CV-19: America’s New Wealth – and Magic?

We’ve probably all heard the old saying “When Fortune hands you Lemons, make Lemonade.”

Old sayings like that become old sayings because there’s an element of Truth to them.  And so, I got to thinking about how Elaine and I could turn Covid-19 into a positive thing in our lives.

Surprisingly, the answer was simple:  We’ll just put a new roof on our house.

Not that the house really needs it, yet, but the roof on now has been there for more than 10…in fact likely 15-years.

Now just  seems like the “right time” to do it – and my Inner Voice has never led me astray.  When things “go wrong” it’s almost always because I didn’t listen to it.

There’s logic in play: I figure people in the home improvement and home repair and roofing business are probably in a hard way right now.  That means bidding for potential jobs will be keen.  Good value may be found.

And than means a lower price.  In fact, preliminarily, a new roof today with 30-year product will likely cost no more (and perhaps less) and 20-year product of 15-years ago.  People want to work.  They NEED to work.

Working Around COVID

The problem when there’s a pandemic  around, is interaction with other humans.  And yet, there really is no need for workers to come into our home – which we call “the Green Zone.”  Except, of course,  to use the bathroom.

Objection!  That flicked on the light  bulbs in that “vast emptiness between Ure ears.”  I’ll just get the bid and then have them  add $300-bucks for a couple of days of portable toilet rental.  Solved. Now, how hard is that to figure out, really?

We get the work done, people who need money get a job, we don’t violate our own green zones (no one comes into our home or the office/shop/guest room).  Meanwhile, we continue to “bulk-up” our long-term forward living conditions.  Why, you can’t beat that with a stick.  Good times, or bad.

America’s New Wealth

Eventually, we get to the point of this morning’s epistle:  Despite all the bodies that have stacked up from CV19, there has been an upside, of sorts.  One that involves Americsa “re-learning” the lessons of believing in ourselves, of becoming self-reliant, and maybe, most important of all, people have begun to shift from data dependencies to self-actualizing again.

As I pointed out in response to one of the comments this morning, those people who haven’t  actually enjoyed this time of semi self-isolation, may have some  real work to do.

After all, if what’s between your ears isn’t enjoyable, how do you fix that?  If the “little voice in  your head” isn’t totally sane – and God-like in its advice, why are you not demanding more from it?  That voice can – and should – be your closest friend and confidant.  It’s a negotiation each of us can have…with ourselves.

Now We’re Into the Realm of Magic

The bridge into the world of “magical thinking” is there in most religions.  For Christians, the little $2-buck Amazon book “Calling Things That Are Not” by Charles Capps is the finest (and shortest) non-preachy collection of useful wisdom on point you may find.

Essentially – and this is Capp’s genius here, not mine – People don’t get their prayers answered because too much time is spent “praying the problem.”  When, in fact, the power is in “Praying the Solution.”

There are similar teachings in other religions and even in non-denominational self-improvement.  One example is our staff astrologer’s magnificent website “The Miracle Money Technique.”

The simplicity of her teaching is, again, amazingly simple:

“This Week I WILL Experience a Miracle Having to do With Money.”

There are caveats – and you can’t use this kind of  relationship-building with the Universe in a desperate way or in what can be envisioned as “the immediate mode.”  Yet, from all of the Positive Mental Attitude (PMI) authors, there is a genuine sense of how we each “Call” our lives into being.

If you constantly “call your problems” your life will be  filled with problems.  On the other hand, if you “call your health, your wealth, your success, and Love…” 

(I trust you can figure what follows this more positive course?)

The late Dr. Wayne Dyer -author a dozens of books, videos, and motivational masterpieces, offered a key lesson for people who can’t get past the almost “magical aspects” of this kind of thinking.  Because there’s a “lock on that door.”  The “lock” prevents the entire world from being a much happier place.  Dyer summed up the workings of that “lock” this way:

You’ll see it, when you believe it.”

That humans become magical – almost God-like – when they have faith (in their immortality and future) is nothing new.  But by going to our homes – almost like getting a parental “time-out” – there was, and remains  – an opportunity to reach a new level of “personal and national spiritual maturity.” That’s a place we’ve haven’t visited for decades.

It’s also why political parties that stress  victimhood  above  solutions are such a terrible blight on America.   It’s why the only presidential candidate who I got genuinely excited about was Marianne Williamson.  How soon we forget!

Because while she failed at most of the “usual (suspect) checkboxes” – being neither a  political animal nor a  lawyer, nor running a suspect  foundation, or shielding tax returns, she had the ONE THING that in my judgment we could all do more work on:  Self Improvement and a successful Life orientation.

I would challenge any reader to compare “The Art of the Deal” – Trump’s book, or “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance ” – Obama’s book, to the breadth of “heart issues” covered in  this small sampling of Williamson’s work:

  • A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution (2019)
  • Tears to Triumph: The Spiritual Journey from Suffering to Enlightenment (2016)
  • The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money and Miracles (2012)
  • A Year of Miracles: Daily Devotions and Reflections (2011)
  • A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever (2010)
  • The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife (2007)

And the list goes on.  No, it won’t getr you a better table, like Trump’s focus on money, or reparations after Obama.  But if you invest in your life knowing it’s a continuum, not an  end-point, then yeah…makes sense.

