G7: War on “America First”

This morning you will learn about “Global Billionaire Communism” (GBC).  But we need to back up to our Thursday morning report to put this in proper context.  As I told you yesterday: be looking for “game-changer” news beginning at 10:45 AM Eastern time and through today’s close.  Market’s at an inflection point in our work..

This morning, we think the BIG NEWS is the Testosterone of Trade and where that might lead.

The K-12 version goes like this:

  1. President Trump will blow out of the G7 meetings early and is blasting Canada and France in tweets over tariffs.
  2. Some US media are handwringing, not so much over the Trump strong America concept (to oppose the America First notion – or MAGA – would be ratings suicide) so the focus morphs into the importance of Trump missing the climate part of the meetings.
  3. And, reports Bloomberg, Angle “Merkel Urges Europe to Step Up in Trump’s New World Order .”

Now here’s your dime-store analysis point by point.

On the first – Trump standing up to lopsided pro-EU/Canada tariffs:  The “sales job” by the globalist press is designed to make you neutral about the facts. If you can be swayed anti-Trump along the way, so much the better for their globalist masters.

But here’s the real background that no one talks about:  The G7 (G8 if we include Russia, which no one wants todon’t like the US.  They hate American exceptionalism (despite failing to invent electric lights, transistors themselves along with a miles-long list of other American firsts).  We figure CERN is going as an effort to “prove” that globalism has a cooperative brain. Jury is out.

France’s Macron seeks to forge European front against Trump.

Facts argue that we’re seeing a new brand of the Globalist Billionaire’s Club (GBC) in each of the G-7 countries (*and to some extent even here in America).  They are actively pursuing a self-righteous brand of “Rich Man’s Communism” under the false flag of a Global New World Order.

Sure, there are “nominal democracies” left – but with billionaire club members like George Soros are plowing money into lefty organizations with the goal of taking down real democratic Republics – like the USA.  Dangerously innovative and hard to compete with – so good is our our system – and so crooked are theirs.  With the GBC layer on top the schema becomes clear. Where do you think unelected EU Super Government came from?  That’s their version of our Deep State.  Theirs is just publicly acknowledged as we read it.

The Global Billionaire’s Club has responded to MAGA by evolving is a kind of Global Commie Trickle-Down.  Global Billionaire Communism [GBC] (under the notion that all billionaires are roughly “equal”) trickles-down into the countries they own, lock, stock, and barrel.  The one-half of one percenters.  Top-down Globalist Spun Communism…got it?  “One for all and all for me” types.

Second Point, which we’ve beaten to death, is the “climate” change started with the Laurentide Sheet began to melt.  All that’s going on now is a half-ass effort to swindle the sheep into a) not looking at the DeVries and other long-term solar cycles which (because of the 206-year DeVries cycle) may bring a Maunder Minimum Lite in the coming decade.  The real agenda of the GBC is to convince the dumbest of the sheep to participate in Digital Mob Rule (which they play like a harp with media strings) to pay a globalist tax and to downsize individual lifestyles so that the GBC/Global Billionaires Club has even MORE POWER AND CONTROL.  Beware the pricks who’d save us.

Got to admit, in a Dr. Strangelove kind of way, it’s graceful, really.  Fact is, Trump’s got a schedule with NK talks next week so why would he sit through another insufferable climate change pitch?  Isn’t New York supposed to be under water?  (Secret: 1998 was IT.)

Point 3:  Angie Murky may be playing off a deep-seated anti-US Teutonic gene suppressed in the years following World War II.  The reason for Germany’s subliminal anti-US psyche?  We turn to Wikipedia and read:

“During World War II, Nazi Germany extracted payments from occupied countries and compelled loans. In addition, countries were obliged to provide resources, and forced labour.

After World War II, according to the Potsdam conference held between July 17 and August 2, 1945, Germany was to pay the Allies US$23 billion mainly in machinery and manufacturing plants. Reparations to the Soviet Union stopped in 1953. Large numbers of factories were dismantled or destroyed.[citation needed] Dismantling in the west stopped in 1950.

Beginning before the German surrender and continuing for the next two years, the United States pursued a vigorous program of harvesting all technological and scientific know-how as well as all patents and many leading scientists in Germany (known as Operation Paperclip). Historian John Gimbel, in his book Science Technology and Reparations: Exploitation and Plunder in Postwar Germany, states that the “intellectual reparations” taken by the U.S. and the UK amounted to close to $10 billion.”

