We’ve probably all heard the old saying “When Fortune hands you Lemons, make Lemonade.”

Old sayings like that become old sayings because there’s an element of Truth to them.  And so, I got to thinking about how Elaine and I could turn Covid-19 into a positive thing in our lives.

Surprisingly, the answer was simple:  We’ll just put a new roof on our house.

Not that the house really needs it, yet, but the roof on now has been there for more than 10…in fact likely 15-years.

Now just  seems like the “right time” to do it – and my Inner Voice has never led me astray.  When things “go wrong” it’s almost always because I didn’t listen to it.

There’s logic in play: I figure people in the home improvement and home repair and roofing business are probably in a hard way right now.  That means bidding for potential jobs will be keen.  Good value may be found.

And than means a lower price.  In fact, preliminarily, a new roof today with 30-year product will likely cost no more (and perhaps less) and 20-year product of 15-years ago.  People want to work.  They NEED to work.

Working Around COVID

The problem when there’s a pandemic  around, is interaction with other humans.  And yet, there really is no need for workers to come into our home – which we call “the Green Zone.”  Except, of course,  to use the bathroom.

Objection!  That flicked on the light  bulbs in that “vast emptiness between Ure ears.”  I’ll just get the bid and then have them  add $300-bucks for a couple of days of portable toilet rental.  Solved. Now, how hard is that to figure out, really?

We get the work done, people who need money get a job, we don’t violate our own green zones (no one comes into our home or the office/shop/guest room).  Meanwhile, we continue to “bulk-up” our long-term forward living conditions.  Why, you can’t beat that with a stick.  Good times, or bad.

America’s New Wealth

Eventually, we get to the point of this morning’s epistle:  Despite all the bodies that have stacked up from CV19, there has been an upside, of sorts.  One that involves Americsa “re-learning” the lessons of believing in ourselves, of becoming self-reliant, and maybe, most important of all, people have begun to shift from data dependencies to self-actualizing again.

As I pointed out in response to one of the comments this morning, those people who haven’t  actually enjoyed this time of semi self-isolation, may have some  real work to do.

After all, if what’s between your ears isn’t enjoyable, how do you fix that?  If the “little voice in  your head” isn’t totally sane – and God-like in its advice, why are you not demanding more from it?  That voice can – and should – be your closest friend and confidant.  It’s a negotiation each of us can have…with ourselves.

Now We’re Into the Realm of Magic

The bridge into the world of “magical thinking” is there in most religions.  For Christians, the little $2-buck Amazon book “Calling Things That Are Not” by Charles Capps is the finest (and shortest) non-preachy collection of useful wisdom on point you may find.

Essentially – and this is Capp’s genius here, not mine – People don’t get their prayers answered because too much time is spent “praying the problem.”  When, in fact, the power is in “Praying the Solution.”

There are similar teachings in other religions and even in non-denominational self-improvement.  One example is our staff astrologer’s magnificent website “The Miracle Money Technique.” http://www.miraclemoneytechnique.org/

The simplicity of her teaching is, again, amazingly simple:

“This Week I WILL Experience a Miracle Having to do With Money.”

There are caveats – and you can’t use this kind of  relationship-building with the Universe in a desperate way or in what can be envisioned as “the immediate mode.”  Yet, from all of the Positive Mental Attitude (PMI) authors, there is a genuine sense of how we each “Call” our lives into being.

If you constantly “call your problems” your life will be  filled with problems.  On the other hand, if you “call your health, your wealth, your success, and Love…” 

(I trust you can figure what follows this more positive course?)

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer -author a dozens of books, videos, and motivational masterpieces, offered a key lesson for people who can’t get past the almost “magical aspects” of this kind of thinking.  Because there’s a “lock on that door.”  The “lock” prevents the entire world from being a much happier place.  Dyer summed up the workings of that “lock” this way:

You’ll see it, when you believe it.”

