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  1. Just a reminder G –
    didn’t you posit that 2020 was likely to be the year that some shtf?

    You might want to dust of that particular column and repost…

  2. Oh yeah, my earthquake alarm app was going off like crazy last night at 230 am ish, a huge series of small quakes happened last night in LA. I down this app and set the settings to notify me when there is a big quake. The app thought because of so many rapid fire little ones 2.3’s and 1.9’s around
    outskirts LA it registered as a 8.2 initially. (Like a bunch of taps on the outer rim of a bowl)

    2 minutes later it revised it as a bunch of little quakes. I remember waking and think ahhh sh!t the only person I know who calls me at this hour is either broke down on the freeway somewhere, the Lithuanian princess, my sweedish ex is sh!t housed again in Amsterdam and needs an uber or my friend in poland is lonely. Hahhaha.

    Pretty weird deal. I was thinking that cant be right! I would have felt it. I’m only 180 miles away.

    Stupid app. What does it know. Lol

    • Golf courses opened up to day round here. I think it was you George thar taught me, “more buisness is done on the fairway then on the floors of wall street trading and board rooms.”

      Fyi: the word from the street is: the south east corner has had an 85% reduction in but and debri along with the north east having a 52%. Everything else is holding strong in the parking lot of the condoplex. ** note that even though there had been a identical count in cigarette buts cast upon the ground like I-ching coins and norse tunes or cajun mojo bones. I have noted that there is more American Spirits and less marlboro lights weak over week or is that WOW, in my macro study of the environment around me.

      I just got invited to play around. Prometheus will have to reschedule.

      What do ya call a Pig that does Karate?

      **Drum roll please.

      Pork chop!

      Hit that cymbals rockin charmin! Uhem. Rockin shaman. Maybe ya need need to get some goats again?

      Have a great day!


  3. “papa ure said, “Call for back-up first, then get your hands dirty.”

    Prediction 1: What the economy is doing is like that. 

    Answer: Ure right! As Papa Ure said, “It’s on fire and few people have a good handle on how “serious this fire is.”

    Prediction 2: Bankers to Attempt a Global Hold-Up.  We will recall that when the US Bankster Mafia held-up America in the past with:

    AIG costing $18 billion to bail

    LTCM costing $4.6 billion

     and other global banks.

    Answer: Ure right again!

    Prediction 2.5: Should the US play “hardball” and not (as banksters are likely scheming) trying to find some way to shift this mess onto U.S. tax chattel shoulders.

    Prediction 3: Gold Will Rise – 

    Answer: ya sure did!

    Answer: to the tune of 6 trillion. Yep! Right again. “Hear that marching cadence, on Ure write, You’re right, Ure rite! Ure right your Left” Andy.

    Hear it now dude??? I been talking bout leaving or lefting a while and now we are here.

    Beat it kid! Scram! The adults are having a conversation. Yes sir! I’m getting some otter pops and getting in the cart.

    Oh and George, like CH said back in the day, “The Universe favors George. ” have a shot of El Don for me. Well done my friend. well done.

    Yep, crazy . I definitely dont know. Hahahh

    Audios Amigos.

      • At the Gat. If you go to that link I replied to OM2, you will see all of George’s predictions came true

        “More Down: Some Easy Economic Predictions
        Aug 15, 2019″

        251 days ago to be precise.

        Last night I wrote a comment to reply to Ray, about the ancient August ritual, in a book I had never read until yesterday that is 115 year old.

        See how August matches August above. The day before Om2 made a reference to George’s predictions which all came true before this wuhan buisness excited.

        See the time stamp of Om2 comment and my comment below it. Om2 posted at 8:57 am and I posted at 10:52. A difference of 186 minutes. Either I jumped the gun or that time stamp is George’s systems time of post onsite verses actual time of comment. I was attempting to hit the 251 minutes later mark to synch the days at 251.

        Now 251 – 186 = 171.

        Now I wrote ago a comment regarding those predictions in a peoplenomics post stay, “Hear that marching cadence, on Ure write, You’re right, Ure rite! Ure right your Left” Andy” I wrote the left because George had a prediction he didnt count. Which I stated was “prediction 2.5” which I offset the answer too below the second prediction because of the offset.

