Moment of Realization

Bear!  The report that the stock market (measured by the Dow Industrials) has now experienced its longest losing streak since 1923 is certainly no surprise around here.  Our subscribers have enjoyed the advantage of a multiple-index, equal dollar weighted average to help put present day – and historic al times – into perspective.

Overall, though, most Americans don’t really care.  They still parrot whatever the “financial products” sales crews are selling.  Believing somehow that an evolving serious recession from Q3 this year – accompanied by gasoline shortages along with insufficient food – can’t possibly happen to them.

Good luck with that.

For the rest of us, though?  We are crystal clear on what needs to be done.  Plan a course through the upcoming American Upheaval that will ensure as much risk and minimize personal disruptions as much as possible.

Although Elaine and I have been prepping since selling our sailboat and moving ashore in 2002, the real “topping off” for this sleigh ride commenced late last year when it became clear in our modeling of future, that it really was time to begin survival gardening in earnest

We’ve habitually been “early adopters” though.  So this morning a few notes and plenty of charts about how this “recognizing The Shift” might play out.

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52 thoughts on “Moment of Realization”

  1. Two things are becoming more obvious by the day.

    (1) There is no way the Dems are going to allow November to happen with their extinction clearly in sight. Something very big is coming in the next 6 months to prevent, delay, suppress, avoid ……the mid-term election.

    (2) Pfizer will have Monkey pox vaccine available very soon.

    • Great point @BIC…..
      There were some laws passed by our ever idiot congress to lay to read.. all aimed at the cold war scenarios.. similar to the patriot act..i personally think stupid as well.. all the points to protect the country were coverd in other laws passed.. just like the gun grab their attempting..
      I forget which law it is now and since I’m banned to visit and read laws at the Thomas library.. ( I still can just not from home and I am not going to go to the library to surf the archives right now)
      But the whole purpose i got out of the law was COG…in the event where the USA is in jeopardy where the secretary of defense makes a declaration that the country is in a state of emergency.. congress would be sent home and the president and military would be in total control..Marshall law and curfews etc.
      I thought it was headed that way with BLM and Antifa…with congress screaming down with white and let’s defund the police in the highest crime areas..
      Oh by the way.. that also is a plan laid out in adolphs second secret book..
      Worded more eloquently than I out it .. but basically promote greed and get the population dependent on govt programs…then take the wealth of the top 29 percent with the support of the people.
      Besides BLM and Antifa we have millions being smuggled across the borders of military aged from countries that swore vengeance f or our actions..
      Will they ever do it..who knows but the laws are there if they want to..


    • “Something very big is coming in the next 6 months”

      Not necessarily. The Democrats gamed the 2020 Election to (my best estimate) the tune of over 30 million votes (most in districts where Federal election outcomes weren’t significantly affected.) I strongly suspect they believe they can do so again. U.S. “Presidential” elections generally see a voter turnout of ~55%-60%. “Off-year” elections often see little more than half that.

      Leftist propaganda sources have laid the groundwork for the argument that there are ~230mln voters in the USA. This is highly-inaccurate. With a population of 332mln as of November, 2020, roughly 90mln were school children, 60mln were non-citizens, and 32mln were current or former convicts (who permanently lose their Right to vote, in most jurisdictions.)

      I mentioned I have a peculiar way of viewing news or statistics (or political promises) which involve hard numbers. I will STOP EVERYTHING and run out a set of calculations or equations when I hear stuff like this, and the message the numbers tell may have nothing to do with the message they’re being purportedly used to convey.

      For instance, the above numbers prove, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the 2020 U.S. General Election had a more than 100% voter turnout. AFAICT, nobody besides me has noticed.

      But I did notice…

      Turnout for the 2022 Midterm Election should be between about 62mln and 70mln. A turnout much above 77mln would shatter nearly 200 years of patterns and precedents, but we could eclipse that mark honestly, with hundreds of millions of residents pissed at the Administration, and abortion “rights” on the table. Republicans should gain about a 55-45 majority in the Senate (could legitimately be as high as 57-43, as both the States of Washington and New Hampshire are “in-play” this election), and about a 272-163 majority in the House, based on a combination of historical precedent of midterm elections and the popularity (or lack, thereof) of the current President.

      I expect pump gas to be in the $10/gal range, and diesel to be kissing $12/gal when our election day (November 8th, this year) rolls around. I may splurge and buy a $50/lb Porterhouse or NY strip steak to grill on my November 9th holiday (celebrating the end of politically-stupid.*) It should go nicely with my $6 Budweiser and store-bought $8 apiece baked beans and potato salad.

