President Obama rocked the election this weekend by saying, according to a report here, that ““If you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote.”

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Whether this is an impeachable offense demands on which side of the political aisle you’re sitting on.

Obviously, the questioner said “dreamers” but then she attaches the liberal-buzz “citizen” because “they have made a contribution to this country…”

Obama chose to answer the “citizen” part and ignored that the question was specifically about illegals who have not taken the Oath of Citizenship.

This is typical of the “slime level” in this campaign.  Right along with the radical Obama left letting loose with F-bombs and n-word at campaign events.

Despicable and not presidential in any sense.

Still, in the despicable column, we have to call out Congress which would can’t do anything without wasting huge amounts of time.

There is no law saying impeachment has to be anything more than a 4-day event.  Congress just acts that way.

Comey the Clown

We continue, in the center ring of this electoral circus with the FBI Director’s “creative handling” of the latest email investigation.

After saying that Clinton has been cleared – again – the BS detectors went off on the R side of things as “‘You can’t review 650,000 new emails in eight days!’ Furious Trump blasts FBI Director after Houdini Hillary is CLEARED over second email investigation sparked by Anthony Weiner’s teen sexting scandal.

Could the FBI have really done a credible review in eight days?  Obviously, not.

But the real whitewashing on the Clinton charges make sense once you understand that “DoJ Assistant Attorney Peter Kadzik outed as a mole for Hillary Clinton campaign “ was charged by Wikileaks.

But, since payback is a bitch, we see now how “WikiLeaks says email publication servers under targeted DoS attack since #DNCLeak2 .”

Meantime, it doesn’t look good for CNN’s credibility as another report says “WikiLeaks: DNC and CNN colluded on questions for Trump, Cruz.”

Israel Worries, Global Jitters

A note from Warhammer to ponder:

On the day before a momentous U.S. election, this article highlights the increasingly dire situation Israel finds itself in after the U.S. abandoned the region’s only true democracy shortly after the lame duck American was elected eight years ago.

The key takeaway is Russia is not only protecting the corrupt Assad regime and strengthening bonds between Syria and Iran in the process, the Ruskies are teaching tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to Hezbollah, formerly a guerilla military organization and sworn mortal enemy to Israel and, coincidentally (not), a compete Iranian puppet.

Tangentially, stock futures are up this morning on the news Hillary and Huma’s email arrangement will not be further investigated.  Why?  Oh, sure, there’s the confidence that current economic policies set in place during the Obama administration will remain in place, providing some level of comfort to investors.  But then there’s the prospects of ramped up military manufacturing, taking Russia, Iran, China, Israel, Yemen  (and many, many more) hot spots into consideration.  This diplomatic uncertainty is also good for military industry and the associated aspect of our economy.

War in the Middle East looks inevitable no matter which party claims the White House tomorrow.  But my bet is that war is much more likely if HRC assumes the throne.  She will threaten Putin’s machismo, causing him to confront her to maintain a good image among the Russian serfs.  If Hillary wins, America will continue to neglect Israel while pushing towards open international borders and economic globalism.  Problem is, the Middle East may not be the only ‘doom bloom’ if Hillary wins.  China will surely test her resolve in the Pacific, strengthening its grip on the S. China Sea region, perhaps more. 

Who knows, Hillary may ultimately end up being an American Margaret Thatcher.  Problem is, she lacks a Reaganesque ally to carry her heavy torch of progressivism ‘Forward.’ 

Interesting times?  Indeed!

Uh –huh…But a Trump win would panic the insider-class and so perhaps the panic over money would limit US involvement.  Still, damn interesting horse race, for sure.

Talk to Me About Money

The market is likely to rally, at least for a while, after we get through the election and expected fall-out.  But you need to understand the high level of risk at jumping into the market on the long/bullish side on the strength of this rally that is showing in the futures…a 1.3% rally when I looked.

Wriote this down and stare at it several times today because it is a Wall Street “old saying” that became and old saying because it’s usually right.

Take this (incredibly stupid) election.

Polls are about tied, of Trump is ahead and BOTH SIDES think their candidate will win.

Ergo, the rally this morning should be a smoker.  BUT tomorrow evening, about half of America (and whoever those illegals and dead people are who vote Smile) will be disappointed.

And that means, the retest of last week’s lows could come on Thursday or Friday.  And if kit starts to get up a head of steam, then it will pick up momentum and we will head down for the 1,980 zone on the S&P, OR we will hold above, oh, 2,074 or so.  And then we get a sustainable rally.

So that’s the mechanics of “Buy the rumor, sell the news: and I think there is a chance of us seeing it work out this week. 

Still, Pappy didn’t raise no fool.  As advised our subscribers a couple of weeks ago, this is a fine time to hold cash.

Our stodgy old trading model is designed to make – and keep – money.  You might be able to make a good bit on a short-term trade, but more downside action looks to be in the cards, especially if an unconnected candidate wins over the one that has ties to the voting-machine maker…ahem….


Former Attorney General Janet Reno.

She’ll be remembered for her hand in the Waco seige that cost 76 people their lives.

II can’t speak for you, but I’m not impressed with the quality of democratic AG appointments…

Oklahoma Quake – Bigger in the Wings?

5.0 with some damage reported in central Oklahoma.  What makes this a financial story is that Cushing is a key energy hub, in addition to the usual rural goings-on.


Yep, right there in fracking country, too.

The reason to worry about this just being a prequel is that we have a “Super Moon” coming up on the 16th.

That will bring two things:  1) the closest approach of the Moon to Earth in 70+ years and 2) the resulting extremes of tidal action, both of land and see.  Yes, see Land Tides for more.

A word, or two about the 1948 Super Moon.  There were three Super Moons in February, March, and April of ‘49.

In addition to a December 7.0 in December of 1948 in the Antofagasta Region of Chile, there was a 7.0 in Fiji in January, a February 7.0 in the Aleutians, a 7.3 in China in the same month.  Then in March a 7+  hit Indonesia and in April the Philippines and in Chile.

Which means what?

Oh, just that there really is a tendency for major quyakes to hit on “named days” such as the Boxing Day quake and tsunami and the Good Friday Alaska quake in ‘’1964.

If wet a major quake on Election Day tomorrow or on Vetyeran’s Day Friday, remember this is why we prep and who mentioned it in advance.

I Universal Children’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday all fall later this month, but with the year ending with three Super Moons, only an idiot wouldn’t double check the supplies and have a few cases of water per person laid in…

Back to the Money Pit

45-,minutes before the open, the Dow was up 250.

Fed Consumer Debt report out this afternoon, so keep an eye on that one.  And the Gallup Consumer Spending number came in at $93 for the month of October…about even.

Enjoy the bounce.