ShopTalk Sunday: The Christmas Room (Part 1)

Ah.  the Joy of the Season.  Time to get hammered.

What’s an old geezer to do when markets are closed, the kids are too busy, and there’s only so much idle chit-chat you can do on the 75-meter breakfast nets in the morning?

Why, you get a wild hare idea to build something.  In the present instance, a “grow room” on the house that will be nearly air-tight so that in the event NSNW becomes a front-page phrase (as we expect in 2022) there will be room to grow a few veggies and sprout some seeds while remaining filled with gently pressurized filtered air…

Piling It On!

Four main ingredients to this build:

With a list of major ingredients, plus a good supply of construction screws, a jug of Penofin to play at protecting from the Texas summer sun, and a never-ending supply of coffee, we head for Lowes and Home Despots.

Pile of 2-by-4’s.  30 is a good get-started number, plus an armload of 4-by-4’s:

Then Home Despots for the polycarb roofing:

Here’s the get-started pile of panel trim, while we’re at it:

Actual Construction, Actually…

First thing is always a good set of plans.  Highly detailed, precisely measured, materials spec’ed, snow and wind loads calculated, and for just 10% of the project cost a “wet signature.”  Then a trip to the building department, an environmental impact statement, 2-years of hearings and then the Zoning Commission.  Now you’re down to just the Homeowner’s Association….

OR you move to the still-free areas of Texas, pour a branchwater, and mess around with a drawing program to see how the idea might look:

(Ground) Screw It

Step one is to eyeball where the ground screws will go:

Step 2 is to toss up some a couple of 2-by’s to get an idea of how it will all lay out as you go:

Whee!~  Only a couple of hours into the project, too!  Is this fun, or what?

Rinse and Repeat

Eventually it comes to something like this:

So now, we “arm-strong” the blocking on the ends into place, add purlins flush with the rafters (every two feet) in order to carry some load. Then on will go the plastic trim pieces and the clear over that.

Before adding the trim and plastic, though, a thorough dunking in the Penofin will keep the boards from looking “too white” because glare and us don’t get along, so well.

A couple of sacks of QuikCrete to double-mud the house joint, set a level but trimmed up concrete threshold under where a storm door will be placed, and then throw down 170 s/f of concrete pavers.

A half-dozen wood (also Penofin‘ed) for matching stand-up growing bins, and that leaves only the good-weather plumbing (PVC), addition of electrical power for the summer-time swamp cooler, adjustable air handling gates, and we’ll be almost done.

All that will remain at that point will be a couple of sacks of skim-coat to bug-proof the cementitious board joints and then paint anything that has too much “personality.”  A refresh of the steps down from the music studio into the grow room and a couple of chairs and done will be done.

By New Years, I’m thinking.

Tool of the Week

On the January construction list?

  • We will be coming to the end of “real construction” shortly.  Which means a couple (or several) trips to the dump will be along.  One of the things most people who own pickup trucks don’t have (and it really extends the use of a pickup) are sideboards for the bed.  With these installed, you can almost effectively double carry capacity.  So, these are on the dream board for hauling sterilized mushroom media (sterilize cow poo) which makes kick-ass garden media if you have a mushroom grower nearby…
  • Then I want to re-do the decking (five-quarter, treated by 8) on the BBQ deck.
  • To end this construction season, we still haven’t replaced that front deck.  Elaine has had it in “plan review” for a couple of months now.  She’s trying to figure out the best size.  Too big and it won’t be used enough to warrant the cost and size (which we found out with the 20-by-20-foot deck).  But, too small, and it won’t be useful for the odd hang a throw rug out to dry, or whatever.

These last two projects involve a lot of screwing (ahem…) and I hate knee pads for hours while putting in decking screws.

Behold the answer!

The long black-shank is a 36″ impact driver extension.  Unfortunately, the one I got from Amazon has a round shaft, which is fine if you are using a drill.  Read the fine print carefully.

The bulbous end is where a regular impact driver bit is inserted.  Ends bending over to do deck work which means the job gets done faster, too. God, I love being lazy!

