Gambler’s Market

Our September only gains closed the month +9.8 percent. Yes, this pencils out to about 300 percent per year.   Remarkably, we have readers who are doing even better than us.

We don’t approach stocks as “investing” anymore.  We treat the market like a wager. When you do that, things like dollar-cost-averaging get tossed out the window.  You’d never go to the track and place half your bet before the bell and half on the stretch, would you?

In fact, it’s so simple – and so much like wagering – that I considered writing a book (and website) about the technique. I was going to call it “” – even lined up the name.

But my consigliere said “Why share? The more people that use it, the lower your returns will be.” And he’s right.   (Pssst! Buddy! Wanna buy a domain name – cheap?)

Still, since you’ve been so good to us (by subscribing) the least we can do is share some of this month’s stats and a few “gambling inspirations” to get you pointed in the right direction.

After we get through a few headlines and the ChartPack.

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61 thoughts on “Gambler’s Market”

  1. G,

    Youse killing me this AM with that work hard comment regards making oddles of moola. Biggest, best, most lucrative trading I do requires intense hard work – which is why I rarely do it anymore in my retirement.
    Slaughter of elves was prolly last time I really got into it – yep IRS really enriched their greedy slimy hearts that year. The bite in my ass cheek still gives me phantom remind, of Ure tax consequences when you “slay the market”. Beware wash sale rules..jss

    BTC…under certain limits, none of that scheisse was reportable/reported to internal revenue shysters. Not reported = DNE – woot woot !

    TAX free the only way to be. I got ZERO representation in district of feces, LESS than ZERO imho.

    and zo BCN “spells” F-U pedo jo & F U dc – ALL of You.

    ..congress, senate,sc, state,alphabets – TREASON = DEATH, as we’ve been at WAR, forever.

    ..As above, so below..dont forget.

  2. I vote yes to the PDF version of Peoplenomics. Much easier to read and save for reference. The comments section will remain though, correct? Most times I get almost as much information from those as from George himself not to mention the entertainment value. Lock and load.

    Stay safe. 73

  3. These bitcoin wizards are going to be surprised by the knock on the door by heavily armed irs agents. The government knows who has them.

  4. Sir, i am no computer whiz, but i have a button that makes the print on the screen as big as you want. at age 70+ it works fine for me. sboccardy

  5. I like the larger charts that you posted today – looked great and much easier to ‘see’ the MA cross-overs.
    I prefer the way you publish now.., not the PDF route. If you do go PDF., then how do we post our comments / remarks ? [ Which I look forward to/ learn from reading.]
    Gambling for fun and profit !
    – I’ve done pretty well this whole year – set a Personal Best in returns.,[beating last year’s Personal Best] and a Personal Best in winning trades [ bets ]. .., and, Thank you for the help !
    – A few weeks back my misses asked me to show her [once again] what my charts tell me [ I am a huge fan of building a detailed chart on what I am trading/betting on. Data – Visualized. Seeing a multi-layered chart of the S&P500 on a 21 inch monitor – brings it all to life – you just have to know what indicators to use – George has explained that part rather well – if you have been paying attention.] And the math I use to pick the right options. My trusty T.I. Scientific. [ Never trade without it…, ] After about a half an hour of ‘not too detailed’ explanation of how I trade.., she looked at me, smiled.., “You’ve lost me – I just can’t tie all of that together into one decision., one, yes-do it., or no – don’t. How do you keep all of that straight ?” She got up to leave and said – “You should put all of that into a book. You can back it up with your account this year, and last.”
    – I have thought about doing that – a short, maybe twenty page pamphlet., but have constantly decided against it. I have no pressure to excel., to succeed., except that which I place on myself. To always try to do better than I did before. Whether it is stock trading, pistol competition, or growing the best damn tomato plants the world has ever seen !.., I always work at being a bit better. [ Does anyone work at being a bit worse?] I do not have to make a living at this., this over-blown hobby. [ we own everything we have., house, cars, harley, etc etc.., I don’t owe anybody a dime.] If I had to take a monthly withdraw to cover living expenses, would I do as well? If I counted on and needed to make X amount each month to keep the wolves from the door – could I do it? Would that economic pressure place a hidden caution and prevent me from making certain trades? [he who hesitates, is lost.] Probably. And that would certainly change the outcome to the bottom line. So.., my little Guide to Riches would more than likely not help very many traders., [ could they understand and do the math?] and the more traders that use my method, the less I would make. [Theoretically.]
    – I may write it all down and pass it on “after”., but for now.., nope.
    40 degrees this morning at sunrise – first cup of coffee. Time to retire my gauze beach-bum shirts for the year. Looks like going barefoot so much may get curtailed also., that cement carport is cold at 40 degrees. I could see my breath, dew on the grass – yep.., time to find all my socks I stashed away.

