Housing RIPS!

Just in from S&P/CoreLogic:

NEW YORK, JULY 25, 2017 – S&P Dow Jones Indices today released the latest results for the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Indices, the leading measure of U.S. home prices. Data released today for May 2017 shows that home prices continued their rise across the country over the last 12 months. More than 27 years of history for these data series is available, and can be accessed in full by going to www.homeprice.spdji.com. Additional content on the housing market can also be found on S&P Dow Jones Indices’ housing blog: www.housingviews.com.

YEAR-OVER-YEAR   The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price NSA Index, covering all nine U.S. census divisions, reported a 5.6% annual gain in May, the same as the prior month. The 10-City Composite annual increase came in at 4.9%, down from 5.0% the previous month. The 20-City Composite posted a 5.7% year-over-year gain, down from 5.8% in April.

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Seattle, Portland, and Denver reported the highest year-over-year gains among the 20 cities. In May, Seattle led the way with a 13.3% year-over-year price increase, followed by Portland with 8.9%, and Denver overtaking Dallas with a 7.9% increase. Nine cities reported greater price increases in the year ending May 2017 versus the year ending April 2017.
The below charts compare year-over-year returns for Seattle and Portland with different ranges of housing prices (tiers). Upon tier level analysis from 2011 to present, both Seattle and Portland’s year-over-year returns show housing prices in the high tier to be the most stable while housing prices in the low tier are the most volatile.

Let’s look at the price chart:

S&P/CoreLogic then offers this…

“Home prices continue to climb and outpace both inflation and wages,” says David M. Blitzer, Managing Director and Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices. “Housing is not repeating the bubble period of 2000-2006: price increases vary across the country unlike the earlier period when rising prices were almost universal; the number of homes sold annually is 20% less today than in the earlier period and the months’ supply is declining, not surging. The small supply of homes for sale, at only about four months’ worth, is one cause of rising prices. New home construction, higher than during the recession but still low, is another factor in rising prices.
“For the last 19 months, either Seattle or Portland OR was the city with fastest rising home prices based on 12-month gains. Since the national index bottomed in February 2012, San Francisco has the largest gain. Using Census Bureau data for 2011 to 2015, it is possible to compare these three cities to national averages. The proportion of owner-occupied homes is lower than the national average in all three cities with San Francisco being the lowest at 36%, Seattle at 46%, and Portland at 52%. Nationally, the figure is 64%. The key factor for the rise in home prices is population growth from 2010 to 2016: the national increase is 4.7%, but for these cities, it is 8.2% in San Francisco, 9.6% in Portland and 15.7% in Seattle. A larger population combined with more people working leads to higher home prices.”

Futures holding Dow +102 after data release…

Fed Meeting

The Federal Reserve meeting gavels in this morning and tomorrow afternoon (2 PM’ish EDT) we will hear their decision.  Frankly, though, we are not expecting an increase.  Instead, we will be looking for a Fed Statement that will encourage, rather than discourage markets.  The Fed, by all appearances is open to more market gains (and needs them) to keep sopping-up the additional “money” being created as we noted in Monday’s discussion of the H.6 Money Stocks report.  Pedal to the metal, Janet…you go girl.

Irrational Consumerism

Here we go, once again, with another fine example of how the American Consumer has pretty much no senses whatsoever.

We’re reading reports like this one that the 2018 Ford Mustang will be able to hit 0-60 speeds in less than 4 seconds.  While that’s grand – for an ICE-powered rig, we note that the Porsches have already been there and the Tesla as I recall was in the 3.6 second range.

In a world of “specialization” we may have to bracket our thinking about cars:  Whether front-engine ICE (Mustang), rear-engine ICE (Porsches), or EV’s (Tesla).

In a world where the fastest highway speeds are 80 MPH, we wonder why anyone would pony up for more than economical transport (Nissan Versa, for example) or a luxury ride (like our old Lexus),

But given than Rachel Maddow is at the top of the TV ratings game now, the tastes and wisdom of the American Consumer have been called seriously into question….AGAIN.

The Daily Bash

Got another full load.  Now that the NE liberal press has managed to convince turncoat (mislabeled) repubnicians to pass on a $12-billion freebie for insurance companies, they’re on to the next target:  Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Here’s an article for example hinting that Texas senator Ted Cruz might be named as Session’s replacement.  And that gives the CNN Trump Bask Department the chance to run Cillizza: Trump’s public bullying of Sessions is embarrassing.

