Another nominee is presented in our quest to find the Grand News Unifier. That is, the person, organization, or affinity group that could be blamed (or credited) with much of what passes for “news.”

Interesting topic, I hope you’ll agree.  Just as soon as we ramble through some headlines and ponder a mid-week “Hold ’em or Fold ’em” as we size up charts ahead of this afternoon’s Fed decision and Chairman’s remarks.

So a nod to the headlines in the stands and a red cape for the bulls.  Ure enters the ring…

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46 thoughts on “Down-Conditioning”

  1. Yep the lay-off list is rocking and rolling with thousands more laid off while the politicians run wild with all their promise’s they know they can’t/won’t be able to keep,meanwhile the cost of building a new house has increased over $16,000 due to the increase in lumber, and we are told it will be 6 months before we can get any treated lumber at all.Now I wonder what’s coming next or maybe I don’t really want to know as both parties claim its going to be the same.!!!

  2. ‘Down Conditioning’ – interesting, but Mother Nature bats last and human consciousness is subject to large changes over time (research the Vedic concept of ‘Yugas’).

    I somehow think that the ‘computer’ was not programmed with all the inputs and outputs. The universe can indeed be unpredictable to governments who ‘have all the answers.’

    • Couldn’t agree more with your comment!

      This “Director 153” e-mail and this “Down Conditioning” sounds questionable to me.

      Side note, how does homosexual couples owning homes affect anything other than helping the economy? Especially since gay people only make up 1% of the entire US population? Seems like an item that shouldn’t have been the top of the list!

      Personally speaking, my generation has experienced an astronomical increase in the cost for a college education. College debt for an individual can equal the cost of a home in some parts of the United States or at least a down payment. I would think that educational costs would have a greater affect on population growth, especially among the groups that seek higher education. This is not some Russian conspiracy, as our own government provides zero consumer protections for an education. I would think that student loan debt is the reason for less children and less homes.

      Another item they outlined was “Marketing Nomadding” which is laughable. RV, Van Life, off grid sailing, etc are popular because people can opt to pay lower taxes, travel, no rent or mortgage (death contract), and they are saddled with debts after graduation. Again, they don’t mentioned student loan debt. Also, many people in the baby boomer generation have done the same once they have retired.

      Also, the taxes on my generation is higher than its been any other time in history. Again, the government/ “Director” isn’t going to mention that as his salary comes from those taxes. Plus they can just tax the working class more and they will just take it.

      The third point was “climate crisis” which is laughable too. While I fall on the liberal/middle side of the spectrum, I did grow up in a politically conservative house hold in the Northeast (at least one side of the family was conservative). So I do agree with some conservative ideology. The science clearly states that we are going through a solar minimum, which science tells us will provide less cloud coverage on the planet. Less cloud coverage means that the planet will “cool” down in many areas and I imagine would affect the food supply to some extent. Plus make some areas much colder and other sections quite hot.

      Overall, the e-mail was interesting, but it seemed like the “director” was from an older generation looking at another generation in judgement. There was nothing scientific/AI about it.

  3. Aid is coming. Just hang on a little longer….

    Coronavirus updates Wednesday: Pelosi: House will stay in session until coronavirus stimulus deal is reached

    “We are committed to staying here until we have an agreement, an agreement that meets the needs of the American people,” Pelosi said on CNBC Tuesday.

    “…aid to schools, the unemployed and cash-strapped local governments”

      • “Check’s in the mail…lol”

        I know I’m so excited lol lol if they do what they say .. we will get a check of forty thousand and four thousand a month … it will be life on easy street along with FREE healthcare…dam I can’t wait..

        ( BEING A LITTLE MORE REALISTIC THOUGH…I personally think their drooling idiots. I was just being a smart azz)

      • George,
        I don’t disagree with you…But Trump won’t approve it if it isn’t positioned as his idea and the Dems won’t approve it if it’s the GOP’s idea. We need to stop the division and unify for US and our jobs not the benefit of the politicians and their jobs.

      • And that was the whole point of the “down conditioning” piece: Is there another level or layer that ensures we don’t “get out of our places?”

        Just talking to my son (driving an aid unit back to Wash st after 24-days non-stop on fires) and he made an interesting remark.
        Words to the effect “Yeah, dad. I asked everyone – the fire behavior specialists and the weather guys – they all said just what you’ve been saying “Ain’t climate: It’s not enough money on controlled burns, a long-hot dry spell, and justr just damn bad luck wind events.”

