HFGH: How the Future Gets Here

Forget the over-touted multiverseParallel dimensions are likely real, not some computer simulations of reality.  And not to be confused with the “real-thing” Reality, after all.

Before we explain parallel universes intersecting with this one, however, we first need to spend some time understanding how the Future – yes, the real one – as in here and now – actually gets here.

Amazingly, we do know more than we think we know about Future.  But, as we’ll explain, we have not put enough neurons on task as a society to evolve new ways to think about future.  And wrest control of it back from those who have already hijacked it.

Which seems to be a reasonably interesting – mid half-week thinking point – as we size up how markets are evolving toward what should be a fascinating next week. And month end when war becomes pending.

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73 thoughts on “HFGH: How the Future Gets Here”

  1. Re.: Ure’s war predictions.

    Don’t be so glum, everyone of Ure’s war predictions has not come to pass.

    So keep on predicting so we won’t have any wars.

    • Obliviously Dell, you must not have been here since 2006 as I have. This site is terribly human and unlike your water-walking self attempts with great experience and inspired thought to give calculated estimates (without liability=you do your own thing, capishe?) and has a record of being very accurate and also will upon discovery of changing influences correct such matters based on improved estimates. No more ands available to me for last sentence<
      DELL reminds me of a few clients i have had who request estimate for project promising not to hold me to it then upon satisfactory completion claim it was a quote!
      I thank — for this site and contributors, even you Dell.

    • Come on, Dell. Give ol’ George a break. Every day he puts himself out there with novel ideas so we ultracrepidarians can try to show how darn smart we are.
      After all, we gotta have something to talk about, and it keeps the truly unstable among us stuck to our keyboard in the basement and off the streets. And besides, where else on the Web can you find the range of topics discussed here? .
      As the Buddha says, it’s not investment advice.
      It’s fun, gluten and GMO free, and not bad for free or $40 per if you’re committed.

    • Did you pay for his service in order to say that? He wants me to pay but I think the same way as you, he’s never been right about alot of things. I enjoy reading the comments though.

  2. George, Per this site:


    The multi-verse is comprised of many-to-infinite parallel universes. Our observations ‘collapse’ an infinite number of possible outcomes into the one(s) we experience. Thus, we are the masters of our own path, or destiny. Using a terrestrial analogy, each step we take in the multiverse is thru virgin snow. But were we to turn around, every one of our past stepping points would have countless branches coming out of them, our set of steps (our reality) being just one of them. Now imagine 7.753 billion sets of footprints in the snow, one set for every human currently occupying this planet. Perhaps quantum computers will help us to understand how our various ‘chosen’ paths intersect to form shared realities within (or is it ‘throughout’) the quantum multi-verse.

    • Thanks for the link WH it’s a good one. Now if we can just convince George he doesn’t need all those electronic training aids to get where he wants to go!

    • Once upon a time, religious figures believed that our earth was the center of the cosmos, and all creation revolved around it:


      While there may be a multi-verse, the idea that acts of individual men result in splits in the multi-verse probably is in the same vein as geocentrism, and constitutes a cultural infantile meme.

      Maybe Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five gives a plausible SF mechanism for divergence by an act of individual, but infinite paths of individual’s footsteps in the snow is a technical reach. Based on local observed phenomena, you would expect some sort of quantization of realms, with physical constants perhaps drifting as you get further away from the local channel. Whether regions of mass concentration would mimic between realms is a good question. R. Zelanzy postulated an entertaining model in Nine Princes in Amber. And then there is Zak and the Travel Channel model. And let us not forget Ure nighttime escapades over there somewheres.

      So why I am I citing SF and crazy pseudo-reality TV as references for the multi-verse; ’cause right now, the multi-verse is plausible SF, and scientific speculation. I haven’t seen a workable, physically demonstratable postulate as of yet. Maybe the guys at CERN will come up with something that will change my view. Or maybe, they will leave it alone.

  3. Trump was the malt liquor of political personalities. One sip and we’re all on stimmies, nobody wants to work, the debt going up.

  4. “parallel universes intersecting”

    Perhaps Trump had to shut us down to minimize the interactions of people perceiving themselves or others, or others from the parallel perceiving us, within the time frame of the intersect.

    During the intersect “what if” as example, you happened to drive by an old house past you lived in and today’s self “sees” a parallel self, at this age, living out that life which was based on other outcomes?

    When we’re all inside that can’t happen.

