Fires in the West: NOT Climate Change

I normally don’t get irked and amped enough on Sunday to write not one but  two columns.  However, exceptional stupidity requires someone stand up and call bullshit.

Since stories – like this one  earlier this week in the New York Times are selling the “Party Line” on “climate change” – “A Climate Reckoning in Fire-Stricken California.”

This Big Lie is being repeated all over the place.  Go ahead and hit Google or Bing and toss in “climate change” plus “forest fire” and you’ll see another useless example of the crooked media playing follow the lefty’s agenda.

OR – look up the Little Hoover Commission.


Never heard of it?  Not the Large Hadron Collider, lol.   Wiki it:

“The California Little Hoover Commission (LHC), officially the Milton Marks “Little Hoover” Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy,[1] is an independent California state oversight agency modeled after the Hoover Commission and created in 1962, that investigates state government operations and promotes efficiency, economy and improved service through reports, recommendations and legislative proposals.”

OK, Why?

Ah…we stumble onto “the Point.”

Couple of years back, the Little Hoover Commission looked at fire risk in the Sierra Nevada (and much applies to other parts of California).  Here’s three paragraphs to keep in mind when you get earfuls or eyefuls of misleading climate spew:

“In this report, the Commission calls for transformational culture change in its forest management practices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported in December 2017 that approximately 27 million trees had died statewide on federal, state and private lands since November 2016. The tally brought to 129 million the number of trees that have died in California forests during years of drought and bark beetle infestations since 2010.

During its review, the Commission found that California’s forests suffer from neglect and mismanagement, resulting in overcrowding that leaves them susceptible to disease, insects and wildfire.  The Commission found commitment to long-lasting forest management changes at the highest levels of government, but that support for those changes needs to spread down not just through the state’s massive bureaucracy and law- and policymaking apparatuses, but among the general public as well.  Complicating the management problem is the fact that the State of California owns very few of the forests within its borders – most are owned by the federal government or private landowners.

Among the Commission’s nine recommendations, it urges the state to take a greater leadership role in collaborative forest management planning at the watershed level.  The Good Neighbor Authority granted in the 2014 Farm Bill provides a mechanism for the state to conduct restoration activities on federal land, but state agencies must have the financial and personnel resources to perform this work.  As part of this collaborative effort, it calls upon the state to use more prescribed fire to reinvigorate forests, inhibit firestorms and help protect air and water quality.  Central to these efforts must be a statewide public education campaign to help Californians understand why healthy forests matter to them, and elicit buy-in for the much-needed forest treatments.”

The report titled “Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada” and dated 2018 may be accessed here.

Short answer:  Did they put money behind it to clean up the tinderbox?  Why, we need to check genders and pile money into social programs….

You can likely smell the answers.

“So What IS Climate Change?”

Climate change is a continuous and ongoing process that has been working for millions of years.  Yes.  MILLIONS.

You can’t charge a tax and end it.  You can’t kill everyone on Earth and end it, either.  You can live closer to the earth.  You can pick an honest line and walk it.  I have purchased and installed 30 – yeah – thirty – solar panels I sell back to the grid.

As the climate hypocrites how many panels they own?  What kind of wind system?  How much insulation did they add in?  How many low-E windows did they put in?

Except for wind, we’ve gone it all. We’re in Wind Zone 2 – and any wind farms around here would be political payoffs for campaign contributions.  Donate money, get a wind farm lease…surely, you know how this shit works, right?

Saturation At Hand

A while back, some think tanks figured out that although the Report from Iron Mountain (On the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace) was right on many accounts, they missed the coming of – and impact from – social media.

The Report – supposedly a parody on think tanks – dates from the Vietnam war era.  It “worried” what would happen to the world’s economy if peace were to break out. The short answer??? Collapse.

You see, people NEED a crisis in orders to subjugate themselves to government control.  With me so far?  You don’t give away 25 to 50% of all your earnings because of love, do you?  *(Maybe, but the other 25-50% then)

OK – the usual suspects as war replacements were named – including pandemic disease.  Sound familiar?

But the one mega-hoax that was NOT in the Iron Mountain study was a “climate change” scam.”  South Sea Bubble financial bubble of pseudo-sciencers.

