Fed Week: Sports Implodes, Fires Lumber On

The headline captures most of it – in terms of “all the news you need to know” this week.  Unless we get a real -legit – left field event.  So – as I have been threatening for days months YEARS – I really will be doing shorter columns.  Too much to do here.

Hard to decide, though, which “ring of the circus” to roll with first.  This is a target-rich Writer’s World.  But, very little matters beyond click-baiting.  Sadly, the News Industry continues to be wildly over-built and running full-tilt.  Despite usually not having a dime’s worth of useful insights or tactics to share.

Let’s begin with the Big pieces that will drive the Fed, look at how that waffle-fest will go, and then bat some clean-up.  Sound reasonable?

The Implosion of Sports

The lefties, commies, and confused players may be observed killing their own Golden Goose.

Let’s step out to the chopping block and let’s “check the goose, ” shall we?

As we figure it, Kaepernick may not fully comprehend that when there are no fans-in-the-stands, there’s no “livin large.

Ure for one has decided to take a firm stand against black exploitation.  So henceforth I will neither watch nor attend ANY MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS.  This is, I take it, what the kneelers are after, right?

Yes sir, no more black exploitation for us!  No buying player endorsed products either.  We will even be switching to something other than “ball park franks” because that’s where exploitation takes place.  We’re “just doing it.”

How Crazies Took Down Sports

Sports has  screwed up it’s own product.  Let’s use some other product – besides sports – which is not (yet) on a BLM hit-list, so we can see how product evolutions run off the rails.

How about we use the cell phone?

  • Somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s came the flip phone.  You could call.
  • A bit later came SMS and you could text.
  • Then came 4G and you could surf, design machinery on your phone and even get laid…  Ain’t progress dandy?

Thing to see is  “end-on product extensibility.”

But now notice:  You can’t YET buy a cell phone with a built-in washer and dryer.

Nor, can you buy a cell phone which incorporates a chop saw or air compressor. Most cell phones don’t come with a microwave for cooking (though we have a 5G placeholder)….

Know why?


Would a 60-pound cell phone you can cut lumber with be wildly popular?  (no hints!)

Remember the sage’s marketing wisdom:  Products have to give the people what they think they’re getting.

We conducted a small focus group (which is what marketers live for) [OK, it was me with two beers, Elaine (Chardonnay) and Zeus the Cat zonked on ‘nip).  We asked the assembled multitude “What do you go to sporting events for?”  Here are the responses:

  • Elaine goes because she’s into fitness.  She’s been a personal trainer.
  • Zeus the Cat had no idea what I was talking about. Dude was totally nipped out.

As Leader of the group, I evolved a consensus that: 

  • People go to – or watch – sports to unwind, decompress, check out, and (to borrow Elaine’s favor design metaphor) “To be Transported.
  • Somewhere non-polarized – where the “most fit” still get to win and…
  • Where the offensive line can still “bully” safely.
  • Where idiotic “performance protectionism” hasn’t yet resulted in a “Both Teams must share the Super Bowl Victory.”

Kneelers are just the advance guard. 

Eventually, all players would have been forced to run at the same speed, so they could arrive in the end zone at the same time.  All quarterbacks would be limited in range so they wouldn’t hurt the feelings of the other team’s QB.

See how this works?  Insanity is no longer creeping.  It’s viral. Spreading faster than covid.

End the Exploitation!

So hell yeah – sports is done.  Finished.  Over.  Kaput and Kaepernick.  Down with the stadiums.  Down with the Owners.  Down with endorsed products. Down with it all.

You saw where “United Airlines accused of favoring young, white, blond attendants for NFL, MLB flights“?  See how all kinds of (alleged) discrimination is coming to the surface now?

Besides, cratering the whole sports industry might take some shine off the “Trump Economy, too.”  You have to be sick of reading statistics like;

“Sports industry is a social phenomenon that makes up numerous entities around the world. According to a research done by A.T. Kearney, the global sports market is worth somewhere between $480 billion to $620 billion with a CAGR of 5.9%.?”

Burn it!  Tear down  high school stadiums, too.  No path to riches for oppressed poor latch-key kids.  Marxists will find work for them on their collectives.

No more rich owners using public bonding authority to build monuments to cash flows.  No more $50-dollar hot dogs.  No more $50-dollars to park.  No more sports ring of restaurants about stadiums – and with social distancing they were already toast. Thanks kneelers for showing us the way!

So right on to BLM and Kaepernick types.  Saving us all a ton of dough and aggravation.  F*ck it.  I’m out.  I want nothing to do with exploitation.  No sports anything.  I’m sold.  

[Ironically, the same tactics burned businesses (which then for some silly reason moved away after being fire-bombed resulting in “food and service deserts” and “healthcare deserts”)… ]

They’re showing again how powerful and dangerous Digital Online Mobs can be.  What you really need to read is Manufacturing rage: The Russian Internet Research Agency’s political astroturfing on social media. Kick-ass article over on First Monday.

Notice how opportunistic Marxists organizations only give a shit about one thing.

Their own power-crazed ambitions.

Having failed in Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela…you know the list, right? – they’re putting the bums rush on America to topple us, as well.  

We’ll have nothing more to do with it and hope you understand.

Money-Making Idea!

I should mention that Elaine and I are willing to rent our likenesses to be printed on cardboard pop-ups to be placed in stands around whatever leagues will pay.  $5,000 per year, per likeness per League.  With two, we’ll throw in a cardboard popup of Zeus.

