Tehran Ticking, Trade Trending, Deficit Delines

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Tehran Ticking

A second very insightful post from warhammer has arrived.  Second in the Iran series (Peoplenomics subscribers got to read his excellent explanation of how Iran really means “Land of the Aryans” on Saturday.  You do remember where the WWII “super race” thought it was from?

Today, let’s consider a subtlety that most of your fellow sheep didn’t pick up when the Commander in Chief claimed there were 52-targets on a list…  Follow along because this IS important:

President Trump recently told the Iranians that the U.S. had 52 targets in American crosshairs. Now we’ve learned that some venerable B-52s (aka BUFFs (big ugly fat f#*^%ers) are heading from Barksdale AFB in Louisiana to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, conveniently just out of Iranian missile range. Could there be a ‘52’ meme universe is leaking out? Seriously, having over 3200 flying hours in the belly of that beast, it does my heart good to know the most versatile, reliable air weapons platform on the planet (since the early 1950s) is now on watch and at the ready.

The Iranian generals and mullahs should be collectively sucking up their seat cushions about now. The BUFFs and their aircrews are part of a 20,000 personnel ramp-up in the Middle East region during the past week. Each BUFF is an airborne battleship, capable of carrying a deadly cocktail of conventional gravity weapons and missiles. They bring bad news from the sky.

Trump’s message is essentially one of “go ahead, do something! But should you choose to do so, you will pay a HUGE price. It’s gonna be BIG – sooo BIG!”

Many will fault whatever it is that the President may do. In my humble opinion, Trump is simply a realist, one who sees things thru the lens of friend or foe, good or evil. The Dem collective appears to be composed largely of idealists, those seeing the world as the globalist paradise they wish it to be, despite the resident evil confronting America and her allies and regardless of the brutality of ruthless despotic butchers and terrorists across the globe.

I pray Iran heeds Trump’s clear warning. If they do not, I estimate the odds are  far better than 50/50 that they will seriously regret not doing so.”

We want to share the core of  warhammer’s Saturday Peoplenomics remarks, as well.  Since it’s popular in the  excessively feminized America to look for a peaceful resolution to all problems, let’s not upset the apple cart, blah, blah,m blah…. rather than confront and dominate a bully.

“Interestingly. The Persian Aryans sprang forth from the Russian Indo-Aryans, explaining Hitler’s fixation on the Czech Sudetenland, the Ukrainian land (there was no Ukraine at the time of Hitler – it had been subsumed by Poland and Russia) and Stalin’s USSR.

Like the ancient Persian Aryans, Hitler was hell bent upon eliminating the Jewish race from the Earth.  Doing so consumed him, much as it does with today’s Iranian mullahs.  And just as Hitler modeled his philosophy to embrace the ancient Aryans, one might argue that today’s Iran is following Hitler’s game plan for achieving rapid regional success – initiate regional instability, create numerous but limited military confrontations and ‘blame the Jews’ and their primary protector, the Great Satan (aka the U.S.) for all possible problems.

But unlike Europe rolling over to Hitler when he annexed the Czech Sudetenland, America is opposing Iran at every turn.  Iraq is arguably Iran’s Sudetenland. “

Remember, the ancient Aryans and the Recent Aryans have the same views of Jews  and the recent ones want Israel gone.

Obama and Pelosi as “Chamberlain Children”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Wikipedia quick-read on (Arthur) Neville Chamberlain is very much on point here.

(Arthur) Neville Chamberlain FRS March 1869 – 9 November 1940) was a British Conservative statesman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1937 to May 1940. Chamberlain is best known for his foreign policy of appeasement, and in particular for his signing of the Munich Agreement in 1938, conceding the German-speaking Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia to Germany. When Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, the UK declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939, and Chamberlain led Britain through the first eight months of the Second World War. “

Those with even a faint acquaintance with history will remember how well Chamberlain’s efforts to appease Hitler worked out.

We see Obama’s “cash lifts to Tehran” as being his historical rhyme and analog to Chamberpot’s Munich Agreement.  And Pelosi (another appeaser) is acting as Obama’s second.

Bolton: Neocon or Player?

Word that John Bolton may be willing to testify at a possible trial of Donald Trump in the Senate brings forth a fascinating set of questions.

In part,  because Bolton has been labeled a “neocon” by some, though he rejects the term.  We put it all in the category  “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like one, it’s probably a neocon.”

If JB’s a neocon, and IF he is really in favor of confronting bullies who want to “attack America” and “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth” we find it contradictory that Bolton would offer to testify against Trump in a possible proceeding.

Because, based on Trump’s actions (standing up to Iranian expansionism and support of global terror cells (which Obama failed at, choosing instead to squander US assets on failed appeasement), Bolton would logically support Trump’s activities.

On the other hand, there are lots of neocons who are still displeased with Trump for not taking a harder line in Ukraine.  Neocons are big on war.  As my consigliere notes, Trump’s [default setting] is [no war].

The question then becomes “If there is a trial – and if the Senate republicans are stupid enough as to open it to new witnesses, not cited in the Articles of Impeachment – THEN would Bolton be an adversarial witness to Trump?  Because there’s also a chance Bolton could deliver a thundering critical review of past Democrat appeasement efforts, their obstruction of a sitting president to execute the powers of the Office, and discuss the ongoing left-wing digital coup against a sitting president.  In which case, maybe Bolton could be a player.  (We won’t hold our breath;  he has a way of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, at times.)

