Durable Goods, Jobless, War – You know – The USUAL

I don’t want to sound too flip here, but the news flow lately has been a real grinder.  We are in a war, failing countries are a world-wide deal, and few want to address the underlying malaise on humanity.

Which comes down to a short list:

  • There are nearly as many bad people as good folks, anymore.
  • We got here because lawyers and government got into the business of “winning” rather than doing “justice.”
  • Similarly, governments worldwide have been into “making the books work” by turning debt into fiat money.  It works in the short term, but in the long term it all blows up and currencies fail.
  • When they do, countries attempt to secure their borders (plus a little elbow room) [like Russia and Ukraine], or they negligently abandon real borders pretending an unchecked influx of illegals and OTMs will somehow “fix” things by expanding demand…which is the US approach which has screwed up Europe which did the same thing some years back…

It’s not that we live in a failing nation, so much as we live in a failing world.

Pretending socialist bullshit – remarketed as “woke” and making up new industries like “Climate” and “Gender” and “Race 2.0” will somehow cover-up the reality of declining resources on a per capita basis with 8 billion people all wanting more than the other guy is LUDICROUS.

But, this is where we kick off from today.  Just, please, let’s not kid ourselves.

Slow on the Go

The “funneled upstream to Pops” the “pass-through guy” is playing at being President.  NATO isn’t defending Europe; it’s attempting to expand.  Pissing off Russia.  Cue the nukes later this year.  If you can’t see it coming, its either time for an Evelynn Woods class or a trip to the eye doctor…

Repeat after me:  “Everthing is a Business Model.”

Balance of Payments

Yeah, this is sure dandy:


Move over Australia!  *(Yeah, reader Len, too!)  America is the new Land Down Under.

Here’s what is going on in background:  

The Fed H.6 Money Stocks report out earlier this week says the monetary base expansion (making up money) has slowed.  The year-on-year pedal to the metal is easing.  That means new stock market highs are not likely based on “easy money.”

BUT, have this in mind, remember that a few metrics (price-to-book, for one) do improve a little bit when inflation comes along.  This is because the break-up values of companies goes up when plant and equipment (replacement) prices scream higher.

Your best hope to really get ahead in the world – which we’ve been promoting for more than 20-years on this site and Peoplenomics – is to unwind from the economic system as much as you can.  Own your life outright.  With a paid-for home (maybe not the dream digs, but still, yours) it doesn’t matter what home prices do.  Own your own damn roof.

Same thing with cars, consumer goods – everything we buy we own free and clear with the exception of health.  And Medicare Advantage plans that cover 100% of big ticket medical issues reduce your risk on that score, too.

Make a modest income, stay off the radar, put the ego on hold by unlinking social media…why in no time, you’re free and able to pursue a reasonable life.

With two political parties – Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb, the fantastical financial fraud industries (those “newgen” made ups listed) can pass you by.  Imagine being able to let the world pass you by unless it has some real benefit to offer.

A Side Story

Somehow, Elaine and I came up with a cool idea for something we call “The Dolphin Bar.”  We love tinkering with our home, a kind of crazy-people’s version of imagineering, right?

So now we’re into exploring foam carving.  And there are some DANDY videos on YouTube about how to do it.

Point is, we WANT something in our lives, and so YouTube is THE premier place to learn almost anything in life.  (Jordan Peterson is good on the people side, for example).

Given the choice between $19.95 for another LBGTQ-pandering movie on pay TV or FREE ((with ads) course on how to foam-carve huge life-sized animals to make our own Jurassic Interior, which one do you pick?

People make dumb choices all the time.  “Mining the Miners” it’s called.

Sorry for the rant…we return to the plate of information ambergris now…

Durable Goods


durable goods order collapse

Just remember – and don’t lose too much sleep over this – Durable – like so many other government reports – are dollarized.  So, when the Fed lightens the foot on the making up money gas pedal a bit, the rate of increase in (imaginary) increases in durables changes for the worse.

Regardless of today, we don’s measure “pounds of new car” or “NUMBER of widgets” sold.  Instead, we use made up money as a proxy.

The really weird part of life measured by money alone?  Money is a terrible metric.  I know millionaires who are assholes and paupers who are Gandi-like.  Therefore, when we live with a government that can’t even measure quality of Life and report that on an honest basis?  Well, just leaves me shaking my head… The moneychangers own government, so we get what we’ll stand for.