Exploit the Exploiters!!!  (Hmmm.. I seem to have broken into a sweat and feel dizzy…being a sports arena cardboard figure!  Hell of a licensing scam.  Better than Bitcoins…)

$10-Dollar 2-by-4’s

There are two critical personal actions related to the fires in the West that may involve you personally.

This as After 27 deaths in last week, firefighters in West brace for more tough conditions.  (Firefighter/emt son G2 comes off the Lionshead fire in Oregon tomorrow after 24-days nonstop on lines in Washington and Oregon.)

We already saw prices of lumber headed up previously due to CV-19.  The Mercury News article here (Bubble Watch: Need lumber? Prices triple in pandemic) is very much on point.  After fires and hurricanes?  Watch them lumber futures…

Our simple-minded thought is that with all the losses, demand for lumber will soar so we’ll be “high-grading” the 2-by-4 pile at the local lumber emporium this week with enough of a budget to “load up for fall.”

Meantime, the useless blow-hards like Washington guv Jay Inslee are still selling “climate change.”  See our Sunday piece on how political con-men blame “climate” when fire and forest management budgets were cut by the perps.

Second point for we “action figure” types?  Be super-careful if you’ve been CV-19 positive.  No telling what heavy smoke will do.  This as El Dorado Fire: Evacuation order lifted for some; smoke from California wildfires extends to Michigan.

Fed Week

Making Up Money is still the Fed’s game plan.

Hype?  Did you say Hype? Futures Surge On Monday Merger Mania, Fresh Vaccine Hopes.  We expect a close today around 125 up but this is NOT trading advice.

Our Aggregate Index has taken a solid bounce off the 50-day moving average and – if we close at (wildly hyped) futures pricing, we will be over the 4 DMA but still under the 19.  So up 125 would be around the 4 DMA and then down by tomorrow’s close would be graceful…

Sally Does NOLA

Looks like this is where it will come ashore:

With several storms turning up in the Atlantic, yet another pop up in building material prices can be forecast.

Hell, maybe the market is up based on prospects for an economic rebuilding boom?

In Ure Shorts

RSS feeds are screaming already:

Think they needed help to figure that out?

Leftover shrimp pizza sounds like the healthy alt. breakfast today… Voices in my head are arguing the O’Doul’s or Rolling Rock case…

Write when you get rich,


79 thoughts on “Fed Week: Sports Implodes, Fires Lumber On”

  1. Hey George, I’m with you on the sports boycott. When you think about it, what a waste of time! Now they have made it easy to stop watching. Thank You! Not going to miss anything interesting either, just the made-for-TV shilling and never ending stream of marketing.

    • Voting with your wallet and attention is a viable and easy strategy. Until the shooting starts in earnest, perhaps the only one. I gave up watching our national world beating rugby team (The All Blacks), mainly because I would rather engage in life rather than watch others do so.
      The indigenous minority here in New Zealand are Maori a well integrated component of the team and society in general.
      They are a true Warrior race and do not play the victim card. We have had no affirmative action, and most of them would be insulted by the idea.
      Being of Asian extraction a long way back they occupy a higher place on the bell curve than your aggrieved minority.

  2. I have ignored major league sports for the last few years because of me being, according to a lot of people, a grouchy old (insert whatever nasty word here). The POS Kaperwhatever was the last straw.
    The better half still works the 9 – 5 and still fawns over the Royals and Chiefs. She asked me yesterday why I didn’t watch the game with her. I asked if she remembered what I did for a living and who didnt come home with me? I had better things to do with my time so I was taking a knee in the shop. Try that with that regional VP boss of yours you are always bitching about tomorrow morning.

    This whole thing has become nothing but fecal contamination.

    • “I have ignored major league sports for the last few years because of me being, according to a lot of people, a grouchy old (insert whatever nasty word here).”

      “Curmudgeon” works well…

  3. I made 3 decisions this past weekend.

    1. Cancel Netflix to protest child exploitation.

    2. Cancel TV sports package to protest political takeover of something I have loved for many years.

    3. Put money saved to buy VR goggles, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and anything else that can transport me from this dystopian world we are sliding in to.

    • Well netflix and prime are safe so is curiosity stream and gaia..
      I did contemplate dumping cable..that’s a car payment.
      The last time I did that it was biblical.. wailing and gnashing of teeth type. It wasn’t good.. and then i had to have them dig through the trash for an old style remote lol..
      What i would like to do us get a daisy pin..
      Then my next two projects would be a snap. ( cardboard violin and a cardboard rocking chair.. i have thr pdf template for the chair already)
      I am debating the dresser all cardboard or a hybrid.. wood face frame and cardboard case..dresser below and dollhouse above…
      When i was young i use to go weekend camping and used the top of an abandoned lighthouse..it was amazing and enjoyable.. I’ve always wanted to build a dollhouse in the form of that memorable place and time..

      • Hmm.. I was just thinking about the cardboard dresser.. if I made a hybrid . Would I want to skin it with veneer.?..
        Put a wood top or cardboard skinned with veneer. Huge things to consider..I’ll wait to see how this other thing finishes

    • I have my own reasons to boycott spectator sports, and have done so all my life. I find it beyond boring to watch a bunch of smelly men, or boys, fight over a stupid ball. Who cares? It was insufferable in required “gym” classes where I actually had to engage, and almost anything(sleeping, etc) is better than watching this symbolic war. When I want to detach, I’ll watch science fiction on youtube or other free source. If they had hot girls in skimpy outfits instead of men fighting over a ball, it might be interesting, but the idea of actually spending money to suffer that stuff is a bit much. The white/pink noise of the crowd is even more of a dissuader. Is there such a thing as black noise?