A question on the table this morning is this:  Given Williamson’s “range” versus the dollar-orientation of Trump or the victimhood play in Obama’s book, who of the three could you learn from most, in a deep, meaningful way lasting over many lifetimes?

Personally, I couldn’t learn much from a left-leaning “neighborhood organizer” and while I’ve seen Trump make some good moves, his elements of style need a work-over.

Williamson?  Ah…a person with heart and honesty?    Which to my way of thinking wouldn’t just “fit the Oval” but would fit the Country. Might not have hurt the World, either.

Which circles us back to the headline of this morning: Is COVID 19 a chance for America to rediscover itself and claim our Wealth as a Nation?  Recapture the “Can Do” attitude?  Might we use these troubled times to reconnect with the  real magic that slumbers within us All?

I’m Reminded of an Old Joke

A very devote Christian farmer was alone, with his family away, when a terrible Flood came.  As the waters rose, a rescue boat came along as the waters were rising toward his homestead.  “We’ll save you!” cried the would-be rescuers.  “No.  God will save me!” yelled the Devout Farmer.

Still, the floodwaters rose.  With water up to his ankles, in the doorway to his home, a second boat of rescuers came.  “We’re here to save you!”  “No. Be gone.  The Lord God will save me!” he yelled.

And the waters continued to rise. and soon the Devout Farmer was on his Roof.  A third boat came along, intent on his rescue.  “Come Farmer, or you will surely drown!”  “No, the Lord God my Savior will  rescue me – save yourselves…”  And so their boat motored off.

Half-an hour later, the Devout Farmer was swept off his home’s room and into the raging Flood.  Just as he went under for what would be the final time, he screamed at the heavens “Lord God, what hath Thou forsaken me?”

The skies parted revealing a magnificent clear blue sky and there was a Rainbow.  And a thundering voice spoke:

“FORSAKEN YOU???  Whatdayah mean?  I sent three boats.”

Sitting out here in the woods, we peacefully watch the world and count the boats going by this Once-Great Nation.

Was Williamson one of those boats?  Is Covid-19?  And will the third boat be famine or war?  Still dialing that in.

I apologize for getting a bit off our “hard economics” bent, but for those interested, we explained what would happen next in  Peoplenomics Wednesday.  And although the futures were down a scosche early-on, those floodwaters look like down a few hundred before the weekend.

Is there other news we could “headline?”

Sure.  Like:

In an infinite series of lifetimes, which matter?  All too often, in my view, we work too hard on the “outer stuff” and not enough on the “inner stuff.”

Which is why I’m off t o mow the lawn.  Let’s just call it good for the day, shall we?

Write when you get rich,

77 thoughts on “CV-19: America’s New Wealth – and Magic?”

  1. George,

    I had to have a new roof on my house last year as a result of wind storm damage. Called a friend, who just happens to be a roofing contractor to make emergency repairs; just to keep things dry. Two hours later, he had a couple of guys on the roof putting on a temporary patch.

    Of course the insurance company got involved, but eventually; the quick repair contractor got the job. Now he employs some local grown people, but he also sub-contracts to a nice Hispanic man who works in a larger area near me. The Hispanic crew was without a doubt the fastest, most efficient group I have ever seen work. I used to run a construction company years ago, before we had access to Hispanic workers in our area. How I wish we had them back then. It is a pleasure to watch people who know their job and are not afraid of work, do their job.

    This crew removed the old shingles and installed the new in less than half a day; and were cleaned up, loaded up, and gone to the next job. I was most pleased with the outcome.

    I have another friend who is also a roofing contractor (he was booked up), who hires Hispanic sub-contractors exclusively. He said local help was so unreliable that he would be out of business if he tried to use them. He has two Hispanic subs that he uses and keeps them busy all the time.

    Long story short these Hispanic guys (and girls) know how to work. Of course when the job was done, I appropriately thanked them for their efforts in Spanish and wished them a good day. Hard work should be appreciated.

    Hopefully, you have good luck with the contractor you choose.

    • Thank you

      When comes to hiring stuff done, or in living life, we have no “color glasses.”

      That said, I have to agree, the Hispanic-owned tree company that took out a huge larch tree for us was first rate, incredibly fast and a joy to watch work.

    • “Called a friend, who just happens to be a roofing contractor to make emergency repairs; just to keep things dry. ”

      I for one am very fortunate SOM…. my daughter married an engineer that is part owner of a big company.. my oldest grandson took my advice..( go to trade school become a plumber..(no one has done that yet) learn to build.. become an electrician..appliance repair etc.) but he became a construction engineer to.. my grandson inlaw builds buildings he and his father have a company…..
      If I have an emergency and am willing to wait till they have free time..( I am a lets get the show on the road and get it done in reality this is the bigger issue. ) or its an emergency.. I can get the job done.. thankfully.. I usually get the lecture..Be patient and don’t rush out and do it yourself we will come by and do it after work..

  2. George, good point. If Trump would spend but 1/10th of the time and energy on actually doing the job that he does on propaganda trying to make people think that he’s doing a good job, . . . .

    So, now we see that Trump put Alex Azar (a complete political hack, former Big Pharma lobbyist, with no qualifications except greasing mostly Republicans’ palms) in charge of HHS (overseeing FDA, CDC), who in turn put a dog breeder (Brian Harrison) with no public health experience in charge of leading the agency’s day-to-day response to COVID-19.

