H+ and the Economic Substrate

Whew!  A looong-ass weekend of programming and writing for  Peoplenomics, the new Ultra-Make.com site, and even doing a few tweaks here like that fancy Accessibility/Font-Sizer over at the top of the right column over this way somewhere >>>

A great weekend, nevertheless featuring (*don’t mean to go on endlessly, but the projects done list is a useful metric) Reading assembly instructions for new CNC machine, refinished a piece of furniture, made a fall-apart on your fork corned beef, worked a couple of Morse code contacts on the ham radio, populated several more pages on Ultra-Make.com, repaired a cranky shop vac, poured concrete footing for revisions to the front stairs off the 180-degree room, ordered an advanced controller for  the machine, shopped online with Elaine, also did the online weekly food order, and wrote a dandy column for next weekend plus read several chapters in The Praxis by Dirk Bruere….

Aha!  Now we (finally) get to the first real point of the morning (other than I’m a workaholic of some skill off the keyboard as well as on).

You see,  that book – The Praxis is about transhumanism.  Sometimes called “H+” it’s like the next-gen of humans.  Or, as Wikipedia explains…

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology.[1][2]

Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations as well as the ethical[3] limitations of using such technologies.”

And it’s a marvelous read.

Which is not immediately clear, I suppose because we’re looking at a market that is likely to open down 180, or so, on the Dow.

About here, it’s OK to ask:  “What  the hell does H+ have to do with the markets, for crying out loud?”

It’s All About the Substrate

“What’s a substrate?”

Easier to give you an example:  What is a “common substrate” shared by windoes and doors?

Answer:  Hole-ness. They are both holes in walls.  In H+ it’s remarkably more complicated, but between any two things, there is often a substrate (underlying common or unifying aspect (hole-ness in this case)) that ties even dissimilar things together.

Which may be useful when looking at how markets operate (or don’t)  in chaotic times.

Sure, there are Elliott waves, and there are trend channels, and there are money flows, and there is on-balance volume, and there are fast and slow stochastics, and there is the relative strength indicator…more trend and change-spotting ideas than you can count.

BUT,  the nice little nugget from Bruere’s book (which I didn’t finish, see list of excuses and interruptions) is that it gets me to looking at the financial substrate.

What, exactly, drives markets?

There are two substrates that are obvious:  One is the Drive for Gain and counterbalancing that is the Fear of Loss.

Now, in H+ terms, there’s an underlying/shared substrate common to both the drive and the fear.

I will leave it as our “Ponder of the Week” for you to mull on.  Papers due (in the comments section) by Friday.  The goal, though, is obvious:  Figure out a better way than presently exists to predict and anticipate changes in people’s willingness to step up and buy or their running like cowards before the red flag over a mosque.

With some market indicators pointing to roll back to the downside around January 18th to 25th, as I told a reader this morning over in comments:  “Long live Cowards in Cash!”

Here’s the Coward’s Rational

As a chart based on futures prices 90-minutes ahead of the open:  While I was mixing concrete, this possibility of a wave count was running through my mind:

Waking-state nightmares while mixing mud?  OK, sure, why not.

This is the “chart from Hell” in that the possible Wave 1 and Wave 3 are done, and we have met the “Wave 5 must be larger than Wave 1” which is why the yellow (color of cowards, especially their bellies) is on the upper right.

We’re not the only ones asking.  Zee ZeroHedge’s Is This “The Top”?

Of course, we look for a huge arb’ing up of markets as the Fed doesn’t want global economic panic anymore than anyone else does.

So this morning the NY Fed Repo Depot laid out how much?   $78.895 -billion. Least they could do would be round up to $79 billion and send me the change.  But no…

Should be an interesting day…especially with Europe down.  And down about 9-10th’s of one percent…  Will Ure “make a small cheeseburger” today?

Global Chill To Continue

Unable to say “Global Warming” (which is why it was revamped and had a whole product re-introduction as “Climate Change”) the PowersThatBe are sure not going to be pleased with the Sun’s continued ignorance of their social engineering – made-up workplans.