I’m not sure how they figure:  Sessions wasn’t forthcoming and should not have recused himself…

Meantime, one of extremely bright readers offered this in our Comments section this morning:

George, last week you referenced an article about Sessions resurrecting the civil forfeiture laws, now I’m reading that Sessions is tying violence to marijuana and will be targeting grow operations even in states where its legal. Its to be rolled out July 27. Interesting timing on the forfeiture news last week. I wonder how states that are reaping huge tax revs from legal mj are going to act?

Enter: Reason #2 to bounce Sessions.  The Base doesn’t care if someone has a “recreational joint” (in the north) or “huffs a hogleg” (in the south).  If otherwise law-abiding, tax-paying, where’s the distinction between a joint and “two buck chuck?”  OK, one causes cirrhosis while the other has anti-cancer cannabinoids…  Illegal weed is at the base of the border coyote trade, too.

Sessions is edging toward sounding like a defender of the booze lobby status quo…

We note there is something of a well-rutted road from Constitutionalist to conservative republican, to office holder, to political leadership, to political sell-out.

The only way we can see Sessions redeeming himself would be for him to fire Mueller’s summer fishing expedition.  But because Sessions is something of as swamp-tender himself, we don’t expect him to step up.  At least that’s how it looks in the rational part of Texas.

Then there’s the WaPo going on to speculate that there may be some changes in the WH Communications office with the departure of Spicer.  Gee, really?

This last story is of interest from a news “propagation and analytics” standpoint because of how it spins up so nicely.  The incoming (whoever) will be able to pick who they want.  But emotionally hot terms like “Purge!” get used in the NELP (northeast liberal press) and pretty quick, the story is foreshortened from  “communications office” to “purge in the WH” – which is all part of the anti-Trump rhetorician’s plans, from the appearance (and regularity) of it.

Meantime, the POTUS ripped ol’ Barack for NEVER attending or speaking to a Boy Scout National Jamboree.  Not to state the obvious, be we think Obama had (and is still orchestrating) an attack on traditional American values.  Like strong borders…honest choice in healthcare…and MORE, particularly in gutting the military… but I digress.

Off in background: Those turncoat repubnicians who want Pence to step in and replace Trump should consider that would move up Paul Ryan to #2, which is about the last thing the country needs…

Zombie Healthcare Bill

And here comes one of the head zombies: GOP Sets Senate Health Care Vote Buoyed by John McCain’s Return to D.C..  Wonder how much this cost the healthcare lobby?  Still after their $12-billion, are they?

Anything “buoyed” by McCain – who we recall was peddling the crooked anti-Trump dossier – ought to be shit-canned immediately.  Repeal Obamacare, fix Medicaid and jail the person who said “You can keep your own doctor.”

We sadly note that McCain and is colleagues in the Senate are not in the “regular people healthcare cesspool” the rest of us.  They are “special” – just ask ’em!

If we want Legislation for the People, we need to put all lawmakers into Social Security (and no fat cat retirements) and into Medicare and make insider trading by members of congress a felony like it is for the rest of us.  Right now, it’s like electing a criminal family to make up rules.

Remember the card game TEGWAR?  That’s what Washington is putting out now that our Code of Federal Regulations is incomprehensively long.  Wikipedia on point:

TegwarBang the Drum Slowly (the novel by Mark Harris, also a film); it is a game basically designed to separate a sucker from his cash. The letters stand for “The Exciting Game Without Any Rules.” When the characters in the film play the game, they appear to be making things up as they go along.

So yes, TEGWAR is no longer fictional.  It’s the FedGov, Congress, the Obama implants and holdovers, the Neocons at State, and the self-running, self-watering, self-centered, self-assembling, and self-important FedGov all rolled into 100,000 pages of TEGWAR gibberish.

If government was honest, www.tegwar.gov would return more than  an error code.

(Say, my BP is coming up nicely, now…)

Economics, Ure and Simple

Remember Monday I was telling you how the Effects of FX work?

Dandy exemplification for Ure edjumacation in the markets today.

When I looked in on the futures early (think 5:15 AM) they were showing the dollar holding and the Dow futures up 25.