Trade Trends

Some Plane Speaking first: One of our long-time readers in the Houston area, long retired from the airline industry, said something of interest the other day:

“BTW, I’m convinced more than ever Boeing is going down the same path as Lockheed; it will survive, but in a substantially different form, maybe military industrial complex as opposed to commercial aviation…”

That’s an interesting outlook because of pending decisions about the Boeing-Embraer deal due from the EU.  (I assume you know what we think of the miserable megalomaniac pricks who have taken over Europe?)

As Mark Finlay, over at Simple Flying reported a while back, looks like March 2020 at least as the EU is concerned the world’s third largest plane maker would lessen competition between Boeing and Airbus.

But, it’s like we’ve held about the Ure-a-Pee’in Union since the get-go, give these miserable pricks and inch and they’ll take A WORLD and a few kilometers more.

Given a chance at a Boeing-free world, would the EU turn down the Embraer deal just to shove Boeing into worse financial condition?  Seriously, you trust ’em?

Sidebar:  . Don’t get me started on how the Globalists got away with shoving Metric measurements down our throats without so much as a VOTE!  Vote ’em ALL OUT IN 2020!!!

When, BP spiked to 130 on  that, lol…where were we?  Ah, the trade report – which you’ll remember (if your still awake) depends on American exports of Boeing products as a big line item, right?  Sure, toss in tariffs and all that commotion, too:

Exports, Imports, and Balance (Exhibit 1) November exports were $208.6 billion, $1.4 billion more than October exports. November imports were $251.7 billion, $2.5 billion less than October imports. The November decrease in the goods and services deficit reflected a decrease in the goods deficit of $3.9 billion to $63.9 billion and a decrease in the services surplus of less than $0.1 billion to $20.8 billion.

Pretty cool, huh?  Maybe we ought to have a trade war more often? Shhh…Trump Deniers will for (further) mad if we mention it.

Meantime, the financial futures are so-so:  We see the Dow futures down 9?  Am I/we the only ones on the distro list that reveals the Fed Repo Depot is tossing $  98.919 -billion in helicopter money out today?

In the Shorts

Our view of the blah, blah, blah…

And I want you to remember these when (subscribers) read Peoplenomics.com this weekend.  Because, like it or not, in the event of an actual LIFE-CHANGING event of some mass/social/webby/flash-bang type, would any of this be useful?  Or, is it useless monetization shit sold by the mainstream for horror and shock value?

Seriously, how does knowing Jury selection begins in Harvey Weinstein trial as new charges are filed in LA change my prospects for living another 20-years or surviving Netpocalypse?

Need more:?  Sure!  Loaded boat with ’em: Americans think #MeToo and Time’s Up are making progress – CBS poll.  (*Remember, we advise readers, tell me what you want the poll outcome to be, and we can design it for you!)  In the real world this has what value?  Net’s down, you’re starving…oh, God, can’t forget that CBS poll in mid-crisis, can we?

Still more?  OMG you’re a masochist, right?  OK…envelope please?  What’s the Use Case for knowing “Joker leads BAFTA Film Awards 2020 nominations, as lack of diversity slammed as ‘infuriating'”    The what?  British Academy of Film and Telly Arts.  MUS (*more useless stuff) to fill up your brain so you won’t process bigger things.

You seeing how this works?  The PowersThatBe condition you to think that this is all “need to know” stuff.

Spoiler alert:  Useless crap with no “Use Case” in Ure’s life or likely your life, either.

Which is why I’m not going to go chase eggs and hashbrowns around.  Made with shredded Yukon Golds…   <—Now, that, you see, is actionable information.  Yeah…try ’em and you’ll love ’em.

The programming of America as Useless Idiots is also visible in the kind of Trivia questions....no, let’s save those details for the podcast and Peoplenomics subscribers.

Slab of ham with that coffee and eggs?

Write when you get rich,


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89 thoughts on “Tehran Ticking, Trade Trending, Deficit Delines”

    • You are so right about metric system!! Tristan Jones..great ocean sailor and writer..has expressed the same opinion.

  1. Boeing = German Sabotage/DVD

    Watch the Straits – when they get shut down – Oil will tremble – and markets will quake..all due to Israeli mistake/miscalculation with FAKE Intel – good job ZioNazi’s..Pompeo/Esper/Haspel! U just set the world on FIRE and good luck with the giant flying turds – super fast and stealthy – yea that oughta work fine. Hope the $$$ was worth it – NOT.

  2. George,

    I’ve got a lot of thoughts bouncing around in my gourd about this Iran situation. The problem is, like everyone else here, I don’t have enough real information about the true reality of the battlefield to have an opinion that’s much more than blind guessing. I do have a reasonable level of confidence that the senior military leadership and the CiC have a solid handle on things and that we have military superiority in every conceivable way. So, I’m watching things unfold in the hopes that when it’s done we have a safer world. That’s the best I can do.

    One thing that I do know, is that Yukon Gold makes some damn fine hash browns.

    • So others won’t have to look it up. Yukon Gold is a potato.