So, not only is the Sun continuing to “under-perform” but the look-ahead data isn’t showing any increase in predicted sunspots.  Click over to this NOAA page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the Data tab, then look at predicted values and scroll to the bottom of that.  Horrific – because it means that plant production could suffer and that impacts food stocks – since in solar  peak periods you get more blooms and in solar troughs – and we’ve got at least 3-years of troughing ahead – you get more stalks and woody growth.

Fine time for lettuce and celery, we suppose.  Not so good for fruiting plants, though, so invest in tomatoes, perhaps? Hmmm…

Sizing the Week

International Trade is coming tomorrow.  ADP job numbers Wednesday morning, I’m thinkling the Challkenger Job cuts report will be in Thursday, ahead of Friday’s “Ofishul” numbers.

Other than that, just time for  maybe one final upside blow before that “red flag event” shows up.  Big events take time to plan and with terror alerts back, we gotta wonder what’s coming.  Again, cowards in cash makes sense to me, but THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT advice.  Kibitzing...all it is.

Do we short ahead of Iran’s [whatever] ???

That Traitorous Pelosi (Again)

Just when I though this power-mad b**ch couldn’t be worse (trying to inject herself into the Senate’s due processes on the Trump impeachment paper – which she’s stalling on for blatant power-grabbing purposes), here comes Ms. Sniveler trying to put handcuffs on our Commander-in-Chief.  Clearly Iran’s gotten to her…

ISYN – go read “Pelosi: House to vote on resolution limiting Trump’s actions against Iran.

Counterpoint: Trump Warns: U.S. Has ’52 Iranian Sites’ Picked Out in Case of Retaliation.

Sure, sure, the House can resolve it’s ass off all day long, but it isn’t binding and yes, Trump is the Commander In Chief, hoo-rah.

It’s bullshit like this that tempts me to move to Pelosi’s home district just as I can vote  against her and be an aggresive supporter of Anyone But Her.

Noted in Passing

Impacting tomorrow’s Trade figures? Boeing Looks to Raise Funds to Help It Fight Through 737 Max Debacle.

Off to chase breakfast.. Write when you get rich,






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42 thoughts on “H+ and the Economic Substrate”

  1. As long as you follow your own rules of investing, it is not that risky. An entrance & exit strategy is handy. The minute you stop following the rules, expect trouble.

  2. I think its time to limit the presidents power to make war at his time and pleasure,its time to remove the War Powers Act which was little more then an end play around the constitution thus making it illegal.If congress wish’s to make itself relevant then it needs to act in the manner it was created for,as of now its simply irrelevant, and no by saying congress authorized the funds for the these wars fails to cut it, for the constitution lays out the method in which this country can be taken to war,and no its not at the whim of the president as we have lost more then these wars, we have lost the faith in this nation and its form of government.

    As far as the impeachment scam and scam it is,its simply a way to separate the two parties as the faithful rush to their parties flag ensuring that nothing will change, that the 1% will continue to own and operate the government at their leisure and for their benefit.If we continue placing the ability to wage war in the hands of one man or one office we will never see peace in our time, nor in our children’s and grand children’s time and they deserve better than that.!!!!

      • Its to bad you lack the ability to reason or even have a thought of what endless wars have wrought,you have seen an ever increasing loss of your freedoms,morality of any say of and or control over the government,they lead you down the path of destruction and you blindly follow along insuring that not only will you loose more freedom and rights you seal your own doom.As they say blow back is a bitch and they do everything to encourage it, while beating their chest and crying we are the king and indeed we are a king only a king with no clothes.!!

