CV19: Restart Rehash, Elliott Woes, Housing Looms

Been a while since really useful woo-woo has shown up in my dreams.  (Remember my book  Psychocartography – Mapping the Human Dream is available on Kindle.)  But last night’s adventures – which will be recounted in detail on the  Peoplenomics site Wednesday – really cleared up a  lot about where America is right now.

But, if there’s one thing to begin to ponder the “message” came down to this:  “Our Past determines our Future.  And so, what is the Future we’re avoiding?”  A visit to the campus of  Directorate 153 is in order.

Meantime, however..

Restart Rehash Redux

At the end of last week’s fun-house tour, 16-states had announced plans to reopen.  While we eye the goings on here, across the pond “Coronavirus live updates: Spain’s daily death toll rises slightly; UK’s Boris Johnson says too risky to lift lockdown yet” reported CNBC.

We continue to remain stuck in a kind of “caustic neutral.”  Sure, there is evidence that there really  is a virus, but where again, is the authority under the Constitution to suspend any of our rights?

As part of being caustic, we are bounded by medicine’s “first do no harm” but, at the same time, we wonder why all those tin-cans of Russian 7.62 X 39 rounds  in our armory were packed with 640-rounds?  (It’s this kind of central control that boggles me:  Obviously, to a base-10 thinker,+ 500 or 1,000 rounds would have made sense?  Except, perhaps, inventory control in the Soviet Union was all done binary, in which case the BIN of 640 is ?001010000000.  The octet – 1200 – was only marginally useful.  But, I digress…

While we’re not opening ammo cans – yet – we couldn’t help but notice “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces team to restart the economy, loosens some restrictions…”  And yes, whatever “partial baseball is” that may be coming here, too.

Symptom List (Mission Creep)

The last time we were in New York (maybe 5-years back). I was struck by the number of old people there.  (Besides us, wise-ass!)

Let’s face it, while there are  some children in Midtown (maybe) we didn’t see any.  So as we pondered the New York Death Toll (17,280 today which is more than Belgium’s, for example, with 7,207) we returned again to the “co-morbidity question.”

We haven’t seen really  useful analytics yet.  Which is to say sure, we’ve gone over 50,000 deaths in the U.S….got it...but of  those how many involved a “co-morbidity?”  Someone on oxygen fighting COPD (a huge morbidity risk) and  then being pushed on to the Pearly Gates by CV-19?  Well, that’s a little different than healthy athletes being struck-down dead on the street, right?

What’s going on is a medical scorekeeping exercise:  Did this (hypothetical COPD) victim go [primarily] from COPD or CV-19?  I guess that depends on who’s handing out the money for reporting criteria, doesn’t it?

It’s all a little  too convenient.  Getting too wide.

  • The US economy has been smashed.
  • Big companies are scamming the small business bailouts, screwing the small ethical people.
  • The US supply chain issue will take years to resolve.
  • China has us by the manufacturing gonads.
  • And the US is swimming in energy…
  • …While the “oil patch” has never – ever – seen it so bad.
  • And  OM2 reports that even foreign oil gigs in places like Azerbaijan are also shutting down and drying up over closed borders and grounded jet travel…

Maybe that’s why the woo-woo dream last night…I can’t say.  But…

CDC Symptoms Expand – Again

Walking down the street and falling down dead for no apparent reason would be a clue, right?  But now, CDC has continued to add to their symptom listCheck these newbies out:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

I suffered my first “loss of taste” when I was in my teenage years and didn’t understand my audience when making wise-cracks….

But, cereally?(breakfast humor…) I have (as a one-time wildman) suffered ALL of these symptoms as a result of too much hooch.  The sore throat was likely from snoring a lot while sleeping it off…

Word on the street is that WHO is largely responsible in a bad way for the utter mismanagement of the outbreak.  First responders and healthcare workers are pissed. Son G2 (firefighter/EMT) says it was stupid (criminal?) for CDC not to have sounded the alarm much, much earlier.  But that brings us back to motive and how the China-sponsored head of WHO may not be a “disinterested” party.

On the other hand, the case for this being a bioweapon has continued to “get legs” as the controlled media and social are removing posts questioning the “officious” story line.  While we see evidence in “No evidence antibodies protect people from second COVID-19 infection, WHO says” that this is manufactured.  Natural viruses tend to have natural countermeasures – like antibodies.

No antibodies leads to a perp, near as we can figure.  WHO…or who?

