Directorate 153: Entangled Communications

Welcome to another Lock-limit and crash risk day.  No surprise to subscribers, though. Our death-toll outlook now surpasses WW-II by mid-July at current rates.

We need a break.  So, in today’s report we try to look past the virus spread, toward some new technology that holds amazing implications.

Because sometimes in a crisis, it’s useful to know “where the magic is” and to realize that the future is a LOT closer than we think.  Pieces of it have been deployed for years

In the process, you will learn the answers to several questions.  Like:  Why would we not be “me-too’ing” on more virus impacts?  What does the reference to entangled mean?  And how is all this tied together in such  a manner as to have Mr. Ure’s desk about to be adorned with a particular 6.7 pound “dark crystal?”

All things are connected in the Universe – even if it’s by Einstein’s spooky action at a distance – which in quantum physics is the magic

But first, yes, we’ll update the virus stats and yes, we have charts. Lock-limit nosebleeds,  and all.

But the focus today is on what happens after the Globally Transformative Disease (GTD) concept.  As we “reach out and touch” a future at the signpost  up ahead.

You see, most people forget there are two outcomes when you get to the Twilight Zone. (And yes, we’re  there, alright!) Sure, it could be “night” just ahead.

But just for this morning let’s focus on the other – less often cited – choice.


Click ahead.  You’re about to catch a glimmer.

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70 thoughts on “Directorate 153: Entangled Communications”

  1. Mornin’ George,

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Mostly because I’ve been too busy, but partly because I didn’t feel like I had anything constructive to add to the discussion. The latter hasn’t changed, but here it is anyway.

    So, like a lot of people, I’ve got a suspicion that there’s more to this business with the virus. Much more. I’ve got some conspiracy theories of my own, but based on what you wrote this morning, you and I have some similar thinking. I won’t elaborate further on mine at this juncture. I’m still playing my thoughts ‘close to the vest.’

    I do want to make a comment on some numbers though. For one, I’m fairly certain that the figures we have for number of infected are probably way too low. Maybe by a factor of 10. If that’s the case, then the mortality rate would also be much lower. Also, I don’t trust the numbers that are coming in from China and a few other places. I wouldn’t trust those folks with the milk money. Long story short, the data is probably garbage. GIGO.

    Lastly, I’m hearing from some of my friends in the medical field that there’s a good possibility that this thing has been with us since around November or December. Think bad upper respiratory infections that’s flu-like, but tests negative for the flu. Also, that may drive up the morality rate numbers for deaths that were attributed to the flu or something else. You do the math on that one, I’m not smart enough.

    Now, that I have that off of my chest, I’ll get back to re-planning my retirement. As of now, I’m planning to retire when I fall down dead at work at the age of 107.


    • The problem is George that the PTB offtime’s gets in the way of that ole crystal ball and clouds up the future,but one thing we can all bet on is that when/if this blows over, we will find that rather than one perched on that top limb, that there will three occupying it instead,Russia with little to no debt and China who’s debt is owned domestically while our debt is scattered all over the world and owed to that same world,the dollar no longer the reserve currency.Its going to take some adjustment but I’m sure that sooner or later we will get out of the exceptional business and take our rightful place in a world of nations.!!!!

  2. Uncle G –

    Have U been nipping on the jug of homemade “outback hooch” this AM? The shine will make U go blind man…careful.

    We could read license plates from space 20 years ago – ya dont think we can see thru cars/ roofs and tell what brand of wristwatch a tango/nogoodnik is wearing?

    Trevor J Constable wrote a very Informative book -The Cosmic Pulse of Life – it describes the aether/primal energy and also describes how to exercises for working with it – too much fun and excitement due to danger involved with Interacting with Interdimenionals – some of those “things” are rather white hot angry, nasty – control freaks.. F-em if they cant take a joke!

    Looking at Bitcoin price this AM as of writing it is in the $5200 range, its price on March 18th, 2019 $4200 – napkin says roughly 20 % gain so far for years time – That aint too shabby in light of Ure precious R.E., USD, UST and S&P. Burn baby burn..

    Speaking of Scheisse on FIRE – Yo! Do U recall all the stories in Financial press regards Pension Funds Selling Volatility at the Recommendation of their Hedge Fund Advisors??

    In fact they kept selling Volatility – doubling and Tripling down in some cases – so just wondering out loud if U R Short Vol at say 12-20 on the VIX and today the VIX is in the 70’s –

    Seems to me those Short Vol positions are Blown The F-UP – ?

