Coping with Daylight, Viral Comments

Yee gads.  Anther quiet weekend and yet…there’s a lot of moving pieces, so here’s an early AM Update:

On the Virus Spread

The spread continues.  Here’s our latest daily rate-of-change work based on sources found to be reliable (Hopkins and WHO):

As you can see, the daily numbers of cases (yellow highlight, top) stabilized.  But, we don’t know if that’s because of the weekend, test kit availability, or any of the granular aspects of the data.

A couple of readers wanted a bigger (zoomed-in) version of our forward estimates, so we split the data this morning into projected cases...

Which, as you can see still points toward total cases of 4.667-million (globally) by the 4th of July period.  As for (global)_ death counts to be braced for:

Again, while that’s a lot of people, it’s a drop in the flu-bucket, still, remembering flu takes 645,000 people globally each year.  Even with lag time for vaccine development, though, a year out is where the horse race is running – we’ll talk more about that tomorrow, maybe.

For today,; there are really three things to focus on:  The first is “ What will be going on in the aftermath???” IoW how does ther world retool?  This is a non-trivial question because while there were still be plenty of people around, there may not be much of an economy or distro system and that gets to be a problem:  What do you do, in the meantime, to keep up house payments and food?  So another look at that problem in the next article this morning.

Don’t Blame Preppers – for ANYTHING!

The next thing is how to prepare and manage yourself (and home).  For this, my buddy Gaye Levy over at StrategicLivingBlog has a great article here.

Gaye and I – both of our households centered on being long-term preppers – are appalled by the self-righteous media that is trying to play the “shame and blame game” with those of us who have prepped and planned ahead.

We’re not the ones who are causing shortages of anything.  It’s the mental midgets and digital deadbeats who have been face-down in social media slop  – buried in political bullshit and being led around by their clickmasters – instead of learning to look at life  realistically, assessing options for an uncertain future and then pre-planning, accordingly, that are to blame.

So yeah, don’t blame those of us who have been “prepped” for 20-years.  Hats off to the LDS community, too, by the way.  They are likely to have gotten this particular “turn of history” exactly right, too.

If You Travel…

His latest is an assortment of CV19 tips while traveling.  A couple worth mentioning:

Know Your Vitals

There are many illnesses that initially mimic the effects of COVID-19. Some of these include common flu as well as bad colds. If you would like, I can give you a “no-contact” temperature reading that may be useful in the future. If yes, please, just let me know.

Note Your Temperature Here:___________

Along with many others his tips also include:

Use of Public Restrooms:

If you need to use a restroom at the airport, use a toilet seat protector. And only touch the “clean side” that you have be on, not the toilet side.

When you wash your hands, a common hospital and clinical procedure is to have a wastebasket at the door. After you have washed your hands, use your paper towel(s) as a barrier to pull the exit door open. Open the door extra-wide and give us a 3-point basketball shot into the waste container. Bathroom doors are totally YUCK. Don’t forget to take a paper towel for the airplane headrest. Another major germ site…

Elsewhere, he goes into the 20-second handwashing rule and a lot of other tips.

Most of which are plain, old, common sense to those of us with triple-digit IQ’s but not everyone is able to think clearly under stress.

Now’s a fine time to look at the people you’re taking cues from:  Are they long-term preppers and are they not full of BS?  Do they “walk the talk?”

I’m an old solar-powered numbers freak sequestered in the Outback.  My son’s a firefighter/EMT/HazMat/Skydiver/Virus investigator, and Gaye’s a retired “ Halt & Catch Fire” period serial tech CEO.  Folks like us  are naturally concerned about the numbers.  BUT: it’s no different than playing a big leveraged day-trade, knowing your minimum cut-away altitude in free-fall with a ‘chute malfunction, or doing the table-walk in M&A land.  Cool under fire…now’s not monetizing time.

Use common sense.  With the usual caveat that common sense ain’t so common especially in the world of uneithical monetizers who are sending out panic-inducing emails and selling useless crap. LIght-sword “tactical flashlights?”  What, for the zoombies?  GMAFB.

50:1 bleach and semi-isolation is your friend.  So’s a loaded Kindle, MIT OpenCourseWare, and spending some time on deep personal meditation. Ever want to learn a language?  A shortwave radio and…Hey!  Container gardening!See, Smart people are never bored – always on point, right?

They have an agenda, they have a plan.  Armed with Reality , they’ll be around.

