Hobo’s, the Grinder, and Destruction of Savings

If our topics sound a bit scattered, they’re not:  It’s a cross between a Sit-Rep, Social Outlook about Where Your Money’s going.  All of which got me out of bed and firing up a fresh pot of Kona roast at 1:00 AM.  In an attempt at contextualizing some of what may lay before us in the unraveling world.

So, this morning in addition to our few short headlines and a look at next week, we will provide some useful outlooks for how the experiential flavoring of coming months may feel.

As a warm-up, Podcast 12 is available here.

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15 thoughts on “Hobo’s, the Grinder, and Destruction of Savings”

  1. I hate to be repetitive George, but you use to give us information on the URE INDEX in the Wed & Sat PN, by listing URE INDEX VALUES on the charts for both the Global & US. Now you do not even mentioned what it is at in the body of the newsletter.

  2. Sramps are leftist tramps. Ignore them.
    Moving on, the Hooverville photo was interesting, but I would vote to keep photos on shortcuts due to bandwidth issues.
    Your economic and social projections are starting to merge with some of the darkest of the Prechter memes.
    Previous credit deflation eras have some lessons which aren’t all that difficult to pick up on. First, in a deflationary depression, cash is king. Second, stay out of debt: whatever changes that have to occur to allow creditors to call in loans, those changes will happen. Third, live a modest cash lifestyle, and try to stay employed, even if you have to stretch a bit. Last, there will be investment opportunities, eventually, but not necessarily during the initial implosion.
    The speed at which this first leg down in the market implosion has occured is a function of the level of margin buying and debt in the equity markets. The next leg down, which G____ is calling the Grinder, may not be quite so fast, and may be broken with manic bear market rallies. This will not be a good environment for the buy the dips and hold muppet types.

  3. G can’t U hear.. the music playing…Boom shaka laka laka Boom shaka laka laka.. I wanna take you higher”- Sly and Family Stone.

    GILD, FNV, WPM are big plays – nibbling on BMY.

    Coots powder is dry and ready for hunting value in oversold/overselling markets.

    RE: Big market maker on Chicago Merc got carried out yesterday around 3:10 – gamma short squeeze forced them to buy the VIX all the way up(thus preventing afternoon Ramp).Until Clearing House came down to the floor of CME with a Margin Call – Full Liquidation of Position – plus anything else of value on their Books was Liquidated – this caused the late rally all the way back to being down only 200 points or so.

    Strangled the SPY (Long Puts/Long Calls) at the close, again.

    – not as safe as being in all Cash – then again coot dont want no Cash – it is dirty and infected with beer virus. US junk silver coins and BTC’s please.

  4. “Media Vilifies Preppers And Those Stocking Up As “Selfish Hoarders” As Potential Mass Quarantine Looms.”

    Um, no.

    It is impossible to hoard grown or manufactured necessities in time of plenty, and people who do are by no means, “selfish.”

    Preppers aren’t out buying 72-roll cases of TP. We did that 5, 10, 20 years ago and OUR butts are sufficiently covered.

    Whether those buying out Wal-Mart and Costco are hoarders OR selfish is open to debate. Whether they are “preppers” is not…

    Sorry USAToday writer: Do not vilify or ridicule the label I wear because I conduct my life in a responsible manner, because you were too stupid to act in a similarly responsible manner when you had the opportunity to do so.

    • “Media Vilifies Preppers And Those Stocking Up As “Selfish Hoarders” As Potential Mass Quarantine Looms.”

