Hey Biden! Hillbillies and Rednecks are Way Ahead

Yo Biden!  Ever hear of Jimi Hendrix?

Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?
Hey Joe, I said, where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?”

(Maybe there are some people who shouldn’t have guns, huh? )

No doubt, you have seen the headlines floating around with old Joe in Europe doing the jaw-flap:  Biden Says to Expect ‘Real’ Food Shortages Due to Ukraine War.

Here we were, back in December of 2021 telling you to “Get ready, think about radiation-resistant growing space…”  Doubt it?  Try on the December 26th column UrbanSurvival ShopTalk Sunday: The Christmas Room (Part 1).

See, there is a whole class of human “knowing in advance” that just doesn’t get the respect its owed by “modern science.”

Hillbillies and Rednecks, Joe

Sadly, president Biden (or, should we say buy’ed ’em?) doesn’t know much about real work.  As a lawyer and career politician, he works with his brain and is in the business of “directing others.”

What management science teaches us, though, is that exactly this lack of real hands-on is what leads to the pervasive gap between “Working People” and those who pretend to lead.

Two classes of people deserving honor are – in this observer’s opinion – the real National Treasures for our future:  Hillbillies and Rednecks.

Let’s read you in with a couple  of Wiki snips.  Hillbillies first:

Hillbilly is a term (often derogatory) for people who dwell in rural, mountainous areas in the United States, primarily in southern Appalachia and the Ozarks. The term was later used to refer to people from other rural and mountainous areas west of the Mississippi river too, particularly those of the Rocky Mountains and near the Rio Grande.[1]

The first known instances of “hillbilly” in print were in The Railroad Trainmen’s Journal (vol. ix, July 1892),[2] an 1899 photograph of men and women in West Virginia labeled “Camp Hillbilly”,[3] and a 1900 New York Journal article containing the definition: “a Hill-Billie is a free and untrammeled white citizen of Alabama, who lives in the hills, has no means to speak of, dresses as he can, talks as he pleases, drinks whiskey when he gets it, and fires off his revolver as the fancy takes him”

Rednecks are a Little Different

Although Hillbillies are a kind of Mason-Dixon phenomenon, rednecks are a little different, says here:

” Its meaning stems from the sunburn found on farmers’ necks dating back to the late 19th century. Its usage is similar in meaning to cracker (especially regarding Texas, Georgia, and Florida), hillbilly (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks),[3] and white trash (but without the last term’s suggestions of immorality).[4][5][6] In Britain, the Cambridge Dictionary definition states: “A poor, white person without education, esp. one living in the countryside in the southern US, who is believed to have prejudiced ideas and beliefs. This word is usually considered offensive.”[7] People from the white South sometimes jocularly call themselves “rednecks” as insider humor.[8]

By the 1970s, the term had become offensive slang, its meaning expanded to include racism, loutishness, and opposition to modern ways.[9]

The Lesson for Slow Joe?

As that last sentence indicates, the definition of redneck was expanded to include racism.  But out here in the real Outback of America, everyone gets along pretty damn well.  A Black friend (ex-Force Recon) gets along great with everyone (except genuine 100% assholes – which occur in every race).  Great guy.

Same thing with the mixed breeds fellow up at the big intersection:  Part coon-ass Louisianan, part Creole, part Mexican, but just the nicest damn human being there is.  Delightful to listen to, as well.  Imagine listening to a French-Canadian with heavy South-Texas spilling into Mexico drawl.  Ear candy to listen to.

Biden’s crew – the ones trying to paint everyone a racist – and “keep us all stirred-up” – is sadly the same as the GOP.  Like him or not (and Donald Trump IS up to his ass in legal troubles and on offense now) at least Trump had the good sense to make son Donald Jr. work every position in the building trades.

The “Right Medicine” for America these days is not to wave racial flags and capitalize (on) racial identity.  It’s to get back to being what America does best:  Being a melting pot.

About the only area where this country has succeeded in The Big Melt has been food.  In the Divisive States of America, Asian, Black, Italian, Mexican, and Whites are called racist all the time.  BUT that’s only in the crooked, trouble-monetizing media.

When you get into restaurants, or in the chow line?  Won-ton soup, and some pot-stickers, some hickory smoked BBQ, slice of pizza, a steak fajita, and ice cream for dessert all works.  No EEOC, no Constitutional Crisis, no non-stop freaking emails wanting to raise money using the awful hate online toolset.

Climate?  Sure, we read stories like Colorado mountain project offers vision of green housing’s future.  But everyone out here has rolled up their sleeves and gotten-right with the land somehow.  Backwoods cultural expropriation as a monetized movement?  GMAFB.  We are green out here – long before the slickers jacked the way.

Biden, Congressional, and GOP Disappointments

The whole lot of them – the Gang that Can’t Think Straight – need to have a “Come to Jesus moment” please, on behalf of an entire nation.  Stop dividing and start thinking, goddamit.

America needs a National Future Office.

Where Biden – and his ilk, including the worthless GOP – fail, is they don’t offer a single damn solution when they issue dire bullshit like “Food shortages – real ones – are coming!

If UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics readers could see it coming late in 2021, we have to also mention – and this is Biden’s epic fail – he didn’t offer any ACTION PLANS.

Here?  Well, we have been actioning our asses off.  We know hard times are coming.  We’ve referred you to great books that can tell us what it might be like again.  “The Hungry Years: A Narrative History of the Great Depression in America.”  While in economics, perhaps the best of class from the Depression (the one before this) might be Richard T. Ely’s “Hard Times – The Way In and The Way Out “With A Special Consideration To The Seen and Unseen.

Preppers Also Know

Although Biden may not see it, it was obvious to a lot of us more than 20-years ago. “Old men of the web” – the likes of Gary North and Jay Hanson – who read the same data we did and began to sound the alarm.

Fact is, Howard Ruff – who I interviewed first in the 1980s – may have gotten there first with his Ruff Times and insistence on buying bags of “junk silver coins.”

But even Howard followed a path; widely held today among the Later Day followers from Salt Lake.

