Getting Rich School (#1)

We assume our readers have some interest in getting “rich.”  And yes, it is not only possible but actually likely if you understand the financial conveyor belt. 

In addition, a number of readers have asked me to explain when is a good time to hold a position (*short or long) over a weekend.

Although I’m not a registered professional, I do have some thoughts on that point as well ast things I do know well:  Long wave economics and making ssense of the news flow.

So that’s the “weekend menu” after we roll through some headlines and the ChartPack.

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21 thoughts on “Getting Rich School (#1)”

  1. Will the Summer be a Bull or Bear?
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 6/8/18 $10,000 grew to
    SPXL $46.33 $47.49 $10,250
    SPXS $25.50 $24.87 $ 9,753

    Even if you are 70, you will probably live another 10 to 15 years if healthy. So long term investing is still the ticket to increasing your net worth as I see it. As George said, trading is a crap shoot & unless you have the time to be on it during the day & able to keep your emotions under control, it is like going to the casino & who wins mostly at the casino…The house.

    • CONTEST: Select SUMMER BULL or SUMMER BEAR & reply to this post to enter.

      HINT: I am a SUMMER BEAR, but most of the time I am wrong.

      • LMAO….lol lol well you can tell where my mind was on the summer bear… lol lol I thought you said summer BEER lol lol lol
        Time to go filter a keg of home made lol lol enjoy a lazy afternoon reading and tipping a frosty mug..
        oh you want an instant frosty mug.. dry ice vodka.. a can full of holes in it. Put the dry ice around the can in a bowl.. pour a little vodka on it dip the glass in it. Do not touch the vodka.. this is poor mans liquid nitrogen super cooler

      • Ecs……..Walmart..just a couple dollars.. Great for party get togethers a truly instant frosted glass.
        I’ll have to share my instant can cooler..that’s just ice salt water pumped around the can. I used a vacuum can coozy for that..
        If your local Wal-Mart doesn’t have dry ice like ours then take your carbon dioxide fire extinguisher(I keep several in house car and shop) and a pillow case. You can use a cheap vodka

  2. I’ve never been a trader. I have too much happening elsewhere to put the effort into it and get it right. Even keeping up with all the Ure reports is taxing my time, though well worth the effort. I’ve been looking for the best investments that are relatively “buy and hold”, mostly so I can put a concentrated effort into getting it right, and then focus elsewhere. Things that have a limited downside and a likely upside. Of course the returns are lower, but the time to monitor them is reduced. The other factor is taxes. You can walk away with a $250K gain from a residence tax free. That’s near impossible in the markets. In an ideal world, you could live in a house for two years, improve and make $250K, move, rinse and repeat for a lifetime. Obviously, that’s unlikely, and you really can lose money in real estate. Don’t ask me how I know.

    I’d be very interested in optimizing market returns based on selling/trading no more often than once per year or two. It’s a different kind of challenge.

    • Don’t worry about taxes. It is another cost of doing business. Of course, your additional profits from selling should be greater than your taxes or you are going to lose. Net result, a profit, & taxes taken care of when you rebuy at a lower price till the next time. Assume the stock you sold will drop at least 20% to make it worthwhile. By buy selling high & buying back low allows you to accumulate addtional shares. I find in most cases it is just better to hold & avoid taxes since the markets go up 75% of the time assuming you bought good quality stocks in an uptrend. Trying to guess market direction is very frustrating but enjoyable.

  3. The font on the smartphone is probably two sizes too big it makes it very cumbersome and sluggish to scroll

  4. The Kardashian Family escapades that you so kindly keep us abreast of from time are actually rhyming quite nicely with history.

    The early 1926 “Times” story on Lady Diana Cooper led me to her Wikipedia mention as a member of The Coterie. The generation before that had seen her mother and father as members of The Souls. Both generational groups apparently avoided politics, but rather focussed on more bohemian matters.

    I fired up Google to see if there is an excerpt to read from one of Lady Diana’s series of three autobiographies, specifically “The Rainbow Comes and Goes”. The responses were for that title but co-authored by broadcaster Anderson Cooper and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. I wasn’t expecting Google’s conclusion, but I suppose both women were variously socialites, heiresses, and actresses.

    Who knows, maybe in 150 years the great-great-great grandson of Bill Gates will be broadcasting to contemporaries. Now, about a certain Andrew Ure of yesteryear…?

  5. I believe that you have discussed in the past that climate change is an ongoing process. You frequently point to sunspot activity as a measuring tool. There may be another tool worth considering, in the same vein as your long wave economic cycles, although these climate cycles run for thousands of years before reversing.

    Milankovitch Cycles named for a 1920’s scientist of that name factor into account earth’s eccentricity, axial tilt, and precession of orbit according to Wikipedia. Apparently the orbits of other planets are entered into the equation as well. Measuring capabilities are playing catch-up with the theory so it will be interesting to watch how things get rolled out.