      I know unfortunately none of them ever met anyone that went through the dirty thirties.. if you have a flat often enough you carry a spare.. those that went through the dirty thirties they had a spare.. my old boss use to get really upset because I loved to read.. one day some kids brought in a pickup load of books cleaning up their parents old homestead.. my boss went out and picked up this book.. HOME FIRES BURNING… and tossed it on the table next to my chair and in a snide comment said.. hey maybe you will want to read this one to.. I didn’t open it up right away but took a load out to the dump.. got back and he went to lunch and I thought what the heck it looks interesting enough…. LOL LOL LOL oh it was a great book to by the way LOL..
      every few pages there was a fifty dollar bill.. the people that the kids was cleaning their house and getting rid of crap was tossing the books out not once thinking to check them.. many hid money in jars and buried them.. one old guy I worked for once paid me by tearing a paper sack and writing the bank to pay me x dollars for my labor.. I figured oh that is gone donated time.. took it to the bank and the banker said.. I would like to get more of these and handed me my money…. the people during the depression hid money in their books, jars my father had money in some pretty odd places when he passed on.. because all the money they had in the banks was gone.. one day they came and the doors were closed…. I made a mad dash back to the landfill after I realized the books were their banking system….. but they had already buried the big load that I dumped.. LOL i still have the book it holds an esteemed place on a shelf next to my chair and every once in a while I will thumb through it just reminiscing the money that was in the book..

  5. “One oddity we’re watching is the lack of a fresh solar cycle progression report out of NOAA, Hmm…. makes us wonder…”

    You noticed that too…?

    My XM Radio and GPS have been wonky for nearly two weeks. They are acting like they do when Earth is getting ploughed by the detritus from a CME barrage, yet I’ve not heard anything interesting from either NOAA or Belgium in more than a month.

    • “My XM Radio and GPS have been wonky for nearly two weeks. ”

      I built a satellite dish and receiver way back before there were any for sale as a shoe box project…. anyway twice a year I would get that wonky static.. usually around march and early april.. worse twice a day.. and then in the late summer early fall.. the reason was during those times the solar ionic wind would get between the sattelite and the earth.. my home made outfit didn’t have any of the wonderful filters that they install on this stuff today..

      “When the ionosphere is disrupted by the solar wind, static radio reception or even a complete loss of signal can be experienced. … Several satellites have been disrupted as high-energy particles associated with the solar wind flowed through sections of the satellites and damaged their sensitive electronics.”

      It was a real pain in the watoosie for sure and always disrupted a good show…. since there has been some wonky crap going with our cable my guess is that is probably what your experiencing….

  6. Sh!t I was up at 1am too…eating a peanut butter and Jelly sammich. I went back to bed and got up at the usual 330am time. 10 years of grabbing gears and getting up at 330am… well who need an alarm clock. I am the rooster! hahahahahah

    I am down to 225 lbs. I like that weight more than being up around 240-260 range.. Im getting to old to be powerlifting much anymore. My joints are too sore. I still can do the entire stack on the trycep and curl cable machine.. I Switched over to doing drop sets. Start out at 160lb curls and Trycep extentions.. do two reps, (no rest inbtween except to move the peg) then drop 10 lbs and add two reps until you are down to about 20 lbs and by then it might as well be a million when you are cranking out 24 to 26 reps. I can still do flys with the 120lb dumbbell. Not bad for a 49 year old man. lol

    A guy asked me this morning the fastest way to get back in shape..

    I told him. Everytime you go in the kitchen or bathroom. You do 10 pushups, 10 crunches and 10 air squats. If you can’t do a full pushup, do a girls push up (using your knees and not your feet for position)

    Try to drink a gallon of water and remember, 80% of this is nutrition, 10% working out and 10% rest. Abs start in the Kitchen.

    When 10 gets easy, bump it up 5 reps each set of each, until you are doing 50. He said, You do that??? I said I do it about 4 months out of the year. At the end of the day I usually have done 280-320 pushups, squats and crunches (at 10) After about 3 months I am doing 800-1000 of each a day. Trust me it adds up. Especially when you are drinking a gallon or two of water every day. Put some coco-nut water in there occasionally. 10 years ago, I learned the hard way and got sick as hell when I diluted my body of electrolytes. LOL!!

    I told him to hit the gym, 20 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast *(your peak testosterone levels are from 20 minutes into a work out to 60 minutes into a workout they decline after 60 minutes for most men from ages 30-60 years old) then do 30 minutes of weights. Focus on one single muscle group. 4 times a week on top of that. Jus 20 minutes of Cardio and 30 minutes of weights.