      It seems a much better idea to spend money on building materials, but now everything is 3X normal! I wonder if there will be a winter dip in prices or not.

      • ” If they had hot girls in skimpy outfits instead of men fighting over a ball,”

        FOX Sports has been showing “classic” College women’s volleyball matches for the past couple weeks…

    • I don’t blame Amazon for making my life easier by providing products I use with a cost and convenience I want. I didn’t blame Walmart for putting most mom and pop retailers out of business. Most stores either couldn’t or didn’t want to provide any value add with customer service, so why use them? I do hope there are other storefronts that grow to be as easy as Amazon to use and mostly reliable, competition is good. I do have problems with fake product on Amazon, maybe that is route for the competition. A company that can filter out the garbage so I don’t have to spend a 1/2 hour trying to gauge the character of the product from the reviews. But in most cases I could not be happier with my buying interactions with Amazon. They are not a boogie man, they provide a service many people desire, it just leaves so many others jealous they could not build it up themselves. Nothing new in our culture, attack the successful.

  4. Hey G,

    Why are U not BUYING THE DIP ? Do U not trust the financial AUTHOUR I TIES ?

    “Sell In May, and Go Away” was a disaster of a strategy this year, so BCN is suspicious of this weeks big Yamaha wearing holiday – rosh hashanah, on Friday.

    Beware -the old market adage – “Buy rosh hashanah, Sell yum kippers” ..watch for the ole “Switch-A-Roo, cause its BOHICA Season and EVERYBODY gets at least one Shot..in the arse!

    Got any Theta ? Phyz Silver ? Ammo ? I know U dont have any BITCOIN, cause well..

    NO Bitcoin 4 U

    * By the way BCN had NOTHING to do with JFK Op, 1 year old then, former US President ran that Op – while in the employ of zapata oil aka christians in action

  5. Sir,

    Great minds have determined that henceforth entry of vacationers to the Brazilian island archpelgo of Fernando de Noronha shall be granted to those with positive test results in hand for covid-19 antibodies.

    Payment of an “Environmental Preservation Fee” is also required.

  6. Locally 2×4’s were 5.47 last weekend, up from 3.49 in March. Yesterday they were $6.30. Wish my pay went up that fast. I miss America. Read the ‘299 Days’ series of fiction books on the liberal take down and collapse of the US. The parallels are getting scary.

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

  7. “People go to – or watch – sports to unwind, decompress, check out”

    I don’t personally get any thrill out of watching some body that gets paid millions per game to play ball.. I do go watch the kids play.. they get a treat after the game..

    So.. ITs movie time for me or go out and work on a personal project or two in the garage..

    “on your phone and even get laid…”

    as far as having sex with a cell Phone.. ( LOL I KNOW THAT WASN”T WHAT YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT LOL)
    I think if they love plastic then check out the ad’s below..
    but hey.. give it ten years and you will have cherry 2000

    sounds outlandish.. but hey.. they have robots that can run up stairs at 37 miles an hour with guns.. and spy robots the size of a mosquito.. give it a while .. the business model says that for those that are not home on a regular basis and has trouble with relationships.. this will be an alternative that will be accepted at some point in the future..




    • “Voices in my head are arguing the O’Doul’s or Rolling Rock case…”

      I totally love both.. but if I had to make a choice…


    • AaaaaaWoooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllffffff CALL!

      Ha cha cha – LOotB, the blonde with 158 cm large breasts – what a cutie! and U will never have to tell her to “hop off, my nutz”..genius.

      • Lol lol lol .. give it ten years if the economy doesn’t tank or the world goes to war shoving us back technologically to the days before the time of Noah.
        We will see lifelike and fully functional robots..
        AI at its best..


        I have seen some of the things that demonstrate where we are. I’ve argued ethics with a few over what they want to do.. so I totally see it coming.. almost thirty years ago I seen the future of television it is amazing..
        The sad part is ten to twenty years I may not see the advancements of robots.


        I fear we will see our civilization shoved back to the stone age rather than the other..

  8. Boycott American brands.

    Toyota wants your $. Toyota gives good quality. Ford, they don’t want your money. Look to the Escape and the transmission problems as example. “Escape” from Ford.

    GM is scrambling with the Bolt, Lyriq, investments into Nikola. Unfocused and mismatched. They’re going to jockey for another bailout.

    The problem with sports stadiums is they are public and need maintenance. If sports play or don’t play, we pay. The equipment isn’t being used. Soda pop/beer dispensers filled with mold over the summer. Refrigerator compressors are beginning to leak too. Open air stadiums face the weather, thermal cycling, blah, blah, blah….

    That means we’ll be getting a bailout bill.

  9. George,

    Such a shame, and all so unnecessary, for Conservatives to spark all these racial tensions
    [redact for non-fact-based slurs – This is a somewhat horseshit-free zone still] , Mike.

  10. Amen George on the NFL, NBA, and all the other poor black lives matter leagues with the spoiled Prima Donnas that forget that we watch their product because we like the sport, but could give a rats ass what their politics are.

    What about American Lives Matter for a tag line? The NFL is led by Roger Goodell, a full blown globalist that doesn’t have the Cajones to stand up and say, “All Lives Matter”. Goodell fed us the Black National Anthem before the only National Anthem that should be played. I bet before this weekend you could have played that song to 10,000,000 black people and not a one could have told you what it was!! It doesn’t f…ing matter! You are either an American or you aren’t.

    What about the little 5 year old boy that was executed by a black man for riding his bike in his yard. Do we see any protests for him or a White National Anthem? Hell No!!