But then a funny thing happened that I captured in a screenshot for you:

Look what happened in the USD Index!  The chart shows the purchasing power of the USD dropped a good bit just in the past half-hour, or so.

Remember:  When dollars are worth less, it then takes more of them to buy an  asset of fixed utility value.  Think of stocks as apartment units.  They produce future “rents” in the form of dividends and price appreciation.

Well I’ll be a SOB:  The Dow futures popped up over 100 points.  Just like we would expect!

And this, as we told you, means that we may be through wave 1 up,  and the small sideways 2 (ending now by the look of the futures) and this should be the starting point for the wave 3 up thrust that should take us to new highs next week and into the middle of the month – and possibly our ALL TIME HIGHS for a Decade or Longer – in the coming month.

No, this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE.  Just a verbal between friends.  Though MUCH more serious with my online brokerage firm.  We are 10-trades into the year and 9 of them made money.  Not a lot, but enough :-) More than paid for the truck repairs I had done Monday, lol.

Fingers crossed?

Off to write a dandy article for Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow – after the housing report.  Tomorrow’s subscriber feature?  Turning Tragedy into a Business Model.

38 thoughts on “Housing RIPS!”

      • Most cars sit idle for hours, if not all day. While it is “vanity” to want fast 0-60 times, unless you are a race-track driver (and there are more Porsches and Mustangs on the tracks than Tesla) it’s really a moot point. Pretty soon with the depreciation, out of warranty Teslas will be available under $35k for the initial P85+ models. For giggles.

        Housing – I do want to pick up a small lake-shore cottage in the next few years, eyeballing a few now and can afford it and could rent as an AirBnB. But the hassles of far outweigh the grins. Much like buying a 0-60 car to impress my friends. After a few throttle hits – who cares.

        The right thing to do is rent those things which “float, fly or fart” (ie. boat, plane or spouse) to truly save money. Same for lakeside cottages. Rent one and go a few weeks a year – unless you know for sure the value-rise beats investing in the markets. And a market downturn also takes down property values similarly. I owned a rental house in Orlando for a while in the 1990s. What a hassle and people renting can be jerks.

  1. George,

    Can you -or anyone- explain WHY it’s so important to tout a car’s ability to go from “0-60” in as short a time as possible?

    When during the average drivers roadtime is this even going to be needed unless you are a wheelman on a bank job? You certainly don’t take off from a traffic light in urban congestion with the intention of bolting through an intersection like an animal fleeing for its life; and if you’re already driving on an expressway then that ‘0’ figure also becomes meaningless since it has no relationship to your speed of travel or ability to pass another, slower car.

    Seems to me the entire ‘0-60’ standard was created to appeal to those callow drivers who harbor Indy or NASCAR dreams of glory… since only professional racers should be concerned about such levels of engine performance.

    Not only is it juvenile to WANT to have that ablity in your personal vehicle, it’s dangerous because -human nature being what it is- if a person knows they can do something, eventually they’re going to attempt it… even if they also understand the peril involved. That why we have traffic laws: to act as deterrants to stupid behavior. Of course, the threat of a penalty frequently doesn’t work with the chronically-competitive; the trouble is while getting their jollies by living on the edge, they are usually not only putting their own lives on the line, but that of others as well. Your recent column on DFW freeway foolishness proves my point in Spades. And make no mistake: that kind of irresponsible behavior begins on the showroom floor when a grinning sales-shlub coos “Sport, this baby could FLY if it had wings!” and he has the specs to back it up.

    “High-performance” is another automotive misnomer. That term usually means something that is engineered to operate at higher stress levels for extended periods of time. But, afficionados don’t really see it that way; instead -just like that magical ‘0-60′- it becomes an enticement to push an envelope beyond its ablity to stay glued together. My 1000w Cuisanart blender is high-performance too, but if I use my 3rd-gear button too long it’ll soon render an otherwise perfect Margarita into just a watery version of itself.

    We live in a society of overkill and as a Texan you are well aware of the whole “bigger is better” mantra. And while sometimes that may apply, most of the time it does not. When I was 20 years younger, I wouldn’t even look at a steak that weighed less than a pound or more, while today I realise that half that much is adequate for my body’s needs. It’s also healthier. This kinda’ reminds me of my first speeding ticket, acquired when I was 18. My old man said if I got one more he’d slap a governor on my car and I’d only be driving 25mph. He meant it, too. Today I can’t even remember the last time I got a citation of any kind.