A lot of leading intellectual thinkers (like that former national pol turned climate guy who flies in corporate jets to give speeches and say, didn’t he claim to have invented the Internet, too?) jumped on it.

Like the other ones that Iron Mountain missed (social uprisings online – which encompasses everything from ISIS to Antifa, from BLM to gender-selling and the whole shaming of hard work and honest rewards) – these are the world’s New Industries for Growth.


Sure…  When REAL business formation and innovation max out (how many UHD TVs do you need to own?  We have 4 or 5)  and there’s still mainly lowest common denominator crappe to watch anyway – so where’s the “growth” in the digital world?

We have a terrible conundrum: If we’re at saturation on the physical hardware backplanes (what possible new features can Apple come up with besides a replicator and holodeck?) all that’s left is mob memberships and conflict in digital spaces.

Which is why Marxist groups are having a field day – as are climateers:  It’s all a business model – and that means an excuse to tax – and excuse to suspend critical thinking and join the online mobs.

The Cowards of California

Other news item that pisses me off to the point of turning on one of the aofrementioned UHDs and a keyboard…

Sickening enough that 2 LA County Sheriffs were ambushed and shot in Compton overnight.

But protesters at the hospital where they’re being treated?

This is more left-wing Marxist bullshit to get people whipped into a frenzy so when the lefties haul out the “presidential election demonstrations” we will have martial law.

It’s about to be 1917 all over again. Oh boy…I can hardly wait for the “rubble.”  Except what the commie-crats don’t understand is America’s silent majority is getting ever-more pissed.  Really pissed.

The Marxists won’t tell you “Money goes where Good Commerce Flows” – which they should have mentioned in New York, Minneapolis, Rochester, and Kenosha. They’ll rant and scream that America is racist.  Yeah, but did you see this story?  Isn’t that discrimination, as well?  Could a white development like this one happen?

We’re losing our way quickly now.  But it’s not the smoke.  Except that blown up your your-know-what by crooks who want your wallet in the worlst possible way.

Write when you get rich,

36 thoughts on “Fires in the West: NOT Climate Change”

  1. You know George I wonder where the fabled silent majority is I’ve waited for over 60 years for it to show up, but it seems its always late for the party and I don’t really expect it will be a party crasher now as even they support one or the other of the parties of one.Probably just a mirage seeing only about 50% of the population has figured out that voting is really a waste of time, but its better then nothing I suppose.!!!!

    • Voting may(or may not) be useful and essential for freedom, but there’s a definite loss of privacy if you even register. Personally, I want nothing to do with idiots trying to knock on my door(good luck trying), and then attempting to sell me on voting one way or another. If and when I vote, nobody will know for whom I vote unless I choose to tell them. Getting on a relatively public list of being a registered voter is anathema to me. I’d never register with a partisan – it’s much better to take a trip to the county clerk and do so where it matters. IMHO, all voter registration information should be absolutely private and not available to any of the parties or the general public. It should be as private as the census claims to be.

  2. Consider the “Hard Hat riots” in Washington DC during the Nixon era. It may hint at what will follow on local levels when the Silent Majority reaches its limit.

    • You still haven’t defined what the silent majority consist of or who they are,if 50%don’t vote then what percentage does this silent majority hold of the remaining 50% it simply fails to add up,with out a doubt some one coined this way back when and like they drank the kool-aid why it took on a life of its own.!!!

  3. So why did you feel you needed 5 giant TVs. Was not 1 enough ? . Out here outside the Empire of Chaos, 1 suffices for most. I myself own none.
    And did the palabumn that is served up improve for having incrementaly bigger screens. Did it make you happier, more informed ?.
    Methinks you protesters too much, to quote the bard.
    ((That would be Shakespeare (William Bacon )) for the uninitiated.

    • Ah – let me refresh your memory: I sold my airplane because of eye surgeries./
      While legal to drive, it’s a pain to wear glasses all the time. 55 and 65 UHDs are a godsend.
      Also for small bench electronic work a 7 inch lcd magnifying glass is a dandy. Makes it possible to continue the electronics hobbies…
      Were I still 20-15 (and in 20’s 20-10) then who needs ’em – right there with you… but when reading is actual WORK – there’s joy to be found/engineered in reading kindle books on a big screen, for example

      • That will have auto corrected. I well understand the difference. Lets try again, Doth protest to much. despite the error the point is still valid.