Winter is Coming

We ran into a really sweet weather window for this project.  Daytime highs for East Texas will be in the low 70’s through the end of the year.  January 2, though, Winter will arrive with a high of only 41 forecast and lows under freezing. Can’t be lucky all the time, I guess.

Still, January is when several other projects will come on line.  For example, since we had some clearing done on the three farm this year, there are some piles of crap that need to be pushed up and burned.  This time of year – and to the middle of April, or so, is the best time for controlled burning.

The idea is you want to manage your land this time of year when snakes are down, and such, so the younger trees coming up can get a good run toward the sun.

We have been using natural growth to reseed.  A couple of years slower than buying a thousand seedlings and the labor to walk them in.  But that’s another tale for another morning.

The general goal is that by February to May, the place will look like a state park with everything “limbed up” 12-feet from the ground.  And have something like a “state park” look to it.

We’re also looking at maybe buying a “milker calf” or two (a dairy is 4- miles down the road) and putting in 10-acres of pasture.  Not that we have delusions of becoming Cattle Baroon’s, but we are omnivores who’s carni aspects run to prime rib and grass-fed, corn-finished natural beef.

One of the local county workers has a nice spread – must be 100 acres, or so – has some of the best-looking long horns about.  But at our age, “horny” is a sunsetting interest, which has sparked some interest in Brangus and especially Charolais.  We’ll have to size up the world a bit more.  Elaine had a love-hate with our goat herd.  But’s she’d made the mistake of naming the animals.  If we do this, I’m going to make her “pinkie swears” they will have numbers only.

Write when you get rich.

41 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: The Christmas Room (Part 1)”

  1. Two scenarios, both start out the same way.
    That is, the world is scared into believing the existance of a nasty virus by creating an initial set of fatalities (by some short-lived weaponised virus or other means, even fake news) and then killing off people with remdesivir (in USA) / Midazolam (in UK) to inflate the deaths, along with fatal ventilators.

    Scenario 1
    The continued use of wrong treatments, fake testing and fake news is used to justify a 10-year lockdown period to grind down people’s resistance. Many would die due to lack of primary hospital care. At the end of the 10 year period, a ‘vaccine’ would be finally developed, but it is a deliberate poison designed to kill off the survivors. 13 out of 14 die. This summarises Clif High’s statement of what the deep state had planned.
    If you were president, what would you have done to stop this?

    Scenario 2
    The present situation: The deep state comes up with a pre-prepared ‘vaccine’ which is in fact a slow kill. Some die immediately through blood clots, others die later through brain prions, destroyed immune system and multiple organ failure. Survivors are sterile. Over 5 years, human population is decimated (depending on how many take the vax).

    Clif has argued ( ) that Trump created scenario 2 to replace scenario 1 (Clif still defends Trump). Clearly scenario 2 is not any better, and even if Trump was duped into fast tracking a ‘vaccine’, he should by now admit that it was a mistake and no-one should be taking it, as this would save a lot of lives and suffering.
    Instead, in the middle of the great ‘vaccine’ push, he says he has taken the (death) booster. No matter how you play the words, it looks like scenario 2 was the plan all along, and Trump is just controlled opposition.

    • Except there is no evidence for either of these ideas.

      Whenever a big problem is “just over the horizon” you should be wary of the business model that draws you to anticipate these things. Global warming, global cooling, the population bomb, nuclear winter, Yellowstone, The Georgia guide stones, asteroids, the 12,000 year disaster cycle, and many more such ideas all have two things in common. They are always just over the horizon, and they are mind control for your consumption.

      Write back when there is evidence supporting either of your claims. I’ll buy you dinner when people start to drop dead from vaccines in measurable, undeniable numbers (should be any day now right?) Remember, there are 3 billion people or so ready to die, stuffed full of fake vaccines according to plan, so it won’t be anecdotes, it won’t be a letter from a “doctor”, it’ll be a giant disaster all over the news. It’s hard to ignore a billion people dying in a short time frame. I’ve got the popcorn.

      In your other scenario, the “over the horizon” part is built in, so please write back in 10 years if you’re one of the 600 million who live. I’ll still buy you dinner.