Of course no one can afford to admit this is a biowar because that would let the mushrooms out…so sheltering in place is…what?  A dry run???

The Kiss of ’29

As the Sovietization of America continues, we are intrigued by the morning’s “Buy the rumor, sell the news” situation looming this week.

Because tomorrow we get the Case Shiller Housing report, and while the data is stale since this isn’t real-time stuff, it will be an early indicator of what’s going on in people’s mind-wallet connections.  (Preview perhaps in House Price Appreciation May Have Reached Tipping Point, According to First American Real House Price Index…)

The technical problem for the market is?  Well, we’re 15% down from the all-time highs and in what looks like an Elliott Wave II bounce.  Problem is, where does the “bough break, and down will come cradle, pensions and all?

As we suggested a while back, you may not be able to buy new, all-time highs, with $4 to $6-trillion worth of gimme’s, but maybe they can buy some time.  Time we’re using to resupply and add to preps.

FOMC – meets starting tomorrow with a Free Money Festival Announcement Wednesday from J. Powell and the Money Printer’s Guild.  FOMC really means “Free ONLY for Major Corporations…”

Earnings week and hype abounds, too.

How’s Your Meat?

(No, this is not, lol.)  I mean  literally because “U.S. Could Be Weeks From Meat Shortages With Shutdowns Spreading.”

We will continue our “meat watching” and “check Ure chicken” research because America may be done “pigging out” for a while.  Up in Iowa, nothing is scarier than headlines mentioning “depopulating herds” while there’s still a famine lurking around the edges…

And  not far from the edges at that as “World Food Program director David Beasley on coronavirus: “The worst is yet to come.”

Insanity In Motion

War is coming back into style, seems::  “Russia Returns to Top 5 Defense Spending Countries Worldwide – Think Tank.”  Oh, dandy!

Insufficiently stupid?  Low on the idiot load, are we?

It’s Time To Convert Cruise Ships Into Oil Tankers.   Commodity Cruise Lines?  Do people even bother to ask the simple marketing acid-test questions?  Where are the customers for this dumb idea?  And do they have MONEY?  God, it’s astounding, isn’t it?

And with all the packages rolling – busier than most Christmas’s, how can the Post Office be in trouble except too much administrative overhead? “Joe Biden is the USPS’s only hope—but it has to hang on until November”  claims a  Fortune headline.  You know, if slow Joe is your only hope, you’re done.

Add this hype to Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Biden, and we see the same hand of old-time machine politics in play…a play we’d like to get over.

It Pelosi likes it, it’s probably bad for us.

Around the Ranch

Spent all day Sunday putting in that attic fan (see Sunday’s column).

It was one of those projects from hell.

Started with the wiring:  Couldn’t find one of those metal wire retainers to save my soul.  Must have spent 45-minutes in the electrical stores…

The sheet metal on the fan was sharp, so had to wear gloves.  Which then got gnawed off the hand trying to get a wood screw out of a shirt pocket.

And while doing that, dropped the drill 12 feet onto the paving on  the north side of the shop.  It survived and so Hitachi tools (or I guess they are Metabo now) are really good.  Only thing was the battery popped out, but went right back to work.

So then had to dredge up a belt hook so as not to repeat the drill falling…and then my zero-clearance plastic table saw insert cracked.

By the end of the day – I try not to work more than 10-hours Sunday – I was sore as hell from all the overhead work.  Thankfully, a long shot of tequilla and a fresh hot corned beef sandwich put me out of my misery until this morning.  71’s a bitch.

I am tempted to just keep writing the column all day…but that wouldn’t get the job done.

The good news is that the attic fan made  one hell of a difference in the shop temp evern though it was only 82-Sunday.  And that was the point:  Low energy consumption and a great use of resource.  I’m now a “fan of fans” – which is odd with no pro sports left…

Write when you limber-up,

48 thoughts on “CV19: Restart Rehash, Elliott Woes, Housing Looms”

  1. Dear Mr. Ure,

    One of the interesting repeating beacons of NYC Icahn School of Medicine is that it has kept up a steady Twitter tweet advice saying most of the NY coronoavirus cases trace to European or US origins.

  2. Cool dude. I look forward to hearing about your woo adventure. Great article.

    Ok, per my video yesterday, I figured it out when some one around me use the word dame. Which I used yesterday. Then I remember a dame is used in the Chinese game of “go”. All these things I found, in a parking lot as I stopped out of my car, just laying there on the ground next to my door. The 4 thimgs I mentioned in my video that I didnt know what I ment came to me when someone said dame. Then in meditating i heard one word, “played”.