If you’re having trouble with the math:  Germany was assessed $23 billion (reparations) and even if you count von  Braun, et alia, we actually got about $10-billion worth.  Which seems to leave Germany owing the US $13 billion, plus whatever they stiffed us for during the Cold War when the US was paying for NATO.  What about half a century of interest on $13-billion?

Why then, you’re wondering, would the US Fed repatriate gold a few years back to Germany?  Obviously, still owing $13 billion – plus over half a century of compound interest, maybe we should have impounded all the gold the Fed held in trust for ’em.  Is the Fed stupid, or what?  (We hold some Truths to be self-evident:  They, too, are beholden to the Globalist Billionaire’s Club.  You are following Ure’s acerbic view of history, I hope?

Which gets us me to the chart from yesterday morning’s report.  The one that predicted based on the work we publish over on the Peoplenomics side of the house, that we were due for a turn.

I was assiduously careful Thursday NOT to recommend a position based on our work. (We don’t do ‘advice.’)  It is, after all, only theoretical economics.  Only a fool would put a major bet on such speculation, although I saw such a fool this morning in the mirror.  Someone who may put his “happy dance shoes” on in the time after today’s open.

Thus, with enough facts  and depth, we once again are able to take seeming disparate news bits and weave it into something that might actually improve our personal bottom lines.  I can’t think of a better reason to get up and study current events every day.  Greed works better’n coffee.

Eyes on Russia

See our Comments section for links to the Scandinavian war prep exercises and their “ready for war ” pamphlet.  Put that in the context of U.S, Russian military leaders meet in Finland and you may glimpse something of the future of conflict.  The Lutefisk War?

Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve had Æbleskiver?  Don’t even have a pan for ’em anymore. Pans are $22 bucks at Amazon…gee, am I hungry? Just writing about Russia gets me thinking BEAR claw…

A Deep Stater Caught?

The second-biggest story this morning is summarized neatly over at The Daily Beast which reports on an “Ex-Senate Intelligence Staffer James Wolfe Indicted on Charges of Lying to FBI.”

The real story here may be that (by reports) Wolfe was a
non-partisan.  What we hope to learn in coming days and weeks is whether he was a “non-partisan democrat” or a “non-partisan republican.”

More to point, we hope the DOJ has cell phone records.  Love to know if any of those calls lead to the US Vichy Government’s mansion or Trump-opposition orchestraters.

Those Bankrupt Democrats

This may clarify things for you.  ‘Take That, Trump.’ Maryland Gubernatorial Candidate Includes Same-Sex Kiss in Campaign Ad.”

Unable to pass any successful and meaningful policies, we see the democrat party is turning elections into a vote on sex.  Which is f**ked sop to speak.  It’s how emotional baiting and switching works. Sell Sex, not Results.  Lesson from the Food biz: When you don’t have a steak, sell the sizzle.  Some damn fools will buy it – sells like hotcakes in the NE and left coast.

Dribs and Drabs

Mitt Romney: Trump Will ‘Easily’ Get Re-Elected in 2020. A remarkable turnaround, in our view.

Hawaii’s Kilauea Is Still Erupting and Spewing Destructive Lava. Scientists Say Have No Idea When It Will Stop.

Goldman sacked? Malaysia may ask Justice Department to get Goldman Sachs to return $600 million 1MDB fees.


Anthony Bourdain, CNN host and celebrity chef, dead at 61. Suicide.  That’s now the 10th leading cause of death in the US.

World War II photographer David Douglas Duncan dies at 102.

Dow Futures down 70 earlier have recovered a bit…but with so many things that could go wrong this weekend and early next, a late session sell-off and carry over into next week would make sense if you game such things.

That would set up “sell the rumor, buy the news” for Wednesday when we should hear on NK talks and the Fed rate hike impacts.

Just another day in paradise, huh?

52 thoughts on “G7: War on “America First””

  1. Pretty broad brush your using as it was Reagan that started down the commie trickle down program , which both Bush and now Trump is adopting, as his huge tax for the 1% and business sector shows,yep we are in deep doo doo and it went warp speed with the election of Reagan in 1980 and every one bought for the oval office has carried on the same program since.!!!

    • For how many poor people have you worked?