      • Actually, it’s extremely easy to hide the huge die-off. People who die from the vaxx appear to be deaths that can fit into any number of common death scenarios – heart attack, stroke, Cancer. Also, does anyone know exactly how many people die in their town on a daily or weekly basis? How would we know? My brother and I have been following the obituaries for the last 6 months in our small home town on-line Newspaper (The Capital Gazette – Annapolis, MD). What we have observed is that there are many people dying in their 40’s – 60’s, with quite a few 30 somethings thrown in. Certainly, this is just the tip of the ice berg as obituaries are not free, and many people below middle class are unlikely to have them. Yes, the die off is here – like the revolution, it will not be televised.

      • This is one point on which I will agree with you Philistine. Both sides of the fearmongering crowd play the same game.

        If you don’t get the vaccine, you’re going to die.
        If you do get the vaccine, you’re going to die.

        For an extremely small percentage of the population, one or the other of these two statements has been correct so far. For the rest of us, one or the other of these statements will be true eventually.

      • @Stephen

        “Certainly, this is just the tip of the ice berg as obituaries are not free, and many people below middle class are unlikely to have them.”

        Check your newspapers’ actual policy. Mine is free obit if somebody writes one of fewer than 400 words, without photo, and, like $250 for 400-1000 words, a photo, or both, and I believe pro-rates cost above 1000 words.

      • All you need to do is ask your local undertaker what is going on. There is a now famous one in the UK telling it like it is, and doesn’t pull any punches. Look forward to that dinner,

    • The entire red vs blue mindset needs to be chucked. By the time one has been in DC for a year, the rot has been introduced, In many cases, the rot was already growing fast before they got to DC. There are those with power and money, and then there are the rest of us – just as it has always been throughout human history. Pick an era or a location – look backwards and it is sooo easy to see.

      Remember – they are ALL controlled opposition – it is the elites (PMC) versus the rest of us wage slaves. Until you free your mind from this web of lies, you are navigating with one eye closed.

      Not sure about old Clif – he seems lost in his own self-made reality , IMO. At the end of each day, I remind myself that my primary function is to pass my genes on successfully – everything else is lagniappe.

      We are 2 years into this shitshot business, and thy are still pushing it. Got no idea why – just keep remembering the phrase, “We are from the government, and we are here to help” while recalling the stock portfolio values of Piglosi and not-so-Feinstein. Then there is that nasty high Covid survival rate – pandemic? FMTT…

      Having just gotten out of a week in hospital, I would strongly caution people to avoid at all costs. They would not give me aspirin – instead gave me a blood thinner and morphine without even telling me. Diagnosed me with things I have long had controlled (high blood pressure, cholesterol) via other means and immediately gave me conflicting meds. When I got my bill, it was not itemized. Requested that, and had 7 doctors I never saw billing me included and much more. Doctors have their own political bias, along with ethical bias – they believe they know what is best for you, even though most of them spend maybe 15 minutes on each patient – a drive-by, as it were.

      If you can remove yourself from the medical system, I would try to do so. Remember that lifespan is now decreasing in America – but not in most of Latin America. The best doctor I saw on this go-round was from Khartoum – spent and hour with me talking and actually trying to help me. Never saw any others for more than 10-15 minutes – then they made their exit.

      Hope everyone has a better 2022 – I intend to do my best to have one.

      • “By the time one has been in DC for a year,”

        I totally agree O2..I don’t agree with the year..I’d say it would only take two months max to buy someones looks to me like DC is nothing but a pay to play business model..

  2. For just a couple meat cattle just plain old black white face calves will do. Pure breds mean higher prices but if you insist the Brangus is a good choice.
    We had goats a few years ago but when the boss, aka the wife, decided the babies could come in the house it was game over for me. Although to see a batch of baby goats running through the house like a litter of puppies was a lot of fun. Not the actual house just the kitchen, mud room, deck, and patio but that was enough. She had them playing while she was doing things and turned around to see a couple up on the counter by the stove and one on top of the fridge prying open the cabinet. She forgot they climbed like monkeys. So they were banned back to the goat pens.
    Like the new grow room. You will quickly out grow it. Plan accodingly. And you might consider hydroponics again. Soil based mediums inside tend to attract large numbers of insectoids.

    • “aka the wife, decided the babies could come in the house it was game over for me.”

