The headline captures most of it – in terms of “all the news you need to know” this week.  Unless we get a real -legit – left field event.  So – as I have been threatening for days months YEARS – I really will be doing shorter columns.  Too much to do here.

Hard to decide, though, which “ring of the circus” to roll with first.  This is a target-rich Writer’s World.  But, very little matters beyond click-baiting.  Sadly, the News Industry continues to be wildly over-built and running full-tilt.  Despite usually not having a dime’s worth of useful insights or tactics to share.

Let’s begin with the Big pieces that will drive the Fed, look at how that waffle-fest will go, and then bat some clean-up.  Sound reasonable?

The Implosion of Sports

The lefties, commies, and confused players may be observed killing their own Golden Goose.

Let’s step out to the chopping block and let’s “check the goose, ” shall we?

As we figure it, Kaepernick may not fully comprehend that when there are no fans-in-the-stands, there’s no “livin large.

Ure for one has decided to take a firm stand against black exploitation.  So henceforth I will neither watch nor attend ANY MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS.  This is, I take it, what the kneelers are after, right?

Yes sir, no more black exploitation for us!  No buying player endorsed products either.  We will even be switching to something other than “ball park franks” because that’s where exploitation takes place.  We’re “just doing it.”

How Crazies Took Down Sports

Sports has  screwed up it’s own product.  Let’s use some other product – besides sports – which is not (yet) on a BLM hit-list, so we can see how product evolutions run off the rails.

How about we use the cell phone?

  • Somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s came the flip phone.  You could call.
  • A bit later came SMS and you could text.
  • Then came 4G and you could surf, design machinery on your phone and even get laid…  Ain’t progress dandy?

Thing to see is  “end-on product extensibility.”

But now notice:  You can’t YET buy a cell phone with a built-in washer and dryer.

Nor, can you buy a cell phone which incorporates a chop saw or air compressor. Most cell phones don’t come with a microwave for cooking (though we have a 5G placeholder)….

Know why?


Would a 60-pound cell phone you can cut lumber with be wildly popular?  (no hints!)

Remember the sage’s marketing wisdom:  Products have to give the people what they think they’re getting.

We conducted a small focus group (which is what marketers live for) [OK, it was me with two beers, Elaine (Chardonnay) and Zeus the Cat zonked on ‘nip).  We asked the assembled multitude “What do you go to sporting events for?”  Here are the responses:

  • Elaine goes because she’s into fitness.  She’s been a personal trainer.
  • Zeus the Cat had no idea what I was talking about. Dude was totally nipped out.

As Leader of the group, I evolved a consensus that: 

  • People go to – or watch – sports to unwind, decompress, check out, and (to borrow Elaine’s favor design metaphor) “To be Transported.
  • Somewhere non-polarized – where the “most fit” still get to win and…
  • Where the offensive line can still “bully” safely.
  • Where idiotic “performance protectionism” hasn’t yet resulted in a “Both Teams must share the Super Bowl Victory.”

Kneelers are just the advance guard. 

Eventually, all players would have been forced to run at the same speed, so they could arrive in the end zone at the same time.  All quarterbacks would be limited in range so they wouldn’t hurt the feelings of the other team’s QB.

See how this works?  Insanity is no longer creeping.  It’s viral. Spreading faster than covid.

End the Exploitation!

So hell yeah – sports is done.  Finished.  Over.  Kaput and Kaepernick.  Down with the stadiums.  Down with the Owners.  Down with endorsed products. Down with it all.

You saw where “United Airlines accused of favoring young, white, blond attendants for NFL, MLB flights“?  See how all kinds of (alleged) discrimination is coming to the surface now?

Besides, cratering the whole sports industry might take some shine off the “Trump Economy, too.”  You have to be sick of reading statistics like;

“Sports industry is a social phenomenon that makes up numerous entities around the world. According to a research done by A.T. Kearney, the global sports market is worth somewhere between $480 billion to $620 billion with a CAGR of 5.9%.?”