    So -brogadaccio notwithstanding- neither bigger or faster is usually better and
    sometimes it can also be downright lethal. Especially when it comes to hurtling a 3,000 pound chunk of high-end steel from a standing stop like a bat outta’ Hell… just because you know you can.

  2. George – when I first started reading your site ten or so years ago it was an economic survival and survivalist website. I was a subscriber for a year. I’ve been thinking of subscribing again, but your turn to support all things Trump while attacking all things democrat and seeing opponents behind every bush and stack of straw has kept me from signing up again. I was hoping you’d back off of the politics.

    Now your transformation is complete. You clearly have become an echo chamber for this mongrel brand of Trumpism. Either support Trumpism or you are the enemy. That’s what you and your readers now want – an echo chamber – any conflicting opinions are too hard for you and your readers to even see. Any information that challenges your opinions is branded fake news. Entire media outlets are non grata as fake news.

    We didn’t bash Obama…
    GU 07/25/2017 0528

    …we think Obama had (and is still orchestrating) an attack on traditional American values.
    …Repeal Obamacare, fix Medicaid and jail the person who said “You can keep your own doctor.”
    …the Obama implants and holdovers…
    The same day you wrote that “we didn’t bash Obama”

    “True believers of any stripe become cannon fodder”
    George you have become that which you fear and hate. It’s beyond deluded.

    • I have good news n- and bad – for you:

      1. Peoplenomics doesn’t get into politics so much – it is focused on good old money making and a deeper treatment of the survival issues. Good.
      2. I expect you know our timing model is beating the hell out of most…missing that? bad.
      3. At what point would saying “You can keep your own doctor” represent a complete “transformation?”
      isn’t THAT what we were SOLD?

      We are, as I see it, partway through the transition to corporate socialism/feudalism. Sure, Trump is a rich guy, but opposition him, how can you support a former intelligence official with Obama implying that if Trump isn’t removed from office over Russian events, there should be what amounts to a coup?

      Both parties are wrong, both parties are mislabeled, and the American taxpayer is getting a re-screw.

      If you translate “anything but the old, idiot way that got us into this mess” as purely pro Trump, you need to take off the liberal sunglasses and start reading the data, not the BS on the collapsing news networks.

      Astroglide nation, dude.

      • George,

        ‘Fraid I have to agree in the main, what Wavecrave said – personally I stopped reading your blog when DT won. It was disheartening, but I did try to start reading again several times, only to be turned off by the politics. Finally, I did decide to resume reading (and occasionally comment when I knew some factual information that could serve your readers).

        This government as it stands is extremely incoherent, and dangerous. We are on the cusp of a serious period of instability that will affect civic, social, and financial institutions in our nation. Please remember this as your blog is read by many.

      • George,
        There are plenty of wing-nuts on both sides. With you, every Trump scandal is a non-event. Every Obama fart is an attempt to gas the masses. You’re still playing your birther card. Guilty until proven innocent, eh? Problem with that is no amount of evidence will satisfy you otherwise. Just like you ignorance regarding Clinton’s emails and what it takes to get prosecuted for mishandling classified information (clue: intent and/or obstruction). (OH, and I LOVE the fact the wing nuts want to push us further into banana republic territory cheering Trump on to go after Clinton).
        On Trump, I for one don’t think he colluded (innocent until proven guilty). He sure might go down for stupidity though (obstruction or some such). I hope he doesn’t. It’s too late for Americans to put the genie back in the bottle. Trump now serves as a daily reminder of the ENDLESS hypocrisy of the right, who for years preached “prestige of the office” and the need to “project power” globally, but now genuflect all things Trump.
        I particularly love the short (what, one paragraph?) mention you gave to Sessions’ ramping up the plan to seize more property from people without a criminal charge. I would think that would be anathema to people on the right, particularly those of the “survivalist” and independence bend. So why barely a mention that Trump did this? And no mention that Obama undid it when he was in office?
        Here you are all over the “keep your doctor” comments on ACA. I wonder how many actually lost their doctors? A few surely, but no mention of Trump’s healthcare promises: “insurance for everybody” and “much less expensive and much better” just to name two… doesn’t much seem like we are on that track, though, does it. But that’s okay by me. Elections have consequences, and the right is going to have to live with these for a long, long, long time. But hey, ends justify the means, right?