      LOL LOL that happened to me.. eggs were really expensive.. and I thought heck I can do it.. so I went to the hatchery and egg place and bought two hundred broilers.. twelve laying hens twelve turkeys twelve guinea fowl hens, half dozen geese.. and five ducks.. the ducks were wild hen and wild male.. and three of their chicks.. went to pick up the chickens.. and they were babies.. he said.. you need to put them under a heat lamp.. so out comes the playpen.. stink my god they stank.. so I said live or die they are going outside… took them out and let them loose.. the wild male and female duck gathered them all up and into their little pen I had made.. and you know I didn’t loose a one.. not one.. the ducks were the cleanest birds of all.. I couldn’t eat them when it came time.. they deserved to live and I was only thinking of food..
      the geese.. dam best watch dog ever.. LOL you can walk around but heaven help anything that doesnt’ belong come into the yard LOL LOL LOL the turkeys.. never again.. meanest dam bird I have ever seen.. kill each other over the grain.. mean nasty and dirty.. the laying hens came later.. it was the first part of april when I started the project.. and it didn’t take much to feed them.. I had read a pioneers handbook.. which had a place that said to sprout oats.. mix with cracked corn.. I sprouted both.. and mixed with cracked corn.. dam good feed.. the birds were all eager for the sprouts.. big fat birds to..

  3. How about Afrikaners – G-Pops – double duty Moosies.
    Creamy milk – low vol, tasty high qual. meat – as tasty as Black/Red Angus?..nah – besides the Kobe beefs, not much else is…not a fan of Brahma meat – find it barely palatable even mixed 50/50 with porkalicous Pork meat.
    This why when in Caribbean – 100% pescetarian…”when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” – Ambrose, he who converted Augie to the dark side..

  4. George,

    Glad to see the warm weather which has spilled over into west Tennessee as well. I have to redo two decks. Support structure is sound, but I made the mistake of using one of these “Deck Over” coatings on the actual deck boards two years ago. Blasted coating cracks open and traps water underneath, accelerating the decay of deck boards. Cannot bring myself to use these so called “composite” deck boards because of cost and durability, plus they tend to have a spongy feel when walked on. I have looked at Ipe, which is expensive; but lasts practically forever (which is longer than I will live). Then it came to me. What about teak or cypress? I have found teak from a firm in South Carolina that, although costly, it still beats composite; and comes pre-grooved for concealed fasteners. Teak ages to a nice color and still gives the good feel of wood.

    I figure this might be a good last hurrah for the deck, then let someone else worry about the next redo.

  5. When we bought 3 dairy calves many years ago as freezer stock, we named them Dairy Queen, Burger King and Dixie Maid as a reminder of where they were going. By the time they were big enough to butcher, my wife was ready and threatened to do it herself. They were a pain in the backside. Escape artists, bullies, and general nuisances. I came home one Friday night, and my wife said, “Calves are out… AGAIN.” I tracked them down the road more than a mile and found them in a neighbor’s pasture with his cattle. Next day we borrowed a trailer and set about getting them home. A bucket of feed was of little help. Next came mud-wrestling. She lost her wedding ring in the pasture, but we finally got the calves back home. Two in the trailer, one tied to the back of it plowing up the oiltop road with his feet the whole way. My little metal detector paid for itself, as I found the ring a couple of days later.

    Goats are much easier to manage (for the most part) once you find out what gets their attention. Animal crackers seem to be like crack to our goats. They swarm us when we go out with animal crackers in hand. Most folks think of goats as escape artists, but ours refuse to stray far from their pens. They know what’s roaming the woods, and they know where they’re safe. They only way I can get them out to browse in the edge of the woods is if I take a chair out and sit where they can see me.

    • “They were a pain in the backside. Escape artists, bullies, and general nuisances.”

      A local farmer had hogs.. them things were always out.. he was chasing them all the time.. one day I was headed to the shop with the truck.. the biggest hog he had that kept escaping..was running down the road..laughing I told my buddy.. guess what..that dam pig is out running as fast as it could..well.. better go ket him know..went and knocked on the door..he came I said your pug is out again and running like hell down the road..
      He shook his head.. not my pig.. my pigs are all in the pen.. has to be someone elses hog..he didn’t want to mess with it again..
      Lol lol we went looking for it but never did find it.. lol

  6. Hi George,

    Hope you had a great Christmas!