    Trump is the only thing standing between us having full blown Anarchy or Civil War. Hopefully the Demoncrats don’t steal the election like LBJ did in south Texas from Coke Stevenson to get in the House of Representatives. You can bet the Socialist/Commie SOBs will be trying.

    • Wow West Texas…
      I have some swamp land I have to sell you in Louisiana if you have actually fallen for the biggest scam and mind control since Hitler. You really need to watch the documentary #Unfit. Then read Woodward’s, Mary Trumps, John Bolton’s, Michaels Cohens, and the zillion other books that get it right. Oh.wait Trump supporters don’t read.

      • You also have to make sure slo jo doesn’t skip the debate and answers questions about petty women’s hair and Hunters Ukraine and china deals.

        Just to keep things even.

  11. As I have stated, I come from a sports family. There are 11 of us on both my wife’s and my side of the family (my wife and I and both of our kids included) that played collegiate or pro sports. It paid for most of our college and all of us were smart enough to know that there was no chance of a long term career in sports…

    That said, the extra discipline of 5:30 am wake-up calls to go strength and conditioning, school from 8-1:30, practice from 1:45-4:30 (all sports practice from the first day of school to the last despite the seasonality) and then mandatory study hall from 6:30-10:00pm made all of us much more marketable Post college and ready to roll up,our sleeves and work hard. The breakdown in sports is when players don’t use their sports scholarships as a way to get a discount on an education. I blame coaches for that. Places like Tennessee graduate only half of their athletes. At Stanford for instance, they annually win the Capital Cup. The award given to the university that has the most points for winning or finishing in the top 10 of their respective sports. Stanford also graduates nearly 100% of its athletes. Even NFL stars like Andrew Luck (engineering) and Richard Sherman graduated BEFORE leaving for the NFL. They know that sports is just an excuse to play games for a bit longer…and if you are good, which less than .05% of all athletes are…then you can get paid for it. But…only for a decade or so.

    Bottom line…there is way too much emphasis on sports in Middle and high schools in general. Young students idolize Patrick Mahomes and Steph Curry, but have no idea who Alan Guth, James Watson or Ashoke Sen is. The latter are the real game changers. The former, not so much…How has Steph Curry changed your life? How has he made your world a better place?

    That said…did I watch the Chiefs play Sunday night? Yes…Did I watch the Niners yesterday? With disgust (they lost and looked terrible). Most of it was habit and boredom. I Really need a new book to read. Hey Alexa…Order the latest Steven Pinker book.

    • Well, the party had to end someday. I played HS and College sports – pure walk on as there were very few scholarships for soccer and lacrosse at many schools, and walk ons were the norm in non-rev sports in those days. The pro athletes destroyed their own party as they over-estimated their worth in a society full of unemployed or underemployed people just trying to get by week to week. As for me, I just have better things to do then invest 3-4 hours watching a game. My free time is hard to come by in this hard working world. I refuse to invest my free time with a bunch of clueless idiots who claim discrimination yet make incomes well into the top 1%. Do these guys live in the ghetto?

    • Lol if you want some discipline and get up at 5:30 join the army and you will get all you want or did you or did you duck out,sports are a looser game perhaps that’s why those institutes of higher learning’s are a waste of time.time better spent in learning, pro sports are a sucker game for big business with their built it and we will come,costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of dollars while the fat cats walk off with the money,and of course anything connected to big money become corrupt like anything else.!!!!

  12. George,

    Been viewing your site for years. Great Info. One issue. You have added advertising which I can deal with. Now they are video clips that are so detracting when you are trying to read your article. Could you have a premium site without the adds for a fee. I know you have your Wednesday and Saturday articles could you add each day and I will join the paid side.

    Thanks Ed

    • “Now they are video clips that are so detracting when you are trying to read your article”

      Ood morning ED Usually.. the Ad’s are a reflection of your shopping search history..
      I use to love playing with the Ad’s

    • Not to mention George that the Los Angeles Lakers one of the most successful and biggest money making brands/sports teams of All time! Took covid relief money along with its players.

      Yeah that is what that 3 trillion dollar relief bill was for! making the Ferrari payments for super rich asshole basketball players!

      Better give them $3 billion.

      “This is a target-rich Writer’s World. ” YES! YES! YES! YES!

      that is 5 YES! Including this one.

      Abstract Field observation footnote:

      Booked my flight to Alaska and my priceline confirmation code was: STUDLY

      I shit you not! HAHAHAHHA! God and his sense of Humor.

      Have a great day.

    • Using the Brave browser – no videos, lots of pop-up blocked but can’t usually view the videos on Fox News unless I go to IE.

    • Seriously. Have you not figured out how to avoid such nuisances. if you just apply
      yourself you can easily avoid the pop up videos and reduce the adds on a web page
      to zero.

  13. The NFL needs to have a diversity hiring policy. Every team needs an equal number of hispanics, blacks, asians, woman, and transgenders LOL

      • Not fish-net. He wore, I believe, L’eggs pantyhose. Have you noticed college and pro bball players over the past couple years, begin to wear support hose? They are tight; the best ones are progressively tighter, the farther from one’s heart they get. Their function is to keep blood from pooling in one’s legs, thereby making more oxygen available to the muscles most-used by the athlete. Namath wasn’t kinky (well, okay, maybe he was, but the pantyhose wasn’t a kink. It was an experiment in game longevity…) Today’s athletes are wearing support hose today, because Broadway Joe wore them 50 years ago…

      • I was too young to see or pay attention to it. I mostly remember the Mad Magazine parody on it so they were probably the ones that turned them into fishnet. I think he did it on a bet.