Preppers, as a lot, have tended to front-run history.  History is written in the future and we can all sample – and see what’s coming – when we choose to.  A lot of people simply won’t, though.  Too uncomfortable. Real work may be involved.

Flashback to the early 1980’s and an interview I did with Gray Cardiff on “The coming real estate crash.”  He was early – way early.  But, he was dead-to-nuts right.  Like that Housing Crash, did you?

Not to put too fine a point on this, but a fellow named Chuck Marunde came out with a book (end of last year) with an interesting harmonic vibe that’s on my reading list: The Coming Real Estate Crash in 2022: Avoid Buying or Selling At Precisely The Wrong Time.

Not saying he’s right, but that’s why we get enough years on this rock (generally, there are exception) to figure this stuff out.  We’ve been looking for a recession (or bigger) to begin in Q3 of this year.

By then, Biden’s real food shortages ought to be here.  We’re just hoping there’s not fallout with it.  Though recent stories like Biden says U.S. would ‘respond’ to Russia if Putin uses chemical or biological weapons have us thinking this will be more than high tea and crumpets.

What are the Takeaways

First and foremost is the dollar delusion is still in play.  The market futures were up another hundred.

A week, or so back, I worried on the subscriber side that the ENTIRE decline from the November 8 market highs in late 2021 to the recent market low notched March 14th in our Aggregate Index was a Wave 1 down.

Since then?  No exaggeration to call it “Crack Baby Markets” when you look at how just over a week of trading has blown us skyward:

In the Mind’s Eye?

Our Aggregate Index work let’s us see how the “fix is in” pretty well.  A highet open this morning on hype out of Europe and whatever passes as financial news, but our “What If Modeling” already tells us:

  • Early futures place the Aggregate around 38,860.
  • Our target zone?  Well, see the Wave 2 targets that have already been met if – and this is not advice – the Wave 1 down was November to the 14th of March:

aggregate index table

As you can see, there is a case in the yellow-circled area that we could hit the 50% retracement – almost on the nose – at this morning’s open.

However, as the question marks under that emphasize, we could go even higher.  a 0.618 (Fibonacci) retrace could  drive us as much as another  500+ Dow points up from even these absurd levels.

Might happen.  Might not.  But for now, until the market highs of last November are bettered, the Elliott Wave rendition of things offers caution:

elliott count from nov

I can’t speak for you, but seems to me, this is a fine time to be cautious.  Absent a real breakthrough in Ukraine (and no, Zelensky at the Oscars sure as hell ain’t it).

For now?  Off to work in the garden (at 73, this is my take on “retired”).  Might even test HHC this weekend to see if it’s a better pain reliever for old folks than CBD gummies.

All while this here song is on the sound-card in my head:

(*Thank you Hank, Jr!)

Also from the heart on G’s tune-stack upstairs:

And lest Joe f*ck this up, too:  The outback ain’t about anyone’s supremacy, except God, Freedom, and Country.  We either ALL got each other’s backs or we’re going down.

Communist China and their left-wing puppets worldwide are banking on it.

Write when you get rich,


P.S. No word back from the Major and his wife in Mexico – will pass it along in the next column…but sincere thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes!

83 thoughts on “Hey Biden! Hillbillies and Rednecks are Way Ahead”

  1. I wont try to recall how many times I’ve been over to a neighbor who needed help or had them over here, always without asking. And there are a few who I wouldn’t take my eyes off of for a New York second otherwise but it is as you say. Just the way it is. The thought around here is “Leave your Bullshit at the gate and come on in.”. Except on El Rancho del Chaos you’ll have to wait for me to come down and unlock it first.

    Peace 73

    • give me down home folks any day of the week.. stop by.. biggest concern.. did i put enough burgers and bratts on the grill to feed the neighbors..
      When I built my house.. one of my wall panels was to heavy.. to get help I had to help take down and split three trees.. then the boys showed up to help me lift it into place.. need a wrench .. someone hears about it.. then shows up wrench in hand.. cold brew.. one house I built.. had forty people show up.. it was almost like an amish barn raising.. one guy was a bronco football player and his father.. heard I was putting up a house and everyone showed up.. had a big cookout.. poor folks.. give a hand up not a hand out..

      • Agreed. For many years I ran the ranch from the house in town while I worked until I retired.
        When I would get down on weekends it would not be uncommon to find damaged fences repaired or once a brand new mailbox on a new 4″ steel pipe post that replaced the one the road grader took out with the mail neatly wrapped in a plastic bag. When asked who I could repay for the materials at least all I got were Crickets.
        I don’t have concerns for rural folks, I do have for those who would try to do harm to them.

  2. Hillbillies, Rednecks, Po Folks … believe me, they “get it” they understand.

    They’ve always been too busy trying to survive, to be sitting in front of a tv getting brainwashed.

    My dad was born in a coal mining town in Kentucky. Only thing left there are chimneys in the forest, where modest houses once stood.

    Always liked this song. Says a lot …


    • AMEN BOB

      Trying to survive.. day to day.. very rarely does someone on the fiftieth floor understand the daily struggles.. many anymore couldn’t tell you the name of the janitor or his family.. unlike the business owners of the past.. that made them feel as if they were family..

    • Glenn, anyone who would wear a patch that says” dont just spray em…barium (with a tombstone) is not your friend, very disturbed individuals…..
      Maybe someday soon, our sky will once again be clear azure blue…

      • Now I now what those little cones in the upper left quadrant mean. Nice find Mark.

        Freeze frame 2:05.


        Clarity comes after the reset. But waiting for same to be foisted upon us without our positioning our pennies next to the Banksters dollars would mean poverty for us Home Gamers.

        Knowledge is power.

  3. The term “redneck” in the early 20th century was occasionally used in reference to American coal miner union members who wore red bandanas for solidarity. The sense of “a union man” dates at least to the 1910s and was especially popular during the 1920s and 1930s in the coal-producing regions of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania.[17] It was also used by union strikers to describe poor white strikebreakers

  4. Morning George,

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m breaking the streak today. This topic is near and dear to my heart. The ‘country boy can survive’ theme is a real thing. I come from a long, long line of Ozark hillbillies. My extended family has lived in the same area so long we have a local mountain with our surname. We were there before maps.