    • I like where you are going, Out of work Steve! Most if not all politicians are vampires of perception, thought and intellect. They despise our free choice, our ability to steer our own path/reality. All want their opinion to drive the path of our reality to intersect with theirs. Their reality involves ‘us’ serving a construct built upon their ravenous greed and infinite ambition.

  5. Funny thing that…. Looks to be trained in counter-insurgency and crowd control. Herd mentality sets in with.. a little help from “friends”, acting as an authority figure. Certainly seems like more Kabooki theater is in store for Tee Vee consumption and narrative shaping. File under: Gas Lighting the People.



      • There is a real reality, that is based upon orderly truths, but our society has been built up with lies. Nature only falters when infringed upon but humanity purposely infringes upon its self.

        Cats know they are cats. People only think their cats. Why is that?

        Does the child who identifies as a cat use the toilet or a litter box?

        Is a preacher who rubs spit in another mans face, really divinely inspired?

        Seeking alternate (verses) without maintaining the quality of the (verse) we live in, makes no sense to even try. Any new (verse) will be just as screwed up as this one is.

  6. Hi, George. What is your take/thoughts/comments on Project Looking Glass and peering into the future? Thanks for possibly sharing your comments–much appreciated.

  7. George has mentioned several times about China worried about how the winter Olympics (WO) appear and that is causing them to change their behavior. I don’t know anyone that has even mentioned the WO as even a thing on their radar. China is a country that enslaves their minorities in work camps. It is hard for me to believe they give 2 cents to what people outside of china think about the WO. Within China they completely control the messaging so it will come off as a huge success to those they must keep control over. It has probably been since Atlanta Olympics since those games were not huge money losers for the hosting countries. The interest likely follows the loss of people that actually support the US national policies, hard to support our “country” athletes when nationalism is all but dead on both sides of the aisle. Even the athletes participating are allow to mock their country. Why does anyone still care?

  8. if nuke dropped on Ure head, would Ure Soul survive ? bwahahahahaha

    There kidding, right ? Of course it would “survive” – be blown to a gazillion pieces, but We got an Eternity to “pull it back together”.

    – Our Souls have been violently abused (massive “electro” Shocks=zapped) every time U transition BACK FROM PRISON Planet Earth – cumulative brain damage..Why We Cant Recall squata from previous lifetimes…

    All about CONTROL.

    * “they” are offended by the thought of Humans considering “them” gods. The idea that Humans see aliens /”Entities” from advanced (technologically) civilizations as gods, is extremely distasteful thought to “them”. So long have our Souls been imprisoned we dont even think right anymore..Like anything in the Universe is not Natural like Plastics. this make no sense outside of prison – Oil is “naturally” occurring on plant Earth. So when you ask a “alien” if the their body is 100 natural or part synthetic – it makes absolutely no sense to them ?? worse than Plato’s cave victims, FAR Worse.

    behind it all-everything, U will find the “the reptilian races” and their shock troops, dirty work guys, their slave race Minninu or Grays.. “grown” kinda like the clone army in star wars…kinda.

    Metaverse PALES in comparison to OUR RIGHTFUL Inhertitence… to Ure destinies, PALES!

    • Think of the people in either Nagasaki or the other place that were reduced to mere shadows on the steps of the buildings they were in front of. Nothing left, not even ashes. So then I wonder what all the evangelical preachers are going to say about the salvation of their souls? One thing I can’t believe is that all the people that had never heard of Christ are simply lost to the Ether. All too many NDEs are saying a LOT of people were seen on the other side that we ordinarily wouldn’t have expected to be there. Ready for recycling?

  9. Has anyone noticed that EPA’s RadNet has been off-line since 6 January? It’s supposed to be offline for routine maintenance between 7-10 January. Seems like it’s running a little long.

  10. Interesting data from NZ about all cause deaths around vaccination rates.
    And remember NZ does not have covid infections, so these are not covid covid related deaths during these periods. Scroll down to the chart, showing all cause deaths against vaccination rates.
    “As weekly vaccination numbers rise to a peak, deaths peak.
    As vaccination numbers begin to fall, deaths also fall.”

    Even if the vaccine is not a direct cause of death, you might think it would be extremely interesting to medical experts on why these track each other so closely.

    US has been below our average death rates for the past several weeks.

  11. It’s funny to read various comments about “reality”. We all live in our own subjective reality bubbles. Real reality is something none of ever experience. It’s all seen through our own personal filters.