      • We have been on a emergency state in government for many years, That gives the government power to move or get involved in their mini wars with out having the Senate approval We are involved in many small country’s and few major ones with Military Personnel and weapons supposedly to help them from being picked on, Meanwhile they also receive many dollars along with the military personals spending in their country’s which is Bs our troops are not supposed to be world cops, No wonder military spending is thru the roof and we are being taxed to the limit and then some,

  3. George

    Whenever I read the word “Transhuman” I get a mental picture of The Borg from Star Trek. I also get a Don’t Want Any Part of This physical reaction to to it.

    No I am not a Luddite!

    I just feel the need to protect Humanity from a developing threat that could make everyone part of a hive.

    Just like vaccines it could become mandatory to be altered to partake in society.

    Just like cell phones and computer operating systems there will be a back door that allows someone to access everything.

    No Thank You!

    • Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m just reading some of it – and they do have many good points.
      Then again, so does Scientology and Islam…not a one of them is Ure’s cuppa tea, lol

    • The price that won’t be paid by the people in blood and treasure,now we don’t own the world nor its people nor its treasures,we are one nation among many, and if you have read any history at all you soon learn that any nation that thinks other wise will learn different,the hard way.Now no nation has attacked us we go looking for it Korea,Nam,Iraq,Iraq Afghanistan and we are heating up another war which again is another war we won’t win,now you have a choice stay home and seek peace and prosperity or keep running around the world seeking wars we won’t win, and ensuring that there will never be peace and prosperity,the choice is yours to make.!!

      • ALL conflicts that we enter are BECAUSE the ‘masters’ want this country to be the fodder for THEIR benefit..NOTHING this ‘war ‘ machine has done since WWII has BENEFITTED the USA…not a dam thing…UNLESS you consider Corrupt politicians, LEO Alphabet Agencies, IRS, CONgress…DC Think Tanks, NGO,s …ALL above work their agendas outside our Constitution….and NOT one AG has done anything to stem the trashing and looting of this countries citizens….or worse yet..the IGNORING those that break the LAW that is written…in your face and the ‘chosen and protected’ class remain free to continue their tyranny….IT will not end well this year for this country and many of us….as the choice will be either …comply or die….business as usual many of you think will return…I do not…this 2020 will be the final year for this country….eyes wide open as GOD’s grace and blessings are not upon us any longer….

      • Um, you missed WW-I and WW-II.

        Bear in-mind, the “wars” you mentioned, were all easy U.S. victories — except our politicians and diplomats chose to play politics or “broker a peace” rather than “win the war.” Our involvement in WW-II was necessary. The principal purpose of the Iraq War was to install a huge, permanent U.S. base within quick striking distance of any of the players in the region. I don’t like NeoCons as a matter of principle, but this was Rummy’s brainchild and, barring an isolationist USA, was strategically a very good idea (until Pelosi nixed it in 2007.) However, it could also have been done by leasing a few million acres from Hussein (on condition he stop murdering his subjects.) Had it been done that way, the Iraqi legislature would not have spent the last several months, trying to throw us out (did anyone notice, this got no copy in the MSM until we offed Himmler?)

        Also note, Soleimani was on Obama’s (kill on sight) hit list and had been since about 2011. Susan Rice said in an interview some time back (para): The only reason we didn’t kill him is we could never catch him isolated from a crowd of innocents…

        Now, I have no problem with the elimination of the War Powers Act (I have a BIG problem if someone just wants to limit Trump’s power — That would be both illegal and unconstitutional), but even with its elimination, the President is still CiC, and Soleimani was a soldier, classified as both an Enemy of the United States and a terrorist, and was listed as a “target of opportunity” nearly nine years ago. Trump, or any other Prez, would be criminally derelict if, given that opportunity they did not pull the trigger on him…

      • I differ on WW1, unnecessary slaughter of mostly WHITE Christians, to the tune of 60 to 100 MILLION. WW11, totally unnecessary, also, that slaughter killed another 80 million mostly WHITE Christians, but we only hear the most about the Jewish people’s suffering and WE are taught it from kindergarten on up. So, in 100 years, 100 – 200 million WHITE Christians eliminated. I, personally, do not want to participate in any more wars for the people who are actively taking down this country, and it doesn’t matter what slop they drape our flag in, what political rhetoric; there have been too many lies. WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, 9-11, The New Pearl Harbor (more Neo Cons), Afghanistan, Iraq War, and the rest; ALL LIES, ALL THE TIME.

