Gold or the S&P?

Sure, buying hard assets sounds like a good idea.  But how did our 2001 buy work out?  The answer – and a discussion of tax consequences this morning.

In addition, we update the virus outlook and a few choice words about this being a “traders market” in the ChartPack section.  Oh, and some economic reports that may influence the day, as well.

Summer doldrums are here and it’s a tough choice:  Play in the shop in the morning when it’s cool?  Or, sit in the comfortable A/C bubble of the office and fritter away the hours for “lunch money.”

I bet you’re in nearly the same spot…tough choices come with summer.

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29 thoughts on “Gold or the S&P?”

  1. all the best to everyone .. stay safe .. I find nothing of content worthwhile or objective anywhere .. the isolation now from all sources makes the choice quite easy .. so with no aggression or hard feelings I wish all well in their pursuit of this new economic platform .. you will all fall hard but that is the only way to learn

  2. Mike, a friend of mine, who owned a machine shop, told me how he started buying new corvettes in the 1960s. He bought 12 corvettes, and stored them in a barn that he had. He had 6 children with his first wife, and when he married again, he married a woman with 6 children. So…He had 12 children in the family. One by one, as they left for college in the late 70s and early 80s, he would sell a corvette to fund their educations. It worked out very well.

  3. “What was missing? Why was I thinking “Something’s off”?”

    Herpes simplex comes to mind for me…

    You may be a young adult and the virus doesn’t make you that sick.. BUT… like Herpes its going to come back to haunt you another day.. and as your organs wear out or it finds a weakness that is where it strikes hardest.. from what I have read the different aspects of the virus that are not normal for a virus of that sort.. does irreparable damage and stays in the body.. the second time around you may be sicker or it takes its tole on you….
    Kind of like CRE fifty percent die right away because they are immune compromised.. twenty percent linger.. and thirty percent don’t know they have it until they get sick.. and the majority of them are health care workers..
    when you are young you do a lot of things you wouldn’t ever think of doing as an older man or woman.. you feel healthy and alive invincible..
    with age comes the realization that what you did was stupid..we call that wisdom..

  4. G – I gots newz 4 U – Close Schools – Tax Revolt in September – count on it. These Dem “leaders” are worse than inept..

    Like I have to home school -miss work and U think Peeps will be paying School/RE tax..hahaha

    SlowJoe will not be Dem Pres Candidate in Nov .

    Coot be rocking the SLV – rolling July 18 calls to Sept 20 calls – for a .49 Credit -taking some profits. PM’s and Streamers – rock&roll! Not much volatility in the SLV unless Silver itself moves nightly.. slow and steady.

  5. “reopening schools would not act as local “hot spots?”

    anyone with children knows that schools share everything.. if one child gets it it will fly through the school.. you all might as well be swapping bodily fluids because its coming to you.. which terrifies me.. I have grand kids and they are around me.. ( the daughter is going to kill me though.. I showed them how to use tea bags to demonstrate rocket and jet engine propulsion LOL.. she loves tea..) I also see the reasons.. since deregulation very few mothers are stay at home.. they have to work or not survive.. and to have to teach the children and work and get the work done is next to impossible..
    so having someone else teach the children is the only option.. I tried to explain to her the concept of the one room school house.. but she doesn’t see it.. in the days of the one room school house there were less incidences of rampant virus’s.. a smaller foot print.. but that is another teacher for twenty kids.. the same thing with colonies.. a smaller foot print..

    • My Mom’s first teaching gig was a one room schoolhouse in a little town in Connecticut.

      Teaching is not difficult. It’s something every custodial parent does every day, whether they realize it or not. A body generally has to be in a semi-skilled job for six years around here, before their take-home pay exceeds the cost of their day-care. There’s a widely-told lie going around media of all stripes, that homeschooled kids don’t get as good an education as children who attend public schools. All anyone has to do is scan CEB exam scores or a list of the top performers at the National Spelling Bee, over the last 20 years, to see this lie for what it is. What schools do very well is indoctrinate kids into the system, teach them the latest NEA propaganda and leftist politics, and teach them how to be good little worker ants. Schools are a failure at teaching math, science, literature, ethics, history, civics, and life-skills, and have been so since the 1980s (or before.) So, coronavirus aside, tell me “why” again, that schools need to EVER re-open…?

      • The schools will reopen for indoctrination, but even beyond that, for their football games!

        I never understood 22 teens or adults chasing one squished “ball”. It seems so irrelevant. In my adult life, I’ve never had to throw or catch anything. I can just walk over and give or get it. Running may be good for your heart(maybe), but it’s certainly not necessary. IMHO, it’s a total waste of time and money, but apparently some parents like to watch and are willing to pay for that.

        Since schools don’t prepare kids for adult life, their only purposes are as a babysitter and indoctrinator. Of course, they’re also kept out of the labor force long enough to give a bit of pricing power to those in it.