        If you were to find my statement about “Ure right, Ure right, ure write”. The time stamp should be at 1:17pm

        Because I knew that someone in the next few months was going to point that out. OM2 was the one to point it out.

        Ya see Gat, we are looking into the future around here: which way is what going where. So to speak. The last time I was on this site back I August of 2019, I saved that page in a .doc to see how accurate I could see 251 days into the future around here in Urban Survival land.

        Preposterous?!!! Not really, all the data evidence is right there infront of you.

        I hope that makes sense. Soooooooo Now, maybe the Bolshovic kid can quit riding my ass about self distruction and you can all stop thinking, “Andy has lost his skills”. No, I most definitely have not lost my skills. I’m paying alot more attention than most. As you can see.

        I can be sh!t house and barely able to walk and see 251 days into the future. I’m not worried about stuff silly.

        As George has got all his predictions right? And I have been talking about leaving for a while, this is my Que to leave. Right, right, right, right left. Should right before. Uhem be four. Ohhh the pun police!

        Until we meet again.

      • We have found the answer my friend Gat.

        I post my first commet blind 32 minutes before my comment to Oilman 2. It was blind because George hadnt posted Om2 comment yet. Which tells me that Om2 comment is actual time of comment not system time stamp.

        So we further deduct 32 from 171 different between mintues and days, that leaves 139. How far off is my comment about the cadence? Ure right! Ure write, ure rite. Ure your left.

        139 days from January 1, 2020 is May 19th. The official day the Economy fires back up? Or the day it “Left” town? Since after George got all his predictions right??? Something is going has to be “left” according to the cadence. lol

        Ya see my mind runs a thousand miles an hour all the time. Fast than light speed. I calculate stuff on an enormous scale. It trips me out all the time.

        I’m just a regular guy. Maybe I ate too much dirt one day as a child or fell in some toxic waste. Lol

        Or maybe I need some more meds to turn it down a knot so I dont count all the leaves on a tree in a nano second and I walk by them. LMAO.

        I run data sets like a super computer all day long in the back ground of my mind. I dont know how or why I do it. I just do. It has be God God because I wasnt born this way from meditation and I got this way after I had my 9th NDE.

        Yeah it’s weird. I know.

        See ya later man.

  4. Sorry I was having like 3 conversations when I wrote that and thinking about my book and getting food. Lol.

    Hope that makes sense. George’s needs an Add man and I need an editor. Hahaha

    See next time here at the Knews before the news.

  5. Look, Every acorn has within it both the memory of the very First massive Oak Tree and has the potential to create a thousand thousand orchard.

    I’m tapping in to that as best I am currently able.

    this dude says it better than me.

    “Every flower was a thought. The trees were speech. The grass was speech. The winds were speech. The waters were speech.” But what does that convey? Many feel ecstasy at the sight of beautiful natural objects, and it might be said it does not interpret emotion precisely to make a facile reference to a divine world. I believe of nature that it is a manifestation of Deity, and that, because we are partakers in the divine nature, all we see has affinity with us; and though now we are as children who look upon letters before they have learned to read, to the illuminated spirit its own being is clearly manifested in the universe even as I recognise my thought in the words I write. Everything in nature has intellectual significance, and relation as utterance to the Thought out of which the universe was born, and we, whose minds were made in its image, who are the microcosm of the macrocosm, have in ourselves the key to unlock the meaning of that utterance. Because of these affinities the spirit swiftly by intuition can interpret nature to itself even as our humanity instinctively comprehends the character betrayed by the curve of lips or the mood which lurks within haunting eyes”

    There is variations of Dialects in language. English, mandarin, Japanese, spanish, Hispanic and many Variations of dialects, etc. Like latin words can be found in Tagolan a Philpeno dialect.

    There is different forms of languagr. math is a form of language, body language, sign language, pictorial language, hieroglyph, etc. Etc. Including Intuition. Intuition is a Form of language no different than Math. We just use math more frequently.

    The point I’m making is, a leaf on a tree is an expression of the tree’s language. It’s a word that the tree spoke into life. Then there is the language above the Tree that spoke the forest into life. Multiplicity is a language.

    I know ya dont understand me sometimes. I’m sorry about that. I am bound to make some mistakes here and there as I learn the language of creation through the avenue of intuition. I can identify many of them. How to speak as an acorn rememebring the first Mighty Oak tree in my creation of a thousand, thousand orchards takes some time.

