No “Lever-Pulling Filler” Here

We used to hate Election Day in the newsroom.


You don’t have anything to talk about.

The same phenomena happens in sports, too.

Two teams, like the Cowboys and the Whoevers can be engaged in a marvelous battle of football standings. But for the sports media, they only get one game per week to talk about. The rest turns into minutia.

“How is old so-and-so doing? You know he’s been on the injured-reserve list (IRL) for 21-years now…”

That kind of crap.

Same thing happens on election day.

The big battle has been waged, most of which was dueling harlots and pimps with little attention to policy. Charges and counter-charges.

In the end, politics and Preparation-H are a suitable pairing.  And you know whose end, eh?

Despite the bazillion stories about the election today, we will remind you there is still a world – outside of political compost  – to be dealt with.

The Rise of Filth

Remember last week in our Coping section, we were talking about the decline of good swearing…the lack of good insults seems coincidental with the decline in manners, the upwelling of slovenly clothing, the arrival of rainbow hair colors.  This latter is just another business model you’re being played for…another way to take money from you and give it to someone in the completely ethereal “fashion world…”

Then there is the N-wording and F-bombing that has become so useless as to be pointless.

You may enjoy this YT of people reading tweets from some of the “big stars” of Follywood who have come out short on the language skills….

Open Border Fallout

I won’t even begin to go political on this. It speaks for itself: “‘They Keep Finding Bodies;’ Illegal Alien Minor Influx Spurs Gang Crime in NY Suburb.”

Race Relations

Payback for BLM? “Baton Rouge cop sues Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson.”

Yes, inciting violence is a crime.

BLM Event-jacking attempts are still alive, however. They heckled Bill Clinton in Greensboro, NC

How to Watch the Election

A couple of schools of thought on this.

One school says turn off all the crap and just see the headlines in the morning.

However, is skipping the melodrama sounds boring and there’s nothing good streaming tonight, counting network lies, omissions, misstatements, and gaffs is always enjoyable.

Elaine and I look at it like sports, though. Just give me the line scores olr just watch the final two-minutes.

The rest is all fill, all the time.

You see, it’s like this:

We have too much “news capacity” as a nation.

What used to be real news, focus on issues, has spread out to become Follywood and infotainment. Useless for the masses, but like popcorn, it gives the rich a way to fleece the sheep.

Like data?

Let me give you an example, then.

Google NEWS returns a mind-bending 11.3-million “stories” in a search of Kardashian.

This compares with 13.2-million for a search of Syria stories.

Ah…we is the sheep, is we not? Where’s Walt Kelly and Pogo when we need him? Sadly, dead since ’73. I wish R. Crumb did politics. Last thing I heard he did a graphic version of the Book of Genesis

THAT leaves us with few since the create of Outland retired and then there is Scott Adams of Dilbert fame…

Nation hasn’t been right since Outland and Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed retired, either.

You see? Who needs CNN and Faux when the truth is in the comix and just a lot more fun?

OMG did I go off on a tangent…’scuse me. Must have missed my Discipline Pill today.

Hmmm…laid it right next to the bottle of Trump Vodka which we will drink of break tonight.

Fed on Consumer Debt

I suppose “Up to your ass in it” is a little too direct.

So I will politely (so as not to be confused with a Follywood star) refer you here to read this:

Consumer Debt is up 6% at the end of September compared with Q3 of 2015.

So yes, up to our butts in debt. And yes, this fits right into our Replaying 1929/Roaring Twenties Replay that I keep telling you is real and true.

But who listens? “Buy now, supplies are limited. Operators are standing by. Free shipping with the next 100 orders. This is a free call.”

Still works. Mostly because people don’t like to think. They like to play. We are as Apes pressing all those brightly-colored buttons on their phones. Human or primate?

A Big Note About Brains

Buddy Roger over in Arizona spied this gem – a fine read: “Updated map of the human brain hailed as a scientific tour de force…”

Turns out the human brain has upwards of 180-different and specialized regions for processing things.

Please try to activate as many as you can today.

Most Americans won’t, unfortunately.

In the Money Pit

Remember, half of America will be disappointed in the election results tomorrow. After the idiotic rise yesterday, I may re-enter a short position today.

Futures are waltzing back and forth over the Zero axis this morning.

Special Note to Bank Robbers

Take Friday off. Banks will be closed for Veterans Day.

Hold up something else.

Might I suggest?  Triple levered ETFs and long-expiration options are just as profitable and carry no risk of arrest, and no travel or disguises required.  The FBI (or what’s left of it post Comey shortly) won’t care., either.  Stocks are better than stick-ups.

Oh, most important of all, the market IS open Friday.

12 thoughts on “No “Lever-Pulling Filler” Here”

  1. Just FYI, Bloom County has picked up and doing wonderful comics again. Just as awesome as ever. His new medium is the book of faces. Sorry you’ve missed it.

  2. My pappy told me there were only 2 reasons folks resorted to profanity:

    1) Their vocabulary was too limited to communicate otherwise.

    2) Their audience was so poorly educated that they couldn’t understand anything else.

    Doesn’t say much for Hillary’s choice of “entertainers” does it….

  3. I stand corrected.. I am totally shocked.. Usually what the one percent want the one percent get follow the money..
    Now will they let him lead.. If they do we actually might have a chance. yet you have to follow the money who will benefit who will loose cash in this transaction ..
    I truly believe that if he is able to do his job he will have a team of lawyers reading the crap that congress refuses to read or write.. pointing out the flaws to the public..
    I was also amazed.. I live close to a polling center.. I am usually one of the first ones in at seven am.. what happened though is the parking lot was full at six thirty people were lining up to vote at a quarter after six.. it was like that all day long..
    so I think the people spoke as one voice..
    We are tired of the way you are running our country now get your stuff together lets work for America for a change.. :kudos:

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