      It’s good to hear from a couple of senior .mil types that we’re probably OK for now with the escalated situation in the Middle East. Those who are outraged should go through the exercise of how they would handle it themselves. Regarding the B-52, it’s remarkable that a 70 year old airframe design was so well done that it’s still a key part of our Air Force. Apparently it’s capable of coming home even after incredible amounts of damage. Since Boeing built it, perhaps the company should return to its roots and do more like that. IMHO, the 737 series is long in tooth and needs blank page redesign anyway. The original design was for turbojets, not fanjets. The older designs are good for their design mission, but the airlines are using these aircraft differently today, and the smaller Airbus series is more comfortable from the perspective of a passenger. Boeing needs to figure out why and design accordingly, along with proper accommodations for current and future high-bypass engines.

    • George, The closing of the Straight of Hormuz has been war gamed to death since the 1980’s. Most of the outcomes will not be pretty. If Iran closes the straight of Hormuz, either by mining or naval blockade, look for oil to go to over $100 a bbl, and gas to double overnight. If you want to rule the world just remember rule #1: get yourself a blue water Navy. One last pertinent fact: Iran is one of three countries left that does not have a central bank under the control of the gnomes of Zurich. The other two are Cuba and North Korea. One can only pray that this doesn’t turn into full blown war.

    • Amen W/H…
      The odds of us on the sidelines ever knowing what’s truly going on will probably be long after I’m gone to the great library in the sky…
      It has to be pretty good.. since DJT has been in office theres been potential false flags every three to six months and he hasn’t jumped..
      He almost did with gassing innocent people .

  3. a side bar of old news…

    STILL WAITING FOR …DECLASS AND INDICTMENTS…2+ years and still waiting….seems like the ONLY truth that can be read is in the ‘book’ of GOD….and revelations is playing center stage right before our eyes…..

  4. …oughta be 10 hours in the day. Also, oughta be 10 months to the year.

    An alternative that might work as well would be 100 hours to the solar day, and 100 months to the year. Since there are 52 weeks in a year now, we could just drop the idea of “months” altogether, and go strictly with the approximately 3-“day” “week.”

    …makes as much sense as anything else metric.

    • Why are we so locked into base 10? Logically, we’d base our numbers on a binary multiple, such as octal or hex. Since we have eight fingers(not counting thumbs), I vote for octal! It makes us all seem richer that way. With only $262,144.00 (decimal), we can be a millionaires in octal!

      • The Octal numbering system, base 8 not base 10 like the Decamal systems commonly used by most of the world.
        It’s arranged like this 0 to 7, then 10 to 17, and on an on.

        Octal is still around and has found a home in industrial computers called PLC’s. It’s mainly used for the addresses of input and output bits that are used to turn on and off devices like indicator lights, power relays, motors etc etc.

        I don’t know why it was done this way but it works very well with no confusion as to any devices address.

      • Rocket Mike, Octal came about because the first computer register ‘bytes’ were 8-bits wide… by design of the bit registers arrangement. So a single octal ‘digit’ (0-7) would represent the ‘contents’ of an 8-bit wide register.

      • I worked on US Navy systems that used an AN/UYK-20 computer, with 64k of core memory. You turned it on, it ran – no booting. Assembler gurus required. un.

      • We’re not locked into the base 10 system. We use base 2 / binary for everythig digital, for example.

        I believe the base 10 system and the adoption of the metric system following the French revolution to be divinely inspired. Research Rodin mathematics if you wish to see the beauty in it. It’s a rabbit hole to go down to be sure, but once understood it becomes apparent that creation itself functions / unfolds in this manner (evidenced by sacred geometry).

  5. FYI…….you said you are about to report again on sunspots and minimums……….spaceweather on 12/24 had an article on reverse polarity sunspots starting……..meaning the new solar cycle has started, no extended minimum.

      • Yeah, that is the second occurrence of a reverse-polarity sunspot now. But these are ‘advance messengers’ and do not represent an upswing in sunspot activity AS YET. This happens as the cycle changes, as it has in the past. But the occurrence of a reverse polarity spot does not indicate an immediate upswing in spot numbers. We could still have a year or two before spot numbers begin to show a statistical increase.

        As ham radio operators we watch these numbers and solar flux daily to see what we might get for shortwave propagation in the ionosphere. It has been absolute crap for a long time now.

  6. The worst part of metric measurements is the constant converting. Instead of just changing, we got stuck with 2 systems, or more if you count B&S sizes, numbered drill sizes, inches in fractions or decimal. Don’t get into jewelry or you also get carats, grains, pennyweights, grams, ml, cc and 2 different sizes of ounces and pounds. Large manufacturers just won’t ever give up their legacy systems when they can dictate to their consumers.

    Back in 2002 & ’03 reverse repos were big news as an “aggressive move” by the fed. Most finance reporters now don’t know what a reverse repo is, of course they don’t care to report it. It seems weird that the fed is doing repos and not cutting rates at the same time. Panic calmly?

  7. In November 1979 52 hostages were taken by the Iranians. Seems to be a pattern here don’t you think!

  8. Iran? let them rattle and shake. We do not need them. china does,japan does,europe does cause they need OIL. we do not. All we need them to do is leave us and our friends alone.Develop their own country,and take care of themselves. when they step outside that,they will take the consequences. Everything from ruined economy,destroyed infrastructure, no money for their Mullahs or army, no power.
    Can we be hurt here. Yes we can,but WE have Everything we need,all the tools and resources to come back,stronger,tougher and Meaner than before.. Go ahead, try us. You will not survive. E pluribus unum, from many ONE.