    I dont even know if that makes any sense at all to anyone other than me. Because the thought is do foreign to what we are taught in school and limited by our vocabulary of 26 English symbols.

    I hope it does. Its important enough to me to not have a woman for a while as I study my theory further because women can be demanding, desirable and a distraction. A very beautiful one. However If a thought imagined a tree one day and spoke it into existance then the tree itself had a thought one day its imagination of something like itself and made one of it’s own times a thousand thousand? I’d like to learn how to speak that language.

    Dont mind me. Just go back to talking about Tump this and Trump that.


    • Words have vibration value, octives a color value. Octives are like prisms, . Letters and symbols create and destroy like black holes and sol’s. If I had $10 for every person who told me to write a book, I’d be a millionaire. I dont want to write just some book. I want to write creation itself. not as God the First Oak Tree, but as an acorn off the Oak Tree by tapping into the memory of the Original Oak tree that is in me. All letters and symbols have numerical values.

      I know it seems like a lotto idea. Like the dazzling imagination of a child in a day dream. Ya see the way ya move metal with thought is through emotion, I figured that out. Good vibes, so to speak.

      So you when you see the example below of George’s predictions on August 15, 2019. And there fulfillment and surfacing again in 2020. And my job-creation with George his predictions, my capturing them and using intuition to project them with words, feels and thoughts to resurface 251 days later. That like the micro version of Auto correct in reading your thoughts, trajectory of speach in comparison to seeing the future. George planted an acorn, I watered it and we burried it together. Him on his site and me in a document. Today we see the acorn has grown up to a little twig with a 4 leaves. Its a living thing. I dont know if any of that stuff make any bit of sense but I’m very much fascinated and want to do that a bunch more and on a greater scale, and as far I understand? There is no limit too it.

      Take care. I gotta get a yob and continue in my research on this topic. I dont want to be God, I just am trying to figure out how ge does what He does. He is my friend. I think he wants me to learn it. Just a hunch. Lol

      See ya

    • Wrong. The acorn needs no memory.
      It just grows to its potential.

      Ure reminds of the 3-posts per day limit.

      More is less, less is more. Ask, as the acorn, “What is my potential?”

  6. Karma is a conclusion. a result of a creation that we create. Action^ energy multiplied by Emotion = Karma. It’s a living energy a creative result.

    There is only 1 fricking letter between Word and World. One letter to bridge the gap. I’m close, I can feel it. Intuition is hard to translate into words or worlds. Prime more dial, like a phone dial. Lol. Primordial See, C or Sea.

    Sorry about the Rant George. I’m gonna see this model chick I know and chop wood and carry water. Hahaha.

    I dont know when I will be back.

    I dont get to talk for a few days now. Lol

    • Karma presumes memory. Better to cultivate a sense of Awe. Then surrender. The service as called.
      No MASS: no Memory, instead Awe, Surrender, Service.
      And Ram Das reminded well “Be HERE, Now!”

    • You figured it out Andy. The absence of a woman is often more distracting than her presence.

  7. gidday George .. very interesting juncture .. bit of straddling here .. as an observation . I said to somebody that this year is going fast !!! any ideas on that

  8. On a positive note, George, look at what Tulsa has conjured up!

    It’s excellent; a way to bring people to their city.


    They are looking for 250 Remote Workers; the incentives are GREAT.

    Housing costs way below East and West Coasts, Texas, etc.

  9. Good morning, sunshines:


    I do believe the disaffected voters have slipped into a mid-week catatonic state at Urban Survival. Too overwhelmed to be angry?

    G___- thank you for pointing out the potential hazards from using fiberglass furnace filter as filter mask media. I do have one question- if the filter media is too dangerous to put on your face, why would it be safe to put on your furnace inlet? 3M Merv 14 allergy filters on the furnace and 3M or Moldex P100 dust masks for me. I have a few Chinese N99 filters to try out, but I’m letting them age 27 days before I try ’em.
    I haven’t seen anyone wearing a blue fiberglass allergy filter wrapped around their head yet. I will be sure to pass the word along if I do.

    • I just know from working with f/g that its pretty stable stuff when in woven or mat – but man, when you cut it…particles all over hell and gone and they itch like hell

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