    Occasionally, I see a few coastal or town people that post here say derogatory things about ‘fly over’ country while boasting about the impressiveness and superiority that their zip code bestows upon them. It always makes me chuckle a little when I read the words of a grown man who has probably never done a single minute of manual labor in their entire life attempt to speak down to people who make their living that way. I’m not sure how, but somehow they fail to grasp the basic concept that their middle-man existence is only possible by the efforts of those they look down on. Go figure. It reminds me of the old piece of wisdom to never cuss a farmer with your mouth full.

    I’ve got news for ‘town’ folks….we don’t need you. Keep worrying about getting your percentage from a deal you brokered on a structure that you didn’t nor couldn’t create. Profiting from something of value is not equal to creating something of value. Hoard all of the toilet paper you want, drive that electric vehicle and brag about paying people to do the menial tasks that are below your lofty station in life, but the reality is that we know you’re a liability and not a force multiplier. We’re laughing at you. When things get jiggy and your hamster towns are disrupted all of the middlemen of the world will cry out in a sorrowful voice and then die in place.

    The country boy will survive.

    • Truer words never spoken Maj13. Hope you are safe and well. And amen George….great article.

      Biden saying a food shortage because of Ukraine. Of course, another lie by the liar in Chief and his red-headed parrot. It’s not because of Ukraine, it is a 1200 year drought in the U.S. caused by weather manipulation from the same f…ing people that brought us the Covid/Corona virus relabeling. Biden and his idiots caused Ukraine by not guaranteeing borders with Russia would remain out of NATO…end of paragraph.

      • I find the collusion between the NWO parties amazing. Just look at how smoothly the media sequed from “All-Covid/All the time”, to wall to wall “Ukraine war coverage” and “Putin bad” as a narrative.

        I find what’s going on now to be both infuriating and downright traitorous. SO MANY need to be indicted and punished for their lies and deceit. And Hiliary Clingon is #1 on the list. Such a liar!!

    • Truer words hath ne’er…….

      I shall pray to my God, to give me the strength and proper disposition to not gloat at the profound astonishment which will happen upon the townies and coasties, when they discover that when the S really does HTF, no amount of money, sex, or prestige will buy them even a single day of existence on this planet…

      …And all commands [from them] will go ignored.

    • Real Salt of the Earth people Maj13. Folks in the beltway need to sit down at the local restaurant / watering hole in Anytown WV and listen to hardship that the anti carbon policy wonks impose upon eveyone as they load up on Al Gore Carbon Credit futures..

  5. “As a lawyer and career politician, he works with his brain and is in the business of “directing others.”

    A serious question… As a career politician.. that only works twenty six days a year.. less than two hundred hours a year.. and will even come right out and tell you they refuse to read the crap they vote on.. How would he have to work with his brain.. except to deceive voters as he bellies up to the graft bar of political contributions that is just being deceptive and you don’t have to know how to read to be deceptive.. Many many billionaires in the past have had very little education whatsoever..

    they just had an opportunity cross them by and had the means to take advantage of it..

    in the movie the distinguished gentleman there was a scene that really says it all..


    “Hey Biden! Hillbillies and Rednecks”

    After that big story a couple of days ago about what family members were all doing on that hard drive … I wonder if there isn’t a little bit of HILLBILLY in Delaware suburbs LOL LOL LOL LOL … I wonder if it is a Delaware motto.. to keep it in the family lol lol









    Kind of reminds you of a movie.. like wrong turn or the hills have eyes LOL LOL

    • I disagree that Biden uses his brain for a living. It’s clear he found a work around. He doesn’t delegate tasks, he dumps them on somebody else and washes his hands of it.
      Biden’s latest stunt is to try to bail out the EU’s energy policy blunder by offering US lng. Once again he is helping out foreigners while punishing ing his own citizens. Considering biden’s battle to kick the legs out from under the oil industry this like not bringing a gift to a wedding and switching the tag on someone else’s gift. The EU shut their own gas fields down, became dependent on Russian energy, against Trumps advice, reversed carbon regulation on the wealthiest 50% of CO2 producers and converted cleaner power plants back to coal. All biden offered is the chance to bid against China on lng, who is now buying all Russia’s supply, along with India.
      The buck stops with the president, he either caused the problems or didn’t fix them. Let’s go Brandon.

    • Hrumpph…

      I didn’t realize he’d statutorially schtooped Malia Obama. The rest of that crap is no surprise.

      Sooo, lessee. We have the government and DoJ suborning underage sex and incest, and the perv at 1600 trying to foist an activist off on the USSC who has a soft spot for KP and those who make it.

      Meanwhile, States define kids under 16 (or 17 or 18 in some States) as “children” and incapable of consenting to sex (hence “statutory rape” laws), yet our government schools are teaching kids as young as 4 about both sex, and sexual kinks too perverse to mention to the galleries at their local school board meetings, and disseminating materials that’re so vile and sexually-explicit that their possession or viewing carries a 20 year Federal felony sentence (but apparently only if viewed outside an elementary school classroom…)

      I’m sure we’re right on schedule. I’m equally sure I don’t want to know whose schedule we’re on, nor where it’s leading us.

      • “I didn’t realize he’d statutorially schtooped Malia Obama. The rest of that crap is no surprise.”

        I hear ya.. It would be interesting to find out what dad thought when he found out the perv.. made her a movie star.. I don’t care who in his family or otherwise that he has sex with.. as long as they are legal aged.. I thought from what I have read and seen they are some of the most disgusting people on the planet.. where I get riled up is when it comes to children.. dam let the kids be kids.. teach them right from wrong and morals and ethical values.. they will decide who they are as they age..
        What disgusts me is how hard they all try to make everyone believe that everything is honorable while condemning others for way less..

      • business model..

        ..”once we have violently split their conscious via “controlled” trauma events prior to reaching adolescence, they a have new additional “manchurian” person/personality – original self has no idea regards the manchurian inside their head. This forced detachment/split opens telepathic type avenues for the new “member”… “select” families/names – lg conglomerates with trusts” holding the largest positions. ? See any “weird” looking kids in any of “these” family photo’s…Huybreds”

        ?too hard?

