Been a while since really useful woo-woo has shown up in my dreams.  (Remember my book  Psychocartography – Mapping the Human Dream is available on Kindle.)  But last night’s adventures – which will be recounted in detail on the  Peoplenomics site Wednesday – really cleared up a  lot about where America is right now.

But, if there’s one thing to begin to ponder the “message” came down to this:  “Our Past determines our Future.  And so, what is the Future we’re avoiding?”  A visit to the campus of  Directorate 153 is in order.

Meantime, however..

Restart Rehash Redux

At the end of last week’s fun-house tour, 16-states had announced plans to reopen.  While we eye the goings on here, across the pond “Coronavirus live updates: Spain’s daily death toll rises slightly; UK’s Boris Johnson says too risky to lift lockdown yet” reported CNBC.

We continue to remain stuck in a kind of “caustic neutral.”  Sure, there is evidence that there really  is a virus, but where again, is the authority under the Constitution to suspend any of our rights?

As part of being caustic, we are bounded by medicine’s “first do no harm” but, at the same time, we wonder why all those tin-cans of Russian 7.62 X 39 rounds  in our armory were packed with 640-rounds?  (It’s this kind of central control that boggles me:  Obviously, to a base-10 thinker,+ 500 or 1,000 rounds would have made sense?  Except, perhaps, inventory control in the Soviet Union was all done binary, in which case the BIN of 640 is ?001010000000.  The octet – 1200 – was only marginally useful.  But, I digress…

While we’re not opening ammo cans – yet – we couldn’t help but notice “Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces team to restart the economy, loosens some restrictions…”  And yes, whatever “partial baseball is” that may be coming here, too.

Symptom List (Mission Creep)

The last time we were in New York (maybe 5-years back). I was struck by the number of old people there.  (Besides us, wise-ass!)

Let’s face it, while there are  some children in Midtown (maybe) we didn’t see any.  So as we pondered the New York Death Toll (17,280 today which is more than Belgium’s, for example, with 7,207) we returned again to the “co-morbidity question.”

We haven’t seen really  useful analytics yet.  Which is to say sure, we’ve gone over 50,000 deaths in the U.S….got it...but of  those how many involved a “co-morbidity?”  Someone on oxygen fighting COPD (a huge morbidity risk) and  then being pushed on to the Pearly Gates by CV-19?  Well, that’s a little different than healthy athletes being struck-down dead on the street, right?

What’s going on is a medical scorekeeping exercise:  Did this (hypothetical COPD) victim go [primarily] from COPD or CV-19?  I guess that depends on who’s handing out the money for reporting criteria, doesn’t it?

It’s all a little  too convenient.  Getting too wide.

  • The US economy has been smashed.
  • Big companies are scamming the small business bailouts, screwing the small ethical people.
  • The US supply chain issue will take years to resolve.
  • China has us by the manufacturing gonads.
  • And the US is swimming in energy…
  • …While the “oil patch” has never – ever – seen it so bad.
  • And  OM2 reports that even foreign oil gigs in places like Azerbaijan are also shutting down and drying up over closed borders and grounded jet travel…

Maybe that’s why the woo-woo dream last night…I can’t say.  But…

CDC Symptoms Expand – Again

Walking down the street and falling down dead for no apparent reason would be a clue, right?  But now, CDC has continued to add to their symptom listCheck these newbies out:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Chills
  • Repeated shaking with chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell

I suffered my first “loss of taste” when I was in my teenage years and didn’t understand my audience when making wise-cracks….

But, cereally?(breakfast humor…) I have (as a one-time wildman) suffered ALL of these symptoms as a result of too much hooch.  The sore throat was likely from snoring a lot while sleeping it off…

Word on the street is that WHO is largely responsible in a bad way for the utter mismanagement of the outbreak.  First responders and healthcare workers are pissed. Son G2 (firefighter/EMT) says it was stupid (criminal?) for CDC not to have sounded the alarm much, much earlier.  But that brings us back to motive and how the China-sponsored head of WHO may not be a “disinterested” party.