  4. fear and greed run markets.. greed index a computed real number , never this high..you know the rest .. minnup

  5. George

    Can it get any worse for Boeing?

    “New, Potentially “Catastrophic” Wiring Issues Found In Boeing 737 Max”

    From Zerohedge:

    “Of course, Boeing told The Times that the fix is relatively simple.”

    Having worked in the High dollar, High Visibility aerospace world I have heard that one before. It never works out that way.

    When wire harnesses are installed in aircraft or missiles they are made to be a specific length and configuration. Moving them around after installation will be very iffy! Wire harnesses snake through and around vehicle structure. You can’t use a mythical hydraulic wire stretcher to get some extra length. You could make some Extensions but that adds lot of failure point!

    And once you make these changes you have to test the harness for continuity and wire insulation integrity. That’s called a Hi-Pot test usually done at 500 or 1500 volts depending on the circuit under test.
    If not done carefully this could affect other systems on the aircraft.

    All in all this is really bad for Boeing unless they get lucky and the engineers built in a little slack in the harness!

    I am glad my pension check doesn’t come from Boeing!

  6. George,
    I think you SHOULD move to Pelosi’s home district. You would like what she has done to the place since you left. It is a mind blowing, awakening of the senses. And intellectual person like yourself would be in heaven here. And, chances are really high that any next door neighbor in any community in the Peninsula to San Jose is an engineer, scientist or futurist that could help propel your projects.

    And…you wouldn’t recognize the place. A half a billion sq ft of office space and dozens of high rise cranes on every corner since your days here. So much energy and growth…kind of makes you wonder why Trump likes to criticize our area so much. Developers aren’t going to invest trillions here here if it’s as bad as he says it is…Oh…I know why he said that. We don’t like him. There’s a joke going around that if Suleimani called Trump and said he had dirt on Biden, he would still be alive today. That pretty much sums up out POTUS.

    • Instead of starting from Scratch they took a proven Aircraft and started modifying it with larger Engines then have to correct the weight and Balances so the add in fun started and still is going on with a failed system, No way in hell would I get on one of them if they ever get back into the air

    • The People’s Republic of Kaliforn-i-a is losing population, to the tune of 200K to date. The state is destined to lose at least one seat in the House for the first time in the state’s history. The current Speaker holds part of the blame. The poop strewn streets of socialist San Fran holds a large portion of the blame.


      Furthermore, hi tek companies are bailing out of Silicon Valley as well


      The land they once called paradise is no more. As the Eagles once melodically lamented “ They called it paradise, I don’t know why. You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

      • Warhammer,
        I am disappointed in you. None of that is even close to the truth. Where do you get Your News? The Cartoon Network? All made up and fabricated news accounts to make you in the red states feel good about your miserable lives.

        Here are the facts:
        This year alone, over 40 million sq ft of office and multi-story residential is under construction in the Bay Area alone. Again, Big name investors don’t put trillions into a failing area. This is my area of expertise. You can pontificate all you want about the ravages of war, But when it comes to population growth, real estate, business indicators and everything that affects my wallet…you need to listen to me.

        California’s population grew 141,300 from July 1 2018-July 1, 2019. That’s a fact…While it’s a slow growth..it’s growth…we are a state of 40 million people. We ARE NOT going to lose any House seats. Hahah. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard you say.

        There are reasons for the slow population growth. One…a historic number of young college graduates have been moving in the past 10 years to the Bay Area to make their millions in tech….and they aren’t having Kids…at least now…they are waiting until their late 30’s…or until they have accumulated enough wealth to buy a house or go to a one income family…which is what a majority of my clients and my colleagues clients are doing now. We have the metrics to support that with over 60% market share of all housing transactions in the business core of the Bay Area.