        My own kids were educated by their parents, the internet, books, experience and their own self discipline.

        I’d stop paying school taxes in a moment if it wasn’t for the collector’s ability to steal my property under color of law.

  6. Golden microphone guy… I work at home and have AM radio on in background. The past few months I have to turn off Rush. He is fixated that some grand conspiracy is occurring to damage the economy and hurt Trump. He was normally entertaining and when he discusses other topics, he still can be. But he is spouting such incorrect info on the virus topic, I cannot stomach. It is like listening to a liberal supporting socialism, it is like their religion and no logic is allowed. He could have used is giant audience to help people adjust to our new reality, but has chosen to make it a complete political discussion, no different then CNN on the other side. It is really sad, he has chosen this path.

    • Hmmm, I hardly ever listen to him; in 30 years, maybe 15 times…so today, he was discussing the fake test results in FLORIDA and TEXAS….done to turn those states blue. SO IF it sounds political let’s just say, in this case, IT IS POLITICAL….and it is NOT spouting false facts on the virus! As a matter of FACT, why don’t you go after the people who ARE spouting false facts about the virus! Gheesh, come on here and tell us some more, this time, why don’t you cover those REAL mouthpieces of spouting BS’sers called the liberal media. And to compare Rush with CNN, hey what a compliment to CNN!!!

    • @JoeDish

      they say the TRUTH hurts…by the way I have never considered Rush entertaining…just factual research spun in a very understandable language…

      might you have a different view then Rush.. if you only accept the ‘msm’ info on the virus….

      the msm have lied to us about everything concerning this president for 4 years….and now gateway pundit might give you a cleared view of some info…check them out today..

    • “He is fixated that some grand conspiracy is occurring to damage the economy and hurt Trump.”

      I have no doubt this is correct. I assume where Limburger fails is he talks like the Democrats caused the pandemic. No, they didn’t cause it, they’re taking advantage of the situation, as would the Republicans, if the shoe were on the other foot.

      I don’t listen to Rush any more. I love the Hannity Show, whenever Sean is not hosting it (and also don’t listen to it when he is.) I came to the conclusion back in the early 2000s that neither was “conservative enough” for my tastes, and both were corporatist shills for the Republican partyline. Despite the fact Hannity has become a “Registered Conservative,” I’ve seen no evidence to alter the opinion I formed during W’s first term, regarding either.

      Don’t get me wrong, Rush is still a fabulous source of information, for those who’re search-engine-impaired or addicted to television-anything, but there are better sources now, even on radio. Rush can’t hold a candle to David Webb’s evenness or Andrew Wilkow’s logic — thing is, they’re SXM only, so you have to subscribe to hear them. I consider their presence in my MV a pleasant extra. I subscribed to XM years ago to hear c2cAM when driving late at night through BFE and other places where terrestrial radio signals were sparse or nonexistent. Talk Radio — stuff that makes me think, is a much better stay-awake med than a bottle of No-Doz, and you can’t make music loud or obnoxious enough that it won’t put me to sleep, so I daren’t listen to it. I used to nap to “Yours is No Disgrace” and “Tarkus” on eleven through Koss Pro-4 AAs…

    • Republicans are up to their necks with all things Russia. I always wonder why the MSM is afraid to ask house minority leader mccarthy(R) why he thinks trump is on putin’s payroll. If mccarthy thinks that he’s a traitor for supporting trump.

      Recorded on tape – “In an exchange first reported by the Washington Post, McCarthy said: “There’s …there’s two people, I think, Putin pays: [California Representative Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump … [laughter] … swear to God.”

      • You’ve been an attorney for long enough that you can’t recognize levity…?

        McCarthy was a near-RINO and near never-Trumper until Trump actually became President and McCarthy got to see what a leader looked like. I still question his loyalties, but when someone tacks the coda: “swear to God” onto a sentence, it means that the preceding statement may, or may not be true, but is not to be taken seriously in either case…

  7. Ure Covid case numbers for 9/1 and 10/31 are still very close to your mid-June predictions. The only thing I see which might intervene is the widespread availability of a decent vaccine, as happened with the H1N1 pandemic. I am not really looking for that to happen, however. Masks and a vaccine might make a real difference.
    Even if the vaccine were only was effective for four months, it would give a chance to clear out the ICU beds. Right now, the reopening, or roll back, is hinging on the ICU utilization.
    The folks in charge understand that the virus spikes after every major holiday, regardless of what you tell people or threaten them with. Therefore, ICU utilization needs to be beaten down ahead of holidays, or the roll back is on. Locally, yesterday’s stats were disheartening.