    • Utter nonsense as the neocon’s and their followers ( tie your dogs of war back to their dog houses) beat their chest roaring we are number one,I’m not sure if this was brilliance on Trumps part or sheer stupidity,Iran can hurt us in many place’s from Afghanistan to the whole Mid-East and beyond, and Trump has a real problems seeing body bags coming back home and he should.

      Now there’s a letter circulating of one sent to the Ieadership of Iraq from a marine general(and they haven’t denied it) there,stating that they were honoring Iraq request that all foreign forces were to leave Iraq,of course the Sec. of Defense denied it,but no general would issue such a letter unless it came from those higher on the food chain, those in Trumps inter-circle or the pentagon.

      I’m afraid those wishing for war are/will be dis-appointed as this so called build up will dissipate in the coming days and weeks,the troops will leave Iraq and probably Syria,for creditable sources state that any invasion of Iran would require 200,000 plus troops and that kind of build up is no where to be seen nor will it..Time will tell but I’ll bet there’s a lot of traffic going on behind the scenes in many capitals,U.S. China, Russia the Saudi’s and a host of others.!!!

      • “Now there’s a letter circulating of one sent to the Ieadership of Iraq from a marine general”

        Um, fake, and propaganda.

        We are on a combat footing in Iraq. Any such communication as the one you describe would be treason, and punishable only by death.

        An invasion of the Persian Peninsula might well require 200k soldiers…so? Why would we invade, when a couple Air Force buck-looies in Florida could damn’ near start, finish, and complete both a war and an emancipation of the Iranian People…?

        Why would anyone with a speck of common sense believe we’re going to war, anyway?

      • Now Ray just how do you know its a fake,give me the sources, perhaps a direct pipeline to the pentagon or the oval office will do.Now the only one to deny this is the Sec, of Defense,no denial from the pentagon,military or oval office,the marine general stated that he sent it which seems very good proof that he indeed sent it, and NO general is/will send a letter of this type unless directed thru the chain of command.I’ll await your proof that its a fake but you will have to excuse me for not holding my breath until I get it.!!!

      • Because it is against the law to communicate with foreign governments on behalf of the United States unless you are a designated representative of the United States Government tasked to do so. I’m at a loss to name the doctrine but it is used all the time. It came up a while ago when one of the Prez’s lawyers or kids went overseas but weren’t gov’t officials…

      • You won’t get any “proof” from me. It is impossible to
        “prove” anything to anyone on the Internet. I stopped doing research for condescending jerks, 25 years ago. You want proof of anything? Go get it yourself.

        Now, if you want common sense? To quote you:

        “no general would issue such a letter unless it came from those higher on the food chain”

        Those “higher on the food chain” denied giving either an order or latitude for General Seely to author or deliver such a letter.

        I’m personally guessing now that the letter is genuine, but authored by someone who, for sheer lack of intelligence, had no business ever being promoted beyond the rank of Lance Corporal.

        Seely’s defense in his upcoming UCMJ Court appearance will be that the letter was either a fake, or a joke. Navy Admiral-level JAGS are notably lacking in a sense of humor, so let’s just see where this goes. In the meantime, the letter sure is being propagandized, isn’t it…?

  9. For those of you who are spouting the ‘we are clearly better in all combat capabilities’ meme, please remember that the US was clearly more capable in Vietnam and Iraq (especially Iraq II). But you see, the reality is the little thing called ‘the law of unintended consequences.’ Iraq 2 and Vietnam were both a real mess and the mess continues to this day in the ME. Beating ones chest may feel good, but in today’s complicated world with lots of interlocking financial considerations, a large shooting war in the ME would be a disaster. One has to see the grey areas. It’s not like fighting set piece battles during WWII. Yes, we can destroy Iranian infrastructure, but that’s only round 1 of a 15 round fight. Btw, I am a former Marine Corps officer, so I am not opposed to combat per se, but you better know what cost your going to to ultimately pay for what may be a few bragging rights. Be ready for trillions in direct costs, millions of refugees, and global terrorism that may shut down tourist trades, oil transport, and a host of other things we have not even thought of. Very, very messy. If you are expecting a small surgical operation, you may be very fooled.

    • Not so fast, bud. It was a political decision in both cases by people who weren’t willing to go in and kick ass. Remember what happened to Goldwater in ’64? I sure do.
      Armies are very good at killing people and breaking things. A little Agent Orange on Hanoi and I assure you the outcome would have been different.
      If one gets into a fight at the bar, one wins…or don’t bother.
      And, as pappy instructed, make sure there are no witnesses left to contradict the story you tell…
      No, Trump’s political problem is he’s against a House of Champberpots and turncoats in the Senate on top of that.

      • Now now George your imperialism is showing again,one that say’s we are the king of an empire, and if you don’t know your place we will show it to you with a million tons of bombs dropped on you and your people,many have a problem with that type of mentality and they should,its what bankrupted the nation.!!!

        • Those who do not defend freedom don’t deserve it. You’re failure to condemn Iran belies much.
          They attacked our embassy and have had a declared state of war against us sine 1979.

      • Now now George you dis-appoint me I thought you were a student of history,we declared war on Iran in oh 1953 or so (which predates 1979 by a good deal) when along with the Brits we overthrew an elected president, and replaced him with one of the bloodest dictators that’s ever come around,because he had the stones to believe that Iranian oil belonged to Iran and its people.