      The only ways a middle class is built are individual entrepreneurship and trickle-down. Unfortunately, both are dependent upon the altruistic actions of others. Entrepreneurship requires a laissez faire attitude from government, at least with respect to rules and regulations, to flourish. Trickle-down requires a bias toward beneficence rather than greed, from established industry in general, and from the folks populating each company’s boardroom, in particular. Congress and Da Prez can fix the former, only individuals who’ve actual morals and virtues can fix the latter…

      • For how many poor people have I worked for.. god I don’t know.. probably none .. how many people with a work ethic and did its respect of his people and company many..
        There’s a few stories but my favorite of all are two. One was my fathers employer.. world wide corporation huge.. thousands and thousands of employees. His office was in New York City.. I met the colonel when I turned five.. it was my birthday my father was a delivery man and he was doing his books.. the next time I met him I was a young man I couldn’t work for them they had a no family policy but I could offload semi trucks while the drivers slept. I was off loading one and the colonel was inspecting the warehouse. He stopped took off his suit coat and joined in the whole time we were unloading we visited about everything. The third time I am now married and children of my own. I’m working as a bag boy part time and he’s doing a walk through with the CEO of the store chain I worked for to see how his products were being displayed. Stopped took off his coat and sacked groceries beside me all the while asking how my siblings were doing etc.
        well he sold the company and before he left he made sure everyone of the employees was taken care of. My mother never paid more than a hundred dollars a year in medical expenses. The other is another manufacturer that I’m sure everyone here has their products. He to made sure everyone’s needs were met. Daycare sick child daycare bussing and if he went on a vacation so did the workers. Neither of those companies had any turnover either. The employees were dedicated. Today’s corporate leaders are way different many don’t have a clue who the person emptying their trash is much less who their kids are. I call it the ME employers. If it doesn’t reflect the ME boss they don’t care instead unlike the builders of the past they want everyone else to make up the necessities their employees require to survive so the ME corporations can profit off of the labors of the many. The think that surprises me is the ME corporations has essentially forgotten where the profits they desire that funds the lifestyle they are accustomed to comes from. Leaving the country wide open to be overtaken by a socialist regime. Similar to Russia during the change of the century. Or Germany during the depression.
        All they have to do is get the sentimental backing of the majority to take over and imprison the lower percentage. It’s all covered in zwetz buch

      • Ray.. You are right.. During ole Henry’s time. Trickle down did work. That is why Reagan thought it would work again.
        Unfortunately today’s corporate viewpoint doesn’t have the base laborers interest as sir top agenda. The ultra rich hide their money rather than make a gradual wealth. Ultra large bonuses on the backs of their employees. Forcing society to make up for their greed by forcing their workers seek out federal and state assistance programs

    • trickle down didn’t work ..
      ask any waitress or waiter who they would rather have as a customer.. the guy with the Porsche or the guy who is taking his wife and kids out to eat as a special gift…it doesn’t trickle.
      a friend of mine. ( who also comes from a very wealthy family.. ) wanted to start a business.. he had this impression that daddies friends would jump in money and assistance to help him start..
      I tried to tell him how it would be he was sure that I was wrong. well he got a meeting scheduled.. and I hadn’t heard from him in a long time so one day I asked him.. ( he didn’t start his business) LOL they wanted him to pay them to use their names as references and a percentage of profit’s LOL..
      well I didn’t tell him I told you so.. but he in turn doesn’t talk to me that much anymore either.. like maybe once a year.. god its hard to be humble when your right most of the time..
      deregulation didn’t work either.. just do the math and you can see how it has played out..you can’t necessities that have run away prices..

      • Reread my post.

        Trickle-down worked amazingly well when ol’ Henry decided to pay his employees his estimate of their actual worth to Ford, which was considerably more than prevailing wage, and grant them 8-hour work-days and 5-day work-weeks.

        In addition to making Ford employees happy, it brought down the price of Oldsmobiles and Buicks, spawned the Durant enterprises (Chevrolet, GM, Durant, etc.), and made automobiles potentially obtainable to everyone, instead of an elite few.

        Ford became fabulously wealthy and made a lot of other people wealthy, by creating a tremendous market expansion. He elevated a huge number of poor into a burgeoning “middle-class” (both through Ford, and through all the other auto manufacturers who had to suddenly start doing what Ford did, or go out of business) by being not-greedy. So did Fred Meijer and Sam Walton. They were altruistic and “shared the wealth.” Their progeny, and those of similar wealth in other market or industry segments, not so much any more, which is the failing of trickle-down.

        Deregulation in a competitive environment benefits everyone. Deregulation in a defacto monopoly, benefits only the monopolizer.

