CV-19 Prepping: Hot, Cold, and Confrontation

A quiet Sunday around the ranch:  Working on the ongoing list of projects so that as we sink deeper into Economic Depression, we will be as best prepared – as much as anyone can be – for such events.  3-million cases this week, over 200,000 dead.

One of the reasons I have maintained a “bug-out” destination is a certain “knowingness” that has haunted me for a lifetime.  First, it was a gentle plan to remain married (to the long-ago and before Elaine) and simply add a large sailboat to the family.  When that plan blew-up in the late 1980’s, I moved onto the planned “bug-out platform” anyway.  Where, after 10+ years of adventuring, not only did I do a lot of self-healing, but also fell in love again.

Now, 20-years-on, bunny Elaine and I have a little savings (though never enough, right?) and no bills.  We have enough T..P. for a few more weeks, too.

But how are we fixed if “Back to Work” doesn’t play out as hyped?  What IF things get dicey and sleazy this summer, or next winter?  What if I am too spectacularly right on supply chain collapse impacts?  Trade scuffles will China can turn to full-on economic warfare, and in which case, resilience and the tools to rebuild America are going to be incredibly important.

After a Garden:  Weather Preps

This here, Urban, one of the first websites to advise people – in February – to get the gardens in because food supplies could become unstable, along with the rest of the supply chain getting wonky.  Well, guess what?

Now, we have to continue down that planning direction because what comes as a consequence of CV-19 could be EMP, attacks on the Internet, or enough illness that power could become questionable.  Trade war turing to war on the dollar…none of which would be pretty.

What happens after any of these things is predictable, yet few entertain such logic; calling people like us daft.  Cold and realistic as it is:  Four things are likely:

  • Water supplies could become more questionable.  Sure, sure…we all have water now, but what happens when the power goes off?  There are pumps, electronic valves, and elevation of great weights of water to make a municipal (or rural) water supply “work.”
  • Food supplies will wobble.  Hell, they already are!  A check of Google’s newsfeed reader shows tons of results for “food shortages.”  It’s sobering to consider.  However, as you may infer, stories that include the phrase “fact-check” in their headlines most often get it wrong.  Be solely guided by whether you can buy local meat, pork, chicken, and seafood.  A lot of “fact-checking” is BS with frosting on it…never worth the time to read as it belies an agenda.
  • Hot Weather Kills:  If there is a real hot spell that comes along this year, in addition to bawling idiots screaming “Climate Change!” as they hit you up for money (not understanding climate has changed for half a billion years), there will be the real risk of heat stroke or exhaustion.
  • Cold Weather Kills, Too:  Not too much of an issue in this part of Texas, although we got down to 14-above last year.  But in areas of the Midwest and the East, where “lake effect snow” is the weather jargon du jure, winter requires a certain amount of preps.

Fine, but what can the Average Joe, or Jane, do about it?

Obviously I can’t speak to your plans, but this weekend, I’m going through all of these items (again) and working on each in turn.

Everything Requires Work

While the ruling paradigm of UrbanSurvival has been – for more than 22-years now – the idea that Everything’s a Business Model (EBM) all business models involve at least a little bit of work.  So?  The trick is to get as much “business done” with the least amount of work possible.

As Elaine calls it:  “Leverage.

This weekend – like most – I spend some time putting some “leverage” to the likely future problem sets.  Take Saturday, for example:

  • We added to our  Water Supplies:  A coupe of additional “blue barrels” (55-gallons each) showed up 10-days back.  So that meant a “shock treatment” with strong plain bleach, and then adding another 110-gallons to the on-hand supplies.  Also appearing?  Two more food-safe water pumps for thge barrels – of which we’re up to six.  May not  seem like much water, but 330 gallons will last two people a couple of months.  In “get-down” survival mode, 2-gallons per-day, per-person works.  So long as you remember the fluid off the 3-dozen cans of green peas, or the equal amount of canned corn, can be use for a lot of the cooking fluids, in a pinch.  And that’s before we go to to our well…
  • Food Supplies:  The plants in the greenhouse are coming along fine, thanks.  The most useful paperwork this week was to research “container gardening” websites and make up a couple of laminated cards.  Shows what size containers to use for what type of veggies.  Meantime, Elaine’s new electric pottery wheel is here and the supply of  Sculpey III awaits.  If you’re not familiar, there is a “throwing clay” that’s called “hybrid” because it doesn’t fire like most ceramics (white cone and such).  Instead, it’s a clay-polymer mix that she can “throw” – allow to dry a bit – and then “cure” in the oven at 275-degrees.  Something like 15-minutes for each quarter-inch of thickness.  Point is, while  Sculpey ain’t cheap, but it will let us make locally the correct one, three, and five-gallon containers (white for less heat absorption in summer) for the greenhouse.  ‘Zat cool, or what?
  • Planning for Heat:  A 16-inch attic fan is going into the shop/office area today.  It comes with variable speed and a thermostate and wiill move the air fast-enough to keep most of the shop right in the 76-81 degree range over most of the summer’s heat.  Couple this with our “swamp cooler” – which is gettting actual luan plywood ducting this week to repair the cardboard and packing tape lash-up from last year – and we will have enough “cool space” so that even IF power were to fail, we wouldn’t be driven either underground or to what ya’ll call  civiliation.  Power box for the swamp cooler is on tap, too, so I won’t have that damn extension cord again this year…
  • Cold Weather Planning:  This one involves a glass of bubbly and the two of us clicking madly online. Buying-ahead on winter clothing.  My usual summer attire is a short-sleeve white shirt and well-worn kakhi pants.  A pair of  Sketcher tennis shoes.  Not the right gear for winter.  Jeans or Cartharts, heavier footware. assorted sweaters, more and thicker socks. Cammo may become useful.  And lots of windblock Polartec-like layers. Can’t ignore the house. so digging out the uninstalled wood stove and making plans for the “heating lean-too” – which is the back-up to the 400-gallons of propane and the ventless 15,000 BTU gas heater…

Seems to me Americans have become pretty “soft.”  They live in air conditioned homes, get in air conditioned cars, and – until recently – went to air conditioned offices.