Jobs Data

The usual “There was no defined season between three weeks ago and today” – which is why you can shitcan the weekly U.I. filings claims, except for the NSA (not seasonally adjusted) numbers:

weekly ui filings

Lots of jobs out there.  America remains ill of spirit, though.  Having allowed itself to be dominated by “Causes” instead of “Dreams and Higher Aspirations.”  Our own doing.  OK, pre-programmed by the woke wreckage in Education, then.

Bit salty this morning are you, G?”

Been up since 3 AM working on my next book “Ancient Children” and yeah, a lot of very heavy material about government and aging weighs.  Thanks for asking.  Other items too, which we’ll get to when we…

Clear the Decks!

Here is some of the daily programming being applied.

They’re still monetizing Trump Hate like crazy.  “Trump is guilty of ‘numerous’ felonies, prosecutor who resigned says.”  But, as our back-up consigliere says “By all means, let us substitute the opinion of an embittered prosecutor for a jury verdict.   Classic Democratic character assassination.”

But here’s a counter-attack Democrats won’t like:  Florida becomes largest state to mandate personal finance education.  “Professional Victims” is not a protected class.

Dems are not fools, though (crooks and charlatans, sure).  They want to double down on giving away YOUR money:  Democrats push for $300 a month checks to help Americans struggling to pay for sky-high gas prices.

Mask-or-aid times just ahead:  Airlines ask Biden to drop mask mandate and testing requirements for travelers.

Just slightly out of touch with workplace reality, are we?  State Lawmaker Says Pennsylvania Should Move To 4-Day, 32-Hour Workweek.  Um…ever see how much phone and social time is logged at work?  Holy crap!  America’s on a 20-hour workweek for the most part.  We’re just lying about the rest of our time at work.

Out here?  Sanity in the woods.  More people are catching on:  In 1st full year of pandemic, biggest metros lost residents.  We got here in 2003, a bit ahead of things as usual. If you like muggings, 2-thousand mile “health food” instead of your own gun range and home-grown veggies, just stay where you are.  Ignore the subtleties of Shanghai Residents Can’t Buy Vegetables as Lockdowns Spread.  I may be a nutter in the woods, but the MERV-8 air filtration system for the garden room is on tap for this weekend.  If you hated Covid, you’ll hate fallout.

Heathcare alternatives Dept.  Breakthrough as male pill is 99 per cent effective in preventing pregnancy.   Something else I found incredibly effective?  A half million dollar divorce bill a few decades back… Limp wallet disease followed.

Redefinition of the times:  Remember when “squatters” were a bad thing? Well, now in the hyperclownplex world The Power of the Squat.  This may not impact you, if ‘specially if you don’t know squat.

ATR:  Prayers Please

A few prayers if you would today, please.  Got an email from my buddy Ther Major, who with Mrs. Major was down in Mexico for some well-deserved vacation time.

Just before the trip, she has passed out (a super healthcare doc) she’d just done a 24-hour shift before heading out down south of the border….  The Major’s email continues from there…

“Last Wednesday evening down at the resort in Mexico, she started throwing up for about four hours after we’d had some seafood with clams. We initially thought it might be food poisoning, but it was not. From that evening on until Sunday the 20th, she was pretty much in bed taking fluids, but barely eating anything. We finally admitted her to an excellent hospital where she had an emergency laparoscopic appendectomy, with the surgeon saying her appendix had not only ruptured, but that it had “exploded”. She’s doing better now, has been on IV antibiotics since Sunday night after the surgery in the hospital and will hopefully be “cleared” for travel on Friday. Please pray 1) for both of our Covid tests today on Thursday evening to be “Negative” for flying home on Friday and that 2) her pain level flying home is manageable. We really appreciate your prayers and good thoughts…”

As I have told you many times, there is some evidence in (quantum) physics that the specific mechanism of prayer is a widely-held expectation of a coming observable event.

So, if you can, please send along a few prayers (expectations of good outcomes) for Mr. and Mrs. Thank You for Your Service.  (*She was a Captain…)

Write when you get rich, but we all are – in nonmonetary ways…


49 thoughts on “Durable Goods, Jobless, War – You know – The USUAL”

  1. Prayers for The Major and The Captain for fast recovery and safe flight home.

    I would go with the Dinosaurs/Jurassic interior over the paid LBGTQ crap, any day.