        Again, the problem with both trickle-down and deregulation is greed in a closed market. Eliminate either the greed or the closed market, and they work fabulously well…

  2. Trump sure seems to keep everyone unbalanced. I wouldnt relish being a policy maker for him. His goofy tactics seem to be working.

  3. I would guess that Ure idea of “permafrost” out there, way back in the “pineywoods”, would equate to what Ure A/C coils exhibit 9 months of the year. If the attached article gives you any pause to reflect on “Ure Unbiased” and “Ure Scientifically Based” climate change denial..I can pass over with the contentment of knowing that my life’s purpose was somewhat realized.


  4. Hey George, first tax cuts overwhelmingly for the wealthy. Now trade wars. You’d think that Conservatives would understand basic economics.

    Also, I looked up your ‘evidence’ purportedly proving that solar cycles rather than human activities is the driving force for global warming. But your very first citation, Wikipedia, specifically indicates that solar variations play a ‘much smaller’ role than greenhouse gases [81], concluding in relevant part: “Also, solar activity in the 2010s was not higher than in the 1950s (see above), whereas global warming had risen markedly. Otherwise, the level of understanding of solar impacts on weather is low.[82]”

    Sorry, but your ‘proof’ is hardly on a level of 97% of all peer reviewed scientific papers. So again, I say, if 97% of all reputable engineers said the bridge was about to collapse, would you drive across it anyway?

    Best, Mike.

    • Those reviewing the data who are part of the climate promotion scheme are hardly “unbiased” if their li8vlihood comes from selling the idea… Is there a speed limit on Ure test bridge?

    • Copernicus drove over that bridge…

      …or do you believe the Universe revolves around Earth?

    • Lessee, the top 10% of wage-earners — that is, everyone with $180,000 or more in gross income, pay nearly 80% of all the Federal income tax. The bottom 43.1% of wage-earners — that is, everyone with less than $50,000 in gross income, pays zero, OR LESS, in Federal taxes.

      It would probably be pretty difficult to cut the taxes of that bottom 43%, but I’m sure, being smarter than our President, you could describe for us a way to do so…

      • boy I want to know who your tax man is.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…
        I pay 65.00 a month just for my tax mans services..
        working at low paying jobs my whole life I still paid in just about a quarter million in SS alone as a bottom feeder. in comparison my wife as a professional has paid in substantially less.. ( all those part time jobs )just think how much that would be if I had invested that money into just savings bonds.the figures are astronomical. )
        our average tax pay in is roughly 20 percent plus.. I have a relative that makes substantially more than I do.. well their income and ours is no comparison.. I can’t even think of competing number wise.. and they pay in substantially lower percentage like a mere fraction.. he probably pays more in money ( well no they didn’t cause I know how much they paid in when I asked how he got to keep it while I had to pay in another two months take home wage) but his percentage is a lot less over all..
        the average joe does not get a free ride as much as anyone likes to think everyone is riding on their dime they aren’t.. even the bagboy at the grocery store is paying in.. now.. those with children get more return.. that is why they passed the give away program EIC tax credit school lunch programs food stamps etc. one in three.. every third person you meet is getting assistance of some sort.. Now here is the kicker.. the majority of the companies that have employees are proud of their profit margins so they are passing the income needs of their employees off onto everyone else to pay .. it is common sense that families with children that they will spend more money than someone putting it in a box and every once in a while opening the lid and saying.. LOOK SEE WHAT I GOT.. isn’t it pretty.. so they passed that tax give away to keep the economy going.. get rid of it and that pretty box or piece of paper well.. you know.. it should be quilted and put on rolls in that case.. the whole ponzi scheme of the federal reserve depends on that paper being passed around the minute it stops..
        I tell the kids about noodle economics.. the Noodle is the economy.. put one of the cooked noodles on the table.. now make sure you have plenty of water on the table the noodle can be moved around freely.. the water is money.. but if you stop that flow of water the noodle will start to break apart and pretty soon all you have is fractions of the noodle dispersed smashed and ripped and torn.. the same thing here.. dry up this cash flow and it breaks apart.. the same thing if you put to much water it will break apart and get mushy..
        the big boys are not idiots..( hell they got everyone in the world sold on blank pieces of paper holding more value .. now it isn’t even that.. it is a number on a computer screen LOL LOL LOL the kicker and I am sure inside joke for them is..Its plain as day and no one gets it )

      • Ray I have said for years.. make it right.. give deductions and no taxes up to poverty level income. then everyone pays ten percent. no deductions of any kind except to a company that employs and manufactures in the usa. all incoming goods and services should be taxed unless the outgoing goods and services equals the incoming value.
        If you try to hide the money outside the usa then no business is allowed in the usa.. make a buck tax a buck.
        anything less is kiting the economy and you know if your kiting a bank account eventually it will talley up.. you cannot kite the country..