    How big a % of Pension Funds assets got smoked – and if they have not Covered their Short positions yet..oh my!

    Wonder how long they can keep the stench from those rotting carcasses (short vol assets) from being sniffed out? Can U say FLNN? (Financial Lyes Needed Now)

    Positive End – Comet Atlas is coming in Big, Bright and bringing an omen of the demise of the Infernal Prince – wonder if “he” was on the yacht when it capsized yesterday…

    As the TBN likes to ballbreak – No Bitcoin 4 U!

    • Ure’s brokerage statement reveals itself as only up 8.03% from Feb 1.

      An admittedly miserable performance. HOWEVER Coot, my exposure has been measured in HOURS not days or weeks. And unlevered in case of error.

      He who fights the tape dies.

      It’s not the return ON your money, it’s the return OF your money.

      Maybe Coot hasn’t answered his tax call yet, but how do your cryptics deal with the Question:

      “At any time during 2019, did you receive, sell, send, exchange or otherwise acquire any financial interest in any virtual currency?”

      Ure, having not even so much as a fraudlet to collect ’em in, sleeps well with “No!” as his honey and pentathol answer.

      For the “High” Rollers, might we offer? as a read?

      Even to the “non programmer” it’s apparent that BitMonies come from KNOWN IP ADDRESSES and when they land in YOUR IP addy, it may be a taxable event. And you know, up at the Crystal Palace (Provo) they really really do see who’s being naught and nice.

      • a VPN ? no – should prolly get one least you find Ureself on a List.

        No “coinsters” would be active without one – SOP

        Never mind Ure site already has U on a List..

        Crypto’s need to be transferred to Wallet?…Coin Mixers – SOP

        Yes – U can claim a loss on Cryptos – its a two way street if U choose to engage.

        I personally wouldl claim they were Lost/STOLEN and claim a LOSS.

        U R joking regards Provo – ALL the nefarious evil action from the Hildebeast & Company – Nothing. Those boys and girls are engaged – hazardous duty like – Clowns In Action not happy with those folks..

        They cant manage All that data anyway – Bill Binney – American Hero – can splain how it works/doesnt work.. it dont.

        Unconfiscatable, UNhackable, UnDillutable/UnControlable Store of Value

      • So when the internet goes down you will still have a hard drive. Care to guess who would trade a questionable HD with no net for food?


        God, guns, grub, girl, and TP. Oh, yeah cat food.

    • Who cares? Ohhhh another burning owl reference from the fellas ar Bohemian Grove. Hahaahhahaha

      As was stated many times. “Intelligence is no match for intuition. ” they can plot all they want. If you know their plan before the thought forms in their mind? Who’s the mouse? Who’s the Crow? And who’s the Man in the Buick??


      • So sorry, Andy, if I rattled your cage the other day. I too can predict many future events. The problem has always been timing. At my present age I’m just happy if I don’t get a tooth ache, and I am grateful that I can still walk.

        I don’t peddle investment advice either, my advice if free of charge: Above 200-period MA = bullish, below same = bearish. IMHO, of course, and good luck to you especially.

  3. Uncle G

    When the comet runs (Atlas) – MBS will soon be pushing up daisies, though rumor has it he was not on the Yatch when it capsized yesterday.

    Wonder if he got insurance on the fake Rembrandt on board – nah he dont need no insurance – whats a couple hundred mil to an arab sheik.

    Comet Atlas is turning into the biggest brightest Comet – current generations of sheeps have ever seen. Big ass Comets have always been harbingers of Bad News – this of course makes perfect sense as we stand witness to the infernal prince once again running unchained and roughshod over Humanity – truly a Cosmic Piece of angry S!

    Times be getting more Interesting by the day..

  4. WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US ABOUT THE CORORNAVIRUS? ‘Contagion,’ Steven Soderbergh’s 2011 Thriller, Is Climbing Up the Charts. Was there a ROSWELL LIKE UFO CRASH in China? This is not the first ChiCom Virus, why the overkill? ALIEN GERM INVASION.

    The gym was empty again this morning. The panic is on. I did stop for donuts on the way home for the grandkids. A world that continues making donuts during a Pandemic is a wonderful thing. It is not all bad.

    • I don’t think its panic so much as good old common sense,this is the way China stopped the spread by having people stay home instead of spreading it all over the country,but the fact is we were ill-prepared to deal with any national or even local emergency (New Orleans showed that)and that comes from the lack of leadership.The only good thing to come out of this, is that its going wipe out billions upon billions that the fat cats have stolen from the working class,so its not all bad.!!!