        Meanwhile the State of California has the largest concentration of Baby Boomers and octogenarians and older in the nation that are ending their life here on earth. They aren’t being replaced ( Birth/Death models) as robustly as had happened in the past due to the aforementioned families delaying having kids.

        That said…we still added 141,000 year over year….which would rank it amongst the top three based on pure population growth numbers…but not on percentage growth.

        And your most disgusting comment and lie…Tech companies are moving out. For someone who claims to have defended our country, you sure don’t know how to defend the truth. Tech companies are hiring at the most brisk pace ever. Those 40 million sq ft of office and residential space aren’t there for show. Facebook is completing a 1.5 million sq ft campus in Burlingame near SFO for 6,000 employees…Google is breaking ground on a 8 million sq ft campus in San Jose. Apple just completed it’s 2.5 million sq ft Spaceship and Apple Park campus. And the list goes on.

        However…like most huge companies, they are spreading the wealth to other cities. The big techs are opening up service and manufacturing facilities all over the country for economies of scale and time zone sensitive service. Detroit started doing that with auto plants back in the 40’s…moving plants to Missouri, Tennessee, the west coast etc. Old school Companies like IBM has offices in every major city in the country. The list goes on. So when Apple moves a division to Austin or Google sets up shop in Cleveland…it’s not that California is losing those jobs…it’s the fact that those companies are growing and are sensitive to being more regional. It’s just common sense. Meantime…all of the tech companies aren exponentially increasing their work forces here as well.

        Also, trade shows are relocating because of how expensive it is To stay here in San Francisco. Hard to find a decent hotel here for under $400 Mon-Fri. ….New York went through that in the 90’s when Vegas started to steal all of the major trade shows formerly held in New York. Let’s face it. Vegas is cheaper and offers decent hotels for the money. It’s not my cup,of tea. I hate the place…but I terms of conventions space…it can’t be beat.

        And for the millionth time.. There is no poop on the streets of San Francisco. Quit recycling that manufactured and staged story. I live here dude. I sell multi million dollar homes here. Nobody is going to pay that much money to live here if any of that is true. They come here…they see for themselves and they laugh at how stupid people like you are that actually believe that stuff.

    • In other words: Pelosi for president?! (How many would we have to eliminate to make this happen? 1,2,3 and were set for bliss). :-((

    • Mark,

      Are you describing the California streets of San Francisco or Los Angeles?

      Sad group of engineers I see shooting up drugs amid the urine and feces stained streets. A lot of one bedroom tents surrounded by discarded needles.

      It is indeed a mind blowing, awakening of the senses.

    • “you SHOULD move to Pelosi’s home district. You would like what she has done to the place ”

      Now that’s some funny stuff there…..

  7. BTFD! super massive short squeeze just waiting to pop. Gold & Silver looking ripe for picking up MOAR. LMT,RTN,MRCY are solid WAR & Rumor of WAR picks along with some BTC’s baby..thats right U too can own your very own BTC, with its very own unique Address – only around $7500-$7600 today – what a frigging bargain.

    Speaking of bargains, the BTN is hearing there is some CHEAP real estate to be had in around FORDOW nuke plant in IRAN – just outside Qom a couple of klicks – nice scenic mountain area, arid desert surrounds – great for allergies/sinusitis sufferers. If its waterfront property then let me suggest beach front area around the Straights of Hormuz – a little warm and prone to bottlenecks, but front row seating for the upcoming conflagration..did someone just say “incoming”?

    No Bitcoin 4 U!

  8. Me Thinks the answer is not to LIMIT Presidential Power, but to screen judiciously people running for that office. Good leadership requires a STRONG leader.