    Backgammon is a “man vs. fate”

    Chess: “man vs man.”

    The chinese game of Go can be seen as embodying the quest for self-improvement, “man vs. self”

    A dame is points that lie in between the boundary walls of black and white. I said Dame the same day I found all those pieces. The marble was only a half a marble. A half a marble is a called stone in the game of Go. Also a game of capturing “liberties” and “races.”

    What I dont know is, this is a game being played on me, the world stage or inbetween. And I dont know where the lego fits in. More will be revealed.. This is my on going dialog with God. Lol

    Have a good day

    • The first financial domino has begun to fall. The corner stone. (Lego) as we see liberties (human Rights) in this game of man vs man and man vs self.

      Dominoes and Go originate in china. Domino’s are first spoken about in the Song Dynasty the 12th century (chinese calander)

      We see a pawn crushed and on its side in the arena of Man vs Man (game). This could be a refrence to a person, country or liberty. that is yet to be determined.

      That is what I have so far. See God, and agent the Universe (if you prefer) is a constant, it is also constantly communicating a the micro level what is to come at the Macro level. As above so below. We need only look and we will see the dialog present. At first it’s really really hard to understand. this is where Meditation,listening, memory and piece things together through multiple sources, multiple angles and dimensions gives us our answer. I submit it to the great men on the Council and it was actually Tesla who point the one commonality is they are all games the Jesus says, that not just aLego, it’s a corner stone.

      ******So now I translate it all to mean, just around the corner the first domino (country most likely Asian because there is 2 asian type games being shown) is about to fall, a pawn (mid level elite) will be visibly crush and defeated, maybe killed, (chess is man vs man) there is a little more and I have some numbers. The unicode for the Domino with the number 4, is 5. So we look to the may 4th. Since we are already passed april 5th. We know it is may 4th.

      That is one way I see the future. I have many other Venues. Some is blatantly obvious and some is like the above example. An ongoing dialog with God in a language I can Barely comprehend.

      ,Domino’s are also referred to as “bones” and have relative qualities to frequency, vibrations and resonances in communicative sound. And there is alot of talk about that presently on this site. So another vector frame of reference

      AnywaY, I dont know if any of that makes sense. I can barely wrap my mind around it at times. Most people dont notice that stuff. I mean it’s just crap left on the ground next my car in a parking spot I had never been too. Either everthing has meaning or it’s all meaningless. Lol. I’m a full cup kind of guy.

      • Actually I have another clue. Because domino’s is based off Dice, the numbers are the same as dice!!

        George said something to the effect “this could get dicey”. Since george is on the councel in pea brain, that is a juxtaposition. As defined To seemingly unrelated things that align in an abstract meaning.


        Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Hahaha

      • Sorry about the language I’m a former truck driver and said

        Lots of refrences to giant octopus and squid as well.

        At the link. My data sets and the council confirms George’s theory.

        Also, I’m not a cow. Hahahha!

        Thanks to MARK for doing my resume for me. Dont tell anyone else I sound like the Rain man, a trucker and a sailor. Hahha

        Watch “April 27, 2020” on YouTube

      • YOU TUBE: Andy, you have a great radio voice. Ever think of becoming a voice actor for TV, movies, commercials, etc.. You can make a ton of money. John B. Wells as a Voice Actor was in the top 1% in Hollywood earnings. Love the videos, keep it up.

      • P.S. my words are about me and your words are about you. Dont ever forget that. I am more intersted in How people think than what they say and how I can incorporate that template into my own life strategy.

        Ya see Dave, I dont have to be the smartest guy on the planet. Every situation, circumstances and event that comes my way requires a Unique approach. so I incorporate into my mind how people like Hodini thought, how Jesus Thought, how Tesla Thinks, how Mr McKinney my old Division officer thought and ran things.

        Once I can create a template in my mind on how a much smarter person moves through situations, circumstances and events, personality and principles? I can act accordingly in similar circumstances and events, situations and principles.

        I can also incorporate multiple templates or patterns of thought in action. That was my whole point. It helps me get into a closer relationship with my God.

        Just one of many tools. Intuition is another, meditation is another, prayer is another, physical fitness is another.