  5. It is a trueism that, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

    In a whole big pile of hokum & B.S., it is very possible that there is some underlying Truth — perhaps overlayered with deliberate lies, false hopeful thinking, simple ignorant delusion, and hucksterism. But down deep in any Big Body Of Weirdness — UFOs, telepathy, Akashic records, etcetera — MAY be a small element of Truth. Not much, maybe, if the subject matter is interesting, or satisfies some Deep Psychological belief-need; but SOMEthing.

    I have for many years thought it possible that IF there was something to ESP or other spirit communication, that it wasn’t electromagnetic — not “Brain-Radio,” but something not detectable by any “instruments” or measurement techniques we now posses. And the descriptive words used seem forced, self-conscious, and inaccurate — “vibrations,” or “energies,” or “fields,” or “spirits,” or whatever.

    The right descriptive words don’t exist, because The Thing uses some unknown spectrum or pathway or channel — I don’t have the Just-Right words…

    Maybe The Thing connects in OtherSpace — some of those other dimensions where Space-entangled stretching makes perfect sense.

    It probably isn’t “radio” or electromagnetic, at least in our conventional sense of it — IF there is actually any “there” there at all.

    I dunno…

    • But I think I do…and a 6.7 pound crystal is on my desk to remind me.

      Now, we just have to kill advertising and artificial demand and some of the other implicates of disease and entangles of all sorts…

  6. Assuming my above Alien Virus Theory is incorrect, I believe we are still in a bull market, & so does President Trump. If Trump wasn’t President, the Democrats would be stripping us of of all our freedoms. State Governors are doing a great job of destroying small businesses.

    There’s a stark difference between a bear market and what I believe that we’re currently in — a market panic. A bear market is an actual long-term market event where there’s a long-term imbalance — meaning, there are always more sellers than buyers. However, we are in a panic, which is different than a bear market. A panic is where you see a short-term, near STRAIGHT LINE DECLINE (See PN Charts), driven by emotions or fear.

    Once that fear passes, the demand comes back in and so does the economic activity that associated with it, and you see stocks get bid up. Trump is in agreement with this because he is business wise. He can spot a con job a mile away.

    • Bull market? Really? I think the $4.5 trillion in share buybacks since 2012 gave the illusion of a bull market and everyone piled in to chase yield. Now those same companies who bought their own shares want the taxpayer to bail them and their shareholders out. I say not one dime!

    • Hmm where have you been for the last ten years,the market never got over the 2008/2009 melt down they piled on trillion’s of dollar band-aide’s on an open sore with pus running out of it. for the last ten years, and you say the economy is good and will re-bound because Trump told you so.At this point Trump don’t have a clue as to what to do nor the Fed. either,their first thought is like their last thought and all their thoughts before that, pour more gas on the fire and sooner or later it will explode and we all will be in the land of of plenty,sorry it don’t work that way if you doubt it read about the depression of 29 and no I hate to tell you but the conditions are the same if not worse.!!!!

    • Trump can’t spell Bull…but he sure can dish out the Bull. Get a grip NC…I still don’t know why George allows such ignorance on his incredibly astute and informative site. Maybe he needs your dumb Yings, so that more intellectual Yangs come out to refute you dolts.

  7. Hindsight is 20/20, and this post isn’t meant to politicize the virus. I just want to make the point that we did know about the COVID19 long ago…but one person whose name rhymes with Rump, decided that the risk of failing markets, consumer confidence, and his poll numbers as a result of the aforementioned reasons was not worth saving lives. To the contrary, had he nipped this in the bud early, acted like a leader that cared, put American people, not corporate profits and thus…poll numbers first, we would be already be crowning him for the next 4 years. But no…he capitulated, blamed the Democrats, blamed CNN, called it a hoax. I wish that he could have seen what George Ure saw from the beginning and acted like a leader and offered solutions rather than add to the problem. This is the problem with having a narcissistic as a leader. You get our situation we are in today. Look at the timeline below…it didn’t have to be this way.

    When asked by Joe Kernan in January 22nd about the Corona virus…The president responded: “No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine.”

    On Jan. 24, he tweeted, “It will all work out well.” On Jan. 28, he retweeted a headline from One America News, an outlet with a history of spreading false conspiracy theories: “Johnson & Johnson to create coronavirus vaccine.” On Jan. 30, during a speech in Michigan, he said: “We have it very well under control. We have very little problem in this country at this moment — five. And those people are all recuperating successfully.”