If you click over to the World Life Expectancy Map, here, you’ll find something rather remarkable:  One of the countries with the highest average life expectancies is Canada with 82.4 years of age.  My older sister, and chief  Nostracodus programmer Grady, are life placement geniuses.

While I totally “get” why some number of our readers have moved to places like Ecuador, where the average life expectancy is 77, leaving a country like the USA (78.9-years and that’s before the “let’s make ventilators festival”) somehow just didn’t seem…well…you know….

Around the Ranch

With the clock just passing 6 AM, the sky’s already lightening.  New keyboard needs to be ordered today.  On my mechanical keyboard this morning because the trusty Logitech wireless/back-lit bit-it somewhere two books and a million words into its life.  We wonder how long the replacement will take?  Should be here in a few days. though the USPS and FedEX and UPS drivers who sustain Life these days, assure me they are as busy now as they were at Christmas.

Saw This?

Got to show off my “bargain table saw” – picked up on eBay for about $100-bucks, or so:  Mid-70s vintage Sears, aluminum table, 8″ direct-drive.  Did a little restoring along the way.

Of course, you can see there is a larger saw (10″) in the background.  So why spend $100-bucks on a “back-up” table saw, Ure wondering?

This saw’s main goal in life is to hold a 3/4-inch dado blade set-up. 

For those who have never worked in a shop geared toward through-put (it’s a mental disease), you can change saw blades on a typical project 10-12 times…and setting up the dado blades (blades that cut a 3/4″ (of 1/2″ or whatever width) and a 1/2″ deep, or more… a blade change is about 5-minutes.  Fiddle with the zero-clearance insert to get that right…

Steps cost time: Stop saw, unplug saw, remove blade guard insert, loosen arbor nut, change blades making sure the center dado blades are set right relative to each other – then reapply and tighten arbor nut and now, where’s the dado blade guard….Then you have to make adjustments for depth, and so forth.

Five minutes each and 12-blade changes is an hour of monkey-motion.  10-projects and 10-hours.  And so what’s Ure time worth?  My pressure point is $10 an hour.

Yeah, I know…shaper or router would work, too.  But now, instead of having the shaper with it’s usual 1/4″ round-over bit ready to rock, now we’re into the job of resetting the shaper bit height and it’s really best for edge-wise work, anyway.

“What about the router option?”  For you maybe.  But the set-up on a router-dado is way more complicated (which means  time and more to go wrong and waste wood).  Besides, on many woods, there’s more tear-out with router dados.  Which you can avoid by putting down a wide line of tape, but then you get gunk on the router blade and that means cleaning and that means?  Time.

What I’m after in the dream shop is a kind of “personal assembly line.”  Big (12″) compound miter saw for long stock, big table saw for large sheets of ply or board-stock.  Planer as needed for thickness and the jointer for straightness of glue-ups.

Four quick passes on the small dado table saw builds a tenon.  And then, a quick march over to the mortising machine…Now you’re talking real wood-project pleasure not to mention the bonus of something other than red-necked joinery.

Which gets us to another project today:

See the boxed area?  That’s where the attic fan will be installed – and that means ladder work, cutting sheet exterior ply, paint, caulk, and say…did I mention the wiring?  Might as well toss some cable staples on the old (original) wiring…the yellow romex I put in, you’ll notice, was properly stapled (and yes, within 6-inches of the boxes, of course!).

One other project that MAY happen today:  I picked up some old cast iron “table wings” off an old table saw on eBay.  Was like $40-bucks.  The plan is to take the shaper (small, cheap, Harbor Fright unit, 1/2″ collet) and weld-on the larger wings which will mean more stability of the work.  (Now, if the guy doing the work were more stable…)

So that’s the workplan here today.  A “1/2 hour quicky” will be getting the blown-up mower parts ordered from which is a godsend to anyone with outdoor power equipment.

See all the fun you’re missing by living in one of them in-city People Coops?  Our here, the battle isn’t to impress anyone…it’s too bend nature to your liking and have fun actually doing some of those dreams in Ure head.

Lost in the occult studies is the notion that the real “work of a Magician” is to take a “thought-form” – something you want in the outer/nominal/real world – and work it past the “seven veils” that keep most people from realizing their creative thought forms.

Something to think about if you’re not into making and doing.  OR, something  not to think deeply on while on a ladder

Write when you get some projects done.  Time to re-bean and roll…

64 thoughts on “CV-19 Prepping: Hot, Cold, and Confrontation”

  1. George
    If I may add invest in a Berkey system, a pair of their black candle filters will give you 6000 gallons of awesome water. Its portable, stainless steel and its based on the simple idea of mass filtration that the British used to “colonize” the world back in the day. Also the attic fan is a game changer, in central Florida my whole house/attic fan works as our a/c unit for all but the hottest of months.

  2. OK – you do that George.

    I just loaded up on free coffee grounds ala Starbux. Taking that to the farm, then going to pick up about 3000 sq/ft of barn tin for free as well. Then we use the free creosote poles we obtained along with the recycled 2×6 & 2×8 to make an addition to the implement shed.