      • “I hear ya.. It would be interesting to find out what dad thought when he found out”

        There was an interesting, and quickly-quashed story going around about dad, when he was on the campaign trail.

        She would’ve been about 15 in that video — His niece would’ve been between 12-14 in the videos of her. The vids no-one is mentioning are the ones with the Ukrainian children or the Chinese children, some of whom he nearly killed (or perhaps worse) and the liaisons with whom were arranged by his oligarch buds, and the CCP, respectively (none of whom, I’m sure, had hidden cameras running during his encounters…)

        At 15 she was physically old enough to screw. I’m not sure she was old enough to suck on that crack pipe, though. ‘Says a lot about our “First families,” don’t it?

    • “As a lawyer and career politician, he works with his brain and is in the business of “directing others.”

      Someone is making a huge assumption that he HAS a brain!

      • You really do have a valid point..Hank..
        I get a tickle out of the media commenting on all of trumps ill’s.. but if you look at it as a toilet.. the image is one where someone dropped a piece of paper on the floor with a little shizt on it.. and refused to pick it up.. the other is someone that has C-Diff and there is shizt on everything.. and themselves..
        What surprises me is that people love to give them money, axcess to their children, drugs, diamonds etc…. lots and lots of money and if the note I read that was signed by HB that they are actually almost members in the B club with money in offshore investments..
        Someone that I think shouldn’t be allowed within ten blocks of any school or park..
        Herbert in action..

  6. George you are once again “SPOT ON” with your views, I have been watching the USA slowly being eaten alive for many years and when bringing up the very points you are saying. Then I was ridiculed as a conspiracy nut which was a word MADE up by the CIA to try to label us as such. NOW, LOL it is a fact that we will survive while the rest either die from the vax or starve or get nuke poisoned. My wife and I have been doing what your doing and more since 04 and have never looked back. She even makes our own meds. which keep us healthy and others are astounded when they say (what you are not on any prescription meds) LOL, NOPE and never will be.
    You and your site are a blessing! May you and yours’s stay safe!

    • Congrats! I don’t deal with the medical establishment either, and won’t consider it unless I find an MD that I can converse with as an equal. The medical establishment is far too inbred.

      Sadly, many of the most useful drugs are Schedule I. Between FDA and DEA, they will stay that way.

  7. “he works with his brain…”
    That explains a lot.
    And, of course, there is the question of who is really calling the shots.

    If all the regulations and restrictions fall with the rest of it, at least human ingenuity can get going unhampered.

  8. Good ol’ Howard Ruff. Got his newsletters while back in the Navy up to ’83 and have been following his advise in the metals ever since. In retrospect, though, his attaching the moniker of “Darth Volker” to the Fed Chair back then MAY have been a little short-sighted. Volker’s courage to do what he could with the interest rates have gotten us all the way to the scene of the crash – which is quite a while.

    As far as foods go the “melting pot” aspect of America should never prevail in that area! While in Bremerton with our ship in drydock back in ’82 the wife and I drove all the way to the coast and up the peninsula just to find a TACO BELL! Being raised in, mostly, Texas and the rest of the time in the Mid-West you had two food groups – steak and Tex-Mex. Seafood was an absolute luxury you got once in a while and we pigged out mightily on it while the wife and I were in the Navy – until it was ALL there was and we burned through a serious amount of gasoline to find something resembling home cooking while up there. (San Diego was a wonderful mix of both and close enough to Mexico to not be able to get away with cheap imitations.) The wife was just staring to learn how to cook and doing a pretty darn good job of it, too, but you just couldn’t beat the flavors of Home. Try to find good hot sauce anywhere North of Arizona, New Mexico or Texas and you’ve got a job on your hands. For some reason the farther North we went the more bland food became. There was never enough salt and pepper on the restaurant table to suit us.

    This song came out, or I at least became aware of it, while I was in uniform and it’s been one of my favorites ever since – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt2zoLuNBhA. God bless Don Williams.

  9. Neighbors are inevitable. Good neighbors are precious as gold! Especially those who have tools/equipment you don’t. My tractor-mounted tiller is available to any neighbor who needs a garden spot tilled. We recently lost a large goat to gangrenous mastitis. Our neighbor brought in his Kubota excavator and dug a grave for her in a few minutes rather than me taking a day to dig by hand. A loaf of fresh-baked pumpkin bread (his favorite) was delivered to him the following day.

    For those of you who are in a position to use it, here’s some good info from Col. Jeff Cooper from his articles decades ago. If you have enough land, put your house in a place where it will not be visible from the road. Your gate should always appear the same way… closed and locked. Doesn’t mean it has to be locked, just APPEAR locked. This keeps evil-doers guessing as to whether you’re at home or not. If they have to climb over the gate and walk a few hundred feet to see whether you’re at home, you are less likely to be burglarized.

    A big dog is expensive to feed, but his presence is a great deterrent for bad guys. When we bought our place 43 years ago, we had a 125 pound German Shepherd that always accompanied us on our daily walk to the mailbox. All it took was a passerby to see Max, and soon everybody in our part of the world knew there was a huge dog at our place. More than 20 years later, a guy I had arrested asked if we still had that big German Shepherd. “Yep! He’s a killer!” Even though Max had died in the 80s, the idea lives on.

    • I agree with the closed gate, and mine is always locked. It keeps anyone uninvited – friend or foe, from driving in.

      Whether or not your house can be seen from the street is a mixed bag. If the neighbors(or cops if you have them) can see an interloper, some will be deterred. Others, who may have been scouting on foot or have seen the many GIS maps available from the county might figure you’re an easy picking. Regardless, keeping their vehicles out is primary, unless by invitation. I have no package deliveries at the house – ever. Mail goes to the post office. There’s no need for regular approaches by anyone. I have some good neighbors – but what do you do when someone wants to help and you want to be left alone to DIY? Some folks don’t know how to take “No thanks” for an answer. There’s a delicate balance between staying private and being too aloof.