        Like so many other things – it’s like people getting their news from non-sources…leads us all way off base.

        We need more choices like ross perot – and even slick willy was a Rhodes scholar, fer crying out loud/./

        But to have to pick between Biden and Trump? FMTT – C hina’s gonna have a wok, poor pun intended!

      • So waiting for a fall sweepstakes prime-time showdown between a Biden IQ Test vs. a Trump Tax Return Reveal.

        “It’s not the most intellectual job in the world, but I do have to know the letters.” – Vanna White

      • Sounds as if the “fire behavior specialist” voted for Trump….you know, the man who admits he hates to read, the man who does’t believe in science….but he’s somehow
        qualified to comment on atmospheric composition and the effect on heat capture. His own Govt. Dept NASA keeps CO2 data and it’s off the chart. Second only to water vapor as a greenhouse gas.

    • “Wednesday: Pelosi: House will stay in session until coronavirus stimulus deal is reached”

      On the news cast of those hard working folks in DC.. did you notice it… there was a total of four people not counting the news reporters there… lol lol lol you would think they wouldn’t allow anyone to see those hard working people in action..

      I remember having to run to the Capitol while it was in session.. and that was over forty years ago.. as a kid I thought heck what an awesome thing to watch.. our congress debating and discussing important issues. I went up to the top to look down on the spectical…
      Oh they must be on break because I was the only one there. Except a janitor wandering through.. so I sat there thinking they will be back soon.. I never seen a one..all day..
      You would think pelosi would be busy trying to get some aid for the tinderbox there in her own state since it is congress that approves the funds . Not the president..

  4. “Sally Soggy
    Coming ashore the rain’s the pain:”

    I have a really stupid question…. the wife watching the news a scene we all have seen so many times and the story.. frantic citizens flood the local lumber yards to seal up their homes to keep them safe.. there is always some joker on a ladder screwing a piece of ply to the window to keep it safe from flying debris……

    Now the stupid question!

    Whatever happened to …… wait for it.. here it comes.. SHUTTERS….?????
    if every year you run down buy plywood to seal up the windows to keep the glass safe.. why doesn’t anyone living in a hurricane or violent storm area installing or using shutters..

    I watched a home show once.. where they were taking them off of a building for their remodeling..
    there was a reason why the people of old put them on.. for one glass was super expensive..if you could afford glass windows.. the cost was so high it took years to pay for it.. that is where the break a mirror seven years bad luck came from.. it took the average joe seven years to buy another one..
    rather than run down to the lumber yard year after year.. why not just install or build a set of shutters.. decorate them open them up .. they make security shutters.. so intruders don’t break into your home.. with bars on them..
    in a high crime area my guess is that an insurance company would give a price break for having them on.. I know I received a fifteen percent price decrease for having a monitored system on our home.. and I don’t live in one of the high crime area’s..

    It would be a whole lot more aesthetic and labor saving than screwing a sheet of ply up every year.. you could build them.. easy enough .. and that would be way more satisfying than buying them storebought.. but the price would be a whole lot similar..

    I personally like the suffolk style..
    but to each their own LOL

    I like this guy…. love how he made the shutters to.. and the use of his expert help.. always need a good man helping..

      • Excellent post loob, I too say that every time I see them boarding up for a storm. Should be required in prone areas, just like roof sprinklers should be required in fire prone areas. The cost would be minimal. Of course they still don’t require solar panels on new construction so we have a long way to go for any hope of common sense prevailing. I am real big fan of common sense because I just don’t see much anymore
        Kinda like gold, hard to come by and just as rare..

  5. “Down Conditioning” – That must be what happened to slo joe.

    Prolly was born that way, sans the birth canal, via the other orifice.

    So sad,we should feel sorry for the “head” of the biden crime family, and his absolute lack of Morals, let alone “color” or Energy.

    Just another “gray” vampire whose whole career was spent sucking on the teet of the US Tax Donkeys, a lifetime of Self Enrichment, at the expense of the less fortunate.

    Sad to watch senior apparatchik set up to fail/fall before our eyes – sooo sad – an ode..

    “Sundowner – U betta take care, if we find U been creeping round that daycare.
    Sometimes I think its a shame, when I get feeling betta, when I’m just peeing myself again..”-ECD

    It gets a lil scary when the sun goes down for one of the most; Arrogant, Stupid, attorneys I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Might be as big a evil “tard” as killa klown bush jr..which is saying something..

