I normally don’t get irked and amped enough on Sunday to write not one but  two columns.  However, exceptional stupidity requires someone stand up and call bullshit.

Since stories – like this one  earlier this week in the New York Times are selling the “Party Line” on “climate change” – “A Climate Reckoning in Fire-Stricken California.”

This Big Lie is being repeated all over the place.  Go ahead and hit Google or Bing and toss in “climate change” plus “forest fire” and you’ll see another useless example of the crooked media playing follow the lefty’s agenda.

OR – look up the Little Hoover Commission.


Never heard of it?  Not the Large Hadron Collider, lol.   Wiki it:

“The California Little Hoover Commission (LHC), officially the Milton Marks “Little Hoover” Commission on California State Government Organization and Economy,[1] is an independent California state oversight agency modeled after the Hoover Commission and created in 1962, that investigates state government operations and promotes efficiency, economy and improved service through reports, recommendations and legislative proposals.”

OK, Why?

Ah…we stumble onto “the Point.”

Couple of years back, the Little Hoover Commission looked at fire risk in the Sierra Nevada (and much applies to other parts of California).  Here’s three paragraphs to keep in mind when you get earfuls or eyefuls of misleading climate spew:

“In this report, the Commission calls for transformational culture change in its forest management practices. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported in December 2017 that approximately 27 million trees had died statewide on federal, state and private lands since November 2016. The tally brought to 129 million the number of trees that have died in California forests during years of drought and bark beetle infestations since 2010.

During its review, the Commission found that California’s forests suffer from neglect and mismanagement, resulting in overcrowding that leaves them susceptible to disease, insects and wildfire.  The Commission found commitment to long-lasting forest management changes at the highest levels of government, but that support for those changes needs to spread down not just through the state’s massive bureaucracy and law- and policymaking apparatuses, but among the general public as well.  Complicating the management problem is the fact that the State of California owns very few of the forests within its borders – most are owned by the federal government or private landowners.

Among the Commission’s nine recommendations, it urges the state to take a greater leadership role in collaborative forest management planning at the watershed level.  The Good Neighbor Authority granted in the 2014 Farm Bill provides a mechanism for the state to conduct restoration activities on federal land, but state agencies must have the financial and personnel resources to perform this work.  As part of this collaborative effort, it calls upon the state to use more prescribed fire to reinvigorate forests, inhibit firestorms and help protect air and water quality.  Central to these efforts must be a statewide public education campaign to help Californians understand why healthy forests matter to them, and elicit buy-in for the much-needed forest treatments.”

The report titled “Fire on the Mountain: Rethinking Forest Management in the Sierra Nevada” and dated 2018 may be accessed here.

Short answer:  Did they put money behind it to clean up the tinderbox?  Why, we need to check genders and pile money into social programs….

You can likely smell the answers.

“So What IS Climate Change?”

Climate change is a continuous and ongoing process that has been working for millions of years.  Yes.  MILLIONS.

You can’t charge a tax and end it.  You can’t kill everyone on Earth and end it, either.  You can live closer to the earth.  You can pick an honest line and walk it.  I have purchased and installed 30 – yeah – thirty – solar panels I sell back to the grid.

As the climate hypocrites how many panels they own?  What kind of wind system?  How much insulation did they add in?  How many low-E windows did they put in?

Except for wind, we’ve gone it all. We’re in Wind Zone 2 – and any wind farms around here would be political payoffs for campaign contributions.  Donate money, get a wind farm lease…surely, you know how this shit works, right?

Saturation At Hand

A while back, some think tanks figured out that although the Report from Iron Mountain (On the Accessibility and Desirability of Peace) was right on many accounts, they missed the coming of – and impact from – social media.

The Report – supposedly a parody on think tanks – dates from the Vietnam war era.  It “worried” what would happen to the world’s economy if peace were to break out. The short answer??? Collapse.

You see, people NEED a crisis in orders to subjugate themselves to government control.  With me so far?  You don’t give away 25 to 50% of all your earnings because of love, do you?  *(Maybe, but the other 25-50% then)

OK – the usual suspects as war replacements were named – including pandemic disease.  Sound familiar?

But the one mega-hoax that was NOT in the Iron Mountain study was a “climate change” scam.”  South Sea Bubble financial bubble of pseudo-sciencers.

A lot of leading intellectual thinkers (like that former national pol turned climate guy who flies in corporate jets to give speeches and say, didn’t he claim to have invented the Internet, too?) jumped on it.

Like the other ones that Iron Mountain missed (social uprisings online – which encompasses everything from ISIS to Antifa, from BLM to gender-selling and the whole shaming of hard work and honest rewards) – these are the world’s New Industries for Growth.


Sure…  When REAL business formation and innovation max out (how many UHD TVs do you need to own?  We have 4 or 5)  and there’s still mainly lowest common denominator crappe to watch anyway – so where’s the “growth” in the digital world?

We have a terrible conundrum: If we’re at saturation on the physical hardware backplanes (what possible new features can Apple come up with besides a replicator and holodeck?) all that’s left is mob memberships and conflict in digital spaces.

Which is why Marxist groups are having a field day – as are climateers:  It’s all a business model – and that means an excuse to tax – and excuse to suspend critical thinking and join the online mobs.

The Cowards of California

Other news item that pisses me off to the point of turning on one of the aofrementioned UHDs and a keyboard…

Sickening enough that 2 LA County Sheriffs were ambushed and shot in Compton overnight.

But protesters at the hospital where they’re being treated?

This is more left-wing Marxist bullshit to get people whipped into a frenzy so when the lefties haul out the “presidential election demonstrations” we will have martial law.

It’s about to be 1917 all over again. Oh boy…I can hardly wait for the “rubble.”  Except what the commie-crats don’t understand is America’s silent majority is getting ever-more pissed.  Really pissed.

The Marxists won’t tell you “Money goes where Good Commerce Flows” – which they should have mentioned in New York, Minneapolis, Rochester, and Kenosha. They’ll rant and scream that America is racist.  Yeah, but did you see this story?  Isn’t that discrimination, as well?  Could a white development like this one happen?

We’re losing our way quickly now.  But it’s not the smoke.  Except that blown up your your-know-what by crooks who want your wallet in the worlst possible way.

Write when you get rich,