Short for “Time To Re-Think Texas?” Don’t get me wrong, we love this place beyond belief.  It has almost everything we could want.

More than a million square feet of land.  Since there are 43,560 square fee, and there are 28.82 of them (more/or less) then 1.256 million square feet, or a square 1,120 feet (3-1/2 football fields) on a side.

There’s plenty of water, easy tree-growing, low taxes thanks to tree farm ag exemptions.  And some of the most capable and good-natured people in the world who believe in something bigger than a social media persona and the Constitution is honored.

Yet, there is one slim chance scenario that has been waking me up nights lately and it involves the country from whence came Wuhan.

The details of Ure’s latest bit of “pretzel logic ” after we do the body  count.  Both for markets and virus with charts on each.  For we are non-partisan in our battle space assessments.

At least until we see the “whites of their eyes.”

Podcast #18 will be here – hopefully before noon.  But I have this old AMD machine that has gotten cranky and I have to figure out why the audio is cutting out…

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63 thoughts on “TTRTT?”

  1. Although the comment on injecting cleaners was not the best idea.. ( there are idiots out there that would do that..)
    But Chelation treatments have been going on for decades and still are used for various other things. back in the late seventies I had a friend that needed a bipass.. his arteries were almost totally plugged.. He had heard of a doctor in Florida that was using chelation for removing plaque.. so he went there for six weeks.. came back went to his doctor and the doctor was amazed.. no more blockage.. the surgery wasn’t needed…

    “Some neurological infections are caused by bacteria (Meningococcal disease) and viruses (West Nile infection, HIV-associated dementia) [53]. More recently, prion-mediated neurodegenerative disorders have been described; prions are unique pathogens that transmit biological information from one organism to another in the absence of nucleic acids [54,55]. The association between viral infection and ND has been reported, especially for the Herpes simplex virus, the Epstein Barr virus, and the Cytomegalovirus [56,57,58]. Moreover, in patients affected by MS, the role of pathogens associated with development or exacerbation of the disease include bacteria, such as Chlamydia pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureous-produced enterotoxins that function as superantigens and virus of Herpesviridae (Epstein Barr virus and human herpes virus 6) [59]. Another study showed that MS patients in North-Eastern Poland were more likely seropositive for Epstein Barr and human Herpes virus 6 than healthy individuals [60]. Finally, the interaction between viral and environmental risk factors in the pathogenesis of MS has been reported [61]The symptoms and oxidative status in a patient affected by rheumatoid arthritis and by heavy-metal intoxication improved following EDTA therapy [69]. A patient affected by MS who had not responded to standard treatment underwent EDTA therapy because his chelation test revealed a high Al, Pb, and Hg burden. Over time, the patient showed a reduction of toxic-metal levels, and symptoms improved, thus indicating possible MS remission [70]. The involvement of Al in the pathogenesis of ND has been demonstrated; Al intoxication can be significantly reduced by short-term EDTA treatment [71] as well as by long-term treatment [72]. The antioxidant compound Cellfood, administered to patients affected by ND undergoing EDTA chelation therapy, can improve oxidative status and homocysteine metabolism [73]. EDTA chelation therapy, without added vitamin C, has been shown to decrease oxidative DNA damage and lipid peroxidation [74]. Another important link between known diseases and metal exposure has been recently identified. Indeed, chronic toxic-metal exposure is associated with cardiovascular diseases (CVD), thus indicating the role of chelation therapy in the treatment of these diseases [75]. Chelation therapy to treat CVD has been used for many years, but epidemiologic evidence linking chronic toxic metal exposure to CVD morbidity and mortality has more recently demonstrated. In particular, chelation therapy with EDTA can help prevent diabetes-associated cardiovascular events [76]. ”

    so was the president totally wrong.. YES / and NO.. don’t give some idiot the idea he can inject a cleaner… in the ER we would see people that would come in from time to time with some of the craziest stuff shoved in their bodies… I had suggested this for my condition.. because I had worked day labor scooping HOT dirt from a previous spill.. and worked with various chemicals there was the suggestion that my health conditions were caused by heavy metals and chemicals that I had worked with in the past.. so I suggested chelation treatment to see if that would benefit me.. the doctors that I had didn’t know much about chelation and never did it.. ( they now have a clinic that specializes in the treatment locally) so who knows.. when your seeking a treatment to a condition that is unknown.. wouldn’t you look out of the box and consider all avenues that show a possibility for success..

    • I can vouch for the effectiveness of chelation therapy. Had it done about 25 years ago when I discovered obscene levels of mercury poisoning (from dental amalgam fillings !). EDTA cleans out the plaque in the arteries and improves cardiovascular fitness quite noticeably. My old doc passed on. Wish I could find another here who did chelation IV therapy… I would do it again.

    • When I heard what Trump said about disinfectants, my mind automatically went to chemotherapy. I fully understood what he was putting out as a method of possibly treating people, only with a different type of chemical.

      PS- I wish Dr Faucci and Birx would be let go. Theres plenty of doctors who have less drastic views on how to respond to COVID19. The 1968 Hong Kong Flu killed 1-4 million people around the world. The USA governors never shut down businesses. We never wore mask. School wasn’t closed.

  2. You expect all of this to happen in the next 20 years? What are you trying to preserve? As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you (unless you’re an Egyptian god…).