    • Jon get off of it. talk about something that interest everyone for the future. Trump doesn’t control the universe. Drop it get over it you’ve been abused so get over it move forward you are in a great area four technology roll with that flow and go with it yes you can be a mover and shaker forget about Trump chalk it out chalk it up as you’ve been abused and that’s it now go forward I know it’s hard for you to go forward but you have so much potential you know those four miles that you run you can use that to do so much in this world so quit thinking about Trump think about who’s above Trump and what they’re doing that’s what you want to put your focus on isn’t Trump but the things that are above Trump that are causing him to react because Trump isn’t the one that you should be after you should be after the ones who make the money THAT control everything

      • Now let me take this to another level those people who decided to take over the money system of the federal Treasury System which is now the Federal Reserve those people have at least I think they have I may be wrong but this is just a what I think I think they’ve been hijacked because we have all these other secret organizations and now they’re saying hey we need the money to do this we need to the money to do that and these secret organizations are so high-tech so far out in space they say if you cut us off Bankers we’re going to do away with you and we’ll redo it ourselves so it might be like a step 1-2-3 you take the first step and open an organization that takes over the money supply and then another source comes and says well hey where are the mafia and we’re going to make sure you keep pumping the money our way and then it keeps going to the next step and the next step says Hey number to we want you to keep pumping your technology to us and number one keep the money coming so you got 1517 of these agencies and each agency that manifest itself is that a higher level than the previous agency and so they’re all have one thing in common and that is hey you you make the money you keep making it popping in and out and giving it to us through the pyramid structure

    • Really? What a bunch of babies, when the trollers jon and best mike came to town (and a few others) this blog changed and so did the comment section. This comment section has turned into a political hit job on Trump while it did NOT turn into an 8 year hit job on Obama. It has also turned into a snarling school yard bullying bunch of nasty sod suckers. Some of you are insulting and disrespectful of George, go take that crap somewhere else. So, you crybabies who can dish it out and can’t take it, who can’t even censor your own eyes and scroll past comments that you DON’T agree with nor do you HAVE to agree with them; what big wusses. I have been coming along here nigh 10 years myself and I have to cull through the BS to get to the good stuff but I still subscribe AND I am still here. I gave up the BS MSM, but some of you sound like you work for them as reporters and have the same one sided bias! Wake up, you make or break this comment section not George; if you don’t like it, leave, if you don’t like a comment, counter it, or scroll on by. Grow up and either be a part of the solution but quit making it about YOU; it ain’t about You and You and You and you, all you you’s – it is always and has ALWAYS been about US! Get back on target!

  3. George, Trump’s overt pressure on Sessions is ludicrous; prosecution of political opponents is dangerous. Prosecutions in non-Banana Republics are based on facts, not politics.

    And George, chill — Your guy won’t get tagged (and your tax cuts are safe). Mueller is a Republican. Same party. Not R. v. D. like with Ken Starr v. Bill Clinton. At the end of the day, unless caught triple red handed, Mueller will bend over backwards to clear Trump.

    Unless Trump continues to act like the murderer that is obsessively compelled to return to the scene of the crime or just has to stalk the detective, they won’t tag him. Best, Mike.

    • Mueller is not a republican. He’s a Convenientist. Whatever works for him and his pals will be called Republican.

      It’s like putting up a Taco Bell sign = and doing oil changes.

    • Everything has a frequency vibration rate and they do have the ability to change your thoughts and they do have the ability to inflict diseases such as a drastic cancer manipulation through the vibrations of mind that will cause you to die in a week from cancer
      the last post that I posted about the UFO military stuff those UFOs use mind control to control their vehicles they don’t use a joystick or anything of that nature it’s all through the mind so they’ve been able to use the Mind frequency and scan and match it to the instruments to the vehicle so at that point we have the ability to transmit thought wave frequencies from one point to another Point that’s organic and nano particled and also to other people or aliens who thought processes vibrate,so everything has a vibration rate, we humans most of us haven’t got up to that point yet but once we do and we’re able to tune into other people’s vibration rates there’s no lying about anything so there’s no need
      On a scale of 1 to 10 where are we I don’t know ,take a guess, but everything was created with a vibration rate frequency so once they started to understand that when they created even our bodies for these soul spirits that we all have manifested into use, Soul Spirit manifestation is different from the each other and they each have their own frequency,

      the next subject should be the people or entities that are at the next level than that been we are and it’s very interesting that there are people that live in the Earth as Admiral Byrd says but for ins site is the tooth says the Risen so and I don’t believe them anymore because they predicted the Oroville Dam to implode and it didn’t so