      • Looking, I just pulled numbers off IRS and Census, and a few tax reform and “tax freedom” sites. I believe none of them counts FICA as a tax, even though the USSC told FDR Social Insecurity would not be legal unless it were. That said, I know folks who’re making $70k and paying nothing, (without cheating), and folks who’re making $25k and paying over $3000. There are ways to structure one’s life, which minimize tax liability. Some people choose to learn, others acquiesce to the system without a fight.

        I like your flat tax idea, except – how do you define “poverty” to establish the cut-in of the tax? Working folks in abject poverty in Manhattan or Greenwich, D.C., or about a dozen cities up and down the coasts, would be solid middle class in my corner of flyover country…

        The not-Federal not-Reserve has been kiting the country successfully for more than 100 years, so apparently, it CAN be done. ;-)

        BTW why do you have a tax accountant? You seem far too intelligent and well-read to actually need one…

      • I was told when we didn’t have an income for a year that poverty level was the standard deduction. Anything more than that is considered a living wage. They of course included property and auto ira’s etc. in the income bracket. You can sell your house and live on the proceeds the same with a car or ira..
        Roughly ( 17,000 – 22,000) give or take. I was lost that time for our household 750.00 a month was enough and because our car was under ten years old we could sell it and live on the proceeds the same with our home. (It didn’t matter that the bank held the papers for both)
        That’s the thing the no cheating and making 70,000.00 and pay nothing. Someone making 25,000 doesn’t have the tax deduction advantages that’s available to someone of a higher income bracket. Which isn’t bad but there’s no free ride that I assumed you were implying the average wage earner has.

      • It didn’t matter what an average persons expenses are. The money we spend for home car etc etc is considered a choice.
        The reason I included the ss contributions I personally made. Not counting the matched contributions is that many in the upper ten percent have voiced that people receiving social security are leaches on the backs of society.
        If the laborers would have had an option on how to invest those funds could easily add up to millions. ( my grandpa lecture.. buy one savings bond per pay period. Until you reach your middle thirties. So far none have listened)
        The old saying was (cash,ass,or gas no one rides the bus for free.)

      • “BTW why do you have a tax accountant? You seem far too intelligent and well-read to actually need one…”

        I could .. my issue with tax laws are they change regularly.
        I’m a bottom feeder with an average income with ought the available resources to defend myself in the event of a mistake.
        There’s approximately 75,000 pages of tax laws.
        I don’t want to spend all the time reading the current tax laws and their changes and the idea of making a mistake even a minor one is quite a scary deal where the IRS has no mercy for an individual.
        By having an accountant his job is to keep abreast of the new tax laws. If there’s a mistake they also represent you.
        I also made sure that my tax man was a good one and not one that takes risky deductions. My philosophical standpoint is I’d rather be safe than sorry.

      • Federal Poverty Level may be found at census.gov or if you’re in a hurry, use the calculator at http://www.safetyweb.org/fpl.php

        I did tax preparation for nearly 20 years (TY 2002 was my last because yeah, the tax code’s gotten stupid.) That said, I never did an individual return, where someone’s itemizations surpassed the IRS standard deduction, and I was doing individual returns for two people (families) who’s AGI was on the north side of $200k.

        In my example, the $70k family chose to learn the parts of the tax code [which were] pertinent to their situation, then structure their financial lives to minimize their tax liability. There is no legal or moral requirement to pay a dime more, in taxes, than the IRS requires. The fact they often play “hide the salami” with deductions, exemptions, credits, etc., just makes the game more interesting — and BTW, I am conservative with tax deductions.

        An IRS audit is preliminarily a Request For Information. The system sees something which differs from norms (or randomly selects an individual for audit.) IRS sends the auditee an RFI. If their information request is satisfied, the audit itself is a handshake and an apology. I don’t know what happens when the RFI isn’t satisfactorily discharged. It is probably not pleasant…

        ‘Point is, taxes are easy — unless you’ve a convoluted stream of small businesses and shell corporations which somebody in your past set up specifically to hide or shield income and assets. People don’t do their taxes because they fear the government, i.e. the IRS. This is a blatant sign of a tyranny, and unacceptable. I’ve known young’uns who’ve paid H&R over $700, on a net $1200 return. That’s just plain wrong, and when I’ve done a quickie return mock-up (1040EZ) to show them, they freak because “it can’t be that easy…” It IS that easy, for the vast majority of tax returns.