  3. One question, how does that stack with the monroe doctrine,and said collieries…..enough for war from some wings. or so I would think.

  4. I never liked or read Drudge and couldn’t grasp why he was so hot. My preferred site is zerohedge at this time. It is so good that Facebook won’t post any of it.

  5. George, you said…”Im still reeling from the media hatchet-job on Donald Trump’s reference to internal disinfection ideas. CBS seems to revel in “Trump says disinfectant comments were “sarcastic” for example.

    If Trump was supposedly making general suggestions as you stated yesterday and today, then why did Trump say he was being sarcastic? I saw him say he was being sarcastic. So, he wasn’t making suggestions, he was just kidding…which means he knows nothing about your UV theories or any anti-bacterial/viral testing. He says one thing, then denies he meant it when the polls don’t swing in his favor. That’s a huge sign of weakness…poor leadership qualities…a tail wagging the dog kind of person. The only thing Trump stands for is Trump himself.

  6. I guess amnesia is a symptom of COVID.

    US: 2017-2018 flu season.
    950k hospitalized. 80k dead.
    How many millions had it, that did not die or go to the hospital?

    US: 2019-2020 COVID season, 3 months in.
    900k cases, not hospitalizations.
    50k dead.

    Until and unless we break last year’s flu season stats in a major way (like 2x), I’m pretty sure we’ve been had. This is the crime of the century.

  7. Hey George take some compressed air to both the headphone jack and mic jack of any ports on the AMD machine sounds like a spec of dust causing a false connection.

  8. George Ure:
    They would announce their solidarity with the “loose canons with nukes” from the Cartel and Gnome Overlords on the one hand, and might just set off a few “examples” to make the point.

    A Friday post from Oilman2 amplifies it:

    “Has the armed forces of the US ever been tasked for drug interdiction previously (outside of air assets)? Is there maybe something else going on? [Lots of drugs, of course…] Just some food for thought – why NOW?”


    George Ure:
    And then China would just send a few million people via container ships quickly converted – to the “New China” formerly, the US West Coast.

    From there, forces would nibble their way East, with no real reasons to stop until the Mississippi River.



    Nostradamus and the Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 1021
    At anchor near Singapore, there is a huge fleet of parked freighters known as “The Ghost Fleet”. I mentioned them on page 611 in Nostradamus and the Age of Desolation.

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:3
    And by marine sail extend to Sicily, the Adriatic by Myrmidons and Germany will totally succumb.

    And the Barbarian sect will be greatly afflicted and driven out of all the Latins,

    RANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:3
    By naval forces sail towards Sicily and the Adriatic Sea, they will deliver an army as numerous as ants that will occupy Greece, the Balkan Peninsula, Germany, and

    TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 22:4
    Europe will totally succumb and resort to chemical and nuclear warfare. The armies of the [Russian-Chinese-Islamic Alliance] will be greatly afflicted and
    driven out of Spain and Italy.

    The Myrmidons were ant people created by Zeus. Some of them separated to become the Macedonian tribe led by Achilles.

    All of it meaning, the Chinese as “numerous as ants” will take to the seas to plunder the coasts of every country.

    The historical analogy would be the era of the Vikings, but on a way bigger scale, with lots of high tech.

    BTW, do not forget the Western traitors making it happen.

    Indeed, scary times

    • @ G.A. Stewart…

      I got no idea what you have crosslinked in your brain, but to say your theory is a stretch is a compliment. There are much more likely reasons. You need to read up on William of Ockham and then rethink, methinks….

      • OMG O/2…. In my books that I got in the mail from the library is one about William of Ockham on his philosophy.. Now I have to read it next LOL…

      • What, Chinese infiltration of cartels… See David Hodges… I happen to agree with his synopsis or secret source… Suggested by George as an option several weeks ago…

        As far as the Chinese military using idle freighters to carry troops to the far parts of the world… wrote about it 10 years ago… Hidden nukes, also part of the books…

        Chinese infiltration of Diane Feinstein… old news…

        Google and China old news… They are part of the Cult… The Gnomes…

        “Gnome Overlord” I presume is George’s shorthand for the “Gnomes of Zurich”, i.e. International bankers involved in drugs and gun running, which I translate as the Windsor, Orange-Nassau, Vatican controlled West…

        B52s leaving Guam after 14-years… really big news…

        Chinese invasion of America… wrote about it 10 years age… cross-linked with what Dumitru Dudman spoke about 30 years ago…

        Methinks you might have trouble with some Nostradamus’ metaphors taken out of context…

        So, it’s understandable why you got no idea…

      • “using idle freighters to carry troops to the far parts of the world… wrote about it 10 years ago… Hidden nukes, also part of the books…”

        Interesting that you should mention that Stew….
        How many containers do we actually check again.. seems to me I heard that the number checked overall dropped when we sold the ports off to..

        (“According to Owen, CBP currently scans 3.7 percent of the roughly 11 million containers entering the United States each year. About 1 percent of that total, or 104,000 exams, are checked at overseas ports.Aug 24, 2016”)

        then to top it off.. we put our whole supply chain in their hands as well…

        and for some ungodly reason.. the USA can’t quit buying faulty components .. Hmm just a thought but it seems to me maybe we should be making some of this stuff in the USA..
        although.. my son in law bought an item made in the USA.. dam.. the manufacturer should have taken some pointers from the overseas factories .. nothing lined up…all the holes were a sixteenth of an inch off..

