A Wednesday Two-Fer

Two items matter this morning:  Understanding dynamics of serialized news will satisfy our “news junkies.” While “Trading channels with expectation ranges” may help those transitioning from Vegas to Wall Street.

After the usual doses of news and this morning’s Charts…

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15 thoughts on “A Wednesday Two-Fer”

  1. Excuse me Boss, while I yammer

    You know politics is just another game in the big casino. its become a game of “sucks better” for the Anerican People. Most people around my age that I talk to feel that way. Which reminds of the term suckers bet. Lollypop anyone? It’s no longer a bet or vote for the Right man or woman for the Right Job. Or is that Tool? We go voting office to vote for which guy we think sucks better than then other person who sucks worse.

    I been reating the Artchecture of a Dream. Written long before the term “lucid dreaming ” was coined. As in words hold tonage papers as much as riches. As you know I8 very very rarely remember any dreams. I dont hardly ever sleep. I wake up evrry 2 hours been that way for years. I can hold a meditation passed the 3 hour point and get more rest than if I sleep most times. It never dawned on me that I should ask. So I did, last night. I remember a little piece this morning. I was walking passed a plan tree and an old fat chocolate lab sitting on his rear with it’s back against a palm tree asked me if I could spare a cigarette for an old chap. I said, that is an odd thing for a chocolate lab to say. He wagged his tail and said not as weird as you talking to a chocolate lab and hearing his request. So I flipped him a Marlboro and lit it, he said thanks, I said yeah man. and I woke up.

    That may signify the end of the world. I dont know. What I do know is, i spend alot more time talking to old people and listening to them than I do anyone else my age or yunger.

    I read lots and lots of old books. The one I’m reading now is 115 years old. dude straight up talks about airplanes with tubes of fire shooting off their sides going really fast 115 years before yet airplanes. “Lucid dreaming.” Or future trippin? Maybe it’s the same thing.

    Ure in your 70’s and alot of you are round hear. I spend most of my days chatting with 70 year olds and read the thoughts of 115-2000 + year olds. Their body’s maybe dead. But their thoughts and thought systems are still alive in the words or legacy they left behind.

    “The earth is vast in her memory of civilizations now dust, that existed apon her before the dawn of antiquity. If we still our minds long enough we can reminse with her. Not just out of speculation and curiosity, more to dip our finger into the Vast Ocean knowledge and power.” Which is funny because purified sea water is the EXACT mineral matrice of blood.

    I bid you good day. I have an appointment with Prometheus Unbound and
    Caduceus of Mercury

    • They will be doing all the talking. I spent quite a bit of words already today. Lol

      These old books and the people who wrote them, I consider my freinds. A poet once wrote, “Everyone is Shakespear in their dreams.” And another said, “in the land of I dont know everything teaches me.”

      We are all thirsty travelers making our way to the fountains out of Hecat On back Aeon, the infinite one who clothed its self in chaos.

      Later old dudes and old chicks. Prometheus is summoning me to the pool.

  2. G – the Hunt is on for Bulls and Fools with money to give to Ures truely!

    rooty toot toot, rooty toot toot – I am the bandicoot.
    i dont smoke and i dont screw and i dont mess with the girls that do.
    i aint got no girlfriend , i aint got no girlfreind.

    but i digress..

    PM Miners and Streamers – ringing the register, rolling out to June/July – rumor has it that orangemanbad has “got the gold” ..Burn the fed, after the TRUMPINATOR is done beating on it.

    Dont look now but the destruction of the petro dollar syndicate has begun – or so it seems.

    Its the ole In and Out with SPY Puts – this AM picking up Volume looking to fade the next down turn.

    As the late great magambo guru used to say..”just buy GOLD, wheeeeee this investing thing is easy!”

  3. Its A Bioweapon! dundundunnn.


    See 8chan for info regards email & PW’s for Wuhan Virology Lab and their partners in EVIL. rutrow

    Would Ure like to own some Pandemic Bonds carrying a 6% -11% Interest over Libor?

    The answer should be HELL NO!

    Pandemic Bonds were Issued from World Bank in collaboration with bill gates and george soros, along with government and other private investors.

    Ya dont think these Bonds had anything to do with the WHO not calling a Pandemic until Months after the fact?

    The more ya know – the more ya know ya Don’t Know…

    Thx Helenglass.wpcomstaging.com & the amazebalz Bill Sardi – doing GGGGRRREEEAT work for Humanity -dark to light.