        Good luck to you, as you find meaningful things within your own words. I review my many many times to see the textures of Socrates, Houdini, Tesla and Buda in them. Like knots on a Persian rug, eventually the creat the tapestry that is my life.


      • HOW PEOPLE THINK: The 3 parts of the mind described: SNAKE, MONKEY, GENIUS… from Davide Alfonsi’s book, “STESS FREE IN 7 SIMPLE STEPS” includes You Tube Videos. 7 steps are each a week long so whole book takes 7 weeks.

        Yesterday I stocked up on Original, with Frank’s, & with Meatballs Spaghetti O’s for the food shortage.

        Hasn’t Italy been on the verge of financial collapse for years.

  3. George

    “Time we’re using to resupply and add to preps.”

    If some money comes to me as I hope then I will buy spare electronics for the solar power system and supplies to build a hydroponic system.

    I have been seeing this economic earthquake coming since the early 1990’s but immediate family needs always came first. Now the family is suddenly with crazy old dad.

    Back in 1971 when I was a young man in the Air Force President Nixon closed the gold window. I thought this was very odd because wasn’t the USA the strongest economic power in the world? I worried over how this would play out in the future. Now we know! Not good!!

    Over the years I have managed to acquire some rural property and bare minimums to make it a livable place. I just hope I have time to make my life boat more sea worthy.

    I hope other people take notice and prepare what life boats they can.

  4. Well Trump has shown a few moments in the last three years of some common sense and reality,but he screwed up big time with his bail out of wall street to protect the wealth of the 1% ,while he let main street rot,wall street is only a part of the economy and society yet they act is if was the whole economy.

    Come the next three to four weeks you will see a flood of bankruptcies of small business’s,home owners as they have to continue to pay not only their currant payments but make up the past due payments
    Hudson is correct when he states that the only way that they can grow (and that will be very slow) the economy is with a debt jubilee,yes I’m well aware that many will faint howling it socialism,but yet they have had state socialism ever since 1980 and in the process killed the golden goose, which is small business and the American consumer.!!

  5. Interesting to see your paragraph on the CDC’s ‘new and expanded’ symptoms for so called ‘Covid 19’. So, for those. of you not around in the 80’s or maybe missed the entire ‘Aides’ fiasco, let me give an interesting, and quite often unknown, history of Aides. First, early on in the crisis, the CDC came up with the idea that the HIV (originally the HTLV-3 virus) was the precursor to ‘Aides.’ So, in short, no HIV means no Aides. This was just a theory that was rejected by many researchers (highly recommend you read the book by Peter Duesburg – ‘Inventing the Aides Virus’)

    Next, CDC then decides that to be diagnosed with so called Aides, in addition to having a positive test for ‘HIV’, one had to have one of the ‘signature diseases’. For example, one of the primary signature diseases was Kaposi’s Sarcoma. Now, the list of signature diseases was in fact changed every year. Some diseases added, some subtracted. I am sure you can go on the CDC site now and find out the current so called signature diseases of so called Aides.

    So, why is this important? Well, two basic reasons. First, if you can add or subtract ‘signature diseases’ from a list, you can in theory change the rate of Aides cases. Also, since like Covid 19, hospitals were often compensated based on Aides cases, it gave clinics and hospitals a powerful incentive to make sure you died of Aides. It was well know that in Africa in the mid 80’s that anyone who died was pretty much given the cause ‘Aides’ because the WHO (we know WHO they are) gave money to parts of Africa hardest hit by the ‘virus’. More cases = More funding. Hmmm…..does this ring bells.

    Folks, I can only say that you are being played like people were played during entire ‘Aides’ epidemic. Go back and read Peter Duesburg’s book and do some research. No doubt that one name that will show up? Our friend Dr. Fauci!!

    • There are a number of data points that show Covid is not some made up fake killer by some grand cabal. The most useful is the normalized death rates, so deaths from 2015 – 2019 per entity compared to the same period in 2020. In New York City for example the number of deaths per week increased by around 8000, compare to previous years. This is deaths for all causes. So every country where I have seen data has this same result, many more deaths from all causes during this outbreak. Also keep in mind during the quarantines “normal” deaths from auto accidents and such should be way down, indicating even more how much of an impact on deaths Covid has had. Now we can certainly argue that because it majority cause more elderly people to die, that we just have to accept that and move on, but don’t try to confuse the facts. This site should be based on facts and data, not on how you feel about the policies.

