From Tragedy to Business Models

The tragedy of San Antonio this week got us started thinking in some unusual ways as we looked at causes of – and future implications – of human trafficking.

People will go to great lengths to move to new areas.  Maybe there’s a business model in that?

Toss in the ChartPack and some headlines, and it’s all a mid-week brain-food stew.

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7 thoughts on “From Tragedy to Business Models”

  1. Please detail how you achieve 400% return in a year via 2.67% every approx 16 calendar days….Thanks…

    • It’s just 89% – I should not be allowed near a calculator until later in the day after the coffee kicks in.

      400% would be 52 months or a bit more than 4 years – great catch!

  2. @ Bryce’s lazy etc.

    I give it ten years and the Austin area will have similar taxation. Texas never met a tax it didn’t expropriate. The baloney about “no income tax” belies the issue of tremendous property, MUD and other taxation present in this state.

    Most urban freeways are being converted to tollways, even though they have long been paid for, and many with federal funds.

    I can buy a can of snuff in Louisiana at Valero for $2.15 and the same can at Valero in Texas is $5.25 – that is ALL taxation variance.

    I have tried to explain to Texans that the spelling of this state has been transposed. It should be the great state of Taxes….

    • Hear ya, told my SO, they will toll the I35 between SAT/Austin and DFW as soon as they need the money. WHY after all these years are they finally finally getting the interstate updated?

      They (the Federal Gov) have already passed the law that states can appropriate state roads and convert to tollroads.

      Austin is a hell hole, regulated and taxed almost to the death of the locals, it is all about the newcomers…gentrified compounds within 10 miles of the inner core. Then it is about the illegals, they got rights you know (with their get out of free card these last 20 years, they actually had more rights and freedoms than the citizen local yocals), then it is about taxing the property tax holders so they can then give away 600 million dollars to develop the low-income housing estates that so they can house the illegals and all the minimum wage people and welfare recipients that their unstoppable gentrification plan ran out so they could make more millions. It is sick!

      TaxEXS nice ring to it.

  3. Hr3364 passed.
    I read about half of it and it looks like they want to put Trump out of business

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