    • Incredibly insightful. And yes, my consigliere says much the same thing. Don’t tell people exactly what you do, or why, or how. Otherwise they can copy and not do the personal growth that comes in the school of hard knocks.

      Which is why my focus on the gambling angle – because like it or not, you and I are gamblers. We take chances.

      A poor gambler – the kind which turn into losers – take chances. Tell them to jump out of an airplane for Big Money and they will push to be first out. But on the jump helmet, the look when you ask “Why no parachute?” is priceless.

      Point I’m getting to is jumping out of planes is safe – sort of – G2 is almost to 3,000 jumps now and has taught selected .mil small groups and has some halo time – but he packs his own chute and is meticulous. If everything is not perfect, including fresh batteries in the alti and the reserve at the ready and the cutaway plan…he won’t go out the door.

      Investing is like. People all pushing to be first out. No one reads the Policy and Procedures. No one reads the parachute rig instructions. Just elbow to the door with lust for adventure.

      G2 reads everything. That’s how you stay alive in his world(s). Many people don’t. They just say “gimme” Yet just this week my theory books ordered included economics classics because there is always something more to learn.

      Title: Winning Market Systems: 83 Ways to Beat the Market
      Author: Appel, Gerald

      Title: The Traders
      Author: Kleinfeld, Sonny

      Title: Psychology of Technical Analysis: Profiting from Crowd Behavior and the Dynamics of Price
      Author: Plummer, Tony (Who reader TEF will recognize from our time on the Univ. Colo. Long Waves group)

      Title: Forecasting financial markets: The truth behind technical analysis
      Author: Plummer, Tony

      and Title: Channels Cycles: A Tribute to J. M. Hurst
      Author: Millard, Brian

      Because when it comes to being successful at “Investing” you also read books on things like sports betting (one was recommended to PN readers today). Because you can’t get better at much of anything on dumb luck.

      Seems to me that many people have come to believe that if I am successful and have more money or assets than them, it must be because I’m an old, semi rich white dude.

      Guess again, honey.

      It’s because every day of the week I get up not one minute later than 4:30 AM and I read everything I can get my hands on. You try doing that for over half a century and you almost can’t HELP but do better. There’s no ESG to it. It’s just a sad fact that lazy people don’t do the work and still want the same paydays. The commie pukes of social are master bullshit peddlers.

      Doesn’t happen like that, except in bougie commmie delusions.

      I work 13-15 hours a day and make dinner every night for my wife and me. That we have an OK life is a matter of physics. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. You get to pick your choice of reactions in Life. I happen to like money in return for hard work, but I will settle for rum, adulation, love, and admiration. Oh wait, I must be “privileged” huh?

      Tell me on what fucking planet that’s real?

      The Serious Money (or enough with huge confidence and facts-based power) people around here don’t need to flaunt it. UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics exist for the same function as spotters at the gym. A suggestion on form here, a way of looking at the (lift) a bit differently, and so on. You’re welcome to hang around. But it’s even better when you have some sweat invested.
      D’Lynn makes a ton of dough because he sweats more than 99 percent of the wannbes…how simple is that?

        • @ d’Lynn

          We can’t get anything fancy around here – I usually go with Meyers Special Dark.

          My liquor of choice. Its taste is like a fine brandy and its bouquet instantly transports me emotionally to a mossy Caribbean sloop.

        • “A jeroboam of “Any”
          100 oz or 3 l in a jeroboam”

          Those big bottles are really hard to store..

        • i bought some clothes at the first stop,

          paid guy driving a 1959 Renault Dauphine covered in christmas lights to take me to the city of thebes for a lazer light show.

          before i got out of the car he taught me my first words in egyptian.

          mac nack!

          which means fuck off in egptian.

          came in handy later.

          i swore of drinking captain morgans after that. hahaha.

      • Psychology of Technical Analysis [ Plummer ]
        That is a great title / idea. Technical analysis is an absolute in trading., I mean – betting.., but the “Psychology” of it – brilliant !! Will be ordering this one.
        83 Ways to beat the market? Bull. That’s a wannabe book.
        I have one hundred and one jumps from a perfectly safe aircraft – full military load. That’s enough for me – unless I happen to make it to 90 – then “One Last Time ! “

      • Why is the rum always gone?
        — Captain Jack Sparrow

        Any who subscribe might be able to save most scribbles. But, being an owner of some web property, I wouldn’t offer PDFs of anything. Asked for innocent enough but it sorta transfers “ownership” rights? So sez me.