      • There are a number of data points that show Covid is not some made up fake killer by some grand cabal. – NOT MY POINT. Reread the post.

    • Back in the late 70’s in medical school, I first heard of a strange disease perplexing the NY medical establishment. It was informally named SQUID(Sarcomatous QUeer Immuno-Deficiency). It was formally renamed at a later date to the more politically correct AIDS. The HIV virus was associated with it but causality was controversial for a very long time. Like the current virus, there were rumors of it being laboratory made or modified.

      The fog of war can be very dense indeed. We learned that it was not just a gay disease, but could be acquired by all kinds of people, though sharing bodily fluids, immuno-compromise, and promiscuity were significant risk factors. As with most pathogens, it became less aggressive over time and society learned to live with it. New drugs were developed that took credit for the lower lethality. It’s rarely in the news these days.

      Regarding Dr. Fauchi, I have deep suspicion of any bureaucrat that remains head of an agency(NIAID) for 36 years. Memories of J. Edgar Hoover come to mind.

  6. So, If hydroclorowhatever, is the stuff line doctors are using to fix COVID 19, consider Quinine
    being the same stuff. Quinine is not hardly consumable because it’s so bitter…Answer…add a little Gin to soften it up. Tonic water contains Quinine. Glass, ice and your personal cure is at hand. No veggies , please…This cure a great solution to being 78 and still doing a days work.
    We are like being in a heard of cattle. You have the freedom to move within the heard, front, back either side, no problem. Just don’t try to move out of the heard. Wake up folks

    • Sadly, the amount of quinine in tonic water was down-regulated by the FDA in 2008 to a miniscule level. It’s better than nothing and can soothe a sore throat, but it would take two liters of tonic water per day to begin to approach a therapeutic dose of chloroquine or its relatives. I still keep some in the house though – vodka or gin optional.

    • The only problem is there’s no tonic water with quinine in any store available anywhere around where I live as people have figured that one out too just like there’s no zinc in the stores to buy or vitamin C and D3 either. When it comes down to it , the above mentioned is slowing this baby down.

  7. Well, I got asked by several folks about “wither oil prices”, and while there is a lot of data out there, making sense of it is ‘hell-a-hard’.

    First, people need to accept that this is Great Depression 2.0 – and readers here already get that. Second, people need to understand that a new normal is coming, but it ain’t here yet.

    This link will take you to a slide presentation delivered at an SPE meeting (Society of Petroleum Engineers) for their Gulf Coast membership – in other words, to many people I know. There is no accompanying transcript, but you can read the bullet points and follow along if you take the time.

    Art DOES NOT run with the speculating herd – he uses common sense and data, with helps from both Occam and Hanlon razors. He has said all along that shale drilling is a funeral march, not a party….

    The longer this BS lockdown continues, the longer things will get weird. My industry is in the pooper to a new historical level. We were already in a downturn when this crazy hit us.

    (1) – 1/17/1986 (1773 Rigs) to 2/14/1986 (1376 Rigs) — -397 Rigs (-22.4%) in 4 weeks

    (2) – 4/30/1982 (3312 Rigs) to 5/28/1982 (2931 Rigs) — -381 Rigs (-11.5%) in 4 week

    (3) – 1/23/2015 (1633 Rigs) to 2/20/2015 (1310 Rigs) — -323 Rigs (-19.8%) in 4 weeks

    (4) – 3/27/2020 ( 728 Rigs) to 4/24/2020 (465 Rigs) — -263 Rigs (-36.1%) in 4 weeks

    Largest and most rapid percentage decline in history right there…

    Of note here is the number of rigs in previous declines compared to this one – which means recovery is going to be long and likely to spike price before money gets reallocated to industry sometime in the next few years. Our rig fleet numbers are way below historical norms when one looks back at the data. Diamond Offshore declaring Ch. 11 is a VERY big deal if one looks at their numbers – which media will not other than a brief blip article or 2.

    So if you want truth – here it is….

    • I may not want the truth, but I certainly need it! The pdf is an excellent synopsis and clarifies some things. Art’s website is interesting too!

      Locally, the price for scrap steel is 3 cents a pound. That’s barely worth the effort to transport, and I’m trying to clean up my place. It was four times that back in 2011 – so much that new laws were passed to mitigate scrapping of stolen goods. These are definitely signs of a depression. The real question is whether or not we will print through and go Zimbabwe or have real deflation. To date, I’ve seen no indications of lower prices at the retail level other than hydrocarbon fuels. I suspect that hysteresis in the real estate markets is postponing the inevitable.