    That same day, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus to be a “public-health emergency of international concern.” It announced 7,818 confirmed cases around the world.

    On January 31…
    Coronavirus,” Hannity said. “How concerned are you?”
    Trump replied: “Well, we pretty much shut it down coming in from China. We have a tremendous relationship with China, which is a very positive thing. Getting along with China, getting along with Russia, getting along with these countries.” (WTF?)

    On Feb. 10, he repeatedly said — in a speech to governors, at a campaign rally and in an interview with Trish Regan of Fox Business — that warm spring weather could kill the virus. “Looks like by April, you know, in theory, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away,” he told the rally.

    On Feb. 19, he told a Phoenix television station, “I think the numbers are going to get progressively better as we go along.” Four days later, he pronounced the situation “very much under control,” and added: “We had 12, at one point. And now they’ve gotten very much better. Many of them are fully recovered.”

    A week later…He criticized CNN and MSNBC for “panicking markets.” He said at a South Carolina rally — falsely — that “the Democrat policy of open borders” had brought the virus into the country. He lashed out at “Do Nothing Democrat comrades.” He tweeted about “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer,” mocking Schumer for arguing that Trump should be more aggressive in fighting the virus. The next week, Trump would blame an Obama administration regulation for slowing the production of test kits. There was no truth to the charge.

    Throughout late February, Trump also continued to claim the situation was improving. On Feb. 26, he said: “We’re going down, not up. We’re going very substantially down, not up.” On Feb. 27, he predicted: “It’s going to disappear. One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear.” On Feb. 29, he said a vaccine would be available “very quickly” and “very rapidly” and praised his administration’s actions as “the most aggressive taken by any country.” None of these claims were true.

    In early March, despite worldwide stats to the contrary, he suggested on multiple occasions that the virus was less serious than the flu. “We’re talking about a much smaller range” of deaths than from the flu, he said on March 2. “It’s very mild,” he told Hannity on March 4. On March 7, he said, “I’m not concerned at all.” On March 10, he promised: “It will go away. Just stay calm. It will go away.”


      • NC,
        The stupid never quit showing their stupid do they? Never in my life have I had the displeasure of conversing with someone as clueless as you. These are direct quotes and I went back and listened to the complete rallies and interviews. His tweets speak for themselves.

        Trump is responsible for all of this. He made it get to this point because he politicized it from the beginning. He called it a hoax. He blamed it on the Democrats. He blamed it on Chuck Schumer. He denied the virus was a big deal. He blamed the hype on the media…The very media that tried to save the worlds lives and was just repeating what WHO and immunologists were saying all along. FOR TWO MONTHS!!!!

        Your President is a very close to being a murderer because of his narcissistic two month denial and will be tried for such when this is all over. Mark my word

    • Now if you told everybody hey we are really screwed y’all need to go out and buy as much of anything and everything you think you’re going to need because it won’t be here next month so Mark is that what you’re insinuating that we should tell the children of the world which are adults and hey just hold on for a while everything will be okay compared 2 self annihilation,
      I don’t think many people can handle the truth and you still don’t know the truth because you’ve kept your window closed, the truth you have three choices, 1. it’s worse than you’ve ever thought or, 2. it’s just one big old psyops or 3. you’re in deep doo-doo and your government is going to help you now what are you going to do,

      Now and all pass events, the truth by the general population is never known it’s only what you been taught. And led by the nose ring and you believe.
      There are layers to The Onion, how many layers to the onion will you peel back before you stopped because you can’t take it anymore.
      Secrets , how many secrets as the layers of the onion you peel back can you cartograph before you start buffering filtering, to know and in closing yourself in a hole because everyone has a limit but it’s what you know and how to use what you know that will give you romantic discontent, is your orientation enough for maximum stability.
      Once you experience muscular dystrophy, you then strive for high peaks, but for many that have achieved the high peaks ,the best advice is to just RELAX______________

    • @MARX


      • D,
        Your are as dumb as NC. So, Anthony Fauci is a traitor? He is giving bad info? No, Trump would rather listen to college dropouts like Limbaugh and Hannity than patriots like Fauci and the CDC. Fox and conservative news who backed Trump on this fake news messaging are the traitors…to,you and me. You are an idiot D!!!!

  8. George, I think Crash Bandicoot(BTW, the best screen name in history), will agree with me when I say that the encryption you mentioned in PN is already in place via blockchain technology. From KPMG… One of the core tenets of blockchain technology is a tamper-proof store of data — one that cannot be changed, deleted, or modified. The application of this simple, yet profound development has spurred a revolution across all industries and public domains and is gathering momentum every day.

