Yee gads.  Anther quiet weekend and yet…there’s a lot of moving pieces, so here’s an early AM Update:

On the Virus Spread

The spread continues.  Here’s our latest daily rate-of-change work based on sources found to be reliable (Hopkins and WHO):

As you can see, the daily numbers of cases (yellow highlight, top) stabilized.  But, we don’t know if that’s because of the weekend, test kit availability, or any of the granular aspects of the data.

A couple of readers wanted a bigger (zoomed-in) version of our forward estimates, so we split the data this morning into projected cases...

Which, as you can see still points toward total cases of 4.667-million (globally) by the 4th of July period.  As for (global)_ death counts to be braced for:

Again, while that’s a lot of people, it’s a drop in the flu-bucket, still, remembering flu takes 645,000 people globally each year.  Even with lag time for vaccine development, though, a year out is where the horse race is running – we’ll talk more about that tomorrow, maybe.

For today,; there are really three things to focus on:  The first is “ What will be going on in the aftermath???” IoW how does ther world retool?  This is a non-trivial question because while there were still be plenty of people around, there may not be much of an economy or distro system and that gets to be a problem:  What do you do, in the meantime, to keep up house payments and food?  So another look at that problem in the next article this morning.

Don’t Blame Preppers – for ANYTHING!

The next thing is how to prepare and manage yourself (and home).  For this, my buddy Gaye Levy over at StrategicLivingBlog has a great article here.

Gaye and I – both of our households centered on being long-term preppers – are appalled by the self-righteous media that is trying to play the “shame and blame game” with those of us who have prepped and planned ahead.

We’re not the ones who are causing shortages of anything.  It’s the mental midgets and digital deadbeats who have been face-down in social media slop  – buried in political bullshit and being led around by their clickmasters – instead of learning to look at life  realistically, assessing options for an uncertain future and then pre-planning, accordingly, that are to blame.

So yeah, don’t blame those of us who have been “prepped” for 20-years.  Hats off to the LDS community, too, by the way.  They are likely to have gotten this particular “turn of history” exactly right, too.

If You Travel…

His latest is an assortment of CV19 tips while traveling.  A couple worth mentioning:

Know Your Vitals

There are many illnesses that initially mimic the effects of COVID-19. Some of these include common flu as well as bad colds. If you would like, I can give you a “no-contact” temperature reading that may be useful in the future. If yes, please, just let me know.

Note Your Temperature Here:___________

Along with many others his tips also include:

Use of Public Restrooms:

If you need to use a restroom at the airport, use a toilet seat protector. And only touch the “clean side” that you have be on, not the toilet side.

When you wash your hands, a common hospital and clinical procedure is to have a wastebasket at the door. After you have washed your hands, use your paper towel(s) as a barrier to pull the exit door open. Open the door extra-wide and give us a 3-point basketball shot into the waste container. Bathroom doors are totally YUCK. Don’t forget to take a paper towel for the airplane headrest. Another major germ site…

Elsewhere, he goes into the 20-second handwashing rule and a lot of other tips.

Most of which are plain, old, common sense to those of us with triple-digit IQ’s but not everyone is able to think clearly under stress.

Now’s a fine time to look at the people you’re taking cues from:  Are they long-term preppers and are they not full of BS?  Do they “walk the talk?”

I’m an old solar-powered numbers freak sequestered in the Outback.  My son’s a firefighter/EMT/HazMat/Skydiver/Virus investigator, and Gaye’s a retired “ Halt & Catch Fire” period serial tech CEO.  Folks like us  are naturally concerned about the numbers.  BUT: it’s no different than playing a big leveraged day-trade, knowing your minimum cut-away altitude in free-fall with a ‘chute malfunction, or doing the table-walk in M&A land.  Cool under fire…now’s not monetizing time.

Use common sense.  With the usual caveat that common sense ain’t so common especially in the world of uneithical monetizers who are sending out panic-inducing emails and selling useless crap. LIght-sword “tactical flashlights?”  What, for the zoombies?  GMAFB.

50:1 bleach and semi-isolation is your friend.  So’s a loaded Kindle, MIT OpenCourseWare, and spending some time on deep personal meditation. Ever want to learn a language?  A shortwave radio and…Hey!  Container gardening!See, Smart people are never bored – always on point, right?

They have an agenda, they have a plan.  Armed with Reality , they’ll be around.

Write when you get rich,