Down Vax – Up War: The Psycho-Social Pivot

Before we get into the (possible Wave 4 rally leading into war shortly) – and the Philly Fed and Unemployment claims – let’s pause to fire neurons at psycho-social controls used by Globalist government proxies, lest you get lost translating the Big Libretto of Life.

Knowledge (as we explained in (excruciating detail) in Wednesday’s Peoplenomics report) can be “stacked” in an orderly way to bias our expectations towards the MPF (most probable future).

The Big “Stack”

We’ll keep this simple:

  1. 7.8 billion people – left unsupervised – will wreck the planet in no time.  Which is why (read: Report from Iron Mountain) (RFIM) although it comes out as a serious “management problem” in “spoof and parody”, we hold that’s as close to ground Truth as we’re likely to find.
  2. Therefore, the planet must be managed through Fear.  This can be rotated through various topics, each modulated as reactions are sculpted in places like Davos, Bohemian Grove, Lolita Air, and certain clubs we “little people” (absent “illumination”) do not belong in.
  3. According to RFIM, people will only accept the [taxing] authority of Governance if their personal peril is on the line.  This leaves a limited set of global control options (War, Pandemics, Aliens, Starvation/Climate/Water, Terrorism, and abject Global Poverty).  This list is slightly expanded from the book but roll with it.  We’ve modeled it.
  4. The World’s physical growth model is dying.  To mask and accomplish that, along came the [suspiciously sourced] pandemic, a likely bioweapon. While that increased compliance (see personal peril) the primary pay-off was plausible deniability of the leading-edge of global economic collapse which will lead to re-denomination and theft-by-conversion of title (to property).  As my deflationist pal Jas Jain reminded this week, ever look closely at the collapse in the Labor Participation rate? I’ve added some labels to coach you through this Big Picture stuff:

Solving the Wrong Problem

As this view of the Labor Participation Rate argues, as the rate has come down (peak Capitalist civilization likely happened in the 1960s or 1970s but there was overshoot as global limits arrived) we have many examples of how People Ran Out of Useful Work.

Take Canada (Please!).  This one used to be a monophonic (linguistically) being all English-speaking, all-the-time.  That is, until their resource-based economy peaked and they needed to find more jobs.

One way – and it was clever – was to become a bilingual country.  Read up on the Official Languages Act of 1969. This created untold employment opportunities.  Francophones got a little ahead.  More trees were cut down for paper to print bilingual – the whole shitteree of governance – including the transition from double-speaking politicians to quadrophones, who could speak both sides of issues in two languages.

Yet, as any damn fool (which includes most of global governments, most of America, and seems virtually ALL of Canada) if people were genuinely worried about climate, one way to save trees would be to cut down fewer “victims” of corrupt policy.  Yet, obvious as this reality is, even California is going through this “industry of correctness” with bilingual signage.

Such duplicitous thinking – foisted on feeble-minded peoples globally – is a massive job generator.  If this isn’t clear, read Wayfinding and Signage Strategies for Language Access in the California Courts (2017) and remember such initiatives by “dimwitted governance” work contrary to monophonic efficiency and promote global climate impacts.  Not to mention being the death knell for monophonic sign companies.  Let everyone from everywhere in!  Whee!  Immigation drives economic stimulus!

But, while I digress a bit off into the weeds, our point is what?

Vax Fail; Now What?

Short answer is “War” – but we’ll have to work into it, so all the rich can pocket additional shearings of the (public) sheep as over-bubbled markets wind down.

Here’s the problem:  The vaccines provide little (if any) protection from Omicron.  Worse, the charade of flimsy masks is ending, too.  Not front page in America, UK PM Johnson lifts most COVID-19 restrictions; no masks, WFH from next week.

In our estimate, Boris has to go because he’s breaking the damn on the obvious of Covid mask and vax being an abject failure, so he’s gotta go.  Which – as we see it, is what’s really driving stories like U.K.’s Boris Johnson vote of confidence explained.

The real motive is simple:  He’s trying to walk the upright path.  That shit don’t play in Globalist Land.  His visual cuing of the public to the farce will be spun back on him.  Dangerously, Europe considers new COVID-19 strategy: accepting the virus. But that will blow up the Big Pharma money-lock.

Und Zo?  Vaxxing will carry on, while promoters (and profiteers) like Bill Gates keep whining to make sure this monetization doesn’t (pardon my word choice) die-off too fast. The disturbing prophecy of Bill Gates: “A new pandemic worse than Covid” – L’Unione Sarda English.

Pivot Into War

Meanwhile, our predictions around here (since November, is it?) are coming to pass as Russia has marine landing craft reported on the way to Cuba.  And with so many Russian marines, wanna make a bet there aren’t some NSNW’s aboard to be planted in our side?  After all, Russia Threatens to Deploy ‘Military Infrastructure’ to Cuba and Venezuela.

Meantime, ol Brandon last night did his best at strong-man puffery.  Along with Winken’s pal Blinken moving his lips: In Ukraine, Blinken warns Russia could attack with “very short notice”.

Of course, since Pops‘ mega-press softball game last night, as Biden’s press conference gets panned by critics: ‘Total disaster’.  (and it’s not just Faux Snooze saying it: Biden’s press conference was an utter disaster ( nothing is really changing on peace odds.  Bumbler will hear about “first shots before month-end” is still on the table as our bet.

Our “oak leaf cluster” guy of .mil affairs nails it:  Sadly, warhammer is spot on here:

“While many suspected Joe wouldn’t do much to halt a Russian move into the Ukraine, Sleepy Joe literally confirmed it during his press conference yesterday.

Joe tacitly but vocally indicated he expected, and would seemingly tolerate, a “minor incursion” by Russia into the Ukraine.  Ya mean, sorta like how Neville Chamberlain seemingly tolerated the minor incursion by Hitler into then Czechoslovakia?  That deal was meant to secure “peace in our time” for Europe and the UK.  Students of history, and those few who are still alive from that pre-WWII time-frame in Western Europe, know how well that worked out.

So the average betting human would currently wager on “not if, but when.” on a “minor incursion.”  The traffic signals in Belarus holding back those Ruskie tanks and armored divisions just turned a bright, glowing green.  Comrades, start your engines!”