  9. TTRA??

    Time to Rethink America?

    Just went to Lowes and then Home Depot. The line to get in is about an hour wait at each place. They are counting those going in and those leaving – but nobody has given a time limit on shopping, so you could be there a long time waiting on Mrs. Smith to decide what color paint she wants for her bathroom.

    They are forcing 6-10′ spacing between people waiting in the parking lot, which means 1/3 of the parking spaces are now gone. There are 8-10 people playing ‘enforcement’ – meanwhile nobody is sanitizing the carts or the registers, which are 100% self-service.

    Seriously? This is what Corporate has come up with? FMTT but the time is most definitely HERE for rural America to resurge…

    At my locally owned lumber yard near my farm, I drive to the lumber barn, tell them what I need. They load me up and hand me a ticket. Then I go to the gate, hand them the ticket. They ask what else I need from inside the store, and they pack it up and bring it to me. I pay and drive away.

    This missing of the mark by the big box giants can be measured in astronomical units.

    I honestly have put off my shopping for the day because I can accomplish the same thing with reduced contact risk at my local Mom&Pop places near my farm; I do not need to load and then reload lumber into my truck and I do not have to touch a shopping or lumber cart or a POS machine.

    It’s high time people stopped supporting these mentally deficient corporate entities – they are not helping anyone but their own bottom lines, even in times such as these.

  10. Write when I feel safe? LoL – that would be me, so I’ll humbly accept your invitation.

    When faced with a dilemma such as yours, I have one tried and true formula that seems to always work. At least for me. If I’m having to come up with theories about an issue, that tells me that my research is incomplete and I have too many gaps or unknowns in my information. I need to keep digging until I have a robust knowledge base that allows me to make fully informed decisions. That formula works for finding a Corona Virus solution, and it works even better when trying to make decisions about the future.

    Similar to how you arrived at East Texas, I wrestled with the problem of where to throw down my Homestead. Being reasonably good at GIS and Remote Sensing, my research carried through 15 years and included about 35,000 documents. Including a 3 year zig zag across the (continental) USA in a 5th wheel to tag every state. But, once I did the research and derived my answer, I’ve had nothing but confirmations from the Universe that the decision was right for me – which could also be interpreted as saying my knowledge base was sufficiently accurate to serve as my Oracle.

    As a pilot, I’ve traveled, lived, worked, and played in 45 countries on 5 continents, so I’m not a slouch when it comes to selecting a place to settle. Against that backdrop, I would humbly suggest that you picked your East Texas spot for the right reasons in 2003, and at this point in history they are going to turn out to be vastly more correct.

    Personally, if I take the top 100 military scenarios, using history and military experience as my guide I would place your China invasion precisely at the number 79 spot. Highly unlikely, for dozens to hundreds of reasons. Invading, conquering, and especially Occupying a country is an extremely difficult proposition. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s reluctance about a rifle behind every blade of grass is a good perspective, but having participated in an expeditionary invasion 29 years ago, I would say logistics is probably your long pole in the tent.

    Back to the dilemma of selecting the perfect spot to settle, I’m of the mindset that you can KNOW what the future will look like with a high degree of certainty. That’s what I meant by the almost daily confirmations from the Universe that I had made the correct selection for my Homestead. In other words, the paradigm I’m using to model the future hasn’t budged an inch since I built it 15-20 years ago.

    The only nation-state entity that you’ll ever need to be concerned with in your lifetime is the one we affectionately call Uncle Sam. He will do all he can to confiscate your wealth, destroy your health, and seize your property. However, his days are numbered too, as there are some weather cycles that will manifest before the decade is over. Actually, that is why there is such a sense of urgency to get the enslavement & control measures in place now, so that the population can be configured and conditioned (culled) in a feeble attempt to keep the political power structure intact after the weather cycles complete.

    You can spend millions to relocate and rebuild another Urban Survival Homestead, which might or might not bring you more happiness and security. Or you can spend ten grand on a tower and have the home of your dreams. Which IMHO is ideally suited for the multitude of survival events yet to come.

    • Like you, I believe weather cycles will put a stop to the planned globalist tyranny. If they do manage to gain total power, it will be for only a short time, and then the weather gods will do their thing. And also like you, during my 12 years of full-time RVing, I tried to assess all the places I traveled through for their potential as hunkering-down spots. But unlike you, I still can’t decide on the best option. Would you be willing to divulge the general area of your homestead so I can compare your findings to mine?

      • Tumbleweeds and MarcR:

        As I posted in previous discussions, I think the planned globalist tyranny is specifically tied to the catastrophic weather cycles. That’s what they have been sitting and waiting for since about 2011. The weather is here, so the globalists are making their move now. I have zero reason to doubt they WILL be successful, but I don’t expect it to last more than 2-3 years.

        The Ogallala Aquifer seems to be the sweet spot in the center of the USA for places to settle, with only a few exceptions like Pantex/Amarillo/I-40 & I-27. I liked Payson AZ and Decatur TX for the southern end, and points further north to the beautiful open country in Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas.

        I settled in south central New Mexico because it ranked best for my grandchildren, plus I wanted to hang about 7,000 Ft MSL for air quality. But I have a couple of spots here so I can bounce from the mountain elevation down to 4,000 Ft in as little as 15 minutes. I don’t care for the NM politics, but most of that swamp is in the ABQ-Santa Fe area 200 miles away. Soon enough the politics won’t matter and things like independence and rugged individualism will carry the day.