    Before you go shouting me down, how can you say for instance that someone has TDS? or BDS? They live in their own subjective reality.

    How can you say Q is real, when it’s predicting JFK will return? Some believe it, because it agrees with their own subjective reality.

    Or more simply put, how does someone with one religious view walk down the same grocery aisle as another person with their own completely different view of reality?

    You should start by wondering what you are missing in your filters. If you’re perfect, then why haven’t you made more of your life. Mirror time, pal. Not keyboard warrior time. ;)

      • They are unavoidable. Reality is just different for everyone. If you don’t take care to understand that others have their own filters and life experiences, you risk a lot.

        The key is empathy.

    • “”How can you say Q is real, when it’s predicting JFK will return?””
      OK Philistine,, show me in the Q posts for the JFK return,, here is a link to the posts


      just because some wish to discredit Q they, will use statements from a person claiming to be QANON, does not mean that the Q team posted it. fake news and liars are everywhere and lemings accept the maps to the cliff

    • Philistine – excellent. This is the point I was making last week when I used. the old quote from Dicken’s ‘A Tale of Two Cities.’ Your comment explains why some people live in abundance and health while others are wretched.

      I live in a beautiful community in South FL – the grocery store here is full of everything, the stores in nearby Naples are packed out, and prosperous people like me quietly work on our golf games and enjoy the ‘best of times.’ I don’t see doom and gloom and shortages here. I don’t see poverty and hopelessness. No, there is nothing special about me and others. We just choose to filter our personal reality with peace and abundance.

      I am ok with those who choose to see the glass half empty. Gee, we would not have an internet half the size if we did not have fear porn 24/7. Dudes – and Duddettes, I am in my 60’s and have been on the internet since the beginning in the mid-90’s or so. I have read countless prophecies about how things would have blown up by 2005, 2010, 2015 – name the date. But here we are!

      Oh yes, some have experienced their personal doom, but you know what, NEVER will all of us experience doom. Why? Because we always live in the best of times and the worst of times. Now, the question is, what is your personal filter for reality?? If you say doom and gloom, well – it ain’t mine!!

  12. “when the near-empty shelves here roll back into headlines? Stocking while we can”

    I forgot carrots yesterday.. with my being sick for almost three weeks.. we were over a hundred cans down..I get out to the store and see limits back on the shelves..
    What I did notice is costco has peaches in quart jars. Yumm.. so I’ll pick up a few when I get carrots.. and I’ll get another case of yam’s

    • …But Mr. Biden just stated that store shelves were 89% full — nearly the 91% full they were before COVID.

      Why on Earth would anyone worry about shelves that’re 89% full…?

      • When I went shopping it was the opposite.. about 80 percent empty.. the stores had limits to..
        I’ll go through and check.. for the grocery run next week..so farineed 60 cans of carrots and 36 cans of green beans..me being sick for 3 weeks we were getting down ..
        I will but 2 cases of chicken breasts and one case of sweet potatoes.. 2 casesof v8..then we should be back to standard.
        I did find pizza’s for six bucks a piece.. it’s amazing how many groceries we go through a month..

  13. Incident-al Report:

    Headlines here reflect hospitals are bursting at the seams with omicron patients. A vocal hospital doctor group has denounced provincial reporting of incidental covid cases as “political posturing” according to the CBC. The province has stated amongst its statistical analysis that two-thirds of patients diagnosed at hospital with covid had actually gone to hospital for treatment of unrelated ailments.

    Sounds like multiverse paths need traffic controls at intersections?

    • Also sounds like hospitals are “diagnosing” patients with something they don’t have just to get and/or keep the numbers up while the UK removes all covid restrictions, kills the passport, and tells everyone to go back to the office.