    A dog breeder, George. A freaking dog breeder.
    Makes ‘Heck of a job Brownie’ look like a freaking genius. Best, Mike.

    • This is why you are labeled in my mind as a mindless stooge of the radical left.
      Read the following from Wikipedia and tell me why the dog breeder slur from the commies like you:
      (I italicized it because slur-passers have a hard time spotting larger contexts)

      Brian Harrison is chief of staff at the United States Department of Health and Human Services.[2]
      Harrison attended Texas A&M University and worked in the Department of Health and Human Services during the Presidency of George W. Bush[2]. He has also held positions at other federal agencies including in the Social Security Administration, in the United States Department of Defense, and in the Office of the Vice-President.[3] After leaving government service he was employed as director of the healthcare practice for DCI Group and was a 2011 delegate to the American Council on Germany’s American-German Young Leaders Conference.[4] He later opened a labradoodle-breeding business.[2][5]
      During the Presidency of Donald Trump, Harrison was appointed deputy chief of staff in the Department of the Health and Human Services (HHS) and, in June 2019, was promoted to chief of staff to replace the departing Peter Urbanowicz.[6] During this period he was tasked with leading a “top-to-bottom” evaluation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a process which led to the eventual resignation of CDC director Brenda Fitzgerald who had traded stocks in tobacco companies while at the agency.[7] He also coordinated HHS’ early response to the Covid-19 pandemic before those responsibilities were transferred to Robert Kadlec in February of 2020.[8]
      Harrison is married; his spouse is head of corporate affairs at BP.[9]
      – – –

      Now a lesson in how the left’s political assassinations work…find a scandal or make one.

      When we read on Fitzgerald, we learn that “In January 2018, Politico reported that Fitzgerald had bought shares in the Japan Tobacco company one month after assuming office as Director of the CDC.[17] The investment raised ethical concerns given the CDC’s mission to reduce tobacco use, which is the leading cause of preventable disease in the United States.[17] She sold the stocks a few months later.[17] One day after Politico’s story broke, Fitzgerald resigned as Director of the CDC on January 31, 2018.”

      When we read of Harrison?
      “”Azar Tapped Ex-Dog Breeder to Lead Early Federal Coronavirus Task Force: Report”. The Daily Beast.”

      It may be asking too much to beseech your to consider a broader view…but it would be nice if you would stop trying to unseat the duly elected president (that’s sedition and insurrection) and consider making a positive contribution through better candidate choices…and no, Bernie, Clinton, Joe Slow are NOT better choices.

      • I agree with 99% of what you said George. But…Both sides of the media create scandal as well. Not just the left. Trump is way worse. At least Harrison was a dog breeder…even though it’s about 2% of his incredible accomplishments. 9 have zero problem with the appointment. Nevertheless, to use his experience as a dog breeder against him is just horrible. This is what media assassins do. Fox does it as well. As far as our POTUS..Trump just calls people names…No facts, no reasons why he came up with that name…And you are right about one other thing…

        We all need to make positive contributions through better candidate choices.

      • George I am not much on politics and depend on folks like you to steer me in the right direction.
        Dog Breeder in deed. I would have been taken in and had to have done research that was a real time waster because of the Leftist.
        Keep up the good work.

      • Hip-hip-hooray, George! Nail on the head on that reply to Mike. He needed that come-uppance.

      • Mark,
        Reporting half-truths and making up full-blown lies about people, which is what YOUR sources of news do constantly, is far worse than calling them stupid names. If you really think that something like calling Schiff a pencil-neck has more impact on U.S. affairs and policies than lies, distortions, fake hospital photos, fake victim stories, et. al., then you have a serious discernment problem. Anyone with half a brain will blow off the juvenile name-calling, but the brainwashed fans of the MSM truly believe the lies they’re fed and act upon them (i.e., if they act at all). MUCH WORSE!

    • Mike,
      Given the amount of time you spend worrying over whatever POTUS is doing you are obviously under challenged by your work. There is an opportunity cost to worrying about things that you can not change.

  3. Synchronicity strikes again! Just as I hit Enter, the local radio station mentioned the Youtube stream. Hey, it’s free, guys!

  4. George…could you please repost an article you wrote after the BIG recession (2013??) about the types of jobs that were best suited then ( Survivability ) and compare those jobs to now. The economy being smacked by a different hand -pandemic- and what jobs are sustainable in the future.

  5. Despite my oft-repeated evaluation of the people that have moved into our area in hopes of making money in real estate I do harbor a hope that, at some time in the future, the opportunity to teach these “kids having kids” the value and methods of becoming members of a Community rather than being on the receiving end of beggaring will present itself. That opportunity still has not arrived as yet because there still is the fervent expectation that we’ll soon be back to “normal” even though the shut down has left its mark at this point. The most valuable lessons remain elusively in the future when the pain and realization of Depression finally set in. How many times throughout History have we seen the fact that people have to hit rock bottom to let go of their closely held beliefs of entitlement?

    I’ve seen, so far, that the building in the developments around us still goes on despite the downturn that John Williams describes over at Shadow Stats. Perhaps it’s still too early for the pull back to have presented itself around here but I’d thought the Oil Patch crash would have become more evident at this point. I guess the developers are still working through projects they’ve paid forward.