  8. I have a tinge of lazy today.

    We know how to plant outside gardens. And to take it up a notch we use hydro indoor.

    Do any of you know how to grow cultured meat and can that be done in a basement lab?

  9. Your waking experience of yesterday, George, sounds like the typical dreams I have but, in general, never really remember. Everything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong and, in particular, the dreams will often feature me in the one car we ever bought brand new back in the 80s losing any braking ability or just generally going off wherever it danged well pleases. It’s “So like life” as the French satirists say.

    As far as the U.S. is concerned there seems to be two camps attempting to either save what’s left of the economy or outright doing their best to kill off as many of us “Deplorables” as possible without cutting too far into their voting base. I’ll let you decided who’s who on that count but the dismissal of Hydroxychloroquine as an effective help in getting out from under a CV-19 infection (if given early enough) after India shut off all exporting of it for a while so they could have it for their people last month and several other countries using it as well shows all the fingerprints of the latter group that are fully embracing TDS. Chris Martinson tore the VA “study” all to pieces on Hydroxy and I honestly think he’s as close to a non-partisan person with the ability to know medical BS when he sees it out there. He and you, George, are just two examples of giving considerably more credence to the “Alternative Media” vs. the MSM.

    • Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin C never get a fair trial while Remdesivir gets one after after being declared useless by China. China would know after pumping all the Remdesivir that could be produced into as many patients as possible. Rebound germ infections after a virus have been known about for years but is still denied and left untreated by a lot of doctors.

      N-95 masks should only be worn by pros? Now the stupid sheep are being told to use their underwear as a face mask to stop virus spread and donate n-95s to a hospital because the hospitals were too cheap to inventory small, low cost items. It’s ok, they can fire nurses for complaining to make up for it.

      The pictures shown with the ventilator shortage stories are of a warehouse full of unused ventilators. Nobody mentioned 10% ventilator survival rate with covid19. Dyson is dropping out of ventilator mfg. because of no demand. Tesla and Ford next?

      DNA and RNA vaccines are developed within hours of cv19 genes mapped. RNA goes to human trials weeks before DNA. DNA vaccines have been tested in humans before, RNA has never had any testing. RNA’s stock moves skyward several days before $484mil grant. Musta been another of Geo’s lucid dreams foretelling stock buys.

      One company has been working on inhaled powder virus therapy for at least a month. Another has been working on vaporized medicines for covid. Trump puts the idea of viruses easily destroyed invitro together with the idea of going internal and is instantly attacked by an army of quacks that don’t know what research is going on.

  10. Noble Comrade Ure –

    It is with great anticipation that ‘we” await the directorate 153 campus report.

    Will the “report” include any “lay of the land”/geographic/hydrographic intel/details?

    “We” R most curious regards camouflaged tunnel entrance (s), and rumored “giant” humans” (10-12ft tall) in the area of the directorate campus..

    Also wondering whats with rumored 1 Oz Platinum Blanks “floating” around area dealers and coin shops, connected ? Who controls Platinum ?hmmm

    Strange indeed – dam good thing its only fiction..what did the fish say when he bumped into the cement wall? Dam!

    “..we have constructed pyramids in honor of our escaping.
    this is the land where the pharaoh died. with us in forests of azure
    out here on the perimeter there are no stars.
    out here we is Stoned -Immaculate. -the Doors/texas radio&big beat/Wasp

  11. George;
    Same list that was tentative 4 weeks ago… Add in some folks having color changes in fingers/toes from blood clots. Higher incidence of blood clots in COVID-19,Pulmonary embolus,.blood clot forming in arms or legs and traveling to lungs or heart,causing death.
    In 43 years as a primary care Physician Assistant,covering Family Practice,ER’s,Walk In /Urgent care clinics I have never seen a Virus like this.. Some reports in medical literature of manipulation of this virus at 4 sites of its genome,incorporating strands from other viruses.
    If that is true then this is a major Bio Warfare test on the population of the world..By accident or Design??? Same story resurfaced of 2 chinese researchers in Canada,sent back to china,when it was found they had been sending documents and Bio samples out of lab in Canada to China.. This confirms or retells story. Also 3 separate viruses now?? Wuhan, Europe, and 3rd site??? Based on Lab analysis and comparing virus from different people. Most disturbing. I have never seen a virus that caused so many complications,blood clots, GI disease,Liver damage,Heart and Lung damage. Kidney damage.. scary stuff.