    What about data privacy and security? Sure, no one can change data once it’s on the blockchain, but what if I didn’t want anyone to read the data? In a public blockchain, you either use it to your advantage by only storing data or hashes of data that you don’t mind being public, or use cryptography, such as zero-knowledge proofs, so that the data is only decryptable by known parties. The final option is to use private enclaves to segment and isolate the data.

    I have always thought though that your ideas would be better served and even realized if you would collaborate with the thought leaders of the Silicon Valley. Several incubators, meet-up groups and tech symposiums occur on a daily basis here discussing and implementing ideas just like yours…and guess what? If they are good enough, there are thousands of VC’s ready to lend millions to the cause. Just my thoughts.

    • Half-past Delusion again.

      BTC and clown…I mean clones…are not operating in the “zero flight time” world.
      You miss something: This is subspace shit, this is real. This is no routers. No antennas (per se) and critically no processing time.

      Honest comms for humans 2.0

      Don’t get stuck in the Newtonian past. If it relies on the “speed of light” it’s toast.

    • Again, the Silicon Valley know it alls have all the answers & money. SF should make Shelter in Place permanent so we never have to see these clowns outside. Let them communicate in private on the internet.

      • Quit showing your ignorance NC. Or is NC really an acronym for Novel Coronavirus? Are you behind the plot to ruin America? It would explain your idiotic comments.

  9. George Please disuss bankruptsey options that a simple home owner with debt might look at in order to save his home. I’m not worried about brankruptsey distorting my credit because no one will have any left!!!

    • Vince: Depends what state you are in. Some states cannot take your home because of credit card debts. WHEN and IF you declare bankruptcy, your home is protected and not on the chopping block (NOT if you owe the IRS, they can sell your belongings and home to collect a debt, therefore, work with the IRS or hire someone who knows how to advocate for you with them). IF the state is not a state that protects you, meaning, your cc debt can be used as a lien on your house, you need to get advice. Bankruptcy laws are for everyone across all states. Now, I am not a specialist at all, just giving short advice about the little that I know. Meaning, go get advice. MOST bankruptcy lawyers will discuss your case in person for the first time FREE. Some filings only cost $500. It is worth it, if you want to get peace of mind.

  10. George, I know that the Web Bot Project has been retired. But from what I recall back in the day, wasn’t one of of its last predictive linguistics pointing to a pandemic being several years away at some point?

    • You’d have to address that to Clif – the notion of predictive linguistics was retired due to online manipulations if I understand its retirement. See for details of the projects demise. Clif said it well.
      We’ve continued in WFA for our own ends (word frequency analysis) for some aspects of our work, but it, too, is easy to manipulate.
      Skeptical? Head over to Google Trend Labs and see how a word (like “bazooka”) was launched on the public in the past 2Wks. Much as the lash of a Master’s whip of a disobedient slave’s back.
      Whether by design, or intent, those whipped are now pissed and when we come out, the old ways are a-changing.
      We both fear the virus and admire it: For it is killing Globalism and seizing back individual’s right and obligation to determine our own destinies.
      Which is far more than either of the corporate political parties managed while continuing poverty and assorted crimes against humanity.
      To repeat: We will need a bio-Nuremberg and we will need a wall.

      • Check out Google Trends on “bitcoin”. Pretty solid correlation with price. By the way, I really like physics and quantum mechanics. Been into it for years. You da man!! Most people don’t have the foggiest…

        Human beings and most life forms are electronic. We are both particles and waves. Did you know how much ATP we generate daily in our mitochondria? Constant flow of electrons. It’s close to your body weight. Throw in some quantum mechanics and what a future we have.

        Using satellites the Chinese have measured the speed of entangled information propogation and it’s in the trillions of kph. Let’s not blow up the world so we can take advantage of this stuff!

      • Well now George we have a new twist for they say starting March 23 they will be shutting down the floor at wall street and going to all electronic trading,now I would be interested in your take on that as for me I think they see a flood of blood coming down on wall street, and want to hide it from the people while all the big boys cash out.!!!

  11. Holy Cow! “Tsunami” is a hit word today and I’m picking up alot of Earthquake refrences.

    Its driving me nuts!

    You got any data refrences on Earth quake???

    I’m seeing as big if not bigger than Japan refs.