      * If the election is cooked again, the hundred bucks for this meal will be my first contribution to my “moving to Medellin fund…” At least in Columbia you know who the crooks are.

      • Census

        Trump complained about voter fraud. I always discounted it.

        But yesterday, Minnesota reported that 3.8% of the people counted in MN didn’t exist. 219,000 “people” were tallied in MN that weren’t. Far more in New York.

        Did these phantom people vote?

        I know MN had a big get-out-the-vote plan. They would call us on the phone trying to register us over the phone; get us to vote; stop us going into a grocery store to register or get us to vote; knock on our house door, several times! Hold meetings to get people registered and vote. Often it included absentee mail-in voting.

        How is that even possible? Phantom people?

        Does it reflect other states? Yes. If it does, it may imply that Trump should have been a shoe-in President if counts were accurate -if the phantoms voted.

        In MN, they know it only required 26 votes to keep a representative we shouldn’t have had but evidently nothing can be changed to reflect the correct numbers.

        They called it an “overcount”. and .

        It meant MN kept its extra representative that New York should have had.

        It means all those benefits and $$ that should have gone to NY will go to MN.

        Yet, no one seems to talk about it. I guess if something is wrong or dishonest and it benefits the Left, it’s Ok.


      • “Did these phantom people vote?”

        Well @dell in Minneapolis
        I did get upset on how my parents must have voted last election so I stopped by the grave yard and had a long talk with my parents about them voting for that idiot.. Now to be honest.. I still think Kammy is pretty.. but then I listen to her talk and I think that she should dye her hair the proper color to fit the personality she comes out with..

  2. A pox on this market – dude suggest spreading the index etf’s tween Bullish and Bearish..unwind losing side and load up winning side as moves unfold.

    – a friggin monkey pox for the Monkey/Editor of this hear “yellow” news blog as well..

    In light of Event 202 it is only a matta of time till we see start seeing smallpox/mokey pox stats tables showing PN subs the EXTYREMELY DANGEROUS and DEADLY Pox numbers coming from results of WHO vote near U tomorrow/Sunday. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Looks like the retard and chief bending USA over-again , grabbing Her by the shoulders – so the kissinger-schwabyredshieldsorass Monster can collectively and continuously anal rape American populace..again.

    What, What What?????????????

    You know the Vote – the one where the mongoloid retard (drooler and chief) votes the USA into the WHO – giving up our collective sovereign rights. Once the next health emergency strikes (monkeypox) they will FORCE COMPLIANCE with WHO mandates..lockdowns/ helmets.. one world government .

    Can hardly wait for the knock on the RGEa door from “compliance checkers”. Sign on front porch “Please stand on plastic sheet” – really does help with cleanup & saving on bleach..really dont want to play in the dark at CQC, but once a”piecutter”…

  3. It was 90 degrees Thursday in western Colorado. I saw a picture this morning of a foot of snow on the ground in town. Cold snap is headed south. Not a good thing for crops.

  4. It is more likely that there is price gouging going on in the oil industry. Let’s talk about demand. There are over 10 million electric cars on the road and that number is exponentially growing by the day. The average gas tank size according to Quicken loans is 12-13 gallons. The average consumer uses that in a week. So, electric cars save 6.24 billion gallons of gas per year. If the average cost of filling up a tank is $80, that’s $41 billion that the oil companies AREN’t making per year.

    Yet, Shell made $9.1 billion, Exxon, $8.8 billion in the 1st quarter of 2022, both a near 3x increase over 2021. Chevron ($6.5 Billion) and BP ( $6.2 Billion) also had triple the profits and Texas based Coterra Energy had a 449% increase in profits, Q1 compared to 2021. Overall, 28 selected oil companies made $93.3 billion in profits Q1 2022. That more than double the loss of $41 billion that electric cars are taking away from them.

    Not price gouging huh?

    • Gross profit isn’t net profit.