    • Do you like three strikes your out laws, mandatory sentencing, more prisons and 100,000 real cops on the streets for real and lower crime rates? Do you?

      Then thank Biden for writing the 1994 crime bill and voting in favor of it.

      • here is an interesting article OG….

        If there is so many that are supporting groups that are encouraging violent and criminal behaviors.. just what will happen in the event that DT gets re-elected into office..
        we seen almost four years of non stop attacks on the administration.. using corrupted malicious and fake material to try and get him removed from office..
        the mainstream media making negative slurs and attacks .. one day I counted and in less than a half hour there was over a hundred..
        I fear the results of the election.. but am totally expecting them to fake votes to get their man in office.. its coming whether or not we want it..

      • “Then thank Biden for writing the 1994 crime bill”

        YEAH SURE YOU BETCHA… no one in congress has written a dam thing in decades.. they don’t take time to read the crap much less write the crap.Hell they don’t even come to work but twenty eight days a year.. that is less than a full month..and the vast majority of them would be fired because of their work ethics if they had to work an honest mans job… if they did write the bills you can be sure it would be written in simple easy to understand wording then the thousands of pages of shizt that they are written in..

      • I don’t disagree, but so what? Biden has clearly backed rioters and thugs with his current actions. A 1994 Biden probably could be elected in a landslide today, but we are not voting for a 1994 Biden but a 2020 Biden that has moved so far left that he cannot even bother to talk about supporting police during a conflict with a criminal.

        He doesn’t speak to the garbage message that our society is systemically racist as is constantly spoken by members of his party and during their convention. This is the mark of a person that has no integrity and no core beliefs.

        You don’t see me writing that Trump is our godsend, but at least have some integrity yourself and get away from rabid party support no matter their policies.

      • Um, no, no, no, and yes… sort of.

        How can one be convicted of a crime, simply because (s)he has a past history of criminal behavior? Three strikes laws are illegal, immoral, and unjust.

        Mandatory sentencing? Like the minimum 5 years in the slam that Texas used to sentence people to, for smoking a joint?

        How many inmates like the tokers above, are there in prisons in the U.S.?

        Cops don’t prevent crime (very often.) They investigate crime, locate, then incarcerate the perpetrator.

        I personally believe the punishment should fit the crime, but when the punishment is over, so should be both its effect and its stigma.

        The “first time” child molester has a recidivism rate of 83%. The “third time” or “fourth time” offender’s recidivism rate is 77%. IOW 77% will NEVER reform.

        Nearly 2mln of America’s 4.5mln graybar guests are in for relatively minor, nonviolent drug offenses.

        We have folks doing a “hard 20” for peddling a Z of tree, while the “average” child molester walks after four; people “bustin’ 5” on a trumped-up “resisting” charge they lacked the money to fight, while some murderers skate after 30 months, and so on. This isn’t fair, right, honest, or cool, but it’s also not something which can be fixed by more jail cells or cops.

        There should never be mandatory sentencing (only “sentencing guidelines,” as put forth in each individual rule of every criminal code), because no two crimes, nor criminals, are the same, and neither are their circumstances. Mandatory sentencing is a catch-all legislative fix for bad jurists.

        One of “Ray’s Rules” is:

        “Everybody deserves a second chance, very few people deserve a third.”

        However, WRT criminal behavior, that determination should be made by a competent jurist, not a ubiquitous and generic legislative edict. The single biggest complaint by police in most big cities is that they catch a criminal, and the judge frees him. The problem isn’t the law, or the cop, but a judge. I believe the aforementioned child molester deserves a second chance, on the possibility (s)he’s one of the “17%,” but I also believe if a judge gave them a soft sentence, that judge should assume legal responsibility for their subsequent actions, or a parole board supervisor who approved early release should be required to house the ex-offender in their own home, for a 24 month “home detention” period. I don’t, nor will I ever, approve of “scarlet letter” sex registries or lawn signs. If a criminal has done their time, they’ve “paid their debt to society,” and that’s that. If they haven’t done the time to suit the crime, then

        don’t let the bâtard out!

        It’s simple, elegant, and would help fill the two million jail & prison cells vacated by reefer-sniffers and deadbeat parents (or in Cali, parents whose kids skip school…)

        In most jurisdictions we don’t need more cops or more jail cells — we need better judges…

      • All of which is quite reasonable and certainly fits with there should be a path to expungement (worked for a son of mine, lol) and that crimes against persons and property only – smoking or licensure of drugs is simply a business model we don’t need.