  12. The last time I kept getting this manh reference for earthquake I was 4 miles from

    Brazil?????? The nex is a good place what??? Sh!t. Could be tomorrow.?

    The incident?


      • Yeah I got 8.1 yellowstone. I got another huge one in Brazil, with a big Tsunami. I got the date of May 2cnd. I’m actually talking to a couple other gifted people who came to the conclusion that the virus hype is mostly hype because there is something underlining that is being hidden.

        I’m not saying the Virus isnt real, and I already knew the stock market collapse 4 years ago..

        I kept getting 8.1 over and over and it was a refrence to Gold bricks. So I’m sorting it out best I can.

        Sometimes it’s just images I see in meditation and I have to sound it out or do some crazy math to find a meaning to something .

        All i have fot now is 8. 1 yellow stone, 7.3, 4 Miles off the coast of Brazil. Big tsunami.

        Yeah.. someone told me about the Utah quake a few moments ago. I only slept 2 hours last night. And I got alot of my own stuff happening.

        Hmmmm May Day! Has been in my head for 3 years now… ohh and ring pass not came back up the other day again.

        Which often refers to the ring of fire. Hmmmm

        I will let ya know. Lots happening.

      • I keep getting refrences to “sodomy” and I dont know what it means. Yes, I know what the word means. Lol but I get words and images it often has to be translated into something else.

        Example: 80286 computer came up the other day, but what stood out was “286” which is what the computer is often refrence as the short name for the 286 processor. So I look at other meanings of 286 and one is the California law against sodomy. Sodomy comes from the biblical reference of the place Sodom and Gimorea. sodom was the place of the hail and fire. So I try to cross refrence all that stuff and come up with a date, what kind of event and where.

        It’s a different language. Thank God I know a few other gifted people who are learning to read it and cypher it. It’s like trying to read hieroglyph’s with out knowing any of the syllables or consonants, let alone of an image is a verb, adjective, adverb or, noun let alone punctuation and how to arrange it all. Lol and sometimes it translates into differnt languages and I gotta look up the meaning of sometimes ancient languages like rune or Arimaic myan. Find out what the word means then translate it into understandable english.

        Very very rarely is it in english and straight forward. Hahahahhahaha! Used to drive me nuts!!!!

        Plus I get one image 6 weeks ago and it aligns with a phrase from last night and that with a vision while in meditation from 3 months ago with a number off a candy bar wrapper I found by the gas pump 2 minutes ago.

        Plus I’m getting lots of these waves of Dejavu

        Not sure if that makes sense.

        Thanks Hank!

        I think taking a hot shower will help.

        Sometimes it’s super easy, because its a combination of words and or images I know that have been used before. So I know how to arrange them and know their meaning.

        My friend just texted me. She is super gifted. I will let you know what I know when k make it.

      • Andy, as you “explore sodomy,” bear in-mind the significant changes in meaning, through which the term has gone. We think of it as bootie-bumping, but in 1960 it legally referred to any non-reproductive act, including oral (the Texas sodomy law is particularly enlightening.) I believe in (and before) the King James’ era it referred to any act outside marriage. The gist is: You’ll not only have to deal with the translation but its probable innuendo (I still remember the preacher who was also an Ancient Greek and Aramaic scholar, telling me about the 28 different words in the KJV which all translate in English, to the one word “love”) when translated into English.

        Have fun…

  13. Sorry, I’m distracted. I’m processing alot and that word grabbed my head and spun me around. I keep getting waves of Dejavu so big they throw my equilibrium off and I get flash visions so intense and I forget where I am. Like I’m being snatched out of this world and into some future place, vector or point.

    We are definitely experiencing what the Luciferian Bloodline Elite call “bleeding through reality”. Where multiple “times” or versions of reality are colesquing and colliding. I was walking down the side walk and stopped and grabbed the rail of a building that i think is in Dubai, i was on the 50th or 60th floor. I looked out and I saw people screaming and throwing stuff and smoke and fire everywhere. Then bam! I was back in Californian and someone was beeping their horn and yelling at me calling me an asshole because I was standing in the middle of the crosswalk.

    I’m going to take a nap.