      Not price gouging — investing in electric cars, solar panels, and power walls, and E-M is silking many billions in a plastics reclamation facility in Texas. The three largest alternative energy companies in the world are BP, Shell, and Exxon-Mobil, in that order. If you live in the EU and you want solar installed, you are going to buy it from either BP or Shell. Of course it was nearly 3 years ago that I posted that fact here, so there’s no reason anyone except George would’ve read it. Try sourcing your info from someplace other than “Commies-R-Us…”

    • It all starts in the crude oil futures markets, and trickles down. With crude oil running $110 a barrel (42 gallons), gasoline and diesel prices are running high. While the major oil companies are also major players in the futures markets, there are Others there.
      Back in 2013 & 2014, crude oil reached these levels, for a time, then plunged below $30 a barrel:

      Wholesale gasoline prices trended like this:

      And diesel:$-per-gallon-m-na-fed-data.html

      The largest factor I am aware of is the introduction of low-sulfur gasoline and diesel. This raised production costs of refining processes substantially, but that was already in place in 2013-2014.

      I am going to side with Mark on this one. Based on pricing of refined products in 2013-2014 versus crude prices, it looks like consumers are currently getting gouged at least $1 a gallon for both gasoline and diesel. Again, refined products futures markets may be a factor, and those involve a lot more than just the oil companies. When the crude and refined product futures snap back, which they will, it will be payback time at the pumps for consumers.

      I look for the electric utilities to start choking in some markets from the shift from refined product energy for transports to electricity.

    • You obviously have no concept of how commodity markets work. Foolish energy policy decisions created this, and continue to exacerbate. There has not been a refinery built in this country with 100,000 bbl/day capacity since 1977. 30% of the cost of gas at April average price are taxes. Didn’t they pass a 1.1T “infrastructure” bill. So why the tax for roads.

      • I actually beg people to watch a documentary from 2010 ( I think ) called Gas Hole.

        Follow that up with Who Killed the Electric Car. Though the situation has changed from then , the mentality of the players involved is alive and well today.

        Apply wisdom gained to todays thinking.

    • If they arent being fully charged nightly by their homes solar panels , then they are being charged from the grid. That cost is more substantial than your told to repeat.

      Next door neighbor fell for it. Nice new big fancy solar array and two new Tesla’s. Lots o ducks dropped. Decorum prohibits me from using the language he used to describe the end result.

      Follow the math.

      Follow the science.

      • Advise your neighbor to leave one car home to charge in the garage during daylight hours and take the other to work, alternate, repeat. See? Just like the 73’ oil embargo all over again. LOL.

  5. The last time I was @ Aldi they were out of most meat. Some beef was in stock but the pork and chicken case was dry.

    Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    Best to get a solar powered deep freeze and fill it now. Who won’t want 15 cu. ft. of frozen meats when everyone else is scrambling for tree bark and pet meat. And being solar powered you won’t need a house to house the freezer. Just shade the freezer with the solar panels.

    Ben has what you need and what you need is Made in the U.S.A.

  6. I wrote this fast on my phone, so let me clarify my rational. The math is correct, but the explanation cuts corners.
    There are 10 million Electric cars worldwide and growing now. That 10 million ICE cars that are not being bought. The loss of 10 million ICE sales takes away sales from the gas producers and stations at the pump. Therefore those oil companies are losing out on 6.24 billion dollars in gas sales and $41 billion in gas sales. What i didn’t calculate is the loss the station operators themselves are losing in not only pump profits, but the sales at the convenience stores that are usually attached to them. How much money are they adding to the cost of gas to compensate for their losses?

    Bottom line, demand for oil is down and is projected to continue that trend as Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Polestar, Ford, GM, Toyota, VW, Volvo etc continue to ramp up their electric sales. California as of this month has over 1.5 million of those electric cars on the road and we have the nations most car usage and miles driven per vehicle. Look for that number to quadruple by the end of 2023 based on pre-orders.

    So…if demand is down, why aren’t prices going down with it? If you blame the conflict in Ukraine, then prices at the very least should have stabilized at the pre-war prices due to less demand and at the minimum, stable supply…Russia accounts for less than 8% of our supply of oil…That doesn’t compute to a doubling of gas prices.

    • “What i didn’t calculate is the loss the station operators themselves are losing in not only pump profits, but the sales at the convenience stores that are usually attached to them. ”

      The convenience sales is actually where they make the most money.. a friend of mine was saying just the other day that.. they had to figure out why they are down.. I said what twenty two percent.. he gave me a funny look how did you know.. well everything went up about that much.. and wages didn’t.. wages are stagnant.. and some companies are reducing staff.. not on the books but on the clock.. juggle what you have..
      the old noodle on the table view is.. if you dry up the flow of water the noodle will pull apart or crumble.. dump to much and it gets soggy and falls apart.. people have to decide if they aren’t dumping money in their pockets where they will put their funds.. just like the guys living out of their cars.. as gas goes up.. shopping and trips will go down..