    I have missed a few of your articles so just wondering what happened to the dogs? Do you still have them? Just curious.

    • They just up and disappeared. Or, the owner showed up (remorseful a**hole syundrome) and got ’em…)
      Or they just ran off wild. Hard telling..but no more kibble and Zeus owns his property again.\

      (For all I know, the cat may have hired the mountain lion to come by – see several times now on game cams around here – 200 pounds plus or minus a mid-sized child.)

  7. OK George.. if you get a milk cow with a calf.. you will need a few items..
    you can milk by hand.. that is easy enough but if you have solar it won’t take much to use one of these of course they have some that are way cheaper to…. milking is tedious work..
    this pasteurizer is exactly like the one I have.. so is the milk separator and the milking machine..
    Now.. you can use a suse vide to pasteurize as well then all you need is a stainless steel pot.. set it and walk away..until it dings..
    I have a couple of sous vide cookers.. at costco or sam’s club they have a whole kit for about a hundred dollars.. they did have them on sale for xmas for fifty bucks.. I am still trying to convince my grand daughter that has an acreage to put a milk cow in.. I will buy the cow.. of course if they take care of it…. and everyone will have more than enough milk… milk twice a day.. they are considering getting the hens..

  8. 9 degrees here this morning – all outside projects / work is on hold. I like the new greenhouse – should be damn handy.
    Still like to see a photo of all the tile work you did.
    Hummingbird feeder is three/quarters frozen solid. Have seen two feeding this morning.., don’t know how those little critters survive the cold like this. Suppose to get to zero, and a little below in the next five days. [Feeder is heated at the base., but not too sure it will remain liquid down to zero.]

  9. Nice concept. I have a couple of thoughts: The door is under the shed roof, so if it’s raining, you’ll be taking a serious shower just to get inside. Yes, it’s the short path to the studio, but the gable end won’t get you as wet. I’m presuming that the shed roof faces south. The low angle sun from the west end is likely to cook the place in the summer, so I’ll presume that there’s venting accordingly.

    I generally prefer concrete rather than ground screws, but I can certainly see their utility for something that’s temporary(less than 10 years), and the structure can then be removed and relocated. They might also be useful for my dear daughter’s place where we’re thinking of building a backyard shed. Presumably, they wouldn’t qualify as a permanent foundation per some municipality’s building code. The best thing is that they’re quick.

    NOBODY has enough storage space.

      • “EVERBOY has too much shit.”

        Amen..wait I take that back… a huge ….AMEN..

      • Having too much home is just as bad as having too much stuff. If I had it to do over again, I would have built my house even smaller, and put in more detached outbuildings for temporary storage. Outbuildings with HVAC and indoor plumbing get taxed at a higher property tax rate locally because they could theoretically be used as a residence. One of the neighbors put indoor plumbing in a large barn. I think her taxes on that barn are higher than her residence. Not sure what the tax man thinks about off-grid.

      • “How would the taxman know there was a crapper in there?”