(When they do, old Georgie wins a fish & chips dinner bet with a daughter, so Ure’s view is biased on this stuff…)

See, Joe’s a peace-fumbler.  Talking BS peace last night while today? U.S. allows Baltic states to send American arms to Ukraine.

Editorially: Come on, you dog-faced pony soldier!  Moral people don’t send in gasoline when the kids are playing with matches, for crying out loud!

What You Need to Know

Ahead of the job’s data (weekly unemployment filings) the Dow futures were up about 160-points while the S&P was up more than 20.  But that was earlier and – to put it in terms of our Peoplenomics report of Wednesday (or How Future Gets Here), the future looks like it’s still being “voted on” – close-in, anyway.

In our (amateurish) Elliott Wave view, looks to us like maybe-just maybe – we COULD get a Wave 3 (4) rally in here into Friday, and then again into late next week.  But this is NEVER ADVICE!

[In our wildest dreams? We rally through Friday for 3(4) then fail Monday of next week to 3(5) down.  Then rally like hell for the larger 4 and collapse into the final 5 down shortly thereafter.  Which would take the heat of BFO (Beijing’s Failed Olympics) and then culminate with Obama coming out of retirement to broker Nostradamus’ False Peace after a nuke or two in Europe, which then starts the countdown clock to Armed and Gettin‘ in 2024-2025…]

In the meantime?  Like in our own accounts?  We’re sitting in cash, awaiting clarification of the 3 (4).  Which may result in another “weekend flyer” – or not.  Like I said, specifics of the future are still being voted on.  We could still move down more, though.  So, we’ll take the gain on 80% of the move and chill.

The future ain’t no democratic process, though, lol.  While the Big Ending has been sighted since John of Patmos’ bad trip.  It’s the details of how it rolls where the money is made and winners vs. losers is decided.  Some of those votes go down to the wire. Severely injured are to be thought of as recount cases.

Which is why we live in the woods, not wanting to live in a Bull’s Eye zone, thanks.

Data Day?

Yeah, day-to-day the future waffles around as “final lock tumblers” fall into place and the outcomes become “locked.”  While the big outcomes (like possible war within 30-days) seem to have “locked” in late 2021, the specifics of which pins and which tumblers to have what (in component-level electronics) might be thought of as phase-noise, jitter, and latency.

This morning’s PNJ&L includes the weekly unemployment claims:

Read the yellow highlights.  The SA (seasonally/politically adjusted) figures are for sellouts and stupes who flunked 100-level stats classes.  (Hint, there are four seasons, not what some number hack makes up out of uselessly noisy data sets.)

And the Silly Philly Fed report: Basically, not much changed:

Still, the bullets will land-as-they-will, the Kentucky Windage of PNJ&L notwithstanding.

Pabulum for Sheep

As in HHS (happy horse shit):

But what about brain damage?  Binge-watching TV for over four hours increases risk of deadly blood clots by a THIRD, study warns (

Have some pizza and don’t look surprised: Ex-Pope Benedict XVI failed to act in child abuse cases — report | DW.

Communist-style hysterical revisionism is alive and well.  (As our first chart explains would be along) as Theodore Roosevelt statue removed from outside New York’s Museum of Natural History.

Land of Stooges.  Sadly, there’re more than 3. Lots more.

Write when you get rich,

82 thoughts on “Down Vax – Up War: The Psycho-Social Pivot”

  1. So as the wheels of the pandemic fall off, we now have a regional war flare up with almost scheduled timing….. very interesting way to pull the rug out of this economy once and for all. Especially if they deny the SWIFT Banking system to the Russians. One can only guess the Russian retaliation.

  2. Last night I watched a movie on the Cuban Missile Crisis. What struck me is that in 1962 the USSR and the USA had leaders and Castro was the loose cannon whom both sides ignored. The crisis was resolved by a secret agreement between JFK and Khrushchev where the USSR removed its missiles and some time later the USA removed the obsolete Jupiter missile system.

    This crisis is allegedly NATO versus Russia. I know who the leaders of Russia and China are. But I have no idea who is in charge of NATO: The NATO commander, Boris Johnson, Biden, Macron, the President of Poland, the head of the EU, Mario Draghi, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, “Asterix the Indomitable Gaul”? How is negotiation supposed to work when nobody has the power to just say “stop”?

  3. You know George it is a shame that the sheeple just get more scammed every year. At one point here in the USA there was a time when the IQ’s were going up and now for many years the stats say it is going down. The sheeple have been so programmed to only want a income a house and wknd’s off and paid vacations while giving NO thought to what is happening behind the scenes, being sold out by all the politicians who are getting filthy rich from illegal stock deals to sales of arms being replaced because of the billions of dollars we left in foreign countries, LIKE Afgan. and others. Most don’t care. They have allowed the American population to be so watered down with alien blood from 3rdworld countries that only want freebies paid for by the Feds. Then list of how this country has been demised goes on and on. The final straw is coming soon the only question is which ploy are the going to use. WAR, another variant or something else? only time will tell, but it appears WAR is high on the possibility as WHO will profit the most from sales of arms manufacturing? YUP, you get it, BUT unfortunately 75 or 80% of the population NOW does NOT.
    Thanks for your insights as they show me, there are people still here and not all are sheeple. I’ll let you know when I hear anymore on troop movements.

    • “You know George it is a shame that the sheeple just get more scammed every year.”

      I’m not as smart as George, but here is my humble opinion: Aren’t they crying out for it desperately??

    • I couldn’t disagree more on the people wanting freebies. People who immigrate want opportunities to succeed based on their hard work. None I know expect or ask for “freebies”. For some reason our government just want to give away stuff, paid by tax payers, how many of us say no to government handouts. America was most successful when we were a country of immigrants or 2nd generation from those hard working people. As we know from wealthy families, 1st generation wealth, very successful with hard work and innovation. 2nd generation maintains and 3rd and longer, just piss away being lazy and un-motivated. The lazy and freeloaders are mostly american citizen spawn. We have not installed hard work, responsibility and freedom in our kids and we pay the price. Many of us cannot even take the time to raise our own kinds and just let them loose on society.

