming the 0.2% fatality from other sceptics – both there and New York – from their own data.

    They make a great point from an immunolgoy viewpoint. Self isolation and hand sanitation undermines our immune system and the SHIF when we emerge from lockdown – because our immunitity drops when NOT exposed to pathogens.

    Note also the “reporters” trying to rip down thier results. The main guy is “on fire”.


    PS I subscribe with different email

  7. It took me awhile to remember the name of the movie ROLLOVER 1981 (still don’t like Hanoi jane) Change the players and you have 2020 cause what’s happening now plays into the movie plot perfect

  8. The Facts That Prove That Almost Everyone Is Wrong About This Coronavirus Pandemic

    When it comes to COVID-19, most Americans seem to be gravitating toward one of two extremes. Some are treating this pandemic like it is the end of the world, while many others are dismissing it as a “nothingburger”. But the truth is somewhere in between.


    Words of actual wisdom from Michael Snyder…

    Here’s Why the Economy Won’t Recover–and No, It’s Not Covid-19 or the Lockdown

    When reality and truth become the sworn enemies of society’s political and economic elites, the society is well and truly doomed.
    The risks of Covid-19 and the lockdown have been explored across a wide spectrum of opinion.


    From Charles Hugh Smith…

    Exclusive: Trump’s Original Order Halted Foreign Workforce Flow to U.S.

    President Trump signed an executive order slowing some green card processing, though a prior draft of the order was much more expansive and broad, Breitbart News has learned.


    Now, I wonder which White House Staffer convinced Mr. Trump to change this EO…?

    WSJ: Amazon Uses Data from Sellers to Launch Competing Products

    If you’re a business selling your products through Amazon, the e-commerce giant may use data on your products and sales to develop its own, competing products, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal.


    I didn’t think Bezos would give the competition free rein over Amazon’s shopping market forever, but his timing sux…

    Experimental cancer drug may stop coronavirus in its tracks by blocking the virus from copying itself

    Researchers say an experimental cancer drug may be able to block people from being infected by the novel coronavirus. The drug is a synthetic DNA piece called ‘aptamer’ that binds a protein called nucleolin found on the surface of cells.


    Bearing in-mind that journalism died in the U.K. years before it did so here, this could actually be good nows…

  9. Why George you know that capitalism is dead as we know it and that in itself is a good thing,nothing will be as we know it after the virus is over,there will be millions who are laid off due to the virus who will never be recalled,the 1% will find that their playground has shrunk down into nothing more than our backyard,our standing in the world as the exceptional one due to the handling of the virus showing the world just what we are will never recover,the stock market in its present form which is nothing more than a corrupt casino will tank wiping out the hopes and dreams of those who were sucked into the 401K program and it should,its what comes after that will be interesting and tax the backbone of the people that is if they have one.!!!!

  10. I’ve dusted off my 1981 Liberty Classics volume of “Socialism” by Ludwig von Mises first published in 1922 for a vintage map of roads previously travelled. F.A. Hayek notes in his preface in the book that his salary had increased 200% in an 8 month period from inflation while he worked in von Mises’ Viennese department after The Great War. Von Mises outline of the steps to inflation and failure of empire don’t seem dated in the current millieu.

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