Coping: With Election Day Omens – A Touch of Woo-Woo

I try not to get too much into the woo-woo side of things around here, other the my occasional mentions of prophetic dreams when I feel like sharing them and sometimes my “dream work.”

Yet my interest in Woo has never waned. There IS something – a force, principle, or perhaps a personality – bigger than humans. But whether it stops with the Universal Subconscious Mind and Jungian concepts is open to endless debate.

Rather than waste time on the debate part, my preference is to stick to the data, especially dreams that seem to have meaning. And its here we get to my first Omen about the election, a dream.

I wasn’t too clear on what was going on in the dream except that a bunch of us were on horseback and we were trying to catch a wild woman who was wanted for a number of serious crimes. She was on foot.

But at the dream continued, the group I was with eventually rounded her up and put her on a horse that had an over-sized green blanket on it and no saddle.

The woman’s hands were bound in front of her and as we were starting to work our way back to the “destination” where she was wanted to face charges of the crimes, she suddenly leaned forward and took the reins of the horse just so, and made an escape running ahead and to the left of me.

So that’s Omen #1.

Not happy about it, but Omens don’t ask, they just are. As to where they come from, there’s no telling. Maybe it is just what professionals, like Chris McCleary who runs the site, study. On the other hand, when there is something like a color – in this case a kind of warm grayish-green, then I start thinking whether this means there’s some involvement the mainstream has missed, as in the importance of environmental concerns as a forward/left movement? Again, I’m no expert at this, but the role of “greens” in this election seemed to be a key part of the dream. And yes, the woman on the horse had blonde hair, but curiously, it was long, not short.

A head-scratcher, for sure.

OK, Omen #2…

This one is laughably obvious.

Zeus the Cat came in for breakfast – usual time. After stuffing himself well past sufficiency, he headed back outside.  We water him outside so he has an incentive to get up and walk around after meals and not sit on furniture.

As I opened the door, whose scent do you think surprised me, having not smelled it for almost 5-months now?

A Skunk!

If the skunk had been around recently, it would not have been an Omen.

But this is the first time I caught his scent in six months  – and that wasn’t hard because it is a great-big-powerful scent – like he was close>  First time since late last spring, yes sir. I didn’t know skunks migrated, or maybe they just have a different food foraging route in the summertime…just never studied that.

But the fact that The Skunk chose this – Election Day – to make his rounds and scent up the Ure household is a Second Omen in my estimation.

Thought you’d find those two observations interesting in the first case, and pretty damn coincidental in the second.

My personal take away is that my subconscious sees Hillary winning and the outer world sign is the skunks will be around for a long time to come.

BPR: Business Process Re-Engineering Elections

As you know, I am a huge fan of methodical thinking approaches. In business process re-engineering (which I’ve done a fair bit of) we look at the current configuration of a business and ask: “In a perfect world, what would be the most efficient and customer-centric way to get this done?”

Amazing as it sounds, in most businesses there is little emphasis on customer experience and a tremendous focus – often quite maniacal – on “The Way WE do things around here…”

I can’t tell you how many times in software implementations – where we would go in and install “the electric railroad” (a business process software system customized for best possible efficiencies) how many times we would have to fight with people who kept their own offline journals, often in Excel spreadsheets or Access (or FileMaker Pro) databases.

Over time, we ensured that everyone got all their cars from the same railroad and, as a result, duplication of data input disappeared, customer contact and satisfaction improved dramatically, and profits went up much more than the modest cost of installing a software backbone in a business.

“Which has what to do with Election Day, pray tell?”

To the point.

Electing people to office is your one and only chance for 1,460 days (+/-) to find vote for people who reflect your core values. 730 days for Copngressoids and almost 2,200 days for Sinators.

First step in the BPR process is sometimes referred to the Needs Analysis, but even before that we always encouraged companies to have clear missions that were short and simple enough for everyone in an organization to articulate.

A nickel gentleman’s bet on the side says if someone came in right now and asked you to explain your core values in 30-words of less, you couldn’t do it.

I can…but only because Monday I looked at the voting problem (as in who) and figured I needed to articulate my absolute core values so that I could make a meaningful decision about the candidates.

My core values are simple:

1. Truth at all times. No half-truths. No lying by omission. No shading and weasel-wording. Just the truth.

This first core value usually cuts a good portion of the wannabe candidates out.

2 .  Absolute adherence to the primacy of the Constitution and Rule of Law.

a. Passing laws unread by elected officials.

b. Anti-constitutional/judicial activists.

c. Proponents of excessive Administrative L:aw.

This second core value allows me to quickly decide a lot of positions because – as I see it – America is operating in three dangerous gray zones of Law.