      Illegal immigration should be stopped with deadly force if necessary. But immigration can bring in new blood, fresh ideas, hard work, and innovation.

      • “Illegal immigration should be stopped with deadly force if necessary.”

        I’m sorry won’t happen.. if I buy something no matter what its price is..
        Well for a price for a product or service that is expensive.I would expect to get what I paid for without the threat of retaliation because the sellee decides to change their mind on selling their products and services whatever it is.

    • Final straw, currency collapse, US trading partners dropping the dollar as world reserve currency. Then, multiple dominoes following that.

    • “At one point here in the USA there was a time when the IQ’s were going up and now for many years the stats say it is going down. ”

      Hmm..MHW,NM.. you do realize that an IQ is subjective in my opinion..
      My thought is EVERYONE is a genius in their unique life situation.. if your an executive.. you know your position ..yet would not be able to handle the job at the lowest position in the company.
      Each level of position has it’s own merits and failures.. in years past.. mom stayed home with the kids..the kids hadn’t adult presence and dad worked at the plant. Dad would come home sit down for family meal and mom and dad would read the paper discuss events. Television was not the major form of entertainment. Books were .. we had one day a week as family night.. and dad and mom would encourage mind expansion . Today. Mom and dad hurry to get off to work their sources of information is the 4 minute blurp of network news.many dont have time to sit for a family meal and instead of reading its quick sit down to the network and watch various images of violence and crime..disrespect for every facit of our lives.. bashing and hacking the zombies to rape murder etc..
      Where the readers digest or sears catalog use to sit next to the toilet . Is a vacant spot.
      Kids are raised not by mom or dad but by the local gang networks in the higher crime areas where police protection was defunded and shoved away.violeng games and a network programming that passes the informationout that the road to success is dependenton how well you can demonstrate sociopathic abilities. the teaching of respect and giving have been changed to want and physical gratification.. it’s all about me..
      We have an administration that has never… had a real world job . The job experience is at the feed troughs of influence and corruption. Laws don’t pertain to them for their illicit behaviours.
      Life has narrowed and life experiences has been drastically limited. This would show up as reduction in an academic and social iq.

  4. George,
    I am old enough to have been around during the Cuban missile crisis, and I by no means wish a redux on that whole mess. I find it amazing we cannot (or will not) see any equivalence in arming Ukraine and Russia sending arms and equipment to Cuba (Mexico would be a closer match).

    It’s time we stopped poking the bear; an animal that just wants to be left alone. Heaven forbid we ever deploy nukes to Ukraine. Putin would make sure we got some real “equity” in the outcome of that move!

    • Tell us what the ‘whole mess’ was.

      Cliff Notes:

      Some pictures of danger flashed across the screens of the time. (“prickly monster” COVID graphics in current time.)

      The Leader of the day indicated we all risk death if we don’t defer to their leadership. (Trump and Fauci current time.)

      Useless hide under things safety protocols were established. (Dust masks current method to save the world).

      And then the crisis went away.

      The Cuban Missile crisis was a psychological event.

      Think about the farmer of the time who lived out in the sticks without a screen. That family didn’t know the Cuban Missile crisis even happened.

    • “I find it amazing we cannot (or will not) see any equivalence in arming Ukraine and Russia sending arms and equipment to Cuba (Mexico would be a closer match).”

      Hmm.. well vagabond.. it’s an image.. our idiots scream reduce and pull back ..( on their border) while we are building up arms in theirs..
      Russia doesn’t have to put missiles in cuba.. they can reach out and touch us from anywhere on the planet . It’s a symbol… so how do you feel if we build up arms on your border..
      All the while.. there have been millions of dollars diamonds and drugs children and every perversion known to man.. traded for compliance and assistance in allowing them to position for the true event..
      We are doing the dance trying to get them to jump giving the puppeteers the opportunity to say see we are right.. while in the background it’s being positioned for a completely different game scenario.. the poison pawn trap..seem weaker when your stronger.. of course that’s just my opinion..

  5. Just a quick reminder for those who are able, and so inclined:
    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. On the 15s and the 45s. Especially 3:15 pm. 3:45 pm,
    9:15 pm and 945:pm — but not ONLY those times.
    ID Phrase, “Business Model”
    Propagation and QRM will greatly influence results.
    Regional self-organization, no “Head Shed.”
    So far nothing heard. (Not unexpected, until the balloon actually goes up)

    • Too close to the edge of both bands for me to transmit there, since I lack the ability to precisely control the width of my signal. I’ll listen, though.

      • Ditto my issue, older ssb units can break the upper sideband supression limits 2 down?

        Also I have listened but that 3:45 time slot doesn’t model very far west where it’s still not even 1 PM yet.
        So how about an early morning on a weekend?

      • Y’all need some ‘modern technology’ like the digital IC-7300 ! Digital slicers can shave as close as you want. And that’s LSB below that frequency.

    • Just for curiosity, when is XX:15/45 pm? Specifically, are you using Zulu, EST, or what? Is there some unknown convention on these bands? My current SW receiver is down for now, but one should arrive(maybe) from China. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a license, though I prefer relative anonymity as a lifestyle. Regardless, my plate is packed full this month.

  6. George,

    …And then culminate with Obama coming out of retirement to broker Nostradamus’ False Peace after a nuke or two in Europe…

    Actually, I see this reaching outside of Ukraine into the E.U. and U.S., and then comes Nostradamus’ False Peace. As I wrote in my books, Hungary is the country that petitions for peace.

    I believe that both the U.S. and the E.U. have to see some real damage, and that points to a limited nuclear war at the outset. Then after 3.5 years of the False Peace comes the big show; so that puts it in the 2025 area.

    • World Power Changing Events:

      Both INTERNAL political (ie: the elimination of the Monarchy System in France for example, or the beginnings of the United States which was NOT complete until the end of the War of 1812)
      and EXTERNAL (ie: the balance of power between nations)
      take 30 to 55 years generally to play out until the place/world is “stable” again.