    • Andy…This sounds like the TV show Fringe? You fascinate and scare me at the same time Andy. But you have my attention

    • My suggestion that you carry an INCH bag is sounding more solid now than when I made it a day or so back. What I am thinking right now is that you should dress for changing conditions, and be prepared to travel by foot. It sounds right, sitting here in a calm quiet place with chaos spreading all too nearby.
      I don’t think you need any weapons other than a multi-tool and maybe a folding saw. A water filter with something to gather raw water and a bladder for the filtered water is mandatory. An earth-color poncho is multi-functional, with maybe some parachute cord. A manual can opener and a metal cup which can boil water are always good to have. Fire-starting apparatus of your choice is needed. In your medical stash, always have a tourniquet, especially if you are going to be habitually space and time tripping in the middle of crosswalks. Two pairs of hiking socks and liners are next, in addition to what is on your feet, and good walking shoes or boots. Throw in a watch cap and gloves. We are going for the ultralight INCH version. Ray will have some stuff to add, wait, I know, take the core out of a TP roll, stuff it in a baggie. Now you are ready. Those little inflatable pillows are helpful for nap time.

      • “I don’t think you need any weapons other than a multi-tool and maybe a folding saw.”

        A belt knife, and I carry a flare gun and crossbow pistol in whatever I’m driving (neither of which is legally recognized as a weapon.) My saw is a Silky GOMBOY — fine Japanese steel, and incredibly sharp. Also, one should have a (real, Ames) military trenching (folding) shovel. It’s a very high quality piece (every clone I’ve seen is junk.) The blade is tempered tool steel, and from the Vietnam era on, it has a D-handle and a serration along one edge. The ‘Nam sojers would sharpen that serration, which made the shovel both a passable machete, and a terrifying CQB hand-to-hand weapon.

        “Fire-starting apparatus of your choice is needed.”

        I carry a pack of BIC Lighters, a tube of “strike anywhere” kitchen matches (dip in GulfWax, they become waterproof and will still strike anywhere, right through the wax), and a chunk of magnesium.

        “Two pairs of hiking socks”

        …Should be at least 50% wool. ‘Dunno why, but wool socks tend to not allow shoe friction [to] cause blisters. Also include spare undies. Wet clothes can kill.

        “Throw in a watch cap and gloves.”

        I carry a Thinsulate-insulated ski mask and have both chain-mail (meat-cutters’) and Kevlar gloves (“OveGlove” is a quick, “cheap & dirty” solution.) They keep “fumblefingers” from causing a medical issue over the campfire.

        A Korean-era Army mess kit (because it’s stainless, not aluminum) makes an awesome cooking & eating kit. My GO-Bag carries two plastic bottles of water and a Lifestraw. They’re not as robust as a canteen, but much lighter when empty (NEVER throw them away, unless they rupture!) “Water” can be siphoned from just about anywhere, via a piece of cloth and capillary attraction. Once you’ve drawn it through the mud or scum, the Lifestraw will make it quite drinkable. If you’re still not sure, add a chlorine tablet.

        A medkit is essential — add tweezers (& a magnifying glass or loupe), superglue, colloidal silver, smelling salts, a few N-95 masks, and aspirin, because they’re no longer included. My medkit is 2.5x4x6 and contains these things in addition to the stuff which came in the kit.

        A MIL-surplus or aftermarket backpack with “Molle” attachment capabilities is a plus because things like the crossbow and shovel will simply attach to it. I have aftermarket, because MIL-spec backpacks tend to be large (stuff “expands” to fill available space. I prefer not to carry things which aren’t actually valuable.) If I were hoofing it or riding the boxcars, I think I’d grab a surplus sleeping bag, and throw in a roll each of silver dimes and quarters, and maybe a star guide, but not much else, other than the obvious. Light & fast is more-important than being able to cover unlikely contingencies…

        n____: Andy was born and raised in Alaska, and probably knows this stuff better than you or I ever could. I’m mostly posting this addendum to your post for folks who weren’t blessed with his upbringing…

    • I didn’t mention a single-cell flashlight or a button compass, because you should have those secured on your person, always. Pocket knives or small multi-tools in the pocket are optional, but useful. A handkerchief in the pocket is multi-functional. Do carry cash.

      • Yeah trust me N. I’m starting to get there. I’m just like everyone else I keep thinking things are gonna get better and I know damn well they are not. Stuff has slowed down a little for me. Trump just said they have a cure.. but like WH pointed out they are systemically stripping away peoples rights under the guise of “flue bug”.

        The right to assemble, the right to bare arms, the right of free speach and a bunch more. Freedom to travel is gone.

        I’m waiting….. hmmmmm.

        I’m keeping my eye on Brazil.

      • Its weird.. even for me. All the people in denial around me… it’s hard not to get caught up in that. When everyone wakes up to reality of the situation??? Its gonna be as weird for them as much as it is for me flashing into altered realities.