        George.. you live in the outback.. they wouldn’t know for you.. when they normally access a property around here they do a drive by.. if they question it.. then they measure or drop in..
        How they know about other features.. like more than one bathroom etc.. is on the floorplan and building permit.. when they walk in and check the construction to insure it is being done by code.. they make the notations and it shows up..
        IF.. you go to the courthouse and decide you want to know about some property or what bills they owe etc.. to buy something on back taxes or place a lien.. you can find out all of that in the personal property tax records.. along with what cars etc..
        GOOGLE is even making it easier.. I was looking at some of the properties in SanFran.. you can do a virtual walk through of the properties.. then do a street survey literally walk up and down the street.. if a property was sold and had a virtual tour.. then you can see the layout of the homes in any neighborhood along with the whole neighborhood.. If the tax people are similar to here there.. then they have a bunch of people that that is their job.. just go through ad’s for rummage sales and for sale items and do virtual tours for taxing purposes..
        I discovered that when I was going to get a license at the court house.. was with someone and we went through a room with a bunch of people.. scanning the internet and papers..I asked.. the courthouse.. I have done that a lot in the past.. check on property that you can pick up for back taxes.. I was interested in some.. one guy got seventeen acres for four grand.. he went to Texas for the winter and died.. didn’t pay his taxes.. another friend bought a house for four hundred dollars.. I started to check this stuff out when I was taking care of the lawn of a property for a bank.. that took one back on a loan default.. a friend bought it.. I asked for how much.. he paid a thousand for it and then put twenty in rebuilding the place.. sold it for four times what he had in it..
        A crazy woman here.. would go and put a million dollar general lien on farms LOL LOL so when they went to sell them.. they had to clear up the lien.. and they didn’t know anything about it.. messed up a bunch of property.. want someones car.. the same process… LOL LOL..
        My wife moved out of a place.. decades later they gave her notice of a court hearing.. she went in.. they asked she said I haven’t lived there in twenty years.. second court date.. she showed them the checkout etc.. case dismissed.. four months later they garnished her wages.. we went to the court house.. oh she didn’t show up for her court date.. what court date.. here the collection company wrote in the names of the people that had the bill then at the bottom penciled in her name and an address that she had never lived at.. sent it certified.. they of course didn’t have a clue who it was and sent it back.. legally she refused her mail.. we put in for another court date.. the judge got pissed when I said.. isn’t it fraud.. and threatoned to toss my fat butt in jail.. we paid the bill.. the utility company had a cord of envelopes for one month of people that do just that.. claim they are someone else and run up the bills.. the list of calls go to an answering service anyplace.. the answering service for that utility was three states away.. legally it was as if the wife was calling them.. even though it wasn’t.. we checked with the other utilities.. they had done it there as well..
        It was my pet project to get the laws changed so that if someone shut down a service.. that an id would be needed to turn it back on.. I was told if you have millions of dollars you can do it.. if not then it goes to the highest bidder..

      • “How would the taxman know there was a crapper in there?”

        First, the appraisal district and the tax man operate independently, and which entity has access to what information, and how much and how they collaborate is all hush, hush top secret.
        At the time that barn was built, the county was still doing construction inspections, and you had to submit a plan for a permit. The water district service was a confirming tell. Also, the neighbor has money, which they don’t conceal. That gives you three points, which wouldn’t require an onsite inspection.
        The local tax man was doing surveillance on rural construction during that time period. One of the tax guys about gave himself whiplash driving by gawking at my construction site, and I have been told my place wasn’t even his area of jurisdiction. The appraisal district overstated my square footage by about 17%, and pretty much dared me to appeal. I made a informal request for a review, which the appraisal district ignored, but I decided not to go forward with an appeal.
        That seems to be par for the course.

  10. If you use a pick-up truck as a pick-up truck then one of these is money well spent! You’ll realize it with the first load of ANYTHING you unload (my first few unloads were gravel, I made sidewalls for inside the truck bed & they were a huge help)
    You can find them most everywhere, even amazon.

  11. What was the name of that drink., you had never heard of., until you started researching ?? Started with an ‘S’. I can’t find where you mentioned it.

  12. Comrades,

    Hey sci-fi fans! Arming for booster ignition? Step right this way into the big top; the circus is already underway.

    Welcome to the tertiary round of the made-for-tv series “Vaccine Wars”!

    Viewers, we know you have talent; at the end of each program instalment you too can be part of the action by voting for one of the following two words depending how much fact if any is present:
    science fiction.

    As you are no doubt aware, last week’s episode saw minions of Xi proclaim the efficacy of the Chinese vaccines against the pending omicron variant. This week in the corner to your left, Putin has declared Sputnik vaccine your preferred ticket to ride out the next wave.

    Folks, a quick mention of next week’s showdown between Moderna and Pfizer – following “La Marseillaise”, we’ll be selecting a cross-section of your home chorus “Let’s go, Brandon!” for review by special guest judge not Kelli Stavast. Advertisers invite you to “turn on, tune in, drop out” from whatever else you probably should be forgetting about doing.

    Now, back to the monthly book club and “Laptop from Hell” by Miranda Devine.