        Ol’ Joe. Football was never the same again! LOL.

      • They are called compression leggings or socks today. All athletes wear them to Maximize blood flow and minimize the muscles From vibrating and working harder. The more your muscles have to tune or readjust to maximize blood flow, the more byproducts like lactic acid your body is going to produce. Compression leggings maximize the flow of the blood during exercise and decrease the metabolic byproducts of injury.

  14. I have never been info basketball, though I was amazed by Jordon. I cannot watch most any item on “broadcast” TV that is going to subject me to so much advertising. After using netflix or similar streaming, I can hardly sit through those inane commercials. The fact the leagues are promoting widely a large majority of their watchers are racist is just a twist of the knife to me. The entire movement would be more aptly name “Thug lifes matter”, cause best I can tell, these are the only lives the movements give a crap about.

    Also I lost respect for anyone that only sees one side of an arrest of a criminal where they resist arrest and are harmed. These leaders want to protect criminal lives, fine, start a campaign to teach the thugs to not resist arrest and follow police directions. 2nd way to avoid police, don’t commit crimes and to not associate with criminals. See I have just saved us 3 months of riots with 2 simple to follow steps that are proven to work.

    Why do we have movements to shield people from the consequences of their stupid decisions? When we have few movements to teach/incentivize people to make better decisions.

  15. Man With a Business Plan talking to His Banker friend:

    “Hey, I’ve got this really great idea. We set up a really big-money business venture. Here’s the Plan. We’re going to sell to our customers something they really DON’T NEED! They can’t eat it, they can’t wear it, they can’t take it with them, they can’t even participate in directly themselves. It’s called Sports Entertainment. All these suckers can do is watch other people do stuff from a distance…

    We charge those suckers BIG money to sit in a hard seat for hours packed shoulder-to-shoulder with other of our ‘customers’. We soak them with obscenely high prices for snacks and drinks in small cups, and a few overpriced trinkets if they want to remember the
    occasion. We convince them to keep coming back day after day and week after week and after a while we have them buffaloed into thinking they can’t live without this stuff. We get them hooked on all this like a drug. In time, they will keep coming back out of habit and even get their own kids and grandkids hooked on this stuff. All we have to do is sit back and collect. And the best part? ALL the money flows in OUR direction, and NO money ever goes back to the ‘Customer’! This whole idea is damn brilliant, isn’t it? Think we can sell this?

    His Banker Friend:

    “No way. No chance in blazes… The American People are WAY too smart to ever fall for anything this stupid.”

    • “We set up a really big-money business venture. Here’s the Plan. We’re going to sell to our customers something they really DON’T NEED! They can’t eat it, they can’t wear it, they can’t take it with them, they can’t even participate in directly themselves” using it..

      I am slipping Roundball…I totally expected you to say…..BITCOIN….

    • thanks for sharing Phil.. that was real interesting they did a great job of explaining it all..

  16. “Every team needs an equal number of hispanics, blacks, asians, woman, and transgenders LOL”

    I am with you Chris….
    And cheerleaders.. we cant show discrimination on size and height either…. lol lol lol

    Now when I was in DC .. the military rates based according to population variation.. how many men to women etc. And DC is like the bay area.. it’s a flaming city.. so new arrivals would be taken to the local flames hot spot.. we’d get them in then sneak out..
    A lot of times you just cant tell..


  17. “Notice how opportunistic Marxists organizations only give a shit about one thing.”

    And they would be impotent if it was not for US the people. ;-(

    (Isn’t Amazon a good enough example for YOU?)

    It’s US the public that is behind all that goes wrong in the world.

  18. Did you guys catch this one? It’s a sequel for sure.

    Trump Instigates ‘Lock Him Up’ Chant For Obama At Rally

    “President Donald Trump incited the crowd at his rally in Nevada Sunday to chant “lock him up” about former President Barack Obama.

    Trump repeated his evidence-free claim during his speech in Henderson that Obama “got caught spying on my campaign.” He added: “We have him cold. Now let’s see what happens.”

    Trump then hesitated, looked into the crowd and pointed.

    In an instant they were chanting “lock him up” — a new riff on Trump’s 2016 election refrain, when he and his fans chanted “lock her up,” referring to Hillary Clinton.”

    • “Did you guys catch this one? It’s a sequel for sure.”

      To be totally Honest Steve.. with all of the insanity going on.. the outright push for rioting and violence.. I have been ignoring the news channels.. 99 percent of it is all regulated and scripted.. if getting news from family wasn’t dependent on FB I would get rid of it in a heart beat.. the same with the majority of the rest to..

    • “Trump repeated his evidence-free claim during his speech in Henderson that Obama “got caught spying on my campaign.””

      Um, according to Susan Rice (who was also present) Obama and Biden were both in on the meeting in January of 2017, where means of entrapping Flynn were discussed. There’s no PROOF, of which I’m aware, other than a statement by Rice, but do remember that Trump was impeached on a known-false statement from Vindman…

    • “evidence free” ..what rock did U just crawl out fromunda ?

      Comey admited to the “spying” in public – on Ure fav “newz” channel, Clinton News Network.

      Obummer -as gay and controlled as his wickedly evil predecessor, with a twist..

      Still got Comey in the Suicide Pool, sniveling coward gonna bail…

  19. John Williams is predicting accelerating inflation based on unprecedented money supply growth. Building materials and PM’s are undergoing wild hyperinflation, and yet, gasoline and diesel are deflating.

    Employment figures (other than Williams’) are showing improvement, but I’m seeing more shopping carts with personal possessions around town.