        I’ve lived in the area for quite some time, and about 5 years ago I picked my spot on the mountain, fully retired, and started turning it into a Homestead.

        MarcR, I recommend you have a plan to get somewhere away from the coastal areas – at least for your descendants if you care to. 80% of the population lives within 20 miles of the coast in the USA. If you look at the Deep State’s GIS map (, they REALLY want to reduce the population by … 80%. Hopefully, the synchronous numbers caught your attention? In Deep State language, “Reduce” is Latin for “Slaughter,” with an alternative meaning of “Sacrifice.”

    • RBI: I failed to see where you ended up. In what state is your Nirvana? We also spent 3 years zig-zagging but only within 500 miles or so of the Atlantic with corners bounded by PA, FL, MS, and KY. Finding a specific community, climate, relatives, and taxes eventually narrowed our choice to the Space Coast and Treasure Coast of FL. We’re happy here and it probably won’t implode before we do, but we keep the radar on.

  11. Yup. May be time to rethink Texas just as we are rethinking our Treasure Coast, Florida home. But in our 70s with a Cleveland Clinic hospital in our village of 17,000, it’s hard to know where to look for better odds. Although not terribly strong, there is a sense of community here. We live in a gated community with 3 deputy sheriffs here. Traffic is light although the sprawl from south Florida is gradually encroaching. And the Kennedy Space Center is just a small ICBM targeting error away. Gun shops have been deemed an “essential business” by our governor, and one of our neighbors just bought a Glock, presumably for fear that people seeking food or N95 masks will be coming up his driveway.??

    We’ve been to over 70 countries and when we think of relocating, it usually isn’t to another part of the USA but rather to another country. But: neither of us is talented in foreign languages. I can get by in French and my wife has some rusty Spanish. Learning a new language would be possible but burdensome. We’ve looked at property in Nicaragua (too corrupt, poor healthcare) and Costa Rica (no longer cheap) and Panama. Only the Boquete area of Panama or the hills outside Panama City remain on the radar in Latin America, although another trip to Colombia might be worth doing.

    As we look at the D.C. swamp we inevitably compare it to points south. Largely, they are even worse in terms of governance. We feel comfortable in the U.K., France, Germany, Holland, and Scandinavia but believe long-term visas are likely to be difficult for old folks who might drain the national health systems. Although Germany appears to be handling covid19 fairly well, the others are, so far, only on a par with the USA — or worse. And Germany has winters. We hate winters. We like Singapore a lot, but we don’t have Jim Roger’s money — and it’s blazing hot. Australia might be appealing, but it is even further away from the grand kids in Sweden.

    ??So, considering healthcare availability and costs, personal safety, presence of an ex pat community for socialization, living costs, and ikelihood of preservation of financial assets in the local currency, where to look? We hope that other readers have bright ideas for both George and ourselves.

    • MarcR, here’s some food for thought to add to my comments earlier to George, suggesting he consider staying with his previous decision to live in East Texas. Your checklist of desirable features is quite robust, no doubt from having been to 70 countries. But what seems to be missing is taking into consideration what is going on outside the soda straw. As a pilot, I always kept a close eye on the weather. From my time in the military, I learned to also keep a close eye on the “intelligence reports.” That’s what I mean by taking into consideration events and factors outside of your soda straw of personal preferences. Particularly long term weather, cultural, and economic trends.

      When I ran through the numbers, I preferred 2-3 other states over New Mexico for my own personal inside the soda straw preferences. However, the question that pushed me the hardest was “what would be the best sanctuary location for my grandchildren, if/when the lights go out?”

      The answer to that question led me to a higher elevation in New Mexico, and pretty much ruled out living anywhere outside the USA. But that is a personal decision, yes? From the smaller data set of 45 countries I visited, I absolutely would NOT want to be living in most of them when the lights go out. You instantly become a target, if not greatly resented. Look at the news of the small communities around the USA where people have vacation properties. I’ve seen dozens of stories where the organic locals tell the part time business and property owners to stay away based upon the Corona Virus spread. Multiply that by a thousand, and see if you still want to live (and die) in a foreign land.

      I did settle in a small community of about 15,000 people with a strong sense of community, and can get just about anywhere (big city) in an hour or two.

      When I ran through all the features, data bases, and forecasts (etc) for what to expect in my lifetime, I came up with a simple summary to use when looking for a Homestead site. It went something like this:

      – At least 4,000 ft MSL
      – At least 100 miles from the southern border
      – At least 200 miles from a coast
      – At least 800 miles downwind from a nuclear power plant or volcano
      – At least 60 miles away from an Interstate Highway
      – Geologically stable terrain (not on a fault line)
      – Small town near (1-3 hours) a bigger town of 100,000
      – Good soil, weather, cultural values (low crime rate, etc)

      Without boring you with dozens of maps and GIS datasets, the heart of that search results in a rectangular box that sits roughly between I-25 and I-35 in the USA. If nothing else, it is a place to begin your search. Good luck!

      • We looked at almost identical criteria back in 2003 when picking this place.

