Drought – Markets Claw Back – Useful Health Notes

With no major financial stories to parrot, (Dow futures +236) we find ourselves, once again, stuck in “The Investor’s Dilemma.” Which happens when we have “conflicting inputs” for investment decisions.

You see, just as the (bicameral) brain often operates like a deadlocked House vs. Senate, and just as duality appears in poetic as compared with mathematical mind, so too duality manifests in our investment decision-making.

There is fundamental analysis and there is technical analysis.

Technical analysis is (generalizing) the “looking at the numbers” which include things like up volume and down volume, and some honestly neat behaviors arising from the “measurement numbers.”

Fundamental analysis is different.  Less worried about specific price behavior, “fundamentalists” look at our old friend “supply and demand” and throw in a handful of tea leaf reading, futuring, projecting (and prognosticating).

Oftentimes, this impossible debate goes on in “spaces between ears” without rising to the level of aware decision-making.  Most people go “long or short” their investments based purely on “gut feeling.”

While that 1929 Replay chart we put up yesterday is a useful technical tool, this morning we are back in brutal debate as the “two faces of future” again square-off.

Fundamentals Suck

U.S. Drought Monitor for the week looks like this:

Weekly drought map
The US Drought Monitor is jointly produced by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska Lincoln the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Map courtesy of NDMC

Apparent?  It’s spreading.  Over half of the country is suffering drought.  You simply can’t find many things more “fundamental” than food and water

Most people think of Sri Lanka as a far-off place.  And, OK, it is.  9,687 miles from Dallas.  But pay attention to how “food is fundament” is playing out there in ‘We are going to die’: Food shortages add to Sri Lanka’s woes.

The Sri government is in collapse, saying it will “buy fertilizer” and yet, that horrible “grow time” issue (plant to harvest) is likely to kill many people.

That’s not the horror story when you realize how that same dynamic is being engineered into America’s future by our perhaps most incompetent administration ever.

We have to fault pabulum-serving media for pandering “stories” like Biden to arm Ukraine with deadly weapons and STOP Putin’s horror plot to starve millions. WHOSE????  The FACT is that Biden is solely responsible for food shortages, having taunted Russia into war over Ukraine.

It remains to us, clear as day that Biden propagandists should (again) be removed from taxpayer-funded jobs.  It’s not the role of government to Lie.  In theory, government should be solving problems.

We also have to wryly note that Sanctions is a game both sides can play.  So keep an eye on Finland’s gas flows from Russia to be shut off from Saturday: Energy provider.

Now here’s the real schiznit:  Ukraine crisis: What does Russia’s war mean for global climate goals? Watch as co-marketing UkrWar and  “climate change” becomes a sub-cause (green-war talking point) behind Ukraine.  AYFKM?  Lousy propagandists.  Next, beautiful spouses and wealth will be ascribed to supporting Ukraine.  All part of a Biden too far.  Next supporting Ukraine will prevent Covid…

Meanwhile the “food shortage – regime change” concept is likely to spread worldwide.  Police clash with protesters as riots over food prices spread in Iran.  Globalism’s big “closing scene” is here.

Side-Read:  The Covid Lie

There is a dynamite article on PubMed COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? – PMC (nih.gov) that demands a read.,  Because it really digs in to government lying and deception.

“The media (TV, newspapers, magazines, etc), medical societies, state medical boards and the owners of social media have appointed themselves to be the sole source of information concerning this so-called “pandemic”. Websites have been removed, highly credentialed and experienced clinical doctors and scientific experts in the field of infectious diseases have been demonized, careers have been destroyed and all dissenting information has been labeled “misinformation” and “dangerous lies”, even when sourced from top experts in the fields of virology, infectious diseases, pulmonary critical care, and epidemiology. These blackouts of truth occur even when this information is backed by extensive scientific citations from some of the most qualified medical specialists in the world.[] Incredibly, even individuals, such as Dr. Michael Yeadon, a retired ex-Chief Scientist, and vice-president for the science division of Pfizer Pharmaceutical company in the UK, who charged the company with making an extremely dangerous vaccine, is ignored and demonized. Further, he, along with other highly qualified scientists have stated that no one should take this vaccine.”

And it gets better – definitely worth a read and hat-tip to reader Mark (in the old lines state) for the find.

Not that it matters, since people getting vaccinated gave-up their right to sue for damages.