  13. “Double-vaxxed. Janssen-fueled, Moderna-boosted. Hey Omicron: Hit me with your wet snot,” Tejada boasted on Instagram on December 16.

    -Carlos Tejada, New York Times Deputy Asia Editor

    Tejada’s wife announced on December 17 that her husband had “passed away last night of a heart attack.”

    US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew

    A U.S. Navy warship has paused its deployment to South America due to a COVID-19 outbreak among its “100 percent immunized” crew, the Navy announced on Christmas Eve. “USS Milwaukee (LCS 5), a Freedom variant littoral combat ship, remains in port as some Sailors test positive for COVID-19,” the U.S. 4th Fleet said in a statement.

  14. Evert, Navratilova back Olympic champ’s rip on NCAA as trans swimmer breaks records

    Three iconic figures in women’s sports made waves over the weekend by challenging the fairness of the NCAA’s transgender policy amid Penn swimmer Lia Thomas’s record-smashing season. Tennis greats Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert jumped in after Olympic swimming champion Nancy Hogshead-Makar broke the ice by declaring that there was “nothing fair” about the NCAA rules allowing Thomas to swim on the Ivy League women’s team.

    Women Inmates Seek Help as Law Allows ‘Trans Women’ to Share Spaces in California Prisons

    Female inmates in California prisons are seeking relief after a new California law allows biological men to be housed at women’s detention centers in the state based on their “gender identity.”

    The San Francisco Chronicle has been reporting on how the new law is being implemented, including promoting the idea that the trans women, not the real women, face danger in prison. The Chronicle reported that more than 250 people — the “vast majority” of whom are trans women — are waiting to be transferred to their preferred prison. “The longer it takes, the greater the odds that they could be raped, beaten or killed,” the Chronicle reported.

    Fight to clean voter lists gains ground after 2020 election

    The Public Interest Legal Foundation went to Pennsylvania with a list of tens of thousands of people who were likely dead, but still on the state’s voter rolls in the weeks before the 2020 election. The state was totally uninterested, according to Christian Adams, the organization’s founder. But once the election was over, Mr. Adams says, the state changed its tune.

    These make me think society is going to revolt against the wokeists over the next couple years… Okay, AND that second one makes me realize why some people find Cali so attractive.

    • OK, who’s dreaming? Why would any straight man want to “rape” a biological man? There may be many reactions, but raping another man, regardless of his “identity” is just not a natural one. Of course, prison is an unnatural situation, and IMHO, no prisoner should be forced, or even allowed to see another prisoner. If other prisoners are the model to follow, recidivism is almost assured. Depriving men, in particular, of all access to women is likely to encourage violence, at least, but there’s no reason to allow “gen pop”. Individuals can be separated and given time to recognize what they’ve done, write a book, learn something, meditate, introspect, etc. Just my considered opinion.

      I believe that any rape of anyone in a controlled environment like a prison, or any violence at all for that matter, indicates an inability to manage and run the facility, and the person in charge should be fired with prejudice!

      • “Why would any straight man want to “rape” a biological man? ”

        SADLY… Mike it happens all the time.. working in healthcare all those years I have seen a surprising number.. every day I give thanks for having the parents I had..
        When I was in the military.. there was a very nice young man.. he was gay…. but he wasn’t always gay.. see when he was little his dad was out of the picture for whatever reason it was.. ( I assume from what he had said that it sounded like his father died in a car crash) his mom had a new boyfriend.. that raped him.. he told his mom.. his mother did nothing.. he was smaller than a lot of the kids and in gym class at school was constantly teased and harassed by the other older kids.. one day the teasing got out of hand and he was made to perform oral sex on them.. he seen the coach at the door..
        Later he found comfort in the arms of another young man that had similar experiences.. now…IF… you were an angel on the earth seeking to see how bad the evil is on the planet.. who would you give a pass to..
        the mother the dirtbag boyfriend the coach or those good christian boys…
        bacha bazi boys are not considered men until they reach puberty.. women and girls are not allowed in public so to take care of men that are warriors.. they have bacha boys.. one reason you see child rape and incest so bad with those from regions of the middle east they follow the Quran and the Torah completely… what is marrying age again five or six..

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