  4. George,
    News wise…and as a long ago journalism school graduate…you perfectly hit the nail on the head. Great Focus section!

    Growing up in the Midwest, we had the 5:00pm national news and the 6:00pm local news. For the national news we had the choice of Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley and Peter Jennings/Harry Reasoner and later while I was in college, my mom liked the McNeil/Lehrer report in the 70’s. And that was it.

    Today, when you count news feeds, you tube, podcasts, social media and more, there are literally thousands of choices. Now, like cultivating a data base, you can organize your feeds to eliminate the garbage, but there still remains…way too much information overload. I have organized my feeds in a way to keep me up to date on a plethora of topics…I specific beliefs and interests…and I have organized my feeds that way. I have tech/science feeds, Economic..both domestic and international feeds, lifestyle feeds that include arts and sports, exercise and outdoor feeds and of course bi-partisan political feeds. Depending on the amount of time I have, I can read them or have Alexa do it. My Tesla can read them as well.

    I do this everyday of my life…And yes, when you are as informed as I am, you tend to see through the BS George alludes to. And there is a ton of inconsistent BS on every channel. More on Fox…depending on the hosts…but all do so for only one reason…share of voice, mind and market and that equals the almighty advertising dollar!

    • “And yes, when you are as informed as I am, you tend to see through the BS George alludes to.”

      So.. I am curious.. what your really saying is that…….


      LOL just had to toss that bitcoin in there..I get such a tickle out of bitcoin..then again the creature from jekyll island…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o548n2ZP_Ls ……. where they convinced the world that there was something more with nothing LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orCzfOApQhY ….. I heard the number is counting up on the computer screen for bitcoin…..


    • @Marx

      YOU have a very high opinion of YOURSELF……and YOU seem to know everything about everybody and how they are suppose to listen to you since you are so Intelligent and know all….

      Breaking News….


      AND IF YOU DO NOT [redacted for going into personal ad hominem attack – g ]


    Total cases: 592 (6 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 67
    Honolulu County: 388
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 110
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 6
    Required Hospitalization: 63
    Hawaii deaths: 12
    Released from Isolation: 444
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 22, 2020

    Three new cases in Honolulu, three new here on the Big Island of Hawaii County.

  6. Dear Mr. Ure,

    A news item locally is that demand for medical doctor services has dropped from historical norms. Fewer clinic visits mean less doctor billings to the provincial health care plan. The provincial doctors’ association has taken to print and broadcast advertisements explaining to the public that doctors’ offices are open and available to review non-coronavirus patient illneses. Even patients with minor ailments are encouraged to see their doctor now so bigger problems are not created down the road.

    In other “month of Sundays” news, Monday through Friday public bus schedules are being greatly reduced in frequency with corresponding layoffs as ridership has collapsed by 75%. The weekday schedule will henceforth be described as an “enhanced Saturday” schedule.

    • This goes with my theory that working too much – and not taking care of one’s corporeal self – leads to all kinds of dissonance.
      Which means when the shit on the outsides, don’t line up with the values on the inside, the result is stress.
      And stress expressed.
      When you see people who look prematurely old, ask yourself: Are they not living the same great life on the inside as the outside?
      People look at Elaine and me and wonder: How can these people have an average age of 74 and yet be so “vital.”
      And the answer is two-fold and grotesquely simple:
      1) We live as near to a stress-free life as possible.
      2) We pay attention to our outer world and our physical selves.

      No stress, listening to your body – that as some “tapping into the Big Source of All Energy” – we ll, there’s longevity.

      So back to point: When people have time – alone – and get along “with themselves on the inside” it cannot help, in Ure’s modest view, to fix much of what ails us at the physicality level.
      As within, so without.

      People who say they can’t stand isolation have missed the huge point of all this:

      If you don’t like “being alone – with Ureself – then ya’ll’s got some work to do…

      • You can work hard, and be a bit stressed, but it’s amazing how a big paycheck at the end of the day erases all the woe. It’s the day to day people that I worry about. They get caught in the Groundhogs day conundrum…but without the realization that they can improve on the rote mechanisms of the day.

        Isolation is good….but…Being isolated is a balance. Running and meditation is my alone and idea generation time or as I like to call it my ideation creation hours. And, throw in sleep and that’s all the balance we need. Because 90% of all jobs require human interaction of some sorts. We need intellectual coherence to feed our senses and fuel our ideas. It’s a cranial competition…and the best way to achieve greatness and serenity at the same time is to join together as large groups to create an inner utopia and balance our ideas for the betterment of human kind.

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