    George, I have a 24′ x 40′ out building with about and 8″ concrete slab under it. I have a ravine running next to it with about a 3′ area from the outbuilding before it drops 18′ or so into where the base of the ravine (with a running brook) cuts through. I was thinking, maybe too late now, about digging a root-cellar (that’s what I will call it) at/near the bottom of the ravine going under the out building. Not large enough to cause the concrete to give way, plus there would be support structures put in place. It would be cool, could run cables from solar panels down, add ventilation covered by natural looking stumps/screened vents to stop varmints from getting in. What do you think? Good idea? We have an orchard and can apples, apple butter, spiced pears, etc. So, have a reason for the front area, underground, to look like a root cellar.

    • I would be mindful of the highest historical water level the ravine would have experienced as evidenced by driftwood in the brush or trees or lines of erosion on the bank – or tales of any old timers in your area. Then build accordingly.

      Prayers going out to The Captain and The Major. Sounds like they have a good doctor up here but, as a friend who caught Covid in Cancun found out, down there you can get any kind of drug you think will work if you catch it down there.

    • It’s a good idea if you have time for it. Digging, even with power equipment is time consuming unless you can do cut and cover. What kind of soil/rock, etc? In clay or solid rock, it’s somewhat self-supporting. In sand, no-way. In rock, you have your work cut out for you unless it’s sandstone. This man did something similar in less than 20 minutes:


      If you’re an engineer – credentialed or otherwise, you can figure it out. Have fun, stay safe, and don’t talk about it outside your inner circle. Use power equipment if you possibly can. Good luck!

  2. Great post today. Before I got around to finishing my morning time on the ‘throne’, I got to thinking about squats remembering my sojourn in Indonesia in the early 70’s. Our office bldg only had squat facilities. Yes, we were above the ground floor.
    Then here you are mentioning them this morning!

  3. Raise it up G- Pops – da temperature.

    U got it, some of Us got it, Russia got it, Freedom longing Humans catching da feva”.
    Mudder Earth gotz da Feva, “she” be sick of the yoke of the backhead/redshield “coin of the realm” repression cum Slavery, and all the machinations required to keep the “indentured servant system” in place.

    Hell, it looks like madleine (worth the price of 500,000 Dead Children) aldark(brotherhood of the snake) , going to the same VOID, as all the other “darklings” on the KazarianMafia/KossherNostra “take/payroll” , got no effective “antivirals” for this Feva.

    Aint no forgiveness to be had “out there” – just Erasure.. N.L.E.

    ..”it” was obviously not important enough for corporate-antartic/space nazi “breakawys” to make a copy/clone…What ? doubt the ungovernable, take a close look at old hildog pictures and now. Same with Pooterz and the stepford brandon – most curious…= softly disclosed..https://youtu.be/eQFIKP9rGhQ..whadda think Enter Sandman is really about ? price paid when sign on to “Play”

    ? does da feva ever break? and Humanity start Healing process ; )

  4. George
    I ordered the home repair book you suggested. It was a good idea. I actually didn’t have anything similiar in my prep library.

    • Eleanor: Thanks for your thoughts & insights earlier on my long term food supply. I am making adjustments per your recommendations. Plus, I do need a source of self generating electricity. Either solar or hook some batteries up to a stationary bike & pedal. I am getting a Worx 20 volt Jaws Chainsaw to process wood for fire.

  5. …the specific mechanism of prayer is a widely-held expectation of a coming observable event.

    After 20 plus years of excessive drinking and thoughts of suicide, I am followed by over 30 plus years of daily prayer to my Higher Power and the help of AA has proven to me the power of prayer.

    My prayers are with for Mr. and Mrs. Major for a complete and successful recovery and safe trip home.

    I’ve also added prayers for our country. We are in dire need of a cleansing of the Powers That Be and a return to a more civilized return to an awaking of truth, love and the American way. May it spread around the world.

  6. I always thought ruptured appendix meant “operate now.”

    But some years back a friend’s daughter suffered a ruptured appendix while in Europe. They hospitalized her a few days on antibiotics, flew her home, waited six weeks for the infection to resolve, and THEN operated to clean out the debris and make a permanent fix.

    I found that fascinating.