Technical: Back on Point

The flip side of investing is the technical analysis perspective which includes:

As we see it, the big Tug-o-War sees the wet dreams of the financialization crowd being overwhelmed by fundamental Realities.

So, while Bitcoin has scrambled back over $30,000, we also look at stories like Lake Travis now at its lowest level since May 2015 and Drought expected to affect much of Pacific Northwest. whisper between the lines that the “nominally Real” events in life are lining up to mug the formerly smug money drug peddlers.

Coming soon to a planet near you.


(We would have labeled this part of the column In the Shorts like we always do.  But then there was this story…)

Elon Musk Allegedly Exposed His Erect Penis to SpaceX Employee.  Another he-said-she-said all likely orchestrated by the PowerThatBe who presently is under attack because he wants to clean up Twitter (and the rest of social). Which they presently have a lock on – with all their bots – to move public opinion wherever they want it…  Did she get the horse?

Another Pandemic potential?  Germany detects first case of monkeypox.

Ned Ludd was right dept:  German farm owner saves fuel money with horse-drawn carriage.  (Interesting YT last night – surprising things many Amish homes have in common – first rate thinking there – worth a watch.)

At Power-Monger central:  Davos is back but participants have to be vaccinated and tested.

Turn off 5G Mind Control? Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks.

Around the Ranch

Now Hear This:  Our regular chat with my pal of almost 70-years (the Major) learned that the newest hearing aids for people now include (optional) BlueTooth connectivity.

Which we were gaming last night – trying to figure out which BT headphone-jack transmitters would work with his Elecraft K3(small).

Call Cranny:  Second health note is Elaine and I may be adding cranberry concentrate to the daily vitamin stack.  You’ve seen the articles this week like Eating cranberries may improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia, study finds.  We are still digging to see which form is best (D-Mannose can be isolated, or the whole,. organic concentrate).  If you have research on this, let us know!

Drought Break due here:  We are in for four or five days with a good chance of rain each one.  Maybe enough to catch up since the unusually hot May has left us down an inch, or so, from normal.

ShopTalk Sunday:  We went “hot-rodding” out two welder carts this week and tossed in some photos,  Made a great difference in how they roll.

A Second Argon Tank is on the shop list.  Fine point of welding here:  75 percent argon, 25% Co2 is great for MIG (wire welder) shielding gas.  But the new TIG welder demands 100% Argon which a little more dough.

Turns out, “choice of welding technology is like dealing with women: – If you dally with more than one at a time, things can get expensive…”

Off to more Making – and yes, gardens are doing fine.

[We did tell you back in December this was coming.  And with the Drooler squad doing “serial foot shots” (as in shooting themselves in the foot) we know things will only get worse from here.

I mean when Abortion activist eviscerated for testifying that men can have abortions: ‘The party of science’ you know maniacal behavior has been cast like a pall over the Country.

Everywhere else in Nature, there are only two sexes.  Things seem to have worked for millions of years.  But now? Math must be racist, huh? Only humans can’t count.]

Write when you get rich,


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49 thoughts on “Drought – Markets Claw Back – Useful Health Notes”

  1. Since Twitter is mostly bots Musk should join forces with Trump and get Truth Social going. A perfectly good server farm is sitting there idle.

    • I tried to set up an account there but it was for apple phones only or at least I couldn’t find a way to get it on my pc or cell. Didn’t quite understand how he went live with only one platform

  2. To carry over the hearing aid discussion from yesterday, my set has Bluetooth functionality, too. They actually sync with each other when you power them up. So, one button for volume up and one for volume down. They also can link with a smartphone and with the app you can change the sound profiles for different environments. They basically work like Bluetooth ear buds for phone calls and music, etc.

    The only problem is that the sound quality is terrible since that’s not their primary design. I has a very ‘tinny’ sound. The thing I dislike the most is that if you receive a phone call they basically ring directly into the center of your brain…it’s LOUD and startling to say the least. Not so good if you’re cruising down the highway. I don’t use those functions and I don’t connect my phone to them. It’s kind of a cool concept, but in practice it doesn’t gee haw for me.

    • I have hated mine ever since I got them 20 years ago. Upgraded twice and still hate them. It’s like shoving sharpened sticks in my ears just so I can hear someone yelling at me.