        Ahem: This is _not_ legal advice.

        ATL: possibly nicest day to end summer. Perfekt.
        Best to you all,

        • ‘Hate to say it, but I agree.

          How ballistic did Clif go every time he released an Alta Report, only to find it on The Pirate Bay within a few hours or days?

          It would be wonderful to be able to archive and index PN so we have them as a local reference, after the Internet goes away, but you would be giving away your IP until that happened. Even though we’re likely all trustworthy, there’s still the column which gets passed to a son or daughter, then finds itself in the public domain, after Junior shares it.

          Perhaps if you made “The PN Archives” — columns that’re over 2 years old, downloadable as *.pdf files, but kept all the recent stuff as is.

          I mentioned one time, that I don’t share your IP very often , but when when I DO share your column, I snip excerpts, c/p and assemble them into an *.rtf document, then print copies and share the printed pages. It’s still possible to steal, but one would have to go through the hassle of scanning and ocr-ing my printout — and kidz iz layzee…

      • Hank, the last time i drank captain morgans rum, I was in Hurghada, Egypt.

        i vaguely remember sleeping with a belly dancer the night before and woke up in my underware on a bus loaded with chickens and goats headed for Ciaro.


      • “he packs his own chute and is meticulous. If everything is not perfect, including fresh batteries in the alti and the reserve at the ready and the cutaway plan…he won’t go out the door.”

        I have to share this story about meticulous children LOL My friends son.. is like that.. his job is to take care of all the hospital helicopters he is in charge of all the helicopters and planes maintenance crews….
        anyway.. we were sitting down to coffee.. and his son walks in.. starts ranting and raving about this serious oil leak on the motorcycle he was sort of frantic about it…. his dad looks at me and chuckles.. and says lets go look at this horrible oil leak.. we go out in the shop of his.. in the middle of the spot free floor.. sits the bike.. we wander over.. it is spotless except.. where it looked like one drop of oil from when he changed the oil.. had ran down from the inlet port to the bottom of the pan.. you could plainly see the drop of oil’s path LOL LOL LOL that was the serious oil leak.. it was just a drip from the funnel LOL LOL LOL LOL
        store bought or home made.. needless to say.. I would never be afraid getting on one of those choppers with him in charge of maintenance..

  6. As always, thanks George for sharing your health ideas, I’ve added a few of your ideas to my daily. btw .. coconut oil too is good for the brain, I add to to my coffee and other cooking all the time

    and YES to PDF … for years I’ve copied and pasted your Saturday column and saved for my future use

        • Well, then you have done all you can do. I have a small spray bottle filled with fractionated coconut oil… the kind that stays liquid… that I use for rewarmed foods in the microwave. A spritz of that keeps the meats from getting dried out. Great on chicken, especially.

        • where did you get the fractionated coconut oil Hank.. I would love to use that rather than the oil we use now..
          I am a coconut oil fan.. great stuff.. as good as olive oil..
          what I think is the coconut tree is like the marijuana plant.. it is one of gods miracle plants.. from woods to plastics to food and to clothing.. I love the coconut fiber underwear.. that is amazingly soft and durable.. dam.. better than silk..

        • Fractionated coconut oil I found at the grocery store in the cooking oils. Sometimes called liquid coconut oil… it does not solidify when cold. Available on eBay also.

  7. A PDF is a fine idea. Like a squirrel gathering nuts for winter, I can gather all my cerebral riches together for later consumption without concern for whether the Internet is up or down. Not to mention that I can load a PDF to an e-reader that isn’t necessarily web-capable. But you’re never going to be able to get away from maintaining the comments section. As much as your commentary and insight is why we come here, the comments are a crucial part of the community you have created. Despite the fact that it creates more work for you than I’m sure you’d like in terms of moderation, they’re GOLD!

  8. “We ended September with 30 inches YTD.  By comparison, Seattle had 17.82 through Thursday of this week,”

    Hilo airport had 36.91 inches in Feb. alone. YTD total is 81.68. South of there in Puna district we get even more than Hilo. 130-150 inches annually. We get dramatic bumps when hurricanes pass by… or in the case of Hurricane Lane, park next to the islands. That one dumped 54 inches in 24 hours at my place. Lava rock handles it well, though. “Climate Change” is a daily occurrence here. We have 6 of the 7 known ‘climates’ here on one island… lacking only ‘arctic’. We have ‘micro-climates’, so if you don’t like the weather, drive down the road a bit.