  6. I don’t think I have much in the way of a subliminal antenna, but a nagging feeling last year told me it was time to proactively replace a 30+ year old furnace and central air. In late fall I got to thinking that the 20 year old water heater was getting very long in the tooth so I bought a new one and just set it beside the old one, planning to install it when I got around to it. Just a few weeks later the old heater sprang a leak and the replacement was quick without having to go shopping for a replacement. Now, about the 35 year old washer and dryer, the 25 year old refrigerator, the 25 year old freezer, etc., etc.

    Perhaps the Universe is suggesting that the Year of the Virus is a good time to get the rest of the ship in order.

    • Sorry but the universe is not sentient. It just is. GOD is in control and completely. HE is sovereign. Best attribute all of the blessings we receive to HIM. Who knows? Should HE be pleased, it may go well for us.

    • 20 year old water heater? Wow. With the hard water around here, I’m glad to get 10 years out of one.

      My wife’s 67 – Think it’s time to replace her? (don’t tell her I said that)

    • ALL I can say is KEEP your 35 year old washer and dryer and 25 year old fridge, freezer, etc. Just get the replacements parts, belts, things like that for backup….because NOTHING on the market is built as good and that’s a FACT. Of course, water heaters, are not meant to repair the internal guts and have to be replaced.

  7. two comments: recommend considering a metal roof similar to industrial use. There even are metal ones that look like shingles. Durable, fire proof and reflect sun heat.

    On prayer: absolutely pray the solution. I prefer using the term “best possible outcome for all involved” and leave specifics up to Universe. Also, ginning up a feeling of joy when you pray adds rocket boosters to the prayer.

  8. Andromeda Strain, blood clots, near instant death, mutating rapidly. Corona, blood clots, near instant death, mutating rapidly. The movie is the message.

    • I know a lot of people that work in the health field that are terrified of it…

  9. Damn Well Done Today. Your column reminded us of a lot of what we knew deep inside, but too often are too busy looking at the negativity that is the rule, rather than the exception these days.
    You can go through this life always turning in the same direction, and getting the same results to the day’s challenges. Or, if you take the time to think, instead of reacting, turning a different direction, can result in a different outcome.
    These days can be an opportunity to think about what’s really important, without noise of what had been our daily life. Do nice things, and the face you present to the world justify spending all the time and effort you grind away at? Or, should you focus your energies and time on those you love, and what that little voice suggests is the correct direction for you?
    As Snuffy Smith, from the Barney Google comic strip, used to say “Times A Wastin”. This lockdown won’t last forever, but our world will be changed, probably for the worst, at least for a while. Please use this time wisely, and listen to that little voice.

    • A.G. You said…”This lockdown won’t last forever, but our world will be changed, probably for the worst, at least for a while.”

      It’s all about mindset. I have been tracking trends for my entire career. It was my main core competency in the Advertising agency business at the first half of my business life cycle. I have yet to find any major event that turned out for the worst. Our country has a knack for learning from tragedy. Some areas better than others, but for the most part we emerged stronger. Since most of your books deal with apocalyptic or post apocalyptic scenarios, I do see where you mind set is, but I do have faith in the human race and America in general to re-invent itself out of this tragedy

  10. There’s no going back to the old ways of public schooling. I’m not sure what will happen to the buildings or pension funds but they are no longer needed.

    $23M to provide laptops for Detroit students amid pandemic

    About 51,000 K-12 public school students in Detroit will receive computer tablets and high-speed internet to help transition from classroom to virtual learning during the coronavirus pandemic in one of the nation’s poorest big cities.

  11. George

    “Surprisingly, the answer was simple: We’ll just put a new roof on our house.”

    Must be nice to be rich!

    Since I’m not and the roof needs repairs I am taking option two. I have purchased a 5 gallon pail of Ames Maximum Stretch acrylic elastomeric roof coating in dark brown tint. $250 with shipping thank you!

    Since I am an old dude with no desire to get up on a roof and do more damage than good I have been busy fabricating a long reach pole with roller attached. This no ordinary pole. Not only does it have a roller but also the ability to keep the roller off the roof surface until it is at the desired location. I then will pull a cord to release two quick pins which will cause what I call the Landing Gear to collapse. At that point I can roll the material onto the roof. Yes I know there will be some residual material put on the roof when I retrieve the roller but it will be minimal. Cost of this contraption is about $100. The point is I don’t have to get up on that damn roof. I can stay on the ground and not end up in a hospital!!

    Rube Goldberg would be proud of my design!

    • I am too! That roller rig sounds great.
      I rolled 3-coats of elastomeric on the shop/office/guest house roof – about $250 worth of materials.
      I’m not rich, either. At 71, though, when putting on some new 4-by8 sheets of 5/8ths ply, though…yeah…sometimes you empty the checkbook for workers instead of doctors…

      • It’s about 90% complete. After I get it checked out and 100% functional I’L email a photo to you.
        Now if the rains would hold up for a week or too!