    • “There are 10 million Electric cars worldwide”

      There are 794 million driveable cars (and SUVs and light trucks) in the United States alone. 10mln electric cars worldwide is statistically-insignificant.

      Your information is in error.

      Crude oil demand is up.

      Supply is down.

      Creepy Joe axed both exploration and delivery infrastructure, which significantly lessened domestic supply and increased expenses. He insulted the Arab members of OPEC so when he went to them last year, to beg Arabia, Dubai, and the Emirates to open the spigot, they told him to piss off.

      Creepy Joe also jacked the economy, resulting in a true inflation rate which rivals the worst inflation of the Great Depression, and his Administration jacked the numbers so no one would know what was going on.

      As I said a year ago: Gasoline will be $7 at the pump in the Midwest, before the end of August. Diesel will be a buck higher — based solely on the Administration’s abuse of the FRB’s printing press. That doesn’t affect you in the least. That $7 gas does affect most of the rest of us though, and we are really not going to like it. Ag diesel will be nearly ten bucks in California, though, and that will affect you. When it does, I hope you notice…

    • Mark,

      If we change “oil company” to “real estate sales company”, we’d be blaming increased realtor sales commission totals for higher housing prices. No, for something to come out at the retail fuel pump, something has to come out of the ground first?

      Reuters put out a report a few days back which is really disturbing. It shows a chart graphing Saudi Arabia producing near enough 12 mln bpd of oil in April 2020. They are maxed out at 10.3 mln bpd as of this past January. The report links to another Reuters article talking about the Saudis boosting production to 13 mln bpd by 2026-27 once they have a new offshore field with Kuwait and Iran online. However Iran hasn’t shown up to make a deal yet.

      Are these high oil prices here to stay and a manifestation of the depletion that Oilman 2 was talking about way back when?

      • Cmon Jester – you cant be as thick as the numbskullz !

        CHEVERON-CVX – is all you need know..? why W. Buffet buying up the company ? Who has rights/control to all of the Venezuelan Oil ? When is the groper and chief lifting sanctions…?

        Buy 2 June CVX 165 Calls @$8.00
        Sell 4 June CVX 170 Calls @ $5.200 +$2080
        Buy 2 June CVX 175 Calls @ $3.40

        ^ = debit for front month CVX butterfly spread,(bullish)

        Dont forget ..”10% to the big guy”

        BTW – who is Canuk general Trevor Cadieux, and why Ruskies back to old chopping off fingerz for wrong answers techniques.

      • “BTW – who is Canuk general Trevor Cadieux, and why Ruskies back to old chopping off fingerz for wrong answers techniques.”

        What makes you think they ever stopped?

        Imagine what they’re going to do when they pry the French SpcOps and the American Delta Force unit out of the catacombs under that steel plant. THAT is going to be somebody’s PR nightmare, and I doubt Macaroni & cheeseater and Creeper Joe have considered it yet.

        The one-eyed brain killer showed pix the other day of distressed Azov wives “hoping and praying for the swift return of their loved ones.”

        Their loved ones are either in Donetsk or at an abandoned salt mine in Siberia by now, and they’re only leaving in a box or an urn. These animals raped, pillaged, and murdered their fellow Ukrainians for eight years after the Soros/Vichy-engineered coup d’etat in Kiev granted them political permission to do so openly, and for 68 years beforehand, under cover of darkness. We liked them when they were a thorn in the side of the Soviet Union, and apparently there’s a component of our State Department which still does.

        Loads of sympathy for the mothers, wives, and kids — not one damn’ bit for their Schutzstaffel loved ones…

      • 2021 had ya sittin on da couch, now that ya gotcher Pink Cadillac’s motor runnin’, headin’ out on the Highway, ‘Born to be Wild’ Gas companies taking full advantage – (Sorry Biden bashers, it’s true, you can’t blame gas price increases on Biden, instead refer to the gas companies’ profit in article below):

        ‘Born to be Wild’ (and charge whatever they – the gas companies -can) lyrics:

        Oil profits increased 3x (1st qtr 2021 compared to 1st qtr 2022):

        Gary Neuman ‘Cars’

    • Sorry Bro,
      I 110 percent disagree.

      No price gouging. Those profits will be taxed. Additionally most of the worlds oil is owned by governments. They charge royalties. Royalties are a tax on every barrel of oil pulled from the earth. The lowest is approximately 50% and the highest in some countries with nationalized oil industries it is almost 100%! That royalty money flows directly into the treasury where it is squandered at a prodigious rate.