        However, we were willing to trade some altitude for some rain, some trees, and better cover from drones, but being not so close to Mexico. Love the people, hate their politics and cartels…

  12. “*Consumption of junk is way down. People are not being hoodwinked out of $5-dollar latte’s as much. ”

    My ass! Went to town a couple days ago. The line of cars for the entry ramp at the starfu**s drive through was three city blocks long, every single one of them except the Priuses settin’ in the road, idling. It’s like people are just a’huffing and a’sweating to p!ss money away — like the physical act of “spending” is more-important than either acquiring value or being intelligent.

    “We have no idea whether reports circulating for the past 5-months are true – alleging the Drudge Report has been sold – are true.”

    That would explain the aggressive ad-push and the elimination of a few of the site’s more-valuable, but less-mainstream links…

    One of my most-favored news sources (aggregators) was OrbusMAX. Orbus was a PNW-centric Drudge clone (or maybe Drudge was an Orbus clone?), without the media and organization links — just news, just Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (and later, Alaska.) The person who owned Orbus passed away a few years ago and one of his kids or kids in-law took over, eventually to shut it down – not important. What IS important is the owner ran the site until nearly the day he died, despite offers to buy, because he didn’t want what he presented, (mostly from local SeaTac, Boise, Eugene, Spokane, Yakima, and Portland dailies and RTV transcripts, and occasionally OLive) tainted by more political bias than was inherent in the source writeups.

    “As I look at the whole “shelter in place” (SIP) demanded of people all over the world, and the seemingly few people who actually know victims, a scenario appears.”

    I’m a hermit. Unless I’m on the road for a meeting or to scarf surplus merch, I (pre-COVID) was typically not around more than 12 ppl/day nor interacted with more than 3-4. With that said, my neighbor has CV-19, my daughter just came off quarantine, and one of my nephews is down with the bug — especially serious because he has a highly-immunocompromised daughter. Just because I don’t circulate, doesn’t mean people around me also have had the option (or luxury) to exercise such care. I suspect a number of us are acquainted with people infected with CV-19 — we just don’t know it (yet.)

    With that said, this doesn’t detract at all from your points.

    China isn’t “pure as the driven snow” regardless. Again, the question here is whether they kept the CV on the QT to save face, or to ensure it spread before anyone else knew about it. If the latter, how long before we see the appearance of a 100mln man army…?

    • On the whisper of the wind,

      “By the sweat of a clouds labor does all things have there form.”

      Per my research adventure / assignment/ suggestion from you.

  13. On May 4,1970,during an evening class at Rutgers,the professor wanted the students’ reactions to what had just taken place,the killing of 4 at Kent State who were protesting Nixon’s invasion of Cambodia.

    I told him and the class that it’s time to attack Red China,as the proxy wars we had fought for the past were not getting us anywhere.

    History may yet prove me right.

  14. The invasion and leftist overthrow you fear has already happened. Maybe you and some of the other readers need to get into town more, G____.

  15. Hi George,
    Been reading your site and the comments folks post fairly regularly. I want to give a heartfelt thank to to whomever it was that posted in the comments section that the herb USNEA was good for coughs and wounds. My 95 year old mom had a leg ulcer for over 5 years that would not heal and now it has. Her wound doctor and nurses are amazed. I did my research after the suggestion and I am forever grateful ??

    Total cases: 604 (3 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 69
    Honolulu County: 395
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 112
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 7
    Required Hospitalization: 68
    Hawaii deaths: 14
    Released from Isolation: 482
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 25, 2020

    Three new in Honolulu, neighbor islands stable. One resident diagnosed out of State. One new death.

  17. George,

    I have a reasonable supply of most items of necessity, but it could be better. Had a discussion with the wife the other day, and it was about items that I may have overlooked. Asked if she would make a list of things she considered “essential” that would be usable for at least a year going forward. Asked if she would consider items that we normally use and can acquire easily, but may soon disappear when the supply chain comes apart. Simple items like toothpaste (I know baking soda works fine), soap, cleaners,etc.

    Looking to increase my supply of repair expendables, and totally restock my bolt/fastener bin. Welding rods, welding gas, work gloves are necessary for the farm.

    I also agree with Philistine, I believe we are being had. I firmly believe that this whole Covid 19 thing is a pre-conditioning exercise for the “new world order”. U.S. population was far too quick to roll over and surrender our personal freedom for “safer at home” bs. Not saying the virus does not kill, but as the writer from a few days ago said, ” billing codes for Covid 19 seem to be way too available”. More give away money if your have a high case count. Reasonable caution in terms of sanitation and avoiding crowded places. Avoiding crowds is not a big deal for me, hate crowds anyway. Guess that is why I sold my manufacturing company 20 years ago and went back to the farm. Got tired of the people problems. Just me running 220 acres of cropland and 174 acres of timber. No one to blame but me; and no one but me to worry about showing for work.

    Biggest worry I have is going forward, the “nice government men” will try to tax everyone out of their land. I am afraid that is when the shooting war begins. Worst thing is that farmers are easy prey for government land grabs, because we are few compared to the rest of the country.

    Also crossed my mind that when the system falls apart, the inner city gangs and other worthless will begin to roam the countryside looking for easy pickings. Guess I need to harden the perimeter a bit. I am rural, but live on a state highway. Unfortunately, a lot of my farmer friends are blind to the possibilities, and are way to eager to sign up for every government give away program. I do not participate in those. Not tying up 473 acres to control of the government for the meager amount they pass out. I’ll sink or swim on my own, thank you.