      • I agree…the sound quality overall is not the best. It’s not natural sounding. I think what I have going for me is my hearing loss in the middle range and not the high range which would probably be more like sharpened sticks into the brain.

        I’ve gotten used to it and it cancels out the tinnitus somehow which is a great relief. That shit sucks.

    • I’ve had hearing aids with those features for about a year and a half. I also had a problem with too much high end. Doc says that due to neuroplasticity, the brain needs time to adjust to the devices and the software needs to be tweaked over several months as the brain does its thing.
      They can also transpose the high end down closer to mid-range. That way, you can hear what’s being said but without the tinniness.
      Also, the Bluetooth will pair with the TV if I get within range. Drives the wife nuts because it cuts off the TV speakers.

  3. “Did she get the horse?” If she got the supposed 250K I’m going to speculate she got the trouser snake and not the horse!

    • Part of her duties were to give massages to Elon and possibly others. She was trained as a professional masseuse while employed. How on earth can a professional masseuse avoid seeing a penis when doing a full body massage on a man, especially if it’s in flight? Draping only goes so far, and that’s generally a choice agreed upon between the participants. This woman has already extracted 1/4 million from the company and should quit while she’s ahead.

      I truly despise biased “stories” masquerading as news.

  4. “Ned Ludd was right dept: German farm owner saves fuel money with horse-drawn carriage. (Interesting YT last night – surprising things many Amish homes have in common – first rate thinking there – worth a watch.)”

    We all take our luxuries for granted.. until it is gone we won’t know..I have said for years.. the ones that will survive and flourish are the Amish colonies.. I couldn’t buy my wheat until they bought their seeds.. they only grow what they eat..


  5. After fuel prices, the subject of horses again has risen to #2 on The Executive Committee discussion list and our first observance yesterday was that our group has plenty of asses already.
    It’s all fun until somebody falls off and busts their ass.

    Stay safe. 73

    • Horses are not free. Someone has to feed and water them, along with housing and other maintenance. Diesel is cheaper(so far).

      • A horse costs as much as a car and doesn’t go as far. Board averages minimum $500.00 per month also vet and blacksmith $2500.00 per year minimum.

        Then there is equipment like bridles boots, and a saddle that needs to be cared for. Oh and all of this and you haven’t done anything.

        If you are into any sort of sports, add a trailer or horse box (cube van designed to carry horses); and fees for entry into competitions or shows and travel expenses.

        Then to finish the list of expenses there are outfits for the rider. A while ago Gwyneth Paltrow had a nice jacket for sale on her web site for £2,500.00

  6. “Elaine and I may be adding cranberry concentrate to the daily vitamin stack. You’ve seen the articles this week like Eating cranberries may improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia, study finds.”

    Y’all might also look at exogenous ketones. I dug a little, after Andy’s post regarding ketone powder added to his oatmeal, and came across this:


    which, to me, looks like a means of avoiding a stroke…

  7. “(Interesting YT last night – surprising things many Amish homes have in common – first rate thinking there – worth a watch.)”


  8. Yo Jorge, might I suggest that all of your readers please forward the NIH article COVID update to all of their friends that might still be under the spell of the propaganda that continues to be spewed by the lame stream media. Bernays would be so proud of his teachings (propaganda) being used today. The truth will always come out…..
    One note: Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity and is most likely lifelong. That sounds like a winner, winner chicken dinner…

    • Mark, I did that today, and the first response from a friend was, “And why are you sending me this?”
      Another one was, “Thank you.”

      Both will probably not read it.

      I sent it to my family, one has responded so far, he said: “It is time to stop the insanity & bring these people to justice” OK. How? ”

      Out of 15 to 20 sends, my guess is 5 or 6 will fully read it.

      See, Lester Holt has more authenticity than a family member or friend.

      I wonder if this is how Noah felt before he finally stopped talking and just got working with saving his family and building the ark.

      Ark builders continue!!!

      Preppers RUS. Yes, I see what I did there.

      • Preppers, I sent a link of this to county health dept, governer of md, his chief of staff, my local AA co delegates asking for their impression of this “enlightening information”. One gent I sent it to attacked the author, (for whatever reason), and did not address a single fact. I guess some people will never understand….Frustrating yes, but I believe in the human spirit and the truth will prevail, never , ever give in to these wack jobs.
        I am looking forward to Nuremberg 2.0….Like I posted months ago, once the lawyers get involved ($$$$) things will change drastically.