    Then we can take my Dads old ’71 El Camino and put it in that addition. My daughter wants it, but that doesn’t mean I am going to restore it for her…

    Did you make a rack for those drums? Moving them full sucks. If not, then you are gonna want to get yourself a bilge pump to empty them or shift contents.

    Did you ever buy some chlorine hot tub pellets for water sterilization?

    Yes – I do have Satsuma Orange Port for you and E – just not today!!

    • “Did you ever buy some chlorine hot tub pellets for water sterilization?”

      Be careful that you get the sodium hypochlorite tablets…

      Making a chlorine electrolysis system is the best. Just make sure you use plain salt. Not the one with iodine in it..

  3. getting strange .. they are here down under kinda storytelling everything is getting better and we are going good again .. its all about that junk real estate they are trying to ramp again .. me .. I think it aint even started ..

  4. The wife went to the store yesterday and reported that things are slowly starting to re-appear on the shelves – bread, a lot of the meats (surprisingly), she even found a few one pound bags of yeast of which she snagged one of. We’d been looking through Amazon and Ebay for yeast but this one cost a fraction of those prices so it’s good we waited. Yeast was one of the things that disappeared from the shelves a while ago. One thing that is slow to re-appear are soups. I guess they’re still being put back because they’re long-term storage food. Can’t blame people there but, also, it could be a ripple effect of the the meat processing plants shutting down. We’ll see how the ripple effects play out on the meat plants shutting down.

    A lot of people are fishing around here and, generally, having a good time. A lot of kayaks can be seen in the back of pickups running around as well as the Gators and other fun “toys” with more frequency than back during deer season.

    Anecdotally, my wife and her sister were talking to a store owner who reported her 80-something year old mother went to the doc, and subsequently into the hospital, back between T-giving and Christmas with what they thought was the flu. Nothing they gave her would touch it (just like any flu), her temp stayed about what mine was (101.8) when I had it a month ago, lots of aches and pain, congestion, etc. After the hospital stay she went to a local nursing home for a while because it took her some time to regain her strength. So, what I’m getting at is this virus, assuming she had THE virus back then and out here in the middle of W. Texas, has been around for quite some time, they just didn’t know what it was.

    People have been cycling between the U.S. (heck, the entire World) and China constantly long before the shut-down so shutting down any borders was shutting the barn doors LONG after the horses got out. More and more people, also, are beginning to think along the lines that this was intentional as well by Dim-ocrats and what one would call the Deep State to damage Trump. At the minimum it’s taking advantage of a good crisis.

    • Bill – The diatribe below which finishes my comments is not being leveled at you, your family, or the 80 year old mother of your acquaintance. The symptoms you are describing sound like H1N1 in an eighty-something.

      West Texas is notorious for aggravating lung ailments. Dust and pollen start it, the bugs follow close behind. Been there.

      Looking at the CDC surveillance statistics, I would contend that this flu season was worse than either the 2009 season or the 2017-2018 seasons, because it came in three separate waves. The mortality figures look grim.

      I was already taking rather extraordinary precautions for H1N1 before Covid-19 hit. I probably had H1N1 a few years back in spite of vaccination (no testing done) after a hospital diagnostic visit, and I have since swapped over to the mammalian cell vaccine, which by the way, should be safe for people with egg allergies.

      The one precaution I can never take is to get others to get vaccinated (but I do try). I may have made a few converts this year from recovering flu victims who were previously not vaccinated. I would suggest that all of you vaccine titty babies man-up and take your shot next year. The egg vaccine excuse is no longer valid, since there are two non-egg vaccines on the market. Do the non-egg vaccines use the same preservatives as egg vaccines? I don’t know or care. Man-up p__sies. If you want to die from flu I can’t stop you, but have the decency not to drag me along with you.

      • Flu shots do NOT always work. In my case, they gave me the flu — twice. Hadn’t had a flu for at least 10 years before the first flu shot, but unwisely decided to get one because of my age. Shortly thereafter, got the flu. Same thing the next year. Lesson learned. Haven’t had a flu since then.

      • Hey n____ and WCD –

        What I had went beyond what I’d described with the store owner’s mother. You’d sweat continuously (left a sweat ring where I’d lay in the bed). If your body was exposed to any temperature South of what it wanted to be the chills were more like rigor mortise – AND, something I’d never experienced with the flu before was complete and total incontinence for about 2-1/2 days (which REALLY worried me). Went through 3 to 4 pair of pants a day and with the chills it was like being one of the card soldiers in “Alice in Wonderland” trying to make it to the bathroom. One of those combination of symptoms you don’t want to have like seasickness and lock jaw! The tongue was numb, half my right arm and the back of my head. Really strange stuff – but NO ONE else in the house ever caught it and the wife and I still slept together. The only inoculation she’s had is the shingles shot. Me? Nuttin’, as usual.

        All and all the whole thing lasted as long as any other flu does with me but the congestion didn’t start until the fever quit on Thursday so I stayed on Mucinex for about 3 weeks pretty regularly although I did come close to starting some Albuterol breathing treatments my sister-in-law had. Once I got over the fever episode it was pretty much all over and didn’t slow me down. We worked goats that Sunday and we’ve just drug back in from drenching the other goats on the North end. I’ve spilled enough Ivomectin on me to actually make me worth something! That stuff’s not cheap.

      • Yeah, I took the shot at a well known store for a $10 dollar gift card. Never again, sick for 3 days.