Write when you get rich,


11 thoughts on “Coping with Daylight, Viral Comments”

  1. Don’t talk about prepping with The Ignorant. They’ll give you The Fishy Eyebal, call you a “hoarder,” and when/if things get Really Bad will unexpectedly drop by to see what they can get from you. Think: Grasshopper/Ant.

    Get a GOOD AM battery radio, and a ton of batteries. FM sounds nice, but it’s local. In a Bad Scene you’ll want to know What’s Going On in more distant locations. AM is a long range service, especially at night. CCrane dot com has nice ones — don’t be shocked at the price” — quality costs real money.

    At night, I can hear New York, Cincinatti, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, WASHDC, Nashville, and many others from here in Central North Carolina. Sometimes “propagation” for radio is poor. On fair to good nights, figure range of around 1,000 miles — give or take.

    The TECSUN model PL-660 is a nice one, and has FM and shortwave on it, too.

    DON’T get a radio that needs weird-ass exotic batteries. Think: supermarket batteries like “AA.” (Tripple “AAA,” have much less stored power.) Settle on “AA” batts.

    “AA” batteries come in a 100-pack these days for around $20. Look for alkaline (only), and “long shelf-life” types. Stock up — these will be hard to buy locally once the balloon goes up. “Name brands” are a rip-off. Amazon’s “AAs” are fine.

    Get a cheap hand held scanner, and set it up for the three or four most important ham radio “2-meter” repeaters in your area. This is easy. Ask any local Amateur Radio operator for the information you’ll need. Hams are “chatty,” and will give you a good idea of local conditions, better often than broadcast sources. Find a local ham club for more. Your local town’s emergency management department can tell you who they are — hams often work for them as volunteers. I do.

  2. Eating of wild animals banned in China…ie. Bats. No wonder all these viruses come from China. Is this total panic a sign of our times…over newsed & over governed by a group filled with hate & self loathing of us. Trump isn’t panicking, because it Is the flu.

  3. Yo Prof,

    Got a personal note of interest for the community. As U know the ECD spends winter in the jungles of Central America & Caribbean Coast, live on a lagoon.

    Anyway Mrs Deplorable had a fall – up the stairs – flip flops caught on stair – down she goes – reaches out hand to break the fall and protect her noggin. The wrist caught the brunt of the fall/impact – terrible mess – swelling&pain.

    Reality is down here – Medical Care is spotty at best – 1 hr drive to nearest X-ray machine – which may or may not have film – no one answers the phone at the southern regional hospital.

    Last week there was a Raccoon that fell out of the ceiling tile onto patients bed at main hospital in city in the local news – oh what joy awaits us?

    Arrive at hospital – dirty, dingy, broke ass doors, cracked windows, babies wailing, broken Spanglish speaking nurses and “doctor”..after waiting over 2 hours for X-ray tech to show up and unlock the X-ray room – left still hurting , swollen, no pictures. “Doc” only order one x-ray/ view, Lateral, for diagnosis. Dont matta if U have CASH to pay for more pictures – not going to happen.

    We have stabilized the wrist with our emergency med supplies (braces/splints/ace bandages) – NSAIDS every 4 hrs

    – flying out of paradise into a F-ing hot zone – USA Monday.

    I am emergency medicine trained with US Military,State Police on the ground over 10 years..

    Basic anatomy/emergency Medicine Book with pictures, Wilderness Medicine would prolly be a really handy reference Book to have on hand as the Beer Flu train runs out of track and is heading straight for U all.

    Note – the Spanish Flu was not so bad the first time it ran thru global populations – it was the Second wave that came around months later that was so virulent and deadly! Should Beer Flu go for round two – dont forget 2nd rule from Zombies – Don’t be stingy with Ure bullets – ALWAYS double tap!

    If U cant take care of your health/well being – there might not be anybody to do it for you – no matta how much U paid in monthly insurance premiums..

  4. Most of the panic buying locally seems to have been limited to specific items like hand sanitizer or powdered milk. I suspect that you will know when a full-on mass panic is underway when the milk and bread get cleaned out. Don’t ask me why people load up on bread and milk in a panic, they just do.
    I am still getting out, but what I have seen in the local breakfast places looks like the local trade is already off 1/2 going on 2/3. The major grocery stores and Wally World looked very busy yesterday. Pharmacies were empty. I’ve noticed that one of the local warehouse stores which has catered to preppers in a section over by by the back wall was moving prep stuff like gamma lids, 2 gallon buckets, and 25# bags of high-end rice out to a featured display on a main aisle. They sold out of 6 gallon buckets weeks ago.
    Looking at the JH map this morning, I see that the number of confirmed cases in the US is now well over 400. The number of dots on the map is also increasing. The dots mostly first appeared on the coasts, and seem to be slowly progressing inland. I don’t see any straight line tracks indicating Capt. Trips has gone AWOL. The nearest dot is probably 300 miles away, but there is major airport a lot closer, which I regard as a potential distribution center.
    While I have been using hand sanitizer and avoiding large crowds, and I typically do a lot of shopping online, I haven’t begun intentionally isolating as of yet. With the test kits starting to be distributed, this week may start to look a lot different.