      Take Europe in the 20th century as an example. From the outset of WW1, June 1914 was the assassination, until Europe finally was somewhat stable again, the end of the battles in Greece in 1949 was 35 years. The “interwar” period between WW1 and WW2 was NOT a stable dynamic period, just a “PAUSE” between two of the main events. Those events over those 35 years included both internal changes in a large number of countries and empires with the collapse of the Monarchy system of government throughout Europe, but also external changes wrt borders and long term alliances. After that period of change was over with much of Europe (including Turkey) had entirely new systems of government virtually everywhere AND it’s alliances and borders were finally stabilized again (China’s area was NOT totally stable until the end of the Korean War – 1953). Internal governance change and country to country alignments were then mostly stable for the next 40 years (until 1989), when governance changes again began in parts of Europe.

      “IF” we are entering a period of conflict AGAIN wrt politcal and geographical allignments one must anticipate that long term stability will NOT return to the world wide system again for about 30 to 55 years since that is what history tells us.

      Zimmel calls for the conflict to last 27 years in basically 3 cycles of 9 years each. While shorter than history’s 30 years short end of the time line IF the death toll is as horrific as some envision (possibly due to designer diseases??) then the world may well be EXHAUSTED and possibly ready to end the conflicts early on the time line.

      Difficult times coming for our children and grand children, but if they survive it life should stablize again in the 2050’s

    • I’m not at all convinced Obama is in retirement! I see him as one of, if not the primary manipulator behind the Biden puppet and all the current stupidity in DC. He has a “residence” there that has all the attributes of a command bunker. The man is detestable. I don’t care what his race is deemed to be, his actions are treasonous and have been since before he even worked as a street agitator. He needs to be watched as an enemy of the state. He’s been groomed all his life for this current role. IMHO, the only differences between him and Jeffrey Epstein are motive and methods.

    • This great light thing is interesting

      Apropos, from 2018, freeze frame 2:06.

      There’s more, did you find the sintered glass on the way down? Adjust the tint. (Banana suits will recognize that one ;-)

      Tell me what you see at the end.

      There’s still more,a lot more, if you keep digging. Let’s all keep things below 250mR please. Stock up on duct tape and plastics sheets. Move along now.

  7. “Take Canada (Please!). This one used to be a monophonic (linguistically) being all English-speaking, all-the-time. That is, until their resource-based economy peaked and they needed to find more jobs.”

    So many things to comment on in this morning’s column but I will limit myself to this one that I feel most qualified to respnd to. Yes, we have to cut down double the trees to label our products and we need to hire a lot more people to explain government regulations in 2 languages but let’s look at the bright side!

    By osmosis, most of us have read enough labels and watched enough bilingual TV to know how to order a bottle of “Dieu du Peche Mortel” beer in Quebec. At 9.5% alcohol content, we only need to drink 1/2 of the wimpy beer our American friends drink. Better still, we have “Caribou”, a 23% fortified wine that keeps vistors to the Quebec Carnival alive when it is 25 degrees below zero outside (LOOB would love this one).

    Even our smallest labels must have 2 languages. It is amazing how many times you have to turn a medicine bottle to find English directions. Great for keeping the hands from getting arthritis. Also good for sales of magnifying glasses to read the 4 point script. Seniors must have one in every room.

    Finally, our government press conferences have to be in 2 languages plus sign language. It makes them twice as long since every word must be repeated in both languages and then signed twice. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new language. I became quite fluent in French over the past 50 years with this alone. Now I am becoming pretty good at sign language. I knew how to say “Lets go Justin” in both languages but still struggling with it a bit in sign language. I think it has something to do with the middle finger.

    • If ” Yes, we have to cut down double the trees to label our products and we need to hire a lot more people to explain government regulations in 2 languages but let’s look at the bright side!” then our neighborhood is indeed going to hell. With nowhere for a right and free thinking middle seekers to seek refuge, we might as well move the Mexico border up to mid Oregon and let the Francophones romance the rest!

      • We’re headed in the same direction only with Spanish in place of French. Everything I buy now has a minimum of two (English/Spanish) sets of instructions.

    • “Caribou”, a 23% fortified wine that keeps vistors to the Quebec Carnival alive when it is 25 degrees below zero outside (LOOB would love this one).”

      LOL it must be reminiscent of the grape wine that went back into fermenting three times LOL.. that stuff will make your head spin.. and get you to dancing on the table tops.. ( old men could break a bone doing that LOL) a sipping wine LOL LOL

    • Damn … when I was in Quebec City for New Years Eve I didn’t know about Caribou “fortified” wine :-( … but then again it was warmer than normal I guess, it was only 20 below when the fireworks were going off. Next time I will keep that Caribou Wine in mind

      Obvious all those young females who were dressed for the “Parties After” that year were enjoying the ABOVE AVERAGE temperatures of only 20 below (f not C) since most of them were wearing micro mini skirts with spike high heels (walking well on the ice covered sidewalks and closed streets I will note) and just a sweater.

      Jackets are SO UNSEXY for young college age females that apparently they banned from wearing them in such warm weather when enjoying the street parties and the street “Ice Bars” (literally made of ICE) early in the evening and then while watching the fireworks. (I retreated to the warmth of the Chateu after the fireworks, though I had to walk there since cabs were basically prohibited on the streets in Old QC on NY Eve).

      Next Time … I will be sure to keep the Caribou Wine in mind, and yes I do need to make it up for Winter Carnival.

      I watched the practicing of some of the canoe teams (10-12 person size canoes) for the upcoming Winter Carnival during breakfast a couple of mornings and amazed. They were crossing the river and ice flows with those large canoes. I called over my waiter, a late 20’s something life long Quebecer and I asked him “What in the heck are they doing? IT IS 25 DEGREEES BELOW ZERO (f) out there?” He just rolled his eyes and said first in English, and then in French: “They are CRAZY. They are CRAZY!! – Wait until you see some of them fall in the river as they pull those canoes over the ice flows and then jump back in!!”. Based upon that experience of watching them practicing for that Winter Carnaval race I now feel I HAVE to see the QC Carnival sometime in my lifetime!! In addition to the canoe races I definitely want to see the competition DOWN HILL Ice Skate Racing (side by side going downhill bumping into each other as they go over jumps and around curves .. OMG those people also have a total death wish (for those unfamiliar with that kind of Down Hill Ice Skate Racing go to the Red Bull Channel and watch some of the old races which Red Bull titles “Cracked Ice”)

      OH … and as for trying to speak English in Quebec:
      Works OK in the cities, except in QC I did see some locals claim to NOT be able to speak English when people from Ontario came into a store, but as soon as those Ontario people left suddenly they would RElean how to speak it and would speak perfect English to me, an American. The hatred must run DEEP is all I can say.