      • “man-up p__sies,,,,,,” n____ what is the matter with you? do you not have confidence in your vaccine, that you think I need it, to protect YOU?
        if the vaccine does not protect you from others, why the hell do you get them?
        You are what I call a DO GOODER, ya think you know what is best for me and mine and everyone else
        go get your shot and leave me out of it

        those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither, some one said this around the Revolutionary war, Ben or Tom

      • The Other Brother Darrell- those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither, some one said this around the Revolutionary war, Ben or Tom

        Quoting historical revolutionary figures to justify not getting a flu shot is kinda out there. Skeered of needles, minuteman?

    • @Bill: I’ve been pondering whether I caught a case of “Rona” back in Feb. On Feb 16th I was having a regular Sunday, went to the gym, came home & did some yard work. Then about 2 PM I got hit by something or other and it put me down on the living room couch bundled up with a fever that hit 101.8, chills, body aches, hard to breathe, you name it. I’m generally very healthy at 68, so this thing was an unanticipated monster.
      Funny thing though, after a rough night around 2 in the afternoon my fever had broken and I started feeling Human again. I’ll bet there are lots of people who had a touch of the “Rona”.

      • That was the other thing – I took only one dose of Tylenol because I’d gotten tired of the aches and pains but, otherwise, I just let the fever do its thing because it’s the body’s response to infection. Unless it was headed past 104 and not showing any signs of slowing down I just let it run its course but I can never convince my wife to doing that with the kids. As soon as they have fever indications she shoving some type of fever reducer down their throats.

  5. Exactly what kind of plants are you putting in the garden? I always have a hard time deciding. Usually by the end of the season the bugs have decided for me what I’ll be eating, or the rabbits and squirrels. Just asking for ideas… Thanks.

    • MW,

      I planted peas, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, brussel sprouts, pumpkins, catnip, broccoli and beans….. so far.

      Plants generally have a 90 day window from planting to harvest. I’ll plant another round of seeds May 1st.

      I’m in MI and we’re still frosty right now. The general rule here is plant outside after Mother’s Day.

    • this is a lot of good recipes for rabbit or squirrels out there
      joke of the day: I tried growing chickens, but no luck. don’t know if I planted them to deep or to close together.

  6. The darkest thought I can imagine is an EMP or any other event that takes the internet down, especially under the circumstances of the current COV-19 pandemic!

    • Considering the times we are in and the threats we are facing today, I’d say that is pretty smart thinking! Something is amiss in North Korea, with the way they are handling Kim Jong Un’s illness (or passing). China sent Senior Diplomats and Communist Party Officials to N Korea to help. Not doctors & medical personnel? That would imply a political or military strategy meeting, yes?

      Kind of like an urgent cabinet meeting with the President. If he calls in the 4 Star General in charge of Nuclear Deterrence, it probably isn’t a discussion about an e-mail server.

      One of the original plot lines that existed in early January was the idea that we put a “tweaked to kill Asians” (ACE2 Receptor) bioweapon payload in the Corona Virus, and put it in the Canadian BSL-4 Lab where the Chinese Dr Qiu worked. She had been stealing all of the bioweapons and research material for several years and taking it back to her home lab in China, the Wuhan BSL-4. As the plot was described, Dr Qiu did steal the bioweapon and take it back to Whuhan around July of 2019. Then she and her hubby were kicked out. Time and events took care of the rest, maybe with a little help to get the Corona Virus on the street in Oct-Nov.

      The point is that this pandemic kicked off with a cloak and dagger scenario, so that even though China KNOWS who did it, they can’t really say anything without loosing face. Consequently, you’d expect their retaliation to be an equivalent cloak & dagger operation.

      That’s why it might be worthwhile to keep a close eye on North Korea at the moment. Actually, China, North Korea, and Iran. It would be easy to set up a cloak and dagger operation while Kim Jong Un is somewhere between brain dead and dead.

      Iran can’t be excluded either, because Keshe, their N Tesla clone, seems to have weaponry that is a bit more exotic than ours. Remember the USS Donald Cook? The RQ-190 Sentinel?

      Two years ago North Korea Satellite based EMP weapons were a big concern in the news. They have two satellites in orbit, one of which is over the USA every 94 minutes.

      So yes, this is very good thinking, trying to predict how the Chinese will retaliate if the scenario was indeed a cloak and dagger operation to accomplish specific Deep State objectives such as getting the global economy heading downhill.

      I just bought a pair of Siemens FS-140 Whole House Surge Protectors, Anybody have a quick primer on how to install them?

      • I surface mounted mine below and to the side of the breaker panel, and came out of the bottom of the panel with conduit elbows and nipples with one sheet-rock penetration. The directions say to install off a breaker at the top of the panel. That’s a lot of work. If you don’t now how to work in a breaker panel, then don’t. Hire an electrician to pull the wire and do the terminations. Your main service panel is a place of danger for hobbyists. Use the breaker size specified in the instructions.

  7. Yo G –

    Hows that hot weather down there going to affect Ure food growing efforts?
    Did U dig that garden down 3-4 Feet into the ground?
    Besides Cotton and Loblolly Pines – what else grows down thar in them neck of the woods?

    Perhaps Ure might consider raising up a crop of Dental Floss.
    I dont think you have to move to Montana to raise Dental Floss, but could prolly use some Bess for the Wax.
    HelI, I bet U could even find a really nice pair of heavy duty, zircon encrusted tweezers on ebay.
    Get Ure self a small tiny hoss(call him Mighty Tiny) to ride the range while plucking up that Dental Floss. Why Ure could become the next Texas Tycoon!