    My understanding if the numbers hold is that we are in a cooling trend until after 11,000 ad insofar as the short-term oscillations are concerned, and 37 or 38 million years until we exit the current ice age. Again this is just me the layperson so reader beware of course. Apologies if you’ve already covered Milankovitch Cycles in the past.

    The part about the planetary orbits sounded interesting. It starts thoughts of is this climate cycle theory a sort of tie-in to the field of astrology?

    It’s early, but global warming advocates may want to chill out while the jigsaw puzzle facts take shape.

    • While on the one hand, it’s a great set of observations, remember the (Clement) Juglar cycle of 7-11 years (and the 11-year California real estate cycle) are already highly correlated to the 11-year sun spot cycle. But, other astronomical events, such as the adjacency of a lunar or solar eclipse (which contribute to human insanity) are figure into the equation (Puetz, et al). And then we have the 83-100 currency cycle which is roughly a half-cycle of the solar DeVries… it’s all great research, but hard as hell to play due to severe countercyclical behavior of capital markets. But a dandy point for the un-read…

      • There was a time back in the day of Hypatia, that there was no differentiation between astronomy and astrology, nor mathematics and numerology. That made sense to me.

    • Hi Dave been debating commenting on this post. Mostly because it will sound like I am in agreement with the groups that think we can truly make a difference. Its all up to sex. Our population has been doubling every few decades. We as a species are consuming more than we are replacing. The earth is a oblate spheroid with approximate circumference of 25000 miles pole to pole. On average the axial shift is about an inch or two a year. Friends of mine that were responsible for moving the magnetic marker at the poles keep a small circle that they move it every year. Now the huge change was in 2005 the north pole moved about 12 the math.. The kids at the south pole had to relocate the marker several miles.
      The theory is that the loss of a few hundred extra tons of northern ice is affecting the balance of the earth with the shifted weight.
      Just my honest opinion. We cannot do anything about the normal cycles. We should be building green garden structure rather than asphalt and concrete.

      • hundred thousand extra ton’s of ice melt.. now looking out of my box what I see that is interesting to me is that our magnetosphere has been changing as well.. NOW this is just my crackpot theory or thoughts on the situation and some of the aspects of what I think is at fault for such a sudden massive shift.
        1 information gathered from the Orsted, and SAC-C showed a huge shift about the time that the CERN was fired up.. now did that firing change the magnetosphere.. is it just a common occurrence something that is affected from the huge increase in electric consumption which spiked about that time.
        all of which causes a huge EMF field and would that affect the magnetosphere and how it works to keep out planet from catastrophic event such as what they assumed happened on Mars causing a huge climatic change there billions of years ago..
        Either way.. from my view.. there is little that we can do.. what could have been done should have been done decades ago even before my birth.. we are now the living dinosaurs of the future. My view I see the elimination of several species and ours is included if things aren’t done the vision is nothing but catastrophic for all species. Now my opinion being said.. At this point all I see is a society that puts a penciled or electric number to be more important than the survival of our species.
        If you notice the television show line up.. you will see several survival shows from Naked and afraid.. the colony to bear gillis etc..
        this one is my favorite show.. but here is another thought to jell over.. is it just a programming coincidence? Or is it a test by a group testing to see if mankind can survive in the event that there is a catastrophic event in the future.
        Our nation is faced with several situation.. we are pouring so much water on the table with the noodle to keep it moving that we face hyperinflation to the point that the noodle will turn to much. our environment is changing so rapidly that what was prime farmland is now desolate wastelands of desert. we are creating new plant life trying to increase production and the number line yet what we are creating is killing the creatures that affect our total existance.( bees and other creatures) or. will the economy tank and out whole financial system totally collapse any signs of recovery. so many variables.. but all in all I see the human race as destined to be one similar as the dinosaurs.. it in my opinion is like a building coming down.. it starts slow then increases in velocity..

      • The data is all there.. it’s segmented and spread out. But if your willing to research it then think about how it all correlates with each of them. You can see my viewpoint.
        What I see is that we as mankind are not willing to accept this because it would require massive changes that may not work to guarantee our future existence. Those valuing numbers more than their existence see the massive number change and that terrifies them.
        Neither of which I see as credible since from the perspective that I am seeing and the data that we have obtained already shows that the tipping point has already been and we are on the down ward spiral. From this point I seeeverything gradually increasing till it makes the sudden jump. Now this being said.. its happened before..and scientists have been studying it since I was a little boy. So is the changes I see just a normal part of the cycle?
        My wife says I am a pessimist. Even though I think I am an optimist looking at a pessimistic future scenario. Garden becomes the most important. Gather a food stock.. but can you re supply what you use.

  6. I also brew. My own beer so I have bottles of carbon dioxide.. I never gave it a second thought that some might not have it around..the fire extinguisher will give you plenty though.

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