      In the rural areas Quebec I have had to use people’s cousins at times to translate …. they call their cousin on the phone, hand the phone to me, I talk to the cousin, hand the phone back to the other person, who then listens to his cousin’s translation what I just said to him. After multiples passing of the phone back and forth things are always taken care of. Nice people everywhere up there, at least to an American, but people in Quebec are not necessarily bilingual once your are out of the cities (one large motel I once stayed in for a couple of nights on the local side of the river in the Quebec City metro area the ONLY person in the 250 room motel who could speak Enlish was the Manager – though they did have an English menu for the restaurant which I could use by pointing. Some of the other staff tried … but they really could NOT speak English. My sons who were with me on that trip found the experience amusing to say the least.

  8. Warhammer does not “nail it”. Russia has national security interests in what weapons NATO puts right up to its borders. We have no national security interests in who runs Ukraine. Hell, we let Nuland install Nazis to run the damn place.

    • Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) worked under Killary when she was Sec. of State.
      They conducted a blatant coup that deposed Duly elected Timoshenko and installed the Nazi Poroshenko. Nudelman was the “cookie Lady” in Maidan Square during the coup.
      You’ll notice that with all of the comment that both politicos and the press make, there is a word that is the key to this whole situation which is never uttered: Bolshevik or Bo Shevik, the Bolsheviks are NOT Russian! The real Russians were friends and allies to us up until the ‘Russian Revolution’ of 1917. They sent military aid over during the French & Indian war and again during the Un-Civil war as well as selling us Alaska. This, over time, completely reversed killing some 27,000,000 Russians and the world got the “cold war”.
      The hallmark of the Bolsheviks is they hate whites. and they hate religions. They closed all of the Eastern-Rite Christian churches in Russia and destroyed many. I don’t know how many Bolsheviks are left in Russia but Putin has re-opened about 85% of the shut-down churches and when that female group Pussy Whatever started trashing the churches he had just opened Putin arrested them and threw them into jail. I have not heard of much white hatred in Russia for several years because they are all over here and they have infiltrated our entire society along with their white hatred ‘tell’! Now what’s going on is that the Bolsheviks want Russia for their own and will necessitate killing the rest of the Russians, and they are going to use the USofA to do it for them, and we are stupidly playing along.

      • Pussy Riot if I recall correctly.

        It’s interesting that for some reason “Bolshevik” is one of GLP’s banned words. Curious, isn’t it?

      • Yep, Al, White hatred has led to hundred of millions of them being murdered in the last 2 plus centuries. It’s going on currently, but so many White people have allowed their children (and themselves)to be brainwashed by our Bolsheviks education, media, financial, military, and health care systems which want them dead or mixing their race up as fast as they can.

        Oh, vey, they teach the young uns that there’s no difference in the races, all the while, the Bolsheviks consider themselves a separate race, culture, and religion!!! Pretty soon, we won’t be able to criticize them any longer!

        Where are the museums and monuments and continual reparations paid to the descendents of the 36 to 80 MILLION Christian’s slaughtered during the Bolshevik revolution?? Where are these memorials in the United States?

        IQ is the reason, and it’s always IQ watering down and murdering season.

        They brag of these accomplishments, killing Whites.

        Whites better wake up. The EU is run by the bolsheviks, so is the UK, and this plannedemic allowed them to play with the humans like rats in a cage.

      • OMG Steve… I think I am going to hell with this thought…

        you know steve… when the get on tv I look to see if they are wearing thongs LOL LOL LOL LOL Just kidding… but now that the thought it out there…. every time either of the sinister sisters is on television.. the first thing everyone will do is a visual check….. are they going commando,, wearing a thong or granny panties LOL LOL LOL LOL I do this at home once in a while with friends on commercials and shows etc.. .. and later down the road one of them usually tells me.. dam it.. you said that now I have to check…… LOL…
        Lord I apologize for being such an evil turd this morning LOL LOL LOL …

    • marku52, I swear I was not holding anything resembling a hammer when I typed my thoughts to George. But I appreciated his learned vote of confidence. On the topic of Russia, and of your opinion that Russia can justify a hostile takeover of parts of the Ukraine based upon their national security interests takes a decidedly Russian-centric point of view. i’d strongly argue that the people of the Ukraine have every right to decide their own destiny, as did the citizens of Panama, which was a U.S. possession until 1979, being fully turned over (peacefully) to an independent Panama in 1999. The U.S. has no right today to send our armed forces to Panama and reclaim it for national security purposes without an invite from the Panamanian people. Same goes with the Philippines, which became fully independent from the U.S. in 1946. The problem with Ukraine is their flirtation with NATO, the former nemesis of the Soviet Union and their Warsaw Pact Alliance. Allowing Putin to occupy, unopposed, some small portion of the Ukraine without the full approval of the Ukrainian government and people is flat out pure unadulterated aggression. If not countered, history proves that leaders wielding aggression always want more. Democracy and free choice be damned, Putin is intent upon reestablishing the glory of the Russian controlled USSR. Taking more parts of the Ukraine (the Crimea was occupied under Obama) certainly will further enhance Russian national security status, but the democratic ideals which form the foundation of. peaceful international relations will be torn asunder in the process. Tough times ahead, no matter if NATO and the U.S. decide to oppose a Russian incursion or if they collectively choose to just ‘let it be.’ My view is the latter will lead to a far darker place than the former. But that’s just my opinion – and I’m not holding a hammer, I swear.

      • “some small portion of the Ukraine without the full approval of the Ukrainian government and people ”

        What is interesting is.. I visit from time to time with people from the area… Their fears are not on Putin.. The people I know see Putin as security… the fears they have are more with how the NATO troops are and their past histories of violence towards the people..