      • George, I’ve an old friend — was popped 35 years ago for armed robbery.

        It was a few days before Christmas. He and his wife were broke. They had a sick toddler. Junior’s meds were $187. He robbed a cstore and took exactly $187 (leaving the rest), filled his daughter’s prescriptions, then walked to the police station and turned himself in.

        Upon hearing his story, one of the arresting officers circulated a petition requesting clemency for him. Every cop on the police force, every attorney in the prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices, signed it. Since no weapon was actually used, the charge was lowered to misdemeanor theft and when trial time came around, he was sentenced to time-served (he paid the store back with his next paycheck.) The conviction was later vacated. Under a mandatory sentencing edict, this would not have been possible.

        Yeah, there are some s***heads who should be locked away forever, but there are also people like my friend, who’d miss 10-14 years of his daughter’s Christmases, instead of one, if sentencing were mandated via a generic rule…

      • In addition to “criminal justice” reform, we also have to make sure that no prisoner has to interact with another one. Prisons need to remain responsible for any assault or damage by one prisoner to another – after all, if the victim fights back, he can and will get charged with yet another crime. Prisoners should always have the option of single occupancy cells with no forced interaction with any other inmate. Inmates perpetuate crime through their associations on the inside. Some guards get off on watching prison disturbances – not most, but some. No reform can occur when you’re being socialized each day to become a more effective felon!

        I’m aware of deliberate railroading of compromised inmates into copping to really bad pleas. I have a friend that works pro-bono to challenge these situations, and there are many of them. Our prison situation is a disgrace to our country and it’s something that we really can fix, or at least improve dramatically.

        Of course, those who are multiple repeat offenders should not be released ROR!

      • In trying to comment on this train of posts, I suddenly realized just how uncomfortable I am with these subjects.

      • @ n_____

        Stuff like this makes everybody uncomfortable. For instance, common sense says the incurable, unrepentant sociopath needs to be locked-away forever. Thus a 3-strikes rule is a good idea, even though it’s both unfair and prone to abuse. Unfortunately, until they commit a “lifer-level” Federal crime, according to the Constitution, their fate, and that of people who might someday become their victims, lies with local-level judges. The judge who can give a person like my friend a really light sentence can also at his(her) whim, throw a jaywalker in jail for 6 months or give a murderer a really light sentence.

        With topics which make me uncomfortable, I consult the Constitution first, to see whose responsibility, or under the province of whom (or what), an issue belongs. If necessary, I then go to The Bible and Confucius, in that order, and sometimes other tomes, to expand my vision or level of common sense. Whether you believe The Bible (&or The Torah) is the Word of God or not, what it most-assuredly is, is a compendium of thousands of years of (often hard-learned) “best practices.” Even if I don’t like what my brain tells me, I accept the best practices of past, even ancient civilizations if they provided positive results in a similar situation… And somewhere in history, there’s ALWAYS a similar situation.

        I also suggest people read Issac Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy” and put themselves, at least occasionally, in Hari Seldon’s place… ;-)

    • Eastcoast,
      I really enjoy the way you break up my day with great comedy bits and posts like the one above. It’s great satirists like you that take the fact free ideology of the right and write it in a way that seems like you are serious, when we all know that it’s just nothing but slap stick comedy. It’s this very strategic prose that will elect Biden. good job and Godspeed!

  6. One of the banks of which I am but a humble brick in the wall customer has refurbished its atm offering from three units down to two. Gone are the atm invitations to bank in US dollar currency possibly in compliance with overseeing Bank of Canada recently issued concerns on skyrocketing foreign currency deposit insurance liabilities.

    The modernized atm units now hand out the new contagion of maximum denomination $100 bills rather than the long-time $50 bill previous norm.

  7. George, what’s with all the racist capitalizations?

    The only instance of capitalizing White, other than beginning a sentence, was a reference to the White River. Every instance of Black was capitalized, regardless of where it appeared in a sentence.

    I trust this was deliberate. Was it otherwise?

    • I treat racial coloration as all lower case in my own writing. But when a quote is from others, I don’t edit their use.