    Given my situation, I am “rooted” where I am. Can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. Did look at 15,000 acres at high altitude in Ecuador a few years back, but decided that given the number of hot springs on the property, it might be just a little too “active” for long term stability.

    Just planning to ride things out on the “homeplace”, as long as possible.

    • “I have a reasonable supply of most items of necessity, but it could be better. ”

      supply.. I love that..

      Here it is…

      C ommon R eadily A vailable P arts…

      C.R.A.P for short..

    • “I have a reasonable supply of most items of necessity, but it could be better.”

      It can always be better. However, don’t let paranoia or desire become obsession…

      “Simple items like toothpaste (I know baking soda works fine), soap, cleaners,etc.”

      “Toothpaste” is baking soda in cake icing. Icing is a sugar and an oil, cooked together. If’fn you don’t need pretty-smelling soap, it’s a cheap & easy hobby, and once you have a few pounds of lye tucked away, you can roll your own, nearly forever.

      I try to have two replacements for every wear part (stuff like bearings that are not easily made) on the tractors and a reasonable supply of spares for vehicles.

      “Looking to increase my supply of repair expendables”

      I buy fasteners from farm auctions, or when a long-standing business goes TU. Most fasteners from 2003 on are Chinese, and they’re junk. With acetylene, you can use anything from baling wire to coat hangers, as welding rod. It will make a 45,000 pound joint — one that’s perfectly adequate.

      “…when the system falls apart, the inner city gangs and other worthless will begin to roam the countryside looking for easy pickings…
      …I am rural, but live on a state highway. ”

      Rural – good
      Highway – bad

      Two things to consider:

      1. Thieves are lazy. They won’t invest time taking stuff if they don’t know it’s there.

      (1a. Punk groupthink says “if someone is guarding something well, it must be something that’s REALLY worth stealing.” THIS is why I strongly advocate “invisibility.” It simply solves many problems before they even exist…)

      2. Our gasoline is garbage, and time-bombed. It will eventually decompose to the point it’s non-flammable. If you haven’t been found by this time, you won’t be unless you advertise your presence.

      (2a. Gas engines won’t easily start on alcohol, but they will run on it once they have started. “Converting” an engine to run on alcohol is done by simply replacing the fuel lines & seals {and float, if carbureted} with ones that’re alcohol-proof.)

      The “state highway” thing is a problem, unless you’re 30+ miles from a town. If your buildings are visible from the highway, you should have a row of trees, and you should have them last year. I’d suggest building, stocking, and hardening a redoubt, then collecting some garbage (‘couple junk vehicles, maybe a particle-board dresser or two, full of rummage-sale clothes, a burn pile that’s hidden, but which can be dragged into the front yard and torched {don’t forget to cover the drag-marks}, and so on.)

      If you can’t hide your place, you CAN make it look like the Visigoths have already come and gone, and maybe no one will bother with it until they forget about it. Once the place is ready for you to “trash,” dig an escape tunnel for the redoubt and keep a vehicle hidden, but where you can get to it from the trench or riverbed which runs past your tunnel exit (NEVER stash the BOV near your exit. If you get shot at while going to it, at least you’ll know it’s been found.) NEVER give away your presence or the existence of the redoubt, unless you are forced to. If forced to, shoot to kill. It is impossible to hold a fortress against a determined adversary. When they retreat, YOU leave and don’t look back… BTW, your stash vehicle had BETTER start, and quickly, and you’d BETTER have a place to go…

      • Hi Ray,
        What’s the name of the movie you’re writing about? Because if it’s real life, it’s a fantacy because most of us haven’t sold our multi-million dollar business and bought a retirement or hobby farm. Most of us still work for our daily bread and cannot hide.
        Besides that, I feel obliged to assist people who are sent my way or my neighbors. What’s the type of life to have in an apocalyptic setting? Communal if one is to survive and flourish. People need people. We were made that way. Blessings to you and your family.

      • “because most of us haven’t sold our multi-million dollar business and bought a retirement or hobby farm”

        …And this is why I directed a reply specifically at “Stubborn Old Man.” Every single person lives a different life and has different considerations WRT living that life and not getting slapped around by its pratfalls. Every person also shares some of the same issues WRT common sense defensive postures which should always be considered.

        SOM is where I want to be (although I want 40 acres, not 400) so I’ve done considerable contemplation regarding how best to defend such a piece of turf, and how to leave it, should that become necessary. I haven’t acquired my “forever home” yet, and may never, because the lay of the land itself has to meet my criterion AND be for sale. I’m not wealthy, and can’t afford to “remake” an extraneous piece of dirt into my dream farm, which is why the terrain is important to me.

        Don’t dis the guy because he was more monetarily-successful than others — that’s simply not cool. We are ALL now in a place where such things are, shall I say, not quite so important.

        Helping is good. Understand though, civilization is a facade. If the crap ever does completely hit the fan, all of the good-will you share with your acquaintances will make no difference. Anarchy and empty bellies strip facades, very quickly.

        A commune is only as successful as its leader is capable of allowing it to be. In a SHTF scenario, all communities eventually devolve into fiefdoms and the baddest dude on the block becomes their warlord. If this is your path, when the time comes, choose wisely.