    • I’m a big believer of keeping the gate closed and locked and when I see someone on my property (10acres with a 5 ft fence all around) I know that they climbed the fence. Anyone climbing the fence to get in isn’t bearing gifts. They will be greeted with a 12gauge pump to the face.
      Jeff Cooper is my idol.

  10. It seems to me that America must somehow find some ‘adults in the room’ when dealing with the international financial/economic situation and the ‘war’ in Ukraine.

    When I was a young buck Marine Officer in the early 80’s, all the senior officers and senior enlisted had served in Vietnam. They had all learned how poorly a war could go when incompetent and stupid political leadership was at the helm. Most of these Marines wanted no part of a third world war. They had their share of violence and senseless killing in Vietnam.

    Now we fast forward to today and I am not sure of this current crop of senior officers without the ‘Vietnam experience.’ Right now, I see the US military as PERHAPS the adult in the room that will keep America out of a stupid war in Ukraine – which will go just as poorly if not far worse than Vietnam. There was no possibility of nukes in Vietnam. Everyone seemed to be content for kids to die the old fashion way – bullets and conventional ordnance.

    This entire conflict in Ukraine depends on the US – Not puppet, coke head Zellensky or Uncle Vlad. The US just needs to agree to leave the Russians have the Dombas and Crimea (it was theirs anyway and the people are overwhelmingly Russian speaking) and keep Ukraine out of NATO – something that was never necessary to begin with. It takes nothing from America to agree with the Russian position – end the war, end the stupid sanctions, and move on. None of what is going on now is helpful to ANYONE. It will only lead to disaster.

    So, does the military step up and quietly tell FJB ‘NO’ or do they agree with the morons who want to start a huge conflict with almost unimaginable consequences for people? We will see if some sort of ‘real’ adult behavior rules over utter childishness and temper tantrums. Btw, as far as I can tell, somewhat sound judgement has come out of the Pentagon not to escalate things – so far. We shall see if this holds.

    • “the pampered princes of the pentagon?!?!”
      -in the backpockets of LM/BA/RTN/ect.. thats almost as funny as seeing gen martha miley wearing a dress..

    • “Right now, I see the US military as PERHAPS the adult in the room that will keep America out of a stupid war in Ukraine ”

      The sticky point @Stephen.. is the exit ramp..
      There wasn’t any exit ramp in place.. and now with the stories that we want their gold.. and war crimes.. I am frankly surprised that it hasn’t escalated beyond what it has at this point.. and then to be pulling the same crap with Xi..
      the scary part is.. it has gone beyond the point of trying to convince everyone to stop this mess.. and information loop is tightening.. there isn’t a thing in the news and when we find out.. it probably won’t be at the best time…

    • “Right now, I see the US military as PERHAPS the adult in the room that will keep America out of a stupid war in Ukraine”

      Um, no.

      Obama fired all the “adult” Generals, remember…?

  11. Let the BCM tell you a story about a well to do englishman ..by way of Oxford U. this “brave new” poet spoke of a coming “reset” all the way back in 1930’s..

    “There will be in the next generation or so, a pharmacological Method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorships without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by Pharmacological methods, and this seems to be the final revolution”. A.Huxely
    whoops indeed.

    ?When are you going to thank nathan & co (centralbankerZ/kissinger/squab/stepford bydyn) for being reset and enjoying it ?

    Dbl sht Friday – nother tale of warning/woe?

    _ thar she blows Capt! no not vp harris, its a pod of em! feeding on some tini, tiny, tasty canines. 4UC paying attention to Whale “feeding” habits can help id next potential “momo” asset.
    Andzo in light of this recent activity BCM asks “well, do you have the SHIB in U? Its A .02 cent meme coin, like a ‘tigger” there funfunfunfun.
    Cyrstal meth- unh I mean BALL, says BTC breakout, then pullback to MA cluster, then we goez..”to the moon, Alice, to the moon.
    Otherwise, Got a lil Gold & Oil.

  12. All this talk of food shortages and famine in our future has to make you wonder about the possibility of… cannibalism.

    G.A. STEWART at The Age of Desolation has often posted a Nostradamus quatrain about food shortages.

    “The bushel of wheat will go (or is it grow) so high that man will be eating his fellow man.”

  13. These dropped into my inbox this morning:

    From LDS” “The United States Selective Service sent out a notification this morning about Conscientious Objectors, FEMA and the National Draft. Maybe we are being paranoid and reading way too deep into this, but the timing seems HIGHLY suspect given all that is going on in Ukraine right now.”

    From DML: “The Biden administration is considering allowing Russia to buy Iran’s excess enriched uranium under the terms of a new nuclear deal, U.S. officials said this week.”

    Gary North / Howard Ruff…

    Don’t forget Kurt Saxon – the father of the survivalist movement and the first “public prepper…”

    ‘Still remember Howard’s advise to get a water bed, to add 40-gallons to your emergency water supply, and Kurt’s “3-cent meal…”

    Yeah, I be preppin’ for a time now — started when Kurt Saxon was still Frank Church’s personal undercover spy and years before he pasted his first book together — ‘cept even as a teenager, I only considered such “prepping” an exercise in common sense.

    Prefab raised beds arrive today. They may (or may not) get a rework before being stuffed. I’ll tell y’all how flimsy those ‘Zon ones are, here in a couple days…

  14. “Food shortages – real ones – are coming!”

    If you are simply releasing the next steps of the planning phases as they arrive, then you have no reason to offer the [planned] solution just yet.
    Have to feel the problem first. That’s how it works.

    Everyone will be issued their very own digital wallets soon enough. No Smartphone? One will be provided to you at no cost.

    Got Blockchain?


    • Um, if it’s going to be a REAL food shortage, it won’t matter what you have as a currency means of exchange. When something doesn’t exist, it can’t be bought…

      • Exactly Ray…. Amen.. I hear gold this and gold that.. but when Weimer depression people were going to the country to buy vegitables carrying a basket with gold and silver … I use to have a photo of it.. but that was on another computer.. during the depression during the drought in the eighteen hundreds. a cup of water was three ounces of gold..
        in Greece.. a night with a woman was a can of soup.. then they realized that their skills could be and were bartered.. back during the reagan recession.. I couldn’t hardly find a job.. you couldn’t buy one.. I would trade my labor for what was needed.. lots of day labor..
        Today I seen dust wall as I drove home.. reminded me of photos of the dust bowl years..