That humans become magical – almost God-like – when they have faith (in their immortality and future) is nothing new.  But by going to our homes – almost like getting a parental “time-out” – there was, and remains  – an opportunity to reach a new level of “personal and national spiritual maturity.” That’s a place we’ve haven’t visited for decades.

It’s also why political parties that stress  victimhood  above  solutions are such a terrible blight on America.   It’s why the only presidential candidate who I got genuinely excited about was Marianne Williamson.  How soon we forget!

Because while she failed at most of the “usual (suspect) checkboxes” – being neither a  political animal nor a  lawyer, nor running a suspect  foundation, or shielding tax returns, she had the ONE THING that in my judgment we could all do more work on:  Self Improvement and a successful Life orientation.

I would challenge any reader to compare “The Art of the Deal” – Trump’s book, or “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance ” – Obama’s book, to the breadth of “heart issues” covered in  this small sampling of Williamson’s work:

  • A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution (2019)
  • Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment (2016)
  • The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles (2012)
  • A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections (2011)
  • A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever (2010)
  • The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife (2007)

And the list goes on.  No, it won’t getr you a better table, like Trump’s focus on money, or reparations after Obama.  But if you invest in your life knowing it’s a continuum, not an  end-point, then yeah…makes sense.

A question on the table this morning is this:  Given Williamson’s “range” versus the dollar-orientation of Trump or the victimhood play in Obama’s book, who of the three could you learn from most, in a deep, meaningful way lasting over many lifetimes?

Personally, I couldn’t learn much from a left-leaning “neighborhood organizer” and while I’ve seen Trump make some good moves, his elements of style need a work-over.

Williamson?  Ah…a person with heart and honesty?    Which to my way of thinking wouldn’t just “fit the Oval” but would fit the Country. Might not have hurt the World, either.

Which circles us back to the headline of this morning: Is COVID 19 a chance for America to rediscover itself and claim our Wealth as a Nation?  Recapture the “Can Do” attitude?  Might we use these troubled times to reconnect with the  real magic that slumbers within us All?

I’m Reminded of an Old Joke

A very devote Christian farmer was alone, with his family away, when a terrible Flood came.  As the waters rose, a rescue boat came along as the waters were rising toward his homestead.  “We’ll save you!” cried the would-be rescuers.  “No.  God will save me!” yelled the Devout Farmer.

Still, the floodwaters rose.  With water up to his ankles, in the doorway to his home, a second boat of rescuers came.  “We’re here to save you!”  “No. Be gone.  The Lord God will save me!” he yelled.

And the waters continued to rise. and soon the Devout Farmer was on his Roof.  A third boat came along, intent on his rescue.  “Come Farmer, or you will surely drown!”  “No, the Lord God my Savior will  rescue me – save yourselves…”  And so their boat motored off.

Half-an hour later, the Devout Farmer was swept off his home’s room and into the raging Flood.  Just as he went under for what would be the final time, he screamed at the heavens “Lord God, what hath Thou forsaken me?”

The skies parted revealing a magnificent clear blue sky and there was a Rainbow.  And a thundering voice spoke:

“FORSAKEN YOU???  Whatdayah mean?  I sent three boats.”

Sitting out here in the woods, we peacefully watch the world and count the boats going by this Once-Great Nation.

Was Williamson one of those boats?  Is Covid-19?  And will the third boat be famine or war?  Still dialing that in.

I apologize for getting a bit off our “hard economics” bent, but for those interested, we explained what would happen next in  Peoplenomics Wednesday.  And although the futures were down a scosche early-on, those floodwaters look like down a few hundred before the weekend.

Is there other news we could “headline?”

Sure.  Like:

In an infinite series of lifetimes, which matter?  All too often, in my view, we work too hard on the “outer stuff” and not enough on the “inner stuff.”

Which is why I’m off t o mow the lawn.  Let’s just call it good for the day, shall we?

Write when you get rich,