    Soothsayers aren’t being very soothing.

    I did my Christmas shopping online yesterday. Gotta keep the priorities straight. The world may go to sh_t, but SC will make deliveries on schedule this year.

    • “John Williams is predicting accelerating inflation based on unprecedented money supply growth. ”

      …Which math and logic dictate MUST occur, yet I’m skeptical. The “economy” (no longer anything close to “free-market”) is so controlled, that I’m not sure anything will happen as it should.

      Perhaps the tight-wound spring that has been our economy since the ’80s, just gets wound tighter? ‘S gonna be a b!tch when that sucker snaps (of course, I’ve been saying that since 2000, and it hasn’t happened yet…)

      • That bewildering mix of hyperinflation and deflation visible at the consumer’s eye level can also be a symptom of credit deflation worms at work underneath.

  20. Spectator sports, or any other live entertainment, is escapism with an embedded immediacy factor. I can watch a taped concert or play. I can not watch a pre-recorded game in any sport.

    Colin Kaepernick is an avowed Marxist — has been since he was a college brat. ‘Thing is, he’s a “Marxist elitist” in that he believes he’s part of the permanent ruling class, kinda like the Fat F*ck from Flint. The protests he began were not about “cop-on-Black” crime. They were about destroying the NFL. When he whined a couple years ago because (according to him) he’d been “blackballed,” the actual deal was after a suck season where he ranked in or near the basement in nearly every quarterback metric he got booted, then demanded tryouts with other NFL teams and demanded a contract for a minimum $20mln (or was it $22mln? Mark would know) per. He simply was not worth it. Half the teams in the League would’ve picked him up in a heartbeat, despite the political upheaval he was causing, at $1mln per, to use as a backup. NOBODY would touch him for Brady or Rodgers money, for which I blame them, not in the least. HE thought he was worth it, THEY knew he was not. His ego couldn’t accept the fact because he knew he was destined to rule over the proles…

    The majority of pro sports have invested themselves (and their cash) in BLM. That’s fine. The NBA and Hollywierd have elected to pleasure Mr. Xi. That’s fine, too. When we have quotas based on chromosomes and the ratios of melatonin to tannin in our skin, I’ll start watching football again (or not…) ‘Probably never going to watch another NBA game for any reason whatsoever, because that organization, and movie media, so-value the almighty renminbi that they will sell out common decency to play PC Poker with the Chinese.

    • I voted with my remote decades ago, No NFL, NBA, MLB, only some exceptions for the OH-lympics, and went 15 years without watching the tube at all.

      Then I voted with my purse, no movies, cd’s, no madonna, no barbra, no hate whitey lyrics, no violent BS, just immersed my-self in the most interesting pursuits possible.

      Made time to get acquainted with God.

      Had time to show up for every family event, national and international as possible, if not hosting many of them for family and friends.

      Had time to care for both parents until passing.

      Had time to get closer to nature.

      Had time for long-lived pets.

      Had time to be a Friend, Sister, Aunt, Daughter, Granddaughter, Wife, Counselor.

      Lookey here, finally after almost 40 years, the world is catching up with me!!!

      I’ve been free of the BRAIN/EYE washing for all these years; and it’s been a GREAT LIFE!

      Come on, ya’ll, join me!

  21. “Having failed in Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela…you know the list, right? – they’re putting the bums rush on America to topple us, as well. ”

    You have to understand, the only reason these experiments failed is because our blatant conspicuous consumption overshadowed Marx. With us out of the way, these experiments (and many others to come) would all have been successful at finding their own slice of utopia.

    THIS is why there’s such a push to “socialize” the U.S.

    C’mon MAN, yer slackin’. Ya gots to read yer contemporary (or izzat contemporaneous? Maybe just contemptable…) communist philosophy ta understands how dese overlord-wannabees think…

    • “they’re putting the bums rush on America to topple us, as well. ”

      We see what is coming.. we see what they are doing and how they are playing our politicians the people the world..and all the world leaders.. but..

      I have been giving this a little consideration lately.. IF… america tumbles.. how do they stay on top.. the mountain is coming down.. we already see how consumption without replacement has affected the world.. the US.. but by positioning the world the way they have and making it all dependent on US consumption was deadly.. I rarely watch CNN but this morning they were talking about the us reducing its aid.. from a billion to four hundred million.. and the UAE to zero( seriously its their population why were we giving funds anyway the same with Saudi arabia..dependent on the us citizens for money )
      and most of those funds you and I both know were absorbed. one time I felt bad from watching one of the heart melting videos on the devastation.. I went to an exporter to send food .. he said keep my money.. the govt.. seizes over ninety percent and sells it back before it is even sent.. and the majority that make it there is the same thing..
      Now back to my original point. if our country and its economy is collapsed..how will that affect the world.. the manufacturing of china and other countries.. the crops that they depend on the us buying not being bought all of the military that we spend what over half of our yearly budget.. at a stand still..we seen how covid affected retail in the USA after just a couple of weeks of actual slow down.. but what would happen if it was another Zimbabwe..and the world dependent on our consumption …
      those with vast sum’s of nothing would have even less nothing because what was considered to be valuable would no longer be valuable..our president.. a fleet of airplanes and resorts his million dollar a month gold plated apartment .. we seen how he reacted when he realized that the velocity of cash interrupted can affect things and his way of life.. everything is like in the vacuum of space toss a ball and it continues.. the same thing with the velocity of the economy.. it kept moving.. pretty scary if you think about it.. everything most people consider as absolutes changing in a moment..
      Wouldn’t toppling the USA be toppling themselves as well.. sort of like this picture..