On the other hand, the case for this being a bioweapon has continued to “get legs” as the controlled media and social are removing posts questioning the “officious” story line.  While we see evidence in “No evidence antibodies protect people from second COVID-19 infection, WHO says” that this is manufactured.  Natural viruses tend to have natural countermeasures – like antibodies.

No antibodies leads to a perp, near as we can figure.  WHO…or who?

Of course no one can afford to admit this is a biowar because that would let the mushrooms out…so sheltering in place is…what?  A dry run???

The Kiss of ’29

As the Sovietization of America continues, we are intrigued by the morning’s “Buy the rumor, sell the news” situation looming this week.

Because tomorrow we get the Case Shiller Housing report, and while the data is stale since this isn’t real-time stuff, it will be an early indicator of what’s going on in people’s mind-wallet connections.  (Preview perhaps in House Price Appreciation May Have Reached Tipping Point, According to First American Real House Price Index…)

The technical problem for the market is?  Well, we’re 15% down from the all-time highs and in what looks like an Elliott Wave II bounce.  Problem is, where does the “bough break, and down will come cradle, pensions and all?

As we suggested a while back, you may not be able to buy new, all-time highs, with $4 to $6-trillion worth of gimme’s, but maybe they can buy some time.  Time we’re using to resupply and add to preps.

FOMC – meets starting tomorrow with a Free Money Festival Announcement Wednesday from J. Powell and the Money Printer’s Guild.  FOMC really means “Free ONLY for Major Corporations…”

Earnings week and hype abounds, too.

How’s Your Meat?

(No, this is not, lol.)  I mean  literally because “U.S. Could Be Weeks From Meat Shortages With Shutdowns Spreading.”

We will continue our “meat watching” and “check Ure chicken” research because America may be done “pigging out” for a while.  Up in Iowa, nothing is scarier than headlines mentioning “depopulating herds” while there’s still a famine lurking around the edges…

And  not far from the edges at that as “World Food Program director David Beasley on coronavirus: “The worst is yet to come.”

Insanity In Motion

War is coming back into style, seems::  “Russia Returns to Top 5 Defense Spending Countries Worldwide – Think Tank.”  Oh, dandy!

Insufficiently stupid?  Low on the idiot load, are we?

It’s Time To Convert Cruise Ships Into Oil Tankers.   Commodity Cruise Lines?  Do people even bother to ask the simple marketing acid-test questions?  Where are the customers for this dumb idea?  And do they have MONEY?  God, it’s astounding, isn’t it?

And with all the packages rolling – busier than most Christmas’s, how can the Post Office be in trouble except too much administrative overhead? “Joe Biden is the USPS’s only hope—but it has to hang on until November”  claims a  Fortune headline.  You know, if slow Joe is your only hope, you’re done.

Add this hype to Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Biden, and we see the same hand of old-time machine politics in play…a play we’d like to get over.

It Pelosi likes it, it’s probably bad for us.

Around the Ranch

Spent all day Sunday putting in that attic fan (see Sunday’s column).

It was one of those projects from hell.

Started with the wiring:  Couldn’t find one of those metal wire retainers to save my soul.  Must have spent 45-minutes in the electrical stores…

The sheet metal on the fan was sharp, so had to wear gloves.  Which then got gnawed off the hand trying to get a wood screw out of a shirt pocket.

And while doing that, dropped the drill 12 feet onto the paving on  the north side of the shop.  It survived and so Hitachi tools (or I guess they are Metabo now) are really good.  Only thing was the battery popped out, but went right back to work.

So then had to dredge up a belt hook so as not to repeat the drill falling…and then my zero-clearance plastic table saw insert cracked.

By the end of the day – I try not to work more than 10-hours Sunday – I was sore as hell from all the overhead work.  Thankfully, a long shot of tequilla and a fresh hot corned beef sandwich put me out of my misery until this morning.  71’s a bitch.

I am tempted to just keep writing the column all day…but that wouldn’t get the job done.

The good news is that the attic fan made  one hell of a difference in the shop temp evern though it was only 82-Sunday.  And that was the point:  Low energy consumption and a great use of resource.  I’m now a “fan of fans” – which is odd with no pro sports left…

Write when you limber-up,