        I’m gonna go take a nap. Lol

      • Andy:

        ” I keep thinking things are gonna get better and I know damn well they are not.”

        They ARE going to get better, but what we consider “normal” or the “status quo” is going to change.

        “Trump just said they have a cure”

        He’s playing the “optimistic politician” card. We have a number of promising paths, both to cure and prevention, but until human trials, there is no definitive direction.

        ” they are systemically stripping away peoples rights under the guise of “flue bug”.

        …Not a big deal, as long as both the PTB and the People realize they are God-given Rights — unless the Government fails to return them. Where’s your “inner Libertarian?” Whether we choose to become infected is on us, but we do not have the Right to infect others, whether we know we’re doing it or not, especially without telling them we’re doing it.

  14. G –

    there are some very interesting study results just leaked/released from London Med Ctr. regards Psilocybin Mushrooms Invivo.

    They have for 1st time in modern age found that these magic mushroom actually SHUTDOWN parts of the Brain.

    This is also the Exact same case with Alzheimers – it ShutsDOWN parts of the Brain.

    This is also why young children often see and interact with “invisible friends – their immature brains have not completed the mylation process, the filter assembly is incomplete.

    Not citing exact study – do some research ya lazy bastards..

    What this Study shows/indicates/proves is that our Human Brains are Massively Strong Filters to keep us dumbed down/ignorant/unaware/out of touch with real Reality.

    Your faster than light, totally secure Peer to Peer comms. can be a reality..with proper training/Practice.

    Hopefully as these processes become better understood – me & my dogs wont be the only ones who can see the “shadows”

    • Sounds like the matrix, TBH. The movie is the message.

      I agree, and think some time spent on LSD and mushrooms probably opened more doors by actually shutting some.

      It also explains how people with head trauma suddenly speak French, or remember another life.

  15. What you are not saying… and I’m curious about,,, is where did that idea about the split crystal faces come from?

    I don’t doubt the possibility. Years ago I read a Scientific American article about nonlinear crystals that had interesting photonic time/space properties. That information has since been suppressed and hidden, which tells me it is likely incorporated in some dark projects.

  16. According to the latest west coast shipping numbers “the 13.5% drop in shipments over January and February” on top of an annual rate attributed to imports from China, including Hong Kong, in the form of a 21% annual decline”

    Please Note: BEFORE!

    the Corona Virus started??? There was already a reduction in shipping of 21% Annuallu. That means only 79% of good are coming in. Almost a 1/4 reduction. 

    That is a 34.5% combined decline for February going into March of containers coming into ports on the west coast. 

    You are looking at a 40% reduction of stuff coming to your store in the next few months. 

    One site I looked at said the estimated reduction in imported [non empty] containers for march is about 55% down from March last year. ** However, that number can be misleading because March is only half over.

    That means only 45% of the stuff on your shelves will be available in a few months. 

    And the month after that less than half will be available.

    [link to (secure)] 

  17. Plant your Seeds, if you haven’t already,
    Get your mason jars ready for the beer party or the food harvest party or both.

    • It was a proper tip buy one of those 120 volt single burner electrical stove top if for some reason you’re 220 goes out or if your electricity goes out and you have a generator you’ll be able to make coffee on that thing or possibly heat a room or cook or can mason jars, and they are cheap 10 to $15

  18. If you read my comments about the Corona virus timeline…I mentioned I didn’t want to be too political….and then I realized that Trump started politicizing this virus from Day 1.

    The day he said it was a hoax and blamed the Democrats for spreading rumors to ruin his presidency and the economy….is the day that a virus was politicized. The media was trying to give us all what would become honest and potentially life saving information, and Trump was saying it was fake news from fake CNN and others.

    Then Fox politicized it and made it about Chuck Schumer…who ended up being right!! Trump wasn’t taking it seriously enough. But now after almost two months of it being a hoax and a plot by Democrats to destroy him, he wants to play nice. Screw Trump. Because he made it political, America has to now play catch up and spend trillions we don’t have to stop what is now a pandemic.

    • Selenium! Take Selenium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C for starters! High Selenium levels have been attributed to resistance to getting CoVID-19.

  19. George,
    4.1, 4.3, 5.6 today at Salt Lake City.
    How close to “The Castle” is SLC?
    Any “earthquake tireds” yet?
    What’s next?
    Best regards,

    Al B

  20. Apparently in India the first quarter of 2020 to date has seen just under 1500 H1N1 cases with 30 deaths, and about 150 covid-19 cases and 3 deaths.

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