    Those of you who have attended corporate meetings know what I am talking about. Meetings with a Strong Chairperson, things get done very quickly and effectively. A Weak Chairperson, solicits consensus, is afraid, or does not know how to make a competent decision, divides responsibility for the decision among board members! If consensus decision is bad, then blame is divided among all. If it is a good decision, the Chairperson becomes “hero of the day.” Is this the kind of President we want? (Where does the buck stop?”)

    If not, then lets get involved, don’t listen to MSM single source BS, check several sources, do critical analysis of what is “dished out.” Don’t focus on what “can be done for me!” Focus on “what the country needs!” If we don’t do that, then we live with a “ship of fools!”

    No doubt all have seen the movie “All The Presidents Men.” Note how much effort was taken by Woodward and Bernstein to verify and cross-reference material before it was printed as news. It was on the insistence of the news director this be done where information was credible. (A sign of good leadership?)

    There used to be “guiding lights” in society, Gordon Vidal, William Buckley Jr. etc. intellectuals whose concerns were where society was heading, they were thought provoking. Today, those intellectuals, if they exist, get pilloried and exorcised by MSM, or from other threatened interests.

    Sad part being, “we let it happen!” Nothing will change, unless we sort through the “cobweb of BS” we are being fed daily, and HOLD our potential leaders “feet to the fire!” Through the power of the vote, we can make them accountable! But, when only 30% or less show up to vote, the other 70% non existent voters can be manipulated to derail a purposeful candidate. (Grave yards are full of those 70% non existent voters.)

    • VOTING TODAY IS A BIGGER SCAM THEN…BIT COIN/THE IMPEACHMENT HOAX…BASED ON LIES….open borders for the past 30 years and corrupt msm and voter fraud….. has assured NO republican will ever again sit in the oval office….not even in 2020……as we will see…to our demise and internal conflict…

  9. Hey G, Looked over your U-M site very good! Had something happen here at my shop the other day that you will get a laugh out of, had a couple of young fellas show up here at my shop wanting some parts made looked over the job told them I could do it when one of them asked where my CNC machine was and I told them I did not own, one and the guys asks how I could make 3D parts without a computer! I then had to explain to them it was in my head and that’s how it was done for a 100yrs before computers! They had no clue!

    • That is one of the scariest and most revealing things I’ve heard in a long time.

      Will mention it in PN this weekend because the in-depth for Sat is “Potentially Useful Information Tilers” for times of potential collapse. Like this year, fer instance.

      • A good geared head lathe and mill with tooling will do wonders IF you know how to use them. Making a one-off is probably faster than a 3D print and you can use many materials. Modifying existing parts is relatively easy.

        The problem is that these things are heavy and are best moved with a forklift. It’s an investment of time, money, space, and work. Using these things used to be taught in shop class, but OSHA got in the way and made it virtually illegal for kids under 18 to even touch the stuff.

  10. goldies in oz having little down sleepy now .. banks and stocks up big .. yay !!! 24 hours a new boom .. yep everybody happy .. greed index record 98.4 .. vix dead .. what could go wrong .. party on the globe !!!

  11. The comments that I am hearing from the professional forecasters is that with the ocean temperatures as warm as they are globally, that any significant global cooling trends are going to have to overcome a lot of stored energy in the oceans.
    Nonetheless, the major forecasting modeling programs seemed to be going in different random directions for the remainder of the winter at last check. So far neither the predictions of a late onset brutal winter nor the flaming polar bears have materialized in the lower 48, but winter ain’t over ’til it’s over.

  12. how goods this scam created by the USSA , gurus and everyone else feeding off the dumb shorts .. I am far 2 negative.. should see guru kerns latest story on 321we are all rich dot com.wow just a remarkable fairy tale of genius

  13. Herr Ure,

    Please be reminded regarding Case M.9097 Boeing-Embraer merger, the appointed European Commissioner for Competition provisional deadline for notification of Aug. 30, 2019 was suspended for 10 working days on Oct. 25, and suspended further on Nov. 5.

    Thank you for your patience; Brussels will advise disposition on permission to merge (or not) in the due course of bureacracy.

    Happy New Year!

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