        Fear is not a beneficial financial bedfellow…

  5. Like in Russia when Putin was reelected, the billionaires might find themselves in Prison if there are regime changes in their countries & the new leaders don’t view them as loyal.

    • Phew this is going to sound un American ( I love our country very much and extremely proud of my country for the ideology our forefathers fought for)
      But.. I’ve listened to leaders of Russia and China..watched the body language etc.
      They both sound credible and what they say is absolutely logical. I get the distinct impression that all three leaders are honorable men and they all make a great deal of sense. I respect our president and cam see what he is working towards. If they other politicians would work with him I can see where great things could be achieved.
      I have a great deal of respect for all three of the great leaders.
      “the democrats sell bizarre “sex” promises rather than genuine loving sex.”

      Oh please say it isn’t so..
      Now I’ll have to cry and bubble all over the rest of the afternoon

  6. Only 5 weeks to go before cryptocurrency takes off .

    Digitbyte, (now in the $00.03 range) will rise between (july) 2018 and (Jan-Feb) 2019 to (at least $9.00.)

    At a doubling rate of 100% per month per say overall.

    Reality is the rate will gently rise until october when a reduction in rate happens .

    From november 2018 until first week of february 2019 an ever increasing frenzy .

    Then the rest of february will be a slow slide sideways then down.

    March will definitely be a sharp down

    • What is the catalyst for making cryptocurrencies take off in five weeks? Also, what exchange are you buying digibyte through?

      • Because 3 top psychics ,and 3 top remote viewers, and 3 gullible people like me say so and the top exchanges would be Bittrex, Upbit and ,Poloniex,
        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it and financially fulfilled too. LOL

      • supposedly some counter cryptocurrency Corporation is advertising that on July 21st of this year cryptocurrency will be stopped I guess we will see won’t we

  7. I see the climate change proponents are using patented Al Gore tatics to prove climate change. Provide no evidence of climate change but instead slander your reputation. That is Why the so called 97% of Scientists won’t talk, but would rather take the 5th & keep their jobs.

  8. You say that 60% of your viewers are on smartphones.

    But your site is not agreeable for that 60%.

    There is a thick line between what you used to have for smartphones and what you have at this moment in time.

    On a scale of 1%-100%.

    Your site used to be a 51% for smartphones.

    Now it would be in the lower 30%.

    What has changed or gone wrong.

    I understand that your current programming protocol is in a beta 1 stage.

  9. I wonder if the dems have factored in the effects of volcanoes and wildfires into their “climate change” story. As an educated man, I’d leave nature to do her own sorting out. Many times we interfere and get it horribly wrong.

    I find it totally disingenuous that the democrats sell bizarre “sex” promises rather than genuine loving sex. If they did that, and offered a loving girlfriend for money, even on a temporary basis, I’d be more than half persuaded to consider them. As it is, sex in the USA cannot be bought legally, and can only be acquired through wasteful and irrelevant spending coupled with a priori performance art. I can understand performance art in the bedroom, but not before. This is the most dishonorable of all political innuendos/promises.

  10. Russia is trying to wheedle and wend their way into the Trump-Kim talks. Common blather is they wish to be a party to any economic goings-on.

    I STRONGLY SUSPECT what’s really going on is: Vlad doesn’t want the U.S. to learn, and publicize, Gorby’s and Yeltzen’s contributions to the NK arsenal, in violation of trade restrictions imposed during the 1980s and ’90s.

    I preferred my grandmother’s yulekaka to æbleskiver, but to be fair, I’ve never had the traditional flavor — stuffed with apple bits (which sounds divinely yummy…)

    The headline reads: Ex-Senate Intelligence Staffer James Wolfe Indicted on Charges of Lying to FBI.

    Wolfe is not just an “ex-staffer.” He was Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) Senior Intelligence Officer and Director of Intelligence, and as such, has one o’ them “so far above Top Secret security clearances that the existence of his clearance level was restricted” clearances. Wolfe was privy to every SSCI meeting, every Presidential briefing, every meeting of the Joint Chiefs, etc. to which he chose attendance.

    His getting popped is a BIG DEAL.