    • You ask many interesting questions, but as a non-medical type, I want to know about the healthy. So, I think it would be productive to ask questions like, why are MOST people not getting Covid 19? Why are people (like myself and all my extended contacts here in FL) doing so well – no colds, no Flu, not even minor colds? What are the characteristics of people who seemed to be generally impervious to diseases – strong microbiome? Lean and Fit? Non-diabetic? Non-Obese? Lots to be learned here.

      Should we be locking down the ‘healthy’ or just sheltering the ‘high risk’ people? It seems to me that looking at the other side of the boat (the healthy) will give us another important perspective.

    • Terror Attack…

      Now where were all the Fatalities from last years seasonal flu – CDC claims 50-60k died last year from Flu – did U see of – hear of any/many fatalities from Seasonal Flu last year???

  12. What if your credit card company told you: “You will charge a million dollars on your credit card during your life; please enclose the million dollars in your next bill payment. It’s the responsible thing to do.” Well, that’s what the U.S. Postal Service’s requirement to prefund its long-term pension and healthcare liabilities is like.
    The Postal Service’s $15 billion debt is a direct result of the mandate that it must pay about $5.6 billion a year for 10 years to prefund the retiree healthcare plan. This requirement has deprived the Postal Service of the opportunity to invest in capital projects and research and development to remain competitive let alone lead.
    This was the result of congresspersons who represented the interests of UPS and FedEx and a direct and forceful attempt to do what’s been done, bankrupt the Postal Service so that discussions of breaking it up can be had. Not unlike the tax giveaway of last year and the pending discussions of the need to reduce or eliminate Social Security and Medicare as a result of the mounting National Debt.
    Different play, same playbook.

  13. George, you are probably one of three or four sites acknowledging that COVID-19 is a biological weapon and not a bad case of the flu. That means war has started, whether we acknowledge it or not.

    Five-million people left Wuhan for all parts of the globe. Purpose, intentions, incompetence open to speculation.

    The United States is now the epicenter of the disease.

    Kim Jung-Un, his death/vegetative state comes out of nowhere.

    B52s probably left Guam after intelligence picked up on the Kim Jung-Un power vacuum.

    North Korean and Chinese subs may be something to watch.

    I have some big concerns around May 10th out California way… Buy the Nostradamus stuff or not…

    BTW, ZFG to some of the critics and doubters that leave comments here. It’s sort of getting unpleasant, that’s why I leave my commentary section off.

    I don’t know how you manage it, George. It’s sort of like self-flagellation.

    Personally, I’m not good with anyone calling me or other people on this forum clowns. It is easy enough to see from these comments who the Real Clowns are.

    This is supposed to be a forum of constructive ideas, not a High School hallway. I am one of the world’s worst snobs, I can judge too… Some of the commentary bounces between Red Neck stupid or Left Wing, New Age psychobabble.

    I shed my tolerance and neutrality when the name calling starts.

    None of us are as smart as we think we are, that’s why I’m happy to share ideas without fear of judgment or ridicule.

  14. 10 hour overhead work at 71 and you hurt? Ahahahahahahahaha.
    Just so you know, that would hurt at any age.
    At 71 its a miracle you can hold 10 hours.

  15. Quote from Lionel @Lionel Media about CoronaVirus

    “Get ready to be absolutely inundated and bowled over with more coronavirus information and data than you could ever imagine. By the end of this week your head will explode. And that’s the plan. To overwhelm and inundate. They want you helpless and confused. Why? Let me explain.They recognize that the facts as presented do not prove true. They fear that you’re getting restless and that you will demand your liberty. That can only take place if you ever lose the grip of fear and uncertainty. So what will they do? Double down on the infoterror. Resist now.”

  16. Dear Mr. Ure,, thanks for all the great work, sifting the world, and pounding the keys,, phenomenal. Peeking into the future, with respect to the past. That’s this site..