      • LOOB, I’m going to take my reply to a top-level, to make sure people can read & reply (and hopefully understand…)

  22. You know my son was a Granite Mountain Hotshot (before anyone asks, no, he was not one of the 19, but his best friend and his roommate were two of them.) When he came back East, I suggested he get on at a local FD because he had several months of training. He then explained his training would be useless in “civilization,” because fighting wildfires required a completely different skillset than fighting structure fires. If G2 can do both now, that’s truly impressive…

  23. Maybe not a microwave heater on your cellphone, but…. Internet Refrigerators with an HD screen on front that shows you the food inside before you open the door, and will make up a shopping list for you that you can access from your smartphone at the store. Why has no one put a cellphone on a refrigerator yet? Too big to carry in your pocket??

    As for sports…meh! Being the nerdy ‘reader’ type, I was NEVER a fan of ANY sports. I’m not missing a thing

  24. Now that a flock of black swans has roosted in every neighborhood of this country, no one ever talks about black swans. The swans seem to be building nests in partially abandoned coliseums this week. Is America no longer entertained by the blood sports?

  25. From my above thread, my response to a reply by “looking out of the box”

    LOOB: “by positioning the world the way they have and making it all dependent on US consumption was deadly”

    Only if the U.S. stops consuming…

    LOOB: “the us reducing its aid”

    The U.S. Government distributes “Foreign Aid” to nearly every country on the planet. It is not based on any “need” of a country, but on how much we “need” a strategic alliance or to influence a country in a specific part of the World. The majority of it goes into the pockets of each country’s ruling class. It is a bribe, like an “allowance” to a child, to give us influence on their government, and [it] can be cut or withheld if a petulant government “acts up.”

    LOOB: “he said keep my money.. the govt.. seizes over ninety percent and sells it back before it is even sent”

    Not our government, unless what was being sent was on a “prohibited” list, but by the government of the nation that was receiving the aid.

    Do you remember the tear-jerk TV commercials from the ’80s of the “millions dying in Ethiopia?” The U.S. and UNICEF sent many cargo ships (and planes) to the region. We stopped when Casey (then CIA chief) reported to Reagan that 95% of all that food was setting in warehouses in Addis Ababa and in the “dry port” at Dire Dawa, rotting, because the (communist) government used it to feed themselves, and only made it available to natives who could pay for it… Hence the “Feed the Children” and other TV spots. Ethiopia was only the most egregious example; they were far from the only one. This is why when the U.S. sends “emergency aid” to a nation or region now, we send the Military as “disbursement agents” and “humanitarian aid workers.”

    LOOB: ” if our country and its economy is collapsed..how will that affect the world”

    …And now you begin to see the concern I have. If we go communist, we take the rest of the world with us, and billions of people will starve to death — many of them living in what we call “modern,” “civilized,” or “Western” nations. Our poorest — the folks living in cardboard boxes under a highway, use, on average, over $21k per year in goods & services. The average per-year, per family wage worldwide is a couple cheeseburgers over $3100, and that “average wage” includes the earnings of the “billionaires and oligarchs” class.

    LOOB: “all of the military that we spend what over half of our yearly budget”

    Actually, between 6% and 20%, depending on which “Party” is in power and our current “war-footing.”

    LOOB: “Wouldn’t toppling the USA be toppling themselves as well”

    The “Marxist absolutists,” who are mostly college professors (and the kids they’ve poisoned the minds of over the years) believe the only reasons communism hasn’t worked yet are:

    1) because the prominence of the U.S. on the World stage since about 1898 has prevented its full implementation, and

    2) because previous generations of communists were stupid. They believe they are much smarter than the Bolsheviks, and indeed, much smarter than Marx or Engalls (this is where the “Marx got it wrong” crowd gets their inspiration…)

    Ergo, they need to take the U.S. down and assume leadership of the nuovo (or neo) Marxist movement worldwide, not necessarily in that order…

    Leftist academics spawn ideas. They are extraordinarily bad at coming up with ideas which can actually be implemented, and are completely ignorant of the “Law of Unintended Consequences.” They tend to have little, or no, real world experience, and operate in the realm of theory. They also tend to build a mental construct of “how things should be” based on “forward-thinking” theory with no regard to history or “how things actually work.” When their theory fails, they pile on more theory, instead of investigating the failure, because their individual and collective egos cannot accept the possibility that their initial theory was in-error. Some of them truly are quite intelligent — NONE of them are smart. They believe they already have all the answers, so they don’t ask questions, and would be offended at the suggestion that they should…

    With that said, “yes.” If we go down the crapper, so does everybody else. EE or Len might not see it for 10 years, George’s readers in Canada might not for eight. All who read here might escape the slow starvation of the non-prepper masses, but we WILL all eventually get that (figurative) 3am knock on the door…