    • Since insurance companies drop your roof off of the policy every ten years.. they do the count down. then off.. I had looked at our roof.. then thought… I will put on steel roof.. the roofing steel was about fifteen hundred at the time.. then a young man was looking for work.. he had been laid off and decided to start his own job.. became a handy man.. did it for at the time twenty five dollars an hour.. total cost of the roof and a porch awning and a green house was about five grand.. fifty year warranty on the color alone.
      Now I couldn’t get him.. or anyone else doing handyman work.. they are all way to busy…
      The other thing you could do.. ( since roof coating isn’t always the best) is give the local area training school a call.. they are constantly looking for projects.. and a simple home roof wouldn’t be anything to do.. they can keep their social distance get credit for the work done and all you are out is the materials..
      I had a professor that had a few college kids that were doing summer work that was going to come and put in my storm shelter shed.. the cost was zero.. I haven’t talked to him to see if he has engineering students this summer or not.. but if he does I am still planning on having that made.. manmade bricks..

  12. The concept I have been chewing on and considering as I ride the Deer around, deplorable acres, cutting down blades of grass as if they were the Global Left(includes DemParty,prop. media,govt bureaucracy, acedemia) –

    “The Tree of Liberty MUST Be Refreshed From Time To Time With The BLOOD of Patriots and Tyrants. It IS its Natural Manure.” T. Jefferson

    Quarantine is when U Restrict the movement of Sick People.
    Tyranny is when U Restrict the movement of Healthy People.

    Did U hear about the scene w/ G. Soros and the main Screen/Wall in front of general assembly room at UN HQ in NYC earlier this year?

    – a disembodied hand was rumored to have have been floating behind the Nasty nazi writing on upon wall – “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin”..unfortunately nobody knows what the hell language it is written in???

    • I have often wondered why we have politicians…. everyone knows that there is a completely different set of rulers.. that control and manipulate the worlds countries.. they start wars to get what they are unwilling to negotiate for.. they dictate the rules by which our legislators are voting on.. they write the rules as well .. SO… my thought is why don’t we just let them sit in the place of our legislators …. why are we paying a bunch of people to sit in a place and do the biddings that are dictated to them in a political setting that is controled by shills that are already making up the laws by which we all live by..It could Possibly be because the vast majority of them are not citizens.. but seriously whats the difference if they are the ones pulling the strings anyway..
      Back in the day it was all done under the table out of sight.. today they just flaunt it in front of you.. then have someone misdirect what they are doing .. it just surprises me.. it would save them money to.. how much did they spend on the worthless last year.. in the billions.. to get them to do what they want.. where if they are sitting in the place.. they could save that money..

  13. “I figure people in the home improvement and home repair and roofing business are probably in a hard way right now.”

    Maybe there.. but Actually around these parts.. they are probably one of the busiest around.. and getting a handyman for a small project is almost four years out in backlogged jobs..
    A plumber to do a repair.. not even heard of we are still on the list to have someone come and replace a wheel chair shower stall.. I was thinking about going to school to learn the instalation procedures just so I could put it in myself…. I actually bought a roto rooter machine just because when I built our home I put in a double Y…I have been lucky enough to get the roto rooter guy but a plumber.. there are so many new construction jobs going on…. but they are so busy.. its amazing.. handymen get seventy five dollars an hour mileage and parts plus thirty percent right now..
    Appliance repairmen.. the costs are way over and you cannot get one locally unless you bought the product from them.. appliance stores have their own repairmen.. I bought a maytag from a national chain lumber yard.. they couldn’t get a repairman locally so one had to come in from almost four hundred miles away to do the work..
    with everyone at home.. they are busier than ever.. BUT.. you can buy a new machine at greatly reduced prices because no one is shopping in the stores..

  14. I’ve been enjoying House Arrest, as we call it in North Carolina. Been bery, bery bizzy tidying up, organizing, discovering old leaky busted-open batteries in gear I haven’t used in while. Bought a mechanic’s big red roll-around double stacker tool chest for the collection. On sale at Ace for $99. Seen ’em for $400 of about the same quality-feature set.

    It’s been a Great Meditation on Organization & Existence.

    Many of us live in a Vast Pile Of Chaos. Gotta hunt for things before one can actually DO anything. Not good. Breaks focus and distracts.

    A Wise Woman of my youth told me, “Surround yourself with attractive Art, and Things that speak to your dreams and aspirations. And keep tidy It provides a subtle and continuous positive energy to everything you do.”

    Kind of like mental and visual aroma therapy — the ever-presence of it.

    Like subtle incense for the mind.

    So, I did.

    It’s been a very powerful Life Talent.


  15. We are in the middle of a great paradigm shift…post pandemic.

    Yesterday Jacques Cohen shared a CNBC article of an interview with Ray Dalio, legendary head of the USA’s largest hedge fund Bridgewater with $160 billion in assets. Mr. Dalio made some interesting observations about the POST-CORONAVIRUS world, comparing the pandemic with other periods of economic hardship, such as the Great Depression. He believes the current downturn – painful as it is – will be “relatively brief” and would allow for a wider global “restructuring.”

    It was his other comments, however, that made me thing of the term “SINGULARITY” . Not in a bad way…but …Balancing our world with technology. Utilizing it to broaden our understanding of the world around us. Making the human race and the earth we live on more congruent. Here are some quotes:

    “The human capacity to adapt and invent and come out of this is much greater.”

    “People should be “very excited” about the next phase, pointing to leaps forward in digitization, data and human thinking.”

    “We are currently in the midst of a technological revolution.We’re now in a wonderful revolution in terms of the capacity to think and use that in a way. I would say that is absolutely the most treasured thing in the future.”