        Churchill said cheap Iranian oil ran British industry and they were paying Iran 25 cents a barrel,now just what did you think was going happen on down the road like back in 1776 here, they revolted and overthrew the ones causing their grief.There’s an old Choctaw saying that applies to many people “if you can’t see both sides of an issue then guard your sight jealous, for your already blind in one eye”.

        I see you throw the Camberlain thing around a great deal (many do for either they don’t know/or wish to hide the fact) that other countries also signed that deal with Germany along with England was France at a much later date Russia did.Russia had tried on a number of occasions to get England,France and Poland to sign a pact that if Germany attacked one the rest would come to their aid,they even offered Poland Russian troops in case Germany did invade them,the Poles said if Germany came in they would build a monument to Hitler.

        Now the agent orange thing, I have a very good friend who served two tours over there,he just had one lung removed due to cancer, agent orange was the culprit and he was one of thousands that came back carrying their own death on their shoulders,and that fails to take into consideration all the deformed children they sired.Be careful of what you wish for or wish on others, it has a strange habit of coming back and biting your arse.!!!!!!

      • I was 12 in ’64 and my parents and I were big Gwater supporters. I remember selling cans of “Goldwater” (Ginger Ale) at fundraising BBQ rallies across Sou IN (best BBQed chicken you EVER tasted!).
        And I made a Gwater hat from one of my Dad’s old hats with “Goldwater” spelled in glitter. I even saw Sen Gwater speak to a packed Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. Opening speaker was the real Colonel Sanders.
        My Dad absolutely hated LBJ and he was a union man. IMO America would be a much different, safer, better place had Sen Gwater prevailed.

      • “when along with the Brits we overthrew an elected president,”

        A despot, elected in a “kangaroo election.”

        We removed a Stalinist despot, elected by less than 5% of the Persian population, and replaced him with the free-market hardass who’d led Iran during WW-II. The Shah was both the lesser of evils, and the much better leader, from the POV of the Iranian people.

    • Sorry, son, you were obviously not in ‘Nam. I have (and had) friends who b!tched to me that there were hours of the day when they were not allowed to fight or to return fire. There were times they were not allowed to establish a perimeter, not allowed to do anything except run or die — and this from a vet who collected his hardware in a shootout with a VC sniper while running point on a Marine patrol.

      No matter how good, or dedicated a soldier you are, you fight at the pleasure of politicians who, in real life, are not qualified to polish your boots, and know less about tactics or winning a fight than the squirrels, playing in the trees in my yard…

  10. B-52 bombers?

    It’d be better to spray the Iranians with something deadly. Leave the assets intact and let the refugees headed to Europe occupy the vacant land.

    Perhaps using transdermal delivery technology make something deadly rain down on to them.

    Destroy any video and never talk about it again.

    • If I recall, this was the justification for designing and building neutron bombs — smaller blasts, but the neutrons killed the humans and went through everything else leaving it intact. No radiation and no mess.

    • Also, bioweapons are illegal, as are chemical weapons. Major war crimes. They are considered immoral as the other side can’t reasonably defend themselves and fight back.

    • What about the 98% of Iranians who are innocent, and want nothing better than for the Ayatollahs to go away and the modern Western democracy they had under the Shah, to return?

      C’mon Steve, take a trip to Dearborn and just ask a few of the Iranian refugees their opinion of current-day Iran and its policies…

  11. goog has been ruthless in blocking content if their trackers are blocked. My browser automaticly declines trackers but they disregard, work around it and follow everything even after clearing cookies and cache and disabling javascript. Good for you in putting them further down the stack where they can do less mischief. Their self driving car will probably take me to the graveyard and leave me there.

  12. What CRAP are they trying to pull now…… dam I hate turning on the news or reading the newspapers anymore.. its just disgusting..

    turned on the news to get the weather report and there was a story out that had someone talking about DJT commiting war crimes.. dam.. made a mockery of our country over russia sending people door to door trying to convince eveyrone that our political system sucks. something that everyone has known for years and years..

    I am so totally sick of the news channels and so embarassed to even say I was once a democrat..
    Granted I hate the idea of war and we seem to be going war after war.. no one win’s in a war.. the losses are to great we are mired down with huge debt that we cannot continue…. I would rather see people negotiate .. and for us to get our big butts out of everyone elses business..

    What I wonder is.. ok the guy was an evil jerk.. he manipulated death’s and plotted many evil deeds.. but my question is … WHY NOW… why not ten years ago when he was really an evil dog.. or twenty thirty years ago.. but why now..
    why are we instantly going after Iran.. it was everyother country there for a while.. could it be..

    Or did DJT finally get suckered by the puppetteers .


    the thing is.. whose drones..

    . OR..

    lets look at this from a totally different perspective.. lets say DJT is finally convinced that the demoralcraps and the puppeteers have won… they will stop at nothing and in three years haven’t given him or his family a moment of peace.. since there have been policies passed.. well we see just how mired in muck we have been with what the puppeteers have all wanted before so let them have it their way and go for it.. he won’t be president let them dig us out of the next hole that they have been wanting so much….


    No matter what the true narrative is.. it sucks.. and I hate to see what is going to happen..this one should scare everyone..