The first is we have allowed the country to enact laws which are not only hopelessly complicated, but simply don’t work. In order to cover this up, things like Affordable (which it ain’t) Care Act rate hikes will not be revealed until the cretins who passed and signed have taken another bite out of the wallet.

They are guilty of violating Core Value 1 (liars) and Core Value 2-a (passing laws unread). When comes to national office, an incumbent mark is all I need to see to fire them even if it means voting for the other party. See how process narrows down my choices?

2-b. tells me that if a judge is up for election, are they trying to Rule from the Bench or are they strictly holding America to the word and intent of the Founders?

The Socialist insurgency, which began after the McCarthy era ended in the 1950’s and when the House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) hung up its work, has now partnered with a religious insurgency. Therefore, people who claim special dispensations and insights into “What the Constitution really said” hav e just lost my vote.

2-c tells us that anything having to do with “administrative government” might as well say “Long March” for the Maoists and Soviet Collectives for the campus liberalistas.

Go back to South America is Che was such a good fellow and don’t let the door slap you on the butt on the way out.

A couple of facts: The John Birch Society was seen as “dangerously right-wing” when I was growing up. A grandfather-in-law who was a prosperous businessman and had a fine piece of property on Puget Sound and a nice boat in his front yard explained that the John Birch views might sound extreme at the time, but they would be right in the end.

And boy, were there.

Same thing with the expressions of the Tea Party, demonized and all that frou-frou about taxpayer-funded Fusion Centers trying to make up a “domestic terror element” for the right because the left and recent immigrants own that space.

I’m still waiting for the missing government witness never called in the OK City bombing, too, come to think of it.

This matter of “administrative law” really means nothing more, or less, than runaway government.

Here in Texas we have elective cities, we have elective counties, and then we have this form of half-ass bureaucratic afterbirth called Municipal Utility Districts. Never, ever, under any condition move to one of those without a ton of research ahead of time. It’s an administrative-zombie crook-fest with a triple-doze of lawyering.

My buddy Oilman2 lives in such a place. Home valued at $265,000 in The Woodlands, a municipal utility disaster area. His property taxes will be north of $7,000 per year. And things any competent homeowner should be able to do themselves is verboten. Permit to change out the water heater in my own house? How do you spell “Bite me…”?

Back to voting as a process…

3.Under the Constitution, what does America stand for and do I agree or disagree?

This one is woefully complex. But a country isn’t a country unless it has solid and defensible borders. Another “impeachable offense” may be the ordering of the fine officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stand down and not kick out lots and lots of crooks and gangsters from all over hell’s half-acre. Which looks a lot like Central and northern South America, now that I think about it.

4.Are the Laws being evenly and equally enforced?

The peace officer a few houses up (Texas Highway Patrol) has a sign up front of his place with one Sheriff Candidate’s name. Knowing, vaguely, this local lawe enforcement expert, I figure the candidate he supports is not doing anti-constitutional things like Sanctuary Cities or running a “catch and release” program for the local meth labs.

So I value what police, fire, health, and experts in things like substance abuse have to say.

His sign, by the way, is out front of a small town police chief from a nearby municipality, too. So 100% of the local cops I know or speak with have informed my vote for a slew of candidates.

I don’t care in you like Sheriff Joe Arpaio out in Phoenix (Maricopa County) but he has been very clear about some of the liberal BS running amuck in America today..

Profiling, for example.

If one race or religious, or obvious social group is actually responsible for terrorism or a type of crime, what is wrong with focusing on and utilizing that information? Profile them!  Liberals be damned.  Fix the crime problem and don’t get sucked into a left-hand spin.

Next thing you know, the left will be standing up to protect the rights of meth-heads.  “Hey!  Don’t look for bad teeth and moving big screens!”  Jeez, I can hear it now.

If South American illegals are committing a lot of crime in Phoenix, why not profile them?  Illegals account for something like 13.6% of sentencings  nationally, higher nearer the loose border.  Lemme see:  Four percent of population, 13.6% of sentencings.  Naw…no statistical importance to that, right?

Here’s the Business Process point which Mr. T did not do very well at explaining:

We hire government to take care of our problems (like crime and fire fighting and community medical response, and basic welfare and Social Security and roads and…).

Thing about this for a moment.  In HR terms, we look at resumes of lots of good people.  I still like Dr. Ben Carson…great guy!  But did I/we have a c hance to vote for the smartest guy in the room?  Nope.  High school petty FB and Twits.  So no real point to the resume review if we get down to a freak clown show, is there?

But at some point we have to step back and ask the last hard question in our National Needs Analysis on this Election Day.