  9. Funnier than deepstate bribem’s newsconference last night.

    – benny “failed to act” = BULLSCHEISSE!

    Act he did, on multiple occasions, alongside his sweet,kind and gentle brother from Another mutha – a “jackel” no doubt. Dont get any darker than the dark forests of Germany(see other redshield brother)…”oh Hansel, Gretle”..

    But really Mr Editor – slighting my boyz, insulting the genius of Moe,Larry and Curly…”I’m victim of circumstances” Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck. “Hey Moe, Larry look, Guurllls!” Niagra Falls..step by step, inch by inch..
    This comparison similar to comparing Urb Surv readers (open minded/critical thinking) type Peeps to CNN-Wash Post “believers” = Sheeps for Shearing, or Sharing..depending on Ure Reptilian proclivities.

    ? Who is/was John McCaffe – what,where,when The Deadman Switch ?

    If you havent already done so – WTF – the dip dont wait for no woman or man, could get worse, but on the other the moon! go ahead Google machine it. Cept of course Luddite G Light. hmmm sounds like the name of a new Light Beer. .every can would come with small wire soldered on the bottom for a included Beverage Can Antenna.. marketing genius that..

      • George… should that be a Cheese Pizza… or one with Walnut sauce ?
        I think they can probably get that at a pizza parlor in DC…

    • btm,

      One imagines the Mcgaffe program encountered a terminal virus.

      Evidence of the flemish-franco split in Belgium can be seen in the still ongoing Wikipedia history edits of Marc Dutroux, the serial killer who brought down a PM and a 90’s Secretary General of NATO. The convicted former spouse accomplice Mme Dutroux(sic) is due for release this summer having served 10 years of conciliatory prayer at a cloistered convent in south Belgium, the current NATO secretary general’s second and final term expires shortly thereafter.

      Perhaps the assistant secretary general of NATO will be due a promotion? The well connected romanian appears to have attracted little fanfare this past decade at a foreign outpost of the Aspen Institute think tank. Ja, Goethe might be pleased. Founded by a wealthy Chicagoan packager speaking german in the home, it just goes to show that one can’t judge the contents inside by the cover.

      A four part report through Yoga allegedly of folk in high places with their faustian bargains can be located on YT. Simply search for Anneke Lucas testimony.

      Sun salutations to all.

  10. Couple of logical points leap out at me.

    For one, what does sitting around in a pandemic, locked in, watching TV do? Blood clots. Do you think our new lock-down habits might be causing some of the health problems blamed on vaxxes? Surely it’s greater than zero, but I’ve learned that nothing beats anecdotal data, like all the vaxxed NFL guys who dropped dead at practice this season… I’m sure you’ve heard of all of them.

    Another thing, about vaxxes and masks. It’s said here they were a failure. I know, I know, measuring a negative isn’t real, but it’s almost as good as anecdotal data. I have some other abject failures for you, and I’m sure none of you do any of this fake nanny state stuff, like…
    Lock up your guns
    Put on your seat belt
    Wear safety glasses around grinders and saws
    Have smoke detectors in your house

    Those things are abject failures! Haven’t done one thing to prevent any accidental gun deaths, auto deaths, work accidents or fires, so why does Big-Belt force freedom loving Americans to wear seat belts again? I’m sure you can see how slippery slopes define everything.

    • “what does sitting around in a pandemic, locked in, watching TV do?”

      Fresh off of the wire this AM Philistine….. IF you have sex while sick with Covid the odd’s are you won’t get pregnant.. NOW.. I have been sicker than hell for three weeks.. I can’t even fathom getting up to do anything.. much less have sex..

  11. It is of the utmost importance that everyone watch this whole speech carefully as it is full of information leaking out into the mainstream. It’s starts at around the 16:00 mark.
    There are some interesting remarks like the Freudian slip up of “we were spending $1T a day on Afghanistan” also there was mention of big changes coming, starting now but also in the coming month that Brandon has no control over. Was a very interesting statement about the “woo”.

    So buckle up and make sure you e prepped accordingly.

    Perhaps there’s so much negative press about this speech being so long and incoherent because those same mouth pieces don’t want you watching it at all. Too much confirmed about the roadmap if you are listening with a trained ear.

    • At 20:20 in he proves he doesn’t understand Truth OR Math. “90 million adults?” In a country of 337 million? LOL

      He’s a hack, useless, marginally competent and if you’re impresses, I got a bridge to sell you…

      • Just watched another segment – while still selling boosters (dangerous, unproven, little to no impact on moronic and where are the trials data on the new pill solution?
        This man (and Falsi) are dangerous and should be seen in a Nuremberg settting.
        Watching Biden’s ramble gave me confidence going short at the high this morning.

  12. 1. About two languages. America has shameless hubris. We all should speak multiple languages. 90% of my clients speak at least 2 languages here in the Bay Area…Many speak 3 or 4. I speak Spanish and Italian. My kids are fluent in Spanish, French and German. Now that they are all in their 30’s and more mature, they want to learn more. We live on earth..and the last time I looked…earth didn’t have one language.

    2. Biden never said he accepted Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He just acknowledged that it probably will happen. And when it does…IF it does…be assured that there will be hell to pay. Don’t underestimate Biden. He hasn’t been a bad President at all. My industry, my metro area that I live in has flourished in the last 12 months…And it is getting stronger….unless you listen to the fake news that is Fox.

    3. The strategy to accept Covid is a very smart solution. This Omicron strain is not serious…to date…I personally know over 250 people that have had it and very few, if any had symptoms to worry about… most had sniffles, a day of headaches and some night sweats… I only had night sweats and zero other symptoms. My daughter and son who also tested positive had zilch…I was back to work in less than 5 days. The good news is that our immune systems are stronger because of it. My doctor said I really don’t need the booster now. I cycled through it quickly and am mostly immune to Covid virus’s. This is why Biden is not forcing schools to go back to zoom and wants America to get back to their pre-pandemic lives. Get Omicron or at least be careful and back to normal has proven to work. The Bay Area has accepted that strategy and while we have had some staffing issues while people cycle in and out of Omicron, the result has been a huge relief for many businesses as we are finally able to see the light get bigger and brighter at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

    • “We live on earth..and the last time I looked…earth didn’t have one language.”