    • I suggest that everyone forward it to their employer or university if they were “mandated” to get injected. Such institutions could also be reminded that mandating such things leaves them liable for lawsuits and damages regardless of the so-called immunity provided to the manufacturers. Furthermore, said manufacturers are still liable if fraud on their part can be proven as it would nullify legal immunity.

  9. Have you heard of Good Neighbor Next Door? Supposedly teachers, Police, Emergency Personnel, and Firefighters can buy a house for 50% off in local neighborhoods if they promise to live in it for at least 3 years. It seems legit

    • It is Real @Eleanor …. It use to be Urban Homesteading..
      In Detroit.. they are doing that with the mansions that the wealthy had when it was an industrial manufacturing city I seen one that was absolutely beautiful in its day for a thousand dollars..the cost to bring it up to livable was more than what the average would earn….In the big cities though.. it is in usually high crime area’s and Ghetto’s..
      I had looked at one in a big city once that was in the urban homesteading project.. I seriously doubt a white man could walk down the street safely there and live to tell about it and I didn’t take it they wanted a dollar for it as long as you put improvements on it yearly…… .. then missed one that was right in front of me in a safe neighborhood…. that house sold for two hundred and fifty dollars.. I knew the guy that bought it.. he put ten thousand in it because he had to bring it up to code and make it livable.. .. lived in it for the what was it five or seven years.. then he sold it..

  10. I read the other day that when Rome was burning, the Roman senate was debating the issue of whether angels were male or female. I thought about how far we have come as we debate whether men can have babies!


    “Elon Musk Allegedly Exposed His Erect Penis to SpaceX Employee”

    Is there a different charge of intent for exposing a flaccid penis? I am sure there is a lawyer or two that would love to argue that one.

    • “Is there a different charge of intent for exposing a flaccid penis?”

      I believe the charge for both is “wishful thinking” but if flaccid, it’s reduced to a misdeminor(sic)…

      • “but if flaccid, it’s reduced to a misdeminor”

        LOL LOL LOL… as long as she didn’t start laughing and pointing at it. then it would just be an embarrassing moment that would torture his male ego for years to come… LOL LOL LOL…

  11. Another Pandemic potential? Tucker Carlson at FOX News has found a different meaning for “PANDEMIC”.

    President Biden put the U.S.A. back in the World Health Organization. That has an immediate action in regards to the word “PANDEMIC”. All WHO members are required to permit the WHO to control member country’s methods of treating a named PANDEMIC. In the US, CDC will be required to follow the WHO best practices and enforce their procedures. They can and will REQUIRE TREATMENT OF EVERY CITIZEN BY DIRECT ACTION! They can come to every home and force everyone in the home to receive their shot. Resistance COULD result in an arrest or gun battle.

    If you go to “https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2022/05/20/tucker_carlson_biden_is_giving_control_of_our_public_health” you will be able to see that our country has chosen to let the WHO control every citizen in America. Their words:

    “The World Health Organization gets to define what a pandemic is, when a pandemic is in progress and how long a pandemic lasts. Then you read the fine print and you realize the W.H.O will have total authority over emergency operations in the United States if there’s ever a “public health emergency.”

    We will have DR. ANTHONY FAUCI leading the pack. As the WHO makes clear, “They will have total authority.”

    Our country is being taken away from us.

  12. I have mixed feelings about the “Drought” affecting the west. People forget, or never noticed, that everything starting from about 150-200 miles west of the Mississippi /Missouri Rivers to the Pacific Ocean, except for the Pac NW is in an EXTREMELY arid part of North America. It has always been arid. Shocking I know!

    What the government and so called “scientists” of the day back when they were setting up the tables of what is “normal” for the west wrt rain did was to chose HIGH rain years as the standard average, which is now coming back to haunt them in spades now that we are at the lower band of normal.

    1/2 of the problem is a problem of their own making since all sorts of economic (development) and political pressures were pushing the players to ONLY look at the upper end of the rain scale as being normal. If looked at in a rational manner much of the West should NEVER have been farmed to begin with … and irrigation farming while productive can NEVER be as stable as farming in an area with a record of 50 years of steady natural rain where NO irrigation is needed.