    • I bought a 60″ screen for dirt cheap at a thrift store. It works, but I haven’t had the time or ambition to even hang it up on the wall. My purpose in buying it was to have 16 more security cameras in plain view without making an effort to watch them.

      Of course, I could watch a movie if I was so inclined, but I’d rather be working, studying, or sleeping.

  4. We are praying ”They will be done as in Heaven so on Earth” and when “God sends us COVID-19 to ”cull the herd” in a “benign way” we humans seem to be dissatisfied. Do we need a more devastating nuclear war instead?

    Something has to give, IMHO. Human overpopulation is our biggest problem, all else is just derivative of it. Back to the jungle — let’s just keep ourselves entertained with gossip.

    World government care about COVID-19 but ignore the spread of nuclear weapons which already should have been eliminated long time ago.

    Are YOU listening UNITED NATIONS?

  5. I’m going to throw out a prediction, George, that in the near future you’re going to spend a lot more time discussing the ins and outs of digital currencies, both sovereign and private, rather than allowing BCN have his/her moments here and there on your comments section even though I fully share your disbelief in an electronic currency preserving wealth in any way.

    Today’s Real Vision conversation between Pal and his guest, starting at about the 45 minute mark, covers some very interesting assumptions, ones they believe are quickly becoming probabilities, that deal with the confluence of competing currencies, politics and escaping any government restrictions on personal wealth movement. If you want to wade through the first half of the video be my guest but the really interesting stuff is discussed in the latter half. Basically it’s everything that makes this technology both exciting as well as horrifying at the same time. If Hitler had had this tech we could all forget about The Bomb, even though bombs are probably a whole lot more fun, and have a much better grasp of the Germanic languages.

    As it is said one goes broke gradually and then all at once (Hemingway?) which is probably the consensus of most here on your page when it comes to sovereign currencies, especially the US$. I don’t think anyone here would say the our dollar is going to last more than a few years more, at best, and keep a straight face. Everyone is hedging one way or another trying to get out of the way of all the stuff that’s coming our way. Honestly, the only thing that’s going to stop it is a major blast from the Sun that sends us back to hand written ledger books and pre-’75 vehicles.

  6. a link to a photo,antifa dressed as forest firefighters

    fire fighters or fire starters, Soros loves his antifa bitches, Markie loves everything soros,Open society,lincoln connection,,UNESCO,migrant caravans, BLM/antifa,,the clown George CONway

    the moral majority is tired of being called silent, we want justice, not more of the same life long politicians,,,TRAITORS MUST BE BROUGHT TO PAY,,tic,toc,,what is US Atty Huber doing?see my smiling face,yes sir, he is working with the military justice system. Tidal waves are events that already occurred, they just have not reach the shore,,yet!!! It takes time and legal papers to bring down a 6000yr satanic pedovore cult, through legal channels, when they have always held the power over us, the next 2 wks will bring more of them to surface for their crimes,,damn that is one big ass swamp. They are doing everything they can to muck up this election, they are fighting for their lives,,Killery says to Biden “dont concede the election, no matter what the results”

  7. 100% with you on the forest management problems, just any plot to spin their climate change agenda. All about those carbon credits, everything is a business model.

    Drove down to Yuma,Ariz. twice 2 weeks ago, 4 hour drive from here. Was on I-10 thru Baumont pass, windy every day thru there. There’s 100’s of windmills for electric power. These are the really big ones, maybe 80′ props, not one of them was turning. Drove back on I-8 thru Alpine,.Ca. and on up thru San Deigo. Again lots of very large wind turbines thru there and not one of them were turning.
    All that was during the rolling black outs here in socal. It was 120° in Yuma and 118° in Temecula,Ca. Those turbines won’t help much if there not on, but they look real nice and natural out there in the desert. The unicorn crowd here are really proud of them…

    • “There’s 100’s of windmills for electric power. These are the really big ones, maybe 80? props, not one of them was turning.”