    • Yeah, I had a leaking hole in my colon that ate thru to my bladder. Very messy internal infection, hours shy of full blown blood sepsis. The IV antibiotics were the first thing the hospital went for. They did NOT want to operate on a contaminated, infected area. So liquid diet and IV antibiotics for five days before they operated (laparoscopic also) to resect 10 inches out of my colon and patch the bladder. Then another few days of IV antibiotics before they released me. The antibiotics are powerful and work well. Captain and Major will be fine. Beyond prayer is EXPECTATION, and I expect she will be fine. It worked for me.

      • And don’t forget after you get home to take Probiotics to restore your gut flora. The antibiotics kill off everything… the good stuff too.

  7. Positive thoughts and prayers for safe travels home for both and a speedy recovery for the Captain.

  8. Pretty interesting on just how fast life can take a dangerous and unforeseen turn. Looking at it this way.., the resources were readily available., in three, or four years from now ? Take care, and arrive home safe, Major & Misses – vaya con dios !

  9. Everything depends on fresh water and from that, food. When you don’t have these, nothing else matters. And the world is running out of both.

    Since we’re focused on the Ukraine, how do you say Lebensraum in Russian?

  10. I wish I never knew about the gold market.hijacked by the facists now . It can go to hell 2 and take every facist and conmen with it. Commercials are never wrong eh ? Liars and facists rule

  11. yes dystopian world of well dystopia . surreal evil and when the facists hijack gold on their way to dystopia , well its time to head for the hills . so many crooks i have dealt with and read for 25 years in gold market. like i said i am so lucky to be herestill alive , shorting ,fit , perfect mind , non jabbed . how many great gold bulls died over the 25 years i know . poor buggers lied to about everything . and now gold hijacked by the dark side . some real sick bastards in this gold space

    • Nein worries Mate, big commodity houses are kaput (glencore,trifigurea) begging for bailouts that R not coming. Interesting does not begin to tell what is pending as the next in line maldebtor dominoes start to fall…

      ?Did you not get enough worthless debt with the Evergrande Debt burrito deals? I got worthless paper I will U sell for a small fee if Ure interested..
      No worries again Mate, cause Ure second and third courses of the zhai wu wan can has been served – sponsored of course by Shimao Group and Ronshone China. Not quite as tasty as an evergrande debt burrito, but pretty good spice and filling none the less.
      BTG – breaking out on a golden cross, got gold in ground, pays dividend – whats not like ?

  12. Prayers of course for Mr. Major and Mrs. Captain.
    Might I suggest that we all synchronize our watches as they say in the military, and send up a prayer her recovery and their travel at say 1900 EST today; the Bible mentions singing twice and says the spirit is with the singers when they are all together (meaning in time; God is realistic enough to understand pitch). That is part of the reason the marchers at Jericho were told to march together in time (the other being the seismic influence).
    I send up a thought for them at 1900 before I hit the road back to Birmingham. Since I’ll be driving at night again, you all might think of me too.

  13. So that was the greatest crash ever eh? Now yah just buy gold and get rich . Yeah right . I have never seen so many conmen all selling the same lies . Yep feel sorry for those who went before me . Sith Lords everywhere

  14. When your government can’t get along or work together what do you expect from the citizens… HOLD OUT YOUR HAND GIVE ME MORE HATERS.

    mememememememe that’s who matters. Why isn’t my Uncle Leo in the history bòoks. He was the first white man to sit in the back of the bus. Really, who cares, probably no one.

  15. A great site as long as you classify it as entertainment (like the NFL) and not news.

    A few pointers.
    There are no markets anymore, where supply and demand determine price. There is either a computer algorithm or a political agenda involved.

    No statistic from the government means anything, they are either cooked or simply false.

    Not everything is the same everywhere. That statement is merely justification for the lazy man to stay in place, eat sh*t from the government and MSM and do nothing but complain and opine.

    Politicians create the policy under guidance from the wealthy, and then every dollar in taxes you pay is a vote in favor of that policy.

  16. Something has changed in me – probably for the better. When I say a prayer, or even think it, it’s always been with appreciation, but now it elicits a very significant emotional reaction. I felt this way as I was praying for the Major and wife’s safe return and her full healing.

    I do wish the best for them. I don’t know where they are in Mexico, but my understanding is that they don’t need tests to return to the USA via land crossings. I thought the negative test was only required for air travel. Most screening tests, including covid, are biased toward positive(alpha) errors in order to preclude the more dangerous false negatives. If there was a positive, a more comprehensive secondary test may be in order.