      Then governments needed to invent a new method to extract taxes so they came up with the carbon tax, in addition to the sales tax. So the prices are going to be getting higher still in the form of hidden taxes. The only people doing price gouging are wasteful governments that can never tax enough.

  7. This isn’t anything new, just one of the new ways to convert sea water to fresh water …

    Interesting that this area of technologies and science hasn’t been truly harnessed and built up, considering all the ice is melting into the seas and droughts are common. Naaa, folks prefer to wait for rain as they watch everything dry up and die.

    We really haven’t gotten far beyond these handy little survival tools …

    Probably a good idea to stock up on those …

    Some serious Desalination Plants would be very handy about now. But someone would be sure to complain that we’d be taking water away from needy fish.

    People are dangerously weird.

  8. George, I was looking out at the sound this morning and there was an optical illusion of sand bar in the middle of it. I looked and it wasn’t the clouds. As I sat there. A friend called and come over, now. I miss you. The other day was the anniversary of Mt Saint Helen’s, and I been moving mountains of dirt, and I been moving 50 ton mountains whoaaaaa a cop just went screaming past me with its lights on, of dirt in a mustard yellow haul truck. So, I grabbed my shit loaded up the car and am bouncing. And all the pieces just fell into place.

    I was looking at the sound I thought, what is there dirt in the middle of the sound? Then I thought ohhhhhh shit! Andy is in the Kill zone!!! 5th cop car just drove by me going to the beach. And a fire truck.

    I hope my read of all them Tsunami signs is wrong. I will be in another state.

  9. I could be early. 101? 11? Idk, I just know, what everthing is saying around me. So I loaded up and bounced. 11? 9? 9.0 Andy is in the Kill zone? Hmmm. Always best to go with your gut and it was so weird as I’m looking at an optical illusion of a sand bar in the middle of the sound where the Bremerton ferry goes through a friend texts me from another state and says come here now. The day after the 40th anniversary of Mt Saint hellens, I’m moving mountains of dirt in a mustard yellow off road haul truck, too many pieces lining up to not grab my shit and bounce. Took me less than 9 min to have my car loaded and on rhe road.

  10. And the Noah talk 40 days, cross check with Mt Saint Helen’s and 40 years, and the rainbow and well that is over 200 data points and facets. Hmmm. Guess we will see what THE DUDE says about it. Ohhhh a whole convoy of military vehicles just went the other direction towards the beach too.

    Guess we will see. That is all I need to know.


  11. “economic denial” wrapped up in (pardon this) a fine layer of bullshit: Fed’s Bullard says recession will only come if there’s a ‘large shock’ to economy. AYFKM?”

    I once went out to watch a tornado flying overhead.. only to realize all the doors were locked securely behind me…
    Now I knew the tornado was overhead ominously churning away.. I could feel the storm drawing up the wind just before it all came down on us.. yet I calmly walked around the building as if it wasn’t there..
    With that in mind.. HE KNOWS.. he’s not blind.. just pushing a more positive approach to it.. then when it comes down… dam who would have thought that was going to happen…..
    It’s the same thing with secrets.. tell everyone.. then make it look like and tell everyone it’s a fake story..
    Don’t pay attention to the videos photos and documents..or read our own posts on it.. that kind of laptop hard drive story.. it’s all fake there’s no truth to any of it see none of us are concerned. then when it’s found to be true.. gosh who would have thought that.. the have a major miss direction so it’s dropped..

  12. Well im getting other signals too. Let’s hope its the other indicators. If nothing happens in Seattle. I will go back Monday. And Mercury is in retrograde.

    So I choose this Mercury.

    Que: ~ Fat Bottom girls ~


  13. Boris Brejcha is playing thr Wamu theater. Last time I worked at an EDM there. The main dude broke prodcal and said incase of a terrorist attack or natral disaster, use the south tunnel under Lumen Field, we will meet there and head count then figure out how to best proceed to help others trapped in the stadium.

    Normally we don’t put that info out to create hysterics in the security crew. They are fully ares of protocol. It’s come up 6 counts in the last 4 events I worked at the stadiums.

    Now, Boris Brejcha wears a jesters mask. His music is considered by many even Elon Musk the most mathematically calculates, like motzart mathematically. I was going to go to the Show. Interesting Deagle mentions the swirling drain and in this video of
    Boris Brejcha

    They are in the gladiators coliseum and the crowd makes a spiral form with him at the center like a whirling drain.

    I was scheduled to be there. However I will be in a different state. On short notice.