    • “Most of the panic buying locally seems to have been limited to specific items like hand sanitizer or powdered milk.”

      and snack cakes.. dam.. I always keep a nice selection around for the grand kids and their friends.. went in and nothing.. I was shocked.. and dried fruit.. LOL the little debbie guy will be happy his business is going to go through the roof…
      I will visit with him and make a trade for something.. maybe fresh cheese or something.. good news is.. I fixed the vacuum sealer..I will put a permanent circuit breaker in the machine.. I have an extra stout seal bar so I can do retort canning.. and I don’t want to have to tear this thing apart again..its a pain in the butt and happened at the worst possible time..

  5. Hi George, I just want to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding work you do with your Urban Survival web sites. At 7:55 am, your site is ususally the first I read even though I have hundreds of web sites at my fingertips on the Opera speed dials. It’s because of the kind of person you are and the amazing insight and information you provide. No one following your market charts and analysis should be surprised at what is happening today.

    Covid-19. I believe that this is not only a disease but also a major psyop. Scare as many people as possible, create as much chaos as possible. Classic Hegelian dialect. Problem, reaction, solution. Explains why you would put infected with uninfected people on the same flight home from the “Corona Princess”. Explains why you would send out virus test kits that don’t work, discourage independent testing and take 4 weeks to fix the test. That’s not incompetence, that’s intentional. This is starting to have a 9/11 kind of feel to it based on how the media is pursuing it so prepare to lose more rights and freedom.

    So I was going through my music library trying to find the right music for these times. I first went with Zepellin “Stairway to Heaven”, but that didn’t feel quite right so I switched to Beatles “I am a Walrus” which seemed very appropriate. But I’m not a complete pessimist so perhaps some Sarah Brightman would be uplifting.

    For viral infections consider vitamin C and D. IV vitamin C is best 20 – 50 grams per infusion but it’s hard to find a practitioner. Also H202 (hydrogen peroxide) IV infusions are another option. There is also photoluminescense (also known as photopheresis) where an extracorporeal sample of your blood in a quartz vial is exposed to UV light for a short amount of time then injected back into your circulation. However, it is even more difficult to find a practitioner with photoluminescense experience. These treatments are inexpensive, not patentable and are unavailable in our profits before people medical system.

    • The Vitamin C IV Infusions are found at most “Wellness” Clinics and places that have Orthomolecular in the name. The most common Vit C IV treatment is called a Myers Cocktail, but H202 and other flavors are usually offered as well. I’ve been to a half dozen places in the south and southeast that provide the services, usually for about $100-$150. So far in the public domain, the Vitamin C by IV infusion has the best track record for curing the Corona Virus.

      The UV technology has a 21st century version, called UVLrx. They are being opposed by the FDA, but are still around if you can find a practitioner. Same principle, except it is a fiber optic cable and UV light inserted in the catheter. Consequently, it cleanses 100% of your blood several times during the session. The process is the same as starting an IV, and the Wellness Centers in Tampa provided a Myers Cocktail in conjunction with the hour long UVLrx treatment. Haven’t found anything that works faster & better, for anything ranging from a bioweapon to a nasty flu.

    • COVID-19: I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but looking at how this thing is being handled is like trying to put together a piece of Ikea furniture when you’ve been given two “right sides” and no “left side.” No matter how you look at it, there’s no way to make it work, and no way to put it together. Yeah; something IS going on here…

  6. Hey George, About public bathroom use, The most germ covered thing is the handle to turn the water on and off which you touch after all that hand washing, Use the paper towel you dry off with to turn the water off and then to open the door, Learned that from a 6 year old kid, (smile)

  7. Impact: Company just curtailed travel worldwide. Also asking for voluntary work from home for foreseeable future.

    When will it ever be “safe to travel” again? “Safe” to ride the bus down the street?

    Who knows. I just don’t like these open ended “everything changes” events. This seems like another one. I will take the chance to work from home. Being closer to my family is best right now anyway.

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