      So what I’m gradually doing is taking these stories and pushing them to the side because they did not pan out and looking for the story that has credence as I go straight down through the middle

      And through the middle of the Earth is a city called agartha and the Ambassador of agartha will we speak in a New York City on August 25th for the weekend I think you can look up that and this woman who’s the ambassador has information on the wingmakers and all kinds of things of the future that’s in part 3 but I have not looked at part 2 or part one yet

      So the next three months are going to be very interesting they say the cabal’s going down and the release of the technology is slowly coming out so that it doesn’t kill too many people and have heart attacks as as one person on YouTube his site is call SPECIAL HEAD I believe and this man goes around all over and does levitation he doesn’t call it levitation he calls it balance and he studied from I think some Sebastian or maybe turkey place so I don’t know I can’t remember but anyway he has studied and he’s doing this and there’s no props and he levitates and he’s using the same technique that the Ancients that George knows about where they lifted blocks to build temples and they’ve lifted those heavy ton blocks through sound bunch of monks will get around and go on my mom on my mom and then the block would rise up so we have more power within us and it’s all being kept secret because the powers-that-be the cabal doesn’t want you to know how powerful you are and especially in numbers

      • Yes, and they read minds, our minds, and they can tune in on us when we pray, and as we raise our spiritual vibration THEY come and visit us. And as you say, when we raise our spiritual vibration, WE can connect with them.
        So, now you know why TPTB are destroying the church, the teaching of the direct link to God, don’t teach the young to pray to the source or develop strength from within. Rampant immorality with many partners destroys the spiritual links and causes a person to lose what makes them able to vibrate at a higher frequency, a person cannot mix their unique spiritual essence with multiple partners not caring for their spiritual actions at the deepest level of being. Drugs, although some claim are a gateway, are a destroyer, too. Much more, chemicals in our food and water. Why is there such a push to destroy access to health generating food and water?

        Edgar Cayce did state that the ancient race from Atlantis that went to Egypt after the cataclyisms was able to move the stone blocks, here is the exact quote: -16. (Q) How was this particular Great Pyramid of Gizeh built?
        (A) By the use of those forces in nature as make for iron to swim. Stone floats in the air in the same manner. This will be discovered in ’58.

        Here is the reading: http://www.crystalinks.com/caycepyramid.html

        Also, Elisabeth Haich wrote “Initiation”, a must have book for the spiritual novice.

  4. From your road trip tips:

    So how did the 24 hr thermos for $27 work out? You can save this consumer the hassle if your coffee got cold…

    I’ve never found a thermos yet that worked that well…..

    • We purchased 2, (don’t have it in front of me to tell you the make) from Costco, just for coffee, even though it will also keep cold things cold, that was not our need. Coffee does stay good and hot up to six hours, warm for a few more. For us, that was perfect, it also held 2 full mugs of coffee with room for real cream and honey.

  5. Off topic: hurricane seems to be a word lately, used in slang and labeling. Many references to hurricane. 130-180 mph.

    3 references to that the 130-180 range.

    Just a heads up George, not sure what Grady is seeing.


  6. https://youtu.be/hUr_TF9o7sY
    There probably won’t be many people left to rent all those houses if people are shocked to death ,from all this new information coming out
    And this stuff isn’t conspiracy it’s real military leaders coming forward and identifying the problem

  7. IMO 3-second 0-60s is a bit much; 3-sec 50-80s might actually be a safety feature. The real problem is there aren’t many people who know how to drive with and handle that much power, ‘specially on a public road. ‘Tis the faster an furiouser generation, where da young’uns believes ya can have hundred car pileups, and everybody walks away unhurt…

    A Trump abdication isn’t going to happen, but if it did, whether forced or otherwise, [it] wouldn’t make Ryan the VP. Mike Pence (who consistently made the conservatives’ top five lists as a congresscritter) would name his own VP, with CONgress then required to vote up-or-down and a simple majority in each house required to confirm. I’m pretty sure Rand Paul and Mike Lee would be in Pence’s top five, and Paul Ryan, not in his top 300…

    Remember that Nixon named (the rather inept but incredibly nice) Gerald Ford (the Minority Whip) after Agnew’s resignation, because Ford had a reputation for being honest, not because he was in the line of succession. For some reason, Nixon believed he might soon have a credibility issue.