      When I was a kid >90+ years ago we tried with the ESPERANTO movement ( by now, all forgotten ;-(()

      Btw. I’m familiar in 4 languages, of which I think English is by far the easiest to learn to speak well.

      • Esperanto was a great idea, but then the internet, and most computers, used English by default. The result is that English was well on it’s way to becoming the de-facto international language. All Chinese and Indian people are taught it from middle school or earlier as it’s deemed that important. Sadly, with the giveaway of our control of the net to an international group, local languages have thrived and the net is slowly Balkanizing. Learning Chinese is very difficult even if you’re young and highly visual, and in any case it’s a massive time sink. We have better things to do than wrestle with knowing just enough in different languages. Learning English, Spanish, and Chinese would cover most of the civilized world, but at what cost in time and effort?

    • I commend you Mark for being “back to work in less than 5 days”; should have had more “spreaders” like you from the get-go and provided Natural Immunity instead of huge death toll from lockdowns, unqualified chemical injections and wealth transfer in billions to the Great Ones that desire population reduced. Merino or Shropshire is the Question.

      • Zephyr,
        I should have written more succinctly. I was negative in less than 5 days and went back to work. I took two tests to confirm. A rapid and a PCR that I got back in less than 24 hours. I am not a spreader…I do things the right way.

    • How to determine if Biden has done a good job during his first year. Ask yourself these questions.

      1. Has my net worth increased over the last year? Yes. Biden is doing a great job.

      2. Has my net worth decreased in the last year? Yes. Biden is a bum.

      The old story. Since we are the United States of America, we have the right to consume the most of the world’s available resources no matter how stupid we act. As additional proof, some of us speak multiple languages to show our acceptance of you foreigners & to let you know we are still a little better than you. Look at us, we have flooded the world with money & have a military that can crush you. Move over, our Tsunami is a about to roll over you. Can it be stopped. An Oceanliner can’t turn on a dime.

    • You have shameless hubris bragging on you your kid’s languages. The spiraling down US education system is behind the lack of multi-languages. All of my generation never got exposure until 10th grade. The elite start their kids at birth, and 5 is minimum.

    • Mark,
      Multiple languages may make sense in a location where you will have some use for them … but for the average person in most of fly over country WHEN and WHERE would they ever use them?

      *Those people do NOT travel overseas, most not once in their lives.
      *Those people do NOT run into people from those foreign countries in their daily lives
      *Those people have no interaction with foreign people at work, even via phone or work paperwork.

      Foreign Language Skills in the US make sense if you travel overseas regularly, interact regularly with foreigners, or if you live in a part of the US with LOTS of various immigrants or tourists.

      Around here in our city our immigrant population is mostly Somali’s, many tens of thousands of them (100,000+?) … and I don’t know of ANY non-Somali who is interested in learning their language and also don’t know what use it would be for business purposes or for people to people interaction to learn by our local native population since by now all the Somalis know English. In addition nobody from here who is NOT a Somali is having any business dealings with Somalia. (once you are OUT of the city itself, even just 10 miles out, the odds of you running into a Somalian speaking Somalian is NIL)

      German? What use is that if you never go there, never have any business dealings with Germans or Germany, and no German visitors are every coming to your location.

      Ditto with French
      Ditto with Russian
      Ditto Mandarin Chinese (except around our Universities – but all those Chinese speak English)
      Ditto with Swahili
      The average factory worker, or nurse, or trucker or construction worker would be better off by learning calculus or advanced statistics than to learn any of those languages in my part of the world since by learning math it trains your mind to think more logically whereas the foreign language is useless.

      The ONLY foreign language that may be of any use to most people in fly over country would be Spanish, and that would be so as to interact with the many illegal immigrants who now populate the lawn mowing /roofing /concrete /wood framing /meat processing businesses across middle America …. and most people do NOT interact with those types of businesses on a daily (except construction workers) weekly, or even yearly basis. May never interact with a single Spanish Only speaker during an entire year in fact.

      A COMMON language is critical for any nation in forming a cohesive population and shared values. For the US English “IS” that tying bind. Look at the problems even Canada is having with trying to have two internal languages and where learning a second language is “pushed” by the government.

      Canada has already gone through one attempt by many Quebecers to separate from the rest of the country with killings and violence involved and now is in an uneasy semi truce between the two different language speaking parts of Canada. Quebec Province ever since that separation attempt has been structuring the infrastructure and economy of Quebec to be a totally independent of Canada and be able to be a free standing separate country. (That prospect of Canada separating has also driven English Speaking Canada to aggressive buy or try to buy, at absolutely HUGE premiums, railroad lines into and through the US that can connect their part of the Canada, the English speaking part, to various sea ports in the US in case Quebec would separate and then cut off their Atlantic sea access via cutting their transit through the St. Lawrence)

      Look at the Basque region of Spain … a strong separatist movement there combined with the increasing local use of their different language, NOT Spanish, for many interactions. Separatist movement is growing as second language use grows.

      Look at the revival of the various languages in the British Isles as a key driving force for those separatist movements there.

      If learning a foreign language, that one will never hear in real life and never use, is a critical “must learn” skill … well then so is learning how to ride and handle a horse!!

      It is terrible that city folks know next to nothing about that critical skill!! Everybody used to know how to do that! Why have city people become so ignorant about that BASIC skill set? Some day they “may” be someplace where horse riding is done … don’t they NEED to know how to ride a horse if they visit such a location even if they are NOT going to climb on a horse?

      Only jesting with the horse riding … but the analogy is actually very accurate.

      Multiple language skills may be a good thing to have in certain parts of the country where there are either many immigrants who speak another language, or where the people travel out of the country or interact in a business setting with foreign speaking people. THAT is NOT the entire United States, in fact that is NOT most of the United States (doubt it is even a skill set held by most of the population in the Black slums of Oakland).

      People in the urban Coastal Bubble need to break out of their Insular Bubble Mindset and realize that there is more to the US and who makes up it’s population than just the Coasties with their international travel and business needs combined with a heavy local immigrant population mix.