    “To thrive in this new environment, people should focus on understanding and enhancing their logical and creative thinking abilities.”

    “Using digital support mechanisms for thinking, would be the most valuable skill.”

    But it was this quote specifically that set off a lightbulb for me:

    “Your ability to interact in a digital way and help that kind of thinking – either as a user of it, an effective user of it, or an effective builder of it – I think that’s going to be important.”

  16. I remember when President Bill
    Clinton claimed he wanted to “empower” the American People back in 1993. Well,I was newly unemployed in the Lone Star State and the local economy was slipping fast. Corporate America was “bailing out of Dodge “to consumerise China with our Technology. Con Gress was using C-span to constantly school and program ” We the People” on the new Globalism.
    And I woulda chucked a steel toed boot thru the TV and showed Clinton whom “empowers” whom…but the TV was a Sony. A big ahha moment. The Nanny State in our face.
    When opportunity no longer knocks,you gotta scan the fruited plain. So it turned out Americans
    could earn more overseas teaching English(to decipher the tech manuals) or designing and building factories overseas.
    Now that’s what Clinton meant- empower you to Think Globally and Act Locally!??? So he did extend unemployment Bennies 6 months! That’s what a “Thousand Points of Light’s” will
    do for ‘Ya!
    So now we’re full circle, but now WE must empower our neighbors to build what matters most- our community sense of purpose.

    First we should dump the box of rocks we’ve been carrying around…eh?

    • Wow.. you got unemployment bennefits.. that is a first.. Usually only laid off and seasonal employees get that or a company is forced to close.. around here the unemployed are the last ones to even consider going after them because you aren’t going to get them LOL… biggest joke on the planet.. just another way to charge an employer for more money..

  17. George, I thought you’d done your roof years ago! I’ll stand by my suggestion at the time that you do it in metal – at least 26 gauge if that fits your style. It’s one and done, unlike shingles, and even though it costs more, it has very little in the way of maintenance. I did a couple of such roofs and will be doing another one – working alone. Even at your age, it’s invigorating to be up there in the sun and wind. I have no quibbles if you contract it – you know your own comfort zone far better than I do. There are many choices and even R-panel is fine for a forever roof. The hidden fastener stuff may last even longer, but both will last longer than most people. A double-wide usually has no valleys, so it should be quickly done. The worst part is the tearoff – I’m not a fan of metal over shingles. With a bit of forethought, you can lay insulation under the roofing for additional fire protection and other obvious benefits. The trim, if done carefully, can cover exposed wood and minimize repetitive painting. Many roofing companies bring a porta-potty along as part of the job, so there should be little worry there. Good luck!

      • Fair enough. It does add value though – if you still care about that. Where I live, shingles MAY have a 10 year life – if you’re lucky. The sun and dry heat just kill them, and the wind takes them away. In the piney woods near sea level, you’re probably OK for lots more years.

      • And what if you DO get to 101 in good shape? Will you be looking at a roofing bill again? LOL! Out here in the tropical rainforests, everything is metal roofs. New material seems to be powder coated stuff… doesn’t crack if the metal is bent, but is almost ceramic-like in durability. One can expect 20 years minimum out of it… longer if you repaint it later in life if rust begins to show. The volcano ranch here was built in 1972. Roof replaced in 2014 just before I bought it. 42 years. It should last until I’m 102. And at 67 I’m still climbing around up there working on antenna posts at the end of the house, cleaning solar panels, etc.

        Don’t EVER want to be caught saying: “If I’d known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself!”

        What if all that ‘longevity’ stuff we started early really does work? Note to self: Budget for a new roof at age 100.

    • Be careful what you lay the new roof over. The best hail-resistant roofing made won’t be eligible for the insurance discount if you lay them over the old roofing. Found that out the hard way. The insurance company and roofers won’t tell you that ahead of time. You only find out when you do your paperwork for the discount. No good swindling bastards.

  18. “It’s over folks.

    With more than 19.4 million people residents, the preliminary results indicate that at least 2.7 million New Yorkers have been infected with Covid-19.

    The official data is that 257,000, roughly, NY State residents have had it. The real number is 10x higher or more.

    This in turn means the fatality rate is 10x lower or more.”

    May be it’s time to acknowledge it was all about fearmongering.

    • Yikes – another reader looking at fake news. Nowhere do I find the purported 10X figure. If your “trusted source” is some blog? Shit-oh-Rosy…weakness between the ears.
      Let’s review the JH data of the moment for NY:
      Deaths 15,074
      Tested: 699,982
      Hospitalized: 57,103
      New York City, New York, US 699,982/150976
      Confirmed: 150,976
      Deaths: 15,074
      A little math lesson: Tested divided by confirmed: 700,000 tested and 150,000 have it – rounding. 21.42 percent.
      0f 150,976, 15074 are dead – on a raw basis that’s a 10% mortality rate.
      Don’t be a dickweed like the spring breakers who spread it nationally.

      This is NOT a political deal – so stop acting like a reactionary douche. Put on the math hat.

      You don’t solve a Medical Problem with Political bullshit.

      You solve it with a medical solution – isolate.
      Or did you miss this story in all your zeal to spout small-brain spew?