    In the meantime -can U figure out why HowdyDowdy & E.Holder would Pull The Plug on a FBI Investigation into fauxi for Criminal Dealings ( contract awards/cronies) and Theft of Research(2 Instances) at NIH?. Word on the back channels is that the Dr. that worked for/under fauxi at NIH for over 20years was Original Complainant/whistle blower is back and talking. Dont even want to think about the very deep, very dark hole that is Gilead and Rumsfeld – ohh my.

    Chorine is a Disinfectant No? How do we make Municipal Water? Did U watch birx face/expression as Trump was freeballing on Therapies – man luvs to put enemies by his side and in front of the spotlights – truly entertaining to observe.

    Never mind a Chi-Com assault of CONUS, G – they gots to save their own party/ people & country first.
    The NWO (nephilim world order) is just as Evil & Ruthless as their “fallen” ancestors were.

    That of course is where/who they learned “it” from —- ole “sammy” … sure the Overseer..hahahaha…and the original sin was eating an apple…too funny!

    • Mainly we plant cow bushes. If you sprout them, it’s hamburger. Leave on the bush a while longer and they turn into rump roast. When finally mature, you can harvest filet blossoms.
      For the more practical – and those who don’t realize that E Texas is 8-inchs ahead of Seattle in rainfall year to date : We can grow anything. Wrestling it away from the wildlife, however, requires certain lead gardening tools.

      • I’m all about those Texas grown Filet Blossoms! I get mine on the hoof from a ranch south of San Antonio, and about 11 months later they land in my freezer. Vastly superior to Black Angus bushes.

        Thanks for the “Share your Comments” button. That one is much more agreeable to my trigger finger.

    • Very proactive. Dont forget, God drives a Buick. One the oversite committee is their fixed position. they are looking down and not up, nor side to side. So they are missing all the action around them. Could get bopped on a head by a meteor. *shrugs.

      I seen a kid bop an adult in the head with an apple once. Knock em the F out. I imagine God has one helluva stronger arm than a little kid.

      I mean. David slew goliath in his great boast with a single smooth small stone. Shaped much like this symbol: 0

      Whack! And it was all over. They he walked over and cut his head off with his own sword.

      Jus like dat.

      Anyway, see ya around old people.

      See ya around.

  8. George, you keep hammering away about the 1929 crash and its similarities to today. That had gotten me to consider a few things.

    history being not just repetitive but similar in nature, because time works like a record groove. Its cyclical and moebius. so we see similarities in juxtaposition “mile makers” on a record where the song goes into the chorus after a drum solo or lead guitar riff.

    It’s not the “same old song and dance” it never is. Details may very such as the lady wore a plaid short dress and had a rose in her hair last time and the fella a brown zoot suit and black fedora. This time she may be in a white long dress with a carnation on her wrist and he may be in a blue leisure suit with dark blue Swede shoes wearing a ball cap backward.

    However, we do recognize by memory similar situations, circumstances and events will emerge. That is a constant! Or a know Value/Vector. All by the the concurrent values established in symmetry of symbolism throughout History, in metric terms, idioms, redundancy checks metered (for lack of a better word) out in time.

    A dame is the same emotional value/template as a chick/ hottie. In slang as well as a Rabbit is still a Rabbit a hundred years later.

    One thing we do know is ~ Repetitive cycles proves poor stewardship” ~

    Another thing we know is ~ consistant commonalities proves we are still on the same melody ~

    we on the same grove, same melody of the record just in a differnt place on it and further towards the center of it. So if we think of time as a record being played spiral into the center the Arch gains in degree and radius. That changes conditions of the environment, impact of those conditions, rate of occurence and spectrum..

    So I got to thinking yes, 1929. Well what else was going on? What happens 50-100 before and what is happening now not just in economics values, but in art, pop culture, culture, morals and values, material plane, weather, earth changes, attitudes and actions, behaviors, religion and other. Because the stock market is a like a thermometer of how well humanity is doing in all those areas.

    Maybe it will be absolutely fruitless. History is written by the winners. This is where old books like Josephus come in handy. However fruitless it may be, it would either validate your premis of repeating the 1929 stockmarket where JP Morgan bailed out the US from his positions in Rail, Rockefeller in is Oil position and that Carnegie in the steel industry. or atleast it would eliminate/illuminate that as being irrelevant and disregarded as something else that wouldnt need further study giving footing and provision of something else needing examination.

    Hope that makes sense. Have A great day.

    • The slang has changed in terms used however the emotional attachment has not.


      #1. a Halo waa the original representation of an Idea. Divine inspiration. An altered field state. A “light crown.

      #2. Later replaced by the light bulb which reminds us 10,000 failues get it right is one step closer to get the right light (idea)

      #3. Noted the new version emergence of the App Icon. The latest redition of the Halo and light bulb as it begins its apearance in our world.

      All are true, all are similar originating in meaning but have variations in context.

      All 3 of these are symbols of the same thing, but in variance meaning as we move forward along the record groove of the same song. Say “hello to the New Boss, same as the old Boss”. So to speak. the record speed doesnt change. However, the degree of the arch in the grove does. It has a great degree of turn. I too keep looking at the speed setting on the record player and often times ignore that the needle is actually going around the grove alot faster and it moves along the course of it.

