Whew!  A looong-ass weekend of programming and writing for  Peoplenomics, the new Ultra-Make.com site, and even doing a few tweaks here like that fancy Accessibility/Font-Sizer over at the top of the right column over this way somewhere >>>

A great weekend, nevertheless featuring (*don’t mean to go on endlessly, but the projects done list is a useful metric) Reading assembly instructions for new CNC machine, refinished a piece of furniture, made a fall-apart on your fork corned beef, worked a couple of Morse code contacts on the ham radio, populated several more pages on Ultra-Make.com, repaired a cranky shop vac, poured concrete footing for revisions to the front stairs off the 180-degree room, ordered an advanced controller for  the machine, shopped online with Elaine, also did the online weekly food order, and wrote a dandy column for next weekend plus read several chapters in The Praxis by Dirk Bruere….

Aha!  Now we (finally) get to the first real point of the morning (other than I’m a workaholic of some skill off the keyboard as well as on).

You see,  that book – The Praxis is about transhumanism.  Sometimes called “H+” it’s like the next-gen of humans.  Or, as Wikipedia explains…

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.[1][2]

Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations as well as the ethical[3] limitations of using such technologies.”

And it’s a marvelous read.

Which is not immediately clear, I suppose because we’re looking at a market that is likely to open down 180, or so, on the Dow.

About here, it’s OK to ask:  “What  the hell does H+ have to do with the markets, for crying out loud?”

It’s All About the Substrate

“What’s a substrate?”

Easier to give you an example:  What is a “common substrate” shared by windoes and doors?

Answer:  Hole-ness. They are both holes in walls.  In H+ it’s remarkably more complicated, but between any two things, there is often a substrate (underlying common or unifying aspect (hole-ness in this case)) that ties even dissimilar things together.

Which may be useful when looking at how markets operate (or don’t)  in chaotic times.

Sure, there are Elliott waves, and there are trend channels, and there are money flows, and there is on-balance volume, and there are fast and slow stochastics, and there is the relative strength indicator…more trend and change-spotting ideas than you can count.

BUT,  the nice little nugget from Bruere’s book (which I didn’t finish, see list of excuses and interruptions) is that it gets me to looking at the financial substrate.

What, exactly, drives markets?

There are two substrates that are obvious:  One is the Drive for Gain and counterbalancing that is the Fear of Loss.

Now, in H+ terms, there’s an underlying/shared substrate common to both the drive and the fear.

I will leave it as our “Ponder of the Week” for you to mull on.  Papers due (in the comments section) by Friday.  The goal, though, is obvious:  Figure out a better way than presently exists to predict and anticipate changes in people’s willingness to step up and buy or their running like cowards before the red flag over a mosque.

With some market indicators pointing to roll back to the downside around January 18th to 25th, as I told a reader this morning over in comments:  “Long live Cowards in Cash!”

Here’s the Coward’s Rational

As a chart based on futures prices 90-minutes ahead of the open:  While I was mixing concrete, this possibility of a wave count was running through my mind:

Waking-state nightmares while mixing mud?  OK, sure, why not.

This is the “chart from Hell” in that the possible Wave 1 and Wave 3 are done, and we have met the “Wave 5 must be larger than Wave 1” which is why the yellow (color of cowards, especially their bellies) is on the upper right.

We’re not the only ones asking.  Zee ZeroHedge’s Is This “The Top”?

Of course, we look for a huge arb’ing up of markets as the Fed doesn’t want global economic panic anymore than anyone else does.

So this morning the NY Fed Repo Depot laid out how much?   $78.895 -billion. Least they could do would be round up to $79 billion and send me the change.  But no…

Should be an interesting day…especially with Europe down.  And down about 9-10th’s of one percent…  Will Ure “make a small cheeseburger” today?

Global Chill To Continue

Unable to say “Global Warming” (which is why it was revamped and had a whole product re-introduction as “Climate Change”) the PowersThatBe are sure not going to be pleased with the Sun’s continued ignorance of their social engineering – made-up workplans.

So, not only is the Sun continuing to “under-perform” but the look-ahead data isn’t showing any increase in predicted sunspots.  Click over to this NOAA page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the Data tab, then look at predicted values and scroll to the bottom of that.  Horrific – because it means that plant production could suffer and that impacts food stocks – since in solar  peak periods you get more blooms and in solar troughs – and we’ve got at least 3-years of troughing ahead – you get more stalks and woody growth.

Fine time for lettuce and celery, we suppose.  Not so good for fruiting plants, though, so invest in tomatoes, perhaps? Hmmm…

Sizing the Week

International Trade is coming tomorrow.  ADP job numbers Wednesday morning, I’m thinkling the Challkenger Job cuts report will be in Thursday, ahead of Friday’s “Ofishul” numbers.

Other than that, just time for  maybe one final upside blow before that “red flag event” shows up.  Big events take time to plan and with terror alerts back, we gotta wonder what’s coming.  Again, cowards in cash makes sense to me, but THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT advice.  Kibitzing...all it is.

Do we short ahead of Iran’s [whatever] ???

That Traitorous Pelosi (Again)

Just when I though this power-mad b**ch couldn’t be worse (trying to inject herself into the Senate’s due processes on the Trump impeachment paper – which she’s stalling on for blatant power-grabbing purposes), here comes Ms. Sniveler trying to put handcuffs on our Commander-in-Chief.  Clearly Iran’s gotten to her…

ISYN – go read “Pelosi: House to vote on resolution limiting Trump’s actions against Iran.

Counterpoint: Trump Warns: U.S. Has ’52 Iranian Sites’ Picked Out in Case of Retaliation.

Sure, sure, the House can resolve it’s ass off all day long, but it isn’t binding and yes, Trump is the Commander In Chief, hoo-rah.

It’s bullshit like this that tempts me to move to Pelosi’s home district just as I can vote  against her and be an aggresive supporter of Anyone But Her.

Noted in Passing

Impacting tomorrow’s Trade figures? Boeing Looks to Raise Funds to Help It Fight Through 737 Max Debacle.

Off to chase breakfast.. Write when you get rich,