    He was a Reagan appointee who’d served in Army Intelligence. I suspect Wolfe is a neocon placed by GHW, and as such, would be a “never Trumper” regardless of his current political affiliation (which, I believe, is “Liberal Democrat.) He is currently working for the OSC apparently as one of Robert Mueller’s Sergeants at Arms, and may be seen in photos, escorting Kushner, Cohen, et. al., in to OSC interviews.

    His “leakee list” is: (Probably) Manu Raju at CNN and Brian Ross at ABC, and (absolutely) Ali Watkins, his girlfriend, at the NYTimes (she’s “REPORTER #2” in the indictment paperwork…) His entire indictment is up at Wikileaks, and ATS has an interesting thread, complete with Wikileaks screencaps.

    BTW, interesting factoid: Jimmie and Ali started exchanging bodily fluids in 2013, when she was a junior in college. They stopped, last December, when he retired from his posts as SIO and Dircetor of Intelligence for SSCI. It is, I’m sure, purely coincidence that Watkins “resigned” from covering intelligence issues for the NYT, also last December…

    Note: Wolfe is not being indicted (as yet) for the content of the materials leaked to the Press, but merely for three counts of lying to the FBI. The “leaking content” thing is a whole ‘nuther ball o’ wax, and carries much stiffer penalties than fibbing to a cop.

      • I don’t. They’ve already cut their deals with NK. Now it’s our turn, and if we learn of some of the shady Sino/Russian deals with Korea while we’re negotiating ours, well, that’s too bad…

  11. “plowing money into lefty organizations with the goal of taking down real democratic Republics – like the USA”

    I might be wrong.. but wait.. let me get my best bullwinkle suit on and pull the rabbit out of the hat.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx3sOqW5zj4 what is funny is it is seldom noticed that the billionaire club starts arguments with themselves to get their way gain support on both sides of the isle.. their donations go into both pockets and each side is obligated. Its all a fancy game of manipulations. Heck they convinced the world that a sheet of paper has more value than the printing press that makes it or more valuable than water or food etc…
    Everything is a business model.. take Al Capone.. he was one of the most hated and loved guys in chicago.. if a family was starving his men would drop food off at their homes.. open soup kitchens. It was hard to get anyone to testify against him during the depression. the point is the billionaire club is doing the same thing.. start the debate then switch..
    I can say I hate the terminology of GLOBAL WARMING.. it puts the wrong mental image in place.. and I personally don’t think we can turn it around at this point.. the point where reversal was was in my opinion in the sixties or maybe even the fifties.. to show the kids the power of the sun I showed them how to melt stones.. that was wrong never do that a really bad mistake on my part.. now to show them how volcano’s works is easier.. a big jaw breaker candy ball.. drill a couple tiny holes in it then nuke it for thirty seconds etc.. you will see the volcano erupt.. the earth is like a jaw breaker.. and as the earth heats up so will volcano eruptions.. as climate changes so will wild fires pestilence and many other oddities.. what I am seeing though is if you read the reports you can see that nature is following. as the earth makes its changes so does nature.. tree lines are moving in different directions.. trees are dropping seeds harder and more every year.. my guess is nature is saying lets move this direction kind of a self preservation mode..

    • the other thing I find odd is the billionaire club is playing roulette with the worlds most powerful leaders.. pitting one against the other.. another tricky game of manipulations.. what I find funny is the leaders are letting them do it.. pit one against the other.. like chess men on a game board..
      I often wondered why they would do that rather than say enough is enough.. we have seen what happens when someone tries to go against the puppet-masters..if the continue on it isn’t very healthy for them.. before that.. everything vanishes like a personal gas bubble in a breeze .. but the world leaders still have enough power to say stop it.. or do they.why do they let it continue..and we the minions are dumb as sheep.. ( a direct quote from a senator years ago.. tell them an abc or 123 speech they are dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them. the sad part is he was totally right on the money.) . we already know that congress is a shell game.. well my opinion..

  12. Any nation, or group of people claiming exceptionalism, runs the risk being nativist and overbearing toward nations and peoples not in favor with the ‘ruling elite’.

    While it is true that the United State has had an advantage when it came to ‘inventing’, it is also true that equally impressive achievements – one example being Michael Faraday and his discoveries regarding electricity and magnetism – came from Britain. Other important chemical investigations started from France and Germany in the nineteenth century.

    Science is most effective when freedom of transmission and freedom from nationalism are in play.

    (Lest you think that any country, say Sweden, is immune from such ills – look at how that country vied with Russia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Power is a glittering prize. People may now laugh at such an idea, but at the time both Sweden and developed Russia were of a size.)