  17. Wow that sure was some freak show today . Amazing . Good to see the gold pigs trough dipping 2

  18. War and Puhleeze…..Let’s pray your friend also has out-of country health insurance, instead of going under the ‘knife’ of scammery!!

    these are dated links, but still warning of the dangers of foreign medical care,


    I’ve heard good things about medjet:

  19. Even the gurus on the payroll would be a bit embarrassed now . Maybe even shitting themselves to pieces. Even with their gold troughs

  20. I bet 3.5′ tall likenesses of slow joe and the Donald sporting dinosaur tails and spine plates would be awesome Jurassic themed conversation pieces. I wouldn’t stoop to carving VP critters.

  21. North Korea tests banned intercontinental missile

    North Korea has tested a banned intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) for the first time since 2017, South Korea and Japan say. Japanese officials said it flew 1,100 km (684 miles) and fell in Japanese waters after flying for over an hour.


    • Walls and fences are great for delaying interlopers long enough to be caught or eliminated. They only work effectively if they have guards and interdiction forces in enough numbers to handle the invasion. There’s no excuse for the breaching of the wall in so many places. If the army was on the southern border instead of everywhere else, such things would never happen. If the wall is not on the border but a short distance inside, interlopers would already be at risk of lethal force for invading. The lack of credible deterrence along with encouragement by various entities are the reasons that this problem has become so large.

      I don’t see this problem in either China or North Korea.

  22. Nolte: Donald Trump’s Favorability Rating Tops Every National Political Figure

    Former President Donald Trump’s favorability rating is in much better shape than every national political figure, including those the corporate media spend billions of dollars to protect… What’s so fascinating about Trump — and I’ll get to the specific numbers in a bit — is that for the last five years, the corporate media have spent billions of dollars smearing the guy as a racist, sexist, predator, Russian puppet… And it’s not working.


    Donald Trump sues Hillary Clinton and allies over Russia claims

    Former President Donald Trump is suing 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in a sprawling case that accuses her of conspiring with dozens of other actors — frequent targets of Trump’s conspiracy theories and rage — to topple his presidency. The new lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Fort Pierce, Fla., accuses Clinton, her campaign, various campaign aides, former FBI Director James Comey, the Democratic National Committee and others of racketeering


    • I agree that Trump got a raw deal, and what is now coming to light in the Durham investigation is as damning an indictment of the Federal bureaucracy and the election process tampering as anything I have seen since the Vietnam era.
      Having given one of the devil’s his due, I still think Trump is unelectable, and the R’s are pissing away a golden opportunity to select a younger candidate who can lead them for the next decade. It is dubious that Trump can finish out another term; he is too old to survive the rigors of another term, regardless of what BS his handlers say.
      Basing a candidate’s electability on their comparative popularity against the wreckage of the opposition’s failed administration is Madison Avenue lunacy. Popularity polls don’t provide leadership for the coming decade.
      Trump served honorably; it’s time for him to pass the torch to the next generation.

      • I am with you N… I think of all of the candidates trump was the one to do the most.. but I sure can’t see him as presidential.. and What we are told are the best this country has to offer.. is really sad..

  23. Supply chain issues are slowing deliveries, but the real problem is all your shopping

    Supply chain bottlenecks that are disrupting deliveries to shoppers and businesses – while driving inflation to 40-year highs – mostly have been traced to pandemic-driven worker shortages at factories, ports and warehouses.

    But some top analysts say there’s a bigger culprit: You.


  24. #EU came out fast & furious with sanctions against #Russia’s invasion of #Ukraine. Now, fatigue is setting in

    While allies with less at stake economically–like the US–are willing to keep escalating, inconsistent messaging on the EU’s 5th package & on oil bans says it all.


    And So It Begins: Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the Ukraine War Show How the Ruling Class Plans to Silence Every Single One of Us

    Rookie reporters at most outlets are taught to use the “inverted pyramid” model to write their stories: Open with the central conclusion of the story first, then give the most important evidence and details first, and finally deliver more general information and background at the bottom. But for the “reporters” at The New York Times, a very different model prevails. If one wants to get the most important information from a Times piece, it behooves oneself to start at the bottom and read up.


    Professor: Americans Should Eat Lentils & Let Their Pets Die To Cope With Inflation

    An economics professor has a solution for the little people dealing with the country’s inflationary woes: Use mass transportation, eat more veggies instead of meat, and cut back on unnecessary care for your pets.