    PDF? I’m ambivalent. I don’t trade, so the charts are only of passing interest of ‘what’s going on, financially’. I don’t analyze them.

  9. While everyone is having fun gambling, don’t forget your health. We’re entering the “Season” again, when vitamin D and zink can get low and immune systems feel the change of seasons.

    Good time to look back on the notes we’ve taken the past few years.

    And with winter coming, it’s a good time while the weather is nice, to run checks of generators and (stuff). I know most of us are prepared for anything from brief power outages to Armageddon, but it’s peace of mind knowing things will perform correctly when needed.

    Release the negativity and stay positive. Good friend of mine once told me, “You get what you expect.” Thoughts and emotions are often self fulfilling, like prophecy. Lots of truth in that.

    Enjoy you day ;)

      • If you take zinc, take selenium; if you take vitamin D-3, take vitamin A or beta carotene (or both.)

        Now might be a good time to mention that I again passed a DMV eye exam this year, for only the second time since I was 19, and can still legally drive without me cheaters.

        That vitamin A thing is not just for night driving…

    • Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. Old Sol appears to be rather moody lately. Mama Earth’s oceans are getting pretty dang hot. And despite the climate clowns, laying it ‘all’ on we humans, the disappearing clouds on Neptune substantiate an increase in solar energy blasting out into the cosmos. We are in one of those historically chaotic periods of solar activity. Add coronal mass ejections and human carbon dumping to the mix and we Earthlings could be in for a wild ride. But the biggest influencing climate factor, by far, is our local star.

      • food for thought
        lava,,, the Earth makes it own internal heat.
        The act of compressing creates heat.
        Is it a second source of heat, beside the sun
        So, does the Earth it’s self, add heat to the oceans?

        the other brother Darrell’s theory,,,
        “everything is in a state of change”
        change my mind, I will wait,,, :-)
        tomorrow , I will see things differently

  10. Gambling
    Yes., I am a gambler. I paid my way through a Masters degree at university by playing poker in the back rooms up at Lake Tahoe. That’s “Poker” Not Texas Hold ‘Em. [ IRS shut ’em down. You could see and meet a lot interesting people in those back rooms. ]
    My Third Thursday poker game here is a very good way to keep my skills semi-sharp and a lot of fun, for me.
    Several times I thought about becoming a professional.., traveling around the country, via Amtrak [don’t like airports] a vagabond with a nicely padded debit card going to city to city, game to game. There are a lot of them if you have the reputation as good, honest player. Lots of invites. Sure, you run into a Bubba, or a Guido once in a while – no big deal.
    “Be polite., be professional and have a plan to kill everyone in the room.” I believe it was a Marine Corp General, who said that.
    For some reason.,., I never did it, as there was always a ‘Nope’ flag waving in the back of my head, silently, when I considered it. Though it would have been fun for a decade, or two.
    My currently gambling hobbies are fine with me.., and riding the harley in the early morning hours to some far-flung espresso bar is a really good size “gamble”.
    “Stay Frosty !”

  11. “For every action, there is opposite yet equal reaction.”
    The ‘action’? Just how many jalapenos go into the omelet.
    The ‘reaction’? Will be discovered in the bathroom – if you take it too far.

    • . . . and if you grow Ure own Jalapenos, be sure to wear gloves when removing the seeds. Otherwise, ‘everything’ you touch will experience the heat . . . nose, face, eyes, and all points below. The oils are not easily removed from your skin either. Copious amounts of tomato juice, lemon juice and vinegar will cut into the burn, and some claim hydrogen peroxide works well, but in the long run, it’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving (spoken from experience).

      • I hear ya. I have found that Dawn dis soap works well. Coat your fingers with the liquid., rub it in well., then lather up with abit of water., work that in well and rinse in hot water. Works for me.

  12. PDF is fine.

    i agree, you don’t want to open that can of worms of a website spreading how you make money, that would be domain poisoning!

  13. The House just passed a 45 day measure to keep the government open.
    .., and while no one was looking – Biden administration just placed restrictions on home gas furnaces.
    And there is ‘rumor’ that soon we will be seeing a movement by the government that will try and convince you not to have house pets.

    ., and regarding someone’s comment on gold crashing. A Forex trader yesterday said he would not be surprised to see gold drop to around $300 an ounce. That would mess a few people up.

  14. (___) NO! Keep everything like it is..

    Gerald Celente offers the Trends Journal in both html and pdf and over many years of reading I found I prefer the html version. Also many browsers let you easily create and save as a pdf.