    • I’m beginning to see something like that here (N midwest).
      1 Hospital says intensive care is full and they are trying to place patients in other nearby hospitals.
      2 The local news reporter says, “hospitals are full” instead of “intensive care is full.” Nobody asking how many intensive care units they have and patient count. Nobody seems to catch the distinction between “intensive care” and available rooms/beds and never does a reporter and camera walk through the place.
      3 NO pushback locally. The public “service” advertising barrage is wheeling out cute, sad junior medical staff and vax zealots to guilt trip nonvaxed as if the shit actually works*.
      * a) no, your life doesn’t return to normal with the shot.
      b) no, those are not “breakthrough cases,” you can still get infected and infect others after the vax. There is at least a 5% chance of vax failure for the 4 months of vax effectiveness IF they told the truth; results say otherwise. I’m waiting for the punch line of how they came to the 95% effective figure.
      c) no, there is no proof you won’t be damaged by an infection with covid after vaxing. The narrative of “lower hospitalizations, milder symptoms” began before they had any proof. They are just running the odds, throwing them out the window, then grasping at straws to influence the “other than me” people.
      d) Local reports are that the area deer herd is 35% infected with covid as of last month. You can’t grow anything in town or even avoid the lower branches of trees being ripped off without protection from deer and they don’t wear masks. No report on squirrels, rabbits, mice, birds etc. A nice disease reservoir is building. Let’s give the kids a smaller dose in case it’s toxic.
      That is my take, please prove me wrong. My arm is up for a poke with whatever experimental crud if they do informed consent maybe.

    • #feb1 – the public is done.

      Our government needs us to work with it, not against it, to end this. Show them that “we got this now, thanks”.*

      *Or do something that looks and sounds like the January 6 approach, up to you.

    • chris,

      This story is absolutely buried on the BBC website under local news for England. One really has to look for it. Two of the top three headlines on the BBC homepage right now are Conservative MP’s demanding the PM step down because of his byob garden parties at #10. One MP is senior and formerly of a SAS unit associated with intelligence services. The other MP is junior and separately on the hot seat for pulling in multiple salaries as a borough councilor, county councilor and MP at the same time.

  14.  “Today, people can live in relatively isolated regions most of the time.  Yet still loose their “insulation distance” by chance encounters with travelers from high population areas, even if through something as seemingly innocent as an hour or two jet ride between cities.”

    Welcome to the Hawaii ‘Petri Dish’! Record 6,252 new Covid cases yesterday. Double-vaxed visitors with previous covid infection on the mainland came to visit family, and got sick AGAIN with a visitor who infected the whole household. Tourists are scary. They tend to cluster and not respectfully ‘social distance’ among public. Hospitals are full, although there are fewer covid ICU and deaths. Staffing shortages everywhere.
    “Don’t Share the Air!”

  15. Re: “Q”
    I believe the entire “Q” movement is merely a psy-op created and run by the CIA to provide the masses with a distraction while their strings are being pulled.

  16. One of the reasons I come to this site other than getting depressed by its content ;-( is to read the dialogue of people that seem to care about each other to share their observations and feelings!

    I don’t have much to contribute because most of your lives are substantially different than my own.

    However, today’s observation while I was shopping earlier was that most of the shelves where almost empty in my neighborhood (Midtown Manhattan).

    I was afraid that this day would come and I had planned accordingly. I do have an explanation for it that is related to the weather situation in the NE. ;-)

  17. There are three kinds of people in this world: those that have had Covid, those that are gonna get it, and those who are gonna get it more than once.
    We had a new wave of sick-outs start today at work. Local Omni-moronic (or successor) new case numbers are running 3x Delta and 2x Rev 2 variants. Death stats are increasing. I am expecting that emergency rooms are places to be avoided, more so than normal. I have started seeing store shelves thinning a bit, but restaurants seem to have their normal menus intact. This is starting to be reminiscent of Rev 2 when restaurants were locked down and grocery stores emptied while restaurant suppliers couldn’t move stock. The issues are misallocated distribution in the supply chains, not real shortages. There are a lot people staying home again.

  18. Speaking of VR. If you have VR tell us about the experience from watching the following video.

    *You can pinch, zoom, use your fingers to move the video around or move your phone or tablet around. Or put a VR headset on and just go crazy! It’s also fun to hit pause and take a look around.

    What’s it like to be crammed in an impossibly tight cave? Find out. (Set it to 2160) NO ADS


    • I use to cave.. that isn’t to uncommon.. and seriously I’ve been in caves a lot tighter than that.. I am sure Nancy has to..
      Spelunking was one of the more rewarding hobbies when I was young.even though my years of caving are over with I am Still a member of the grotto.. I do need a new blue water 2 rope..

    • I enjoy caving, and lava tubes don’t have the mud and slime of many caves. They are cold, and the rock is very rough, so whatever you wear gets shredded quickly. There are lava tubes west of here. Moving via fingers and toes is an art. I doubt my shoulders or hips would get through the space on the video though. Sometimes it can take 15 minutes to worm body parts past obstructions or tight fits, but that tube is tight continuously. I actually prefer when it’s not really tight. Then again, there’s the vertical stuff, but that would be an entirely different video.