    • I had an experience the other day where I was listing to self made mantras where I had added additional tones and as I was listening I fell through into this vivid dream Land. Like you mention George. I fully aware I was in a dream, but it looked and felt completely real and the whole time I could hear the mantra and tones from the other side. I got stuck in this dream, like hypnosis, like a totally same creation of the world, except I could hear the mantra and music tones. And every one around me thought the dream was the real world except I could hear the real world because of what was in my headphones. The repeating mantra and tones. I couldn’t stop being in this dream, I couldn’t stop the mantras and music tones for a while, tried as hard as i could and I thought, fuck I’m stuck in this world, I know it’s a dream no matter how convinced everyone around me thinks it’s not. And it looked as real as real. Then thought as hard as I could take the headphones off. Because I was stuck, and the exact moment I took the headphones off in the real world. The dream world stopped. It was a trip dude. I remember when I got th3 headphones off. As I was leaving all the people in the dream world looked at me in shock and awe as if they suddenly became aware their world was not real and it was all an induced form of hypnosis. They were all asleep and the entire world was a fake artifact or something.

      The whole experience was so shocking I didn’t speak about it or listen to those mantras or tones again. I deleted it.

      Remindes me of the vaccination, and tones and signals.

      Anyway. I’m turning my phone off for a few days. Hopefully everything will be OK. And I never like being right about that stuff. Ever. I’d rather be right about everyone being safe and happy.

  14. to Andy:
    Thank you for your words the other day about Oatmeal. Oatmeal has two purposes in our household, my better half makes No Bake Cookies, and my job is to prepare oatmeal for breakfast when the grand kids stay over. I looked at the canisters of oatmeal and realized cardboard is not the best storage medium for a dry product. Turns out each 42 ounce canister fills up a gallon size ziplock bag, and lays flat once the air is squeezed out. As I expect to pass these out at some point, I removed the cooking directions from the canisters and taped the directions to each bag. Six and half canisters will fit this way in a 5 gallon bucket.

  15. Comrades,

    Was it last weekend or the weekend before that Dr. Biden was in Eastern Europe dispensing support not bombs to assembled brigades of women and children? This weekend, a French radical feminist protest group staged a frontal visual assault upon battery ranks of red carpet cameras at Cannes who were ambushed while expecting a premiere of “Three Thousand Years of Longing”. Here is the incident pixelated as per the BBC:

    Let’s rejoin DJ Ure settling into the tractor seat for some pixel dust tillage as “Mary Poppins” buries the Patriarchy with “Sister Suffragette”.

    • “If you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this video you can visit the BBC Action Line here.”

    • Dam @Ray.. I love the movie Mary Poppins.. I suppose I will watch it this afternoon..
      The guy with the caonon to mark the time LOL LOL LOL LOL…
      Love it..
      LOL LOL reminds me of someone I know.. made a cannon.. then made the balls to go into it.. and shot it.. LOL LOL LOL took the tops of tree’s down for a quarter mile LOL LOL….
      His boss isn’t allowing him to play anymore LOL LOL LOL LOL….

  16. Comrades,

    One may recall from earlier in the week mention of the “Gizmodo” sage named “Herb”. Today the Canadian Press reported that Canada put out a tender last month for 500,000 doses of smallpox vaccine. Actually the publicly available government Procurement website indicates that another(?) tender went out early in the coronavirus pandemic for a half million doses and appears to be so far delivering on schedule at around two-thirds complete. Both are for second generation vaccines.

    The WHO has a SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts) paper from 2017 which outlines how its 31 million dose emergency stockpile of smallpox vaccines can be utilized. Authorization for use of the stockpile comes from the USA or Russia (no mention of China). Generations 1, 2, and 3 are stockpiled. Generation 3 works in theory. There is no recourse to sue if there are side-effects from using gens 1, 2, or 3. Dose eligibility is limited to diagnosed smallpox cases, health care workers, and first responders only.

  17. Buy gold . Can’t fool the smart ones george . Enormous surge up coming . Wake up it’s boring. Same as the Ukraine as I said. There are analysts then there’s analyst

  18. “Supreme Court could rule on Roe v. Wade on Monday”

    Artificial wombs are the way to go. Every mom should have the option of carrying.

    Just like fake udders (baby formula).
    And fake parents (daycare).

    No missed work. No bent hip lines.

    If the mother doesn’t want the baby, pluck out the fetus and offer it to the dad. If he too declines, make it a a State Baby.

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