    • Top link…

      It talks about how the various NATO members are playing the “sanctions game” to only sanction Russia for the supplies and materials they don’t use.

  25. Prayers from the wastelands of the USA for the Major and Captain.May they have a Safe trip home. Thank god they caught it in time.. nasty situation..

  26. Monkey made mention of something that I’ve wondered about for a while now in today’s Sitrep. Apologies if anyone else has mentioned it recently, things have been busy around here. Russia, for all it’s been through, has to have better equipment, soldiers and tactics than what they’ve been showing the World up until now otherwise this whole affair would have been over and done with long ago. Monkey mused that Putin is probably holding his best men and weapons back because he figures that eventually he’ll be up against NATO and then things go hot. It’s at the 17:40 minute mark here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFe9SW05zzA

    • I mentioned it. After it was made known that Russia was using MiG-29s to carpet-bomb areas, I realized all was not as it seems.

      That carpet-bombing thing clicked with me and when I realized their “convoy” was mostly 1950s-1970s Soviet vehicles and their fighting force numbers only 7% of the total of fighting personnel of the Russian Army, I came to the conclusion that Putin is disposing the dead wood and junk — all that stuff in the Russian arsenal that’s useless (or nearly so) and needs to go away before the shelves can be refilled with current stock — hence reports of Russian soldiers shooting themselves out of combat and doing lots of other stuff, not typical of Russian armies. Those soldiers will be shot for cowardice or treason, should they return to Russia; the materiel that the Ukrainians don’t waste American tech to destroy will be sold to China as scrap, once this shindig resolves itself.

      In the meantime, Russia is learning the exact uses and limitations of all our fancy tech without having to blow up the samples they got from the Taliban, 6 months ago…

      • Doesn’t surprise me you did. I simply can’t imagine that a World-wide plague of incompetence also settled over Russia. They’ve had their problems making tech they stole from us work and suffered their stumbling block of “go big or go home” mentality over the years but they should have been able to out maneuver the Ukrainians before this and kept their supply lines up. Something’s fishy.

  27. Joe Biden Tells US Servicemen in Poland, “Don’t Jump!” – Calls Declaration of Independence “Corny”

    Joe Biden on Friday arrived in Rzeszów, Poland which is about 80km from the Ukrainian border.

    Joe Biden visited US troops from 82nd Airborne and as expected, it was another awkward encounter. “Don’t jump! Don’t jump!” Biden shouted at the US service members before calling the Declaration of Independence “corny.”


    Joe Biden Tells US Troops in Poland They’re Going to Ukraine

    Joe Biden spoke to troops with the 82nd Airborne in Poland Friday, telling them what to expect to see when they go to Ukraine. Biden also appears to have let slip that some troops have already been in Ukraine. The White House later clarified there has been no change in U.S. policy about not sending troops to Ukraine. Who to believe, Biden or his handlers?


    His entire speech was fraught with Freudian slips and blather. Creepy Joe looked and sounded like he’s missed his nap time, several days in a row…

  28. EU signs US gas deal to curb reliance on Russia

    The US and the EU have announced a major deal on liquified natural gas, in an attempt to reduce Europe’s reliance on Russian energy. The agreement will see the US provide the EU with extra gas, equivalent to around 10% of the gas it currently gets from Russia, by the end of the year. The 50 billion cubic metres of gas a year from the US…


    Absolutely no mention whatsoever, whether Biden was going to allow our producers to open new spigots, or was simply going to take this gas from our domestic supply and ship it across the pond…

  29. Will Ukraine invasion push Japan to go nuclear?

    How could Japan ever contemplate getting nukes? It’s a ridiculous idea. Japan is the only country in the world to have suffered a nuclear attack. Twice. Japan acquiring nuclear weapons is unthinkable. The people would never accept it. Right?


    10 months, from sketchpad to possessing a viable nuke.

    Yet somehow I never tire of being right.

    Neener, neener, told ya so…

  30. Indiana governor signs bill requiring paper backup for all voting machines by 2024

    Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill recently that requires all counties using MicroVote voting machines to have a paper trail before the next presidential election in 2024. More than half of the counties in Indiana now use MicroVote voting machines – machines that have no paper record showing votes cast…


    Nor sure what to think of Indiana’s Guv. As of this week Indiana now has “Constitutional carry” of some sort, but Holcomb vetoed a bill banning people with outies from participating in girls’ or women’s athletics. Now this…

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