5. Can the Community and I really afford this measure or the grandiose dreams of this candidate or group of promoters?

That one’s easy because as we preach daily Everything’s a Business Model.

Obamacare?  Unaffordable.  Hillarycare?  Worse.  More immigrants without marvelously thorough background checks?  Hell no.  Solid borders?  Hell yes.

Including vote counting, another business model, we should see tomorrow about the “runaway woman” and the retinue of skunks.

Have a great time at the polls and let’s not get this one wrong.  Not that we can do anything about it.

If you don’t vote today, it’s too late.

Write when you get rich,

17 thoughts on “Coping: With Election Day Omens – A Touch of Woo-Woo”

  1. Election day results.. did Hillary give her acceptance speech yet.. Oh.. that is for a few hours from now.
    follow the money..
    who wants Hillary to who will be giving the speech in my opinion

  2. Your dream reminds me of Clif’s latest video where the forecast words show Trump winning but there being confusion and Hillary disappearing after the election, in really like never being seen again. Strange.

    Could also be the “Green” party “runs” away with more votes than is expected?

  3. I don’t understand how Obama’s ordering of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to stand down has any weight. Aren’t they to supposed to enforce existing laws? Doesn’t Congress need to be involved to change immigration laws? So if immigration laws haven’t been changed can’t Immigration officials be charged with dereliction of duty by Congress?

    • In a “Constitutional world,” yes. In today’s “post 9/11” world, no.

      Thanks to the “patriot act” and “streamlining,” I.C.E., and every other Federal domestic intelligence or enforcement agency now fall under the purview of the Attorney General – a Presidential appointee, thus giving the ultimate authority to act, or not, to da Prez.

      There’s a reason George coined the term “Lynch mob…”

      Congress’ and The People’s only recourse or “check and balance” to, having ceded this authority to the Executive, is through impeachment or the threat thereof — a completely empty threat with a PC-progressive society and a Congress populated by eunuchs. Mr. Obama is not the brightest kid on the block, but he’s street-savvy enough to recognize and exploit his position.

  4. Looks like you should be voting for Darrell Castle.
    I’m going to be spending the next week out in my garden, away from the media, while the blame game and the guilt trips shake out.
    Money’s in cash, and it might just stay there until the government confiscates it. Just bought some spinach seeds, plastic for a cold frame, and I’m planting for winter.

  5. I took a look into a facebook page that was supposed to be about election related articles for today only. What I saw was all posts pro-HRC & anti-Trump; Media firmly in hand (the horse in your dream?).

  6. Not too late in CT , they are offering “instant registration and voting” on election day.
    How convenient.

  7. Just watched a powerful and ‘telling’ movie, “33MEN”
    about the Chilean miners trapped under 2300 feet of rock.
    One Powerful mouthful of wisdom from Anthony Bandera’s character that sums it all up to become my motto for this day:
    ” I do NOT believe it is hopeless and that we WILL get out of here. YOU can believe what you want but I BELIEVE that we will because I CHOOSE to believe it!! Our families will dig us out even with their bare hands if needed.”
    And they all survived from changing the WOO WOO of the quantum time line that looked hopeless to where the mining company was creating their gravestones and epitaphs.
    MSM will NOT be the creators of any epitaph that stands as grave as the woe-be-gone crepe hangers
    Have faith and create YOUR outcome not theirs. its that powerful. So be that.

  8. With the core values you profess, if you were someone looking for a place to expatriate, I would tell you that the USA is not a match for you.

    As I used to tell my friends, I did not leave the USA, the USA left me, standing there holding a copy of the constitution in my hand.

    • What area in Equador do you as an expat currently
      reside ? Would you select the same or a similar place. If the opportunity occurs for me I was wondering where I should search and what I should learn about, including banking.

  9. What happened to your earlier prediction about the Russians mucking up the election with aggressive military action?

  10. Hillary already has a bug out place picked out in case she loses. That is her – she is a wild and crazy criminal captured on her Green blanket (MONEY) riding a horse, and she uses the REINS (of power) to ride off away from her CRIMINALITY, and you boys (FBI, CIA, etc.) who can’t seem to DETAIN a CRIMINAL let her go! GO GET HER!! LOCK HER UP!!!

    • Watch her flee!!!!! Donald Trump is our next President!!!! YEAH!!!!! THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW FUTURE FOR AMERICA! TIME TO STOP THE DAMAGE, TIME TO CLEAN UP THIS COUNTRY!!!

  11. Re: Dreams–
    If the election, the golden-haired lady fleeing on her blanket of green is Hillary, riding away with her money.
    The surprise skunk at the door is The Donald, as unexpected as his victory, in your face and making mischief.
    So tighten your cinches folks, and get ready for a rough ride

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