  13. Just a reminder that all these wars were planned before 9/11. The “war on terror” was no accident. General Wesley Clark on learning soon after 9/11, when meeting with someone in the Pentagon, that the plan was to take out 7 countries in 5 years, the last being Iran.

    Time table is off, but the neocons are still gunning for Iran. We are now still watching all of this in real time and still being propagandized to believe it is all about “protecting our freedoms”. Wake up people. If you don’t know yet that we are being duped, well, turn off cable news and do some research.

    This plan has continued for nearly 2 decades now, no matter who is POTUS — After millions have been maimed, murdered, displaced and their homes, way of life and infrastructure destroyed, all in our name (and using trillions of our tax dollars, and the lives of our own young men and women), only to protect the moneyed interests and resources of a small global elite.

    Aren’t you tired of it all yet? https://youtu.be/gTbg11pCwOc

    • Right on Lois…

      “Aren’t you tired of it all yet? ”

      I sure am..
      unfortunately i think we are all powerless and doomed and will have to continue to suffer to MSM as long as we keep voting in the same worthless people in office.. at this point I’m not sure if the level of corruption has reached the point where it doesn’t make any difference..

      If we are under a national state of emergency.. there may not be an election it all depends on who’s interpretation it’s up to…

      • @LOOTB

        Maybe we can have some revenge and JUSTICE this year…as The 2nd Revolution is started in…Virginia….Blue Hats to be brought in to administer ‘confiscation’ at the request of the gov….lines are drawn….Liberty or Death……will filter out to the rest of this country….Target rich as those that have crossed the ‘rubicon’ will be put to rest….imo

      • d___
        that would not solve anything.. the wizard behind the curtains is not even in this country..
        pitting father against son and brother against brother is only going to cause a lot of hate violence never solved anything.. and those in power passing these legislative acts.. well like any group those that are truly evil are but a few.. the rest actually feel they are doing a good thing.. and the fact that they don’t write or read this crap they vote on says they don’t have a clue what is in it…. I could bury you in studies that have been done on the psychological influences on people.. but that is a waste of time..
        real change can be made by the power of the pen..
        fifty thousand people each write a letter to every member of the congress..
        to change the legislation that was written and not read by congress before they voted on it.. do that for a week.. then the next week the next fifty thousand..
        you and I know that a group of people that only work a total of a month a year will not read them.. they could care less.
        they are at home diddling with the old lady or man.. playing golf or taking the luxury fact finding mission paid for by the wizzards behind the curtains.. but fifty thousand letters a day phew have you seen DC the city shuts down if its sprinkly out.. something that big would shut that city down.. that my friend is news.. big news HUGE news.. and it doesn’t make any difference how much big bucks billy from some other country is giving them.. they will stand up take notice.. pull up his trousers and fly on the luxury jet supplied by big bucks billy to take a look and address this issue.. and not stop until the issue is taken care of.. no violence.. no battles between family members.. a simple letter a day.. anything other than that would only create caos and have no effect over those that are behind it all..Plus
        it would create thousands of jobs just to haul deliver and toss..
        The thing is. those in office live in a bubble.. they only see what is shown them.. just like a jury.. if laws were changed so gifts could be given to members of a jury from the accused.. there would be a huge difference.. we see that right now in our prison populations.. you can make whole issues dissapear as if it never ever happened if you have influence.. they never existed.. and laws are way different for a poor person compared to a wealthy one..

        “Take it from Richard, poor and lame, what’s begun in anger ends in shame.” – Benjamin Franklin

        the power of the pen.. another issue is getting people to actually do it.. to get fifty thousand this week and fifty thousand next week and alternate.. most laborers now are dependent on social programs for existance.. they wouldn’t have an extra five hundred a month to spend on it.. even if it would only take a couple of weeks to be solved..

    • Wes Clark is a psychotic megalomaniac, and a fool. Please read how and why he was relieved of his command of NATO.

      Understand, NDAs do not end when a person in government resigns, retires, or changes assignments. If General Clark were voicing any actual intel to which he was privy, he’d be turning big rocks into little ones at Leavenworth, or would have been shot, years ago.

      That said, you are right about the neocon agenda, except is is more-expansive than just tossing a few petit dictateurs. [It was] first codified in 1982 in the study at the Naval Observatory (in case you need a starting point for a new research project.) There is a reason I call Victoria Nuland a dangerous b!tch…

  14. George, a ‘realist’ it is now?
    Sorry — time to face it: Trump acts purely on whim.
    Like a Mr. Magoo, but without the cute.
    Leaving you and the rest of the cheerleaders to pick up the pieces afterwards.
    Amnesia and revisionism integral to your task.
    Best, Mike.

    • Still cheering the latter day Chamberlain, are you? Insurrectionist.
      Send your Social Security to Iran, you sympathizer…don’t piss mine away.

      • George,

        In Iran, we had the populace turning against the Ayatollah, angry about the waste, and starting to clamor for blue jeans and internet. All you guys did was to force them all back into the Ayatollah’s hand. And for what? To get rid of one guy that had a 1000 others hoping to take his place. Now you guys have set back the transformation of Iran another 30 years. Well done.

        We were hanging onto Iraq by a thread after Cheney et al finished. Now you all have likely cut it. Brilliant.

        This is the consequence of foreign policy by whim, and then the minions cheerleading. Talking to you guys is like trying to reason with a 5 year old about the wisdom of more candy. Best, Mike.