      “Ohio man who disparaged lockdown measures on Facebook dies of coronavirus
      His alleged posts have gone viral amid protests and debates about the loosening of social distancing measures across the country.”

      You trying to be next or kill stupid people? I mean WTF, dude…brain the f*ck up.

      Maybe you don’t have a firefighter/emt son, but I do. And we talk about aid runs to pick up the victims all the time. His kind are the ones who will save your sorry ass when you get “the cough…”

      Jesus, people…follow the data!

      • People can have problems with numbers. Let’s go for the charts:

        When looking at the charts, remember, the initial breach of containment only happened in November 2019. The growth rate in cases for a disease this deadly is unprecedented. It’s almost like it was a Stephen King mini-series in the making.

        New local cases were bottoming out a week or so ago. Now they’re coming back up as the weather warms and the sky’s clear. That is a trademark behavior of a true pandemic virus. Pandemics continue to rage in what should be the off season. The reported international statistics are improving somewhat, but locally it’s still game on. Don’t get sloppy and careless, or get sucked in by conspiracy theorists. You have to go about your business, and you should, but protect yourself at all times. It’s not over ’til it’s over, and it’s not over.

        Don’t make the assumption this thing will be over by the end of summer. If this pandemic follows the pattern of the 1918 Pandemic, the reaper will be with us through the summer, and will go full Stephen King lethal in the coming fall and winter. I still recommend watching the American Experience episode, Influenza 1918 to get a flavor of how these things play out. But just remember when watching that episode, Covid-19 is far more easily transmitted and much more deadly than the Spanish Influenza.

        If this pandemic rolls over and dies in the July heat, then good riddance, we can go back to our normal lives, and you can ignore me. But until that really happens, be wary, not delusional.

        And now, I return you to G___’s Magic Moment.

      • George, I found these news links that backup what CeePee was reporting. I think OAN does a pretty good job of reporting, but I included CNBC for those who are as conservative as Liz Warren is Native American.

        First link is a short youtube video of One America News clip. Second link is the CNBC report that includes a video clip of Guv Coumo talking about the study.

      • I am not a politician nor a news follower. I am a Math/Statistician . Math is never wrong. More and more reports are coming out like this. Here’s another one :
        “Erickson estimates 12 percent of the population statewide, or some 4.7 million Californians, have already had COVID-19. With about 1,400 deaths so far in California, that puts the statewide death rate at about .03 percent, he said.”

        And another one : “Stanford study: More than 48K Santa Clara County residents have likely been infected by coronavirus”

        It is fearmongering for reasons unknow, or the experts are incompetent. You pick !

  19. “his elements of style need a work-over.”

    Thats one of the things I totally love about him.. He doesn’t have some script writer writing an eloquent speech.. he is a businessman doing it the way he made progress on the outside…

    He has my vote.. I sure don’t know why he would want to be harassed again and all the drama subjected on his wife and kids and their families.. but he isn’t a quitter.. you gotta give him credit on that.. and he got more done during his term in office than any other president I have ever seen….
    although I totally loved Gerald Ford.. he was a really nice guy..
    Jimmy was a good guy to.. his big problem was he trusted in Congress to do the right thing.. and instead they set him up for the fall…
    Reagan.. he was like having Dad in office.. he believed in what he was doing.. he beleived everyone would act like the industrialists of his day and age would act.. instead they didn’t .. unfortunately.. mistakes.. absolutely.. he is human like the rest of us..

  20. I have thought recently, over the past 10-15 years, that with the country so terribly polarized what the country needed was a good ” catastrophe ” a challenge we could all rally around to bring the country, the people, back together for a common goal and thus a united country, thus eliminating the very real possibility of far more damaging internal strife,and division leading to possible blood shed and the destruction of the UNITED states. I see I was wrong, the lines of division appear to have grown even wider and deeper. Like two farmers standing in a road arguing about who’s steer is in the middle of the road while a forest fire is breathing down on their ranches. So sad. (by the way cattlemen and farmers are not that stupid, but politicians are)

  21. Currently, everyone and their brother are putting in gardens. Mine is going to be exceptionally full this year, I believe. I got to thinking about canning supplies and food stuff I make out of it. All I can say is that if you plan to make spaghetti/pasta sauce, chili base, or pizza sauces, you might want to be thinking ahead of the herd and buy them up soon. There will be a shortage of Mrs. Wages by July, maybe even June. Just my two cents.

    • Yes it was a challenge getting seeds this year and I had to order the plants before they arrived.
      I decided to move ahead wood fired oven.
      Even grocery stores are concerned about future shortages..

  22. George, you see me clean the chimney on my woodstove,haha,
    attached to a steel roof with a 12×12 pitch. Oh ya- a little climb
    on thee wild side. All at 67 yrs. young, no beers ’til we’re clear. Beats climbing Denali. And only come summer- still a great from my place(smile). We had 13.5 ft. this winter, (most I’ve seen in 18 years) and one of 5 coldest on record. A 30″ USA made Ariens snow thrower saved my backside. And my 2003 Lexus LX
    470 goes just about anywhere(grinny, grinny).
    That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.