        Vaya con Dios…

      • ” In a SHTF scenario, all communities eventually devolve into fiefdoms and the baddest dude on the block becomes their warlord.”

        Small community living.. I have lived the vast majority of my life in smaller communities.. the reason.. I like to know those around me.. I love to sit out on the veranda and have a cup of jo and everyone that passes waves and says hello.. or stops to have a cup with you and enjoy each other company..
        there is a downside to.. small communities are usually built by a family or a couple of families.. they work hard to get it settled.. then their kids all stay in the community and pretty soon you see the predomenent family that controls and has the say so of what the community does..
        after about three generations pretty soon the children begin to expand away from the community.. new people come in.. or the houses sit vacant because the residing families don’t want to see the community change.. our small community.. lots of kids.. you seen them playing everywhere.. lots of businesses.. but as the kids grew and moved away the houses became empty.. the once thriving main street shuttered and closed.. the reason.. the residing family didn’t want to see them bring their kids to town.. I would always bring up.. if your afraid of what their kids are going to do.. and the only thing you can reflect on is how your parenting skills were lacking and you don’t want someone that is as poor a parent as you were why do you just assume that their kids will be rotten like yours.. they never like that analagy but heck.. its the truth.. then that residing family starts to die off.. and the houses become bargains for the bargain hunter.. we are in that stage now.. and the vacant streets.. I am now seeing the resurgence of child play and traffic.. the new residing families will soon take over..and the town will once again flourish..
        it goes through those changes in all small communities.. I totally love how the Amish do that.. they keep the young incorporated into the changes.. and the community alive..

  18. Dear Mr. Ure,

    For the first time in a long time that I can recall, the head of NATO received talking head time on the supper news. Sorry, I had the sound turned off. Anyhow it seemed to some lament from him about an over-reliance on China for ppe supplies. The weird thing was the background video of ppe supply loading at origin with the hustle and bustle of workers and pallets moving about ; a uniformed pla soldier standing at attention; behind hung a picture of Chairman Mao – blurred by pixelation.

    Message received.

  19. Almost forgot. Nato has also promised at April 24th a complete field hospital to Italy for delivery by year end.

    Jit !!

  20. This is looking worse than the great depression:

    The tsunami of pending evictions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies have not come into play yet.

    As I have suggested previously, now is the time for you to figure out what you have to do to go to a cash operating basis, and start positioning supplies for that outcome. If that means a tent and backpack on the side of the railroad track, or living out of a vehicle which you hold the title to, then so be it. Position your supplies now. Anything which you have bought on credit is at risk. Anything which a creditor may find and bring to the attention of a bankruptcy judge is at risk. If you are facing eviction or foreclosure, the place to keep your supplies for your next residential incarnation is not at the residence at risk, and probably not in the same county or even state. And do keep your supplies secured.

    For those of you who have held onto a job, use appropriate PPE and stay with it. However, you still need to think through what you will have to do to go to that cash operating basis. Procuring and positioning supplies is a lot easier when you are employed, and two burly deputies aren’t pounding on your door with an eviction notice in hand.

    At the risk of appearing to drone on with things I have said before, it is usually the economic fall out that gets you, not the disaster itself. Risks in the current operating environment can be minimized with PPE and sanitation, but neither can help with debt slavery and being just plain SOL.

    • “This is looking worse than the great depression:”

      Actually N____ it was before.. people just didn’t notice it.. because one in three were on public assistance programs before this all happened.( oh wait I forgot.. it had gone from one in three to one in two in the laboring sector). The only reason it looks worse now is the social distancing and problems with the supply lines…. and there are that many more unemployed laborers shoved into the lines..

    • “The tsunami of pending evictions, foreclosures, and bankruptcies have not come into play yet.”

      YUP…. If they wanted to keep things at the level that it was.. they should have chosen option 1 large and in charge.. instead..
      Chose Option 2 and just like the last three times there was a stimulous gave it all to the ones that truly know how to spend it right.. the difference between the last three and this one.. is that we put the brakes on the velocity of money..
      We knew that was what would happen.. it was a no brainer.. someone with an iq of ten could have told everyone in Congress that.. your expenses don’t end unless you went large and in charge.. and the crumbs sent to the laborers.. well the story of let them eat cake comes to mind…
      I think we are uncharted grounds.. who truly can say what will happen..

      • Mmmm….more talk of cake…

        Hope for the best, and get prepared for the situation to spiral downward in the Fall and Winter months. Unchecked credit deflation was the ’29 through ’33 scenario. Credit deflation, in the simplest term possible, means that if you owe money, you are SOL. That is why I urge the readers (or their kids, grand kids and entourage) to think through where they can make their stand if their credit (OPM- Other Peoples Money) goes away at the sheriff’s sale.

  21. “The Defense Department, overseen by Secretary Mark Esper, has recently shifted its focus toward monitoring the possibility of bad actors weaponizing the coronavirus.

    “The Pentagon and the intelligence community are more forcefully investigating the possibility that adversaries could use the novel coronavirus as a bioweapon, according to defense and intelligence officials, in a shift that reflects the national security apparatus’ evolving understanding of the virus and its risks.”

    Even a hard-left source can be a source of information.

    Those with DoD backgrounds will read between the lines of this, without even slowing down.