  15. For the record…taking out Suleimani was a good thing. He was a very bad hombre. There was Intelligence that suggested he was on his way to plot more destruction of American assets. So job well done by our military.

    But don’t for one minute give Trump any credit. It’s curious how all of a sudden he is so trusting of the very military intelligence he has called garbage for 2.5 years.

    Trump only did this because someone in the military/intelligence told him it would positively affect his poll numbers. Trump is nothing but a ratings whore. He tweets about people that oppose him and their TV rating all the time. If someone from his favorite network FOX criticizes him, he says they have “loser ratings”. Same with failing NY Times, CNN, MSNBC etc.

    I would bet all the tea in China that he asked “If we kill Suleimani, how will I look? Will people like me?” He could care less about the outcome of the killing and it’s impact on the world. It’s all about him. But everyone in the White House knows that. John Bolton if he testifies, will only be pointing Trumps intellectual deficiencies…nothing more.

    All I can say is that thank goodness we have the appropriate intelligence and military staff on board to handle terrorists and opposition to our great republic and democracy. The intelligence guru’s made the right choice and they manipulated one dumb President into finally agreeing to do something right.

    • I am honored that even though we disagree on the “guy with the football” we agree this was a 4th and long yardage and the “long bomb” was the right play.
      Thank you for standing up for America, labels aside. Seriously. Thanks

    • @MARKZ

      “All I can say is that thank goodness we have the appropriate intelligence and military staff on board to handle terrorists and opposition to our great republic and democracy.”

      Ifthat is true …Why are they not ‘offing’ the traitors in CONgress and their own agencies…as many KNOWN by name have been involved in the OVERTHROW of this government…and its President….


      • So, your view is to eliminate anyone who has political views different than yours. That makes you a fascist or a communist, both anti-American. We’ll round you up and shoot you first to show everyone else how it’s done. Sound fair?

    • “I would bet all the tea in China that he asked “If we kill Suleimani, how will I look? Will people like me?” ”

      See now the image I have of the president is just the opposite.
      Is he a narcissist absolutely ..boastful you betcha..

      But if you look at his businesses as an example.. hes the same way yet each of his employees see him as accessible. I seen one video that as he was passing a housekeeper he excused himself to her and called her by name. During his inauguration celebration he went around and thanked the help and asked their opinions..
      The last false flag he almost jumped on was gassing innocent children and horrifying videos of the carnage.
      He tries to do the right thing with his employees all of them by the way..
      Hes been trying to do everything that he promised to do and hasnt had a wee hmm role lot of help either.
      My guess is under all that bluster he’s a guy with a huge heart of gold.
      I would say he’s a white knighted and what he was shown was horrific enough that he acted..
      For whatever it’s worth I think his decision to act came with a lot of deep thought moral convictions and weighs heavy on his conscience..

  16. Iran is the new Trade War to add volatility to the stock market. I’ll bomb you; I’ll bomb you more…market Down. Nothing happens…market up. Overall direction is still up. Trump would have it no other way.

  17. “I pray Iran heeds Trump’s clear warning. If they do not, I estimate the odds are far better than 50/50 that they will seriously regret not doing so.””

    As you well-know, “bluster” is both a negotiation tool and a pre-prom dance used by every ME Arab Nation. My only fear is the Ayatollah gets a new vision regarding the 12th Imam. The Persian Peoples would throw off the mantle of repression if they could, and that’s what really complicates Iran as a potential military adversary. We’d need to off a half million priests, scholars, and soldiers, hidden amongst 82 million people who’re scared to death to reveal the assho1es’ identity…

    Yes, Bolton is a Neocon. This means he is a Liberal WRT everything except “national defense” — A “national socialist” as opposed to the “international socialists” the Democrats have become.

    If you check my past postings, you’ll see I commented at the time he was hired, that the position was temporary — Bolton and Trump don’t particularly like one-another, but Trump hired him specifically because he’s a known neocon “superhawk,” and Trump wanted the leverage of Bolton’s mere presence, when negotiating with Kim and Xi.

    John Bolton’s ultimate wet dream for many years has been “war with Iran.” He’s p!ssed we didn’t nuke Persia off the map two years ago, and even more PO’d now, because “carefully-crafted diplomacy” could ensure a war happened, but Trump took him out of the loop before he could craft such “diplomacy” AND RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE WAR.

    Bolton wants an Iran war, but only if he can start it, finish it, destroy Iran, and receive the historical accolades for doing so. His desire is not altruistic or in any way, responsible. It is strictly self-aggrandizing. The fact Mr. Trump might “take that away from him” is a thought Mr. Bolton can not tolerate.

    Logic plays no part in John Bolton’s motivation. At this point in time, he is motivated completely by emotion, and his emotions are not very nice…

  18. Geez, George, I think you have been hanging around with warhammer too long? Let’s not forget that it was the US and allies that instigated a coup to eliminate the democratically elected leader of Iran and install the puppet dictator shah, who provided the west with cheap oil, while instituting massive oppression of the Iranian people, under the direction of our military experts in the handling of dissent (torture). Since the 1979 revolution, the US/NATO/AFRICOM have surrounded Iran (and Russia, NK, Syria, Libya, etc.) with military bases and heavy artillery (WMDs), bombed the crap out of several countries and murdering their leaders, imposed economic sanctions starving millions, been responsible for hundreds of covert coups and regime changes (ongoing) and not the other way around. Who are the bullies here?