    • There is no vaccine for the cold there is no vaccine for the flu and there is no vaccine for covid-19 it’s all one big lie lie lie .
      Yes there is a cure for cancer been over a hundred years everytime they bring It Forward they shut them down.

      Yes there is ways to get unlimited energy hundreds of miles to the gallon Antigravity but everytime they do they shut them down.

      Yes the media are the biggest Liars because they advertise sugar products that give you cancer they advertise remedies for the flu the cold And next covid-19.

      The people from the future don’t know anything about their past at least the past that we know because it’s all been erased for the future just like YouTube keeps erasing more and more of the truth that has been brought forward.
      Why do people in China wear masks it isn’t for the virus, it’s to help hide their identity.
      Why does Japan have such a low rate of covid-19 fatality it’s because they report a Little Closer to the truth.
      Most all the other countries make up the numbers falsified the numbers add to the numbers change the numbers,
      Just like most of the polling operations and the real voting booths they’re all rigged and you sing videos that has shown people the world how some of these voting places are infiltrated with crooked people who place false ballots n the box or change the ballot as in the mail in ballots are changed so that when a person goes to vote Republican they are registered under Democrat because someone in the system change them just like the rumors of people who want went to get a covid-19 test and then left because of the long line and then receive something in the mail said hey your positive it goes on and on and on the corruption is so integrated through every level of society and then people say follow the rules follow the rules we are to follow the rules and that’s what happened to the people in the future who don’t know anything about the past because the past was erased because they followed the rules.
      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled may all beings be financially fulfilled may all beings be readily fulfilled so be it.
      But if the Crooked 1% get their way again millions and millions of people will be without homes will have lost all their Investments to the 1%. The 1% should be hung for all to see through all media but until all media has been taken down by a military power, we won’t see that. Only one group has the balls to do that, that’s the Patriots the ones that give their life to save this country against the 1% scumbags and the other 50% ignorant Traitors.
      Trump and Q are in a specific window of time for the future to change .

      Godspeed ahead

  8. Will your next virus come from the sky when the Chemtrails resume.

    Will the next virus come in the mail an integrated into the pictures on the advertisements that you receive monthly from big corporations.

    Will the next virus come from all the babies that are vaccinated that will be transmitted 2 the elderly.

    Will the next virus come with your vaccinations

    Will the next virus come through the internet you think that’s far-fetched it’s been proven everything has a frequency including viruses viruses can be transmitted not only through the air but through frequency waves.
    All illnesses and viruses candy killed with music frequencies if you recall earlier this year I posted a YouTube website where researchers took the virus and found the frequencies that killed the virus at that time there was 16 to 18 different varieties of the virus now I don’t know how many varieties there are but music played at Pacific frequencies embedded will kill viruses will kill all illnesses this is been known many many years ago there are units no bigger than your cell phone that can detect any illness and cure any illness by emitting frequencies that match the illness to disintegrate the illness
    We have the Technologies to regrow any part of the body that’s how primitive we are now just like weave been used some oil for a hundred years we are very primitive we have the technology to move forward but first we have to get rid of the 1% in order to do that and it has to be a military power to do that the free the Earth from the 1%

  9. The local health department reported 116 of 234 ventilators in use with 15 for covid-19 patients. The headlines could read “Half of all ventilators in use with increasing cases” or “Only 15 percent of ventilators in use for covid-19 patients.” Which is more likely? I will be curious to see the morning paper.

  10. WTF – Over?
    1 infected person equals 17 Positive Cases???!!!! They count contacts arbitrarily as 16 for every Positive case.
    Ure about as good with Stats as my jack russel is with humping the neighbors GermanShepherd.

    Ure numbers/stats are DIrty = Worthless/GIGO

    U FRAUD !

    U should be ashamed of Ure self putting this FEAR Porn out.

    This a WAR – for all of Humanity – there will be blood – lots. One of the keystones to the whole “evil empire” is the Central Banks. See Ameschal Redshield. . Control the currency- control the peeps. TRUMP will break the “bank” – it is happening.

    So weak it is pathetic! Strap on those big girl pants -nut up tiger – think War Correspondent..”reporting from the front lines – George the animal Ure..

    Still enjoy your work – it’s why I subscribe. Some of the best even if I don’t agree -really dig the. Comments – helps with Perspective. Thanx U liar..

    • Mark…in vegas..
      My car is almost twenty years old. I am anal about doing maintenance..
      It’s a twenty year old car.. sure if your a gazillionaire you can have new hearts put in every few long as you can find parts replace them..or Clone your parts..good health practices will extend the car a few years. But seriously it’s a twenty year old car with a lot of miles on it. Parts wear out and eventually there will be engine failure..
      Living in Vegas you already know you won’t beat the house..the house always comes out on top.
      Make a trip to a geriatric home. Visit with a few centurions.. then contemplating the results of we hat you see.. do you want to live that long and be in that condition.

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