    I doubt 1:10,000 Americans who’re under-40 have any concept of civics. They certainly have no concept of confirmation, recall, and impeachment processes, hence the MSM’s overwork of the latter, whilst never mentioning the two former. Them scaretype front pages made Enquirer a weekly bestseller for years.

  8. I think all this obamacare theatre is just that, theatre. How many bills did the repubs send to Obama to repeal-replace the aca? And now they have nothing firm to send to Trump and now they vote not to repeal but to debate? Bs…the repubs are buying time …but for what? Maybe it has to do with the constitutional crisis George sees as possible this fall…Ive been saying and many people I talk with have to, something big is coming…life changing…dont know what it is but just have a gut feeling…I identify more as a political junkie than repub or democrat. Also think its strange Trump hires a Clinton soldier as his new communications guy. The mooch reminds me of a character from The Godfather-Part IV …

  9. Mustangs depreciate almost as fast as they go 0-60, I’d rather go for a used Ferrari myself. If it was all about speed, a used superbike for six figures will give equal or superior acceleration.

  10. When his former intel people suggest what amounts to a coup, yeah, Obama folks have crossed a line and the hell of it is how many people have followed.
    Why even the suspect Birth cert didn’t get “The Treatment” as the meeting with Russian officais. And still nothing about the Clinton Foundation ‘pay for play’ – amazing…and so sad.

  11. The Space Station is traveling at about 17,500 mph. 0 to 60 happens immediately.

    The crew has American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts.

    The Americans and Russians have encounters every day up in space.

    They have conversations to get stuff done up there. Everybody has to go along to get along inside the Space Station.

    The US buys Russian made rocket engines too, by golly.

    So why is it a problem if Trump meets up with a few Russians for a beer or two?

    Nobody has a clue, but you sure do never hear the end of it.

    The Demon-rats don’t know if they are afoot or horseback these days.

  12. What a collection of American culture addicts. The lifeboats have all left the ship, but George wants to continue playing poker on the Titanic while others want to debate the proclivities of the captain and his crew. Others debate the merits of something they will never own or drive. Can any of you even attempt to tell me what your country or your lives will look like five years from now? “If you can’t stand the answer, don’t ask the question,” seems to be in vogue in America today.

    As a friend of mine says to any American questioning his expatriation. “Think back 10 years ago. What would have to happen for you to consider leaving the USA? Well, that happened six years and still there you sit watching things get worse!”

    What your future looks like is the same situation that caused your ancestors to expatriate to America, because where they came from wasn’t offering them a chance to survive, much less prosper. In spite of media distortion, most emigrated to the USA to survive, not to get rich. They didn’t like leaving their homeland any more than you would. At least they had the wisdom to send their young to a safer place.

    Consider that those on the Titanic died within 20 minutes of hitting the water in a cold, painless demise. What preppers never think about is that in many situations those who died early were considered the lucky ones.

    • Expat get off your high horse if we all come down there where you’re at well your world won’t be too pretty now will it

      • So besides coming down there to pester you expat what is your solution to all these problems that were having in the world go ahead

      • When Ecuador goes Venezuela…we will look at the remnants of our borders and be thankful

    • think about this X-Pac if you had 3,000 women and one man within a year that man could inseminate every one of those women and that land would start to grow with human inhabitants

      But if we have three thousand men and just one woman the rate of repopulation would be very very small wouldn’t it

      In fact it would actually die because the three thousand men would kill that one woman either through jealousy or through other means so Mankind and womankind humankind would fail to exist

      So who do you want us to send you down there our women or our men

      • Where do we sign up for the one man gig? Got a reader in NM and another in Seattle who I could fwd the app to…

    • Had anyone let Jon know that his Ip address can be gps’d?

      Quit yanking his chain George. It’s like watching my main coon toy with a bunny.