  15. …, damn !
    Looks like another war is about to start – and this one could get nasty. Ethnic hatred knows no bounds.
    Tensions Near Boiling Point: Kosovo Signals Alarm Amid Disturbing Serbian Troop Movements.
    The Kosovo government’s statement on Saturday indicates Serbian military units mobilizing towards Kosovo from “three different directions.” Movements from the Second, Third, and Fourth Brigades of the Serbian Army from various Serbian regions.

    • At the one hour mark Jimmy goes into a huge tirade about Porn that goes on for about 12 or more minutes until Ben sort of gets him back on track. Ben’s published his own video in which he rants about the same thing some time ago and I was wondering where that came from. Perhaps it was his right of passage to get Jimmy or one of the others to pay a little attention to his work. Dunno, but be forewarned and skip over it if you don’t want a lecture on semen retention. Other than that it was a pretty good talk on everything both of them have been saying for years.

    • Wow,,, Boebert goes on a date and the two get a LITTLE handsy with the other and you get all ‘LOOK at this’
      but skip right by Ashley’s diary about showering with the pedo, or the son’s laptop from hell, with all kinds of sex, including minors. Hunter is suing over it’s release.
      You are bias and led by the nose by the corporate main stream propaganda machine
      Good ole boy Meeks was a debunker of fame, but alias, his perversion got the best of him,
      Guardians of the Pedophiles,
      he got a light sentence, what crap

      Enjoy the sunshine, as creatures of the darkness scurry about seeking shelter,,, looking to be a beautiful Sunday morn, daylight is just breaking, time for me to go put out some cat food and greet the Sun


        “The Leftist ones are not. They are incapable of independent thought, and the people who do their thinking for them haven’t come up with a new set of excuses yet…”


        “…I have no desire to EVER lower myself to getting into a shouting match with some stupid m’fer who will abandon reason, reality, sanity, even proven scientific fact, to score a point in his(her) own mind, by shouting me down.

        Prove me wrong on something? I’ll give you kudos and credit, and often thank you for expanding my knowledge. Try to bullshit me? You’ll often get no reply at all, because you just proved you’re not a good enough person to deserve one. This is the main reason why I have so little patience with trolls. They contribute little or nothing, and take rationality away from a forum, just to evoke an emotional response, merely for the sake of getting that emotional response. Life is too short…”

  16. A comment from a math nerd.
    1.098 ^ 12 is 3.07063419072 per my TI-86.
    “IF” you get 9.8% monthly return for 12 months, you could triple your money.
    But, that is a 200% gain, not 300%.
    The math nerd will now return to lurking.

  17. (_X_) YES! A .PDF only version would be fine.

    (Barring any concerns on your part for creating a Pass-a-long readership.)
    I occasionally print out a column for my three-ringer, so PDFing makes that easier.

    I reserve the right to deny I ever said that.

  18. Art Bell was on last night w/guest John Hogue writer of “1000 for 2000: Startling Predictions for the New Millennium from Prophets Ancient and Modern”.

    Hogue indicated by 2010 oil will dry up. By the 2020’s water water will be gone, mostly blown off the planet by a solar blast from the Sun. Agriculture shutting down (no oil/water) mass starvation, etc.

    • Always been a fraud, beanie wearing, franco faggoteer wannabe.
      Prolly been lifting, copying,plagiarizing, and outright bidening the “oysters” belonging Stewatude over at for years.

      Go Stu! Go Age of Desolation – shining lights on the creepy scaly types, and their oh so nefarious plans for Humanity/Earth..

  19. “kill…. $50 on a $10,000 lot. If you can’t pick your entry points any better than that, you’re not paying attention.”

    That’s a good point and the reason why I don’t think sport analogies fit. We can’t wager at the dog track and after seeing the mechanical hare eject from the bet taking back 99.95% of the wager. Sport analogies are for sports.

    You’re right about the entry/exit points. That’s what the peer competition can do so slowly, over time they’ll take our stack if we can’t keep pace.

    Above the peer competition is Blackrock’s A.I.

    “Aladdin (Asset, Liability and Debt and Derivative Investment Network)[1] is an electronic system built by BlackRock Solutions, the risk management division of the largest investment management corporation, BlackRock, Inc.”

    “At its core, Aladdin leverages AI and ML to process vast amounts of data, providing actionable insights and predictive analytics to help investment managers make better-informed decisions. One of the key ways BlackRock is utilizing AI and ML in Aladdin is through natural language processing (NLP).”

    – Jul 10, 2023

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