How Donald Trump Made Us Richer; Aftermath and More

Most mornings we focus on a particular aspect of Life, the Economy, Prepping and Survivalist thinking, or just Out There on topics like the Art of Futuring.

This morning, however, I’m going to walk you through a high-risk trade that SHOULD return us a juicy 6% gain in just three days.

Definitely in  the “Do Not Try This at Home” category, it falls into the category of looking over a mad man’s shoulder as he expects to book gains of better than 10% in just six weeks of trading.

Assuming the U.S. Market drops 2% today.

Along the way, many pointers on trading technique with the idea of helping you make some money, as well.

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18 thoughts on “How Donald Trump Made Us Richer; Aftermath and More”

  1. I stand corrected.. I am totally shocked.. Usually what the one percent want the one percent get follow the money..
    Now will they let him lead.. If they do we actually might have a chance. yet you have to follow the money who will benefit who will loose cash in this transaction ..
    I truly believe that if he is able to do his job he will have a team of lawyers reading the crap that congress refuses to read or write.. pointing out the flaws to the public..
    I was also amazed.. I live close to a polling center.. I am usually one of the first ones in at seven am.. what happened though is the parking lot was full at six thirty people were lining up to vote at a quarter after six.. it was like that all day long..
    so I think the people spoke as one voice..
    We are tired of the way you are running our country now get your stuff together lets work for America for a change.. :kudos:

    • Exactly! People are sick of what the elite has DONE to our country! Foisted their divisions upon us, used the media to whip up racism, sexism, and all manners of deceits upon us! Rained evil down on us 24/7 with their corporate propaganda devices! The fact that a majority of Americans could SEE through this evil is ASTOUNDING in itself! Thank you, Julian Assange, for the 30 day speed up opportunity education of the masses! Thank you, George Ure, for continuing to try to remind us of why we are here and what we are here to do! Thank you, Alex Jones, for caring enough about this country to FIGHT for us, day after day, for over 20 years! I first saw Alex Jones speak in Austin, in 1995, he was warning us about the Diebold Voting machines! Who listened in 1995??? We get it George Ure, we get that they have turned EVERYTHING into a business model, even if the goal is to sell us out! George Soros owning the voting machines in 16 states??? Illegal immigration to keep the wages down, so the corporations and government can profit off of the slave wages across the board? Obamacare to strip America of its wealth and NAFTA and TPP to further demoralize and confuse the citizens by taking more jobs out of the country and flooding us people who do not love America! This is one of the GREATEST days in my lifetime! I wanted to know, WHERE IS THE AMERICAN, WHERE IS HIS AND HER VOICE? WHERE DO WE COUNT? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT WHAT WE THINK, FEEL, WANT, DO? DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT OUR IDEAS? I watched the UK be stripped and demoralized, I watched them do the same treatment to America, enough is enough! Restate the RULE OF LAW! Quit the piecemealing of America, quit the selling out of her greatest resources, her independent and creative spirit! Quit using our babies that grow up to be men and women by killing and maiming them in useless, illegal wars! Quit invading other countries for profit and conquest! Quit stripping of us our wealth! The government is DIRECTLY responsible for all the ills we find ourselves involved in! WE CAN DO THIS – we can heal AMERICA!!!

      • All correct except for :
        ” The government is DIRECTLY responsible for all the ills we find ourselves involved in!”

        The blame for that lies with the spiritually immature Marduk & sons.

      • Heel.. Your visceral “day after victory” speech , failed to move me into bowing down to your two apparent heroes of “All-Knowingness”. In my reality, these two are just two of the thousands invested in offering the people “Non-Life Altering Media En-Trapment”, geared towards satisfying a particular segment of like minded individuals-a prescription that helps them to justify their reason to believe as they believe.

        You quote several of “your” perceived ills that currently plague the United States, and offer, your own (possibly),thought out prescriptions to heal said ills. It could be, however, those (VERY possible) precriptions have been transplanted into those regions of your being where who you think you really are, accepts the “trueness” of your “heroes” media transmission.

        In the end, you implore the citizenry of America to come together to make things Great again! Well, as long as making it Great, follows your’s and your “heroes” definition of Great, that is?

  2. Famous last words:
    “Assuming the U.S. Market drops 2% today”
    Yeah, who’da thought the market would be up with it down 750 last night. Not me! LOL

  3. I read some where that the last time the Republicans had a majority in the house and the Senate with a Republican president was 1928. Saaaay isnt that when the first bubble was created?? Lol

  4. I am dismayed watching the media call this a white backlash. Once again, a biased report to split the people at the bottom. It was not a white backlash, but a working person backlash against the elite who have no concept of what it means to work for minimum wage. Black, Hispanic and more all voted for Trump.
    Shame on the media who pretend to hold themselves to a higher standard!

  5. I am a bit alarmed that she-who’s-name-cannot-be-uttered-without-spitting actually won the popular vote. After reading Wikipedia’s page on the Electoral College and how this can happen while still loosing the EC vote I wonder if the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact might kick in without the prerequisite number of states joining it? Just throwin’ some more doom-porn out there. After all, the Rule of Law hasn’t been in effect since, what, 9-11?

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