    Don’t forget that our massive military industrial complex doesn’t work for the American people, but for a small cabal of psychopaths (and their billionaire minions) who will drop the US as empire and replace us with something else without batting an eye when it comes to that. Unfortunately, we are a war economy and the stock markets would drop like a stone if we actually were of a mind to stop this madness. Yes, we find ourselves between a rock and a hard place, and empaths seem to be the dying breed.

    I don’t hold much hope for peaceful and prosperous futures for those that follow behind my generation of propagandized warmongers.

    • lol needless to say Lois.. you forgot about Hussein and that we put him in power..


      or that the reason we thought he had weapons of mass destruction was because we gave them to him.. and taught his scientists how to build them.. LOL



      What scares me.. is… Iran has signed on with russia and china for assistance.. if we go after Iran.. and iran decides to escalate this.. could it be seen as a sign of aggression against them.. not to mention China is our manufacturer..
      I wonder what is on stews site.. I would like to read his take on it and the predictions of nostradamus..

    • I would not quite say it was “US and allies”, it was “Great” Britain who had been meddling in Iran for a couple of hundred years that, after oil was found in the early 20th century dragged us into their orbit to do their ‘dirty work’ as a loyal Colony. British Petroleum (aka MI6) was the guilty party along with “our” CIA that conducted a Coup D-Etat in 1953 deposing Mossadeq who, as you pointed out, was democratically elected – this was to steal their oil. This combination struck again leading to the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands war (also over oil) and more recently to attempt to depose DJT.
      I think we should make a targeting ‘mistake’ and dial-in London for a ‘present’.
      Best wishes,
      Al B

    • The Shah was ‘placed’ into power during WWII – FDR was President. The Shah fell from power in 1979 – Carter was President.

      • By God you’re a gentleman.
        Come on WH, tell the sniveling lefties who lurk here:
        The Shah was installed by a democrat and fell during a democrat. Oh please, please, please!

        What democrats know about world-making is widely exaggerated!

      • “And which dems expanded the Vietnam war, too?”

        To be fair and accurate, JFK sent (a maximum of) 500 advisors, mostly Army SpcOps, and rotated advisors every few months.

        Kennedy’s body was not yet cold when LBJ upped the “advisor count” to 50000. Nine months later, I (even as a child) flipped my sh!t when I heard Johnson’s Democratic Convention (“…longest peacetime economy in history…”) speech. GMAFB!

    • “eliminate the democratically elected leader of Iran”

      I suggest you read the particulars of that “democratic election” rather than just spew HuffPost talking points (please also note what HuffPost talking points did for the Huffington Post…)

      “been responsible for hundreds of covert coups and regime changes”

      Please list ten…

      “Who are the bullies here?”

      I’m actually not sure. I believe that would depend upon one’s definition of “bully.” I DO however know who the cowardly rats are…

  19. “The programming of America as Useless Idiots is also visible in the kind of Trivia questions….”

    Which came first: A) America or B) Useless Idiots? ;-))

  20. I’m sick of hearing about this “american is feminized” crap all the time from you so called he men. We need women leaders and real quick from the look of things. All you men see is war all the time, an answer for everything. If I have to listen to men talk any more about war, I’m gonna lose it, and I hope my sisters everywhere agree with me. Just wait til the election, George, you gonna be so surprised! Vote them all out, and I mean MEN!

    • Cecilia, have faith. I don’t believe you are alone with your sentiment. The only person who has actually done anything in Congress over the past two years has been a woman. I’m not talking about the obstructions, blocking, politicking, hee hawing, and other non-actions. I’m talking about actually trying to get something, anything, moving through the pipeline…

    • whomever it is.. those drones are not the ones you buy on amazon… those are some pretty intense drones and large.. just look how long they stay aflight.. the one I had for the grandson to play with would only stay up a few minutes at best and after it got a few hundred feet in the air was pretty much just a dot..these are big enough that they still show some size when looking at them on the ground..

  21. Psychopaths like to surround themselves with sociopaths who do their dirty work. Last night the Ayatollah engaged in a ballistic missile sneak attack because his favorite pet sociopath mass-murderer got whacked in a forward in-country position. This is a throw-back to the monarchist and religious-state politics of the pre-industrial period, when monarchs and religious despots launched armies and fleets against other despots who had insulted them, or they suspected of hoarding some religious artifact which they believed a god had ordained them to covet.

    Still waiting on news of what really brought down the Ukrainian jet liner.

    The Iranians have demonstrated to the world that they are not capable of handling military technology in any sort rational, professional adult manner. Their armed forces are commanded by a cry-baby religious nut psychopath.

    So far the only major gaff by the US in this confrontation was an ill-conceived tweet, which drew even Graham’s wrath. Look for Pence’s role to be more public.

    • Missile strikes, airliner crash, and two earthquakes all in one day. Pretty busy day, huh? So, putting yourself in the Ayatollah’s shoes or serving as a close advisor, what would you do or recommend differently?

      • Please, why don’t you demonstrate to us how you would role play as a psychopath or sociopath. I’m thinking you would be good at it.

    • “Still waiting on news of what really brought down the Ukrainian jet liner.” ABC and CBS have both reported it was a Russian made (or cloned) SAM fired by Iran.

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