      Hmmmm take what you want and leave the rest. I’m just trying asses our situation from different dimension angles so I can see the bigger picture. Most people just dance to the music. I find my self doing the same thing. We are all dancing along, like a string puppet show. I just want to be a boy. A real boy. Lol

      Ok, I have said far too much. Lol

  9. We live in a semi-rural town 30 miles from the city on several acres abutting a 180 acre wooded preserve, one house from the end of the power line. I had the house built back in ‘92. All five homes on our lane have at least 2 acres of land. Throughout the past ten years or so, using George’s advice and my AF survival training, i’ve managed to become self-sufficient capable. Last fall the Amish built a 2-car hemlock carport with attached shed. The shed is 20X10’. We have a 280’ deep well (live on a hill) with a generous draw, propane heat and cooking, and an 11kw Generac power generator for the well pump, furnace, appliances and most lighting in the structure. That machine has been a real convenience at least a dozen times during the past four years, once for three full days of outage. The Generac runs off of the propane (buried 500 gallon tank – we use around 900 gallons/year). Before the Generac, I had a gas powered generator, primarily for keeping the refrigerators cold and the well functional. We installed a 300 gallon plastic water cistern in the basement, more for emergency water if/when we have to ration the propane and Generator run times. The well feeds directly into the cistern, then a secondary pump supplies the entire house from there. I can isolate the cistern for cleaning, if needed. I have a Vermont Castings wood stove in the basement and we cut our own firewood (oak, maple, hickory, cherry). The back yard is laced with raised beds and several tilled plots are organized for a decent family-supporting crop rotation. We do canning for the veggie surplus – keep 4-5 gallons of vinegar in the pantry primarily for this very reason. In storage bins down in our basement, I have 2.5-3 months of freeze dried food and MREs for four adults (my oldest daughter and son-in-law are living with us for a spell – they were doing so before ‘Rona showed her ugliness to the world). In our basement pantry, there’s enough diligently ‘rotated’ dried and canned food for another 2 months. We keep 3 rifles: lever action .30-.30; pump action 12 gauge shotgun and a bolt action .22, with several hundred rounds for each kept in ammo boxes in my basement shop. Also keep a combo BB/pellet gun by the back patio door for unwelcome and destructive critters, mostly raccoons. It works for rabbit and squirrel if Ure hungry enough. The shop has the basics – a table saw, 10” compound miter saw, belt sander and router. Since we live in the NE, we have sufficient cold weather clothing, gear and supplies, including cross country skies and snow shoes. My garden tractor has a plow attachment and chains and our Durango is AWD in case the snow gets wild on us. I keep 15 gallons of gas in my shed, treated with Stabil. I use this stored gas throughout the year on the tractor. The son-in-law has an awesome meat smoker and a stand alone charcoal/wood grill. I have a Weber propane grill with 2 tanks. Also have a tripod fire pit & grill setup in the back yard. The neighbors on our lane all get along well and we help each other with our major projects. All are similar minded to us. My humble advice to fellow readers is “listen to George!”. No matter where you live, his advice is incredibly useful on a great many topics.

  10. Question for E please! Can the fired up Sculpy be used as an Olla in the garden? I use a lot of those for water conservation even though I live in Washington state. Currently I have put a few clay wine holders, plastic gallon milk jugs (with holes punched) and the Folgers plastic canisters(with holes punched) to work in the ground. They all work wonderfully and plants and worms love them. But my dream is to use clay. Sure I could use clay pots as well but what fun is that!!

  11. ” full-on economic warfare”

    We are in full economic war right now.

    Flash back: Trump: ‘Trade wars are good, and easy to win’.

    At this point most Americans are getting direct dole injections. That’s not a metric for winning.

    Moreover, look at this “immunity passport” precedent being set:

    Duggan says all grocery workers must get COVID-19 tested or owners face legal action

    “We are now going to start to crack down on the grocery stores, the food handlers in this city,” said Duggan.

    “”When you couldn’t get tested you had an excuse,” Duggan said. “Now there is no excuse, we are going to get you tested in a few days at the State Fair grounds at no cost”

  12. George,
    About the possibility of a water system failure, IMHO this could be the first domino in a chain from which there would be no recovery. In many communities no water for a protracted time period would be followed by “water treatment” systems failure. Think about all the region’s with very high population density e.g. Manhattan, Chicago, Miami L.A., Dallas. It seems to me that there are millions of people without the ability to travel long distances.
    How long would it be before a die out and or a cholera outbreak? On a regional basis the death rate from corona virus pales when compared with cholera. If one follows out chains of consequences, the scenarios get scarry. As a aside, do the boy scouts still teach how and where to build a latrine?

  13. Watch “April 26, 2020” on YouTube

    My very first video. I am super nervous. it’s just my thoughts. I’m not that important and I may be crazy. Lol I chose to use one of my many journals as a background. It’s mostly addressed to those on this site.

  14. George

    “Water supplies could become more questionable. ”

    An update on the Bailer Bucket system installed on the Mississippi property last month. It’s working very well to get water from the well! It is now the system that will be used full time ALL the time. No more electrical pumps. My brother who lives there full time retrieves about five gallons a day for his needs and keeps the two 150 gallon tanks topped off as needed. The only part of the system that is critical is the lift rope. It’s a $15 item at Lowes so a few spares can be put up for future needs.

    Anyone with a well as their primary water source should have a manual way to get water. Yep it requires WORK, big deal. Better to work than go thirsty. Remember the first plague to strike Egypt was Water to Blood: Ex. 7:14–24.

    No way to get water is a plague on your house, your family!

    • Keep that lift rope out of the sun! Sun will rot most plastics, especially polypropylene! I do agree with the lift system though. Except for testing, I’d use electric lift when available since it’s less time and energy consuming. Three reliable sources of water should be enough. Cisterns are great and running their water through a Berkey or other reliable filter should be enough to stay healthy. A pre-filtered attic or roof cistern can provide gravity feed to the house plumbing. Just make sure there’s adequate support – 8/lbs/gallon! I agree with George on two gallons/person/day minimum IF you stay out of the sun and don’t overly exert yourself. Five gallons per person/day is a good target for healthy survival.