    Add into that agricultural farming mix the HUGE population growth in the west that is DEMANDING water for all the stuff that humans want to use it for, including landscaping that is not native to the low rain areas, and suddenly there is more demand for what water exists than there is water.

    FINALLY we still don’t know the climate impact of the 20th century “experiment” of suppressing the natural fires in the West. MASSIVE FIRE SUPPRESSION has been the name of the game in the west since about 1900, really taking off in the early 1920’s, which means that the forests throughout the West are now VERY unhealthy and NOT in their natural state anymore.

    Can that massive fire suppression have had a climate impact?

    Most certainly, as shown by the unexpected results in Yellowstone where just the simple task of reintroducing wolves has totally changed the vegetation growth and stream flows in much of the park as wolves brought the elk and other species back into a more balanced state. Yep … just reintroducing wolves has totally changed stream flows and vegetation inside the park. The so called “Scientists” were SHOCKED!!

    NOT ALLOWING natural wildfires to occure over the many HUNDREDS of millions of acres in the west has had to cause at least localized climate effects since the natural aspiration of the vegetation that grows there is now very very different from what it was in the 1800’s.

    Living or try to “farm” in a low water environment, bordering on a desert environment wrt annual rainfall, means there are going to be problems. People should know that up front.

    IMO the so called “Drought Maps” need to be modified since all of those areas that show low to moderate drought are in reality just showing NORMAL conditions!! Scientists and those with vested economic interests are HYPING the issue so they can get government funding for this or that imo.

    Is a lack of water really an issue for California? Or is the real issue an overabundance of human animals competing for a naturally scarce resource, water? (in my lifetime the population of California has DOUBLED!!) Ditto Arizona. Ditto Colorado. Ditto Utah. Ditto Nevada. Ditto Wyoming. Ditto New Mexico. Ditto Texas west of those areas within about 200 miles of the Mississippi. so on and so forth.

    Take those “Drought Maps” with not just a grain of salt but with a Salt Mine worth of salt. Sure under the “idealized” conditions of the maps (read “WET YEARS ONLY” maps) there is a water shortage, but if looked at from a true normalized perspective the so called “dought” would be shown to be 10% or less of what the maps are showing (imo)

    • All excellent points. You definitely have an uncommon handle on this situation. The other thing that is not accounted for is weather manipulation by both the U.S. and foreign governments. It’s an unknown factor that cannot be quantified.

    • Excellent, Stephen, and we are bringing in hundreds of thousands a month illegally and many legally so expect populations to keep surging.

    • tip o iceberg Homey, tip o ice berg. These geniuses out Cali have been chemical fertilizing for ages – that is all that is left in the ground – Salts.
      Why they need more and more irrigation to overcome the salt levels..that have built up hugely over the years. There is no bail out Aridfication, there is no stopping the process once started.

      The entire SHEBANG is tits up Already . see dual israhell citizen m.chertoff replacing scary poppins at ministry of truth. he of the DNA destroying radiation machines at all US airports – owned the company that makes the machines using the same radiation/ frequency that is used to split open DNA. Evil POS hates Us, a blood-hatred for mankind those types – right lil evil G Bush – freudian sliphammer.

      – we are all still just “whistling on by the graveyard” hoping like hell for this Nightmare to stop her wild ride. She will never stop, until outside force is applied in an extremely prejudicial manner.

    • There are more acres of lawn in the USA than producing farmland.

      There is no problem anywhere in the world that is not exacerbated by too many people or USA involvement.

      Those are the roots of human problems, everything else is a branch, a symptom of the presence of those tel issues.

      • And the hell of it is, in most places, even if there’s no HOA, we still can’t grow crops in our front yards.

    • I’m not terribly concerned about drought, though I do maintain about 1000 gallons of potable water in reserve. I’ll expand that when I have time. This time of year is dry and windy as a matter of course. If it remained like this in the July and August monsoon season, I might get concerned. The key to living in dry areas is to use very little water to begin with and keep reserves when possible. Having only one source of potable water is just dumb.

      I stopped outdoor gardening when I realized that the time, effort, water and (lack of) results just made no sense. There’s far too much competition for anything edible and the sun sucks up any water quickly. Dryland farming can be done by some and was successful in the past. I’ll stick to gardening in controlled environments only. At least I don’t have to think about mowing for another month, at least.