    • Yo Steevo,

      Ure going to scare the “Flock” some more with news of coming battles for control new cryptodigi-banking system.

      CBDC is coming with a digital wallet,soonly.
      – Everyone (citizens) will be issued one. Follow-on restrictions making difficult to transact with crypto outside the SlaveSystem (central banks) – if you do – you Will be labeled a Financial Terrorist.

      Predicktion – the folks that have resisted and criticized BTC here, will be first ones to bend over and request uncle deeep state to insert CBDC in their keisters first, for save keeping as they dont trust the the new pair of dimes.
      Terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bee very afraid of that .

      sound money = Gold

  15. I am so amazed by this …


    If sanctions against Russia will not deter or change Russia’s course, then why the hell are we doing it?

    NATO causing NATO countries to suffer BECAUSE, of these sanctions is NOT an act of compassionate, humble humility to support Ukraine … but rather, it is a self inflicted wound.

    If you have a friend who runs a business and he has a competitor who is doing better than your friend, would you destroy your own business out of solidarity for your friend? NO !! This whole thing is stupid.

    If someone gets injured and bleeds, would you throw yourself against a brick wall and slit your wrists just to suffer with them? That’s insane !!

    Pay attention to what Biden mentions as, “that’s the main thing” – implying the Ukrainian people but isn’t it much broader than that?

    • Pathfinder Bob,

      Further to Mr. Biden’s remarks of “fully, totally, thoroughly united” –
      if memory serves, the March 8 sanctions on oil for instance offered an ofac license exemption until April 22 if the contract was signed before March 8. One imagines the big fish were on the early warning distro list.

  16. George,
    You said…” at least Trump had the good sense to make son Donald Jr. work every position in the building trades.” Don Jr. wasn’t in the trades per se… From WAPO…As Donald Trump Jr. tried to step from the shadow of his billionaire father, he forged a long-running business partnership with an energetic dealmaker from Utah who has been dogged by lawsuits, bankruptcies and business failures.
    Don Jr. and Jeremy Blackburn got to know each other nearly two decades ago while touring the West in a helicopter in search of ranchland that the elder Trump might buy his son as a college graduation gift.
    In 2009, Don Jr. and Blackburn started a company that they claimed would revolutionize low-cost housing around the world, using concrete panels to form prefab homes. They arranged millions in financing and bought a warehouse in an industrial neighborhood in North Charleston, S.C

    Over the next five years, the warehouse became a base of operations for multiple start-up firms launched by Blackburn and supported by Don Jr. But each of the businesses tumbled, leaving behind a trail of lawsuits, unpaid taxes, and angry investors and lenders.

    Now Biden’s son Beau on the other hand… joined the military in 2003 and attended The JAG School at the University of Virginia as a member of the Delaware Army National Guard. He attained the rank of major in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps as part of the 261st Signal Brigade in Smyrna, Delaware.
    Biden’s unit was activated to deploy to Iraq on October 3, 2008, and sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, for pre-deployment training, the day after his father participated in the 2008 presidential campaign’s only vice presidential debate.
    Biden returned from Iraq in September 2009 after completing his yearlong stint on active duty which included a 7 month deployment in the combat zone. Biden had announced during his deployment that he would continue to actively serve as Delaware’s Attorney General by working in conjunction with his office’s senior staff in Delaware, although a member of his unit related Biden saying he had turned over most of his attorney general work to his deputy so as to focus on his duties in Iraq.
    For his service in Iraq, Biden was awarded the Bronze Star Medal. After Biden’s death, Army Chief of Staff Raymond Odierno delivered the eulogy at his funeral and presented a posthumous Legion of Merit for his service in the Delaware National Guard, stating “Beau Biden possessed the traits I have witnessed in only the greatest leaders.” He was also posthumously presented with the Delaware Conspicuous Service Cross, which is “awarded for heroism, meritorious service and outstanding achievement”.

    Interestingly, both Trump and Biden have bad sheep sons too…Eric and Hunter…both have daughters that are fashion designers…but only Joe has a son that is someone we can all say we can admire for his service.

    • Only the tRumps made their Money thru hard work and ingenuity.
      Versus evil bloodsucking Porcines feeding at the Trough, that is DC, never once having lifted their heads up to look around or catch a breath.
      No – just hyper greed, hyper arrogance. will let the other vets plain the Awards/Ribbons for NON Fighters- sons of P/VP

      • Donald Trump made his money and lost that same money and then kept it again through bankruptcies courtesy of his Dad. No hard work needed or even attempted.

    • I missed the Eric Trump laptop that had him with his niece naked in bed or the nude Obummer girls.
      Seems the grubberment has turn the Bronze Star into a participation trophy, desk riding JAG,, disgraceful.

      • And there are hundreds upon hundreds of nude photos of Ivanka and Melania Trump…Nobody seems to care about that. Oh…and the Ghislaine Maxwell story that details how she sent a 14 year old girl to meet Donald Trump at Mar a Lago. While there’s no proof of wrongdoing, this is the same “Jane” that Epstein jet settled around the country with and introduced to other celebrities…including Prince Andrew who unceremoniously settled out of court for a very large sum of money. Hmmmm.

      • Oh..and while the bats*% crazy Q-tards, still claim that Democrats are baby eating pedo’s, more and more Republicans are being outed for their porntastic escapades. Projection anyone?

      • “I missed the Eric Trump laptop that had him with his niece”

        Or the video posted on his porn site account of his niece.
        But then he did make her a movie star lol..

        Everyone has a few dark spots if you look for them.. What that laptop showed is a family with C Diff and there’s shizt on everything and there’s so much of it it shocks and disgusts everone.. levels of depravity in almost every moral and ethical area that can be imagined… then preaching the moral and ethic downfalls of others to everyone else.. all while trying to claim everything on that hard drive is really a delicious chocolate pie.. and the old man saying to the people as they eat the pie story about their family business actions..
        And it’s good so be grateful .