    George, you might want to not think very seriously about relocation…

    • “George, you might want to not think very seriously about relocation…”

      I totally agree with Ray George….. Stay where you know you are safe.. I had thought of relocating.. can’t talk the wife into it.. but then I know everyone here and trust the vast majority of those I know..
      you have a great setup.. great neighbors… heck you could probably run butt naked through the yard and no one would care..
      Like here.. the neighbors would say.. god what in the heck are they soing now….Ethel don’t look…

  22. George;
    China was unified for 200 years under the Mongols,then it broke down,Now China has been unified for 70 years because of America,keeping the Sea lanes open for the Whole World.. Soviet Union crashed after 70 some years. Many divrrse groups in China. Many diverse regions kept together with bribes/terror,intimidation. Not a good option. China cannot feed itself. China needS ENERGY. Not enough coal ,Oil, Natural Gas. Half the land is dry,half tropical regions. Enormous costs to develop and maintain them as food centers. They cannot do it. Logistics wise they have NEVER gotten past the First Island Chain,Japan ,Taiwan,Philipines,Indonesia,Malaysia.
    As America pulls back from the World,as we are doing now China is in trouble. President XI,does not have the Favor of Heaven,He will be deposed in next few years. Coastal China will go one way,Western China a different way and Beijing a third path. Just as China has done over and over for 4 to 5000 years.
    Close down deep sea and land oil wells it takes several months to bring them on line. Stop Fracking now wait 3 months open them up again in 4 days to a week or 2. America ,energy ,food and infrastructure independent.
    We have bilateral Trade agreements with South Korea, Japan,Canada,Mexico,Australia,New Zealand,Great Britan. Security agreements too. All the Trading Partners we need. Everything else we can bargain and Get. Rest of world,not so much…War,Famine,Conflict may be coming to rest of World,pre 1945. When nations took what they wanted from everywhere they could,and fought everyone else to not mess with their Empire. British, French,Austro-Hungarian..
    We have temporary in America. Our greatest danger comes from within our borders from our own people. Those who do not respect law,Or our Constitution.. WOW are they in for a rude awakening,before we plant them..
    Just my opinion, based on life living and lots of reading/thinking.

    • I’d, of course, be a fool to argue with a PA-33 driver, but…

      The problem which Xi has reminds me of my lawn mower blade balancer: Yes, if Heaven doesn’t shine of Xi, he will be deposed by a PLA hard-liner. That said, however, Xi may (IMHO likely) have the option of “going harder, first…”

      That could drive him first into conquest (Taipei) and then into Pacific regional assertion. China is still – and rightfully, pissed at Japan over atrocities in WW II…

  23. George,
    You mentioned that big cities will suffer. I can make the argument that short term demand for real estate will wane a bit, maybe for two years. But, after the dust settles and the supply exceeds demand and prices drop, the bargain hunters will re-emerge and big city real estate will explode back into prominence once again.

    It’s a cycle large metros have experienced dozens of times in the last century. Here in the Bay Area is has happened three times since the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. I have sent you a copy of a chart that illustrates that.

    But here is the difference…each downturn has resulted in a re-invention of what we stand for. Urban living can be good for the soul if you are type of person that feeds off of the energy of others….not an energy vampire, but a energy swapper. San Francisco does it better than most by creating urban outdoor spaces And parks on rooftops, overpasses, plazas and city block parks scattered throughout the area…topped off by a huge urban park in Golden Gate Park. Look for more urban spaces, urban gardens, unused piers into parks, trails, bike paths and as much lifestyle packed into a small area as one could hope for.

    The lure of urban living is convenience. Walking or a quick e-scooter ride to hundreds of restaurants, nightlife, dozens of museums, art installations, theater, sports venues and more is a big lure. I just don’t think that urban life is going away any time soon. It may require sanitizing checkpoints, but most large events already have security checkpoints…what’s one more check?

    • As the Olde Librarian asked, what’s your fall back for bit city water after emp?

      Nope, rural works…did for eons…why put people in lil coops anymore?

    • Mark, with the exception of hospitals in a few places, there is nothing valuable or essential to life in big cities. They are a centrally-located place for shipping, commerce, diversions, and escapes. With the coming decentralization of tech, they will cease being commerce centers. There’ll be no reason for anyone to live in a city, except to service others who still live there.

      When the SHTF, any metropolis larger than a class 4 city will instantly become unsustainable (even class 4s will be unsustainable in the rust belt and Middle Atlantic), as will human life in such a place. Those who survive will have no time for diversions, those who seek escape, won’t survive. “Culture” and “civilization” are facades. They require the luxuries of both leisure time and safety. We’ve lived with these luxuries for five generations — long enough that American society has forgotten they’re luxuries…

  24. OT anywhere, but should probably climb into George’s sphere, if for no reason other than it links to Dennis Michael Lynch’s website:

    1-Google against Trump?
    The 1993 episode of CNN’s “Larry King Live” featuring an anonymous caller who was later identified as the mother of Biden accuser Tara Reade was no longer listed in Google Play’s catalog late Saturday.

    Twitter user J.L. Hamilton shared a screenshot showing the Aug. 11, 1993, broadcast of “Larry King Live” was no longer listed in the season three catalog of the iconic CNN talk show

    DML is an investigative journalist, turned documentary filmmaker, probably best-known for his series “They Come to America,” about the infiltration of the U.S. by illegal border-crossers. Like Epoch Times, his site is becoming a good news source…

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