      Exactly SoCal….I’d list the math but it would be a waste of time.. I visited with a gent he put up a fifty kw wind ..spent a shizt load of money.. I debated the large and small. There was a lot of infrastructure that he had to change. Less than ten years later..its down.. any maintenance is on a grand scale..
      Unfortunately the smaller units are discouraged and the utility companies push for the larger wind turbines that require an extreme amount of wind.
      Take the darrieus wind turbine.. big huge clumsy hard to get started but once its started runs extremely well at low wind speeds.
      The 3 kw I have doesnt even start until theres a constant seven mile an hour breeze. Full speed is at 25.
      There are many factors with the velocity of wind speed and height. I had some crazy ideas about amplifying wind velocity on a small scale. But the cost of playing around was more than i could afford and that’s just another spearrament for another old man project .

  8. Irrespective of who foots the bill, the rioters are Leftist-driven – i.e. they have rioted at the pleasure of leftist, mostly Democratic State and local Administrations. I say “at the pleasure of” because these same Administrations could quash the rioters and end the violence within a day or two if they chose to do so. Since they deliberately choose not to, the rioters, by their actions, are furthering a political agenda of these Leftists — that agenda being to get Mr. Trump out of the White House by any means possible, and at any cost.

    The “Silent Majority” which bluedogg (nor frankly anybody else, 99.99% of the time) can’t find, is beginning to wake up to this, and they’re getting p!ssed. This will make the “rioting with consent” a loser WRT Presidential politics, by the time the Election rolls around.

    Have any of y’all seen the Netflix Original movie “Cuties?”

    The principal cast is of girls who’re 11yo and under. It is beginning to cause a major sh!tstorm amongst the starched-collar and thumper crowds. I haven’t seen the movie, only the trailer (which I’d rate “R” based on the lasciviousness alone.)

    It is my considered opinion that the release of this movie at this point in time was done specifically to shift the Presidential political narrative, to make conservatives forget about the riots and hop on the kiddieporn and child exploitation bandwagon. The “firestorm of protests” begun by “Cuties” will move Kammy to the forefront of the Presidential circus, where the talking heads will conveniently not bring up the Archdiocese buying her off to not prosecute their diddling priests. Oh, they’ll bring it up eventually, probably right before the Election, when it will have no effect on the outcome…

    Leftists are proactive; Rightists are reactive. The Left ALWAYS drives the political narrative in the U.S., they do so on a “rotation of issues,” and by doing so, keep the Right continuously off-balance and on defense. Do not be surprised if “children,” not “riots,” is the issue, by the time the Election rolls around…

  9. Forgot to mention how hard Homeland Security was working. Got tailed for miles 3 times and boxed in twice by 2 vehicles front and behind. On time the rear vehicle was unmarked but easy to spot. They must of been bored as there is whole lot of nothing down along the Mexican border.

  10. “What kind of wind system?”

    Wind systems are great.. BUT… just like a building.. the higher you go the more wind you will receive.. we put ours four foot above the roof peak.. You are probably wondering .. god that sure was brilliant.. LOL.. I did it to show everyone around me that you can do it.. it is a hazard to birds.. heck the first thing I noticed is the bird love sitting on the tail as a perch.. and after all these years.. there hasn’t been one dead bird from it..
    the noise level is below that of conversation.. I put a three kw.. I should have gone with a one kw..
    I did have a wild idea for a roof mount in the form of a roof vent.. kill two birds with one stone so to speak.. but never had the money to build the prototype so its just a thought.. it would be the cats meow though if it worked.. the roof mount I built I cut out of cardboard.. I didn’t calculate in the thickness of paint.. which irritated me.. the lessons learned.. go high.. at thirty feet there is way more wind than at eighteen feet.. wind is relatively cheap go small.. the big units that have a mobile home as a generator housing require way to much in the way of infrastructure changes. Gull wing blades cut the air way better than the standard is cheap and has a great payoff.. and EVERYONE… that has listened or read my rants on how infrastructure should be changed knows how I feel about how to do it.. LOL.. sort of like airwell’s and cisterns.. solar and wind was definitely one of the best things I ever did.. even shocked me when it had a five year payoff and that was when panels were over a grand per hundred watt panel.. I don’t think the power companies should be discouraging their use.. but then I understand to.. they feel like they will loose control over the business model.. I get it.. but don’t be stupid on it.. which is what they are.. stuck in the box.. and can’t see the logic of working outside the box.. they see the box for a box.. not for what the box can become..