    • We ARE exceptional — not as individual people, but as a Nation. The U.S.A. is the first place, IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, where individuals can own real estate, worship freely (or not at all) as WE choose, badmouth the government, or as individuals, create a vocation or product. We are also the first place to create a constitutional contract which limited government’s freedom, rather than limiting the people’s freedom…

  13. Whoa, last night, the impossible happened. I’m not talking of the ending to hockey’s Stanley Cup Final.

    The province of Ontario has a new leader.

    So what?

    Here’s what! A gay, female majority incumbent seeing her party reduced to non-party status. A new premier with a black sheep sibling past, party leader for mere weeks since fending off a daughter leader candidate of a former PM after the prior leader was blindsided into obscurity by #metoo allegations.

    The media has had past grist on the family’s alleged business woes in Chicago and NJ. We shall see comes out of the pipeline.

    Prep the popcorn.

  14. “Æbleskiver”
    I actually make these by the bag for one of my grandkids..

    But as for that stink fish…well I have to be dying of hunger.. The same thing for that nasty sausage my father made…

    • The old “King Oscars” in Seattle – which my mom and dad went to for “special occasions” had herring eyeballs and sour cream on the menu. If I had to eat that, I’d be prepping for war, too././.

      • Yes, but all those fish ‘products’ meant that the native Scandinavians lived long lives despite lack of veggies. . .

  15. The thing that stops the trickle down effect is taxation. When I was in College getting my Econ Degree, there was a rule that for every job created with full benefits, there would be three other jobs created from the trickle down effect. Taxation takes that money out of the economy permanently, so today i would estimate that a new job might create 1.5 new jobs. Government jobs do not have this effect, because they are created out of that dead money sucked out of the system. Neither does government spending. You have to contemplate this to understand why. As government grows, and taxes increase to pay for it, it implodes the economy more and more. And the same applies to individuals. As any wealthy person will tell you, its not necessary to make a lot of money to get rich, you just have to stop/reduce the take of the government out of your pocket and keep that capital working for you. As a person who paid no income tax for 15 years (legally), I can personally attest to that.

    I note that many of George’s writings and those of the commenters are from the perspective of looking in the rear view mirror and then projecting forward, like his comment about inventions. I suggest you rather focus on what is actually there right in front of you. However, I have to warn you, when you actually see what is happening from a macro perspective, it will scare the hell out of you. This focus on the past and pining for what will never bee again however is an effective WMD, Weapon of Mass Distraction, and you will sleep better at night right up until the situation actually bites you in the ass.

    As a spiritual teacher told me years ago, if you think you are an exception to anything, that is all the evidence you need that you are not. So I suggest instead of focusing on the past, you study Argentina and Venezuela and see what commonalities they have with what is going on in the USA. Both these countries have debt driven, money printing problems.

    The only thing exceptional in the USA is that the dollar is the least ugly sister in the room, a situation which is changing fast but is deliberately never mentioned in the USA media. Better to not spook the herd while the USA slowly swirls to second world status with its deteriorating infrastructure and shrinking middle class, or third world as illustrated by the homeless camps now in at least 47 major USA cities. 10% of the homeless in the USA are working full time minimum wage jobs and still cannot get off the street. Thats the kind of thing in front of you if you have the eyes to see.

    • I’ve a good friend who, at $18k (flat minimum is $15.080k), managed to buy a house, new car, and save $4000, TWICE PER YEAR, so he could fly overseas every 6 months to visit his children. Five years, ten trips, on $9/hr., before he landed a better job. The folks who’re working and still sleeping under a bridge, do so because of inverted priorities — they spend money on luxuries first, then conveniences, then have little left, upon which to spend on necessities. My friend didn’t drink, smoke, or eat out, and he drank water. He didn’t date or go on evening pleasure drives. He had a TV with an antenna and a stereo boom box for entertainment, and a Trac-Fone for communications.

      I honestly believe draconian regulation has done more to throttle trickle-down than taxation. They’re both albatrosses, and the regs affect the entire chain, supply, manufacture, distribution, and retail, and THEIR costs. However, I believe on a purely personal level, greed factors, as well.

      That said, I agree almost totally with your macro perspective. It does scare the hell out of me. Not for myself, mind you, but for the dung-heap my kids are going to have to figure out how to shovel through. When the U.S. goes down, we’ll take everybody else with us. Your isolation will only insulate you for so long. What is your contingency plan?

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