    I’ve been an enthralled spectator of energy from the void,, since I first read about Tesla 45+ years ago.. and then there were glimmers of research from whacky inventors in their garage.. And the Pons & Fleischmann cold fusion experiment in Utah in 1989. (I could go 5000 words on this, but I won’t bore us)

    Last week I ran on to this video of Zach Vorhies,, He was the “Google Whistleblower” from fall last year.. (which is a great story of censureship and totalitarianism ,, I’ll link at the bottom, if you’re interested in his story).. But wait, wait,, this is really a story about Googles secret (one of many I’m sure) lab,, devoted to… the Zero Point.. and what Zach found when he was questioning why most zero point websites were being ranked on page 15????!!! “Don’t be evil”,, how’s that holding up for a motto??
    FF to 1 minute to miss commercial… about 2/3 way thru,, he starts referring to a website for a system that is up and running.. and about the Free Energy revolution,, that is finally going to be viable?/?/? (if the link doesn’t work,, it’s the X22 Report Spotlight from April 18)

    If Zach really has his nose under the tent.. This is truly an outlier story to the virus and financial collapse, and mad max.. Everybody gets a perpetual motion machine that fits on your kitchen table.. The end of oil (except for plastics and lubrication,, some propane, some polyethelene for bags).. no pollution,, shuts the greenies and the warmers up.. limitless fresh water from the ocean.. no windmills, no solar farms, no hydro (salmon return), no powerlines (or linemen)… add to the list…

    Next up, is the real reason I wanted to post this on US. This is a link to the website for the guy who has these devices in limited production and is shipping.. This is the real revolution,, and this group of people (US) have the inclination and the expertise to give this a granular look,,, IS it BS?,, or real???,, I looked at his ‘machine’ and understand the principle,, he makes hydrogen electrons orbit closer to the center (hydrinos),, and power jumps out of the dark matter… recycles silver for power,, truly amazing,, or is it??.. There are really wonky documents and his patent jargon if you poke around his website.

    May God protect this guy, lest he gets disappeared or ‘bought out’.. I wonder?? is this part of the reason for the oil collapse?? do the biggest boys know this is on the horizon, and they want to pull every last drop, now?? My own take is Tesla dreamed up (or channeled) and got close to the process.. Then the tech was recovered from crashed UFO’s back in the ’40s, handed over to paperclip guys, and kept secret (tactical advantage), for weaponization.. All hell would (IS) breakout if the plebes got hold of this…

    Hopes this got some minds out of the virus blues………

    Zach Vorhies web site.. he’s a crusader,, busted the big G putting (anybody but libs) to the back of the bus… good story from a brave guy.

  17. I have 200 watts of solar PV that runs my solar hot water pump & controller… with over 100 watts of excess capacity after the battery is charged. So my cool weather project a few weeks back was to crawl the attic trusses and install a 12v car radiator fan and thermostat in the attic at the peak vent, with #10 stranded wire brought outside to the shed where the solar stuff is. It will be wired direct to the PV panels (not battery) so it will only run when there is hot sunshine AND the attic temp. is above thermostat threshold. It will move a lot of hot air out of the attic.

    Not a job I would attempt in the summer. Even in cool weather its a sweaty, achey job, crawling on ‘belly boards’ between the trusses. Yeah, it does a job on the arthritic neck joints.

  18. Total cases: 607 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 70
    Honolulu County: 396
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 113
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 7
    Required Hospitalization: 68
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 493
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 27, 2020

    One new case on Maui, one new death. More than a hundred tourists a week continue to come to Hawaii and many try to bust the quarantine rules. One local epidemiologist says it is like “a designated pee-ing area in the pool”. Now the Hawaii Visitors Bureau has funded a program to buy visitors a one-way return ticket back to wherever they came from if they cannot or do not follow quarantine orders..
    Tourists Go Home!

    • “The game is over for oil. We should place all of our attention on saving the economy.”

      That’s going to be a tough one. Everyone THINKS the United States runs on its economy. It does not. It runs on energy. There’s not enough land mass on the planet for windmills and solar panels to supply it. Coal and oil are our ONLY options that’re both viable and inexpensive.

      BTW, I was walking through the local Menards the other day to pick up some EMT (that’s electrical metallic {electro-metallic} tubing, or “conduit” for you youngsters), stopped to look at the newest crop of light bulbs (‘cuz one of my “24-year” outdoor LEDs went tango uniform at 7-months) and noticed the latest, greatest generation of “100w equivalent” LEDs were drawing 94 watts… So, tell me what the advantage [is] to LEDs, again?

  19. “I suffered my first “loss of taste” when I was in my teenage years and didn’t understand my audience when making wise-cracks….”

    Dam George I know how you feel…. My wife and everyone I know says I don’t have any taste either.. LOL LOL LOL they also say that I lack fashionable style to..

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