      I also only stand for one anthem…etc/

    • Not racist, just racial. “Color” ethnicities should be capitalized to differentiate them from the palette color, or as a disambiguation. We rarely refer to Asian or Mongoloid peoples as “Yellow” unless we’re doing it as an inclusory meme (“Black, White, Yellow, Red…”) but when we do, it (and “Red” or “Brown” {or “Green” or “Gray”}) too, should be capitalized…

    • NM Mike – very reasonable comment on criminal justice reform above. I’m in courthouses in minority neighborhoods sometimes. A few times I’ve overhead a defendant talking to his lawyer in the hallway “but I didn’t do it”. Defender “you have a record. they offered a plea. if you take the plea you get this. if you don’t take the plea you face this.” With half of black men having criminal records, most will take the plea even if they aren’t guilty of the crime.

      Re: capitalization. My android just starting capitalizing Black as the default spell check.

      • “but I didn’t do it”

        Which always p!sses me off. This IS systemic but unlike the BLM spin, it ain’t “racism,” it is “classism” against people who’re too poor to secure proper counsel. You would see as much or more of it in any Court which sees predominately White or Latino poor. We’ve 2.5mln lawyers in this country. Most of ’em are lazy, and worthless as trial attorneys but unless they’re corporate, they’ll eventually be in the public defender rotation. As PDs they work gratis, which means they do as little work as possible. Counseling someone to cop a plea takes zero effort and nearly zero work, so they get to spend very little time working for free.

        Truth in advertising, which y’all will NEVER hear from an attorney:

        “You’re innocent? Take the plea anyway, because I don’t want to donate $20,000 of my time to attempt to defend you.”

        I wax mostly libertarian WRT laws and regulations, but would support a legislator who promised to work toward allowing people to sue attorneys for malpractice (and to structure the law to prevent specious or frivolous suits – IOW a “good” law, rather than a “crap” law) for advising innocent clients to plea out instead of fighting a charge — perhaps by making legal vindication proof of the malpractice…

  8. Excellent thoughts regarding the down-conditioning. The D-153 is the perfect vehicle to express them. I did hear reference to a similar think-tank from the mother of a former girlfriend about 30 years ago, so it’s quite likely that such a thing exists. Perhaps more than one. As an individual, I have no intention of being down-conditioned. I already live close to the ground by choice. The premature loss of someone dear to me is encouraging me to live life while I can. “Life is uncertain – eat dessert first!”.

  9. What an interesting conversation with my son in law.. he has a building project to get done.. and he paid four times what it would have cost a year ago for a two by four construction material..
    He said dam if you have any don’t cut it.. he had a talk with a friend of his at a lumber yard in our major city and he said his friend said that the last three loads is hard to get .. really expensive and nothing is straight.. so I was curious.. I wonder if they can order construction two by fours in the usa yet made from hemp. I know there is almost every dimension and style you can get from it ( one of the most versatile plants around).. but could they get it and order it in to be sold to contractors and citizens for home projects…

    So I did some checking and yes.. you can buy as many as you want… Outside the USA… stronger than conventional lumber… but at this point it is illegal to buy or produce in the usa.. and if they did produce it where they can grow it. they cannot transport it across state lines.. It sure would solve a lot of the construction issues we are having.. and give farmers a new product to sell in the market..

    Just one more reason to legalize and regulate it.. Its to bad to.. I was hoping to be able to suggest to my son inlaw that he could let them know about hemp construction materials.. and they cold offer it to the local markets for home building.. just not may take a few years yet before people finally get wise and believe what old Thomas Jefferson said about hemp…

  10. “there is such a “dance” to contemporary crisis-rolling (from one crisis and on into the next, non-stop) that it is hard to imagine there isn’t some “master choreographer” somewhere.”

    Have you ever noticed that newscasters seem to ALL pick up on a word, often either an uncommon word or an uncommon usage, and then beat that one word into the ground for a day…?

    I stumbled across the website some years ago, which gave out the Liberal talking points and “focus words” of the day (WOD.) The page was simply an unordered list in plaintext of those words and phrases which were to be used JUST THAT DAY in news and commentary, both broadcast and print. No header or scripting, not really even html except for the list tag. I’m thinking it was off the Newsweek or U.S.News site. I got to see the wordlist for about a week, then it rotated to somewhere else.

    What’s really interesting is when you hear the WOD falling out of the mouth of someone who’s alleged to be a conservative, or a Republican — ‘specially when it happens day after day…

    The word, the topic, the conversation, and the crisis ALL rotate.

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