    *(More natural Growth Hormone and Testosterone is released when you work the 2 largest muscle groups in your body. The Glutes, and the Quadriceps) Just by doing 10 air squats every time you go to the bathroom and kitchen??? You are releasing 100 times more natural growth hormone and testosterone in your body then doing nada… which will put way more led in our pencil and make your nails, skin, and hair smoother and healthier as well as packing on lean mass and sheading fat.


    off get a cup of Don Francisco’s “Family Reserve” coffee and write something for a couple of quarterly “news papers.” that a friend asked me to write some stuff for each of them. Nope they can’t be found on line. They are real live actual print quarterly news papers that are like a cross from “Chicken soup for the soul”, “Hallmark Channel” and “Readers Digest”.

    I am supposed to do some voice readings… because I have a very unique and deep voice… I think I have probably been told at least 2500 times I should being doing “voice overs” and a couple months ago the Owner of KISW 99.9 Rock in Seattle said he would give me $10k per commercial for his radio station. He was across the room at an art unveiling party and B lined over and stuck out his hand and said My god man! why are you not doing radio?????!!! Your voice is absolutely golden!!!!! I said because Im grabbing gears and playing in the dirt. He laughed and then my ex girlfriend (Playboy Centerfold) tried humping his leg and well he gave me his number and walked away.

    He told me to read a few of Winston’s speeches and record it and send it to him and he would get me some commercials to do. *shrug.. what they hell?? I like money. lol

    “The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself!” hahahah

    So Im gonna try to do that as well..

    have a great weekend!

  7. If this is TEOWAWKI, make sure you have lots of toilet paper and Hungry Man dinners on hand.

    My daughter is the manager of a large Wal-Mart store here in a Canadian city. Talked to her this morning and heard the stories of people lining up before opening and battling each other for toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer (long gone). She told me about her conversation with one customer that probably sheds some light on the mentality of the mob.

    He was checking out of the store, pulling an overloaded cart of toilet paper and pushing an overloaded cart of Hungry Man dinners (he had cleaned out her freezer). When she asked him what he was preparing for, he told her that he was just stocking up in case there is a shortage when he gets back from his 2 week cruise that he and his wife leave for on Monday.

    You will remember me as your reader that cancelled his trip to Jamaica 5 weeks ago today and ate the cost ($8,000) deciding that life and his wife’s was worth more than this. I used the following 3 or 4 weeks to slowly but methodically stock up on food and general emergency supplies (thanks in part to your suggestions). No panic in the stores before the time I was completed. I had already taken myself out of the stock market months ago and put my retirement savings into GICs (again in part to your advice).

    Thanks George. Definitely got my 40 bucks worth this year :-)

  8. Hope Springs Eternal… or is it ‘Infernal’? I hoped Hawaii could escape, but with multi-millions of visitors annually, what are the chances? We now have our first case of COVID-19… in Honolulu… of a passenger who disembarked from the ‘Grand Princess’ . Honolulu is densely crowded. The ship docked at four Hawaii ports, so now we await how many ‘spreader’ cases erupt here.

    Hawaii is overly dependent on the tourist industry. More than half the people I know will be without jobs if the tourists stop coming. The economic collapse George envisions will happen here in this microcosm when the tourists stop coming. It will not be pretty.

    I am extremely grateful that I have retired and have my paid-for survival platform out here in the boonies, much like George. No debt, Social Security and pension Annuity income… hopefully will last. I still stress about preparedness a bit… wondering what I might have forgotten or need in the future when it will not be available. But I have enough to sit and wonder for a long time if need be, and I have the ‘coconut wireless’ ham radio for entertainment and overseas news.

    • That’s funny! I find dimes all the time. I don’t even know what it means. Its like some on going dialog with the Universe. Everywhere I go I find dimes. LOL ! It used to drive me nuts. I have yelled it to the sky.. whats with the dimes! lol

  9. HAWAII ASKS FEDERAL BAN ON CRUISE SHIPS. Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green, an M.D. himself, has been spearheading the state preparedness.  Today he asked the Federal Government to temporarily ban cruise ships from docking in Hawaii.  Apparently the State does not have the authority to make this ban independently.  So the State is willing to crash that sector of the tourist economy here… which is considerable.   Air tourism is now non-existent from Asia.

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