  23. We have a group of Alaskans called the 907 (area code)club with bumpers stickers and all! They claim to SUPPORT ALASKANS FOR CLIMATE CHANGE! HAHAHA… HERE HEAR!
    In support of Ure thoughts… An update from Quangdong province(just due north of Hong Kong) . From our eldest son in one of the original 3 province’s put on lockdown- quarantine.
    Who had been in lockdown over 80 days. Witnessed his co -workers bail on their contracts at the virus outburst back in Jan.
    And witnessed foreigners in his apartment high rise have their leases terminated. All after Pompeos’ order to return.
    My son is a department head in the largest private English School systems in China. So he was “exempt” from eviction we figure and he is under contract til Aug.
    When lockdown ended we went on a dinner date. Got a phone call
    the next day- restaurant was flagged for covid- their server tested positive. His date was required by officials to quarantine and my son went into voluntary immediately. The police show up the next day at his home, scan his temp. and check his health app on his phone. All nice and cordial- my son speaks Mandarin fairly.
    Before ,on lockdown he could visit the grocers and have a temp
    scan, now has his food delivered!
    So folks ,there you have it! Almost, that is, we get a text just after Georges,it seems 19 people test positive in the same city as my son. The source of infection- the ventilation system in a restaurant.
    So when is (it )over really over?
    And what exactly is (it) in the first place? Are we “remote viewing” the future yet?


    Total cases: 596 (4 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 68
    Honolulu County: 389
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 112
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 63
    Hawaii deaths: 12
    Released from Isolation: 455
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 23, 2020

    One new case here on Hawaii County, One in Honolulu, Two on Maui.

  25. Thanks George for the reminder of calling those things which are not as though they were. Wife and I live that way. Charles Capps had a like area of interests as you. Lived on a farm in Arkansas,Flew and owned private planes. I appreciated the advice. Yes I have somewhat enjoyed the home time. Given me the time to catch up on much needed paper and computer work. Stan

  26. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Wow, the freegans will be licking their plates today!

    It’s hard to imagine there was a time before Wallyworld. Them Waltons sure did good from out in the backwoods. Then Johnboy’s account of the Hindenburg disaster lit up like a chinese firecracker and went viral. Sometimes it’s tough to see the forrest from the trees. Maybe everybody should spend time clipping their greens in the Snapper Hi-Vac? Actually, my mama tells me a story of when I was a baby and before the family had a lawnmower that she actually cut the front lawn once with a pair of scissors. Truth!

    Tomato heirloom seeds have left store shelves here for greener customer pastures. Even the turnips, too!! Interestingly smaller family type farmers of vegees and meats near to the city have been reaching out discreetly for retail customers since their restaurant and institutional demand dried up. Could be a relatively inexpensive insurance premium should a proverbial swarm of locusts set up shop in the homestead plot. Also, I see a multi-national conglomerate’s meat facility in western Canada supplying exports and a large helping of Canada’s beef has been shuttered with covid. No shortage says the PM, but…”prices may rise”.

    Chute. Which way to the egress?

    Time – sure you do – to spin some Pink Floyd “Animals” on the platter. Mooooooooo…baaah, baaah…Heard it from the horse’s mouth that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

    Monolith tinned pink spam on the way. Bon appetit!

    • “before the family had a lawnmower that she actually cut the front lawn once with a pair of scissors. Truth!”
      God Jester that brings back memories LOL LOL LOL
      In bootcamp LOL LOL LOL LOL the drill seargent came out one day and asked if anyone mowed their families lawn.. LOL LOL LOL a bunch of hands went up.. and he handed everyone a pair of sissors and a ruler LOL LOL LOL then he asked if there were any farm boys or truck drivers LOL LOL LOL LOL another round of hands went up.. LOL LOL LOL out came wheel barrows and a pile of dirt LOL LOL was to be moved from one place to another LOL LOL LOL…OH MY GOD the candy wrapper. LOL LOL LOL the drill seargent seen a candy wrapper.. he had the recruit responsible standing on a dumpster fingers under his armpits at attention flapping his arms like a bird yelling.. I AM A SHIZT BIRD… we had a high official inspecting asked what was going on.. then the drill seargent was up next to him in the same pose yelling.. I AM THE SHIZT BIRDS DRILL SEARGENT it was funnier than hell LOL LOL LOL LOL…

  27. I am an electrician and HVAC tech. Haven’t slowed down for a second. Been wearing a mask and bought em before the run on em. We steer clear of crowded places and take every precaution. Even though I don’t know anyone who is sick or has gotten sick. I’m not taking any chances, but I have to make a living for my family. Mostly it’s me and my oldest son. It’s a little harder now, but I am sure we will emerge okay. I know I am supposed to write when I get rich, but I feel rich already. Not financially, but with the blessings that are not for sale, but come down from above.

    • Exactly Steve… around here that whole part of industry is as busy as ever and instead of being impacted negatively by the virus it was impacted positively by the virus people are opting to fix
      rather than replace….At this point in time it is really hard to get someone to do repairs.. even to get an airconditioning system charged is difficult.. because of how people are thinking though it might be a new way for them to take some of the burden off.. go into the handyman services.. knife and saw sharpening etc..home delivery of milk and shopping catalogue services..
      I use to want to do saw sharpening.. each cabinet shop has months worth of sharpening that needs to be done.. mountains of blades and not enough time or equipment to do it.. my thought was to get the saw sharpener then do them so much a tooth.. my thought was a dime a tooth.. I had the equipment then my health took a tumble so I traded it for my new roof..

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