      Jiminey f*cking Christmas Ex-pat, you took the words, write out of my mouth. -)

      What was it george?

      Ohhh yes. “It’s like watching a slow motion game of musical chairs on the titanic.”

      I’d take the day off Saturday, but damn if it doesn’t pay as much as time and a half.

      For you Ecuador,


  13. UMMM: “Stalag 13” was the fictional location of TV’s “HOGAN’S HEROES”. So, either you were trying [once again] to be clever or just forgot about the real-life Stalag 17… unless of course, you really do live in a fantasy world like many here suggest… which explains eveything.

  14. Perhaps the world would be much better of if no one would pay any attention to the news? Think you could live w/o news? I could!!

  15. Jon Jon I remember when I was a kid we had a nearby lake and us kids used to practice skimming stones you know if you throw them at the right angle they’ll keep going and going and going and going other words they’ll hit the water and Skip and Skip and Skip 10 12 times or more and you could try to skip it so that would land on the other Shore anyway the point of the story is you are skipping Stones right now but you haven’t learn to skip all the way across the lake to the other side what I’m saying again is your only skipping a couple stones are going like Skip Skip and you need to go all the way across the lake learn how to skip as far as you can and that’ll be the way of your future I didn’t say wave I said way so what I mean is you’re right now on another skipping Stone episode you skipped and you skipped and you’re going to continue skipping because you have that fire in your belly so to speak that keeps you skipping you know some people they only skip a few times in the fire in the belly goes out but you John you have that far I had that far it got me through most of my life now I don’t have that far anymore I have something in up there I guess you call it upstairs it’s going like this is what you need to do now the fire got you going fire in your belly got to go in this far now it’s time to change that far into something else now that’s up to you to decide what you want to change it into you’re all I’m going to do is redirect you in a direction where is the technology that we have exist on the top new technology that has been discovered in the past hasn’t been used in the public eye and so that’s part of what Andrew basiago the guy who ran for president in 2016 who was part of the progress I mean the Project Pegasus program in the sixties so we have the ability to do anything we want but there are people in certain places that are above Trump that are calling the shots because they make the money and they have the 100 / 100,000 assassin’s but all that’s changing now they’re our money system that they wanted to take over Russia and China with it’s now been countered now we have Russian China go in together against us the United States which is the quickest Bankers so everything’s changing fast and the technology is changing fast so fast that every time you skip that stone on that Lake and it’ll skip to the next place and skip to the next place and skip to the next place so what I’m trying to say to you is John don’t get caught on that first skip jo in John I remember when I was a kid we had a nearby like us kids used to practice skimming don’t know if you throw them at the right angle. Keep going and going and going and going by the worst still hit the water and skip and skip and skipped in 12x or more and you could try to skip it so that would land on the other Shore anyway the point of the story is you are skipping stones right now but you haven’t learned to skip all the way across the lake to the other side. What I’m saying again is your only skipping a couple stones are going like skip skip when you need to go all the way across the lake learn how to skip this far as you can and that’ll be the way of your future I didn’t say wave I said way so what I mean is your right now on another skipping stone episode you skipped and you skipped and you’re going to continue skipping because you have that fire in your belly so to speak that keeps you skipping you know some people they only skip a few times and the fire and your belly goes out but you John you have that far I had that fire it got me through most of my life now I don’t have that fire anymore I have something in there I guess you call it upstairs this going like this is what you need to do now the fire got you going to fire in your belly got you going this far now it’s time to change that far into something else that that’s up to you to decide what you want to change it into and all I’m going to do is redirect you in the direction where is the technology that we have exist on the top and the technology that has been discovered in the past hasn’t been used in the public eye and so that’s part of what Andrew bus I go the guy who ran for president in 2016 who is part of the progress I mean the project Pegasus program in the 60’s so we have the ability to do anything we want but there are people in certain places that are above Trump that are calling the shots because they make the money and they have the 100 / 100000 assassins but the last changing now their money system that they wanted to take over Russia and China with his now I’ll be encountered now we have Russian trying to go in together against us the United States which is the crooked bankers so everythings changing fast and the technology is changing fast so fast that everytime you skip that stone on that lake and it will skip to the next place and skip to the next place and skip to the next place so what I’m trying to say to you is John don’t get caught on that first skip keep going keep skipping all the way to the end

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