    • One pump I built, but have yet to use, is an air lift pump. Two PVC pipes go down to the water, one carries air and the other allows the air to rise in it carrying water with it. You have to experiment to get the right amount of air flow but I was thinking of putting an old air compressor on the air line and hand cranking it (in case of a grid-down scenario). The water and air come out the second pipe into a cup like attachment that allows for the water to drain away into whatever receptacle you have. The water table at our house is very shallow so this is meant for that type of well.

      The wells at the ranch are either 220v submersible, solar or windmills so that will be available, too. I’ve tried to figure out how to hook one of the defunct windmills to an air pump – reciprocating action to circular – but I’ve never found a pump like that I could readily adapt.

      • I played with the idea of air lift in my head a couple of times. It’s interesting, but playing with math, I think it requires at least 175 psi to work with a 300′ deep well. Don’t quote that – do your own calcs, but I seem to remember that number. The deeper the well, the more pressure required to lift. Perhaps there’s a well guy on the site that knows this stuff by heart.

        Air lift is great for cleaning the well and avoiding ruining a good pump!

      • Your last idea is a good one Mike. I’ve been trying to figure out how to clean out the windmill bores at the ranch and that may be a decent way to do it. I’ve been toying with the idea of jet pumps but they rarely fit the small bores they made back in the 30s. Also, at an average depth of 150 feet it would take a good bit of pressure to accomplish that. The wells I had in mind for the air lift, though, are only about 30 to 40 feet deep but it’s been so long since they’ve been used I’d have to pump a lot to clean them out at this point.

  15. Uncle G-Dog –

    How about dem sparkly golden things (1oz) with eagles on the front em?- only $1988 per today/Sunday over on jmbullion.
    Paper Market sayz an Oz of the yellow shiny stuff is only $1745 – looks like a 14% PREMIUM for Phyz Gold.

    Silver American Eagles are GONE – only Pre-Sale beginning in May at $27.00Oz. Paper Price on COMEX says U can Buy Silver at $15.35 and Oz. That looks like a 77% Premium – what gives KemoSabe?

    The real takeaway for coot from this view of Scarcity in Action is the Silver /Gold Ratio..1745/15.35 = 114..Leaping Lizards G-Man !
    If that doesn’t scream Economic Disaster in the near future – I dont know what does ?? Oh wait yes I do – Martin Armstrong and the only working quantum computer says the same thing..that is a COWINKYDINK the coot is paying attention to.

    Being in a squirrely spring mood the coot cant help but mention AYTU.

    – I already gave U.. ZOOM Short and ZM Buy for fun and profit.
    Wait what?!

    At $1.40 a Share – there aint much to loose – hell U could buy 800 shares on the LockDown Checks ($1200) with a lil change left over after commission.
    SUNPHARMA.NS is a nifty COVERT19/HDQ play, but at $485.00 per share and No Options available to trade – gonna need some serious Cashish to play with that “hoss”.

    Precious Metal Stocks (Miners and Streamers) I think are just getting started.. as more and more people wake up the fact that our Treasury is running on myth/babylonian magic squares. Buying M&S’ers, as the Owners of Central Bank be Crying…

    and yes Short SPY going into weekend again – and will prolly get face ripped off ..Again!

    • It’s not just extreme premiums on PM’s, it’s discounts on the sell side! If you want to sell Ag, the best I’ve seen is 8.4% discount, with 1% discount for a well known 1oz golden coin. It seems that the margin on Au is developed on the sell side. The spread on the Ag is both sides. I’m guessing that the wholesale level dealers intend to keep 15%. That’s much higher than in the past.

      The spread is the thing! Why sell unless you have to, so no supply.

    • The problem I see with semi precious metals is this crash…
      Where are you going to use it???
      Just like bitcoin.. no one wants it.. in a square mile how many gold dealers are there.. in a city of a million theres probably a thousand or less. .but in a city of a million you do have a million that want toilet paper. Ir bread..
      In civilizations past grain or water was a valued point. It wasn’t that long ago that certain investors started buying up all the water rights for fresh water sources. One of our ex presidents was one of those investors..
      Gold is pretty but seriously ..unless you wear it.. or collect it it’s pretty much useless

  16. I have been ‘ure-ing’, ‘ga-stewing’, ‘warhammering’, ‘newmexicmiking’, ‘oilman2ing’, ‘crashing’, ‘LOOBg’, ‘brycing’, andying’, ‘rocketmiking’ ‘rbi-ing’, ‘outofwksteving’, ‘old librianing’, ‘ray-ing’, ‘n-ing’, ‘hankinhawaiing’, and ‘okiecatfaning,’ ‘nancying’, as well as all the other GREAT commentators on this site, and ‘thinking’ and ‘praying’ and ‘looking-for-signs’ as to what to do about my situation.

    Sell or Stay

    It just hit me: Sell cause this model has not only collapsed the economy, it has hamstrung it on purpose (cause they got a Rona excuse) and they are intending on keeping it collapsed. Real Estate has probably already taken a hit (no jobs, can’t pay bills, no real estate loans with no income, little to no property sales coming down the pike) so this property may not move as fast, but it will move since it is sitting pretty 4.0 miles from a hot spot of globalist greed. 2 houses on the same street in the last 3 weeks have sold for $360k plus, enough for us to get free and clear.

    We are temporarily gonna live in an RV by our shop.