      And NOPE … I am NOT inclined to learn Somali, the foreign language that is most used in my city, and I do NOT think I am worse off because of that.

      • Time has value. Time spent learning Somali (with all due respect) has a shitty R.O.I.
        Ditto French, and Russian in Texas.
        Coon-ass Cajun? Eubonics? Spanish? Maybe.
        But if my time (nominally values at $20/hour when awake) isn’t seeing a payback, on to do other things like cut down trees to make lumber. At least the ROI is good.

      • I agree with not wasting time learning a language that you will never use. For all the time consumption and expense of making a country like Canada bilingual by decree, probably 80% of the population still speaks only one language. Even children placed in French immersion primary school in my area, because it is the fashionble thing for parents to do, end up speaking only English in their working life. In Vancouver, B.C., there are far more people speaking Chinese than French.

        I have been trying to convince my grandchildren to learn Mandarin Chinese. It seems likely to be a very valuable language in the not too distant future. Think of all the fun two Anglo Saxon business people could have going to a Chinese restaurant and shocking the staff by ordering in Mandarin or keeping everyone in the restaurant in amazement as they conducted their complete business lunch meeting in Mandarin.

        Might want to add this one to your list Mark.

    • Or maybe the 33 percent is just a joke.. they are trying to make people believe that there are way more that support him than what there is… I read once that congress had an approval rating of five or six.. then on the news.. they said it was forty six.. LOL.. I am seriously curious how they are going to show the next election where everyone votes for them…..Wasn’t it the last election had a 106 percent voter turnout LOL LOL LOL
      Then again.. what republican in his right mind can even begin to imagine he can fix what damage has been done

  13. “7.8 billion people – left unsupervised – will wreck the planet in no time.”

    Sadly the best of the crop always gets eliminated during any type of war — therefore you have the MESS we’re finding ourselves in presently, JMHO.

    • It won’t be long and we will be back to the tribal level.. with defunding the police and leaving whole neighborhoods open for the criminal elements.. these crime or gang members will run those neighborhoods.. local militias etc.. will be what will replace the law enforcement.. I forget if it was Harvard or Stanford that did a study on this..
      this isn’t the study I was thinking about.. but I am sure it covers the same stuff..
      in thinking about it.. the safest neighborhood to go out in a major city is the one controlled by organized crime.. they want people to be able to go and spend money there… as long as you follow their rules..
      Take Xi and china.. consider how many people live there.. yet I see video’s of neighborhoods well manicured and the people all happy.. he keeps control over them follow the rules and you are ok…. now take SanFran or LA and walk the Hood.. you maybe will make it to the end of the block.. elderly and young live in fear abandoned by those that patrolled those neighborhoods to keep people safe…Africa.. they clubbed people that were not of the right tribe..

  14. “This man (and Falsi) are dangerous and should be seen in a Nuremberg setting.”

    With all the lawyers we have in USA I am surprised that NO action was taken so far. We seem to be more interested in “far away places” than our own well-being?! Puzzling to me !!!

    • “I am surprised that NO action was taken so far. We seem to be more interested in “far away places” than our own well-being?! Puzzling to me !!!”

      I think and believe that It is WHO…. If you or I had tried to do any of the crap that some of these jokers have done and bragged about.. we wouldn’t see the light of day.. but because of WHO it is.. they bend the laws .. Prisons in the USA are filled with poor people.. the rich and powerful are rarely incarcerated.. instead they will target the poor if the wealthy are questioned.. the slight of hand draw the attention away from the true criminals

      • Thank you for your comment “looking out of the box.” I’m impressed by YOUR everyday contributions to our exchange of thoughts so that I doubt that you’re really in a box ;-).

        I also agree that the world is organized into two camps “WHO it is” thanks to the creator (dude) who has endowed individuals with different talents, but left most to suffer in STUPIDITY.

  15. I’m not buying one share in any fing thing till that vix hits 70 . So you can go on with everything. Short everything gold included. F this bullsheet .

    • Immodestly, Len, I made a tad more than lunch money today shorting via SDS when the SPX was over 40 early on today.
      Where’s the Scrooge McDuck suit? My old sailing jacket will have to do, reckon…
      Shorting rallies, as you have wisely counseled. Hot Diggereedamn!

      • Aren’t you glad you watched the whole speech now? Painful , in Louis Black moment kinda way, but, provides a great window into what’s coming.

      • Shame on Ure, George! : 0 A gentleman never tells!

        It seems I always jinx myself when I talk about what I made ; )
        but it was a good week.

        Well, those are two of maybe 6 emojis I know and understand. You’re welcome!

  16. Seems there’s a bit of a Mandela Effect about the Pig to Human transplants. Some people (me included) remember it back in the 1980s. – but cannot find any mention of it now. As I recall, the recipients didn’t live very long … longest, maybe a year or so.



  18. I watched a video today of a young lady demonstrating the pole climber belt she has developed to secure herself to a fixed object in a NY subway station so she cannot be pushed in front of a train. When the train arrives, she unclips and boards.

    American ingenuity will never die.

  19. I think the ‘realization’ event that triggers the waterfall collapse will be tomorrow around Washington’s lunch time.

    • “the waterfall collapse will be tomorrow around Washington’s lunch time.”

      OOPS Steve..Sorry it will have to wait until after Recess….. NO ONE HOME in the beltway of Corruption then again it is cold out there.. so even when they do come back.. you gotta get them something to warm up with…. it will have to wait until after the 16th. of February… Can’t expect the hardest workers of the country to work hard the first day back..

    • LOL LOL LOL…. unfortunately.. holding my own is the only thing I can do and they say that the options I have with Covid is it will shrink …… LOL LOL

  20. In the Hawaii Petri Dish, 5,911 new cases reported today.  567 on the Big Island alone.  It’s a viral inferno out there, and still the tourists come in hordes.  I’m not even going to the grocery store for several weeks.   Hunkered down safe at home with NO visitors.

    Come to Hawaii! Come down with coconut Covid! Damn stupid.

    • It still responds to Ivermectin! Even though there’s nothing you can do to keep from catching it it has mild symptoms that are very manageable if treated early.

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