Burn it!  Tear down  high school stadiums, too.  No path to riches for oppressed poor latch-key kids.  Marxists will find work for them on their collectives.

No more rich owners using public bonding authority to build monuments to cash flows.  No more $50-dollar hot dogs.  No more $50-dollars to park.  No more sports ring of restaurants about stadiums – and with social distancing they were already toast. Thanks kneelers for showing us the way!

So right on to BLM and Kaepernick types.  Saving us all a ton of dough and aggravation.  F*ck it.  I’m out.  I want nothing to do with exploitation.  No sports anything.  I’m sold.  

[Ironically, the same tactics burned businesses (which then for some silly reason moved away after being fire-bombed resulting in “food and service deserts” and “healthcare deserts”)… ]

They’re showing again how powerful and dangerous Digital Online Mobs can be.  What you really need to read is Manufacturing rage: The Russian Internet Research Agency’s political astroturfing on social media. Kick-ass article over on First Monday.

Notice how opportunistic Marxists organizations only give a shit about one thing.

Their own power-crazed ambitions.

Having failed in Russia, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela…you know the list, right? – they’re putting the bums rush on America to topple us, as well.  

We’ll have nothing more to do with it and hope you understand.

Money-Making Idea!

I should mention that Elaine and I are willing to rent our likenesses to be printed on cardboard pop-ups to be placed in stands around whatever leagues will pay.  $5,000 per year, per likeness per League.  With two, we’ll throw in a cardboard popup of Zeus.

Exploit the Exploiters!!!  (Hmmm.. I seem to have broken into a sweat and feel dizzy…being a sports arena cardboard figure!  Hell of a licensing scam.  Better than Bitcoins…)

$10-Dollar 2-by-4’s

There are two critical personal actions related to the fires in the West that may involve you personally.

This as After 27 deaths in last week, firefighters in West brace for more tough conditions.  (Firefighter/emt son G2 comes off the Lionshead fire in Oregon tomorrow after 24-days nonstop on lines in Washington and Oregon.)

We already saw prices of lumber headed up previously due to CV-19.  The Mercury News article here (Bubble Watch: Need lumber? Prices triple in pandemic) is very much on point.  After fires and hurricanes?  Watch them lumber futures…

Our simple-minded thought is that with all the losses, demand for lumber will soar so we’ll be “high-grading” the 2-by-4 pile at the local lumber emporium this week with enough of a budget to “load up for fall.”

Meantime, the useless blow-hards like Washington guv Jay Inslee are still selling “climate change.”  See our Sunday piece on how political con-men blame “climate” when fire and forest management budgets were cut by the perps.

Second point for we “action figure” types?  Be super-careful if you’ve been CV-19 positive.  No telling what heavy smoke will do.  This as El Dorado Fire: Evacuation order lifted for some; smoke from California wildfires extends to Michigan.

Fed Week

Making Up Money is still the Fed’s game plan.

Hype?  Did you say Hype? Futures Surge On Monday Merger Mania, Fresh Vaccine Hopes.  We expect a close today around 125 up but this is NOT trading advice.

Our Aggregate Index has taken a solid bounce off the 50-day moving average and – if we close at (wildly hyped) futures pricing, we will be over the 4 DMA but still under the 19.  So up 125 would be around the 4 DMA and then down by tomorrow’s close would be graceful…

Sally Does NOLA

Looks like this is where it will come ashore:

With several storms turning up in the Atlantic, yet another pop up in building material prices can be forecast.

Hell, maybe the market is up based on prospects for an economic rebuilding boom?

In Ure Shorts

RSS feeds are screaming already:

Think they needed help to figure that out?

Leftover shrimp pizza sounds like the healthy alt. breakfast today… Voices in my head are arguing the O’Doul’s or Rolling Rock case…

Write when you get rich,