    These unpaid housey thingies ain’t gonna work short term; now, don’t get me wrong, when all hell breaks loose, and IF you can stay and claim the homestead like squatters, you can stay as there will be too many like ya for them to herd you up and move you out (although a few of ya might disagree with me on that matter relating to the FEMA camps; but just use Katrina as an example of a compromised city).

    The point is, if where you are is not where you see success, it is time to make the toughest of decisions and start packing up and getting out; don’t wait. They’ve shut down our economy, immobilized cities, what’s to stop them from closing state lines? They’ve collapsed the airlines, do you really think they are all coming back? What flight are you gonna get to get out of this country if there aren’t as many to choose from and the ones that are, are too expensive, or you have to have a vaccination passport to get on one?

    Now, is the time for the movement of millions of silent moccasins. Get thee on the trail yourself if you are gonna be going.

    Keep your job that you have but work remote IF you can. There are PLENTY of small towns in America that are wonderful and this is the time to SEED them and make them grow. Send the scouts on ahead; build your team of like-minded folks.

    These evil elites don’t care if they put you on the trail of tears, they don’t care if they bomb your cities with the virus and kill you off like dropping a neutron bomb, they don’t care if they put you in camps like the German POW after WW2 ended and gave rations of less than 400 calories a day in OUTDOOR camps with no shelter except mud pits, they don’t care if they starve you to death like the Ukraine during Stalin’s reign, they don’t care if they make you homeless like so many millions during the Great Depression and then WW2 across the globe, and they don’t care if they destroy your livelihood and homes and set you up in tents like millions of refugees in Jordan and other places in the middle east. The average American has NO clue as to the extremes these evil devils will go to destroy this country and the current SYSTEM around the world to achieve their aims.

    Collapsing the dollar is the easy part; what comes after is the disaster.

    We’ve been ‘planted and quartered’ in our homes for a reason. And it ain’t the Rona!!!

    Get moving.

    Okay, over and out.

    • You understand the situation. Good luck making the transition back to a cash operating basis.

    • “These evil elites don’t care if they put you on the trail of tears”

      I beg to differ TTME….

      Gave you ever wondered why you never played tic tac toe with yourself?
      It’s no fun.. everything deep state has done has been about power and acquisitions…
      If your holding a hundred gold coins and there isn’t anyone that.wants. it. Makes it pretty useless..
      They may send is in to blast the hell out of a country in the name of peace and tranquility.. but seriously it’s only to acquire something they aren’t willing to negotiate for. It’s the same reason the wealthy are the lowest tippers and their children are the largest …they don’t want to part with what they truly value and the kids dont care.
      To stay the king of the mountain you have to have someone to keep you up there .
      Just like a war.. look how we have rebuilt cities and countries after we have destroyed them ..then look at a major manufacturing city in the usa.. detroit is a good one.. not to upset mark but san fran and its situation. Theres a reason why they are ok n the list as two of the worst cities in the country to live in.
      To build a pyramid you need a secure base. Greed has made that separation..
      Once they have made the total acquisitions they seek they will come in as heroes

    Total cases: 606 (2 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 70
    Honolulu County: 396
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 112
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 7
    Required Hospitalization: 68
    Hawaii deaths: 14
    Released from Isolation: 488
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 26, 2020

    One new case in Honolulu, one new one here in Hawaii County (Big Island).

  18. Dear Mr. Ure,

    I am taking opportunity to catch up on the PN podcasts. I found myself turning the matrix back to New Year’s Day.

    Can I get a monkey off my back? Your “countermeasures taking effect?” graphic for the period 24-31 March appears under the Jan. 1st Chartpack, and also under the Apr. 1st Grimm’s Scareytales.

    By the way, there’s an interesting situation brewing from the most lowly paid service sector workforce members tasked with small business’ least desirable jobs here who were laid off enmasse when the virus hit. They have answered the “why work?” question by choosing to remain on the federal government’s four month minimum income program rather than accept recall to precarious work. The federal program pays a poverty wage but is still more than what the lowest common denominator businesses had been paying. Looks like serfing that flattening curve will be a hard sell for the sheepdogs. No word from the horse’s mouth yet on who’s to be blamed for leaving the barn door open, but I hear the goose may be cooked?

    • This is Jester bringing you a special society report from the spare room.

      The Icahn School of Medicine in Manhattan noted it had directed some of its students to help an overwhelmed covid-19 frontline in such things as pharmacy support and telehealth. The $55K/year tuition institution suspended in-class instruction early in March. The society pages obliged with “a day in the life” of a first year student who had apparently packed up the $5 million near-campus digs for something a bit more Panhandling.

      While Daddy Warbucks is portrayed as putting out fires on the homefront, Annie performs feats sometimes seen at the high wire in support of the Australian Koala Challenge with a little help from the fiance. Readers are cautioned to consult with their physician before embarking upon this routine.–sbpsHNRF/

      Special thanks to whoever recently installed the streetscape art piece “The Gates” outside the Icahn School of Medicine.

  19. G –
    I’ll see your table saw & raise you a 100 y.o. cast iron 34″ bandsaw, and a nearly as old shipsaw (more complex, for cutting rolling bevels):


    These two guys are building a 40′ (ish) sailboat in their backyard using trees from the family farm (mostly), including pouring their own 4.5 ton lead keel.

    Their channel is my favorite “boat porn”. And they later pair an 1800s Thicknesser with a Chrysler flathead 6:

    The shipsaw: . This guy is restoring a 111 y.o. wooden yacht – so far the only thing original is the lead keel – but BOY! what a shop he has the use of!!


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