    • Ray, thank you for your long explanation. I had a few amateur questions/comments if you would please answer them for me. Seems to me, that the engine of the illuminati which is in full throes of completing the takedown, draining, and dismantling of the engine of AmeeriKa, had staged China to be the next super power. We, for the last 40 years, longer for the oldsters that come here, and even longer for the historians as already pointed out, have witnessed our government selling our own country out and they have done this not only in foreign trade deficits, installing the non-Federal Reserve, massive costs and disruptions of immigration, legal and illegal, multi-culturaling our nation to ensure racial unrest, demonizing the white race, constant attacks on our culture, taking Christianity out of everything possible, legalizing abortion, spreading filth and immorality everywhere, now even in Kindergarten, spending billions/trillions a year in foreign aid, you say bribes, I say that’s what the IMF, World Bank, Tri-Lateral Commission, Bilderbergers are for. However, for sure, we’ve seen the purposeful NON intervention in our infrastructure for many many years, and this mindset has trickled up and down everywhere! IF they aren’t clearing forests to prevent forest fires, they aren’t fixing roads, and bridges to prevent accidents, it’s like the INFILTRATION of these nutters is in every level of decision making in the STATES and D.C. The wicked way that the funds have been siphoned off for a hundred years, besides unnecessary wicked wars, is unfathomable. But, I have digressed. It appears to me, as if ALL of it, even things I am not smart/intelligent enough to type or think, (like the Dept of Education, Homeland Security, etc.,) have been done purposefully to bring America to this point. The C Virus helped further it along, the economic collapse nicely hidden behind it, WHERE is their ANY WAY TO STOP THIS?

      The 3:00 a.m. knock on the door came for my Dad and my dog 5 years apart; that’s the hour they passed to the great beyond.

      The 3:00 a.m. knock you refer to, what is that?

      Is that after the riots, the burning, the looting, the rapes, the murders, the concentration camps, the death mounds, the cities on fire, and the countryside stripped of its resources so there is nothing left to feed the starving?

      I wonder if this is all going to be hidden under yet another layer of deceit, as it is all so well timed with underground bunkers, moving the government to Colorado, China’s ghost cities, etc.

      I think the elite have persevered in their take down of Ameerika and to move their headquarters to China.

      Another agenda and another excuse to leave America to it’s own devices.

      Comments, please? I see I had few questions.

      • Do you have a regular handle, pard? Have you been to Stu’s website? You probably missed a few conspiracies in that rant. But just a few.

        I don’t think Ray’s 3 am knock on the door involves any form of natural causes. I would also think it comes just before the camps. I doubt many of G____’s readers will be around for all that other stuff.

      • ” I had a few amateur questions/comments”

        Yes, I noticed the amateurishness….

        Did you miss any prominent conspironut theory? If so, not many.

        I stopped playing in the realm of conspiracy theory 25 years ago, when the fun-factor of trolling the nutjobs wore off.

        Go back and huff the Post, junior.

    • ‘foreign aid going into the hands of the ruling class’, no, actually a huge chunk goes to U.S. firm, Chemonics. And a lot goes to Afghanistan, world’s largest heroin exporter.



      Our 6.4 trillion dollar war with Afghanistan, yet the Taliban pumps out more heroin than ever


      • Trolls should not let their cognitive dissonance surface so blatantly, when they’re doing c/p jobs in the hope someone will explain the words to them.

      • Ray, I am not a troll. Thanks, ya’ll, for insulting people not as smart, or is it intelligent (IQ) as you? “Huff the post, Junior”…. what a crock of insulting crapola.

        N, “pard,” I have been coming here far longer than your little butt.

        Yeah, and I introduced Stu to George who introduced STU to the rest of you…. ya’ll got some humble pie to eat for supper!

      • Mr. Humble, I applaud you for your faithful attendance at George’s site. However, those WERE troll posts, and as a long-time reader, you should have read enough of my posts by now to realize I deal in provable fact, or in conjecture based on historical human stimulus-response cycles. if a question is posted on a subject I’ve studied, I will provide an answer — It may not be correct, but it will be the best answer I can provide, based on factual information I have been able to locate, at that point in time.

        If you wish to delve into the world of conspiracy theory, I will answer any question I can, but you have to deal with one subject at a time. “Conspiracy theory” is always based in fact, but built upon by conjecture, pure fantasy, and speculation.

        “The Illuminati” is a fine example. There is no question “The Illuminati” exists or that it is a secretive organization. Its membership seems to be of primarily exceedingly wealthy or influential individuals. There is no EVIDENCE that it is a “secret society,” that it is bent on “world domination,” or anything else, other than that it’s a fraternal bunch of rich people and media superstars, who meet occasionally.

        Alex Jones is a really good investigative journalist. He has had the CFR/Trilateral Commission/Illuminati up his butt for nearly 30 years, mostly because he proved they did exist, but despite his investigative ability, hasn’t been able to find out anything about them (other than a list of many of their members), and that has driven him a little mad. If there is anything nationally or internationally subversive about The Illuminati, or either of the other organizations, he will find out, if anyone can, and then he will sensationalize his discovery, because he went from being an IJ 20 years ago, to being obsessed…

        See how this works? You ask, someone answers. When you quote stuff consistently from publications whom a number of us know to be both political, and heavily biased against the current Administration, it appears you are doing so, not to engage in a constructive argument (where all sides learn from one-another), but a contradictory argument, to obfuscate or confuse with respect to the original topic of discussion, like the c/p above.

        When we give $800mln to Guatemala as foreign aid, the Guatemalan government gets $800mln — Chemonics and the Afghan government don’t get a cut of our “Guatamalan Aid.” When we ship aid to Somalia, Chemonics DOES sometimes get a cut, because their function in that region is “development” and teaching the natives “sustainable agriculture.” Using them as a subcontractor ensures the people of (especially) a 3rd World nation, get a portion of the aid we’ve provided. Without their presence, or Halliburton’s, or that of the 2-3 other general “international subcontractors,” ALL of the aid we send would end up in the pockets of the ruling class. Would you rather pay Chemonics, or Halliburton…?

      • I followed G____ for years before I started posting publicly. I have a great deal of respect for Stu and his geopolitical analysis; he has a lot of newer, fresher material you might want to look through. Not that classic conspiracy theories aren’t of historical note. I kinda like the newer stuff.

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