    (of Ukraine… I detest artifically sensationalist headlines.

    While speaking to officials in the Ukrainian capital on Wednesday, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that there is going to possibly be a Russian invasion of Ukraine. If this happens, we can all bet the United States will be first in line to “help” with war efforts.


  20. Here’s How Elon Musk Will Avoid ‘Terminator Scenario’ With His New Humanoid Robots

    Tesla — the electric vehicle company led by Elon Musk — is developing humanoid “Tesla Bots.” On social media, Musk hinted that the company is taking steps to avoid a future robot revolt.

    According to Tesla’s website, the Tesla Bot is a “general purpose, bi-pedal, humanoid robot capable of performing tasks that are unsafe, repetitive or boring.” On Wednesday, Musk tweeted: “Tesla AI might play a role in AGI, given that it trains against the outside world, especially with the advent of Optimus.”

    As Electrek editor-in-chief Fred Lambert explained, “Optimus” is Musk’s codename for the Tesla Bot initiative — and the reference to artificial general intelligence (“AGI”) means that the machines may one day be able to complete any task that a human can do.


    “I’ll be bahhk…”

    • Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ would be a good prime directive for AI. From Wikipedia:
      First Law
      A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
      Second Law
      A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
      Third Law
      A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

      • The problem is we (and Britain, China, France, Russia, and God only knows who else) is striving to build a “Terminator” AGI robot designed to kill the other team’s players and destroy their playthings. It will be programmed to kill any humans who don’t have the “correct” chip implanted in their body.

        This seems to me like a place where Asimov’s Laws are going to be deliberately and conspicuously ignored.

        The thing which blows my mind is we’re doing so many things which can end us as a species, and the same conceit which makes some believe we can control climate seems to make humans also believe we can control the autonomous biological and mechanical doomsday devices we’re creating.

    • Did you read that someone with a self driving car had an accident.. someone got killed.. the owners of the car are being charged.. I wondered how that worked out.

    • There’s a definite market for empathetic and hot sexbots, if Elon thinks that can either be done or realistically simulated. The current market entries are not worth spending money on at all. Figure Cherry 2000 with configuration options and effective waterproofing at an affordable price.

      That, and no wireless umbilical to Tesla.

  21. Creepy Bill Gates Gives Warning of Other Pandemics Far Worse than Covid-19 – Calls on Government to Increase Vaccine Supplies

    On Tuesday, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates issued a warning of potential pandemics far worse than the COVID-19 and called on “governments to contribute billions to tackle future pathogens and increase vaccine supplies,” according to a report from Financial Times.


    I’ve given him the benefit of the doubt, but am starting yo wonder is Billy Boy Wonder is suffering a bad case of megalomania in his old age…?

    • Since Covid appears to have been developed by publicly funded researchers pursuing a discredited and locally banned branch of inquiry related to alleged vaccine development (gain of function research), I would personally assume that a public warning of scheduled impending plagues by a vaccine mogul financier may be real cause for alarm.

  22. More Than Two Dozen FBI Agents Descend on Home of Texas Democrat Rep. Who Blasted Biden and Harris Over Border Crisis

    More than two dozen FBI agents descended on Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar’s Laredo, Texas home on Wednesday. The FBI was also present at Cuellar’s campaign office in Laredo. “Congressman Cuellar will fully cooperate in any investigation. He is committed to ensuring that justice and the law are upheld,” his office said.

    Rep. Cuellar, a nine-term Texas Democrat lawmaker who represents an area along the US-Mexico border, has lashed out at both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for allowing illegal aliens to pour over the border.


    I’m guessing his crime is falling out of lock-step…

  23. Ok – heeeerre we go! The Gateway Pundit published an article by Info Wars (HAARRUMMPH, HAARRUMMPH) about a person talking to a doctor (see included video) in England about a possible adverse reaction to her vaxxx. The doctor said,#1, DON’T get another vaxxx, #2, DON’T let your sister get another vaxxx and, #3, that they’ll possibly, very soon, be recalling ALL vaccines from public use! (Hope I got the underline command right. A print preview feature would be nice) In trying to verify this the article states that the phone number seen in the video is to a verified hospital in the UK.

    WATCH: NHS Doctor Tells Patient NOT to Take Covid Vaccine Because They Will Be PULLED Soon – Warns That Vaccine Data is Being Hidden From Public

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