    • I made my roof mount by cutting my idea out of a cereal box and having it laser cut.. worked great.. I miscalculated the opening.. but hey.. it worked.. now you can buy them anywhere.. and yup my roof is intact LOL.. three days after it went up a tornado went over head.. I thought for sure the roof was gone.. it sucked windows out of houses.. and threw a building or two all over the place.. it stayed right where it was LOL..
      I once had an idea for wind turbines on every lamp post to.. LOL but wouldn’t do that now.. I think maybe on the taller street lights over highways but for the lower ones.. no just a solar panel and a co2 filter.. LOL.. solar tree’s for parks and picnic area’s.. go big but small at the same time..


        Oh those made for Missouri wind and solar are probably the closest you will ever get to having an american made wind turbine..
        they are also the ones used by NASA and govt.. on facilities in extreme weather conditions.
        great little units..After all these years there hasn’t been any negative issues with mine whatsoever ..

  11. “The report titled “Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada” and dated 2018 may be accessed here.
    Short answer: Did they put money behind it to clean up the tinderbox? ”

    great article to contemplate…My father was a real woodsman.. he cut trees to heat with almost my entire life.. he was a master and felling a tree to..

    that is the kind of stuff I seen my father do a thousand times throughout my life LOL… the two kids that he taught how still if they can, do all my tree work.. they do it out of memory for my father and his skills..My frustration was my father asked me if I wanted his equipment.. ( he made his own chains for his chainsaws.. had one big enough to take down a big tree.. I am not sure how many saws he had but he had a couple.. and his favorite axes and mauls .. etc..
    He planted what he cut.. if he cut three trees he planted three trees.. not in the same place but guaranteed somewhere a new tree was planted..
    His frustration was the stupidity of the regulations over forestry management.. he predicted when I was a little boy that there was an extreme danger for fires and that they would increase just out of the stupid rules they implemented..

  12. You made a point, but didn’t address the point George. The state of California doesn’t own most of its beautiful forest. The Federal Government does. Guess where the fires AREN’T? In the state owned forests. California has been asking the Fed for money for the past 3,5 years. Never before in the history of this state have we had more fires than we have had since 2017. Why? No Federal money to clear out the millions and millions of acres of forests. California received that money in last administrations…Obama, Bush, Clinton…And Reagan was especially generous. it was his his home state. Trump doesn’t like us because we don’t show loyalty to him…Therefore he will let us burn.

    • “California has been asking the Fed for money for the past 3,5 years.”

      Easy Peasy… stop paying the way for illegal immigrants and save those tax funds for forest management..
      Tax people living in the forests a slightly higher property tax for maintenance of the surrounding forest management. We pay a tire tax for road maintenance. Since most of those properties are multi million dollar homes I’m sure there wouldn’t be any complaints from any of them for forest management…

    • See, Mark, the fires are all your fault — even the ones in Oregon and Washington…

      Seriously, while you’re right about custodianship (I think Cali gov’t-controlled forests are between 75% and 80% Federal) cleanup and management should cost virtually nothing. Cali forests are currently infested with nearly 300,000 deadfalls. All they have to do is open the gate. Georgia-Pacific would likely clean the forests out for free. Dead trees and deadfalls are useless as lumber, but as OSB, particle-board and other chipboard products, and Masonite (and other paper products like, oh, paper maybe?) they’d be perfect… And “free” is a hard price to beat. With G-P in and out, the leaves & twigs can be controlled-burned or ground, packaged, and sold as fresh mulch.

      • “(and other paper products like, oh, paper maybe?”

        Maybe….TOILET PAPER.. wood alcohol for hand sanitizer.. no more reasons for fighting in the isles for round 2 this winter..

      • The wood and paper companies do clean up…but there is more supply than demand at this point. They can’t keep,up. Even though Texas is bigger, we have the largest and most dense forested land in the country.

      • “but there is more supply than demand at this point.”

        Tell that to all the OSB-shoppers whose purchase price vaulted from $6 to $20 over the past few months…

  13. RFIM does mention ecological and environmental concerns a few times. I always figured that global warming generally is logically relatable to the intent of that book based on those sections.

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