      • Lets recap, NO PROOF for the accuzations you have about Trump, but that Andrew guy is guilty and paid,, your words
        “While there’s no proof of wrongdoing,, ”
        Yes , you do project, much!
        At least Mel. is an adult and that was before she married the Don, while Hunter was fucking minors and family minors,,, laptop!
        You best look out for the Q team, while the anons are just a bunch of people who are learning much about the cults in which you support.
        Don’t forget the RINOs when you refer to democrats, uniparty they are.
        How about the supreme court nominee being a “Guardians of the Pedophiles”
        with Hunters laptop, there is “Panic in DC”
        And the “Fisagate” evidence will be see much airtime with the new Trump lawsuit against the conspirators. Grab some popcorny and enjoy the movies.
        I wish ya luck
        And what is the deal with the Panda eyes look anyway? I know but do you want to talk about it with everyone else here?
        in this video the first 8 mins is about Q posts and showing connections, 8 min through 12 min is photos of stuff that makes normal people sick!!
        8:52 is a little girl with panda eyes
        9:32 is a little girl dressed in hooker undies
        10:57 is Lady Gaga with her fellow Satanist the X presidents


  17. Comrades,

    These past few days have seen the first Royal Tour outside the UK by William and Kate in two years. The Duchess coordinated her arrival wardrobes to match the flag of the nation being visited. Despite bringing smiles and sunshine, the happy couple dodged multiple woke republic sentiment sympathizers in Belize and Jamaica. The send-off gala in Belize was situated in the historic Mayan ruin colloquially known as “Place of Ticks” while Kate stunned the assemblage with a ravishing formal gown by British designer Wife of a Vampire.

    Well, today the Tour continues in the Bahamas. It’s raining. In closing, from the songsheet – God Save the Queen. You know the words.

    • No I dont, not what I used sing with Aussie “fighters’ while getting pissed…went something more to the S/F word…hahahaha

    • Comrade Jester, some food for thought.

      Jamaicas first capital Port Royal became the richest city in the world after it was founded by Privateers sailing under letters of marque and reprisal. The colony of Jamaica was founded by the Republican government of Oliver Cromwell. Its second governor was Captain Morgan.

      In some ways geography may be more important than politics. Port Royal in Jamaica was chosen as a port by privateers because of the direction of the prevailing wind and because Spain already controlled Cuba. The prevailing wind allowed pirate ships to sail with full sail at higher speed towards the Spanish galleons which were sailing north and were forced to tack against the wind.

      What does ancient history have to do with the world today? The answer is coming sooner than you think. Like in months…. President Biden casually mentioned food shortages in the US, an oil producer and net food exporter. What do you think food, fertilizer, weed killer, gas and diesel “shortages” in the US will mean to countries that import food fuel and technology to survive? I think the word you are looking for is famine.
      In the West the Green revolution refers to a political movement that supports deindustrialization and decarbonization. In the rest of the world the green revolution refers to the use of fertilizer pesticides and herbicides to dramatically increase crops, and preservation of food and refrigeration to protect it from rot. That is going in reverse now. It is realistic to think that in some countries food production will drop at least 2/3 back to pre green revolution levels. But that’s not all, without modern preservatives that food will rot leaving food production at pre industrial levels in some countries.

      Maybe it is better to state that geography plays a role in shaping politics. Cuba the largest island in the Caribbean needs a patron to survive. Russia is its current patron. When the English are kicked out I don’t know how much Jamaicans are going to enjoy being governed by Havana, Moscow, or Beijing.

      • Well, except: You left off the Port Royal Earthquake that ended its run.

        From Wikipedia, the high level:

        The 1692 Jamaica earthquake struck Port Royal, Jamaica, on 7 June. A stopped pocket watch found in the harbor during a 1959 excavation [2][3][4] indicated that it occurred around 11:43 AM local time.[5]

        Known as the “storehouse and treasury of the West Indies” and as “one of the wickedest places on Earth”, Port Royal was, at the time, the unofficial capital of Jamaica and one of the busiest and wealthiest ports in the Americas, as well as a common home port for many of the privateers and pirates operating on the Caribbean Sea.

        The 1692 earthquake caused most of the city to sink below sea level. About 2,000 people died as a result of the earthquake and the following tsunami, and another 3,000 people died in the following days due to injuries and disease.[5]

        See the rhyme with Gamora? Now, look slowly around us…

  18. Really obvious . Cognitive function from great economic gurus like George to joe braindead average American has decreased to dementia levels . Market control , media control has led to more repetitive mini mind / trivia stuff. Gurus will start to drop off soon with no crash or reset bullsheet. Then will have sons of gurus. Der der der so good today market fixing

  19. Sheetcoin pumpin again . Over43900 is global control for FED and schwab and facist scum in control . Rigged markets with vege gurus like your truly and many more greasing palm has allowed this rigging. Yep sheetcoin about to rock and roll . And what about the old mole you know nana . She be so happy with this riggin

  20. George now, let’s get it straight. The correct spelling of his name is “BRIBE-EM” not “BUY’D-EM”. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter; we must show the ultimate respect, dont’cha know!

      • the one good thing.. is I think he has a level to which he won’t lower himself.. which is good..If the allegations are true of their business dealings then he may be one of the most corrupt people ever to hold office.. but.. you don’t see a string of suicides and muggings that follow behind him..
        with some even the members of their protection personnel have succumbed to deep sorrow..
        Why Ukraine.. why now.. why put the nukes on Russia’s borders.. why refuse to move them.. why not just have them say we will never allow them to join nato.. why start doing the same thing to Xi… none of it makes any sense to me.. and five years ago.. I would never have believed that something like this would happen

      • “you don’t see a string of suicides and muggings that follow behind him..”

        Really? There’s still a family in Cali who’s been waiting over 20 years to collect the court-imposed 7-figure wrongful death settlement and several little Eurasian girls who’ll never get any older, because of Joe’s immediate kin. Is someone really “better” because they suborn death by sadistic sexual torture rather than death by execution?