      • The problem in the west is people are used to cheap water. There is lots of water out here but getting it to our faucets may require some large amounts of money. Take El Paso Tex the govt wanted to expand Ft Bliss so they and the city went out east of town and built a desasaltiznation plant that has enough water to last until the second coming. Its going to take some money but is doable. Albuquerque has plenty of underground water but the lifting cost is much greater than getting from gravity flow from the colorado river. California just has to bite the bullet and put in water cleaning plants on the Pacific coast where there is plenty of water.

  13. Comrades,

    Well, Mr. Musk’s dog and pony show is in Brazil today meeting with their president for discussions to “Starlink” the Amazon. Don’t worry, Texas…someday it will be your turn…

    That “Gizmodo” story about Mr. Musk was not from the horse’s mouth. Apparently they got their scoop from a “friend” of the alleged observer. Anyhow with all due respect to sage, the top dog at “Gizmodo” has at times apparently been affectionately referenced as “Herb” by disaffected staff.

    Gizmodo’s caste level in the investophere appears to have improved since their takeover by Boston’s Globe Hill Partners, now minority owned by the Schwarzman co-founded Blackstone.

    Mr. Schwarzman has been an oracle to multiple White House administrations. The diamond in his philanthropic crown, Schwarzman Scholars, appears to be modeled upon that of the late founder of DeBeers, Cecil Rhodes, whose Rhodes Scholar graduates have included the saxophonist President Clinton. The Schwarzman Scholars study at Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University, Beijing. It is their opportunity to learn about “.. China’s changing role in the world…”.


    • I am forced to consider that this whole thing is being orchestrated by a third power that is relishing the beating it is giving America from behind the wall of secrets. At this point so should you… -J.Heart

  14. George,

    You keep writing like the “hidden hand,” supply and demand still existin markets around the world. They have been gone since 2008. Prices and valuations are determined by other factors, such as infant formula factories shut down, or electrical generation unavailable for maintenance.

    The only time supply and demand is a factor is when it has been decided to raise prices, then the msm posts whatever is necessary to hide the manipulation from the citizens view.

  15. “A one and a two and hit it boys” I’m looking over, my dead dog Rover..

    “Ill say look at me when Im talking to ya Son” -FHLH https://youtu.be/iNPiql-pnLc

    BBbbbbbbbaack up the truck – BTC is on Sale ! Que the hallelujah choir – Buybuybuybuybuybuy..

    Risk = everything
    Reward = ??

    BTC its not just a digital currency – its a way of Life! Go BTC

  16. “Biden’s road to record-high gas prices may soon lead to rationing”

    Gasoline prices at the pump have always fluctuated within a regular epicycle of global oil prices, but the Biden administration’s every policy choice from its first day in office has contributed significantly to this week’s news that gas prices exceed $4 a gallon in all 50 states. President Biden and the Democrats seem determined to repeat every policy mistake of the 1970s, and it might not end until Biden attempts to impose price controls and rationing.


  17. Bodies Pulled From Parched Lake Mead Stir Wise-Guy Ghosts of Las Vegas

    Ever since the bodies started turning up this month in Lake Mead — the first in a barrel, the next half-buried in sand, both exposed by plunging water levels — theories in Las Vegas are flourishing about who they are, how they wound up in the country’s largest man-made reservoir, and what might surface next.


  18. Russian Fleet U.S. Plans to Destroy Has Missiles Ready to Fire: Ukraine

    The United States is reportedly working on a plan to help remove a Russian blockade of Ukraine’s ports, with one Ukrainian official indicating that the possible plan could involve Russian ships with missiles “ready for use.”


    WTF? Does Biden really want to be the last-ever President of the United States…?

  19. So, Mr. Biden arrived in Seoul and promptly went “off-teleprompter” with an adlib that flubbed the RoK president Yoon name with that of his predecessor Moon. What friendly forces in White House scheduling could have thought it a good idea to have their president whisked into the thick of things at Seoul immediately following 17 hours of travel (including a 90 minute!? groundstop at Anchorage) which had been preceded already by his half-day at the office! The duration of Mr. Biden’s scheduled duty workday from start to finish was 23 hours 50 minutes. Oh well, gaffe or not, made the editor’s Friday evening North American news deadline, woot, woot!

    Was it jetlag or briefing notes stuck in a time warp? A year within a day ago, Mr. Biden met the then RoK president Moon at the White House.

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