        The people who now call themselves “Democrats” are hellbent on destroying everything which is, and was, the United States. They’ve been at it for 130 years and we’ve refused to pack it in, so they’ve grown impatient. They will not stop until we are in the middle of a shooting war with both Russia and China. Russia will get hurt; China will get hurt. Chances are Canada, Britain, France, Australia, Israel, Japan, and Korea, and every Central Urepeein nation will get hurt. WE will get bombed out of existence, with only remnants scattered between the glowing fields, remaining. {Sure would explain the Deagel numbers,* wouldn’t it?}

        * https://nobulart.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Deagel-2025-Forecast-by-Country.pdf

  21. great to see treasuries collapsed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaa inversion they call it !!! more like git on the sheetcoin with da boyz , jerome jerk and nana pasrami guts .. good on yah fellas .. come here and here der der der stories then grow veges .. dont short everything thats bad , be obedient

  22. George
    The Home Repair Handbook showed up today. I did quick look through and there are clear enough instructions that I think I can do alot of this stuff. Thanks for the advice

  23. You have to wonder if the upcoming Food Shortage was a PLANNED dynamic of all the sanctions the US was imposing?

    NAW … never allow one to think that Advanced Planning is more powerful than outright STUPIDITY!! particularly when it comes to anything originating in Washington DC.

    Anyway … when it rains it sometimes pours.

    World wide weather was already conspiring to cut crop yields in several of the worlds starch foods producing areas, specifically North America, China, and parts of South America before this entire thing got going. Now we need to add to that weather issue the War issue in the Eastern European grain belt.

    What else could possibly happen to make the food situation worse?

    Anybody ever hear of the year without a summer? The year after Tambora blew up and lowered the earth’s temperature, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

    It snowed in Boston on July 4th that next year, or so the reports say, and crops in the US failed due to late plantings due to continuing frosts, and then early fall frosts in the US from Virginia and going north. Millions died of famine in Eastern Europe as crops failed there too due to freeezing wether.

    Yep … a massive volcanic eruption that impacts crops would just add to the current world’s misery wrt food production and the upcoming famine.

    Anyway … on that cheerful note I am back to contemplating what power of sunblock I should wear when I set my lawn chair out front in the sometime near future. Do you think SPF 5,000 is strong enough, or should I go with SPF 40,000?

    • ” Do you think SPF 5,000 is strong enough, or should I go with SPF 40,000?”

      Ten inches of lead blocks should be adequate

  24. The US Apartment Option …

    The great US ‘shortage’ and ‘demand’ for US housing residential continues … until it doesn’t. While the Fed funds rate has been raised by a puny 0.25 %, the average 30 year mortgage has been expontentialling skyrocketing from the 2.75% lows with QE pandemic MBS buying by the Federal Reserve to nearly 5% (4.95% average today). https://www.mortgagenewsdaily.com/mortgage-rates/30-year-fixed

    The apartment vice residential home advantage calculus has been quickly reformulated by this spike in home mortgage interest rates – a rate 1.5% greater than December 2012.

    The March 2020 global equity and commodity lows(sans oil) 33/74 of 76 week :: x/2-2.5x first and second fractal series will likely end in a 5/12/7 day fractal series :: X/2-2.5x/1.5x on 2 April vice 1 April. The 74 of 76 week second fractal is composed of 14/35/27 of 29 weeks.

    The largest plurality component of global macroeconomic asset-debt picture is the collapsing 60 trillion dollar-equivalent Chinese property superbubble.
    Look to Evergrande or the Bank of Beijing as daily fractal quantitative markers.

  25. “You have to wonder if the upcoming Food Shortage was a PLANNED dynamic of all the sanctions the US was imposing?”

    Sanctions have nothing to do with it, and the war has very little. The food shortage will be the direct result of the pending worldwide depression, the initial shocks of which are being made worse by our financial assholes believing they can print a 32% excess of money and helicopter it to Billy Beergut, without consequences.

    If’fn you are near a radio or TV on a regular basis, you will hear the upcoming famine blamed on Putin, as the Dems are blaming him for inflation and the gas price increases. These are all demonstrably false premises, but they will stick with a significant majority of the American public, because we’z stoopid and can’t follow a number line incremented in elapsed time.

    With that said, the PTB will most-certainly have gamed out “famine” to exploit, or at least “not waste” it…

  26. UPDATE….
    The Dandelion Wine is ready to bottle.. I think that It is really really good.. guess I will have to have the grandkids pick more dandelions this spring LOL.. really light and citrusy.. it has one lemon and one orange in its mix.. more of a light summer shandy.. I was thinking about back sweetening it.. but no it is good just the way it is.. sitting at eleven percent alcohol.. guess I’ll have to wash and sterilize some wine bottles tomorrow..

  27. Hey, Punks! Are we all feeling lucky? Hell, yeah! Truth is stranger than a fiction book when an unusual name pops up in both. The streets of San Francisco have seen a lot since the Summer of Love. Care to consider some mushroom mycelium that’s feeding on the rot, nyet?

    An Opera Plaza, San Francisco based US charity, Freedom of the Press Foundation, published a March 8th piece “In its quest to censor war reporting, the Russian government has dismantled all semblance of press freedom”. Wow, that’s pretty edgey for a charity whose president is the infamous Edward Snowden and features an in memoriam page for a Grateful Dead lyricist. Shared dna from its larger parent charity includes a number of individuals. Perhaps over the course of time, it becomes expedient for “access denied” to certain educational attainment acknowledgements. https://web.archive.org/web/20220119193522/https://www.eff.org/about/staff/rainey-reitman



    Ve are vlad if this helps dispel any disinformation that might have otherwise occurred.

  28. I had an intense flashback today. Kinda feel like Andy. Sitting on the porch at the right time & place, and we noticed a thick black smoke plume rise from down the block. “House FIre!” Went a block down the street and got spectacular cellphone video of flames fully engulfing the old house, even before the fire truck got there. Still with a little bit of loyalty to my old TV news crew, I emailed the video to the newsroom… and explained to the newbies that I was a retired TV engineer from their place. My video was the lead story on the news two hours later.

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